The Village (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Choosing to Hope

1 Previously on "The Village" Who's Rashad, and what happened to him? I don't know.
Gwendolina Ferrari, I'd like to ask for your company and a night you'll never forget.
Dana's my first wife.
We never technically got divorced.
- Are you still attached? - Ava, I love you.
I've moved on.
I just want people to leave me alone to fight this.
Does that include me too? He didn't just find out about us.
He's known for years.
- Katie, please.
- Let me go, or I will never speak to you again! Hey, Nicky [STIRRING MUSIC.]
I think you should leave.
I'll have a blue Christmas Without you I'll be so blue Just thinking about you Decorations of red On a green Christmas tree Oh, but I'll have a blue [PHONE BEEPS.]
- Hello? - You dressed? I got a box of your decorations out of storage.
We are going to cheer this joint up.
I appreciate the effort, Patricia, but I don't feel like decorating.
Okay, so how can I say this? Your sadness is dripping through my ceiling.
So you are going to deck your halls, and then, you're going to make your gingerbread cookies for my party, which you will attend with bells on.
I lost my gingerbread-making partner.
She's not lost.
She's just exploring her independence.
At 26 weeks pregnant with some random street kid.
Who is really cute and talks like a character from "My Fair Lady.
" Speaking of charming gentleman who I think mean well Don't say it.
How do you expect your daughter to ever forgive you if you're not willing to do the same for Nick? Why are you doing this? Because somebody's got to Jacob Marley your ass, and I'm not waiting until I'm actually a ghost.
Come here.
I miss you too.
Blue Christmas Good morning, you.
Your phone's been blowing up.
My mother reminding me I have an ultrasound today.
Which means you'll have to talk to her? Hard to be a moving target in stirrups.
It's been a few weeks.
Maybe it's time.
Are you trying to get rid of me? Of course not but uh, you're about to get rid of me.
I have been invited to show my work in Berlin over the holiday.
Liam, that's amazing! Yay! Well, a humble cook makes good.
But in the meantime, may I present the hungry woman's breakfast.
- I'm eating for two.
- Oh, completely.
I mean, of course, one of you has a stomach the size of a thimble, but the other is very, very hungry.
I will stab you with this fork.
Can you imagine the headline? "Mediocre Burner of Other's Art Justifiably Murdered.
" Ooh, I mean, it's almost worth it, isn't it? [JINGLY MUSIC.]
How many times do I have to tell you? - Take it away.
- It's tiny.
Pops, you and I are very lucky.
We like a lot of the same things.
Christmas isn't one of them.
I bet that pretty lawyer in an elf costume would change your mind.
I can pretty much guarantee we won't find out.
- Who doesn't like Christmas? - Me.
- That was rhetorical.
- I I have to study.
This is all a distraction.
Come on, vamoose.
You're a Scrooge.
Bah, humbug.
Merry Christmas to you [PHONE BUZZES, VIBRATES.]
- - Um, do you want to explain this? I mean, I've heard of men hiding magazines, but a record? It was going to be a gift for you.
That's Wendy Parker, Olivia's friend from gospel brunch.
I'm aware.
I just didn't know that she was lurking under my bed.
Patricia Davis, are you jealous? No, I'm leaving.
I'm late for work.
Sorry to leave the rest of this party prep for you.
I can't believe they called you in.
- It's tree-trimming day.
- The food is all made.
It's in the fridge.
And I'll be back in time for the party.
- Pick a good one.
- Mm-hmm.
A small good one.
I love you.
I love you too.
Look, thanks for coming with.
Patricia had a conflict.
I love to pick a tree as much as the next guy, - but 15 blocks? - No, it's worth the walk.
I'm telling you, I got a guy.
I mean, he hooks me up every year.
Oh, look at this one.
- It's like a picture book.
- No, no.
I-I'm not into the Douglas Fir.
This is the Cadillac of Christmas trees.
Well, why drive a Cadillac when you can own a Rolls? The soft needles, the full body that scent.
And everybody's got one.
You know, I'm a Blue Spruce guy.
Elegant, rare.
And like shoving your hand in a box of needles.
No, no, no, no, but it's I like a little bite.
Oh, attitude.
Look at you, my bubba! This is my girl.
Your girl's an Amazon.
She's going to cost a fortune.
You can have that for a buck 40, old times' sake.
Like I said, I got a guy.
Merry Christmas.
Delivery's $200.
Delivery is free.
Not this year.
This year, $200.
- Your guy's a thief.
- You got another option? [BRIGHT MUSIC.]
Yeah, I do.
Oh, boy.
- Look at that.
- Oh! I was hoping my 15 minutes of fame might be more illustrious.
Oh, come on, man.
This is great.
You know, this reminds me of when men were men.
I was alive then.
We paid for delivery.
- Come on.
- Are you pulling? - I'm pulling.
You pulling? - Yeah, I'm trying.
I got most of the weight on this side.
And you're the reason I do what I do I hope someday you can appreciate that [MELLOW ACOUSTIC MUSIC.]
Don't ever lose your innocence Don't you lose that heart A lot harder to leave you alone when you show up during my shift.
- I was looking for you.
- Oh, but most of all Don't lose your love Does Ron know you've gone rogue with his playlist? - You want to know a secret? - You might think twice.
I didn't react so well to the last one.
- I hate jazz.
- This is a jazz bar.
Yeah, that's what Ron keeps saying.
The funny thing is I change the music, and suddenly, it's not.
If only life were that easy.
- Nick - Uh, what's in the box? Christmas decorations.
I thought maybe you'd want to decorate.
- At the veteran's housing? - Why not? Also, it gave me a reason to come down here.
Oh, but most of all I was angry, and I was drunk.
I had no right to ask you to leave.
- Sarah - But if you come back, I'm afraid she won't.
So I don't really know what else to offer.
I'm fine where I am, really.
That's a lie.
You have the same lie face.
And somewhere long ago, I lost the light That's only found within the heart I think maybe a little distance is good.
And I'd say we both put a lot of work into staying apart.
Maybe there's a reason.
I should go.
I would like to talk to her at some point, if that's okay.
You're her father.
Hey, you remember Christmas, 2000? Don't ever lose your sanity [CHUCKLES.]
I got a snow globe.
I've seen it all and I sure don't know much Oh, most of all Don't lose your love Oh, oh Love Love, love, love [BOTH GRUNTING.]
- Come on, yeah.
- Oh, boy.
Let's rest up here at this corner, okay? - Why not? - Let's take a rest.
Oh, the bells are ringing.
Are we dead? We're good.
- Ooh, something just popped.
- I have rope burns.
- Worth it, though, huh? - I felt like a kid again.
Only 12 blocks to go.
- Thank you.
- Uh, two hot chocolates.
- All right, sir.
When Rosemary and I used to go skating, we'd always stop for cocoa.
Must be hard holidays without her.
She made me promise to make the best of things.
I don't know what I'd do without Patricia.
You'd find a friend and lug a tree around Brooklyn.
Heard you found a new friend.
- Gwendolina.
- Gwendolina.
You invite her to our party? I thought about it.
I don't know.
- It feels like Rosemary's turf.
- Well, you ask me, this falls under "making the best of things.
" To the journey.
- Come in.
- I have to head out.
- Did someone buzz? - Yes.
You let him in? He is a trained killer.
I'll be in the other room.
Stay? I'll leave if you want.
You've got one minute.
Well, first, these are Christmas decorations.
Your mom thought that Can you just give me your excuse? I don't have one.
What? I wish I did.
No, I've I've been racking my brain, trying to remember one moment, one reason.
The truth is, sometimes the biggest of decisions get made by degrees.
It was one decision.
You saw a picture of me, and you didn't come home.
- I have to go.
- Do you remember deciding to keep the baby? Or did you not decide, night after night, until somehow, it was decided for you? Would you be here if you hadn't been blown up? The truth is, you didn't want to be my dad until you couldn't be a soldier anymore.
I'm sorry if I don't feel like being your consolation prize.
I'm not asking for forgiveness.
Then why'd you come? To admit that I failed you.
Duly noted.
I sleep here on the couch.
And what do you do before the test? Write down all the reasons why I'm nervous, - rip it up, and throw it away.
- And breathe.
- You'll do great.
- Late again, I'm so sorry.
I love my extra time with her.
You let me know how the test goes.
You have a second? I want to talk about Sami.
Your trial's in two weeks.
I haven't decided what I'll do if I'm deported.
There is a good school near my parents.
I don't know if I can leave him.
If you take him, then when will I see him again? If I leave him, when will I? There is no good answer.
I love Sami.
And I would do anything to stay in his life Just as I did everything to keep you in mine.
I've been looking for you.
I've been on the third floor.
- You got my text? - I got all of them.
I'm compiling them into a very repetitive novel.
You didn't respond.
- Katie, I know that - Hey, you two.
Hi! I'll grab my coat.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
They told me the third floor.
You didn't know I was coming.
Uh, we're still trying to find some common ground.
And I just stepped in the middle of it.
Sarah, I'm so sorry.
No, it's fine.
This could be your baby.
Ultrasound, anyone? [SOFT MUSIC.]
This is a before and after of your tumor.
I was kind of hoping it had flown the coop.
It did shrink, but only marginally.
You said you had more pain? I'll be advising we forego further chemo and move forward with a full hysterectomy.
It's causing a blockage that's potentially very dangerous.
How soon? Before the holiday, I'm afraid.
Patricia, we want you to have more of them.
Have yourself A merry little Christmas Let your heart be light From now on Our troubles will be out of sight Have yourself A merry little Christmas Make the Yuletide gay From now on Our troubles will be miles Away Through the years, we'll all be together If the fates allow Hang a shining star Upon the highest Ooh And have yourself A merry little Christmas - Now - [DOORBELL RINGS.]
I'm looking for Ben Jones.
A neighbor said he's down here.
I'm sorry, he's out with my son.
Can I help you? I'm sort of his [EXHALES.]
His wife.
You? His girlfriend.
Oh, um this this is awkward.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I'm I'm going to go.
Can I offer you some tea? [SOFT MUSIC.]
I'm looking for Chief Reisch.
He still around? Retired years ago.
Can I help you? Yeah, this used to be my house, for a minute.
I was hoping he could help to jog my memory.
- Okay, when were you here? - Uh, 2001.
Yeah, um, let me see if someone's got his number.
Thank you.
Hey, so if you want to leave your info, we can Get right back to you.
Where did Katie Campbell go? I think she went back with her mom.
We are up and running.
You hold me tight Each time I've fallen hard In your lights, in your lights and lanes Katie? You calm my worries You dry my old tears Thank you for including me today.
It it means a lot not to miss these moments if we move forward, and I am sorry we started without you.
- She kind of insisted.
- She's 17.
Crazy hormones and angry.
It's not your fault.
Did she tell you Liam's going to Berlin? Over the holiday.
She's going to be alone? - In that neighborhood? - I don't love it either, so I told her she would be welcome to stay with us.
Katie has a home.
If she wants one, she knows where it is.
Did they tell you the sex? The baby? Yeah.
Do you want to know? I'm not scared It's a boy.
She's having a boy.
Don't tell Katie.
She asked not to know.
I'll buy you a second.
You calm My worries [EXHALES SHAKILY.]
- That smells great.
- Ranginak.
It's a Persian desert made with dates.
- Mine are lumps of coal.
- I'm sorry? Chocolate-dipped Rice Krispie treats.
They're supposed to look like coal, like Santa leaves when you're bad.
There's a sweet old lady at our church, asked me to bring them to Ben.
I didn't have the heart to say no.
I didn't know Ben belonged to a church.
He used to.
Losing our son made that hard.
You still go? The alternative seemed harder.
My mother used to say [SPEAKS FARSI.]
It means.
"The wound is the place where the light enters you.
" Well, in that case, I am full of light.
Ho, ho, ho, my lady.
Your men have return Dana, uh what are you doing here? Having tea, but I should go.
Thank you.
Dana, wait.
- Dana, wait.
- I shouldn't have come.
Please, will you just talk to me? You drove by because you wanted a divorce.
You should have been honest.
I didn't want to hurt you.
I lost a son.
What's a little more? Here.
I won't even make you ask.
It's fine.
I'm just glad you're happy now, Ben.
I'll see you around.
Paris or the Caribbean? Excuse me? The vacation you're fantasizing about.
Clearly, your mind is elsewhere.
Is this how men say hello these days? I was going to ask if I could buy you a drink.
And what stopped you? It felt like it might be cliché.
I see.
So can I buy you a drink? Cabernet.
Excuse me, bartender.
Can the lady have a Cab, please? - You have a kind smile.
- Thank you.
You can't do this to me, Katie.
It hurts too much.
I thought it was your day off.
It's the only place you can't walk away.
Watch me.
You're going to lock me in? Mom, open the door.
Or what? You'll leave? Never speak to me again? You have nothing left to threaten me with, and I have nothing left if you're gone.
You hurt me.
I need space, and you're suffocating me.
I can't get close enough to suffocate you.
Then stop trying! It's like you can't believe that I'm okay on my own.
You're not on your own.
You just have somebody new taking care of you.
Some guy you barely know.
I mean, what are you two? Dating? What I am is stronger than you think.
You're as strong as I made you.
I gave you everything I had.
When I was broke, when I was sick, when I was scared, when I was lonely.
You lied to me for my entire life.
I made a mistake! [SOFT MUSIC.]
I am a good mother.
But if all you want is to cut me out I'll give you that too.
- Pops.
- Davey, you're just in time.
- Your text said you fell.
- Did I say "fell"? I meant felled a tree.
We need help dragging it.
That's not an emergency.
Wait till you see how big it is.
Merry Christmas! Giddyap, it's grand Just holding your hand Happy Hanukkah! Yeah, now don't you feel better? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Our cheeks are nice and rosy And comfy, cozy are we - We're snuggled up together - Hey! Like two birds of a feather we'll be Merry Christmas! Sing a chorus or two It wasn't always easy, but it was always an adventure.
What about you? 30 years on Wall Street.
I liquidated and moved to the country.
- To do what? - To, uh, pretend I like sheep and plot my next trip back into the city.
Well, there's also piles of leaves and there's fireplaces that burn real wood.
Are you trying to sell me a timeshare? I'm asking you to come with me.
Spend a few days.
See what happens.
That is a very tempting offer.
It's your call.
My room.
Excuse me.
I'd like to order a bottle of champagne.
Will you be taking it up yourself? No.
Send it up, please.
I'm going home to my party.
I went by her place the other day intending on asking for the divorce.
What stopped you? I saw she was still wearing her wedding ring.
I couldn't take something else away from her.
Isn't leaving her with false hope just as bad? - Or maybe it's not false hope.
- She gave the ring back.
It's over.
I'll file the paperwork.
I understand you're upset.
I get it I'm just trying to figure out where I stand.
But two weeks from now, where I stand might be 6,000 miles away, so maybe there is no point in asking.
But I think you should ask yourself if you're really in love with us, or if it just feels good to have a family again.
- I told you it was too big.
- No, I I ballparked.
A ballpark is about the only place it would fit.
Hey, take it easy, son.
Be gentle.
Tell the tree.
It's like sawing through razor wire.
The good news is all of my cuts have been sealed up with sap.
That's why you go Douglas Fir.
Downy soft limbs.
No, no, like kissing your sister.
A Blue Spruce will make you earn it, but it's worth the chase.
Ah, there.
What the hell are you two talking about? This piece is for you, Gabriel.
Thank you for your trouble.
It's no use.
He's a lost cause.
Well, lost causes are the reason for the season.
I'm going to go blowtorch my hands.
That tree is going to be beautiful, man.
- Thank you for your help.
- Of course.
Not a Christmas fan, huh? My parents split up on Christmas.
Mom walked out, Dad went to the office.
Yeah, Enzo and Rosemary had to go pick you up.
I remember.
I'm happy everyone else is happy.
Enjoy your party.
You know what else I remember, from that Christmas? Enzo and Rosemary had given their 30-days' notice.
They had a little place rented in Boca.
- In Florida? - Mm-hmm, that's right.
They talked about it for years.
They gave up on it when they realized that you needed them.
It turns out the worst Christmas you ever had, you got the best gift anyone could ask for.
- Nick.
- He's not a soldier.
- Who? - The guy, who I keep seeing in these PTSD episodes.
He's not a soldier.
He's a fireman.
That's him.
Rashad The guy I keep watching die.
So what does this mean? I thought leaving Afghanistan was causing my PTSD.
But maybe it's coming back to New York.
9/11? But you still can't remember what happened? Did I say anything? Back then, when you saw me again? I didn't see you for days, Nick.
And you didn't talk for even longer.
Even when you did, it wasn't about what you'd seen.
It's like, it's right there in front of me, and I just I can't I can't break through.
Maybe you need to process this piece before you can get to the next.
And how am I supposed to walk around with this? What am I supposed to do in the meantime? I'm short a gingerbread-making partner.
I'm not much of a baker.
It's good that you've been trained to take orders.
Go on.
Wash your hands.
Thank you for this.
We've hung the ornaments with care Might try to keep it away from open flame.
- I added a little something.
- Oh.
We put out cookies for Saint Nick You added a lot of something.
Patricia? Well, well, well.
It's nice to see you two.
No, I'm just passing through.
I'll take that.
You okay? I'm just taking a moment.
I'll be fine.
Cookie? Your gingerbread cookies.
I feel better already.
Go on, revel.
I'll be in.
How long have you been out here? A few minutes.
Your last text was two hours ago.
I'm sorry.
What did the doctor say? You knew? I'm trying to give you the space you asked me for.
For what it's worth, it ain't easy.
There are some complications with my tumor.
You want to go someplace quiet we can talk? I want to go to my party.
Baby, you sure? There's nowhere else that I would rather be.
Do you know how hard it is to find a phone book these days? [BOTH LAUGH.]
The infamous Gwendolina.
- Call me Dolly.
- Such a pleasure.
You know, I interrogated a librarian trying to find you.
- What'd I tell you? - Hi, I'm Sarah.
Oh, I've definitely heard that name.
Mostly after the word "beautiful.
You snagged one of the last great romantics.
Nice sweater.
I think I saw Dolly in there.
She's a knockout, pops.
Don't get any ideas.
Like sweeping her off to Boca? Ron told you? Boca was your nonna's idea.
I could take it or leave it.
You stayed for me.
And you kept us young.
It was a pretty good deal.
I wish I would have known to thank her while she was still alive.
I wouldn't let that stop you.
She's a good listener, your nonna.
You know what our favorite part of Christmas was? Mistletoe.
You're a good boy.
- I hear them singing - Ooh-ooh Outside of my door - Did you talk to Katie? - Bells keep on ringing I don't think she's coming home.
I can't take any more Tonight, we're going to choose to hope, you hear me? [EXHALES.]
Live well and let go - [NOZZLE HISSING.]
- Happy, happy Christmas ALL: Ooh Love the ones who love you ALL: Do We say time flies And, baby, it's true So happy, happy, Christmass To you I'll have a Happy, happy Christmas I'll love the ones who love me too - Ava? - Can I come in? Happy, happy Christmas I'll love the ones who love me too They say time flies And, baby, it's true ALL: They say time flies And, baby, it's true They say time flies And, baby, it's true, so Happy, happy Christmas to ALL: You You You