The Victims' Game (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

[wheels spinning]
- [Yang-yu] Step on it.
- [Chun-lu] I am.
- [Yang-yu] Step harder.
- [Chun-lu] It's stuck.
[Yang-yu] Step harder!
Step harder! Harder!
- [Chun-lu] I'm doing it.
- [Yang-yu] Then why is it not moving?
- [Chun-lu] How could it happen?
- [wheels spinning]
[Chia-ying] The tire is stuck.
[Ming-cheng] Give me a sec!
[Chia-ying] Wu Chun-lu,
take your foot off the pedal.
[Yang-yu] This wouldn't happen
if I were driving.
- [thuds]
- [Ming-cheng] Give it another try.,
[Yang-yu] Step on it.
[engine revving]
[wheels spinning]
- [Yang-yu] Don't just step on it.
- [Chun-lu] It still won't budge.
- [Chun-lu] What?
- [Chi-ling] What else can we do?
We must get off and push.
[Chi-ling] I'm not strong enough.
[Yang-yu] You are so useless.
- [Chun-lu] Then you go down and push.
- Okay, let's all go down and push.
- [thunder rumbling]
- ["To Our Faraway Place" plays]
- [boys grunt]
- [Chia-ying] Push on three!
One, two, three!
[all grunt]
- [Chia-ying] One more time!
- [Yang-yu] Hurry, push a little harder.
[Chia-ying] Okay.
Yes, we can One, two, three.
[all grunt]
Wu Chun-lu, step harder on the gas.
[engine revving]
[engine revving intensely]
[wheels spinning intensely]
[Chun-lu] Push harder, everyone!
One more time!
One, two, three!
[all grunt]
[Chi-ling] I don't think
I can push any more.
[all grunt]
[Chia-ying] Before we met one another,
we never knew
what it meant to be a family.
[engine starting]
[all gasp in amazement]
- [clamors]
- [Chun-lu] Fuck!
[Chia-ying] Those who never care
about our feelings,
but demand our obedience.
[bus door shuts]
- Those who have never understood us
- [man] Stop!
but only want us to follow their plans.
[joyful cheers]
Are those people our family?
- [joyfully] Bye!
- [joyfully] Bye!
[wood crackling]
[Chia-ying] After I met them,
I finally learned that
are the people who stay together
and share each other's happiness.
[inaudible cheers]
When difficulties arise,
they won't abandon each other
but overcome the difficulties together.
- One, two, three!
- [all grunt]
[wheels spinning]
[Ming-cheng] One, two
[all] Three!
[all grunt]
[rocks crumble]
- [girls softly scream]
- [thuds]
[joyful cheers]
[Chia-ying] I think
we have found each other.
I believe as long as we stay together,
there's nothing we can't accomplish.
Through the tunnel ♪
["To Our Faraway Place" stops]
[theme music playing]
[police sirens blaring]
[vehicle approaching]
[car door opens]
[car door shuts]
[equipment beeps]
[camera shutter clicking]
- [Liao] Kuan. The Foundation called it in.
- [Cheng-kuan] Mm-hmm.
[Liao] They found the body
when they came in to get some spare parts.
[camera shutter clicking]
[police sirens blaring]
[Hsin-ning] There are
petechiae in the eyes.
Preliminary cause of death
is asphyxiation.
I need to remove the stiches on his mouth.
[intense music playing]
[Hsin-ning] Fang Yi-jen!
How much more evidence do you need
to convince you that
Lin Ching-jui did all these?
You don't know the real him.
[rubber glove rips]
What is it?
Why did you bring him here?
[Cheng-kuan] What are you fussing about?
Mr. Chang isn't here yet.
I'm not.
Things are so complicated right now.
- [scissors snipping]
- [camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicking]
- [scissors snipping]
- [flesh squelches]
[Hsin-ning] Wu Chun-lu's tongue
is missing.
So the cause of death
is likely excessive blood loss
from the mouth pooling into the lungs,
causing asphyxiation.
The death would have been very painful.
[female officer] Chief, we found this.
[Cheng-kuan] Okay.
Fang Yi-jen.
[Yi-jen] This is one of the two rings
in the photo Hsiao Min-chun gave me.
Where's the other one?
In the group photo,
Kuo Hsin-pai was wearing it.
[Cheng-kuan] Kuo Hsin-pai
[camera shutter clicks]
- [Cheng-kuan] Liao.
- Huh?
- [Cheng-kuan] Notify Wu Chun-lu's family.
- Okay.
[camera shutter clicking]
[Ming-cheng] Did you hear
what happened to Chun-lu?
The police just called
and wanted you to go in for questioning.
Okay, as it should be.
When I was reviewing
the fundraising dinner expenses,
I found out the Foundation
regularly sent money to this account,
but it didn't say whose account it was.
Can you please take a look?
[Ming-cheng] Aah.
It should be the cleaning lady's account.
She was referred to us by a friend.
Formal invoicing procedures were not used.
I joined the Foundation
because I wanted to help
more children like Shao.
But what concerns me
is your refusal to be
transparent and truthful.
do you think I'm the killer?
If it weren't you, why wouldn't you
be truthful with the police?
I need to protect the Foundation.
Wu Chun-lu was killed
in a storage room at the Foundation,
and you're wanted for questioning.
Is this how you protect the Foundation?
I promise you
that I'll tell the police
everything that I know.
Trust me.
All right.
[footsteps receding]
[door opens and closes]
[mildly thumping footsteps]
[suspenseful music playing]
[metal clanks]
- [Keng-hao] Chen Yao-hui.
- Eh?
Help me check this reference number.
I want to see the file for this evidence.
[keyboard clicks]
[Yao-hui] It belongs
to the Hsiao Min-chun case.
This reference number
isn't listed in the system.
So an evidence that doesn't exist.
Where did you get this from?
You just have to tell me
what's inside the vial.
[intense music playing]
you must report back to me directly.
You can't let anyone else
know about this, understood?
[Hsiao-meng] Thank you.
[Shih-hsien] Hey.
I was making things hard for you
on purpose.
Why would you still show up?
I need money.
[sarcastically] That must be it.
Who doesn't need money nowadays?
But very few people
would be willing do this job.
Actually, in the past few years,
I couldn't stop wondering
why I was the one to be left alive.
But I couldn't get it.
I didn't know why I wanted to stay alive.
I didn't know why everyone else was dead,
but only I was left behind.
How about now?
What do you think of it now?
As I'm doing this job with you,
I find it very tough
but it has made me realize
if I stay alive,
I can help those
who have been left behind.
It feels rather good.
[soft piano music playing]
[both gurgling]
[Hsiao-meng coughs]
[Shih-hsien] I have something to give you.
That finicky Mrs. Chang
wanted me to give it to you
and say thank you on her behalf.
She was too afraid
to enter her daughter's room
because it reminded her
of how her daughter left the world.
Her heart would ache.
But now, she can do it.
And actually, sometimes,
she would recall some beautiful memories.
All right, let's load the van.
We have more places to go.
[car door closes]
[Hsin-ning] After the death of Wu Chun-lu,
the only person left
is the seventh person who took the photo.
The only item in this photo yet to appear
is the ring worn by Kuo Hsin-pai.
[door opens and closes at a distance]
Wu Chun-lu's older sister
just got his tongue in the mail.
She also looked at the ring.
They were the love tokens
between Wu Chun-lu and Kuo Hsin-pai.
- Did we find the other ring?
- [Cheng-kuan] Not at the crime scene.
I checked the evidence vault.
When Kuo Hsin-pai died,
she didn't have the ring on her.
[Hsin-ning] The killer
might still have it.
[Cheng-kuan] It's a possibility.
As for the Hsiao Chia-ying case,
you were the forensic investigator.
The evidence was a mess,
but you still signed off on it.
When Mr. Chang
wanted to reinvestigate the case,
you said neither Lin Ching-jui
nor the report had problems.
I backed you up and I trusted you.
But I can't anymore
with the way things are now.
What's going on with you?
How could you have missed
that a piece of evidence got removed?
[eerie music playing]
[Hsin-ning in echoing voice]
Fang Yi-jen, this case was mishandled,
causing a lot of pain
to the victim's mom all these years.
Our job is to find the truth for her.
You can't continue mishandling it.
[Cheng-kuan in echoing voice]
Just come clean.
[flesh squelches]
A man needs to be
responsible for his actions.
Avoidance is not the solution.
[breathing heavily]
I didn't complete that report.
At the time,
Hsiao-meng got hurt because of me.
I really didn't know how to deal with it.
[door opens]
[paper rustling]
Have you handled Hsiao-meng's situation?
What is it?
[agitatedly] I don't know what to do
would be the best for Hsiao-meng.
It's not just you, I'm the same.
I also don't know
what would be best for my child.
As fathers,
our primary duty
is to protect our children.
Isn't that how it should be?
This is the Hsiao Chia-ying case file.
I've done everything.
- You can just sign it.
- [paper rustling]
Don't let it get in your way
to handle Hsiao-meng's situation.
[paper rustling]
The evidence is stored,
but I haven't checked anything.
I've checked everything.
Besides, it rained hard
before they found the bodies,
washing away all the evidence.
You don't need to re-check anything.
[paper rustling]
[suspenseful music playing]
Sign it when you feel ready to do so.
[paper rustling]
Jen, you must remember
no case is more important than your life.
Don't use work as an excuse
to avoid your responsibilities.
The time and energy that you waste here
will end up costing you
Hsiao-meng and your family.
[intense music playing]
[pen clicking repetitively]
[pen clicking gets louder]
[pen clicking echoes]
[snaps and thumps]
- [suspenseful music getting louder]
- [paper rustling and pen screeching]
[door opens and closes]
[Hsin-ning] So,
because your daughter got hurt,
you just gave in so easily?
Hsiao Chia-ying is someone's daughter too.
Well, that's enough.
Right now, we need to find out
as soon as possible
Lin Ching-jui's main motive
for doing all these,
and find out who really committed
all these murders too.
[Cheng-kuan clicks tongue and sighs]
[dramatic music playing]
[Cheng-kuan] Lin Ching-jui.
Lin Ming-cheng.
[knocking on door]
[door unlocks]
[door squeaks]
Who are you?
[Hsiao-meng] I'm a fan of Yuan Chi-ling.
[zipper zips]
I came here to give you this.
[Hsiao-meng] I found it
when I was cleaning
Yuan Chi-ling's green room.
It's her diary.
I figured you would want to keep it.
The Chi-ling that you guys see
is different from the Chi-ling I know.
[melancholy music playing]
I only want to keep
my memories of my daughter.
[Hsiao-meng] Mrs. Yuan
I also want to say thank you.
Yuan Chi-ling's songs
kept me going
through some dark moments in my life.
She once mentioned in an interview
that all her musical achievements
must be attributed
to her very strict mother.
Had it not been for you,
we wouldn't have had Yuan Chi-ling
to give us those wonderful songs.
Had it not been for her songs
I might have already left this world.
Mrs. Yuan, thank you.
Thank you.
[footsteps receding]
["To Our Faraway Place" plays on piano]
["To Our Faraway Place" plays on phone]
We can go to the misty mountains ♪
And erase our shadows from behind ♪
We can go to a fortified bunker
And bury our innocent memories ♪
Or we can go to the deep blue sea ♪
We are nothing before our departure ♪
Perhaps we can go
To the wind-bell valley ♪
We might as well start
Our path towards rebirth now ♪
At the end of the railway track ♪
Lies the nirvana we dream of ♪
Through the tunnel ♪
Hopes are planted
in a field of daylilies ♪
["To Our Faraway Place" stops]
[phone dings]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Cheng-kuan] Are you saying
someone sent you Kuo Hsin-pai's ring
to purposefully frame you?
[Ming-cheng] Chief Chao.
I've already explained clearly
everything that I know.
[Ming-cheng over speakers]
The murderer killed Wu Chun-lu
in the storage room at the Foundation,
and then mailed me the ring.
The obvious motive is to frame me.
Then, why did you hide the thumb drive?
I wanted to protect Wu Chun-lu.
You were protecting someone
who accused you of murder
and opened fire at you?
It was all just a misunderstanding.
He got no malicious intent.
In the CCTV footage,
Wu Chun-lu said Kuo Hsin-pai was killed
because she wanted to expose the truth.
Was it also true for these three?
Chief Chao.
He and I simply had
some misunderstanding.
[tapping on desk]
[ominous music playing]
[rain cascading]
[suspenseful music playing]
Do you know these two people?
Hsiao Chia-ying and Chen Yang-yu
weren't having a romantic getaway.
There were seven of you
on that trip together,
and you took this photo!
Am I right?
[eerie music playing]
[loud clank]
- [Liao] Fang Yi-jen!
- [bodies rustling]
[Cheng-kuan] That's enough, Liao.
[panting] In the woods where Chen Yang-yu
and Hsiao Chia-ying were found,
there was another person.
Was it you?
[suspenseful music playing]
- [bangs]
- [yells] Was it you?
- [guffaws and clamors]
- [water splashes]
They were all my friends.
We were very young back then.
We just wanted to run away
from our parents
and live the lives we wanted.
[Ming-cheng] Those days
we spent together on the bus
were the happiest moments in my life.
And it's still true even to this day.
We were just a bunch of lost children
who found each other
- and understood each other.
- [young Ming-cheng] One, two, three.
- One, two, three.
- [camera shutter clicking]
Let's take a group photo.
Come closer.
- Set it up.
- Go over there
Move in closer.
Okay, here we go.
- One, two, three.
- [camera shutter clicks]
- [Ming-cheng] It's good.
- [Chia-ying] Join us for the photo!
- [Ming-cheng] It's okay.
- [Chia-ying] Come on!
- [Ming-cheng] We'll take it this way.
- [Chia-ying] All right.
Look this way! One, two, three.
[camera shutter clicks]
[Chia-ying] So cute!
[Yang-yu] I look so handsome!
[melancholy music playing]
I confess that we did steal the bus.
But who didn't go
through a young and rebellious phase?
If the police believe that
this incident
was connected to the murders,
then I'm willing to cooperate.
[male officer] Liao, his lawyer is here.
[Liao] Kuan, it's his lawyer.
- [door clanks]
- I represent Lin Ming-cheng.
My client has already given you his alibi
of his own volition.
The police have already verified it.
Mr. Lin, you're only here today
to assist with the investigation.
The police don't have
the rights to detain you.
[Ming-cheng] It's okay.
[chair squeaks]
I understand.
I just want to make things clear.
I spent time with them on the beach.
Then I went home.
Later on, I found out in the news
that Hsiao Chia-ying
and Chen Yang-yu were found dead.
[Cheng-kuan] At that time,
why did you leave by yourself first?
I was injured.
[eerie music playing]
Some consequences
stay with you forever.
[lawyer] Is there anything else, Chief?
If not, can we leave now?
[Cheng-kuan] Liao, see them out.
[metal door squeaks]
[Ming-cheng] Hai-yin.
I've already told the police everything.
can you trust me now?
[phone buzzing]
Can we talk about this later?
[phone buzzing]
[Hai-yin] I was busy earlier. What's up?
[male voice] That account
you wanted me to check
belongs to a funeral home.
A funeral home?
Yes, and to be thorough,
I also found out what the money was for.
It was payment for the columbarium.
I've sent you the info.
You can take a look.
[phone dings]
The Sevenleaves Foundation
and their CEO, Lin Ming-cheng,
this is all I've got.
Is this all?
Uh-huh. Not much, right?
The foundation has been running for years,
but they have no bad press coverage
and hold no grudges with anybody.
As you should know, this is
The cleaner, the more secrets.
Hey! I thought you had a career change.
Are you trying to dig up dirt
on your own boss now?
[Hsin-ning] According to Lin Ming-cheng,
they stole the bus for a joyride.
I'm searching for stolen bus cases
at the time of the Hsiao Chia-ying case.
If we can find that bus,
we may be able to find out
what happened to Hsiao Chia-ying
and Chen Yang-yu before they died.
The other person
who was there at the crime scene
might not have been Lin Ching-jui.
Whether that other person was him or not
doesn't change the fact
that he fabricated the report.
I just want the truth.
I don't care what kind of person
you think Lin Ching-jui is.
I've asked Liao to track down
the license plate for the stolen bus.
I'll update you once I hear back.
[footsteps receding]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[knocking on door]
[Hsiao-meng from outside] Fang Yi-jen
What brings you here?
I tried calling, but you didn't pick up.
Ms. Hai-yin said you were unwell.
[Hsiao-meng] Are you okay?
I'm fine.
[watch beeping]
Did you eat?
Let's not eat what I make.
Let's eat out.
We can eat whatever you want.
Have you listened
to this song by Yuan Chi-ling?
Listen carefully to the lyrics.
["To Our Faraway Place" plays on phone]
We can go to the misty mountains ♪
And erase our shadows from behind ♪
We can go to a fortified bunker
And bury our innocent memories ♪
Or we can go ♪
It's got the mountains, the sea,
- and the tunnel.
- So?
Her lyrics depict these drawings.
Listen to it again.
We can go to the misty mountains
And erase our shadows from behind ♪
The misty mountains.
- Blue
- [paper rustling]
Fang Yi-jen!
I have something
that may be of use to you.
- [bangs]
- This case has nothing to do with you.
[music stops]
Don't get involved.
Stay out of it.
Then you stay out
of my business from now on.
[door slams]
[somber music playing]
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder rumbling]
[Yao-hui] Hey.
- [Keng-hao] Is the report out?
- [Yao-hui] Uh
What are the results?
Mr. Chang, Yi-jen can't be the murderer.
Give me some more time.
- I'll redo the
- Enough already!
Don't tell anyone about this.
[dial tone]
[ringing tone]
Look into this person for me.
[elevator dings]
[Yao-hui] Hey
Bad news. Mr. Chang found out
Dr. Hsueh hid Fang's DNA evidence.
- Huh?
- Now that he's got the DNA evidence,
Mr. Chang believes Fang Yi-jen killed
Hsiao Min-chun to protect Lin Ching-jui.
He's pressing charges now.
How about the DNA evidence?
Where is it right now?
Mr. Chang has it.
[ominous music playing]
- Hsiao-meng.
- [nurse] Are you her family?
We've just finished. Let her rest now.
How is she now?
She's mildly hypothermic and feverish.
She also has a sprained ankle.
We've taken care of all these.
She should be okay.
Please let us know when she wakes up.
The nurse said she would be okay.
She's not a child anymore.
She knows what she's doing.
[soft piano music playing]
You and your daughter,
how did you learn to understand her?
Why do you think
my daughter thinks I understand her?
[fire crackling]
[eerie music playing]
[lock jingles]
[Ming-cheng] Let me help you.
This is for you.
[soft music playing]
Are you interested in me?
[Ming-cheng stutters] Er
Then, why are you so nice to me?
I like hanging out with you guys.
[curtain softly rustling]
Me too.
[wood crackling]
[Shu-yen] Hey.
All right then.
Haven't you said that we are family?
Don't you think we are more like a family
than our real families?
I'm so happy I got to know you guys.
Do you have no other friends?
Tell you what,
we are now closer than actual friends,
and more intimate than our real families.
So no matter what happens,
I'll always stand by your side
to the very end.
We should commemorate this.
How do we commemorate it?
- [nonchalantly] With a photo.
- [camera whirring]
- Give me a smile.
- [softly] Okay.
[Chia-ying] One, two, three.
[camera shutter clicks]
- [Chia-ying] Give me some.
- [Chun-lu] It is so cold.
[Chia-ying] I want to join too!
[tranquil music playing]
[wood crackling]
[tranquil music fading to a stop]
- [ominous music playing]
- [fire crackling]
[metal clanks]
[door closes]
[metal squeaks]
[suspenseful music getting louder]
[key jangling]
[suspenseful music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
[Yi-jen] You're awake.
You've been feverish.
Any discomfort right now?
My head is aching.
Where am I?
In a hospital.
I'll fetch the nurse.
I don't want to stay here.
- What do you mean?
- [Hsiao-meng snuffles]
- [Hsiao-meng] I'm fine.
- You're feverish and injured.
You need to be monitored.
[raises voice] Chiang Hsiao-meng!
What are you up to?
How did you end up here?
[Hsiao-meng breathing heavily]
[Yi-jen] Where did you go today?
- I went to the mountains.
- Why did you go there?
I found clues in Yuan Chi-ling's lyrics
and Liu Shu-yen's drawings.
What does this have to do with you?
Didn't I tell you to stay out of it?
This case is dangerous.
All the people involved are dead.
Why are you getting involved?
[Hsiao-meng] Argh.
- [Yi-jen] Chiang Hsiao-meng.
- Are you done?
You keep asking
but won't give me a chance to speak.
You also never tell me
what's going on with you.
What do you want from me?
[melancholy music playing]
[Hsiao-meng snuffles]
- How did your shoes end up like this?
- None of your business.
I do care about you.
You care about me?
You only want to control me.
[bed clacks]
Why did I go to the mountains?
Because I felt obligated
to do something for those who died.
I found new clues,
so I wanted to check them out.
What happened to my shoes?
I've been cleaning up places
where people died,
because I want to know more
about those who died.
I want to help their families.
Because these past few years,
I've been living each day in pain.
I don't understand why I'm still alive.
[Hsiao-meng snuffles]
[melancholy music continues]
[Hsin-ning] Hsiao-meng.
Here, let me help you.
It won't be easy to do
with a sprained ankle.
Thank you.
How are things with your dad?
It's frustrating.
I do know Fang Yi-jen cares about me,
but I just can't communicate with him.
Have you ever considered that
it might be the same with your dad?
He also knows that you care about him,
but he just doesn't know
how to communicate with you?
[phone buzzing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music getting intense]
[Hsiao-meng] It's got the mountains,
the sea and the tunnel.
Her lyrics depict these drawings.
[suspenseful music getting louder]
[ominous sound]
[phone buzzing]
[Hsin-ning] Fang Yi-jen,
Liao has found out
where the bus got stolen from.
- Can you come right now?
- Where are you?
[staff] You're inquiring about the bus
with the plate number 313-FX?
After the bus was stolen 15 years ago,
the plate was de-registered.
A new bus replaced it.
What was the route number
for this bus back then?
It was 716.
The replacement bus is over there.
[eerie music playing]
[Hsin-ning] The police
are investigating Yuan Chi-ling's death.
Please cooperate.
Tell us everything you know.
[Chih-min] Why are you guys
looking for that bus?
[Yi-jen] Do you remember
who brought it over?
[Hsin-ning] That bus was stolen.
If we want to do it officially,
you will be in trouble too.
My daughter is already dead.
So what if I get in trouble?
Mr. Liu.
What we're trying to do now
is to find out who killed your daughter.
If you help us,
you will be able to know
what happened to her.
[takes a deep breath]
When Shu-yen was in high school,
she once ran away from home.
She was brought home by a police officer.
[Hsin-ning] Did the officer say anything?
Like, who was she with?
What did they do together?
[takes a deep breath]
He said that
He said that my daughter
and her runaway friends
stole a vehicle together.
[curtain rustles]
It was this bus.
[Chih-min] When that police officer
brought my daughter home,
she looked terrified,
and wouldn't stop crying.
At that time,
I realized that as her father,
I had failed extremely.
I begged the police officer
not to report the stolen bus incident.
The police officer
perhaps took pity on me.
He let my daughter off the hook
and told me to get rid of the bus.
So, why did you keep the bus?
I was going to get rid of it.
But for some unknown reason,
my daughter begged me to keep the bus.
I asked her why [inhales]
but she wouldn't say.
[Hsin-ning] If we ask you to identify
that police officer,
will you be able to?
I think so.
Do you have Lin Ching-jui's photo?
Was the police officer this person?
I believe it was him.
[thuds and clatters]
[suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music getting louder]
[paper tears]
[ominous sound whooshes]
[eerie sound humming]
This was the primary crime scene
where Chen Yang-yu died.
[suspenseful music getting louder]
[suspenseful music stops abruptly]
[closing theme music playing]
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