The Victims' Game (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

[watch ticking]
All the witnesses said you smashed
your classmate's head with a brick.
They want to sue you for assault.
I know you are very angry.
But if you don't tell us what happened,
we can't help you.
[loud swears]
[murmurs] Red cap, black-framed eyewear,
silver necklace, curly hair
Red cap, black-framed eyewear,
silver necklace, curly hair
Red cap, black-framed eyewear,
silver necklace, curly hair
Red cap, black-framed eyewear,
silver necklace, curly hair
[Ching-jui] The scene was a big mess.
But you remember
all the persons of interest.
Now that we've got them, let's start.
Can you tell me what happened?
[male student] Come back.
- You want to run away?
- [punching and kicking]
Running away?
[banging on table]
[Yi-jen breathing heavily]
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Tell me how you smashed him
with this brick.
- [Yi-jen] Don't touch me.
- [student] What did you say?
You raised your hand? Fuck!
[punching and kicking]
[clamors interlaced with insults]
[student] Weirdo.
[crowd] Weirdo
[Yi-jen murmurs] Weirdo.
They were calling me weirdo.
I wanted them to stop.
[yells] Don't call me weirdo!
You are just different, not a weirdo.
[Yi-jen breathing heavily]
[Ching-jui] You are not a weirdo.
[Ching-jui] How did you solve this puzzle?
It's just like solving this.
Rearrange the stuff in your brain
and put them in order,
which came first and which came later.
Then we can find the answer.
Let's try again.
The more details you find,
the closer we are to the actual scene.
- [crowd] Weirdo
- [punching and kicking]
- [Yi-jen yells]
- [brick smashing]
- [blood dripping]
- [crowd] Weirdo
[Yi-jen yells] Stop!
[brick drops]
On the ground.
The brick on the ground?
On the ground.
There was another brick on the ground.
Another brick on the ground.
[Yi-jen whispers]
Another brick on the ground
[Yi-jen breathing heavily]
[Ching-jui] A reconstructed scene
can tell us how the clues were connected.
What did you see
before the brick hit the ground?
[Ching-jui] Start from the last clue
and retrace it.
Find the sequence of events.
[blood trickling]
[Yi-jen breathes out]
[distorted yelling]
[male student] Fuck!
[Ching-jui] Find the missing pieces
connecting the cause and effect.
Then we can know the whole truth.
[brick smashes into wall]
The one who hit him with a brick
was not me.
It was him.
[intense music playing]
[Yi-jen] How did you know?
I didn't.
[Ching-jui] Police work is very simple.
If we collect all the clues
and retrace them,
we can find out where they come from.
To find out what has happened,
we must first reconstruct
the correct crime scene.
You just did it.
You are very special.
Don't waste your talent.
[theme music playing]
[eerie music playing]
[needle pricks]
[eerie music playing]
[knife cutting into flesh]
[breathing heavily in fear]
[eerie music playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
[Hsin-ning] The victim is Liu Shu-yen.
Both eyes were removed.
The muscles around the eyes
were cut smoothly.
She suffered greatly before she died.
Besides that, I did not find
any obvious wounds that could be fatal.
Whether hemorrhagic shock
is the cause of death
will need to wait for the autopsy.
[Keng-hao] Could it be
the same perpetrator
who killed Yuan Chi-ling?
[Hsin-ning] I can't be sure.
But the MOs in both cases
were equally clean and skillful.
Rigor has just began in her fingers.
My estimate is that she died
only 2 to 4 hours ago.
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[Keng-hao] Fang Yi-jen.
I let you stay here,
but it doesn't mean
I don't suspect you at all.
[Hsin-ning] Her eyeballs were removed
and this was inserted.
Holy shit!
The killer might send the eyeballs
to her family.
I'll go there with a team.
[camera shutter clicks]
[Keng-hao] Fang Yi-jen.
Why are the badge and the digital recorder
in the photo Hsiao Min-chun sent you?
- Hmm?
- [camera shutter clicks]
[Yi-jen] They must be connected
to the people in this photo.
We must find
the two people still alive quickly.
[Keng-hao] You mean Yuan Chi-ling
was connected to the digital recorder,
Liu Shu-yen to the badge,
and the other two to the rings?
- Will they be killed too?
- Very likely.
Since we reopened the investigation,
three persons have already died.
The killer's motive is very clear.
And that is to kill
people who were connected
to Hsiao Chia-ying.
Fang Yi-jen.
Do you still believe
Lin Ching-jui's report was flawless?
[agitated] Sergeant Lin's report
is not directly linked to these homicides!
Have you ever considered
these people very likely knew
what had happened back then
and were executed?
[camera shutter clicks]
Do you really believe
the report was flawless,
or do you just trust Lin Ching-jui?
[camera shutter clicks]
[murmurs] Date of the crime was March 2.
Hsiao Chia-ying
has been dead for 15 years.
Why did Hsiao Min-chun
start sending this photo
to Fang Yi-jen just five years ago?
[mouse clicking]
[Yi-jen] I checked out the album.
A lot of information is missing
as it has been a long time.
The back end info shows that
other than the creator of the album,
six others have administration privilege.
So, seven in total.
[Yi-jen] We know
Hsiao Chia-ying, Chen Yang-yu,
Yuan Chi-ling and Liu Shu-yen are dead.
The other two are still unidentified.
The last one took this picture.
Who would these three be?
I saw an anonymous IP at the back end.
Someone accessed the album
seven days ago and yesterday.
The dates that Yuan Chi-ling
and Liu Shu-yen were killed.
Could this anonymous IP
belong to one of the three people?
It is possible.
How can we find them?
[Yi-jen] First, we must find out
the relationship between them.
Every homicide has a reason behind it.
Excuse me.
Anyone home?
[metal door clanks]
Hi. I want to work here.
Are you still a student?
You don't go to school?
I am over 20.
Do you have any experience?
No, I don't.
I used to work at a club.
Working here is not
like working as a club hostess.
Can you handle it?
[Buddhist chant playing over speakers]
Why are you still standing there?
Help me clean up the mess.
[plastic bag rustling]
[Hsiao-meng coughs]
[Hsiao-meng retches]
[Hsiao-meng coughs]
[Hsiao-meng coughs]
- [slime squishes]
- [Hsiao-meng retches and coughs]
[Hsiao-meng retches heavily]
[Hsiao-meng coughs]
[Shih-hsien] Killing someone is easy.
- But have you ever thought
- [Hsiao-meng coughs]
about how hard it is
to clean up the mess?
Being alive is harder than being dead.
[Hsiao-meng clears throat]
[sorrowful music playing]
[police sirens blaring from a distance]
[Hsiao-meng coughs]
[door closes]
[police sirens fading into the distance]
[water running]
[hands squishing]
[hands squishing vigorously]
[hands rubbing vigorously]
[Cheng-hao on video] I don't know why.
Just because I'm different,
why do I have to be bullied
and pushed around?
[Tsung-chien on video] We have
self-worth that needs defending.
[Kuang-yung on video] I know that my death
won't make up for my past mistakes.
[Ko-yun on video] You'll remember
the most glorious side of me.
[liquid pouring]
[lighter clicks]
[fire burning]
[intense music playing]
[hands scrubbing]
- Join us for the photo.
- [male student] Okay.
- It's not like we're ostracizing you.
- [male student] Okay, look this way.
- One, two, three.
- [camera shutter clicks]
[distorted suspenseful sound]
[suspenseful music playing]
[male MC] The public memorial ceremony
will begin.
The first group to pay respect,
Pinglin High School, please come forward.
Offer the incense.
Bow, return the incense.
Offer the flowers.
- [chanting indistinctly]
- [Buddhist ritual instruments playing]
[male MC] First bow.
Second bow.
Third bow.
The family responds
Are you sure the killer will show up?
[male MC] The next group to pay respect,
LiuShuYen Studio, please come forward.
I left a message
about Liu Shu-yen's memorial service,
but moved it 2 hours earlier.
So the person showing up now
may be the killer.
[Cheng-kuan] Since we can't come up
with a better idea,
we might as well trust Fang Yi-jen.
It will pay off.
[male MC]First bow.
Second bow. Third bow.
- [chanting indistinctly]
- [Buddhist ritual instruments playing]
[Liao over radio] Mr. Chang,
a man just came.
[rapid pats]
[Buddhist ritual instrument rings]
[suspenseful music playing]
[pen scratching]
- Is he the one?
- I am not sure.
[pen scratching]
[intense music playing]
[envelope rustling]
[Chun-lu] Please offer this to Mr. Liu.
[Liao] Okay, thank you.
[suspenseful music playing]
Sir, please come in.
[Cheng-kuan] This way, please come.
Come in, please.
[Cheng-kuan] Come here
- [thump]
- [Cheng-kuan] Don't run!
The rest of you go that way!
Liao, you come with me
[intense music playing]
Liao, go that way.
[steel wall clatters]
[Yi-jen] Stop running!
[Liao] Let's go this way.
[objects clattering]
[punch swishes]
What actually happened back then?
Why did you kill Hsiao Min-chun
and frame me?
Did you kill Yuan Chi-ling
and Liu Shu-yen?
Did you kill them?
[panting] It wasn't me.
I didn't kill them.
It was Lin Ming-cheng.
He also killed Kuo Hsin-pai.
[yells] Lin Ming-cheng killed all of them!
[Cheng-kuan] Fang Yi-jen!
[Cheng-kuan] Ugh!
Stop running.
[Cheng-kuan] Stop!
[metal rack squeaks]
- [Cheng-kuan] Oh!
- [metal rack clatters]
[Cheng-kuan] Ouch!
[Liao] Kuan!
[Cheng-kuan] Ouch!
[Cheng-kuan] Argh
[metal rack squeaks]
[All] Ugh!
[Cheng-kuan] Ouch!
[Liao] Are you okay?
[Cheng-kuan] Argh!
[Cheng-kuan] I'm okay.
[intense music stops abruptly]
- [Cheng-kuan sighs]
- [indistinct broadcasting announcement]
[Cheng-kuan grunts]
- Kuan.
- [Cheng-kuan] Yes.
- I'll get the medication for you.
- [Cheng-kuan] Thank you.
[Cheng-kuan sighs]
The killer is still at large.
You won't catch him sitting here.
I'm fine. You go after the suspect, okay?
Why haven't your wife and son come?
My wife and I are separated,
and my son doesn't want to see me.
So I moved out. That's all.
Shit! Can we not talk about this, buddy?
Hsiao-meng doesn't want
to come home either.
- [Keng-hao] Chief Chao.
- [surprised] Hi.
We've found out the identity
of the one who got away.
His name is Wu Chun-lu.
He has a record of drug abuse.
What is his relationship
with Hsiao Chia-ying and Liu Shu-yen?
[Keng-hao] We are still investigating but
He left an interesting message
at the memorial service.
[Cheng-kuan] Lin Ming-cheng?
Isn't Lin Ching-jui's son
called Lin Ming-cheng?
[suspenseful music playing]
[swooshing sound]
[Hai-yin] Hsiao-meng.
Ms. Hai-yin.
What's wrong with you?
I'm feeling unwell suddenly.
Is your part time job too tiring?
I can ask around for some jobs.
That's not necessary.
I want to continue doing this job.
I'm not used to it yet, but I'll be fine.
Is there food on my face?
I feel like you seem to know
what you want to do now.
Ms. Hai-yin.
Have you been okay
with Fang Yi-jen lately?
I have no idea.
You know your dad.
Whenever I feel closer to him,
our relationship gets cold again.
I've been thinking in recent years.
Does he really understand me?
Maybe I don't understand him enough.
But anyway, our relationship
cannot stay this way forever.
[soft piano music playing]
Whatever the case,
you and I will always be friends.
I want to tell you
I am going to work for the Foundation.
Congratulations on your new job.
Would you like to ask me anything?
[Hsiao-meng chuckles]
[elevator dings]
Excuse me, is the CEO in the office now?
[male staff] Who is asking?
Criminal Investigation Bureau.
- Please cooperate.
- [staff] Just a moment.
[knocking on door]
[staff] Mr. Lin, you have visitors.
Please come in.
Ms. Hsu, why are you here?
[Hai-yin] Mr. Lin,
I'll leave you with them.
Oh, it's all right. You can stay.
I believe it won't take long.
Please have a seat.
[stumbling footsteps]
[Liao] It's fine. We'll just stand.
Allow me to introduce.
This is Hsu Hai-yin,
the PR Director of our Foundation.
In the future, you can discuss with her
any matter related to the Foundation.
Wait! You seem to know one another.
[Hai-yin] Mm.
I cooperated with Mr. Fang
and Officer Liao on a story previously.
You cooperated?
More like you threatened us.
[Hai-yin clears throat]
Mr. Lin, I'm sorry.
This is the why we've dropped by today.
Wu Chun-lu wrote the note.
He's one of the founders
of Sevenleaves Foundation.
Officers, do you think
that I was involved in a homicide?
Mr. Lin, we
Have you seen these two photos?
Do you know Yuan Chi-ling and Liu Shu-yen?
Where were you at noon the day
before yesterday and on Saturday night?
I was here on both occasions.
The employees here can testify to that.
Why did he say you were the killer?
[Yi-jen] He said
you also killed Kuo Hsin-pai.
Have you heard of this name?
he wants to seek revenge.
Chun-lu was a drug addict.
He had been in and out
of the rehabilitation center.
You must have known that.
He used to have a tough time.
It was not easy for him to quit.
We founded this foundation
because we hoped other kids
wouldn't have to experience that.
We had worked hard together for a while.
- But he later got into drugs again.
- [suspenseful music playing]
His ex-girlfriend, Kuo Hsin-pai,
was also a drug addict.
She died 5 years ago,
but Chun-lu could never accept it.
That's why he got into drugs again.
I wanted to protect the Foundation,
so I asked him to leave.
When was the last time you saw him?
I haven't seen him since he left
the Foundation a few years ago.
I don't know where he is now.
[suspenseful music fading]
Where are you going?
- Restroom.
- You go home by yourself.
[Yi-jen] Are you working
for Lin Ming-cheng now?
- [Hai-yin] Yes.
- Why didn't you tell me?
Does it matter to you
if I told you or not?
You suspect Lin Ming-cheng
was involved in those homicides?
[deafening silence]
Prosecutor's Office has doubt
about the report of a 15-year-old case.
The officer-in-charge was Lin Ching-jui,
Lin Ming-cheng's father.
Are you okay?
I am fine.
I am fine.
[Yi-jen] I thought
about what you said last time.
Can you tell me what I should do?
I know Lin Ching-jui
is very important to you.
Everything is very important to you.
But I really need more time
to think this through.
So let's handle it this way
for the moment.
[soft guitar music playing]
[key jingles]
I should give you back
the key to your place.
[phone buzzing]
You can keep it for now.
Go ahead.
That's all for now.
[phone buzzing]
Now you work for Lin Ming-cheng.
You have to be careful.
Don't trust him too much.
[Yi-jen] Hello?
[ominous music playing]
[Chun-lu] Let me tell you
your dad has been trying to harm me!
He has been trying to harm me!
[intense music playing]
[intense music getting louder]
Your dad
- has been trying to harm me!
- [bangs on table]
[eerie music playing]
[gun cocking]
[eerie music fading]
[Hai-yin] Mr. Lin.
I know what the police asked you
is your personal business.
But we should get
certain things straight now.
[whispers] You saw Wu Chun-lu
at the Rehabilitation Center, right?
I didn't tell the police everything,
because I know Chun-lu
might have many personal problems,
but he would not kill another person.
[whispers] But he accused you of murder.
I betrayed him when I asked him to leave.
So I can't betray him again
now that he desperately needs help.
If he was involved in those homicides,
what you did
can't be good for the Foundation.
I'm sorry but I have a meeting coming up.
[stumbling footsteps]
I know it would be difficult for you,
but I hope this matter
won't affect the fundraising dinner.
Ultimately, those kids
who are in need of our help
will lose hope.
[woman] Didn't I tell you
that I wanted a lady cleaner?
[Shih-hsien] Does it matter?
[woman sobbing] My daughter
was raped by a dirty man.
Although she is dead now,
I still don't want a man
to touch her stuff!
Your daughter is gone.
She will not care about that.
[woman yells] Shut up!
Get out!
Mrs. Chang.
Don't worry.
I will clean up your daughter's room.
Don't worry.
I'll accompany her
on the last stretch of her journey.
I will get started. Excuse me.
[breathing heavily]
["To Our Faraway Place" plays]
We can go to the misty mountains
And erase our shadows from behind ♪
We can go to a fortified bunker
And bury our innocent memories ♪
Or we can go to the deep blue sea ♪
We are nothing before our departure ♪
Perhaps we can go
To the wind-bell valley ♪
[rubber glove snaps]
[Hsiao-meng] Thank you.
When would be the next job?
At the end of the railway track
Lies the nirvana we dream of ♪
Through the tunnel ♪
Hopes are planted
in a field of daylilies ♪
[envelope and money rustling]
Rebirth! It's the prophecy we share ♪
Let's go together
To our faraway place ♪
Let's go together
To our faraway place ♪
No more past and living in a fantasy ♪
Let's say I was born ♪
Without a hometown ♪
[insects chirping]
[male officer] Mr. Liu, excuse me.
Please sign here.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[radio ringing]
[Chih-min sobs]
My daughter is already dead.
Why are you here now?
[Yi-jen] Have you seen
these two persons in the photo,
or heard of the name, Kuo Hsin-pai?
[yells] I don't know
when the photo was taken!
I also don't know when my daughter
went out with all these friends!
I don't know anything!
I didn't care about my daughter!
I got drunk everyday!
I was an awful dad who didn't even notice
my daughter hadn't been home for days.
Is this what you want to hear?
My daughter
My daughter will never come home now.
[soft piano music playing]
I won't have the chance
to tell my daughter,
"Dad doesn't drink anymore.
Dad has quit drinking.
Dad won't get drunk
scolding and hitting you anymore."
[breathes in and out heavily]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Keng-hao] What are the two of you
doing here?
I was told that there was a package
containing Liu Shu-yen's eyeball tissue.
I thought I should investigate it
at the scene.
I ran into Fang Yi-jen here.
Dr. Hsueh.
In the future, if you aren't asked
to come to the crime scene,
please don't come.
It may cause unnecessary misunderstanding.
How about you?
What excuse do you have for being here?
Wu Chun-lu's ex-girlfriend, Kuo Hsin-pai.
Have you looked into her death?
Do you know who Kuo Hsin-pai is?
She is the sixth person on the photo.
She died of unnatural cause
five years ago.
Would you like to guess
who investigated her case?
That's right. It was Lin Ching-jui.
It's him again.
Don't you find it odd?
The old case
was connected to Hsiao Min-chun,
Yuan Chi-ling and Liu Shu-yen.
They were all killed.
Even the Kuo Hsin-pai case
was connected to Lin Ching-jui.
Do you want to convince me
[loudly] that all these
are just coincidences?
I need to take a look
at the Kuo Hsin-pai case.
Lin Ching-jui was your mentor.
I don't trust you.
You had better leave this case alone.
If I find out that
you have tampered with the case,
I will not let you,
Chao Cheng-kuan and Hsueh Hsin-ning
get away with it.
[intense music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[intense music gets louder
and stops abruptly]
[Yi-jen] I need to look at that file.
Is there any way for that to happen?
[Cheng-kuan over phone]
I'll ask Liao to take it to the lab.
You can ask Dr. Hsueh for it.
[paper rustling]
[Hsin-ning] The report says that
Kuo Hsin-pai was in a drug deal
and got into a fight with her dealer.
In the end, the dealer shot her.
The police found a few suspects back then,
but because there were no CCTVs
nor witnesses at the crime scene,
they did not catch the murderer.
[paper rustling]
What's wrong?
[paper rustling hectically]
Fang Yi-jen, what have you noticed?
[suspenseful music playing]
[girl wheezing and groaning]
[Yi-jen] The bullet penetrated her chest,
came out of her back and hit the wall.
- [gun firing]
- The blood splattered.
There were two pools of blood
on the ground
and continuous blood drops too.
As she was a drug addict,
needle marks were all over her body.
But on the back of her neck
[Hsin-ning] There was
a fresh antemortem mark of injection.
Usually a gunshot wound through the heart
will result in cardiogenic shock
and a quick death.
So this injection
could not possibly be
administered by the victim.
[needle pricks]
[needle snaps]
[Hsin-ning] If someone was
in the crime scene after she got shot,
how could the report back then
neglect to mention it?
Do you think
this case might have been tampered with
like the Hsiao Chia-ying case?
[whispers] Find the evidence.
Reconstruct the scene. Get the truth.
Find the evidence.
Reconstruct the scene. Get the truth.
[phone buzzing]
- Hello?
- [Cheng-kuan over phone] Fang Yi-jen.
We found some bullets
at Wu Chun-lu's house,
but we didn't find the gun.
All six persons in the photo
died one by one.
Could Wu Chun-lu have killed them all?
[yells] Lin Ming-cheng killed all of them!
Wu Chun-lu was a drug addict.
His ex-girlfriend, Kuo Hsin-pai,
was also a drug addict.
She died five years ago,
but Chun-lu could never accept it.
[swooshing sound]
[Yi-jen murmurs] The injection in the neck
was an abnormality.
What was the motive for that?
Wu Chun-lu and Lin Ming-cheng
were both lying.
Someone must know the truth.
Find the evidence.
Reconstruct the scene. Get the truth.
[Keng-hao] Wu Chun-lu's rehabilitation
was not over.
Yet he showed up elsewhere
two days before that.
Would you like to explain?
[staff] A few nights ago, the staff
were busy taking care of other patients.
He ran away.
[Liao] Mr. Chang, take a look at this.
[Keng-hao] Lin Ming-cheng.
He had seen Wu Chun-lu, but he lied to us.
- [Hai-yin] Ms. Wang.
- Hello.
Please check in here.
[female staff] Okay.
It's almost time.
- Can you handle here?
- Okay.
[indistinct chatters]
[Ming-cheng] Everyone sitting here,
including me, is very fortunate.
We are successful.
Everything looks bright to us.
But I would like you to imagine this.
You're only 17 years old.
You've just run away from a broken home.
You're all you've got.
Nobody is helping you.
You don't even know how to ask for help.
Once, a runaway girl like that
entered my life.
She regarded me as a friend.
But back then
I did not help her.
[breathing heavily]
I saw you rehearsing,
so I didn't want to interrupt.
[car door slams shut]
[Yi-jen] Chiang Hsiao-meng.
- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
Why didn't you respond to my texts?
Where do you stay now?
Do you stay at Sevenleaves Foundation?
- So what?
- Why do you stay at the Foundation?
Only people from broken homes stay there!
Why do you live there?
So our family is not broken?
[car door closes]
You mentioned a 17-year-old runaway girl.
Was she the reason
you founded this foundation?
When I was young,
I did a lot of stupid things.
But I was fortunate enough
to start afresh again.
So I hope everybody has
that opportunity to start afresh.
So you've been helping all these children
to mitigate your regret
that you didn't help in the past?
Everything downstairs is almost ready.
Let's get started.
[phone buzzing]
You go ahead.
I'll get myself ready.
I will be there soon.
- See you later.
- Okay.
You are at my place?
What do you want?
We want to see the person in charge.
[staff] We're having a fundraising dinner.
This is not possible. Sorry.
[yells] Don't give me that!
Listen up.
We are investigating a homicide.
If anything goes wrong,
will you take the responsibility?
[Liao] Don't tell me it's not possible.
You have to work with me,
not the other way around!
- [Liao] What's your attitude?
- [Hai-yin] Stop, what's going on?
Oh, my! Ms. Hsu.
[Liao] No, PR Director Hsu.
What brought you here today?
We're here to take Lin Ming-cheng in
for questioning.
Didn't you just ask him questions
last time?
Our lawyer will contact you
if you need more info.
Lin Ming-cheng is
a person of interest in this homicide.
[Cheng-kuan] Don't give me that runaround.
Do you have a warrant?
[female MC] Before we kick off our event,
let's welcome Mr. Lin Ming-cheng, CEO
of Sevenleaves Social Charity Foundation,
to give us a speech.
[Liao] Kuan, we can come back later.
We're about to start our event.
Please come back
after the fundraising dinner.
We will fully cooperate.
Maybe the applause is not warm enough.
Let's give a bigger round of applause
- to welcome Mr. Lin Ming-cheng on stage.
- He must have known we're coming.
[Hai-yin] Take care of them.
[woman] Mr. Lin is not here?
[crowd murmuring]
[female MC] Please be patient
for a little while.
The event will continue momentarily.
[indistinct chatters]
Liao! Something is wrong. Go!
[Liao] Let us through.
[Cheng-kuan] Fuck!
- [Liao] What do we do?
- [Cheng-kuan] Call for backup.
Seal all the entrances. Nobody leaves!
[all] Yes, sir!
[intense music playing]
[police sirens blaring from a distance]
[Liao] You two together,
guard the entrances.
Come on!
[Hai-yin] Hello?
Fang Yi-jen?
Where are you, Hai-yin?
I'm driving to Lin Ming-cheng's place.
He just answered a phone call.
I'm worried it could be Wu Chun-lu.
Listen to me, Hai-yin. Don't go there.
It might be dangerous.
Wait for the police.
Don't worry. I will be fine.
- [Yi-jen] Don't go there.
- [beeps]
[intense music stops abruptly]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[suspenseful music playing]
[gun slightly clattering]
You have killed enough people already.
I won't allow you to continue.
[intense music getting louder]
- [gun firing]
- [bullet casing drops]
[theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Shin-Ru Tsai
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