The Victims' Game (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

[guitar playing]
[female student 1] Yuan Chi-ling,
what are you doing?
Waiting for you, slowpoke.
[female student 1]
Are you in an idol drama?
Why are you playing guitar here?
Am I cool?
Didn't you want to learn this?
- It made my fingers hurt last time.
- You just need to practice.
But you would rather be drawing.
[female student 1]
Guitar is really too hard.
Let me see your hand.
[sympathetically] Ouch.
It must be painful.
[Chi-ling] What?
Does your heart ache for me?
[guitar playing]
[female student 2]
I want to record all this.
[female student 1] Ouch.
[female student 2] I want these memories
to be ours forever and ours only.
[Chi-ling] Let's go together ♪
To our faraway place ♪
Let's go together ♪
To our faraway place ♪
Stop moving.
It is hard for me to draw.
How about this? Or this?
Then I'll make you ugly in my drawing.
- I don't have freckles.
- [female student 1 chuckles]
[Chia-ying] You draw very well.
- [Chi-ling] There you are.
- [Chia-ying] I'll sit here.
[Chia-ying groans] Ow.
[Chi-ling] Why did you praise
just her and not me?
Because you're getting a gift.
- [zipper zips]
- [Chi-ling] What is it?
A digital recorder.
You can use it when you write songs.
I'm a bit stuck now. Help me think.
- [Chia-ying] Then you sing first.
- [Chi-ling clears throat]
[Chi-ling] Let's go together ♪
[Chi-ling and Chia-ying]
To our faraway place ♪
Let's go together ♪
To our faraway place ♪
No more past and living in a fantasy ♪
Let's say I was born ♪
Without a hometown ♪
Can I use it?
[Chia-ying] Um
Sure, but when you have a concert,
you need to invite us.
[Chi-ling] Say no more.
I'll save you the VIP seats.
[Chia-ying] This is for you.
[Chi-ling] Thank you.
You'll get a gift too.
[suspenseful music playing]
Let me put it on you.
[Chia-ying] I really think
it's a great drawing.
This is so cute!
[Chi-ling] Look over here.
- [Chi-ling] Three, two, one.
- [camera shutter clicks]
[Chi-ling] Why are you hiding your face?
I don't want my photo taken.
[Chi-ling] Why are you being weird?
- Smile again.
- No.
- You then.
- [Chia-ying] Not me.
[female student 2] It's a big world.
But there's no room for us.
Certain things need to be safeguarded
or they will be ruined sooner or later.
This used to be a secret between us.
I guess you simply forgot.
Some secrets
have no room for so many people.
[theme music playing]
- [panting]
- [heart beating]
[rubber glove stretches]
[intense music playing]
[intense music playing]
[dramatic thump]
[ringing tone]
[curtain rattles]
[clearer footsteps]
[door slams open]
[faint footsteps]
[louder footsteps]
[staff chattering]
[female staff] Chi!
Chi, are you ready? It's almost time.
- [screams]
- [object drops]
[police sirens blaring]
[crowd clamoring]
[officer] Please cooperate!
- [clamoring]
- [officer] Police on official duty!
Please cooperate!
- Please cooperate!
- [man] Don't push.
[officer] Police business.
Please cooperate.
- [staff] Please be careful.
- [Liao] Let us through. Okay
- Get the Forensics Unit here later. Okay.
- Okay.
[Liao shouts in Taiwanese]
Excuse me, let me through.
When they found Yuan Chi-ling,
she wasn't breathing and had no pulse.
Here's the list of the staff.
Where is the green room?
[in low voice] Go catch Fang Yi-jen.
- [Liao] Hurry.
- [officer] Let's go.
[intense music playing]
Find Fang Yi-jen.
[yells] Now!
[officer] Yes, sir.
[officer over radio]
No sight of Fang Yi-jen in Zone A.
[Cheng-kuan] Calm down. Fang Yi-jen.
Where are you going?
I saw someone running away
in that direction.
Calm down.
First, tell me about the crime scene.
The fatal wound is in her throat.
Minimal blood loss,
so the arteries weren't cut.
- Crime scene shows no sign of struggle.
- Okay.
Mr. Chang won't believe you.
I'll take care of this.
You should leave. Hurry.
Where are you going?
Go that way. Hurry.
- [officer 1] This way, hurry!
- [officer 2] To the left
- [officer 1] Kuan.
- [Cheng-kuan] Go downstairs.
[Keng-hao] Two teams
had blocked all the exits.
The venue was completely sealed.
Fang Yi-jen still got away.
How did he manage that?
Section Chief Chao.
Have you gotten in touch with Fang Yi-jen?
First, it's Hsiao Min-chun.
Next, it's Yuan Chi-ling.
Both were killed
after we reopened the investigation.
And Fang Yi-jen
happened to be at both crime scenes.
Fang Yi-jen is the primary suspect,
and he's very likely to flee.
Get an arrest warrant now.
[Liao] Mr. Chang.
There's no direct evidence
Fang Yi-jen killed anybody.
Isn't an arrest warrant premature?
The fatal wound in Yuan Chi-ling's throat
indicates that the killer has
expert knowledge of human anatomy.
People were hustling about at the concert.
But nobody actually
saw the murderer killing Yuan Chi-ling.
It means the murderer was meticulous.
All these qualities
match Fang Yi-jen to a tee.
Section Chief Chao.
Do you have anything else
to add to my judgment?
The prosecutor wants to make an arrest.
The police will cooperate fully.
What else can I add?
Hmm Why are you all still sitting?
The prosecutor wants you
to make an arrest.
Are you refusing to do it?
[intense music playing]
[Cheng-kuan] Get to work.
[Keng-hao] Liao.
You've been a cop for a long time.
You should know if a police officer
helps a suspect and gets found out,
the consequences are dire.
He's your boss.
Heed my advice.
You'd better think twice
about what you should do
[pats on shoulder]
that could actually help him.
[intense music playing]
[elevator dings]
[Hsiao-meng] Excuse me.
My name is Chiang Hsiao-meng.
I'm here for my interview.
- [staff] Okay, let me check.
- Thanks.
- [man] Okay, we'll make an appointment.
- [paper rustling]
[staff] Okay, please come this way.
Your file says that you spent some time
in the Juvenile Detention House.
Why are you applying for a room here?
Certain things from my past
make it very hard for me to rent a room.
No one wants to rent a room
to the Final Wish Killer.
You have a father.
He won't accept you either?
We accommodate children
who are in desperate need.
We have limited space.
- I understand your situation, but
- Don't worry.
As soon as I find a stable job
and a place to live, I will move out.
Aren't you all about giving
a person a second chance?
I really don't know where else I can go.
[Ming-cheng sighs]
[intense music playing]
[dog barking]
[hurried footsteps]
[keys jingle]
[door opens]
[envelope rustles]
[door closes]
How did you get in?
I used the key under the doorway rug.
There were cops at my place.
I can't go back.
The lab at the Police University too.
Mr. Chang issued an arrest warrant.
Every cop in the city has got the BOLO.
I'll be gone shortly. I won't bother you.
It's fine. You should stay here.
Where else can you go?
I don't want to visit you in jail.
If your wife and son come back, they
Don't worry about that.
You should figure out
how to clear yourself.
Why do you trust me?
Because you're incompetent.
I've been a cop for a long time
and seen many people.
[sarcastically] You are very smart,
but you're incompetent to kill.
Use this cell phone. It's untraceable.
- Thank you.
- Take a look at this file.
[Cheng-kuan sighs]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Yi-jen] The one on the left
is Hsiao Chia-ying.
[Cheng-kuan] Who's the one
covering her face?
[ominous music playing]
I've seen this recorder and this badge.
For five years, Hsiao Min-chun
had been sending me this photo.
What do you mean?
[Yi-jen] The recorder
in Yuan Chi-ling's throat and this badge
are both in that picture.
[Hsin-ning] The deceased
is Yuan Chi-ling, aged 32.
Height 170 centimeters,
weight 55 kilograms.
[Hsin-ning over phone]
Date of death is April 8, 2023.
The fatal wound is in the throat.
[over phone]
The entire larynx was removed.
[intense music playing]
Any abnormalities in the blood test?
The samples were just sent.
The results won't be out
until tomorrow morning.
[Yi-jen over phone] The wound on the right
of her neck. Can you take a look?
[suspenseful music playing]
We won't know much
until we have the blood test results.
[Hsin-ning over phone]
But this wound looks like a needle mark.
So, she was injected
with some kind of drug before she died.
The killer was surgical,
avoiding carotid arteries to avoid
massive hemorrhage and a quick death.
[Hsin-ning] Judging from this wound,
she should have bled
for a long time before she died.
The killer deliberately made her
bleed to death slowly and painfully.
The throat wound, vocal cords
and thyroid cartilage
were completely removed.
[sighs] We combed the crime scene
and didn't find
Yuan Chi-ling's vocal cords.
It's possible that the murderer
took them intentionally.
[Cheng-kuan] First,
Hsiao Min-chun was killed.
Then a letter claimed
Yuan Chi-ling was a murderer.
Now someone has killed Yuan Chi-ling.
Could the murderer be the one
covering her face in the photo?
You were tricked
into going to the parking building
and framed with your own skin tissue.
Then Yuan Chi-ling
was killed with surgical cuts,
which requires medical knowledge.
Who could be the murderer?
[suspenseful music playing]
[Yi-jen] We need to find this girl first.
[water pouring]
[Hai-yin] Thank you.
Ms. Hsu, thank you for coming today.
You asked me to come.
Is there a problem with Shao?
I can't contact her these days.
She's adjusting well here.
You don't have to worry.
When can I meet her?
According to the rules
of the rehab center,
she can't have visitors for now.
So, why did you ask me to come?
Would you like to join
the Sevenleaves Foundation
and be our PR Director?
I know this invitation is abrupt.
Sevenleaves has not been
operating well in the past few years.
That's why I need
someone like you to join and help us.
I've read about Sevenleaves.
I know you have been
helping children like Shao.
You work with rehab centers.
Several big enterprises
regularly sponsor you too.
When you say you're not operating well,
which area do you mean?
Apparently, you've done
your homework on Sevenleaves.
I asked you to come
because of this article.
This story
- At the time, the publisher
- I understand.
The publisher has to consider their sales.
But reading this article I can tell
that you put
a lot of effort into these kids.
You care about them.
With Sevenleaves' current capacity,
we cannot accommodate more children.
However, those children
whom we screened and left out
are not just data or files.
They are all still waiting for some hope.
Ms. Hsu.
Will you join us
to help more children like Shao?
[soft piano music playing]
[staff] Chiang Hsiao-meng?
The management center said
they hadn't got your rent and deposit.
- Do you remember this?
- I remember.
I'll pay in full by this Friday.
Thank you.
[footsteps stops]
[footsteps resumes]
[knocking on glass]
[Hai-yin] Hi.
Ms. Hai-yin.
[Hai-yin] How are you doing?
[Hsiao-meng] Mm-hmm.
The people at the Foundation
are nice to me.
Actually, since I've come here,
I've seen many people
whose lives are like mine.
I've been thinking
If I'd had a place like this back then,
would everything have been different?
The past is already gone.
The most important thing
is what you want to do now.
How's work?
Good. Pretty good.
You know you and I
are on the same side, right?
So no matter what's going on,
please come and see me.
Talk to me, okay?
Ms. Hai-yin, can you promise me one thing?
Can you not tell Fang Yi-jen
that I am here?
But you have to promise me
you will at least contact him
to let him know you're safe.
[in lower voice] Okay.
Thank you.
[staff] Professor Kuo is still in a class.
It will be ten minutes
before the class is over.
This is her classroom.
[piano playing]
[allegro piano playing]
[Professor Kuo] I hadn't seen
Chi-ling for a long time.
I don't know how I can help.
Ms. Yuan was your only daughter, right?
[Keng-hao] Why weren't you
seeing each other often?
As you can see,
she chose
a completely different path from mine.
The Yuan Chi-ling that you saw
wasn't the person I used to know.
So, she had never been close to you?
Or did something happen between you?
She had loved music since she was little.
I polished her as much as I could.
I thought there was no problem between us.
When she was in high school,
one day she suddenly ran away from home.
At that time I realized
that she didn't even like piano.
She hated everything
I arranged for her life.
I have a question.
[Cheng-kuan] These two girls in the photo
and this digital recorder.
Have you seen them?
I don't remember.
How about your daughter's friends
and her relations
with the record company and her agent?
How much do you know?
After she decided to play pop music,
I stopped being in her way.
[Keng-hao clears throat]
Excuse me. Have you seen this guy?
[Professor Kuo] No.
Was he involved in Chi-ling's death?
[Professor Kuo] hmm?
We're still investigating.
[door opens]
Professor Kuo, you've got a parcel.
[Professor Kuo] Excuse me.
Give me a minute.
Please sign for it.
No sender info.
Are you sure it's for me?
[delivery man]
There was no info when we got it.
Would you like to open it now?
- I can take it back if it's not for you.
- [unwraps box]
Thank you.
- [exclaims in shock]
- [object drops]
- [gasps in fear]
- [intense music playing]
[Cheng-kuan] Liao,
call the Forensics Unit.
[Professor Kuo sobbing]
- [ominous music playing]
- [Professor Kuo gasping and sobbing]
[keys jingle]
[door opens]
[phone buzzing]
[phone buzzing]
[Yi-jen] Hsiao-meng, it's me, Fang Yi-jen.
What do you want? I'm not going home.
Don't go home for a while.
What do you mean?
Fang Yi-jen, what happened?
8:00 p.m. I'll send you my location.
We'll meet later.
Fang Yi-jen. Hello?
[news anchor] Here's breaking news
of Yuan Chi-ling's murder.
Today, her family received
an unidentified body part of hers.
It's suspected to be her larynx
removed by the killer when she died.
The police have not released
more information.
[automated voice] Your call
will be forwarded to voice
[button clicks]
Fang Yi-jen, is that you?
Where are you now?
[Ming-cheng] Hello, Ms. Hsu.
This is Lin Ming-cheng from Sevenleaves.
Sorry about that.
I thought it was another person.
You sounded anxious. Is anything wrong?
No. It's nothing.
That's great.
I'm calling to ask you
about the job offer.
Have you considered it?
To tell you truth,
I was upset that you couldn't tell me
how and where Shao had been.
If the CEO's style of doing things
is being secretive
and keeping things from me,
I don't think
I'm a good fit for the Foundation.
Are you free tomorrow?
I'll take you to see Shao.
[footsteps and rustling]
Fang Yi-jen, you told me not to go home
and to come here.
What's wrong with you?
I'm fine.
Can you tell me where you live now?
Are you okay?
You're not gonna eat it?
I know what's inside without opening it.
I'm not hungry.
I've calculated everything.
The food is good for you.
You don't look like you're okay.
Why don't you tell me anything?
I'm okay.
I'm really okay.
That's great.
I'm leaving.
[Yi-jen] Wait a minute.
This is for you.
[soft guitar music playing]
It's okay if you don't tell me
where you live.
But I still want you to go to school.
I've already told you.
I won't go to school anymore.
I don't need money either.
Give me your cell phone.
I've got a new phone.
Let me give you the number.
- [camera shutter clicking]
- [ominous music playing]
Did you go to their concert?
Are you investigating
Yuan Chi-ling's murder?
- Do you like them?
- Fang Yi-jen.
- Are you involved in her murder?
- Do you know what this totem means?
[Hsiao-meng] I don't.
[intense music playing]
But people who have followed her
since the underground scene all say
that this totem was designed
by a designer named Liu Shu-yen.
[knocking on window]
What's going on?
[door thumps close]
Didn't you interview
a designer named Liu Shu-yen?
Can you get me to meet with her?
Why do you want to meet her?
What's going on with you?
Nothing. Can you get me to meet with her?
Liu Shu-yen's studio's address
can be found on the Internet.
But you ask me instead.
Are you hiding from the police?
Is it related to Yuan Chi-ling's murder?
Do you think I wouldn't know
if you don't say anything?
Can you please tell me everything
so I don't have to worry?
I don't want you to worry.
So you won't say anything.
Will that make me feel better?
If we're a couple,
I would expect more from you.
But I know you're not capable.
If you have troubles and need me,
I'll help you and I won't complain.
But I do need you to make me feel
that you care about our relationship.
You can't satisfy my needs.
I can understand that too.
But if this continues,
my dissatisfaction will only build up.
It will explode sooner or later.
[sad piano music playing]
Fang Yi-jen
Don't you have anything to say to me?
I thought we were great.
[laptop opens]
[suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[staff] Okay, I've got it.
Mr. Liu, thanks for your help.
Hi, may I ask who you are?
I'm with Pinglin City Police Department.
I'm a specialist.
I'm here for Liu Shu-yen.
The police? Aren't your men already here?
Fang Yi-jen!
[Keng-hao] Go after him already.
[clamorous footsteps]
[object drops]
[clamorous footsteps]
[intense music playing]
[suspenseful music getting louder]
[clamorous footsteps]
[male officer] Stop right there!
Stop him!
Stop him!
[female officer] Go around! Hurry!
[intense music playing]
[Yi-jen panting]
[tires screeching]
Get in the car.
[car door closes]
[car engine revs]
[male officer] Fang Yi-jen!
[Yi-jen] Why were you there?
Chao Cheng-kuan asked me to come.
Can you drive me somewhere?
[Keng-hao] How did Fang Yi-jen know
we found out about Liu Shu-yen?
I don't know.
[scoffs] heh?
Don't give me that look.
We talked about investigating
Liu Shu-yen just this morning.
How could I possibly
have the time to tell him?
Moreover, let's say I did tell him.
Do you think I'd tell Fang Yi-jen
to go there at the same time as we would?
Keep looking for Fang Yi-jen.
Bring in Liu Shu-yen too.
Now two people are dead.
I don't want to see another victim.
[Liao] Kuan.
Are you sure it is okay?
What's not okay about it?
Are you infected by him as well?
Even you suspect me?
[sneers] If you have the time
to worry about me,
you might as well do what Mr. Chang asked.
I'm worried that you'll get shot too.
[keyboard clicks on phone]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[male mechanic] A-li.
Can't you hear the birds singing?
How many times do I have to teach you?
This one here.
Go get the part.
- [Yi-jen] Are you Mr. Liu Chih-min?
- [Chih-min] Huh? What's up?
How are you related to Liu Shu-yen?
[Chih-min] Who are you?
Um We're with Pinglin PD.
We have something to ask you.
Oh I'm Shu-yen's father.
What's going on?
Have you watched the news about the death
of singer Yuan Chi-ling two days ago?
Yes, I have.
It is big news.
What does it have to do with my daughter?
Do you know Liu Shu-yen
worked with Yuan Chi-ling?
[slaps on arm]
[Chih-min] My daughter
has a successful career.
She has worked with many people.
What's odd about that?
Did Liu Shu-yen only know
Yuan Chi-ling professionally?
The police are investigating
Yuan Chi-ling's death.
Please cooperate.
[Hsin-ning] Tell us everything you know.
Are you saying my daughter
had something to do with that?
Yuan Chi-ling and my daughter
were friends back in high school.
But my daughter
left the country after high school.
They were rarely in touch.
[Yi-jen] Does Liu Shu-yen still live here?
[Chih-min] Why do you ask?
We need to go in and look.
May I ask you which unit you're from?
Do you have a search warrant?
What's going on now?
Do you think I don't know the law?
Do you think you can just go in?
It's nonsense that my daughter
had anything to do with murder.
[agitated] Liu Shu-yen
is a person of interest.
Enough with your nonsense!
- Are you leaving or not?
- The case needs
- [clanking]
- If not, I'll throw you out!
[dog barking]
- [clanking]
- Nonsense.
[dog barking]
[car door opens]
Fang Yi-jen.
What are you thinking?
He said Liu Shu-yen
left the country after high school.
She and Yuan Chi-ling
were friends in high school.
Are you saying if her old stuff is still
in this house, there might be clues?
Do you think she's the murderer?
[car door closes]
[intense music playing]
Fang Yi-jen.
[window frame rattling]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Shu-yen over speakers]
When Yuan Chi-ling was killed,
I was at the Museum of Fine Arts
for the opening of my friend's gallery.
A lot of people saw me. You can ask them.
[Cheng-kuan] We found these pictures
on Yuan Chi-ling's cell phone.
You designed the logo, right?
Yes, I designed it.
But so what?
Is it illegal for me
to design for Yuan Chi-ling?
[Cheng-kuan] You know
the girl in this photo, don't you?
No, I don't.
The logo you designed
is also in this photo.
[Cheng-kuan] So, who is this other girl?
Do you know her?
No, I don't.
Good. Let me rephrase.
The logo you designed for Yuan Chi-ling
is almost identical
to the badge in the photo,
and this photo was taken 15 years ago.
Do you want to explain?
[irritated] I don't know.
I've already said I don't know.
[softly sighs]
I'm sorry that Yuan Chi-ling was killed.
But I hadn't been in touch
with her for a few years.
Officer, I've told you all I know.
I really had nothing to do with this.
[suspenseful music getting louder]
[Keng-hao] Yuan Chi-ling
sent you this, right?
[suspenseful music playing]
I suggest you cooperate
with the investigation.
[engine sputtering]
[car door opens]
[suspenseful music playing]
[soft footsteps]
Fang Yi-jen.
[Yi-jen] How did you
My daughter used to hide things like this.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[door squeaking]
[Cheng-kuan] I've got it.
Okay, that's all. Hmm.
[Cheng-kuan sighs]
Fang Yi-jen, you're really unlucky.
You could go
to Liu Shu-yen's studio anytime,
but you went when Mr. Chang was there too.
[Cheng-kuan sighs]
Dr. Hsueh.
Thank you for being there.
He could have been taken in
for questioning again.
Hey! Have you said thanks yet?
It's nothing.
I happened to be in the neighborhood.
And the trip proved to be fruitful.
Is there a code on these patterns?
[Yi-jen] Hmm.
These are actually runes.
I saw them in Liu Shu-yen's notebook.
I can't make out the rest yet.
Can you decipher it?
It is possible,
but it will take some time.
[Hsin-ning] Hey!
[Chi-ling on video] Hey! How much longer?
You're playing with the camera again.
[Shu-yen] I just want
to document all our trips.
What about you? Did you tell your mom?
[Chi-ling] I didn't.
[Shu-yen] Your mom may not
even notice you were gone.
Just like my dad.
[Chi-ling] I envy you, all this freedom.
[Shu-yen] This is not freedom, okay?
Have you deciphered the totem I sent you?
[Chi-ling] Not yet. That's not easy.
- So many layers.
- [sighs] I can't let the adults find out,
so I have to make it complicated.
- Understood?
- [Chi-ling] Fine. Are you ready?
[Chi-ling] Let's go together ♪
To our faraway place ♪
[Shu-yen] How stupid! I forgot the camera!
[Chi-ling] Hurry up!
Everyone is waiting for us.
[ice cubes clattering]
[water pouring]
[watch beeping]
[button clicks]
[keyboard clicks on phone]
Your daughter?
[Yi-jen] Hmm.
Is she home alone?
She moved out.
She said she wanted to live alone.
[Hsiao-meng] Then ask Feng for me again.
[hostess] You said you could only work
until 10:30 p.m. Why?
The place where I live now
has a curfew. I can't be late.
[hostess] This won't do.
The things that happened to you
were all over the news.
- Feng won't agree.
- [customer 1 coughs]
Just standing here with you
may get me scolded.
- [Hsiao-meng] Why don't you tell him
- [falls on the floor and groans]
How about you tell him
if I can't be a waitress,
I'll do cleaning or dishwashing?
[Hsiao-meng] I mean it.
Please ask for me. Please.
[hostess] Okay, I'll ask again for you.
[customer 2] Let's go. Here's our ride.
[customer 2 grunts]
[Hsiao-meng] Thank you.
[customer 2] Come on.
[customer 3] Hi, Lele!
- It's been a while.
- [Lele] There you are.
- [Lele] Why are you so early?
- [customer 3] Yeah, let's go.
- [Lele] I need to go.
- [Hsiao-meng] Okay.
[customer 1] Are you getting in the car?
- [Hsiao-meng] Mister
- [customer 2] Scooch over.
[Hsiao-meng] Did you drop this?
Thank you.
You can come to me if you need a job.
You'll definitely make more money.
Think about it.
[customer 2 clears throat] Okay, let's go.
[ominous music playing]
[broom sweeping]
Shao was in a bad place
when she first came here.
She was caught using drugs secretly.
But she's been working hard.
Now she's getting more and more stable.
If that is the case,
why couldn't you tell me so?
It was her own idea.
Every drug addict
has their demons to fight.
She doesn't want to disappoint
people she cares about.
So she asked us not to tell you.
It happens all the time here.
Thus, people may misunderstand us.
It is also inevitable.
[Ming-cheng] They are not bad kids.
They just need
someone to reach out to them
and give them a second chance.
People in society
don't understand these kids.
So I really need someone
who can work the media
to handle our public relations
and become the bridge
between us and the public.
[soft music playing]
I look forward to working with you.
Welcome aboard.
[Hai-yin] Shao!
[Shao] Ms. Hai-yin!
[Hai-yin] How are you?
[foot brace softly thumping the ground]
[intense music playing]
[staff] Wu Chun-lu! What are you doing?
Come back with me.
You know what you've done.
[intense music playing]
Are you okay, Mr. Lin?
I'm fine.
[breathing heavily]
[Hsin-ning] Fang Yi-jen,
have you deciphered it?
Yuan Chi-ling sent it to Liu Shu-yen.
After replacing the runes
with English alphabets,
you get an anagram.
This is what I've deciphered.
[Hsin-ning] "Rebirth."
Born again.
Does this mean anything?
[Yi-jen] I don't know yet.
But I've found something else.
The rims of these badges
look like random patterns.
But you can see
they're composed of circles and lines.
If lines represent ones,
circles represent zeroes,
and every four forms a group,
I'm pretty sure it's ASCII, American
Standard Code for Information Interchange.
Each badge designed by Liu Shu-yen
has a hidden message.
We must solve each and every one of them.
[suspenseful music playing]
Does this mean anything?
This could be a URL.
[keyboard clicks]
[Yi-jen] Password.
[intense music playing]
[intense music getting loud]
[Yi-jen whispers] Hsiao Chia-ying.
Chen Yang-yu.
Yuan Chi-ling.
Three people in the photo are dead.
[Yi-jen whispers] No. Direction.
Wrong direction.
[door closes]
[Yi-jen] Where is Liu Shu-yen?
- What?
- [shouts] Where is Liu Shu-yen?
- Huh?
- We must find her right now. Immediately!
- [officer] Fang.
- [Liao] Fang Yi-jen, sorry.
[Cheng-kuan] Wait a minute.
[Yi-jen] Where is Liu Shu-yen?
[Liao] Do you think you're still a cop?
You shouldn't have let Liu Shu-yen go.
I never thought you'd show up on your own.
[Yi-jen] Hsiao Chia-ying, Chen Yang-yu,
Liu Shu-yen, Yuan Chi-ling.
3 people in the photo are dead.
I thought Liu Shu-yen was the killer.
Actually, all the people in the photo
are targets of the killer.
If you don't move fast,
Liu Shu-yen will be next.
[phone ringing]
[Cheng-kuan] Everyone,
go to Liu Shu-yen's studio now!
[all] Yes.
[intense music playing]
[intense music stops with a thump]
[closing theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Minju Wu
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