The Victims' Game (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

[officer] Hello, sir.
- [officer 1 yelling] Get up.
- [student] Don't touch me!
- [yelling] Don't touch me!
- [pounding on floor]
Tough guy? I'll send you to jail.
[officer 2] Sir.
- [officer 1] Sir.
- [senior officer] What's the fuss?
[officer 2] Nothing.
Just kids' brawl, assault case.
It's just a small case.
[officer 1] Sit properly.
[student yelling] Don't you touch me!
[senior officer] All the witnesses
said the same thing.
[officer 2] Sir, it's just a small case.
He'll be arraigned in a bit.
[senior officer] Give me ten minutes.
[student panting]
[senior officer] Give me that.
[senior officer] Here.
Do you want to tell me what happened?
[student whispering indistinctly]
It's okay. We have ten minutes anyway.
[whispering] Red cap,
black-framed eyewear.
Silver necklace, curly hair.
[pencil scratching]
Have you played this before?
I think it's like a police investigation.
How did you do it?
[senior officer] All the witnesses said
you smashed classmate's head with a brick.
They're charging you with assault.
Can we start from the beginning?
My name is Lin Ching-jui. What's yours?
Fang Yi-jen.
My name is Fang Yi-jen.
[theme music playing]
[pastor] Dear Heavenly Father,
we come to Thee and pray to Thee.
We know that
Thou are loving and forgiving.
We also know that Thou are
the fountain of peace and strength.
Today, we pray
for Thy comfort and support.
Lord, we thank You
for giving us courage and perseverance
so that we can continue serving people.
Thou are the Lord
who always accompanies us
and always supports us.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
- [pastor] amen.
- [crowd] Amen.
[marker squeaking]
[foreboding music playing]
[watch beeping]
[phone buzzing]
[phone buzzing stops]
[phone buzzing]
[Yi-jen in the phone] Hello?
I'm already up.
[Yi-jen] I left
breakfast and lunch in the fridge.
Remember to eat them.
The forecast says
there's a 67% chance of rain.
Remember to take an umbrella.
I signed the school stuff.
Make sure you take them.
Don't be late.
[Cheng-kuan] Fang Yi-jen!
I got a message from the prosecution.
There's a meeting for reopening a case.
They want you to be there.
Why don't you come with me?
- Reopening a case?
- Yes.
I find it strange too.
You're not even on the force now.
Why are they asking you to be there?
There must be something.
[indistinct chatter]
Everybody's here.
Let's just get right to it
On March 2, 2008,
two unidentified bodies
were found on a remote mountain.
They were identified
as high-school sweethearts, both 17 then,
Hsiao Chia-ying and Chen Yang-yu.
The case was closed at the time.
It stated that
the two had a dispute on a trip.
Hsiao Chia-ying took out her concealed gun
and killed Chen Yang-yu.
She then shot herself.
It was concluded that the suspect,
Hsiao Chia-ying, was already dead.
The case was closed with nobody charged.
Over the years,
Hsiao Chia-ying's mother, Hsiao Min-chun,
has been contesting
the verity of the police investigation.
We've concluded
that the late Sergeant Lin Ching-jui
had made significant errors
in closing the case.
The case must be reopened.
[officer] Reopen the investigation?
A case from 15 years ago?
[crowd murmuring]
Section Chief Chao.
Mr. Chang.
Sergeant Lin just passed away.
You immediately want to reopen the case.
What? Is it deliberate?
Dead people can't say anything.
So the prosecution has the say?
Is that right?
Isn't Mr. Fang still here?
[intense music playing]
[Keng-hao] You did sign the report
to close the case.
We've reanalyzed
the clothes of the two victims
and found traces of skin tissue and sweat
that don't belong to the victims.
There's something even more suspicious.
Dr. Hsueh, would you please elaborate?
The report back then stated that
scarab eggs were found on both bodies.
Scarab is also called dung beetle.
Corpses usually have little fecal matter.
Dung beetles might be attracted
during the decomposition,
but it's uncommon that these many beetles
are attracted, like in this case.
It's even less likely that they lay eggs.
The reasonable doubt is that
the feces were put
on the two dead bodies intentionally
to accelerate the decomposition.
It caused the police
to misjudge the time of death.
[Keng-hao] If someone
had really tampered with the dead bodies,
it was not a crime of passion
as the police had concluded back then.
It means that
Hsiao Chia-ying did not kill herself.
She was murdered.
[crowd murmuring]
First of all,
you can clearly see in the photos
there were animal teeth marks
on the clothes.
It suggests that
animals found the dead bodies
and left feces after eating.
It might not have been done by a human.
Furthermore, everything you've said
is conjecture without hard evidence.
[Yi-jen] Forensic evidence was found
to reconstruct the scene and the truth.
Sergeant Lin Ching-jui's investigation
back then was flawless, I guarantee.
[intense music getting louder]
[music abruptly stops]
[gloomy music playing]
[phone buzzing]
[Min-chun] Fang Yi-jen.
You're not qualified
to be a forensic investigator.
[suspenseful music playing]
[ringing tone]
[recorded voice] Your call
will be forwarded to voicemail.
Please leave a message after the tone.
[ringing tone]
[recorded voice] Your call
will be forwarded to voicemail.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Your call will be forwarded to voicemail.
Please leave a message after the tone.
If not, please hang up.
For a quick message,
please press the hash key after the tone.
[ringing tone]
[ringing tone]
[suspenseful music getting louder]
[Tires screeching]
[woman screaming]
[crowd shouting]
[intense music playing]
She seems to have jumped off the building.
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
[ringing tone]
[phone buzzing]
[door lock beeps, door opens]
[in Taiwanese] Fang Yi-jen, what were you
doing in the parking building?
You're a suspect now. What the heck?
[in Taiwanese] What's going on? Huh?
You're so unreasonable.
- [Liao] Chief.
- [Cheng-kuan] Huh?
It's my case.
I'm working on another case.
My case is that of Hsiao Chia-ying.
[Cheng-kuan] Yours is
that of Hsiao Min-chun.
Is there a conflict?
Scooch over a bit.
Just scooch over.
[Yi-jen] According to
the crime scene report,
Hsiao Min-chun fell from 30 meters above
and landed 1.8 meters from the building.
This means that
she didn't jump intentionally.
It's probably not suicide.
It could be an accident or murder.
She might have been pushed.
Fang Yi-jen.
[Liao] Do you know what you're saying?
You just said
it might not be suicide but murder.
Are you clearing your name
or confessing to the crime?
Fang Yi-jen, what were you doing
in the parking building?
[Liao] We got the CCTV footage
of the first floor.
Your vehicle was the only one in and out.
You are now the only suspect.
Why don't you explain it more clearly?
- [Liao] Hey!
- [Cheng-kuan] It's all right.
What did it mean?
She wanted to meet me there.
When I got there, I didn't see her.
[Liao] On the top floor?
There's no CCTV there.
So there's no evidence?
[phone dings]
[in lower volume] Mr. Chang
will take over this case.
[Liao] Fang Yi-jen, you are now
a major suspect in this case.
We're going to detain you.
Take him away.
Can you please cooperate?
[Cheng-kuan] Mr. Chang
will interrogate you tomorrow.
You have to stay here for the night.
Uh Hsiao-meng.
[Cheng-kuan] Don't worry.
I'll ask Liao to call Hsiao-meng.
Don't let her know I'm being detained.
I have children too, okay?
[door lock beeps]
["To Our Faraway Place" playing]
[student 1] Hey!
Do you know about Chiang Hsiao-meng?
[student 2] You mean
the murderer in the Final Wish case?
Did she tell people to die again?
[student 1] I heard our classmate
who attempted suicide,
was talked into it by her.
[student 2] For real?
Is she possessed by Hades?
She loves telling people to die.
[student 1] If you don't want to die,
stay away from her.
[student 2] Tsk!
[teacher] Chiang Hsiao-meng.
[music playing]
Before Hsu from the next class
attempted to kill herself,
what did you tell her?
I told her
wrist-slitting would be painful.
Bleeding to death would take time.
Hanging without proper tools would take
five to ten minutes to suffocate.
- Even more painful.
- Okay, enough.
The principal had a meeting
with us already to handle your case.
But because of Hsu's incident,
many students and parents
have responded to the school.
They think you're a bad influence
on your classmates.
[Hsiao-meng] Madam,
I understand.
Let's go together To our faraway place ♪
Lend me your wings for the journey ♪
[student 2] Hey!
Isn't that the Final Wish Killer?
Whom did you tell to die today?
[student 1] Hey!
- [student 2] Can't you hear me?
- [object drops]
[student 1 scoffs] What's that?
She makes origami stars.
[student 2] Aren't you
too old to make these?
Do you want to die?
I can help you.
[Hai-yin] Are you sure you saw her here?
Okay, I've got it.
Shao, listen to me.
My report
What's this?
Didn't you promise me you would quit?
You liar! Give me back my stuff!
You psycho! Give me back my stuff!
[hands slapping on the ground]
[Hai-yin] What are you doing?
Is this the new life
that you said you wanted?
[Shao sobs] It's not that easy.
You don't know anything.
Your story said I was a junkie.
Now everybody thinks I am a junkie.
Shao, don't do this. Shao.
[Shao sobs]
I've let you down.
I'll find a way.
Ms. Hai-yin, can you help me?
Don't let me come back here.
It will be okay.
We'll find a way.
I'm sorry.
[object bangs]
Sorry, I'll call you back.
Okay, bye.
Why did you do this?
You did a great job on this story.
The sales are through the roof.
You sure are the ace of our magazine.
You knew this wasn't
why I wrote the report.
How could you twist it?
Hai-yin, you're not young anymore.
You can't be so naive
as to think that a single report
can change the world
and these kids' lives.
I could write such an in-depth report
because these kids trusted me
and were unreservedly frank with me.
They are my responsibility.
Even if my report can't change
the situation immediately,
I must at least protect Shao.
We can't use her life
to boost sales at her expense.
I know that
after the Final Wish Killer report,
you've been hoping
to do something different.
But don't you forget
a reporter should only observe and report.
Getting in too deep
will only make us unable to see the truth.
[Hai-yin] You're absolutely right.
A reporter will only be a bystander.
[drawer opens]
[object bangs]
[Keng-hao over speakers]
Hsiao Min-chun had been in touch with you.
She had been sending me messages.
About the case of her daughter, right?
She had always wanted me
to reinvestigate her death,
but failed to offer any new evidence.
The Hsiao Chia-ying case
was investigated by you and Lin Ching-jui.
Not only did you fail
to find the real killer,
but you also smeared her
by labeling her a murderer.
As I was reopening the investigation,
you worried your negligence
would get exposed.
You took it upon yourself
to kill Hsiao Min-chun,
who might know the truth,
to protect Lin Ching-jui's reputation
as a police officer.
Am I right?
You have no evidence,
and I didn't kill Hsiao Min-chun.
This number keeps popping up.
Have you checked?
0964-002-046 PERSONAL NUMBER
How we investigate the case
is none of your business.
[door lock beeps]
Sir, you may want
to come out and have a look.
[anchor on TV]
We've received a discreditable letter,
accusing popular singer Yuan Chi-ling,
who is going to have a concert soon,
of murder and dumping the body
15 years ago.
An audio file is included in the letter.
This audio file is the a-cappella version
of her signature song,
"To Our Faraway Place."
Also in the audio file
is an unidentified female voice.
[young girls singing]
Let's go together To our faraway place ♪
Let's go together ♪
[anchor on TV] The person
who sent this discreditable letter
When did this happen?
It's just come out.
The number that keeps coming up
in Hsiao Min-chun's call log
is Yuan Chi-ling's.
[anchor on TV] she fell to her death
at the Pinglin Parking Building.
Bring Yuan Chi-ling in
for questioning now.
- [Liao] Yes.
- [anchor on TV] Is she the murderer?
- Hsiao Min-chun's fall
- [Liao] Move!
What are you waiting for?
- [anchor on TV] What is the truth
- Can the TV help you solve the case?
[suspenseful music getting louder]
[anchor on TV] The old case
disturbed the public 15 years ago.
[phone buzzing]
[anchor on TV] People argued
if it was suicide or homicide.
- Hello.
- [Yi-jen] Hai-yin.
Go to my place and check on Hsiao-meng.
Fang Yi-jen.
I looked for you all day yesterday.
Hsiao-meng said you didn't come home.
What happened?
I've been detained and couldn't leave.
You've been detained? What's going on?
I'm okay.
Don't tell Hsiao-meng
about me being detained.
[news on TV]
[anchor on TV] The murderer she accused
in the letter before she died
is Yuan Chi-ling, a high school classmate
of her daughter, Hsiao Chia-ying.
She just arrived at the police station,
ready to be questioned.
[reporter on TV] Yuan Chi-ling!
Can you look over here?
- Yuan Chi-ling, how about some questions?
- [agent] Excuse me.
- [reporter] Look over here, Yuan Chi-ling.
- [agent] Let us through. Thank you.
[agent] Excuse me. Sorry, no comment.
Excuse me.
[reporters clamoring
and camera shutter clicking]
[Cheng-kuan] Ms. Yuan, please have a seat.
I'm sorry.
We need you to answer
some questions about the case.
Just ask your questions.
We found out that
before Hsiao Min-chun
fell off the building,
she called you a few times.
Since the death of her daughter,
Hsiao Min-chun called me a lot
to harass me.
I wouldn't even answer.
Then why did she call you a murderer?
She said in the letter
that she knew your secret.
What did she mean?
She could say whatever she wanted.
How would I know?
How much do you know
About Hsiao Chia-ying's death?
I was Hsiao Chia-ying's
high school classmate.
When she disappeared, the police
came to our class to investigate.
At that time, I told them
she seemed to be in a relationship.
After her and Chen Yang-yu's bodies
were found,
Hsiao Min-chun kept claiming
it had something to do with me.
So you knew Chen Yang-yu?
[suspenseful music playing]
I didn't.
Why did his name seem so familiar to you?
It's such a big story.
Everyone knows about it, right?
Our file says that
you were investigated by the police.
Your file should also say that
at that time, I was preparing
for my piano exam every day.
I signed the record book
for the piano room.
I could never have been there
when it happened.
So where were you yesterday evening?
You are asking me where I was
when Hsiao Min-chun fell off the building.
I was at the hospital.
I have chronic tendonitis in my wrists,
so I go for some regular treatments.
If you have any more questions,
you can ask the hospital directly.
I really don't have anything else to say.
[over speakers] Can I go now,
Mr. Policeman?
[dramatic music playing]
[object bangs]
- [Hai-yin] Here.
- [Hsiao-meng] Thank you.
Ms. Hai-yin.
Where's Fang Yi-jen?
Mr. Liao said he was occupied,
but didn't say with what.
He must be very busy,
so he asked me to check on you.
I'm not a child.
How's your counseling going?
Ms. Hai-yin,
I've decided to move out.
I want to live away from my father.
What has happened?
Didn't you say
you would try to live together?
I didn't have him in my life before.
When I moved in,
he demanded that I go to night school
and come home before curfew.
I've been doing everything.
At first I convinced myself
that he cared about me
and did what was good for me.
But now
I think I have really tried.
Rejoining your father will take some time.
I have no idea what he's thinking.
I think he's just trying to control me
and turning me into a patient in need.
I don't like it.
[soft piano music playing]
[Hai-yin] You know Fang Yi-jen.
It takes time to get used to him.
He is what he is.
No matter how hard I try, he won't change.
- Hsiao-meng.
- Ms. Hai-yin.
You've been with my dad for years.
Do you really think you've changed him?
[door lock beeps]
[Yi-jen] Any new findings?
Nothing from Yuan Chi-ling.
We know that when she debuted,
Hsiao Min-chun crashed the party.
Come with me to meet someone.
[Cheng-kuan] Dr. Hsueh,
although you're new at the Bureau,
you must have heard of Fang Yi-jen.
I think there are doubts in this case.
It's not that simple.
So I've brought him here.
Let's speak our minds.
So there's no misunderstanding.
You can watch, okay?
But don't touch anything.
Of course, he knows
exactly where he stands.
[Hsin-ning] The deceased
is Hsiao Min-chun, aged 52.
Her height is 162 centimeters.
Open skull fractures.
Ruptured organs in the chest and abdomen.
Multiple fractures
and lacerations on four limbs.
The autopsy reveals
that the cause of death
is not the blow to the chest
sustained in the fall,
but a blow to the skull,
causing hemorrhage and deformity.
Blood loss from the head
was proportionately greater
than from the chest and abdomen.
So we can tell that
before the victim fell off the building,
she might have been dead.
The actual time of death
of the victim can be estimated
to be between 10:00 a.m.
and 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday.
If you know all this, why am I here?
Some skin tissue was found
under the victim's nails.
The test results show that
it belongs to you.
No way.
I didn't even meet Hsiao Min-chun.
Where were you
at Hsiao Min-chun's time of death?
I was at the lab.
- Can anyone testify to that?
- No, but you can check the CCTV.
You can see if I left.
[Cheng-kuan sighs]
Dr. Hsueh.
Can you not record the evidence for now?
- Why not?
- Don't argue.
It can clear me if you keep digging.
Shut up.
Keep digging what?
Obviously, you've been framed.
They've already dug your grave.
Even if you keep digging,
it will still point to you.
Dr. Hsueh, I'm sorry.
I know this must be hard for you.
I'm sure you must have found it odd too.
Fang Yi-jen is a forensic expert.
If he wanted to kill, how could he leave
such an easy clue? Right?
I'm just trying
to buy some time for Fang Yi-jen.
I'll keep this evidence here for now.
I need more time to verify.
[Cheng-kuan breathes a sigh of relief]
What's wrong with you? Thank her.
Don't thank me yet.
Let me be frank.
As soon as I find you suspicious,
I will submit this evidence immediately.
Fang Yi-jen!
Thank you.
Fang Yi-jen!
Thank you.
- It's all set with the rehab center.
- Has Shao been placed in it?
I gave the Foundation your contact info.
They will contact you directly,
if there's any issue.
- What about
- [hasty footsteps]
I'll call you. I owe you one. Bye.
- [repeatedly pulling on door handle]
- [car beeps]
[door slams]
[door closes]
Why did Liao say
you were detained on suspicion of murder?
[ringing tone]
Hsiao-meng, I'm sorry. I'll be right back.
[Hsiao-meng] It doesn't matter.
Can't you drive already?
[ringing tone]
[sad piano music playing]
[car window whirring]
You're not coming?
It's your day with Hsiao-meng.
I won't go up there.
Aren't we together?
You and Hsiao-meng need to talk alone.
Go on, she's waiting for you.
[elevator dings]
[door opens]
Can I do that?
Sorry, we agreed to make
the stars together for your mom, but
Happy birthday.
I miss you so much.
I'll take good care of Hsiao-meng.
You don't have to worry.
I want to go to the beach
where Mom liked to go.
Are you free now?
[Yi-jen] You have an exam next week.
We'll go after that.
I'm not going back to school.
Why not?
You should study
and get a good diploma so you can
So I can what?
So I can become normal?
My mom and I are not on your to-do list.
[wind howling]
[sea waves slapping]
[sad piano music playing]
- [monitor beeping]
- [up-tempo piano music playing]
[phone buzzing]
[phone buzzing]
[phone buzzing]
- Hello.
- [Cheng-kuan] Fang Yi-jen.
I just found out Yuan Chi-ling
falsified her piano room record.
Hsiao Min-chun claimed
she was the murderer. Could it be true?
[Yi-jen] I want to test
the third-party evidence.
Do you want to cross compare
Yuan Chi-ling's DNA?
Let's see what happens.
Don't say too much yet.
[object drops into trash can]
[Cheng-kuan] Have a seat.
I'm sorry.
I have a few questions for you.
Here's the thing.
This is the record book for the piano room
at your school back then.
[Cheng-kuan] Why did you falsify it?
- [Chi-ling] Any evidence?
- We found palm prints on it.
You must have signed them all together.
You don't have to admit it.
But we'll find out soon enough.
Then there's nothing to ask.
I will go now.
Wait a minute.
I have some more questions.
Last Wednesday,
between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.,
where were you?
[Chi-ling] Usually,
I would be live streaming.
[ominous thump]
[ominous music playing]
Dr. Hsueh, I'm sorry.
Mr. Chang's watching us closely.
Let us borrow your place.
The DNA results are out.
Mr. Chang hasn't read them yet.
But they will be submitted soon.
[Yi-jen whispers]
She could have been there.
[Cheng-kuan] She may possibly have killed
Hsiao Chia-ying.
It's possible.
Could Hsiao Min-chun have found something,
so Yuan Chi-ling killed her?
But at Hsiao Min-chun's time of death,
Yuan Chi-ling was live streaming.
She has an alibi.
What if the live stream was faked?
[Hsin-ning] The actual time of death
of the victim can be estimated
to be between 10:00 a.m.
and 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Min-chun] When Lin Ching-jui
was at the crime scene,
he fabricated evidence
and covered up the truth.
And you
chose to side with him.
[paper scattering]
Fang Yi-jen.
You're not qualified
to be a forensic investigator.
[Keng-hao] She did not kill herself.
She was murdered.
Some skin tissue was found
under the victim's nails.
It belongs to you.
Obviously, you've been framed.
They've already dug your grave.
[birds chirping]
[intense music playing]
Let's go together
To our faraway place ♪
Let's go together
To our faraway place ♪
[dramatic music]
[intense music playing]
Pinglin Daily Entertainment News.
[female staff] Listen, guys.
We can go in in ten minutes.
Take out your cell phone.
Get your QR code ready.
We can get in faster later.
[electronic music blaring]
[phone buzzing]
[electronic music blaring]
- Hello?
- [Cheng-kuan] Hello.
Where are you now? What's all the noise?
Yuan Chi-ling's live stream
was pre-recorded.
I'm at her concert now.
We'll be there soon. You'd better go.
[Yi-jen] Pinglin Daily.
[police sirens blaring]
[Cheng-kuan on radio] Everyone, Attention.
We're going to Yuan Chi-ling's concert.
[officer on radio] Roger.
[female staff] Come,
we can start going in here now.
Take out your cell phone.
Get your QR code ready.
Let's slow down a bit.
[male staff 1] Put it over there.
Don't you find it out of place?
Put it away!
Okay, bring these four tripods up.
[female staff] That's it.
- [male staff 1] The cord is over there.
- [male staff 2] Stage One ready.
[male staff 3] Stage Two ready.
[suspenseful music playing]
- [staff 1] Thank you.
- [staff 2] Watch your step.
- [staff 1] Careful. Thank you.
- [staff 2] Don't push in the back.
Take out your cell phone.
- [staff 1] All in.
- [staff 2] Get your QR code ready.
- [staff 2] Slow down a bit. Don't rush.
- [staff 1] Thank you.
[door opens]
[loud banging]
["To Our Faraway Place" plays on recorder]
To our faraway place ♪
- [panting]
- [intense music playing]
[with heavy breathing] Find the evidence.
Reconstruct the scene.
Find the evidence.
Reconstruct the scene. Get the truth.
[distorted voice] Let's go together ♪
[distorted voice with static]
To our faraway place ♪
[closing theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Minju Wu
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