The Victims' Game (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

[soft footsteps]
[knocks on door]
[Yi-jen] Sir.
[door opens]
Here you are.
How do you feel closing your first case?
I don't know if I've done well.
[Ching-jui] Do you know this equation?
The first time I saw this equation,
I thought
our work was understood.
To others,
it's only an equation in physics,
but I see it as a never-changing truth.
Forensics is to comb a mess
collect evidence
and reconstruct a crime scene.
All the clues and traces
will become
the unchanging and unerasable foundation
for forensic analysis.
And it forms the truth.
[murmurs] E equals MC squared.
[Ching-jui] Find the evidence.
Reconstruct the scene.
Get the truth.
Just remember these three
and you'll do well.
You can keep it.
[theme music playing]
I thought we were friends.
Listen to me.
It was a misunderstanding.
[Chun-lu yells] Stay away!
It was not a misunderstanding.
You know what you've done.
Just hand me your gun first.
[arm swooshes]
If this goes on,
there will be no coming back.
Perhaps, all of us
shouldn't have trusted you
from the beginning.
[Chun-lu breathing heavily]
- [gun cocking]
- Pai,
it's okay now.
[murmurs] Pai,
I'm going to avenge you.
[door opens]
Lin Ming-cheng.
[Ming-cheng panting painfully]
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
[Hai-yin] You're injured.
You're bleeding too much to be fine.
Let me stop the bleeding.
[suspenseful music playing]
- [panting painfully]
- [clattering]
[mouse clicking]
[Hai-yin] Use this.
[thuds and clatters]
[Hai-yin] It must be Wu Chun-lu.
[Ming-cheng groans]
[Hai-yin] This is a gunshot wound.
This is not okay.
[yells] No!
[intense music gets louder and stops]
[Liao] The perpetrator has been long gone.
Go get the higher-up's signature,
so we can actually do our job.
- [Liao] Hey, what are you doing?
- [bodies rustling]
[camera shutter clicking]
[Liao] Here's a police line.
What are you doing?
- Is Hai-yin okay?
- She has left.
[Liao] I'll be in trouble
if you go past the police line.
Don't get me in trouble.
What's your relationship
with Lin Ming-cheng's PR Director?
[Liao] Hello? I'll call you back.
That is personal.
What's her connection
to the recent serial murder cases?
Is that also personal?
[agitatedly] She has nothing
to do with them!
[camera beeps and shutter clicks]
Just like you and Lin Ching-jui.
Do you blindly trust someone
[angrily] with whom you have
a personal relationship?
Wake up, Fang Yi-jen!
Don't let your relationship
with Lin Ching-jui cloud your judgment.
[police sirens blaring in the distance]
[Liao] Mr. Chang?
The hospital called.
Lin Ming-cheng is fine.
There's a CCTV.
It's working, but there's no memory card.
The thumb drive is also missing.
Bring Hsu Hai-yin in for questioning.
[Liao] Yes, sir.
[Keng-hao] Do you still believe
Lin Ching-jui's report was flawless?
Hsiao Min-chun, Yuan Chi-ling
and Liu Shu-yen were all killed.
Even the Kuo Hsin-pai case
was connected to Lin Ching-jui.
[Hsin-ning] Do you think
this case has been tampered with
like the Hsiao Chia-ying case?
- [Keng-hao] These are all coincidences?
- [paper rustling]
Wake up, Fang Yi-jen!
- [horn honking]
- [paper rustling]
[muffled thuds]
[intense music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[car door opens]
[Hai-yin] Hi.
Are you okay, Hai-yin?
Did Mr. Chang give you a hard time?
He just asked me questions.
Were you worried about me?
I was worried Wu Chun-lu might hurt you.
[paper rustling]
It's normal to have emotions.
It's okay.
Sergeant Lin said I must hide my emotions.
[softly] But I can't.
[Ching-jui] Jen, do you see it?
Do you see the blind spot?
[Yi-jen] It was not a sealed room.
The window for the AC was not sealed.
There were paint flakes on the windowsill.
The killer got in here,
etherized the victim and sealed the door.
They turned on the gas,
sealed the window from the outside
and left.
[breathing heavily]
Hide your emotions
and find your uniqueness.
Then you can utilize your special talent.
[pats on neck]
[suspenseful music playing]
[police sirens blaring in the distance]
[rapid footsteps]
[car door opens]
- [car door closes]
- Sorry for the wait.
[Shih-hsien] Do you remember Yu Cheng-hao?
I'm his uncle.
[mouse clicking]
- [drawer thumps]
- [Hai-yin] Mr. Lin.
[softly] Hi.
[door closes]
These require your approval.
Thank you.
Thanks for not telling
the police too much.
It was Wu Chun-lu, right?
What's your relationship with the killer?
Why did he hurt you?
If I say it's just a misunderstanding,
would you believe me?
I know you have many questions about me.
I also know you care about the Foundation.
I'm really sorry.
Right now, I can only ask you to trust me.
Can you do that?
[footsteps receding]
[door closes]
[muffled footsteps]
[inaudible chatter]
[elevator dings]
[object drops]
[drawer swishes]
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [objects clattering]
[drawer softly swishes]
[indistinct chatters]
[suspenseful music
with throbbing drumbeats]
[hasty footsteps]
[door clatters]
[phone dings]
[mildly thumping footsteps]
[throbbing drumbeats getting louder]
[door squeaks]
[Hsiao-meng coughs]
[Hsiao-meng clears throat]
[scouring noises]
[ominous music playing]
- [Shih-hsien] When Hao left the world
- [scouring stops]
was it also like this?
[Hsiao-meng] When Hao died,
he dressed himself up
the way he liked most.
He looked beautiful.
[Shih-hsien] Why was it you
who accompanied him?
[scouring stops]
Why couldn't he come to me?
Hao used to tell me everything.
Why didn't he give me one last chance?
He just killed himself and left the world
leaving us so much pain to live on.
[sad music playing]
[Hsiao-meng snuffles]
[Hsiao-meng] I'm sorry.
Hao would have been sad
for causing you so much sorrow.
But that was the path he chose.
I had never seen him so carefree.
[tranquil music playing]
[Hsiao-meng snuffles]
[loud and rushed scouring noises]
- What does Mr. Chang want now?
- [doorbell rings]
[door opens]
Let's wait until we've got
the search warrant.
Okay, that's all for now.
[door closes]
Is Fang Yi-jen here with you?
I haven't seen him for a few days.
What's wrong?
Any new findings?
Was Fang Yi-jen
very close to Lin Ching-jui?
I heard Fang became
a forensic investigator
because of Lin Ching-jui.
Why did you bring this up suddenly?
He and I found that
the Kuo Hsin-pai case
might have been tampered with.
I suspect it could be Lin Ching-jui.
Are you saying
Fang Yi-jen would protect him
because Lin Ching-jui was his mentor?
Why do you trust Fang Yi-jen?
[knocking on cigarette pack]
You know what Fang Yi-jen is like.
He's not capable of lying.
It's impossible.
[lighter clicks]
I compared the Hsiao Chia-ying case
and the Kuo Hsin-pai case.
I found that the same gun model
was used in both cases.
It could very likely be the same gun.
[suspenseful music playing]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[laptop opens]
[keypad clicks]
[Ming-cheng over video] Chun-lu.
[Chun-lu over video] Once
I thought we were friends.
[Ming-cheng] Listen to me.
It was a misunderstanding.
[Chun-lu yells] Stay away from me!
Who will be the next?
Am I your next victim?
[Ming-cheng] Chun-lu.
Just hand me your gun first.
[bodies rustling]
[knocks on window]
[breathing heavily]
[car window whirring]
You're still here.
Go home and have some rest.
[footsteps receding]
[ringing tone]
[phone beeps]
[Hsin-ning] Are you here
to see Fang Yi-jen?
Do you know me?
My name is Hsueh Hsin-ning.
I'm a medical examiner.
Your dad and I
are colleagues in a sense.
What's going on with Fang Yi-jen?
He's been acting weird.
So you do care about him.
Do I?
I thought I hated him.
I heard that he wasn't doing well.
I'm a bit worried.
Are you doing cleaning work?
I clean up places where people have died.
Aren't you afraid?
Just like being a medical examiner,
it's not a job for anybody.
I'm not just anybody either.
When I started as a medical examiner,
I threw up every day.
Have you got used to it?
[soft guitar music playing]
How do you get used to facing corpses?
There's no getting used to it.
It's just that gradually,
your senses start to numb.
When I realized
I no longer felt like throwing up,
it felt like a part of being human
was also disappearing slowly.
You should cherish the times
when you still feel like throwing up.
This is antiemetic medication.
Usually, chemotherapy patients use this.
Medical students
sometimes use it to stop vomiting.
[soft guitar music playing]
If you no longer feel like throwing up,
why do you still carry this med with you?
To remind myself
that I'm still a human being.
[male officer] Sir.
[radio crackles]
Attention! We've got
a warrant for Wu Chun-lu.
Checkpoints at all intersections.
No one can pass.
[female anchor] An armed suspect
is currently on the run.
If anyone has information,
please call the police immediately.
Did you drink?
[police sirens blaring]
[intense music playing]
[male anchor] Here's the breaking news.
Police have just released information
about a suspect on the run.
This is a picture of Wu Chun-lu,
who's believed to be armed.
He's 33 and has a history of drug abuse.
He recently escaped
from rehabilitation center,
shot and injured Lin Ming-cheng,
CEO of Sevenleaves Foundation.
He's still on the run.
The police remind the public
that he is armed and dangerous.
Please report any leads
to the authorities immediately.
[phone buzzing]
[Hai-yin] I know Lin Ching-jui
was important to you.
But is the person he wanted you to become
really you?
[phone buzzing]
[knocks on door]
[door opens]
[Cheng-kuan] Hey.
[impatiently] Where have you been?
You didn't pick up my calls.
What's the matter?
Come in.
[Cheng-kuan] Evidence in the Kuo case.
[suspenseful music playing]
In both the Hsiao Chia-ying case
and the Kuo Hsin-pai case,
the firing pin impressions on the shells
and the striations on the bullets match.
This indicates that the same gun
was used in both cases.
[Hsin-ning] The gun used in the Hsiao case
should have been put
in the evidence vault 15 years ago.
It shouldn't have been used
in the Kuo case five years ago.
I asked my colleagues
to retrieve the gun for analysis.
Though they were recorded in the report,
Hsiao Chia-ying's and Chen Yang-yu's
fingerprints on the gun have disappeared.
The whole gun seems to have been cleaned,
leaving nothing traceable.
[Cheng-kuan] The most likely scenario is
someone took the gun in the Hsiao case
out of the evidence vault
and killed Kuo Hsin-pai.
Whoever took it from the police department
must be one of our own.
[paper and equipment rustling]
[Hsin-ning] Fang Yi-jen.
Are you listening to us?
All these clues point to Lin Ching-jui.
[paper rustling rapidly]
There must be a record
of who took the gun.
Until we get that record,
we have no evidence to accuse anyone.
[Cheng-kuan] All right.
I'll check the records.
If the records show that
Lin Ching-jui was really involved,
you can't turn a blind eye anymore.
[suspenseful music fading to a stop]
All units.
Zone A is clear.
Zone B is okay.
[radio crackles]
What about Zone C? Zone C?
A suspicious man was just spotted.
I'll go check it out.
[officer] Sir Wait!
- [officer] The guy ran. I need backup!
- Let's move.
[intense music playing]
[officer] Stop!
[officers] Stop!
- Stop!
- [officer] Stop!
This way.
- [bodies rustling]
- [man] Argh.
Why did you run?
- You were chasing me! Of course I ran!
- [dogs barking]
Frisk him and get his details.
[dogs barking]
[officer] Do as I say.
Do you have your ID?
[paper rustling]
[Cheng-kuan] Hey.
Don't look at me like that.
I can swear on my life
that I've never taken that gun.
[Hsin-ning] Then why is your signature
on the record?
[Cheng-kuan] Uh
[Cheng-kuan] Fang Yi-jen,
what are you busy with?
Do you think someone forged the signature?
Can you tell which one is really yours?
They all look the same to me.
[Yi-jen] The forger mimicked
every detail of your signature,
from the depth of the writing,
the order of the strokes,
to every feature of the characters
so it looks authentic.
[Yi-jen] But look at the numbers.
Can you tell who signed it?
They all look the same.
Are they different?
When forging a character,
one can mimic the features and the strokes
to find the structural logic.
But the Arabic number zero
doesn't have a distinct structure.
So it's easy to reveal
the forger's imprint.
Each zero in this record
looks neat and of the same size,
but in Chao Cheng-kuan's notebook,
all the zeros vary in size.
[Yi-jen] Chao Cheng-kuan
writes numbers casually and swiftly,
so the numbers vary in size without logic.
Fuck! Are you saying I have no logic?
But the forger wrote with precision,
so all the numbers are consistent,
unlike Chao Cheng-kuan's.
[murmurs] Damn it.
Who could forge my handwriting so well?
If Lin Ching-jui falsified evidence
at the scene of the Hsiao Chia-ying case,
whoever forged the signature,
took the gun and killed Kuo Hsin-pai
should also be him.
What did Lin Ching-jui
The priority now is
to solve the Hsiao Chia-ying case.
If we can figure out
what Lin Ching-jui did,
maybe we can also know
why the murderer killed these people,
starting from Hsiao Min-chun.
[phone rings]
[Cheng-kuan] Hello?
Okay, I've got it.
Lin Ming-cheng's thumb drive is missing.
Mr. Chang has issued a warrant
to search the Foundation.
I'll bring the team there tomorrow.
[folders clattering]
[Cheng-kuan] Take all the documents.
[indistinct chatter]
[Hai-yin] Are they here
for the thumb drive?
[female staff] I'm not sure.
Tell me the truth.
Or I'll hand it to the police.
You can give it to them right now.
Because there isn't any truth.
I don't believe you.
Have you ever believed anyone?
[Cheng-kuan] Mr. Lin?
PR Director Hsu.
What's the chit-chat?
You stand so far from us.
Is there anything else
our foundation can assist with?
I'll let you know if I need anything.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [intense music playing]
[suspenseful music getting louder]
[suspenseful music fading to a stop]
[Chun-lu yells] Why? Why?
Why did you do that to Pai?
What are you talking about?
[Chun-lu panting]
[plaintively] Pai Pai is gone!
[Chun-lu sobs and whimpers]
It was my fault that Pai died.
I shouldn't have told you
- that Pai wanted to reveal the truth!
- Chun-lu
- No.
- [panting]
My dad said
- he would sort this out.
- [yells] Your dad?
[angrily] How dare you mention him to me?
It was your dad who got us in trouble
in the first place.
[bodies rustling]
He's been helping us!
[yells] He's always been helping us!
From the very beginning
we shouldn't have trusted your dad!
We shouldn't have trusted you!
[door slams]
[somber music playing]
[lighter clicks]
[eerie music playing]
[Chun-lu pants]
[needle pricks]
[phone buzzes]
[eerie music playing]
[eerie music fading into somber music]
[groaning in pain]
[coughing and spitting]
[groaning in pain]
Move the things further in
and tidy up while you're at it.
[car door opens]
Officer Lo.
[car door closes]
Officer Fang?
It's been a while.
What brought you here?
I'm here to ask you
about the Hsiao Chia-ying case.
[Shih-hsien] The girl shot her boyfriend
and then shot herself,
is it the case?
[Yi-jen] What do you remember about it?
Was there anything strange at the scene?
I just followed Lin Ching-jui's lead
and did what he told me.
I don't remember that much.
Why are you asking about this case?
The case has been reopened as we suspect
We suspect
the crime scene report was flawed.
You and Lin Ching-jui worked the case.
Did you tamper with it?
[loudly] Are you suspecting me now?
I've quit the force for over a decade.
Now you're bring up an old case.
Are you fucking with me?
You're really something.
[objects clattering]
[object snaps]
I've kept all the old stuff.
These are some records and photos
from back then.
You can take them.
- How dare you suspect me?
- [paper rustling]
[suspenseful music playing]
Hey. Fang Yi-jen.
[ringing tone]
[Hsin-ning] Hello?
- Hsiao Chia-ying's file.
- File?
- What about the file?
- Meet me at where the bodies were found.
- Bring the file.
- [line disconnects]
[car swooshes]
[Keng-hao] Did you find anything?
[male officer]
The management reported that
someone reviewed the firearm evidence
in the Hsiao Chia-ying case.
Fang Yi-jen?
It's Hsueh Hsin-ning.
Her again?
For what?
[paper rustling]
[officer] Chairwoman wants me
to remind you
[whispering] that she's losing patience.
[suspenseful music playing]
I can handle this.
Tell her not to worry.
[door closes]
[drawer thrums]
[paper rustles]
[suspenseful music playing]
[metal clanks]
[metal squeaks]
[lock clicks]
[drawer thrums]
[paper rustles]
[intense music gets louder
and stops abruptly]
[Hsin-ning] Why do you
suddenly need to review this report?
What did you find?
[Hsin-ning] Are you
reconstructing the scene?
"February 13, 2008.
High school senior Hsiao Chia-ying
and her boyfriend Chen Yang-yu
left home together.
[echoing] The two got into a fight
during the trip.
[gun firing]
[Hsin-ning] Hsiao Chia-ying
took out her gun
and killed Chen Yang-yu.
She then shot herself.
- [gun firing]
- [bullet whizzes and thuds]
[Hsin-ning] The police
found their bodies a month later.
The heavy rain in the mountain area
had washed away most biological evidence."
[Ching-jui] Do you see the blind spot?
[Hsin-ning] Fang Yi-jen.
What exactly did you find?
[suspenseful music playing]
This photo wasn't in the original report.
[paper rustling]
In the original report,
Hsiao Chia-ying's blood
was found on Chen Yang-yu's shoes.
This evidence was not documented
but was, in fact, removed.
Lin Ching-jui.
He did tamper with the evidence.
But why?
What was he hiding?
[gun firing]
- [gun firing]
- [body thumps]
[Hsin-ning] Hsiao Chia-ying
would be shooting away from Chen Yang-yu.
But her blood appeared inside his shoes.
It couldn't have got there
when Hsiao Chia-ying killed herself.
They were not the only people
at the scene.
[Yi-jen murmurs] Find the evidence.
Reconstruct the scene. Get the truth.
Find the evidence.
Reconstruct the scene. Get the truth.
[Hsin-ning] Fang Yi-jen.
I know it's hard for you to accept
what Lin Ching-jui might have done,
but our job is to uncover the truth
so that we can give the victims
and their families a truthful answer.
Only we can tell them
what really happened.
Finding out how Hsiao Chia-ying's blood
got on Chen Yang-yu's shoes
is how we can find the truth.
[Ching-jui] Jen,
do you see the blind spot?
[Yi-jen] Hsiao Chia-ying's
blood and tissues
could splatter 3 meters at most.
[gun firing]
The distance between them was greater
and the angle wasn't right.
It could not possibly get on his shoes.
If the bullet shattered her skull
[gun firing]
the splatter could be wider,
but it still wouldn't reach
Chen Yang-yu's feet.
[Ching-jui] A correct scene
can tell us how the clues are connected.
Retrace the clues to their sources
[bullet thuds and whizzes in reverse]
to determine the sequence of events.
All seemingly disjointed events
will find their balanced landings
on the linear timeline.
[gun firing in reverse]
[dramatic music playing]
Are you okay?
[breathing heavily]
[Yi-jen] Find the evidence.
Reconstruct the scene. Get the truth.
The premise is that
the evidence is intact and accurate.
If it has been tampered with,
no correct result can be obtained.
The photo of the shoes was removed
because it contained evidence
that could lead to the truth.
[gun firing]
If we deduce based on this,
for her blood to get on his shoes,
his shoes must be
within the range of the splatter and not
on Chen Yang-yu's feet.
Why would this person
put the shoes back on Chen Yang-yu?
[ominous music playing]
[thunder rumbles]
[Yi-jen murmurs] Double loop knot.
Double loop knot.
[suspenseful music playing]
Double loop knot.
This wasn't the primary crime scene.
The shoes were likely put back on
to conceal traces
of the bodies having been moved.
Hsiao Chia-ying and Chen Yang-yu
were brought here after their deaths.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Hsin-ning] Whoever put on the shoes
might be the killer.
[gun firing]
[closing theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Harry Wong
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