The Virtues (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 Joe? What are you doing here, lad? Hey I heard what you said In sun and in showers We all must be fed All must be fed You wear yourself so steady You're ready for a fight But in hell and high water It helps to be light Helps to be light I don't know The rules of this game And I don't think I want to play I've seen your cards And mine are the same And if I come there I won't stay I've burned all your letters I've buried all your stones The curses and the raptures I kept them for my own Oh, say How about this instead? Come by with some flowers And stay till they're dead Stay till they're dead I don't know The rules of this game And I don't think I want to play I've seen your cards And mine are the same And if I come by I won't stay Come by with some flowers And stay till they're dead Stay till they're dead Stay till they're dead Stay till they're dead Come on, Sean, let's go.
Come on, love, quick.
Dibs on the front.
No, nobody's going in the front, no.
In you's get.
- Get in, you big sausage.
- You don't want to be late again.
I'm not going to be late again.
You were late the last time, weren't you? That was only because Sean forgot his football kit Oh, it wasn't his fault, it was your own fault for being late.
- Do you want that bag? - No, no.
Jesus Christ, jump in.
Just leave it in the boot or something.
We're going to be late again.
No, we'll be fine, just get your belt on.
- Have you got PE today? - No.
- Belt on.
- You sure? I'm sure.
Why would I Alfred, throw them keys in the front seat there.
I do, I have my boots with me.
- You have your gear? - I have PE tomorrow.
- All right.
Just put your belt on.
- I have it.
- That's great.
- See you later.
- Okay, see you later.
- Bye.
And before you go, there's that fellow over there, over my shoulder.
You see him? - Yeah.
- Do you know him? - No.
Shh! - Do you know him? - No, I've - Anna.
- He's awake, and he knows your name anyhow.
- In you go, put your bag down.
- You all right there, fella? Yeah.
- Aw, fuck - You looking for somebody? Yeah.
Erm I'm just I'm just looking for looking for Anna.
You are Anna, aren't you? - Yeah.
- Mum! Yeah, I thought I so, yeah.
Yeah, I'm just I'm just looking for Anna.
- Do I know you? - Hey, hey, that's far enough, buddy.
- Eh? - Just Just stay there.
- In, please, into the car right now.
- You're all right, can I just have a little word with you, Anna? - Don't come any closer.
- I don't want to cause no arguments or nothing Nobody's looking for an argument, mate.
Look, you're scaring my kids, my wife doesn't know you, okay? - So, just stay where you are.
- They your kids, yeah? Yeah.
All right, kids I said fucking stay there, man, didn't I? - All right, mate.
- Okay, okay, okay.
OK, I'm just - I don't know who you are.
- I don't want to scare anyone, sorry.
- I just want to - You are scaring everybody, all right? I just want a little private word with Anna.
Can I just have a chat with you? How do you know who I am? Can't you remember me, no? I'm sorry.
About that big.
Mate, she doesn't know who you are.
- I think you'd better just leave.
- Hang on, hang on Trust me, mate, she does.
She does know me.
She's the only fucking one that does, mate, she knows me.
It's me, Anna.
It's me, it's Joseph.
MAN'S VOICE: Joe? KID IN CAR: You're going to miss your bus.
Do I look so different? We were that.
No? When we were that? - Oh - We've got the same here, mate.
We've got the same one.
What the hell are you talking about? You and me, you know we are.
Mike - Do you know who he is? - Oh - It's me! - Oh! It's Joseph.
- I am, honest to God, I am.
- Mike - It's me.
- Oh - Jo-Jo.
- You all right? That's my brother.
That's my brother! She knows, she knows me.
You're the only one that knows me.
- It's me.
- Oh, Joe! MAN IN ANNA'S MEMORY: Hey Come on, now.
Listen, you know what your brother's like, okay? You promised.
I know I did, but he's going to see you really soon, and I promise you that.
But what I want you to do now, Anna, is be really, really brave, okay? It's okay to be upset.
And we can write to him every week, okay? - Okay.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Let's get you in the car.
See you soon, Anna.
Joe! Joe [ANNA CRIES.]
- Put that fucking back.
- Okay.
- Put it down, and get the fuck out.
- Okay.
Hi, Uncle Joseph.
I came to say you a prayer to help your head.
Shade of amber [SHE WHISPERS PRAYER.]
Fuck off.
We're sorry, Uncle Joseph [HE GRUNTS, THEY SCREAM AND LAUGH.]
Jesus Christ.
Sorry, sorry, Joe.
How long have I've been asleep? Don't know, 24 hours maybe? How are you? Yeah.
You okay? I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's just it's shock, you know? I don't even know where to start.
Me neither.
I'm trying to put everything together.
I just I haven't heard from you for 30 years.
I thought you were dead.
I should've I should've got in touch with you.
So sorry.
I'm sorry.
I should've tried harder to find you.
I wrote letters, I wrote loads of letters.
And then I wrote less and less and the guards came to Frances' house because you left where you were.
Is that right? Yeah, I ran away.
I ran away from The Towers.
You ran away on your own? Yeah.
At nine? Where did you go? I went I went to Liverpool.
I went to I went to Mum's sister, Auntie Vera.
Oh, my God.
You won't remember them.
They never rang, they never said.
Would've been my fault, really.
I fucking hated you.
Me? Yeah, I did, yeah.
- I was so jealous of you.
- Oh! Do you not think I wanted you to come with me? I was a kid, you know? I mean, I didn't know.
I was younger than you.
I should've took care of you, you were my you were my job.
I looked out the back window, you never came down.
I wanted you to come.
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
I begged Frances to let you stay in the room with me.
Help me try and find you.
I would've done anything to have you with me.
No-one knew where you were.
I told them you were fine.
I told them you were with a nice family and all that, and you didn't want to come with me.
I only wanted to go with you.
We should've been together.
- I'm so sorry.
- Joe I haven't slept a wink, throwing up all night.
Just couldn't believe it, I can't believe it.
Why didn't you come and get me when you were older? Why didn't you tell me you were all right? I was just such a big fuck up.
When I saw you you had a good life and that, you had the kids and you had Michael and Nan.
Part of my heart was missing though.
Part of my heart was missing.
Me too.
I don't know how this is going to work.
I don't know what we're supposed to do.
You know what I mean? Me either.
I'm just really happy to see you.
- Me too.
- I need you.
I'm here, I was always here.
I was always here.
I need you now more than I've ever needed you.
I really do need you.
I'm here.
I know.
- I'm sorry, Joe.
- I'm sorry.
Fucking hell, where's Cilla Black when you want her? "Surprise, surprise, here's your long-lost sister.
" Oh, you don't sound like me, brother.
I know.
It's this Scouse shit I've got going on, haven't I? I can see it in there though.
It's okay, come here.
It's okay.
- Who have I asked to pair off? - Off, off, off.
I did it yesterday.
It shouldn't be her all the time either, now.
- No, I did it yesterday.
- I think It's your turn.
I think everyone will be doing it after dinner today and putting away.
I did it yesterday.
Me and Sean did it yesterday.
- Listen, listen.
Sh-sh-sh, listen! - Everybody will do it, everybody.
- Listen.
- Ah Joseph is going to come downstairs in a few minutes, okay? And he'll have his tea with us and I don't want anybody misbehaving, asking him any crazy questions, do you hear me? Have manners, be good and make him feel what? - Welcome.
- Welcome.
Don't forget that, okay? He's been through a lot of stuff, so just go easy, okay? Go easy on him.
- Can I have bread? - Yes, you can have some bread.
Do you want some? - Hiya.
- All right.
All right, Joe? Michael, Joe.
This is Zak.
Speedy, mouth, brain and feet.
- Hi.
- Afia and Sean.
- All right.
- It's your Uncle Joe.
Sit down.
Dinner's nearly ready, okay? - Yeah.
- What are we having? Sausage and mash and peas.
- Oh! Gravy! - Gravy? - No gravy today.
- Argh! - Cabbage! - Carrots.
- No peas.
No cabbage, carrots.
- There's peas and you'll eat them.
But you know everybody in this house hates peas, except for you.
You have to eat your peas, they're good for you.
Joe, Joe? Will you eat sausage and mash and peas? Yeah, yeah, but I don't like peas.
- Yes! - He agrees with us! I'm with the weans.
In order to set a good example, all the grown-ups are eating - their peas.
- Don't, don't.
- All the grown-ups.
- Don't, don't.
Did you have a good sleep? Yeah, I did thank you.
- No interruptions.
- Maybe not.
I think there was a few interruptions, wasn't there? I don't remember nothing.
That's probably best if you don't remember.
Maybe we'll move you to the, sounds worse than it is, garage, there's a bed in it and there's a bathroom and Little toilet, like.
- You can have it to yourself, you know? - It's private.
If it's any trouble or anything No trouble at all, it's fine.
It's there.
It'll just give you a bit of space.
Okay, thank you.
I was talking to Mike, he has a building company.
I don't know if that something you are interested in, but he said he'd be able to throw a few hours your way.
You could help out maybe, I don't know? If you're up for it, you know it's up to you.
- Of course, yeah.
- Great.
Have you done any building work before? - Yeah, I've done loads.
- Have you? Yeah, I'm a painter and decorator by trade.
- Great.
- You know, I'm a grafter.
I'm short at the moment, yeah, so perfect, if you can chip in, yeah.
Do you have any family? Yeah, yeah, I've got a little one.
His name is Shane.
I've a nephew? Yeah.
What age is he? - He's nine.
- Ooh.
Is he back at home, is he in Liverpool? No, well, I live in Sheffield.
He's in Australia at the minute.
He's there with his mum, he'll be there for a little bit.
- How come you don't look like Mum - Or sound like her? Yeah.
Amazing job on the questions, guys! - Thanks.
- Thanks.
They do look a little bit alike, don't they? - No! - No, not at all! I think we do, a little bit.
How come you're not dead, like Mum said? - Jesus Christ, Sean.
- Good man, Sean.
Did you get a new mum and dad like mum did? - No, your mum went to - Er Remember My mum died, our mum and dad and erm we went to a special house for little boys and girls.
An orphanage? Er, kind of.
And Nan Francis and Grandad Tom came to visit that house and they brought me home with them.
How come they didn't take Uncle Joe? Who took care of him? Erm I'm not sure if this is the right time for this conversation.
When is the right time, Mike? Well, I don't know but I erm I went to a, when your mum went, I went to a boy's school.
How come you never went with her? Erm, it's complicated, Sean.
Did they get like first pick or something? Christ Erm, sometimes It's all right, love, you don't have to do this.
Sometimes mums and dads just, erm, only have money for one child, or a room for one.
But yous could have slept in the same bed? - Yes.
- Right, that's enough of that.
- We could have done.
- Yeah.
We'll talk about it another time.
- Is dinner nearly ready? - Yep.
- Starving - Starving Marvin! - Can you hear something? - I can hear something.
- Sh! - Quiet.
- It sounds like Auntie Dinah, - Yeah.
doesn't it? Wait there.
No, no.
For Christ's sake.
- Mike? - Aw! Get downstairs.
Christ's sake, come on, downstairs.
Jesus Christ! Anna? I'm in our room.
Please! Let go.
Leave her alone! Oh, Jesus! She picks her fucking moments, doesn't she? She certainly does.
What's happening? Who's that? That, Joseph, is my sister.
The fucking bitch next door is going to have a field day with this.
I don't know what to say about this one.
What are you going to do? Would you fucking let me down.
- Shouldn't we do something? - No, she'll be all right.
Leave her alone! [SHOUTING.]
You can't let him grab her like that, look at that.
- She's well able, don't worry.
- Leave her alone! He's shouting at our kids.
- Fuck off and piss off and go home.
- Get home! You twat.
She sparked him out there, didn't she? Fucking amazing.
He'll be all right.
So, the the wedding's off then, is it? Yeah, wedding's off.
How long did that last? - Four weeks.
- Four weeks? Dinah, I've sausage and mash No, I'm grand, I'm just going to grab No, no, you may as well stay - for dinner.
- That's all right.
There's plenty here, so you might as well stay put.
- Are you sure, love? - Yeah, positive.
Joe, do you want a cup of tea? Who am I sleeping with, sleeping with you? Er, yes, please.
Is that all right? Yeah, yeah, no problem.
- Three nights.
- Would you like a cup of tea? - Three nights, max.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Stay as long as you want, sure.
- Yeah.
Open house here.
- Oh, fuck's sake, how is it? I'm - Dinah, watch the swearing.
- Sorry.
- Hiya, I'm Joe.
- Dinah.
- This is, erm, Joe.
- Joe, pleased to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Are you working with him? Not yet, but, yeah, probably.
Maybe in a couple of days' time, I don't know, whatever.
You'll have it easy with him.
Dinah, this is erm me brother.
You don't have a brother.
Well, you do have a brother, but he is dead, isn't he? Will you just listen for a second? That's me brother.
- Fuck off! - Swearing! He just, he came over yesterday so Guys, calm down wee bit for a little bit for a minute, all right? He looks nothing like you.
It's me brother.
I'm really sorry - erm, Dinah, sorry.
- Hi, Dinah.
- So - I know, I can pop round to the No, it's grand, stay where you are, it's fine there's room for everybody.
Sit down, just sit, just sit down.
- Fucking take a minute, will you? - Swear box! Look, if there's any problem - There's no problem.
- No problem, no problem, mate.
Just stay as long as he wants, it's fine.
No, I can just sleep on the couch.
It's fine.
Sure, we're used to it at this stage.
Here he is.
Came back yesterday, so - Fuck me, this is mad.
- KIDS: Swear box! Yeah, sorry.
I think that's probably enough teddies now, kid, huh? Yeah.
- Save some for your own room.
- Ta.
All right.
Good job, right, you to go off to bed, do your teeth.
I'll be up to tuck you in a minute.
Say goodnight to uncle Joe.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, champ.
Finishing touches.
- Bye.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Bye.
Plenty of company, anyway.
Hope they won't freak you out in the middle of the night.
Erm, is this okay for you? Yeah, yeah it's lovely.
Is this okay for you? Of course.
It's been a big day, but we'll get there.
Thank you.
Of course, I want you to be comfortable.
Erm I'll let you get settled.
I'm probably not going to sleep, so if you need anything, give me a shout.
Do you want me to close it, or leave it open? - Yeah, can you close it, please? - Okay.
- I'll see you in the morning.
- Goodnight, God bless.
You too.
- Hiya.
- Hiya.
So, obviously, with Joe being here, I put most of the stuff into the garage, you know, to make him as comfortable as possible, so I found you this.
It'll do you for tonight.
Oh, great.
That picnic blanket you got out of the car.
Well, I have a spare duvet, but it's up in the attic.
Can I get it? No, if you pull the stairs out, it'll make a racket and I don't want to wake the kids, I don't want to wake Joe and I could do with a pillow, to be honest.
Erm, we gave the last two into Joe.
But those cushions will do you.
I'll get you the other stuff tomorrow, if you need it.
Well it's only going to be for tonight tho, and then I'm going to clear off somewhere.
There's just a bit of leftover spag bol in the fridge.
Oh, yeah, nice one.
So, if you could leave that for Joe? Yeah, of course, Joe.
I don't want to be hungry, he's not really had much dinner and Not in that second helping anyway, no.
He's had nothing to eat, you know? Right, just I'm going to go to bed, I'm wrecked.
Keep it down in here and if you have that telly on, don't have it too loud.
No, I'm not going to.
Probably wouldn't hear it past this anyway, so Just turn it upside down.
Cheers, Joe.
Did you, um Did you have a lot of trouble finding Anna, tracking her down? No, no, not really.
To be honest with you, it wasn't me, it was Debbie, my ex.
She, erm she was the one that's good on computers and that.
She just went on one of them Friends Reunited things, and that.
Just the school that we went to, her maiden name, me ma's and da's maiden name and everything.
And that was it, basically.
We tracked her down, sort of.
Fucking hell, I'm making her sound like she was Columbo or something.
It wasn't like that, you know.
And then we found out she was married to you, obviously and that you had a company.
What, all that came up on the website, did it? Yeah.
you can find all kinds out, do you know what I mean? It's a bit scary, really.
Yeah, yeah.
Taxman'll be after me.
Yeah, you could have any weirdo turning up at your door, - do you know what I mean? - Yeah, yeah.
- Well, we did.
- Exactly! I found out about four or five years ago, I think.
- Four or five years ago? - Yeah.
I suppose it's not something you can rush, is it? No, no, it's not.
TV: Now, we're going to start building these up, so what I've got is I've just got some really nice glasses and again you can put - these in whatever - We're getting the posh glasses, - are we? - Very posh glasses, yes.
Listen, I know there's a family of thousands here, so [DOOR OPENS.]
I'm home! - All right? - All right, what you got there? - Nothing.
- Nothing? Er it's just a little something I picked up at the market yesterday.
Yeah? What is it, a camcorder over there? Does it shoot HD? - Little hand-held.
- Give us a look at that.
- Don't tell Mike.
- I'm not going to say anything to Mike.
- Don't.
- I won't, I swear.
Jesus Christ, the size of that.
- Good, innit? - No, it's not that, it's really, really quite something.
It's the RX300, it's the Rolls-Royce of fake fags.
Is that what they told you when they sold it to you? - Yeah.
- Then you got completely shafted cos they come really small.
Like, so small that you can put them in your pocket - and they think they're a pen.
- There's no kick off the skinny ones.
Give us a go.
There you go.
- Did the kids get off okay, yeah? - Yeah, they got off grand.
I think Zach looked at every bloody sign between here and the school.
- He likes doing that.
- Yeah, he likes doing that, it's a bit strange.
Usually takes a bit longer to get there.
I thought you'd be back a bit later, and I wouldn't be rumbled.
Bit stressed, yeah? You could say that.
Sorry, that's a stupid question.
It's been a mental few days.
- Hiya, lads.
- Michael.
Jesus Christ.
Tea break first thing? Yeah? - Can't function without it.
- Have you lifted a finger so far? - For the cup.
- For the cup, aye, aye, well done.
Right, look, this is, er, Joseph.
Joseph is, er All right, kiddo, how you doing? is the missus', um brother.
Yeah, Joe, er Well, he kind of turned up unexpectedly a few days ago.
He's going to be helping us here on the site for a few days.
Well, you know, as long as you want, really.
He's done a bit of work before, so he's well up on it all.
If you need a hand with anything, just, you know, give him a shout.
- That's all right, isn't it? - Yeah, of course, yeah.
Yeah, that's Glen.
This is Craigy.
Shake his fucking hand or something, Craigy! Erm this is, er, Shrek.
All right.
Erm, Seamus.
And, er, this is John.
- Nice to meet you.
- Right, okay.
Well, would you like me to make you another cup of tea, lads, eh? And a few biscuits maybe, eh? Get fucking cracking, lads, Jesus Christ.
Craigy there, the guy in the orange.
He's, er a bit odd but, I mean, he's grand really.
But he was, um He was caught last year, er exposing himself down a country lane.
- To kids? - No! Jesus, no, no, there was no kids involved.
It was, uh I think it was an old couple out walking their dog or something.
But, er Anyway, he was going through a bit of a rough patch and the lads take the piss out of him, but he's all right really.
Just in case you hear anything on the site cos, you know, the lads'll probably fill you in at some point.
- Okay.
- But it was nothing too serious.
He's all right, as I said.
Okay, okay, yeah.
- So I'll crack on, then.
- Yeah, yeah fine.
- Glen, Glen? - Yeah? Do you need any cement mixed or anything? Aye, good man.
- Will you show Joseph what to do? - Yeah, just getting a bit of water.
All right, cheers.
- You are all right, Joe? - Yeah, ta.
- I'll check in with you in a bit.
- Okay, mate.
- The only fucking tap's down here.
- Okay, mate.
- You're Liverpool, are you? - I am, yeah, lad, yeah.
I think so, yeah.
No, it's Michael here.
Any sign of that delivery? No, I'm expecting it today.
You just take it up inside the door, we're making a bit of a Okay.
Just inside the door there? [WATER RUNS QUICKLY.]
Jesus Christ.
Listen, what's happening with that delivery? No, I need it here today.
Yeah, nice one.
Like a dickhead.
No, I need ten sheets Get the next one now.
- All right, Joe.
- All right, mate.
No, I need it here by lunchtime.
Listen, if you can't fucking do it, I'll go somewhere else.
- Shall I get another bucket of water? - Grand.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Yeah, all right.
- Could you lads bring me plaster? - Yeah, I'm just getting the water, - mate, yeah? - Yeah.
- Tommy Francis Smith? - Yes.
Is everything Okay? Yes.
This is Guard O'Hagan and I'm Guard Fowler.
We were just wondering if we could have a word with you, please.
- Yeah, sure.
- Would you mind us coming inside? Yeah, sure.
Francis used to go out How are you doing? You know, Francis and Tom took me and, er he went to another Like a home for boys.
Anyway, he obviously fucking hated it cos he took off.
I remember, erm the guards came up to Francis's thinking he might've showed up back there, but he didn't.
Everybody thought he was dead.
I fucking thought he was dead.
Haven't heard from him in .
30 31 years.
- Fuck.
- It's mental.
It's a long time.
Part of me's absolutely fucking chuffed he's back.
Of course.
And the rest of me doesn't know what to do with it.
- I can move out if you want.
- No, you're not moving out.
This is as much your house as it is his, love.
Yeah, well, I'm kind of taking the piss a bit and I know that, I'm sorry.
- We've always room for you.
- Mm.
- Room at the magical inn.
- Mm.
Where wonderful things happen.
Where a genie now lives in a bit of magical smoke machine.
Tonight, Matthew I'm going to be losing my mind.
Please don't do that.
No, I'm not.
As long as I have this, I'll be all right.
There's one more for you.
Cheers, mate, thanks.
- You're not avoiding me are you? - Eh? It's just every time I come near you today, you're off like a shot, you know? No.
Just keeping my head down, just doing my job.
Have the lads been telling you stories about me? - No.
- About me losing it last year? No-one's said anything.
Yeah, because I know what they say about me, you know, that that I'm a paedophile or something like that, but it wasn't like that.
- It's none of my business - I had a breakdown, all right? After my wife left me, and that.
And it wasn't the kiddies or anything like that, you know? It was some stupid fucking old couple in the park.
I'm not judging or nothing, mate.
Do you know what I mean? We've all done some crazy shit, an' that.
It's nothing to do with me.
Would you like to go for a drink later on? - I-I don't drink.
- Yeah.
I'll get you a lemonade, you know? I've just moved in at my sister's Now, look, the reason I'm asking, and, er I might be wrong, but, erm I think I know you, Joe.
No, I've never met you, mate.
You might have me mixed up with someone else, I'm not from round here.
Michael said that you were Anna's brother, Joe.
And I know that Anna and Joe was in care.
And that after she was adopted, he came up to the Towers and I was there, you know? He was only there a short while, then he ran off.
And And people said he was dead.
Is it you? Fucking hell.
Fucking hell.
Come on, Joe.
I won't say a word to anyone, you know.
I won't breathe a word of it.
Thanks, Joe.