The Village (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

I am Defiant

1 Previously, on "The Village" Are you fine with us just being friends? - Yes.
- Did he tell you the sex? - She's having a boy.
- Don't tell Katie.
She asked not to know.
But if what you want is to cut me out, I'll give you that, too.
Heard you found a new friend.
You invite her to our party? It feels like Rosemary's turf.
I took this pro-bono thing.
It's about a woman who might be deported to Iran.
It's about the little boy she'd have to leave behind.
I'm not asking you to take the case, I'm just asking you to help me.
I want to talk about Sami.
Your trial's in two weeks.
I haven't decided what I'll do if I'm deported.
Of all the things you could have said to keep me.
I quit.
If you're really in love with us, or does it just feels good to have a family again? I'll be advising we forgo further chemo and move forward with a full hysterectomy.
It was a drip that triggered me.
The guy who I keep seeing in these PTSD episodes? Rashad.
He's not a soldier.
He's a fireman.
I thought leaving Afghanistan was causing my PTSD, I think it's coming back to New York.
- Six benches.
- Uh, what about them? Oh, well, that's the finish line.
Yeah, but you were just getting used to this thing.
- Go! - Hey! [LAUGHING.]
Hey, there, girl, won't you look at me? You're the prettiest thing that I ever did see Maybe one day when I'm lucky You'll be my queen and you'll marry me Now, don't know but this could be forever This could be forever This could be forever This could be forever This could be forever My Gabie's first trial.
This may be the most important meal I ever make.
We'll roll up our sleeves together.
I can't imagine the the pressure he's under.
Sweet how worried you are for him.
And if Ava gets deported today, what then? A a boy needs his mother.
We'll make enough for everyone.
Sometimes a warm meal is the best comfort there is.
Rosemary's bolognese.
I should have started the gravy two days ago.
Who bought the pig foot? I did.
For the sauce.
That's unnecessary.
If by "unnecessary" you mean "essential.
" That foot is not going in my pot.
Little friendly competition? Prepare to be destroyed.
I look forward to consoling you.
I don't know why we're packing.
You're coming right back here.
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
What about the dishes? Only what's most important.
Shipping to Iran is expensive.
Maybe whoever moves in next would want the rest.
If it comes to that, I'll get you a good price.
You will give it to Hamid's parents for Sami? Of course.
The Summer Olympics are in Tokyo.
I think you got a really good shot with that thing.
I don't even wear the medals I've got.
At some point, it's just stuff you lug around with you.
How's life at the veteran hotel? Communal.
Nice guys.
Lot of people still fighting their own war.
Make any progress with yours? Well, at least I know which one I'm fighting.
That firefighter I kept seeing is Rashad Cole.
Different ladder company than me.
Any idea how you're connected? I got some calls out to guys I knew from Ground Zero.
Nobody remembers where the hell I was that day.
Yeah, somebody will.
Somebody will.
And then, uh, maybe you can let him go.
One less dead hero to carry with me.
You're putting too much pressure on yourself.
It's my first trial, and this is Ava's one shot to plead her case.
And her defense is what it is.
You think it'll be good enough? I think you should manage your expectations.
Is there a sink down here, or? Um portable.
I'm going up to your grandfather's.
You used to think I was fancy.
My lawyer says these adoption agreements are pretty boilerplate.
If you don't mind, I might have my neighbor take a look.
He's in law school.
Of course, I just wanted you to see it before I gave it to Katie.
Have you two talked at all? Not for 13 days.
New record, yay.
She'll come around.
Well, I don't know.
Once I left home I was gone.
I appreciate you looking in on her.
Anything you'd like me to say? I think it's best you're neutral territory.
I wanted to talk to you about that page.
Does Katie know? Not yet.
- Ba-ba-dah-ba-dah - [LAUGHS.]
Ava Behzadi, you have been cordially invited to a pancake breakfast.
To a waffle breakfast with your boys down on the corner.
What do you say? Old time's sake.
You've packed him a bag for his grandparents? He'll be all set if he needs it.
Maybe you could take him and bring something back.
It will give me a chance to go through the rest of his room.
Yeah, of course.
We'll be quick, right, little man? Come on, start thinking of toppings.
Uh, the bill's paid, but the furnace does go out occasionally.
What do I do if that happens? Throw a brick in the oven, stick it under your covers, and try not to move much.
Or I could kill a grizzly, climb inside.
Yeah, as long as the neighbors don't see you wearing fur.
They are very opposed.
Okay, you win.
I'm sorry, is this a tie? I'm not sure where the Berlin gallery crowd stands on torn black tees.
They want you.
Be you.
Now, I officially have 24 hours.
What are we doing? Um, I signed up for a childbirth class, and then Claire's coming over.
That's not exactly on my bucket list.
Oh, no? I'm pretty thrilled about it.
Sidelong glances and sad smiles from age-appropriate mothers make me feel awesome.
Well, then, birth class it is.
- What is? - We is.
With my final hours, we shall brave these sidelong glances together, Katie Campbell.
Your English seems excellent.
You didn't know there were lies in your paperwork? It's been 13 years, and they weren't lies.
I-I the letter said I was protesting in Tehran, and that I received death threats.
That was true.
We'll make that distinction.
- You don't want to look defiant.
- I am defiant.
Let us be defiant for you.
Stick to the question.
I didn't know English when I arrived, but I took ESL classes, and volunteered in a preschool.
The other women helped me learn.
That's good.
That establishes roots in the community.
- All right.
- Am I interrupting? - No, we were just finishing.
Well, we still have several hours.
And I'd like to spend them with Sami.
Of course.
I'll see you in court.
Wait, I I have a little, small thank-you if we don't have enough time after.
It's to ward off evil spirits.
You're my hero.
You know that? If you make me cry, I'm kicking you out.
- How's Katie? On a collision course for heartbreak.
And anything I say will seem like a desperate and selfish attempt to get her back, which I said I wouldn't do.
What would you say if you could? I don't know.
I don't think I even speak her language.
As I just discussed with my lawyer, you can always learn it.
Ava this is so messed up.
I broke the law.
You made up for that.
Maybe the judge will agree.
I know you said you don't want anyone at the hearing, but being there would make me feel far less helpless.
Consider it one last gift.
If things don't go my way, I'd like to be remembered here, in a place I was your equal.
You are my equal.
My better.
My boat-mate.
What did I tell you? I'm a terrible listener.
Little early for a garnish.
Your taste buds will beg to differ.
That's a lot of wine.
Maybe you can serve it in a glass.
Grab the secret bottle.
Maybe you missed the "morning" part.
Desperate times.
I know Ava's hearing is today.
There something else? [WINE CORK POPS.]
Patricia's having surgery tomorrow.
You think that means "stop pouring"? [MELANCHOLY MUSIC.]
It was decided a few weeks ago.
She kept it to herself.
Didn't wanna take away from Ava.
But wasn't she supposed to have a few more rounds of chemo? Her tumor's causing complications.
Once they start I guess they don't stop.
The problem is, her white blood cell count's still low.
That means they worry more about an infection, right? Yeah, also means she could bleed out on the table.
Hello? Yeah, this is Nick.
Sorry, who's this? No, no, no, you got the right guy.
Um, yeah, I've been looking for you.
If birth is the everyday miracle, then you are the miracle workers.
Which is an apt name, because this miracle actually takes some work.
After today, you'll know how to do it.
So, let's start by introducing ourselves.
I'm Craig, this is my wife Randi, who used to be my boss.
Terrible employee, excellent husband.
We're having twins.
Elle and Arthur.
The rest of you already have it easier than Craig and Randi.
How about you guys? Um, Katie.
And Liam.
We met on Halloween.
Tell them what you were dressed as.
Um A a pirate.
And I, a cheap dockside harlot gone half-mad with mercury poisoning.
Would you believe me now - If I told you - A child was inevitable.
I got caught up in a wave Almost gave it away Would you hear me out If I told you I was terrified for days Thought I was gonna break Oh, I couldn't stop it Tried to slow it all down Crying in the bathroom, had to figure it out Now, I want you to gaze and accept your partner's gaze.
I know it's uncomfortable, but the challenge is to push past that.
See where your partner holds their beauty.
I'll leave the light on - Oh, very funny.
- Look down.
I am finding out there's just no other way See where your partner holds their courage.
Still dancing at the end of the day Now smile.
If you leave the light on When you give birth, this person is gonna be your rock.
Your support.
Would you leave the light on ALL: Oh If you keep reaching out Then I'll keep coming back And if you're gone for good Then I'm okay with that Don't be weird.
- You're serious? - Just do it.
Okay, scoot all the way forward.
Put your hands like this.
There you go.
And press.
That is going to feel amazing when her hips are expanding during labor.
And hold that for as long as you're comfortable.
Hey, if you leave the light on Then I'll leave the light on Oh If you leave the light on Then I'll leave the light on [SPRAY CAN RATTLING.]
Oh, if you leave the light on Most taggers do this at night.
Yeah, well, my message is kind of time sensitive.
- "Yo"? - There's still a lot left.
Here's hoping you finish, before the owner of the building shows up.
Yeah, thanks.
You're the owner of the building, aren't you? Look, I I don't normally do this.
I'm trying to send a message to my daughter.
She's not talking to me, and she's been living here with this guy, and I think she's about to feel very alone.
In that case, we'd better finish up.
You wanna help me deface your property? I wanna ask for your number.
Defacing my property just gives me a clever way to earn it.
So, one number for every letter we paint together? I think you're gonna be one number short.
I'll add an exclamation point.
Coffee burns, the stomach churns Chemicals and caffeine You saw her bathing in the creek Gravity - BOTH: Hey.
- Sorry I'm late.
I'm sorry your coffee's cold.
And that your hands have been dipped in blood.
I was painting.
New hobby? Desperate ploy to subliminally comfort Katie.
Mostly a reminder I have no discernable talent.
Come on.
Is everything okay? Well, I got a call from Rashad's daughter.
She wants to meet.
How'd she find you? I put out some feelers and assumed somebody would get me a number, but didn't expect it to go the other way around.
What are you gonna do? I said I'd meet her.
I was kind of hoping you could do it with me.
Nick, of course.
I hope you enjoyed your lunch.
Okay, grab your seats.
We are spending the final hour on infant care.
My friend Candace brought her daughter Jill in to be our very cute guinea pig.
We can go.
Candace is one of thousands of women for whom breast feeding didn't come easy.
Katie, are you sure? I don't need to know this part.
Of course, I'm sorry.
Uh, Katie, are you guys joining us? Looks like we'll be leaving.
Uh, I have a touch of the old irritable bowel, I'm afraid.
I'm crowning as we speak.
Ring of fire, indeed.
Behzadi is a taxpayer and mother whose career benefits the children of Brooklyn.
Whatever wrong was committed without her knowledge, we have the opportunity here to do what's right.
- Deport her.
- Come on, that was great.
I was unmoved.
It's too polished.
You gotta speak from the heart, Gabie.
I thought it was beautiful.
- Thank you.
- She's lucky to have you.
She's buttering you up.
- What is this? - It's a power lunch.
In one bowl is your Nonna's bolognese, and in the other is an abomination to our heritage.
Your grandfather and I are having a bit of a blind taste test.
You are the judge.
I don't think I'm that hungry.
- Sit down.
Ava, I think we should get going soon.
Hamid, how you doing? Could you please give us a moment? Of course.
Sami-Joon, come show me what you have packed.
Didn't realize he was coming.
He wants to accompany me and Sami to Shirin and Abbas' home before the hearing.
What do you want? I think if the hearing doesn't go my way he's the only parent Sami has.
Well, he's got me.
Ava, whatever happens, I wanna be with you.
Across the world? You don't? I think we've been forced to act like a couple that is so much further along.
It's only been a few months.
Which is long enough to know I'm not saying goodbye here.
I wish you would.
I'll see you in court.
It's kind like I can only remember bits and pieces.
But, um, one of the pieces was your dad Asking me to tell you that he loved you.
Sorry the message took so long to get here.
No, no, it came when I needed it.
I wish I had more.
You don't remember anything? No, not for lack of trying.
You you pulled him from the rubble and you dragged him into the basement of this little souvenir shop right as the second tower was coming down.
How do you know that? The first responders who found my dad told my mom.
Said that he was covered in ash and that he was laying in the arms of another firefighter.
My mom tried to track you down for years and finally she decided that there was a reason why we couldn't find you.
Well, I was in Afghanistan.
She believed you were an angel.
I'm not.
You are to her.
And I'd like to think maybe he thought so too.
Do you remember where the souvenir shop was? Yeah, I do.
Hello, Sami-Joon.
I don't wanna go anywhere.
Oh, my sweet boy.
Can you keep a secret? He's nervous.
He's focused.
Enzo, he's gonna be great.
You do realize he was being polite? Oh, here we go.
You're the guest.
He had to pick yours.
That would require him to know which one was mine.
Well, maybe he found a piece of hoof.
Are all Napolitano's this graceless in defeat? If so, it's because we don't have much practice.
About to get started.
- Where is she? - Hamid didn't bring her? She told me she was coming with you.
What does it say? She's gone where? - Why would she do that? - [CLEARS THROAT.]
What the hell's going on? She left a note.
She's running.
I gotta go.
Lopez, are you able to produce your client? Your Honor, I'd like to file for a continuance.
On what grounds? Our client has had a sudden hardship.
Illuminate me.
I'm afraid we're not able to do that at this time, Your Honor.
If you could give us 24 hours.
This court date has been set for weeks.
Your client failed to appear and is officially in violation of her bond agreement.
Any of that sound incorrect? No, Your Honor.
I have no choice but to issue an Order of Deportation in Absentia.
This Ava, leave a message.
It's me.
Ava, don't do this.
If you run now you will never be able to come back, and I need you to come back.
Ava, please.
Do not let these people make you into a criminal.
I don't I don't understand.
We can totally discuss it.
You don't want to be my friend? I would love to be your friend.
I am your friend.
Just not once you have the baby.
It would a a clean break at that point, yes.
So you can start your life and the baby isn't confused.
One of Max's friends tried an open adoption and it it got pretty complicated.
He already thinks I have boundary issues.
So I would never see the baby? It would be his decision when he's old enough.
His I'm sorry.
Um, I think maybe you should go.
- Katie - Please? - Nothing is set in stone.
- Please, go.
We'll talk after the holidays? [DOOR OPENING.]
Merry Christmas.
- That was brief.
- I'm gonna go for a walk.
- I'll join you.
- I'm fine.
Actually, you look like you could use a friend.
Don't bother.
Wait, what? Hey! Katie, wait! Hey! Was it something I said? It's everything you say.
How's that even possible? It's all pretend! You don't mean any of it! What are you talking about? What are we? - Exactly.
Hey, Katie, are you okay? Talk to me! [ALLMAN BROWN'S "FOOLISH LOVE".]
You okay? Yeah.
You wanna just stand here for a minute? We can do that.
To you Stare at the light I need some help! - [WEEPING.]
- Lost but happy to be so I don't know what she was thinking.
The note said that she didn't want us to have to lie if we were questioned.
Yeah, well, it didn't say where she thinks she can hide.
How she's gonna work and enroll Sami in school.
However she has this figured, I think the point is They're together.
That one day you will become - [HEARTBEAT.]
- That's your heartbeat.
- Let's find the baby's.
- 1,000 years 1,000 years - Where is it? - [KATIE'S HEARTBEAT THUMPING.]
To the night I whisper your name And in the night Well, why can't you find it? - We're still looking.
- It's all right, Katie.
Maybe you're doing it wrong.
You need to find his heartbeat! You need to find it right now! Katie, Katie, hey.
Hey, look at me.
No, no! - Look at me, hey.
Look at me, look at me.
That's it, okay? Okay, okay? Now, show me where you hold your courage.
Foolish love Foolish love - Foolish love - [WEEPING.]
There it is.
See? - [SOBBING.]
- There it is.
There it is.
And the silver on my wrists And cracks in the floor All right, easy does it.
The silver on my wrists And cracks in the floor Foolish love Take your time.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Does it look familiar? What is it? It was dripping on us.
I honestly thought we could win.
Well, then you're in good company.
To Ava and Sami.
May they be safe and taken care of.
And to my Gabie.
A real lawyer.
My client didn't show up.
You did, and it made me proud.
- To the future.
I am lucky I'm so lucky Our love is true This is the story Of me and you Got a job offer a few weeks ago.
A private security company.
Like a mall cop? No, training soldiers.
In New York? - South Carolina.
We couldn't let the little things go The Veteran's hotel, it's getting a little crowded.
Technically, I'm not supposed to have pets.
You already accepted it.
I'm so lucky - Thanks to you - When do you go? A week.
I think it's time to start figuring out my new life.
Well, um [SWALLOWS.]
You should come back to the Village until you go.
Katie won't even know, and there's no point paying rent.
You do have a talent, you know.
It's making people feel like they're not alone.
This is the story Enzo? Of me and you Yours was better.
Not better, just different.
She's a hard woman to live up to, your Rosemary.
And, I, um Then I'll see you once again I can be a little stubborn.
The more I fall for you, the more I feel like I'm letting her go.
You're falling for me? Like a Steinway out a window.
Maybe I'm a fool, but I refuse to step out of the way.
This is the story of me and you [CELL PHONE RINGS.]
Ava? Ben.
Where are you? Near Canada.
Hamid has family we can stay with.
They arrange a lawyer for us.
Ava, if you do this you can't come back.
It's already done.
But you're breaking the law.
They want me to leave the country.
What difference does it make where I go? [INSECTS CHIRPING.]
For what it's worth Hamid wanted to leave yesterday but I I couldn't pass up one more night with you.
Is Sami okay? He's asleep.
Well, can you make sure that he knows I love him? He already does.
We both do.
Ava-Joon, we're all set.
I have to go.
- Big day tomorrow.
- Mm-hmm.
This one went by so fast.
How you feeling? Wanted to get my house in order.
Feels like everyone's in chaos.
Well, I guess you're just gonna have to pull through for them.
Guess so.
And for me.
I'll do my best.
You are not hidden There's never been a moment you were forgotten You are not hopeless That cannot be covered Over and over You're not defenseless I'll be your shelter I'll be your armor I hear you whisper Underneath your breath I hear your SOS Your SOS I will send out an army To find you In the middle of the darkest night It's true, I will rescue you I will never stop marching To reach you In the middle of the hardest fight It's true, I will rescue you I hear the whisper Underneath your breath I hear you whisper You have nothing left You should keep that wrist elevated, and I set my phone to wake you every few hours.
He said there was no concussion.
Well, it's better safe than sorry.
- I can set my phone.
- It's no trouble.
I'm in love with you.
And and you've been very kind, but it was never fair of me to show up at your doorstep.
I took advantage.
- Katie - I'm gonna leave in the morning.
It's It's too hard to pretend that we're something we're not.
But right now, I I'm gonna take a shower.
I don't want you to go! Are you listening? I'm in love with you, too.
I will send out an army It's just hard to know what's appropriate in this situation.
The darkest night, it's true But whatever you want if it's me, if it's not me whatever you want, it's yours.
I will never stop marching To reach you in the middle [GASPS.]
- I want my mom.
- I will rescue you - Something's wrong.
- It's okay.