The Victims' Game (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

[camcorder beeps]
At one point in time,
protecting my daughter,
ensuring that she could grow up safely,
was my only life purpose
for living in this world.
[video crackling]
Hsiao Chia-ying
was murdered.
She was even labelled as a murderer.
[Min-chun] Chia-ying
could never have done that.
All this
was maliciously done by the people
who took her away from me.
They killed Chia-ying
and left her all by herself
to rot away in the mountains.
Over the years,
I've sacrificed everything
just so I can find the truth
[paper rustling]
behind my daughter's death.
I want those who killed my daughter
those who took away my life purpose
to pay the price
for what they did
each and every one of them.
[theme music playing]
[camera shutter clicking]
[static crackling]
[Keng-hao] It really was her.
Yuan Chi-ling,
Liu Shu-yen,
and Wu Chun-lu
were all killed by her.
Since day one,
everything has been a part of her plan.
She's been among us and misleading us.
[camera shutter clicking]
[Hsin-ning] This case was mishandled,
causing a lot of pain
to the victim's mom all these years.
You can't continue mishandling it.
I don't care what kind of person
you think Lin Ching-jui is.
Hsiao Chia-ying is someone's daughter too.
You're not qualified
to be a forensic investigator.
Some skin tissue
was found under the victim's nails.
It belongs to you.
My DNA on Hsiao Min-chun's body
must have been planted by her.
- But why?
- [camera shutter clicking]
Mr. Chang, the reports are here.
Fang Yi-jen.
[Keng-hao] They found
your daughter's fingerprint here.
[suspenseful music playing]
Where was it found?
[yells] Where did you find it?
Over there.
[ominous music intensifies
and stops abruptly]
Fifteen years ago,
my father Lin Ching-jui
was concerned for me
and thus framed an innocent girl
to be the scapegoat for a murder.
For the past 15 years
I've spent each day thinking
if I could go back to that day,
I wish that
I could be the one who died.
[Ming-cheng breathing heavily]
I'm sorry.
[Ming-cheng] I'm so sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[gasping fearfully]
[metal shrieks]
[Ming-cheng panting]
- [metal shrieks]
- [Ming-cheng groans]
- [flesh squelches]
- [Ming-cheng groans]
- [flesh squelches]
- [Ming-cheng groans]
[Ming-cheng pants and groans]
[flesh squelches]
[groaning and breathing heavily]
- [Ming-cheng groaning]
- [heart beating rapidly]
- [Ming-cheng breathing heavily]
- [heart beating rapidly]
- [panting weakens]
- [heart beating rapidly]
[valve clicks]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [blood dripping intermittently]
Why were you at Hsueh Hsin-ning's place?
I visited her at the hospital.
Her key card was left behind,
so I went to return it to her.
Fang Yi-jen, are you suspecting me?
I'm worried about you.
- Do you know that she
- She has never harmed me.
Do you know she could be the killer
in the recent serial murders?
Do you know?
The Ms. Hsueh that I know
is not like that.
You shouldn't be so trusting
and get deceived by her.
Have I lost my freedom now?
That's not it.
[loudly] I'm worried about your safety.
No matter what you think she did,
it's a fact that she's never harmed me.
[agitatedly] Can you please
[Hsiao-meng] I was also on that wall.
[deafening silence]
[soft piano music playing]
[watch beeping]
Fang Yi-jen.
I'm not a child anymore.
I don't need a dad who tells me
when to eat and sleep
and controls my every move.
I'm sorry.
[Yi-jen] I'm truly sorry.
I have no intention to control you.
I call every day to remind you to eat
only because it gives me
a reason to talk to you.
It's okay if you don't want to come home.
But I don't want to go back
to the way we were before,
when we were like strangers.
And you're really too thin.
You should be eating regular meals.
It's really dangerous right now.
Come home with me first.
Later, you can live wherever you want.
We can discuss it.
[soft piano music playing]
[female anchor] There are new developments
in the recent shocking serial murders.
The suspect has uploaded videos
on social media.
The videos all show that
before the killer killed the victims,
they were tortured in cold blood
until they confessed.
I am so sorry.
[Chi-ling on video]
We only wanted to run away.
The things that happened afterwards,
none of us knew that
they would end up that way.
[Shu-yen in broken voice]
I just wanted to forget my past
and start a new life.
[wailing] I don't want to die.
[Shu-yen] I don't want to die.
Please, don't!
[Shu-yen screaming]
[phone ringing]
- [Chun-lu on video] I beg you
- [Liao] Mm-hmm.
Just kill me already.
[Chun-lu] Hsiao Chia-ying
had a place that she wanted to go.
Why won't you believe me?
[female officer] I can't find
Lin Ming-cheng, but I found this.
[female anchor] One of the videos
shows Lin Ming-cheng,
CEO of Sevenleaves Social Charity
Foundation, who's been missing.
He confessed that
he once committed murder.
His father, Sergeant Lin Ching-jui
of Investigation Division, covered it up.
[Liao] Mr. Chang.
Neither Hsueh Hsin-ning nor Hsiao Min-chun
has any property under their names.
Moreover, their household registries
are outdated with wrong addresses.
We can only locate her
by tracing her IP address.
Of all the people who know the truth,
only Lin Ming-cheng is still alive.
We must find him.
Get going.
[Ming-cheng groaning]
I shouldn't have left him by himself.
Lin Ming-cheng left me a document
before he was abducted.
[Hai-yin] He transferred me
his shares of the Foundation
and put me in charge.
I think he had been waiting
for the killer to get to him.
It's not your fault.
We will find him.
[footsteps approaching rapidly]
Can you guys come and take a look?
[ominous music playing]
I was right about the diary last time.
So I'm sure I can help.
Moreover, if Ms. Hsueh really did
all the things that you said she did,
then I want to know why.
What did you want to say earlier?
What did you find?
[Hsiao-meng] Look at this photo.
I took it when I was at her place.
It's Hsiao Min-chun
and little Hsiao Chia-ying.
[Hai-yin] How is Hsueh Hsin-ning
related to Hsiao Min-chun?
Why would she kill for Hsiao Min-chun?
All we know right now is that
the dead body wasn't Hsiao Min-chun's.
It means that
Hsiao Min-chun might still be alive.
What about Lin Ming-cheng?
Is there a way to find him?
Take a look at this.
The furniture in the video
is all covered with white fabric,
but the background
looks identical to the photo.
[Hsiao-meng] Could it be
Hsiao Chia-ying's childhood home?
If the killer wants to avenge
Hsiao Chia-ying,
her old home
would be a good place to do it.
[Hai-yin] On my way here,
I was on the phone with Liao.
He said they couldn't find
any of their properties nor addresses.
Then, how do we locate this house?
[suspenseful music playing]
- Sanlung City.
- Sanlung City.
This type of painted chimney
can only be found in Sanlung City.
[paper rustling]
Hsiao Min-chun's last job
was at a hospital in Sanlung City.
Maybe we can find
her employment info there.
[suspenseful music playing]
[door opens]
[Hsiao-meng] Wait! I want to go too.
[elevator dings]
[door closes]
[car beeps]
[Hsiao-meng] Fang Yi-jen.
Something about the diary
somehow bugged me.
Although the handwritings look similar,
someone other than Yuan Chi-ling
must have written in here.
Take a look at this flower.
It appears many times in the diary,
although not in every entry.
[Yi-jen] I saw this flower in the bus too.
It could be Hsiao Chia-ying.
The person who drew this flower
kept mentioning a place,
called the place of rebirth.
[Hsiao-meng] Look here.
"A long time ago,
a musician lost his beloved one.
The King of the Underworld
was moved by his songs
and gave his lover a chance for rebirth."
That's the story of Orpheus
in Greek mythology.
So it's just a story.
But it's written in the diary
she held her mom's hand
under the phoenix tree
and walked into the place of rebirth,
where there was a huge field of daylilies.
It's a real place.
[Hsiao-meng] Yuan Chi-ling's lyrics
depict something similar.
["To Our Faraway Place" plays]
We can go to the misty mountains ♪
And erase our shadows from behind ♪
We can go to a fortified bunker ♪
And bury our innocent memories ♪
Or we can go to the deep blue sea ♪
We are nothing before our departure ♪
Perhaps we can go
To the wind-bell valley ♪
We might as well start
Our path towards rebirth now ♪
At the end of the railway track ♪
Lies the nirvana we dream of ♪
Through the tunnel ♪
Hopes are planted ♪
[Hsiao-meng] Pause it.
Misty mountains and deep blue sea.
I went to these places before.
So in the second stanza,
train tracks, tunnel and daylilies
should also describe real places too.
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [car door opens]
[Hsiao-meng] So, if we can find
the location in the lyrics,
we'll know why Hsiao Chia-ying
ran away from home.
[tranquil music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[young Ming-cheng] Wow.
I've never seen so many stars before.
[wood crackling]
[Chia-ying] Doesn't your family
take you on a trip?
[Ming-cheng] My parents
are the kind of people
who forget about their son
when they're busy.
They may not even notice that I'm gone.
But why do I envy you?
[soft music playing]
My mom actually treats me really well.
But sometimes I can't help but think
that she's treating me so well
just to make sure
that I will never leave her.
You must feel very stressed, right?
I'm already used to it.
We should swap our parents for a change.
You won't be able to handle my mom.
Because no matter how hard you try,
she will still suspect if you love her.
That sounds really scary.
Will you come save me?
What I mean is
[haltingly] Let's say if one day
your mom is making me feel really stressed
and I can't breathe
[Chia-ying] I'll come save you.
I'll never turn my back on you either.
[soft music playing]
[weak panting]
[weak groaning]
[Ming-cheng breathing heavily]
[Ming-cheng] Who are you?
[Ming-cheng breathing heavily]
Who is Hsiao Chia-ying to you?
Why are you killing us all?
[eerie music plays and stops abruptly]
Hey, Ms. Hsu.
[Hai-yin] Hello, Ms. Chen.
- Thank you for helping.
- [Ms. Chen] Don't mention it.
Your story about medical malpractice
did us a big favor.
I came over as soon as I got your call.
- This way, please.
- [Hai-yin] Mmm.
[Ms. Chen] All the old files are here.
I have to get back to the nurses' station.
[Hai-yin] Thank you.
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [paper rustling]
[paper rustling]
[Yi-jen] Hsueh Hsin-ning
used to work here.
Is it possible
that she met Hsiao Min-chun here?
That is very likely.
[paper rustling]
I found it.
Hsiao Min-Chun's personnel file.
The address is in Sanlung City.
[Hai-yin] How come Hsueh Hsin-ning's
reason for leaving the job
is death from illness?
Is the person in this photo
really Hsiao Min-chun?
Ms. Hsueh's neck has
an identical scar around here too.
[eerie music playing]
the Hsueh Hsin-ning that we know
is actually Hsiao Min-chun.
["XANADU" playing]
[machine beeping]
[scalpel piercing flesh]
[camcorder beeps]
[skin scratches]
[surgical instrument squelches flesh]
[Ming-cheng] Are you
Are you Chia-ying's mom?
[broken panting]
Does it hurt?
You guys murdered Chia-ying back then.
Then you and your dad
maligned her as a murderer.
Do you know how much it hurt me?
[short and quick breathing]
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
However sorry you are,
it still won't bring back
my Chia-ying, will it?
[Ming-cheng breathing spasmodically]
To help me get my revenge,
the real Hsueh Hsin-ning
gave up her cancer treatment,
[Min-chun] so that I can use her identity
after she dies.
I can hardly remember
how many times I was under the knife
and then stitched up.
All I can remember
is the pain that I have endured
along the way.
[Ming-cheng whimpering]
I carved out Yuan Chi-ling's larynx.
[Chi-ling sobbing]
I am so sorry.
[flesh squelches]
[blood splashes]
I gouged out Liu Shu-yen's eyeballs.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to die.
[Shu-yen whimpering]
Please, don't!
- [Shu-yen shrieking]
- [flesh squelches]
[Min-chun] I cut off Wu Chun-lu's tongue.
[Chun-lu groaning]
- [flesh squelches]
- [blood splashes]
[Min-chun] But none of them
had the courage
to admit that they lured away Chia-ying,
which caused her death.
[flesh squelches]
[Min-chun] So,
I want to give you guys
a taste of the pain that I've felt.
[Ming-cheng breathing heavily]
But your pain is nothing
compared to the pain
that you inflicted on a mother
when you took away her child!
Killing you guys
does not even mitigate my pain a bit.
[Min-chun] Now,
it's your turn.
Do you have an answer for me?
[dramatic music playing]
[blood dripping continuously]
[dramatic music playing]
[breathlessly] I'm sorry.
It was me who killed her.
I killed Hsiao Chia-ying.
[gun firing]
[Chun-lu] Chen Yang-yu.
- [Yang-yu] It hurts so much.
- [Chi-ling] Chen Yang-yu.
[Shu-yen] What should we do?
[Chun-lu] Chen Yang-yu.
[Yang-yu gasping]
- It really hurts.
- [Chun-lu] Hang in there.
[Chi-ling] Hey!
Chen Yang-yu!
[Yang-yu panting]
[Shu-yen] Chen Yang-yu!
[Hsin-pai] Chen Yang-yu!
[Chun-lu] Chen Yang-yu.
["Pale" plays]
I didn't do that on purpose.
[Ming-cheng] He charged at me.
I didn't mean to hurt him.
I've got nothing to do with that
- [Shu-yen] That's right.
- [Chi-ling] It's not my fault.
He pulled the trigger.
It's got nothing to do with us.
[Shu-yen] It's got nothing to do with us
[Chun-lu] No! We must take him
to the hospital right away.
We can't.
If we do,
it will be the end for Lin Ming-cheng.
Are you crazy?
We can still save Chen Yang-yu.
If you leave him here, he'll die for sure.
[Chun-lu] Is that what you want?
Chen Yang-yu is already dead.
[engine starts and sputters]
[gun cocking]
We can't give up Lin Ming-cheng.
[yells] What are you doing?
Chen Yang-yu is already dead.
It's too late for us to do anything.
Lin Ming-cheng
brought the gun to protect us.
We are all responsible.
[Hsin-pai] Let go!
- [Chia-ying] Stop pulling me!
- [Hsin-pai] Put the gun down first!
[Shu-yen] What are you doing,
Hsiao Chia-ying? Let go!
Let go!
- [gun firing]
- [girls screaming]
[Shu-yen] Let go of the gun!
It's dangerous!
- [Chia-ying] Stop pulling me!
- [Shu-yen] Let go!
- [Chia-ying] Go away!
- [Chi-ling] Hsiao Chia-ying!
- [Shu-yen] Let go first.
- [Chi-ling] It's dangerous.
[Chia-ying] Get off me!
- [Shu-yen] That's enough!
- [Chia-ying] Get off me!
[Chi-ling] Get out of my way!
[Ming-cheng] Hsiao Chia-ying!
[Chun-lu] Go away!
[Shu-yen] Put it down first!
Stop it already.
[Chi-ling] She has loosened her grip.
Guess ♪
Fate will allow whom to put down first ♪
Who will be burnt out? You, me or him? ♪
All of us perhaps ♪
Nobody can get away by themselves
Hypocritically and deceptively ♪
How will the end come about? ♪
And how should it be buried? ♪
Let it be, tell me how I can stay ♪
Every romance of the past ♪
All appears to be too pale ♪
[Ming-cheng softly] Hsiao Chia-ying.
[Ming-cheng gasping]
Hsiao Chia-ying.
[thunder rumbling]
[raises voice] Hsiao Chia-ying!
[Ming-cheng] Hsiao Chia-ying!
[Ming-cheng yells] Hsiao Chia-ying!
Look ♪
This flower will eventually fall ♪
Either it will blossom
or someone will pick it ♪
Listen ♪
The wind may speak ♪
[Ming-cheng] Hsiao Chia-ying
died because of me.
But all I wanted was
to protect her.
[Ming-cheng] Ms. Hsiao.
I've told you the whole truth.
She only died
because she wanted to help me.
[skin scratches]
[Ming-cheng] Over the past 15 years,
I've never forgot about her
for a single day.
Why didn't you
come forward with the truth?
I couldn't.
[Min-chun] You had 15 years
to tell the truth,
[loudly] but you didn't.
You allowed your dad to frame her
and left her to rot away
in the mountains.
You played dumb
and kept your mouth shut.
You didn't care about Chia-ying.
[yells] You only cared about yourself!
How could you say
you wanted to protect her?
[Min-chun yells]
You're not allowed to say so!
Nobody can get away by themselves
Hypocritically and deceptively ♪
How will the end come about? ♪
And how should it be buried? ♪
Let it be, tell me how I can ♪
[softly] Chia-ying.
I'm sorry.
Every romance of the past ♪
All appears to be too pale ♪
[Hai-yin] If Hsiao-meng are right,
Hsiao Min-chun underwent plastic surgeries
to carry out her revenge plan.
She used Hsueh Hsin-ning's identity
to become the medical examiner.
Her motive was to get close to you
and to find out what Lin Ching-jui did
during the Hsiao Chia-ying case.
The first step of her plan
was to fake her own fall to death.
Not only did she frame you for the murder,
but she could also insert herself
in your investigation,
steering you away
from the real Hsiao Min-chun.
Give me the key.
I know where it is. I'll drive.
Ms. Hsueh once told me that
she wouldn't want to forget
what it feels like to be a human.
[car door opens]
[Hsiao-meng] If she was
really behind all these things,
she must be feeling terrible.
[engine starts]
Let's go.
[engine revs]
[intense music playing]
[yells] Fang Yi-jen!
[tires squealing]
[Liao] Mr. Chang.
We've tracked down her IP address.
Hsueh Hsin-ning used to live there.
- Is the tactical team ready?
- On the way.
Let's go!
[engine starting]
[police sirens blaring]
[engine starting]
- [police sirens blaring]
- [tires squealing]
[dramatic music playing]
[Hai-yin] Fang Yi-jen, what's going on?
Do you think
you must handle it by yourself again?
[Hsiao-meng] You are unbelievable!
Fang Yi-jen, explain yourself.
Don't just keep everything to yourself.
I'm sorry, but it could be dangerous.
You both mean a lot to me.
I'll call Liao.
You be careful.
[police sirens blaring]
[officer over radio] Mr. Chang,
the IP address hasn't moved.
Move faster. We must apprehend the killer.
[tires squealing]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[metal door squeaks and clangs]
[thuds and clatters]
[dog barking in the distance]
[suspenseful music playing]
[officer] Alpha 3 finds a suspicious box.
[loudly] Tell Mr. Chang, hurry!
[metal clanking]
[computer beeps]
[Keng-hao] Damn. We got played.
[phone buzzing]
[Liao] Hello?
Have you found Lin Ming-cheng?
- [Hai-yin] Is Fang Yi-jen there?
- Fang Yi-jen?
We're at Hsueh Hsin-ning's old place
and it's empty.
What are you talking about?
Hsueh Hsin-ning is Hsiao Min-chun.
[in raised voice]
They are the same person?
The same person?
[suspenseful music playing]
[phone buzzing]
[Yi-jen] I've found Lin Ming-cheng.
How is he?
- [footsteps approaching]
- [Hai-yin over phone] Fang Yi-jen!
[gun cocking]
[ominous music playing]
Fang Yi-jen!
Excuse me. Can you please drive faster?
[police sirens blaring]
[dramatic music intensifies
and dies down abruptly]
[muffled buzzing]
- [intense music playing]
- [police sirens blaring]
[officer] Mr. Chang,
we found a syringe at the scene.
[police sirens blaring]
[camera shutter clicking]
[police sirens blaring continues]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[intense music playing]
- [intense music stops abruptly]
- [police sirens blaring]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[Hsiao-meng] It's Fang Yi-jen's car.
[officer 1] Sorry, no entry.
[Hai-yin] Okay, we understand.
- [officer 2] Sorry, police on duty.
- Liao!
[Hsiao-meng] Liao!
[Hai-yin] I understand.
We know someone inside.
[Liao] Sir, let me handle this. Thank you.
Where is Fang Yi-jen? You found him?
[Liao] No sight of Fang Yi-jen,
only Lin Ming-cheng.
- But Lin Ming-cheng is
- I know.
Can you just let me in to take a look?
- Can you let me in to take a look?
- Enough, calm down.
[Hai-yin] We won't go inside.
We can look from the outside.
Mr. Chang is here. I can't let you in.
[Keng-hao] What info do you have?
Why did Fang Yi-jen come here by himself?
He was trying to save Lin Ming-cheng.
Did Hsueh Hsin-ning take Fang Yi-jen?
We're not sure right now.
But it's very likely.
Are there any clues?
Do you know where Fang Yi-jen might be?
[Liao] Hsiao-meng, calm down.
- If I knew, I'd tell you.
- What do you mean?
Is Fang Yi-jen in danger?
Answer me. Is Fang Yi-jen in danger?
- Tell me.
- Hsiao-meng, listen to him and calm down.
Listen to him? How can I calm down?
I have no one else.
Fang Yi-jen is all I have.
[dog rustling]
[dog barking]
[female officer] Sir, the K-9 team
has got something.
Escort them away.
Don't let them interfere.
Mr. Chang.
- Hey! Just let us take a look inside!
- [Liao] Okay! Let me handle this.
I'll keep you in the loop.
I want to find your dad as much as you do.
Can you calm down?
Please take her home first.
[Liao] I will be in touch.
Will you answer my call?
All right! Just go home first.
- [car door opens]
- Hsiao-meng.
[Hai-yin] The doors are not locked.
[car door closes]
- [engine revving]
- [tires squealing]
[metal clangs and squeaks]
[Yi-jen] Why am I here?
Why am I here?
[suspenseful music playing]
I trusted you.
But you deceived me.
You deceived everyone.
To save Lin Ming-cheng,
you set up Hsiao Chia-ying
to be the murderer.
Do you know how many people died?
I became an accomplice.
[yells] I'm an accomplice!
Why are you following me?
Why won't you leave me alone?
Answer me! Just say something!
[softly] Please just answer me.
Is it me who wouldn't leave?
Or is it you who don't want me to leave?
[Ching-jui] What are you scared of?
I don't understand what you are saying.
The Hsiao Chia-ying case 15 years ago
was not right.
Why didn't you dig deeper?
You told me
there was nothing wrong.
The case was suspicious,
but you turned a blind eye.
I trusted you.
You refuse to let me go.
[Ching-jui] What are you afraid of?
If I find out the truth
will you still be here?
[melancholy music playing]
[eerie music playing]
I'm sorry.
For your child,
how much would you sacrifice?
[melancholy music playing]
[ominous clank]
[footsteps approaching]
[ominous music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
[ominous music intensifies]
It's your turn now.
Fang Yi-jen.
[Yi-jen] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Hsiao Min-chun.
Fifteen years ago,
I failed to give you the truth.
But now, at least let me tell you
the last place where Hsiao Chia-ying went.
[ominous music stops abruptly]
[closing theme music playing]
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