The Village (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Yes or No

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- You're pregnant? - I was gonna tell you.
Three lies in three minutes.
Ron has a right to know his granddaughter.
Olivia is not his.
She's mine.
- Have you tried the cannoli? - I make 'em better.
Wait! I didn't get your name! What do you say we compromise? - First name only.
- Gwendolina.
Do you know that half the files on my desk are people that your father's firm has bullied onto the street? I want you to move in with me.
- Rule is - Don't tell your teammates you're dating your dead friend's wife? - I want to tell them.
- We should tell Katie tonight.
I just need a little more time, get my head straight.
Dads don't have to be strong.
Dads just have to love.
And I know you can love.
[UPLIFTING MUSIC] I used to wish I could walk down the street With somebody that I could call baby Telling myself I need some kind of lover to save me But I could lose from that sinking stone 'Cause I know, yeah I know, yeah I know I don't need anyone else 'Cause I've got me and myself I don't need anyone else 'cause I've got me I'm running the scene, I'm a majesty queen Bring them all to my knees I'm a killer Edge of your seat, you like what you see I'm a thriller 'Can't knock me off my throne 'Cause I know, yeah I know, yeah I know I don't need anyone else 'Cause I've got me and myself I don't need anyone else 'Cause I've got me and myself I don't need anyone else 'Cause I've got me and myself I don't need anyone else 'cause I've got me Don't need a hero no, no, no 'Cause I know, yeah I know - [GROANS] - Yeah I know I don't need anyone else 'Cause I've got me and myself I don't need anyone else [CLATTERING] I don't need anyone else 'Cause I've got me and myself I don't need anyone else [CLATTERING] I don't need anyone else 'cause I've got me I've always wondered how an ankle bracelet would feel.
You'll have to let me know.
I was just stargazing for class.
Ooh, I love astronomy.
What's the assignment? Tracking all of the things.
Divulge, felon.
I'm going to paint something.
Ooh, fun.
I'll meet you downstairs.
What? No! No, no, no, no! I don't need anyone else 'cause I've got me Something about this city at night.
Electric, memories thick in the air.
I think that's pee.
- Don't harsh my mellow, girl.
- Sorry.
Evolution really let pregnant women down with this whole smell thing.
It's like your own body's turned against you.
I know the feeling.
How are you? Oh, scared.
A little sick.
Worried about what's growing inside me.
You? Scared.
A little sick.
Worried about what's growing inside of me.
Birds of a feather, you and me.
I knew that the moment you walked into the building with your mom.
Five years old, soaking wet from the rain.
[SOFT MUSIC] I said, "Can I help you?" And before she could say anything, you looked up and you said, "My mother needs a home.
" [LAUGHING] I knew we'd be tight.
And here we are all those years later.
I can't think of anyone I'd rather do hard time with.
Where's the spray paint? That stuff is toxic.
But this is pregnant lady friendly and doesn't cause global warming.
- Rebel with a cause.
- [LAUGHS] Here, cover your face.
- For what? - That security camera.
What? Hey, Patricia! Wake up, baby.
It's a beautiful day.
[LAUGHING] - What time is it? - It's time to celebrate.
- Look at this.
- Get that out of my face, Ron.
No, it's Olivia.
She's coming.
She's coming and she's bringing friends.
The first gospel Sunday at Smalls is a go.
And look at this.
[LAUGHING] Followers.
All kinds of them.
I'm gonna tweet.
I will do the tweeting.
You get champagne and juice for which we will charge real money.
Baby, when did you get dressed? Oh, I must have sleep walked in the night.
Go buy booze, man.
We got a granddaughter to impress.
[GENTLE MUSIC] [SIGHS] - Good morning, sunshine.
- Good morning.
Painting in your sleep? - Hmm? - Your hands.
[MUFFLED] Oh, yeah, dreamt about a rainbow.
Must have been real.
But I'm still brushing my teeth.
[KNOCKING] Prepare to translate.
- Hey back.
What are you doing? Uh, I was just gonna ask Sarah if she'd mind walking Jedi.
I overslept and I told Ron I'd work his gospel thing.
I actually volunteered to help, too.
Apparently he got swamped yesterday.
Nick, can I talk to you? Yeah.
You were supposed to come over last night.
Yeah, I know.
I texted.
And I called.
I fell asleep with the ringer off.
- Perfect storm.
- Nick, I was worried.
I'm okay.
How'd it go with Katie? Uh, we didn't tell her.
Did you see Deacon? No, he wasn't at group.
Amy, I'm sorry.
I'll make it up to you.
I just I really gotta get down there.
[EDGY MUSIC] Kiss me.
- Make it up to me now.
- Kate, I can't.
I can't.
I'll swing by later.
Gonna run some errands.
- You're busted.
- I should have stayed.
Half of everything is fate Sami.
But, yeah, that was a bad call.
What's fate? When the universe hands you something.
Like a toy? Like a beautiful woman named Gwendolina sitting down with you for a cannoli.
- Yuck.
- Well, give it 80 years.
Is she your girlfriend? She would be if I had gotten her full name.
I lost her.
Ben's a policeman.
He can help.
You're a genius, kid.
You're a terrible gambler, but you're a genius.
In the living room.
- Is Sami with Enzo? - How did you know? Might have arranged it.
I was hoping for a chance to talk.
Can I sit? Sure.
You didn't give me much of a chance to explain last night.
What's there to explain? I don't like the idea of sleeping with a married man.
Ava, I haven't seen her for two years.
We made a clean break.
Just not an official one.
After we lost Derek, neither one of us had any energy for lawyers, proceedings.
And now? I pay the health benefits.
I send her some money because it didn't get done officially.
Are you still attached? Only on paper.
I've moved on.
To you.
[GENTLE MUSIC] Ava, I love you.
Time keeps on coming Up and all around - I love you, too.
- I'll keep on running Tick tock catch a song I've been all around It's a self portrait.
You said to reveal something.
Your spirit animal? I think it's actually a sparrow.
But I've been feeling pretty bunny lately.
Everyone I should have told you I was pregnant sooner.
Just felt good to have someone look at me for me.
Is there a father? Not one who wants to be one.
I'd been considering adoption, but it's weird.
All these couples make brochures advertising themselves but You can't tell who they really are.
Liam, I get that no one wants to hook up with a pregnant high school girl.
- But I could really use a friend.
- You're in high school? You're less than two years older.
It's not your age.
It's that you lied.
About everything.
Not about liking you.
No you can't find the right words Maybe I'll see you around.
I'll just stay inside me Inside of my heart How about in a couple hours? There's something I'd like to show you.
This is called a river.
[KNOCKING] Got it.
I thought we were email only.
We're whatever I decide we are at any given moment.
Right now I'm deciding to come in.
If you decide to swear, keep it down.
There's a kid.
- Enzo Napo - Maybe not with the last name.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nicer to meet you.
His last girlfriend was mean as a snake.
Oh, I'm not his girlfriend.
Well, if you were, I'd have a type.
Let's go, kid.
Alexa, play romantic music.
- Okay.
- [CLASSICAL MUSIC] Alexa, stop.
He can't get enough of that thing.
Me, neither.
- Alexa, define privilege.
- As a noun, - privilege is usually defined - Alexa, off.
I'm not privileged.
See that couch? That's my bed because I gave my grandfather my room.
Which, by the way, doesn't have a view of Central Park out the window.
I'd show you my bank statement, but it's a lot faster just to draw a zero.
Privilege isn't just money.
- It's access.
- That's debatable.
Let's hope not.
Ava needs a favor.
And it's from your father.
- Hold - [GIGGLING] [ROMANTIC MUSIC] Hold me close and never - [KNOCKING] - Anybody home? - [KNOCKING] - Hello? Hello? This is a terrible hiding place.
I don't know.
I kind of like it.
Door's locked, right? [SNICKERING] We're not home.
And I'm too tired to pretend Sarah? Hey.
Uh, grab a towel.
There's a ton to do.
Didn't realize mixing booze was on your list of talents.
I used to bartend to make ends meet.
We need to talk about last night.
- Sarah - Champagne flutes are dusty.
Maybe you can start with washing them? I know this is messy.
A little fire to light my way home Look at me.
Shot of soul before I go Stop.
You have a girlfriend.
A beautiful girlfriend.
Who loves you and who lost a husband and who doesn't deserve any more pain.
Hurting Amy is the last thing I want to do.
Then go back to her.
Be happy.
What kind of man would I be if I stayed with her and I just kept thinking about you? It's an old crush.
Last night was inevitable.
- No.
- Two stupid kids, haven't seen each other in 17 years, getting something out of their system.
- You don't believe that.
- I brought you here for Katie.
And you told me you weren't quite ready for that.
But you can handle being with me? With all our baggage? What happens if we break up? Maybe we don't.
Get right for my daughter, Nick.
And forget me like you did before.
When did you give up? On having something for yourself? Alone in a delivery room.
A long time ago.
My way home A shot of soul before I go [CRYING] - I want you to shine on - Shine on In your darkest hour.
Shine on hour Whoo! - Shine on, - His grace - His grace - Will lift you up high Lift you up I cannot believe she's really here.
[LAUGHS] Yes! A one-to-one ratio? What is this, grade school? I'm not sure the gospel crowd has your tolerance.
Well, they should.
They preach it nonstop.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- What was that? - What was what? You two.
I'm an expert in human business.
Oh thank you Lord Father Son and the Holy Ghost Thank you Jesus Do we know her? I think I've seen her before.
Not that I know of, but that woman can sing.
Mmm thank you Jesus, thank you Lord - I said hallelujah - Hallelujah - Hello.
- Ava.
- [LAUGHS] - Hey.
Thank you.
Oh, good news.
So, called a friend down at the station.
There's only one Gwendolina in Brooklyn.
Same age as yours.
Did you get the address? Not if my supervisor asks.
Hallelujah Hallelujah Holy cannoli.
Fate delivers.
You drive.
We we'll use the siren.
It's my day off.
We're taking the bus.
Good luck.
[SINGERS VOCALIZING] Oh-oh-ohho-ohho Thank you.
We're gonna take a quick break.
- Stay put.
- [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Oh, y'all are incredible! Breathing life into this old place.
This is Wendy.
Wendy Parker? - I saw you perform.
- No! I used to bartend at the Alto.
I think we even spoke.
Must have been 30 years ago.
Well, what do you know.
My last living fan.
[BOTH LAUGHING] Now, how about I trade you a few stories about your bar for one of those mimosas? You got a deal.
Follow me.
- Uh, Patricia? - Oh, I'm fine.
[PIANO MUSIC] - Sorry about the doorman.
- It's okay.
I obviously look super threatening.
Yeah, it could be anything under there.
[GENTLE MUSIC] Oh, this is insane.
Welcome to my survival job.
Robbing rich people apartments? Terrace gardening.
But I brought you here for the art.
- Who lives here? - Nice couple.
Husband owns that gallery my show was at.
Wife's an artist.
Reminds me of you a little.
In what way? - Long ears, cotton tail.
- [LAUGHING] I have to work.
You should explore.
What if they come home? It's fine.
I asked if I could bring you.
They're cool.
Thank you.
That's what friends are for, right? You can stop being nervous.
You're not gonna get robbed in this neighborhood.
I'm surprised you stuck to law when comedy - is clearly your calling.
- Game face, Gabe.
This one ask could help keep a woman and her child - in this country.
- I'm aware of the stakes.
Well, your palpable reluctance is nauseating.
I'm not reluctant to ask for help.
I'd do anything for them.
I just wish it didn't involve my father.
Please, you're the oldest Italian son.
The one who looks like the wife he betrayed.
He'd disappear for weeks.
I'd stay with my grandparents.
Is that why you live with your grandfather now? I live with my grandfather because I love him, and he needs me.
I'll let you know how it goes.
[BEEPING] [JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING] You need to let last night go.
Yeah, you made that pretty clear.
Amy's here.
I don't want a scene.
That might be impossible.
Guy she's with is a member of my team.
Is that bad? Well, if he finds out I've been sleeping with my dead teammate's wife, yeah.
What are you gonna do? Prepare for friendly fire.
[TEN FÉ'S "ELODIE"] Elodie it's been a while Giving up on love that's not my style Tender notes in a harder key Singing the lines that weren't meant for me No one ever wanted to go away And with a heavy heart I come back to say I'm another man I'm another one Oh the feeling has gone I know I'm no longer that one Ah do you wanna do you wanna [CLICKING] [NOSTALGIC MUSIC PLAYS] My mother used to sing me that.
- I I am so sorry.
- Don't be.
Liam told me you were up here.
I'm Claire.
And I'm wearing your coat.
Not anymore.
It was a giveaway pile, so it's yours.
I I'm a fan of everything you own.
Well, I am a fan of your heart.
The yarn bomb was really cool.
If he had asked me first, I would have told Liam - not to set it on fire.
- You and me both.
Come on.
I'll show you around.
- If you want.
- I definitely want.
[BOTH LAUGHING] [PIANO MUSIC PLAYING] Sometimes I feel like a motherless child Sometimes So you guys just, uh, run into each other? Yeah, Deacon called, checking in.
I told him I was headed over.
Thought you could use some family love.
Yeah, I appreciate it, pal.
Oh, table just opened up.
I'll grab it.
Do they let you sit? Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.
Ames, can I talk to you for a second? Of course.
Why would you bring him here? You said you were gonna tell him before we moved in.
I figured we could do it together.
What, between sets? Whenever you want.
However you want.
I I just figured, it'd be better if I was part of the conversation.
You figured wrong.
If you don't wanna look suspicious, holing up with me in a stock room probably isn't a good idea.
And he just called you? Out of the blue? Yeah.
Said he was worried after group yesterday.
You know, the one you told me he wasn't at? Let me know when you wanna tell me what the hell's going on.
[DOOR SLAMS] I never thought it would happen, starting over at my age.
Well, you know what they say.
87 is the new 30.
This is it.
You ready? Try and stop me.
[DOORBELL BUZZING] - Yeah? - Uh, delivery for Gwendolina.
Be right down.
All right, let me see you.
She won't stand a chance.
I'm Gwendolina.
Damn, Enzo.
What have you done with my love? I don't know what you're talking about.
According to police records, you're 80 years old.
Well, I've got a badge, if that helps.
- She's dead.
- My God.
I'm too late? - When? - Like, four years ago.
What sort of bum uses their grandparent's identity to keep an apartment? Isn't that what Gabe was doing? You didn't even arrest her.
Jails are full.
Rent is high.
Hey, but chin up.
Your Gwendolina is out there somewhere.
I'm done.
Screwed by fate.
This is what I get for stepping out on Rosemary.
Come on.
[CHORAL MUSIC] Is everything okay? Not really.
I thought I could leave the past in the past.
Turns out it's not that easy.
I screwed up.
You and Nick.
Drink and spill.
I'm all ears.
You know, once you shared a bed, it can be easy to fall back into it.
We weren't technically in a bed.
It was a chair.
Or not wow? Pretty wow.
I am a terrible person.
[LAUGHING] I'm sorry.
It's just such a relief to hear that we're in the same boat.
I think cheating on a war widow with the disappeared secret father of my pregnant teen is a boat of its own.
[LAUGHING] You win.
Most of what we collect is modern, but that one we got in Florence on our honeymoon.
It was from a little gallery right near the Ponte Vecchio.
Every time I look at it, I can feel the cobblestones.
My mom's always wanted to go to Italy.
She should.
It's beautiful.
[BOTH LAUGHING] She's, um she's got a lot of responsibility.
- Ah, well, someday.
- Yeah.
How old is your baby? That nursery is amazing.
And a little premature.
I had a late term loss.
- I'm so sorry.
- Thank you.
It was a year ago, just haven't had it in me to take it all down.
The garden is tended.
I'm tempted to have you start over.
I like your friend.
I thought you might.
You ready? Yeah.
Um, thank you for the coat.
And the tour.
And and the tea.
Thank you for putting art into the world.
You keep it up, yeah? - Yeah.
- [CHUCKLES] See ya.
I'm gonna spare you my opinion of your taking on more responsibility, Gabriel.
She lives in my building.
I couldn't say no.
Your grandfather, this charity case You're gonna have to learn the word at some point.
These cases are so subjective.
The judge who was just assigned is a former colleague of yours.
A letter from you on her behalf could literally keep this woman with her son.
- One letter.
- [GROANS] Okay, here's the problem.
I don't know her.
To sign a letter saying I do, it's no less than perjury, than these letters that were forged to keep her here in the first place.
I'm not asking for that.
I'm asking for you to tell them that your son vouches for her and that you believe in your son.
It's not perjury if it's the truth.
Who's the lawyer of record? I just I found her a legal aid lawyer.
Named? Sofia Lopez.
The same Sofia Lopez who's suing me? Uh, maybe.
[GOSPEL MUSIC PLAYING] Can I get you something? How about the truth? I'm sorry? I found this earring on Nick's floor.
Is it yours? Uh, yeah.
It must have fallen off.
I guess you were walking the dog.
I'm actually I'm gonna need an answer to that.
Were you just walking the dog? [SOLEMN MUSIC] How long? It was one time.
I swear I'm telling you the truth.
It will not happen again.
Are you in love with him? You just swore to tell me the truth.
She knows.
Amy! Amy! I don't need your pity.
I handled losing a husband.
Boyfriend's no big deal.
We're more than that, Ame.
We're family.
We're not family.
You're just the person who got my husband killed.
[MELANCHOLY MUSIC] Is she okay? I've been sleeping with her.
I'm sorry to hear that.
You escape 'cause I hate I'm sorry her husband wasn't there.
Max is incredible.
He runs this charity called Art for Amity.
What did you tell her? That you were cool.
- And looking to offload a kid? - No.
Katie, I didn't tell her you were pregnant.
But that was the idea, right? Meet, chat about Florence, hand over my unborn child.
You said you couldn't see adoptive parents for who they really were.
I didn't ask you to play matchmaker.
She doesn't know.
Because I happened to put a coat on.
I think you're upset because you liked her.
Yet I'll be all right I have to go.
Katie! I forgot the way that I haven't shown you what I painted last night.
[MALE SINGER VOCALIZING] [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] [PIANO MUSIC PLAYING] Oh happy day that fixed my choice And shared the wonders of his love - Oh happy day - Happy day - Happy day - Happy day - When Jesus washed - Jesus washed My sins away He taught me how - To watch and pray - Happy day - And live rejoicing - Jesus washed - Our sins away - Every day - Oh happy day - No.
- Happy day - Happy day - [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] - Jesus washed - My sins away - My sins away - He taught me how to watch and pray - - Happy day - And live rejoicing Jesus washed my sins away - Oh happy day - His love just picks me up Makes me whole and I'm never ever gonna stop Saying thank you Lord thank you Father Happy day His message is keeping me strong And I'll shout it out loud till everyone knows That it's a happy day Gordon.
It's good to see you, son.
I didn't come here to shake your hand.
I came here to take my daughter home.
Happy day We understood that she had your permission.
You understood wrong.
- Dad - Get upstairs.
She's 19 years old, Gordon.
And she still lives under my roof.
You think she wants to meet you? Yeah, could have done it any time.
Girl's pissed off, and it's the best way she can figure to punish me.
You can't keep her away from me forever.
Oh, no? How about 27 years? [SOMBER MUSIC] That's how long I've had to live without a mother because of you.
You stay the hell away from her.
Katie, hi.
Can we talk some more? Yeah, sure.
About what? This.
Ron? You should not have gone to him.
Baby, change is never easy.
Now who's the one comforting with platitudes? She wants to be in your life, and Gordon is just gonna have to let her go.
Just because you think you're dying, it doesn't give you the right to mess with my life.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] I didn't ask you to do this.
He's my son.
And it is too hard.
Do you understand? Stop.
[DOORBELL BUZZING] [OPERATIC RECORDING PLAYING] Hello? Hello, can you hear me? This building's falling to pieces.
Gotta be kidding me.
"Dear Enzo," "don't know how you were supposed" "to try these without getting my name.
" "Thank goodness for old phone books and gentlemen" "who introduce themselves properly.
" "Enjoy, Gwendolina Ferrari.
" I got the digits.
I got the digits.
Yes! [LAUGHING] [OPERATIC MUSICAL FINISH] [CAR DOOR OPENS] [CLEARS THROAT] You filed suit against my dad's firm? After he blew me off with interns, who knew nothing about my complaint, yeah.
I represent the interests of my clients.
Ava's your client.
Her interest was getting that letter.
Instead I got an ultimatum.
Me or the internship? That's typical.
How fast did you answer? I haven't.
Look, Ava's case is a long shot.
It'll be over in a month.
And she's got me.
So, keep the internship.
Katie? What is it? I think I met a woman I can give my baby to.
She's nice and she has money and she loves art and she really wants a baby because she lost hers.
Hey, hey.
It's okay.
[CRYING] Then why do I feel bad? Because being a mom is hard.
I'm doing great [CRYING] - But darling I'm just not okay - [DOOR CLOSES] [DOG BARKING] Baby Do your worst, pal.
Why did we throw it away [DOG BARKING] Nick.
Baby - [GRUNTING] - [BLOWS LANDING] I've been putting on my bravest face Just looking for ways To replace you - Get Ben.
- Don't! Don't.
I asked for it.
Grab some ice.
[GROANING] Katie! You were a firefighter? A long time ago for a minute.
Yes or no? Isn't like me to complain You said my dad was a firefighter on 9/11.
Yes or no? You don't look at me Yes or no, Mom? - Yes or no? - Yes.
Darling I'm just not okay Katie.
Katie! Katie.
Katie, please! Katie, please! [CRYING] Katie, please, please, please.
- Let me ex - Don't touch me! I get that you're angry.
You said my dad was a mistake.
I know.
I know I did.
You knew where he was this whole time? - 17 years? - Just come upstairs with me.
- I'll tell you everything.
- Why did you do this? Please, please, please, please.
I I never meant to hurt you.
Get out of my way.
- No, no, no.
- Get out of my [INDISTINCT WHISPERING] Let me go! Or I swear to God.
I will never speak to you again! Baby [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] I'm just not okay [CRYING]