The Victims' Game (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

[Ming-cheng] What made everything go sour?
Was it the moment
when we all suddenly fell silent?
Or the pressure
when things went out of control?
Was it the fear when we were forced
to succumb to reality?
[police siren blaring]
Or was it the police car
that happened to pass by?
- [police siren blaring]
- [suspenseful music playing]
[thunder rumbling]
Or perhaps, it was the rainstorm
that came at the worst timing?
- [thunder rumbling]
- [rain cascading]
I'm really scared. Can we please leave?
[windscreen wiper squeaking]
We all had enough fun already.
Perhaps it's time for us to all go home.
[thunder rumbling]
Didn't we make a promise that
we would stay together, no matter what?
[Ming-cheng] Yeah.
We agreed to leave our unloving families.
I just wanted to scare my dad.
I don't think he's unloving.
[Shu-yen] He just can't cope
with my mom's sudden death.
[Chi-ling] I feel the same.
My mom must be so worried right now.
And what about you guys?
[thunder rumbling]
I don't want to get arrested.
[Chun-lu] Pai is really scared.
I want to take her home.
[thunder rumbling]
[loudly] No one can leave!
[provocatively] Or what?
[Yang-yu] Are you going to tie us up?
- And lock us in here?
- [thuds]
[metal clangs]
Fuck! What's wrong with you?
Why did you bring a gun?
No! I just wanted to protect you.
There's no need to be scared.
I can protect all of you.
[Chia-ying] Lin Ming-cheng.
Put down the gun first.
I just wanted to protect them.
[Chia-ying] You're scaring everyone.
Give me the gun first.
Let's sit down and have a chat.
But they want to leave.
[panting] Give me the gun.
- Chen Yang-yu!
- Chen Yang-yu! Let go!
- Chen Yang-yu, let go!
- Let go!
- [gun firing]
- [screaming]
- [Yang-yu gasping]
- [girl screams]
- [girls gasping]
- [thunder rumbling]
[Yang-yu groaning]
A butterfly flapping its wings
[Chun-lu] Chen Yang-yu!
can ultimately cause a storm.
My original intention that night
was just to protect everyone.
- [breathing heavily]
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [Chia-ying] Chen Yang-yu, let go!
- [Ming-cheng] Let go!
- [gun firing]
- [screaming]
[theme music playing]
[flashlight clicks]
[flashlight clicks]
[flashlight clicks]
[flashlight clicks]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [Hsin-ning] I have the kit you asked for.
- [thumping]
[breathing heavily]
[eerie music playing]
[gun firing]
[bullet whizzing]
[suspenseful music playing]
- Argh
- [clanking]
- Argh
- [clanking]
[Yi-jen murmurs] This was
where Chen Yang-yu was shot and died.
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [Yi-jen's head ringing]
[liquid splashing]
[liquid splashing]
[Hsin-ning] It was
completely cleaned with bleach.
- [breathing heavily]
- [eerie music playing]
[muffled thumps]
- [clattering]
- [eerie music playing]
[dog barking]
[ominous cymbal clang]
[Yi-jen] Daylily.
[Yi-jen murmurs] Daylily.
How it was drawn
was completely different
from the other emotionally messy graffiti.
This was their home for a while.
Perhaps it was a message from them.
- [gasping]
- [intense music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[dramatic music getting louder and stops]
[lighter clicks]
[Liao clicks tongue and sighs]
Lin Ming-cheng basically takes
the same route every day.
[car beeps]
[suspenseful music playing]
[eerie sound]
[normal footsteps]
[Liao] Why is Kuan
not answering his phone?
- Your call will be forwarded to voicemail.
- Why does it go to voicemail?
Your call will be forwarded to voicemail.
[elevator dings]
[mildly thumping footsteps]
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [mildly thumping footsteps echo]
[suspenseful music getting louder]
- [suspenseful music fading]
- [plastic rustling]
[keyboard clicks]
- [door squealing]
- [keyboard clicks]
[door squeals]
[drawer swishes]
[clattering and rustling]
[drawer clanks]
[Cheng-kuan sighs]
[paper rustling]
[ominous music playing]
[car beeps and car door opens]
- [ringing tone]
- [car door closes and engine starts]
[automated voice] Your call
will be forwarded to voicemail.
[Cheng-kuan] Where are you?
Call me back immediately.
I need to ask you something.
[soft thump]
[knocking on door]
[staff] Chiang Hsiao-meng,
you have a package.
[Hsiao-meng] For me?
Thank you.
[soft guitar music playing]
[dial tone]
[phone buzzing]
[Hsiao-meng] Why did you send me shoes?
It's fine you don't want to see me.
But your old shoes
are too battered to wear.
They could be a hazard at work.
Thank you.
You wanted to eat together last time.
How about I come to you right now?
[Yi-jen] I'm at the hospital.
- [Hsiao-meng] What happened?
- It's not me.
It's the medical examiner.
You mean Dr. Hsueh?
You know her?
[Hsiao-meng] Mm-hmm.
We met before.
When was that?
[Hsiao-meng] I once went to see you
I have to go. She's waking up.
Fang Yi-jen!
[soft guitar music continues and stops]
The doctor said you must rest.
I must go back for the evidence.
That bus was the primary crime scene.
I must prove that
Hsiao Chia-ying was not a murderer.
Why are you acting like this?
This is our only chance to prove
that Lin Ching-jui was at the scene.
You can barely stand. Where can you go?
I will find the truth.
[Yi-jen] Trust me.
I can't trust you.
You had ample chances to find the truth,
but you chose to avoid it.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Yi-jen] Chen Yang-yu
was killed in the bus.
Hsiao Chia-ying's body was moved.
Someone else was at the scene.
Hsiao Min-chun fell to her death.
Yuan Chi-ling, Liu Shu-yen
and Wu Chun-lu were killed.
But no hard evidence proves
Lin Ching-jui was at the scene, none!
[loudly] None whatsoever!
Do you want to find the truth
or prove he was not like that?
Fang Yi-jen.
You're not qualified
to be a forensic investigator.
[dramatic clang]
[eerie music playing]
[door slams]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[rustling and thumping]
[breathing heavily]
[takes a deep breath]
[horn honks]
[knocking on door]
[Hsiao-meng] Ms. Hsueh.
[Hsin-ning] What are you doing here?
Fang Yi-jen said you were hospitalized.
Let me help you.
[Hsin-ning] Everyone has some scars.
They show that
we've been through pain and overcome it.
You don't need to hide yours.
Do you like cake?
I bought two different flavors.
We can eat them together.
[soft piano music playing]
[paper bag rustling]
[Hsiao-meng] I forgot to get forks.
I'll go grab some.
[muffled wailing]
[car door closes]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
Are you okay?
Chen Yang-yu was killed inside the bus.
But there's no hard evidence
to link Lin Ching-jui to the scene.
[chokingly] I'm not sure.
I don't know what to do.
What lied between you and Lin Ching-jui,
only you will know the answer.
[Hai-yin] No one else can help you.
[Hai-yin] Lin Ming-cheng
wanted to destroy these.
[Yi-jen] That's Hsiao Chia-ying.
[Hai-yin] Next to her is Lin Ming-cheng.
I've been watching him for some time.
I can't shake the feeling
that he's hiding something.
Do you suspect him?
I don't know for sure.
But perhaps these things
can help you find the truth
and find out what happened
to those children back then.
You may also figure out how to look
at your relationship with Lin Ching-jui.
Thank you.
Thank you for being here.
[eerie music playing]
[phone buzzing]
[man] I've sent
what you requested to your office.
Does it help?
Give me a moment.
[mouse clicks]
[dramatic music playing]
[mouse clicks]
[Keng-hao] Chao Cheng-kuan!
- Someone stole the file.
- What are you saying?
- What do you mean?
- Send me another copy immediately.
[suspenseful music playing]
[vehicle approaching]
[car door opens]
- [ominous music playing]
- [footsteps]
[intense music playing]
Who is Hsiao Min-chun to you? Huh?
You killed all of them, didn't you?
[loudly] Why did you kill them?
- [gun firing]
- [Cheng-kuan] Argh!
[Cheng-kuan groans]
[Yi-jen] How is Chao Cheng-kuan?
What's happened?
[Liao] Still in surgery.
[surgeon] Chest wound is still bleeding.
Press on it.
The patient is still bleeding.
Anesthetist, keep an eye on the vitals.
- [surgeon] Get me the retractor! Hurry!
- [anesthetist] He's going into shock.
- [equipment beeping]
- [metal clangs]
[surgeon] Secure it.
The bleeding is not stopping.
I found the blood vessel.
- Scissors. Stat.
- [nurse] Coming.
[Yi-jen] Whom was he last with?
Call history.
Who was his last call? Have you checked?
When he was found,
he didn't have his phone.
- You
- [Keng-hao] Fang Yi-jen.
Do you know why Chao Cheng-kuan
is lying in there right now?
He was trying to help you.
He stole your DNA evidence from me.
Immediately after that,
he almost got killed.
The murderer has been playing a game.
Chao Cheng-kuan
must have discovered something,
so the murderer got to him.
Don't change the subject.
We are talking about you right now.
[Keng-hao] What exactly have you found?
Why would the murderer target you two?
[flesh squelches]
- [equipment beeping]
- [respirator whizzing]
Is Chao Cheng-kuan okay?
[Keng-hao] He's stable now.
He is resting.
About what you said earlier
You said you found the primary crime scene
where Chen Yang-yu died.
[Keng-hao] What have you found?
Even now, you're still unwilling
to share clues with me.
Don't you want to find out
who harmed Chao Cheng-kuan?
Chen Yang-yu got shot in the abdomen
and died on Bus 716.
His and Hsiao Chia-ying's bodies
were staged in the woods afterwards.
Was it Lin Ching-jui?
You're still covering up for him?
[Yi-jen] There's no hard evidence
to prove that he was ever there.
But what?
Spit it out.
Wu Chun-lu said that everything
was connected to Lin Ming-cheng.
I suspect that
he was also on the bus at that time.
[intense music playing]
So, Lin Ching-jui did all these
to protect Lin Ming-cheng.
And Lin Ming-cheng wanted
to hide the truth from getting out,
so he killed everyone involved?
[zipper zips]
[Yi-jen] If we can find out
what this key is for,
we may be able to find the answer.
[dramatic music playing]
[phone buzzing]
- Hello.
- [Liao] Mr. Chang.
I've got something on the key.
I've sent you the information.
What is the PR Director
of Sevenleaves Foundation doing here?
Hai-yin gave us the key.
Miss Hsu, are you here
to help your boss get rid of the evidence
or to help with the investigation?
Chen Yang-yu's cremation niche
is owned by Sevenleaves Foundation.
This is the ownership certificate.
But if the prosecutor
doesn't want me here,
you can go in
when you have a search warrant.
- You
- We can trust Hai-yin.
I swear on it.
[suspenseful music playing]
[pen scratching]
[staff] This way please.
It's right over here.
[metal jangles]
[suspenseful music playing]
Didn't you say if we find out
what the key is for,
we would find evidence
connected to Lin Ming-cheng?
Where's this evidence?
Excuse me, do you keep
ID records of all your visitors?
Yes, it's our protocol.
All visitors must register themselves.
May we take a look
at your records over the past few years?
That's personal information.
I can't allow you.
I can say
it's under exigent circumstances.
The police will send over the entire crew.
Your visitors will probably think
that something serious has happened.
[staff] Okay, please wait.
What are you doing?
[Yi-jen] I see some traces at the back.
Something might have been store here.
I read the case files.
The tokens found on Yuan Chi-ling,
Liu Shu-yen and Wu Chun-lu,
the recorder, the badge and the ring
[zipper zips]
all show traces of some unique soil
containing sulfuric compounds.
[Yi-jen] If we can find
similar evidence here,
then we can prove that
the murderer had been here.
[very soft thumps]
[suspenseful music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[Liao] Mr. Chang.
Lin Ching-jui.
LIN CHING-JUI, 04/03/2018
[Keng-hao] The last person
who opened this
was Lin Ching-jui.
[eerie music playing]
[Hai-yin] So he took those tokens?
[breathing heavily]
That's impossible.
He passed away before the first victim
Hsiao Min-chun was killed.
It can't be him.
The first time Hsiao sent me
the photo of the tokens was 5 years ago.
[paper rustling]
HSIAO MIN-CHUN, 03/28/2018
Five years ago,
Hsiao Min-chun was here.
Five years ago
That was also when Kuo Hsin-pai died.
[dramatic music playing]
[softly] Hey.
[softly] Fang Yi-jen.
[dramatic music intensifies]
[dramatic music fading to a stop]
[vehicle approaching]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
Bring me to see Lin Ming-cheng.
Only he can tell me
the truth about Lin Ching-jui.
[suspenseful music playing]
[door opens]
[Hai-yin] We went to the columbarium.
We also know Hsiao Min-chun
was there five years ago.
What did she take
from the cremation niche?
Your leg
was never injured.
Have you been faking it
so that you can avoid suspicion?
What exactly did you do?
Did your father do all these for you?
[Yi-jen] To get rid of the evidence,
you killed Kuo Hsin-pai.
[gun firing]
[Yi-jen] But Hsiao Min-chun
got ahead of you.
She already sent me
the photo of the tokens.
Five years later, your father died.
You killed Hsiao Min-chun
and set me up.
[Yi-jen] Then you killed everyone
who was there that day.
You framed me to be the scapegoat.
Is that so?
[Yi-jen] But how could you
do that to your father?
You used his love for you.
[loudly] You used his power,
his reputation in the police force
to conceal the evidence for you
time after time, right?
Answer me!
[in normal voice] Please tell me.
[Hai-yin] Fang Yi-jen.
Lin Ming-cheng.
If you want to save your dad's reputation,
you should come clean.
Don't let him be your scapegoat.
We found the bus.
That's the primary crime scene, right?
[Ming-cheng] It was me.
I did all these.
- Let go!
- Give me the gun.
- Chen Yang-yu, stay away!
- [Chia-ying] Let go! Don't grab it!
- [Yang-yu] Give it to me!
- [gun firing]
[Ming-cheng] Hsiao Chia-ying.
[crying] Hsiao Chia-ying!
[Ming-cheng] At that moment,
that uncaring father of mine
became our only hope.
- [rain cascading]
- [thunder rumbling]
Get out of the bus.
[Ching-jui] What happened today
was a fight between Hsiao Chia-ying
and Chen Yang-yu in their getaway.
Hsiao Chia-ying killed
Chen Yang-yu and then herself.
You know nothing of it.
- [thunder rumbling]
- [mops scratching]
[sad music playing]
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder rumbling]
[Ching-jui] Go help them.
Lin Ming-cheng!
Get ahold of yourself.
[Ming-cheng murmurs repeatedly] I'm sorry
I'm sorry
[sobbing] I didn't want this to happen
[in broken voice]
I didn't want this to happen
I didn't want this to happen
[gun clocks]
[Ming-cheng murmurs repeatedly] I'm sorry
[gun firing]
[bullet whizzing]
[sad music playing]
[blood splattering]
[sobbing] I'm so sorry.
- [Ming-cheng whimpering]
- [thunder rumbling]
[sad piano music playing]
[Ming-cheng crying] Sorry.
[Ching-jui] They are dead.
What's important is
how you can get away and carry on living.
[somber piano music getting louder]
[all cough]
[fearfully] What's this?
[Ching-jui] Animal dung.
It will speed up decomposition.
I will work with the forensics unit
and misjudge the time of death
to be before you ran away from home.
Then you all will have alibis.
- [thunder rumbling]
- [squashing]
[Ching-jui] I need each of you
to take part in this.
Only then will you
keep the secret forever.
Take out the things
connecting you to them.
No evidence can be left behind.
These things
will disappear from your lives,
so your lives can continue.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Ching-jui] Burn them all.
These are the only things
that can connect you to the crime.
Once the connection is broken,
the police won't be able to do anything.
[lighter clicking]
[ominous music playing]
[thunder rumbling]
[Chia-ying] We are now
closer than actual friends
and more intimate than our real families.
So no matter what happens,
I'll always stand by your side
to the very end.
[sad piano music playing]
[Ming-cheng whimpering] I'm so sorry.
[Ming-cheng whimpering] It's all my fault.
I'm so sorry.
My dad only did all that for me.
I can't let him get in trouble.
I must keep my mouth shut.
Did you kill Kuo Hsin-pai?
I didn't know what to do at the time.
[breathing heavily]
[Ming-cheng] Five years ago,
Pai said she wanted to confess.
So after she dug out the tokens,
she hid them
in Chen Yang-yu's cremation niche.
Then she told Hsiao Min-chun.
So I was forced to tell my father.
I never expected
that he would kill Pai.
[Yi-jen] That's impossible.
He never would have done that.
What about Yuan Chi-ling,
Liu Shu-yen and Wu Chun-lu?
You killed them, right?
You also killed Hsiao Min-chun, right?
They were all my friends.
I never would have hurt them.
Your father is dead.
You are the only one
who knows what happened.
No one else has any motive to kill them.
[Ming-cheng] I don't know.
You are lying.
You are lying
- [yells] You are lying!
- Enough, Fang Yi-jen.
Fang Yi-jen, think.
If he were the murderer,
he could have all the time
and opportunities
to eliminate everyone quietly.
Why would he waste the effort
to remove their body parts,
while leaving the evidence,
all those tokens, at the crime scene?
Hsiao Min-chun got these items first.
Hsiao Min-chun was also the first victim.
Your skin tissues
were planted on her body.
Could the murderer be misleading us?
We must have missed something.
[murmurs] Hsiao Min-chun's body.
[Hai-yin] What?
Fang Yi-jen.
[Ming-cheng] Hai-yin.
This secret has been sitting heavily
on my chest for years.
I can finally let it all out.
Thank you.
If you want, I can go with you
when you turn yourself in.
I shall go by myself.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Yao-hui] Hey, Fang Yi-jen.
Have you dealt with Mr. Chang?
Chen Yao-hui, I need your help.
I need to do another autopsy
on Hsiao Min-Chun.
- Well, this is
- I beg you.
Give me a moment.
[Yao-hui] Huh? Has the body been cremated?
[Yao-hui] Her body
has been sent to the crematorium.
Mr. Chang stamped and approved it.
[Yi-jen] Where's her body?
Where's Hsiao Min-chun's body?
The case is not closed, why the cremation?
I didn't stamp this.
[Keng-hao] Hsueh Hsin-ning.
Hey, can you check
when Hsiao Min-chun's body was sent away?
[Keng-hao] We may still make it.
[intense music playing]
[intense music getting louder]
[Keng-hao] Where is Hsiao Min-chun's body?
[staff] We paused the cremation
when you called us.
[intense music fading to a stop]
[Hsiao-meng] Ms. Hsueh.
Excuse me, but where did this patient go?
[nurse] She was discharged and left.
Are you her friend?
[nurse] She forgot this.
Can you return it to her?
[Hsiao-meng] Okay.
NO 18 LANE 147, SEC. 3, MINYI RD.,
[Yi-jen taking deep breaths]
[phone buzzing]
[phone buzzing]
[Yi-jen murmurs]
Hsiao Min-chun's remains are inside
[phone buzzing]
[murmurs repeatedly]
Her body has been cremated
The evidence is still there.
We can still trace it.
- [Yi-jen] Chen Yao-hui.
- Fang.
- [Yi-jen] Where's the evidence?
- Right here.
Proteinase K.
Are you doing a DNA test?
All right, I'll fetch it.
[rubber glove snaps]
[watch beeps]
[intense music playing]
- [intense music playing]
- [equipment whirring]
[equipment beeps]
[Yao-hui] I'll take it.
[ringing tone]
[elevator dings]
[knocking on door]
Ms. Hsueh?
Ms. Hsueh?
[door creaks]
Ms. Hsueh?
Are you home?
[door creaks]
- [door squeals and closes]
- Ms. Hsueh?
[suspenseful music playing]
Ms. Hsueh?
[suspenseful music getting louder]
Ms. Hsueh?
[ominous music playing]
[ringing tone]
[Yao-hui] The results are out.
- [ringing tone]
- [computer beeps]
[Yao-hui] How could the DNA on the sweater
not belong to Hsiao Min-chun?
- [ringing tone]
- [suspenseful music playing]
[Yi-jen panting]
[Yi-jen] Mr. Chang,
Hsueh Hsin-ning is not right.
Hsiao Min-chun's autopsy,
your forged stamp.
It's all her.
I've just got
Hsueh Hsin-ning's life insurance plan.
She bought the plan ten years ago,
and the beneficiary is Hsiao Min-chun.
[Keng-hao] When Chao Cheng-kuan
stole your DNA evidence,
he also took this file with him.
He must have got shot
as he was investigating Hsueh Hsin-ning.
[eerie music playing]
It all makes sense now.
That wasn't Hsiao Min-chun's body.
So what you mean is
Hsiao Min-chun is still alive?
[intense music playing]
[Liao] Mr. Chang, we've got
Hsueh Hsin-ning's address.
Let's go!
[intense music playing]
[police sirens blaring]
[intense music stops abruptly]
[solemn music playing]
[indistinct chanting]
[indistinct chanting]
[indistinct chanting]
[indistinct chanting]
[indistinct chanting]
You have finally come.
[solemn song playing]
[closing theme music playing]
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