The Voice US (2011) s14e12 Episode Script

The Knockouts Premiere

1 Tonight for the first time ever - Oh, my God! - DALY: our coaches will call on - Hi! - four "Voice" champions - Hi! - to help their teams prepare for the most crucial and competitive round yet the knockouts.
CASSADEE: I am the champion DALY: Joining Kelly Clarkson, Grammy Award-nominated Cassadee Pope.
Teaming up with his former coach, Adam Levine, the top-selling artist in "Voice" history, Jordan Smith.
Alicia Keys called on her first winner, fresh off the release of his hit single, "Blue Blood Blues," Chris Blue.
Whoa! DALY: And Blake Shelton brought in his latest champion with the highest charting knockout performance ever, Chloe Kohanski.
Our advisers know the importance of choosing the right song.
With a song like this, you have to have a certain swag.
DALY: They know what it takes to face their own teammate When I was on this stage, I realized that that nice guy, that cat had to go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
and how a second chance can change everything.
I lost this round, but this is when I ended up with Blake.
My strategy, that was to show people what kind of artist you're gonna be after the show.
I'm alive Yeah! Save me from the nothing I've become DALY: In a new twist to the knockouts, we've added DALY: Whoa! The Save The Save! which gives each coach one chance to keep a deserving artist on their team.
You're not going anywhere! But with the steals in play Whoa! Now we got a steal! No! We got another steal! Oh! the artist can go with a different coach.
[Blake laughs] Two steals, one save.
America, get ready for the knockouts.
So, I have been lobbying for this for 14 seasons.
What is that? We have a Save button to use on our own teams this year.
Ooh, I love this.
But here's the trick, Kelly.
When to use it? I'm able to use my steal because we still have steal buttons.
What is the difference, pronunciation-wise between you saying the word "steal," as in "I stole a red steal?" Yeah? and "I still?" Oh, a still is like what you make whiskey out of.
That's crazy, 'cause that question had nothing to do with alcohol.
[Laughs] First day of knockouts.
Oh, man.
Here we go.
I have cold hands.
Oh! Oh! DALY: Let's check in with Team Blake and his adviser You're already back on "The Voice" again.
the highest-charting knockout artist ever The landslide will bring you down DALY: taking a break from recording her new music, Season 13 winner, Chloe Kohanski.
"The Voice" is almost like a crash course or a college course on the music industry.
Right now, I'm already seeing in the writing sessions, in the recording sessions, it's literally just kind of an extended version of this show.
I have stood right here with Taylor Swift, with you name it.
And nobody can give better advice than you having just gone through this.
This was actually the turning point for you on the show because Yeah, this is when you stole me.
I can't think of anybody better than Chloe for my adviser.
I think this girl's gonna be a superstar.
Will you help me find a new winner? Oh, yeah.
We gotta keep this legacy going, for sure.
Let's do it.
I paired Jaclyn and Kyla together because they're both equally powerful in their own ways.
Kyla has this incredible range, and Jaclyn's tone is absolutely remarkable.
- What's up, kids? - Hi! - What's up? - Get in here.
Is that Chloe? Hello.
That is Chloe.
Hi, Chloe! Hi! I loved her rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart.
" I feel like the power that she gave on that stage was incredible, and I just wanted to get every piece of advice I could from her.
I'm so excited for both of you.
BLAKE: Let's start.
KYLA: Before the blind auditions, I was touring as a background singer for Jennifer Hudson.
One more time I'm challenged every round at being in front and having no background singers.
Taking that step to the front of the stage now, that's weird to her, as she stares at the floor.
It's like unraveling all of these things that I've never had to deal with.
I would like to show Blake that I'm not one-dimensional.
I'm teachable, and I'm passionate.
You don't own me I've struggled.
I've sacrificed.
All of those things have made me the strong woman that I am, and I wanted this song to represent those who don't have a voice.
And don't tell me what to do CHLOE: Kyla is a tiger of a woman.
KYLA: Don't tell me what to say CHLOE: Everything she did was so intentional, and there's such a large presence in her voice.
Oooooh Ooh.
Wow! BLAKE: I can tell that this song means something to you, but you weren't quite sure what you were gonna do at the ending.
Figure that out, yeah.
This is the time to make your move, because I love this element of being planted, but your arms and you and who you are Yeah.
is is just it's filling the whole space of the room.
Let me stand still.
Blake actually had a moment with me last season where I was trying to move, and he was like, "Chloe, just stay still.
Just sing.
" I'm either going to push myself to be in the front, or I can go home.
I lost this round, but this is when I ended up with Blake.
Come on up here.
Kyla has so much skill and such a big background in music.
It can be intimidating.
I really have to show what I have that's unique.
So, honey, now [Cheers and applause] Blake decided to steal me, and I was just stunned.
There's no way she's going home.
Thank you so much.
Being able to work with both Alicia and Blake and having two totally different perspectives is just the hugest blessing.
It's this amazing opportunity that I couldn't get back home.
I'm from Placerville, California, and I just turned 17 years old.
I've been homeschooled all of my life, and we always had a guitar in the corner or a piano.
And so "The Voice" is just a huge platform for me.
Go put your records on Tell me your favorite song I love how sweet Jaclyn's voice is.
She's got this soft tone.
There's just something soothing about her voice.
Maybe sometimes JACLYN: I picked "Put Your Records On" because being in the knockouts, you have to keep stepping it up.
I just have to show off my unique tone, unique sound.
I would really like to prove to Blake that it was worth stealing me.
You're a little bit afraid to just let it fly.
It's keeping you in a box almost.
Okay, I have to find my place in the song.
You know what she's capable of, and she's sitting right there listening to you.
At the end of the day, you just gotta believe that you made it onto the show because you're a great singer, and and I used one of my steals on you.
You have a beautiful voice.
It's jazzy, but it's modern.
You went up and it was that super high note but you just like danced on it, my whole body got chills.
It's really weird being on the other side and thinking, like, "I was just there, and I was so scared.
" You should be so proud of yourself.
I'm gonna give you a hug just because you Thank you.
And to be 17 and really taking that on is huge.
BLAKE: Come on up here.
This knockout's gonna come down to whoever has the most confidence.
And Kyla's gotta step into that role of being front and center, and Jaclyn's gotta shake her nerves off.
This is the most exciting knockouts that we've ever had.
It's the first time ever the coaches have a save.
That's crazy.
So whatever you got, throw it out there.
If I lose the knockout, I would like to get saved.
I've learned so much from this experience, so I want to be here as long as I can.
With "Put Your Records On," here is Jaclyn Lovey.
She's the cutest.
Three little birds sat on my window And they told me I don't need to worry Summer came like cinnamon So sweet I like her.
Little girls double-Dutch on the concrete Yeah! Maybe sometimes We've got it wrong She's amazing.
But it's all right The more things seem to change Yeah! The more they stay the same Mm, don't you hesitate Girl, put your records on Tell me your favorite song You go ahead, let your hair down You're gonna find yourself somewhere Somehow 'Twas more than I could take Pity for pity's sake Some nights kept me awake I thought that I was stronger When you gonna realize That you don't even have to try any longer? Do what you want to Get those records on Hey! Tell me your favorite song You go ahead, let your hair down Sapphire and faded jeans I hope you get your dreams Just go ahead, let your hair down You're gonna find yourself somewhere Somehow [Cheers and applause] Whoo! Yeah! Now with "You Don't Own Me," here is Kyla Jade.
Hand on the hip?! [Laughs] You don't own me I'm not just one of your many toys You don't own me Don't say I can't go with other boys And don't tell me what to do Don't tell me what to say And please, when I go out with you Don't put me on display 'Cause you don't own me Don't try to change me any way You don't own me Don't tie me down 'cause I'll never stay I don't tell you what to say And I don't tell you what to do So just let me be myself That's all I ask of you 'Cause I'm young and I love to be young I'm free And I've got to be free To live my life the way that I want To say and do whatever I please You don't own me Ohh, no Whoa! You don't own me No You don't own me Me [Cheers and applause] What?! [Cheers and applause] I mean [Chuckles] I love you.
I love you.
In the history of "The Voice," no stranger pairing ever.
[Laughter] Why is she on his team?! Kelly, that's a question I've been asking myself.
She's said Yeaaah I was like, "What?!" [Laughter] Kelly, Kelly! Stay with me, girl.
I'm here.
You ask, what is she doing on his team? I've been asking that question about every single person that's ever been on Blake Shelton's team.
But it's so crazy 'cause, Jaclyn, you come out.
Oh, put your records on It's so great.
It's like sweetest, most angelic, beautiful.
And then Kyla comes out and it was equally incredible.
Both stellar.
Thank you.
I want to congratulate the both of you guys.
I love that song.
I love Lesley Gore.
But I love it even more because that whole theme song at the end of "First Wives Club," when they're, like, dancing Diane Keaton and Bette Midler.
But if they would have been dancing to that version, they would have been, like, dipping.
Like, you know what I mean? It'd have been, like, a whole different It would have been like, "Hey!" Like [Laughs] Kelly, you're, like, the weirdest person.
I don't care! I will be singing in my shower tonight.
And in my brain movie, I sound like you.
Like[Laughs] Jaclyn, I can't sound like that, either.
Like, I have head voice, but yours is like It's like a secret.
Thank you.
[Cheers and applause] Jaclyn, I loved how you just performed up here.
You were so free.
You're magic.
I'm so proud of you, Jaclyn, seriously.
Thank you.
Kyla we just all died.
You know what I mean? [Applause] DALY: All right, Coaches.
Blake, give us some thoughts before you tell us who won this knockout.
BLAKE: Jaclyn, the song that you chose allowed me to learn something about you, and Kelly said it perfectly.
It's like your voice is almost a secret.
And it's so good, so Thanks.
Thank you.
That just is what it is.
And, Kyla, I feel like you're beginning to own the front of the stage, and I think it probably has to do with what this song means to you at this moment in time.
[Cheers and applause] Tough one for you here, Blake.
Who is the winner of this knockout? Appreciate both you guys.
Uh The winner of this knockout is Kyla.
Kyla, congratulations.
You are advancing.
I'm grateful to Blake for continuing to choose me.
Thank you.
You are incredible.
Thank you, Blake.
It motivates me to prove to him that he made the right choice.
Jaclyn, anything you'd like to say to your coach? Uh, I just wanted to thank you for giving me a second chance, and I'm just so grateful that I got the opportunity to work with two amazing coaches.
Thank you.
Give it up for Jaclyn Lovey, ladies and gentlemen.
BLAKE: I think Jaclyn is just as talented in a completely different way than Kyla.
In this moment, though, I really feel like Kyla made us feel what she was singing, and and that's why she won the knockout.
DALY: Coming up [Cheering] Jordan Smith! DALY: four "Voice" champions - Hi! - and our coaches prepare the artists So when you go there, go there.
Go there.
for a night of inspiring performances.
- Damn - Yes! I've become Can't you tell that I want you, baby, yeah Slow hands Whoo! DALY: We've got a steal! We've got another steal! Three steals and a save! We've never seen it! This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to the knockouts.
- Cassadee Pope.
I'm so excited you're here.
- Yay! I cannot wait! DALY: Helping advise Team Kelly is Season 3 champion, CMT Music Award winner and Grammy Award nominee Cassadee Pope.
You stupid boy KELLY: Cassadee is smart and knowledgeable about what goes on in this kind of competition and afterwards, which is pretty awesome just to show them there is longevity after this show.
CASSADEE: I feel very lucky that I got to go through this experience.
I am releasing new material did it in Nashville.
I'm gonna shoot a music video soon for it, which I think is incredible.
I don't think they've ever had anybody back that's won, to do this.
No, this is the first time, I think.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's almost like a nice pay-it-forward moment.
I'm so excited.
DALY: Now let's meet Kelly's first knockout pairing.
I paired Justin and Kaleb 'cause they're my two country people.
I do have to think a little bit of strategy.
I don't want my country voters to split amongst the two.
Oh, hi! Hi! I'm obsessed with Cassadee Pope.
She's had a super successful country music career.
She's been in our shoes.
The advice that she can give us is priceless.
The knockouts were Actually, the first year was when I was on the show.
Did you get nervous? Girl, I can't even explain.
If I could give any advice, it would just be to have a cookie and relax.
I'm working on this one's nerves a little bit.
Yeah, 'cause you're so good! So you can take a seat, Kaleb, and then you're gonna go.
Oh, all right.
What song are you gonna perform for us today? "Shameless" by Billy Joel in the style of Garth Brooks.
Yes! Yes.
'Cause I'm gonna be shameless in this moment.
I'm shameless When it comes to loving you I definitely had a lot of doors close in the county music world.
I just kind of got discouraged.
It comes from a place of having had shame with being gay.
So I switched genres of music, went to pop, started doing EDM, but it still wasn't what I wanted to do.
And then, eventually, I stopped doing music.
My mother, she was like, "You're not you anymore.
" And I realized I can't live without country music.
So I decide to audition for "The Voice.
" Kelly has really helped to bring me out of my shell.
Stand up! I don't think I could have picked a better coach.
But if you need to be satisfied, I'm shameless I'm a huge fan of Garth and his version of this song.
I'm gonna put a lot of emotion into it, and I think that's definitely the kind of song that I would love to put on a record.
Oh, my gosh.
I love your voice.
It's buttery.
Thank you so much.
There's this awesome scratchiness, raspiness to your voice.
But when you're singing in your high register, it sounded like it was a slight struggle.
So I'd work on that.
Don't clinch.
The worst thing we do as vocalists is we tighten up.
And then it constricts.
CASSADEE: Justin was so captivating.
But I also felt like he was really he was pushing, instead of just hitting it with confidence.
You love Garth.
He's a vocalist Yeah.
but he is an entertainer, first and foremost.
Yeah, absolutely.
Choosing a Garth Brooks song is a bold move, y'all.
That's Garth Brooks.
This song is about, "This is what God gave me.
" I need you to preach that message to everyone in this room, 'cause it's a competition.
And he's your competition.
So you show that mother what you can do.
[Laughter] All right, Kaleb, you get up here.
Thank you so much.
Kaleb is new to my team.
He was one of my steals.
I remember his family in the blinds, you know, when he didn't pick me, um [Laughs] Look at those boots! KALEB: It was really, really cool to see Blake and Kelly both turn.
You want to FaceTime Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood? KALEB: Kelly said some incredible things, actually put a lot more doubt in my mind than I thought I would have.
I pick Blake.
All right! What if I love you, baby? Don't, don't, don't, no The winner is Pryor.
So, when she stole me Look at that! I feel like this is the place I'm supposed to be.
I have something for you.
Oh, you do? These are my kids.
They wanted to send you a message.
Thanks for stealing our dad! Oh! KALEB: I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the encouragement of my wife and my kids.
We live out in our old van Travel all across this land Me and you This is the first opportunity I've really had to show off more of the emotional side of my voice.
Just as free The lyrics express life should be about family, it should be about love.
We're free as we'll ever be Oh, my God! Whoo! I chose to put away music for a while to focus on my family.
We have two beautiful little girls and adopted a little boy, and I want to win for them.
Me and you Yeah! Oh, my God! Okay with that tone! [Laughs] I can't wait to rub this moment in Blake's face.
Oh, he's gonna be so When I win the show, we made a bet, he has to call me Queen Kelly Clarkson.
Yes! Amazing.
That is amazing.
If he wins, I just have to shut up for five minutes.
Are you serious? [Laughs] I am elated that I stole Kaleb.
Blake is so dumb.
Those big notes are money.
It was so tasteful.
I wanted one more moment of that Ever be It's a money spot in your voice.
Yeah, just harness your strengths.
What's so amazing about both of your voices is you bring a completely different style to country music.
I was a little blown away.
I'm gonna have to do what Kaleb does, plus some.
It's no secret.
I have the best team.
You do.
Thank you.
And this is a new thing this season that I'm very excited about.
There is a save.
So I'm holding out for that moment when I can't pick one.
I think the knockout between Justin and Kaleb will be really tough.
Justin has a really cool rasp.
Hopefully, the nerves will settle for him.
Deep breaths.
And Kaleb, he is a true, true artist.
There's definitely a lane for both of them in country music.
I'll bring them on tour if they want.
[Laughs] And say hello to your kiddos for me.
I will.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
They're so cute.
They're adorable.
[Cheers and applause] Whoo! From Team Kelly with "Free," here is Kaleb Lee.
We live out in our old van Travel all across this land Me and you [Cheers and applause] I like him.
And we'll end up hand in hand Somewhere down on the sand Just me and you Just as free We're free as we'll ever be Yeah.
Just as free We're free as we'll ever be Ohhh Wow.
He's dope.
Really good.
And, no, we don't have a lot of money No, we don't have a lot of money No, we don't have a lot of money All we need is love We're free as we'll ever be Yeah! Oh, we're just as free Wow.
Free as we'll ever be So we live out in our old van Travel all across this land Me and you [Cheers and applause] Whoo! This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back.
With "Shameless," here's Justin Kilgore.
[Cheers and applause] KELLY: Yeah! And I'm shameless When it comes to loving you I'll do anything you want me to I'll do anything at all And I'm standing Here for all the world to see Oh, baby, that's what's left of me I don't have very far to fall You know now I'm not a man who's ever been Insecure about the world I've been living in I don't break easy I have my pride But if you need to be satisfied I'm shameless Oh, honey, I don't have a prayer Every time I see you standin' there I go down upon my knees And I'm changing Swore I'd never compromise Oh, but you convinced me otherwise I'll do anything you please You know it should be easy for a man who's strong To say he's sorry or admit when he's wrong I never lost anything I ever missed But I've never been in love like this It's out of my hands I'm shameless Shameless as a man can be You can make a total fool of me Well, I just wanted you to know I'm shameless [Cheers and applause] ALICIA: Justin, "Shameless" by Billy Joel showed me more to your range.
And, um, Kaleb, you're continuing to show that you are just a force to be reckoned with, for sure.
Thank you.
You're choosing your own songs.
So you're kind of putting yourself out there.
Justin, you had this intensity to what you were doing that didn't go with, "Well, I'm shameless.
" So I was trying to figure out who you were.
I think that with you, Kaleb, there's something so purely country about you.
You're the real deal.
Thank you.
[Cheers and applause] I'm gonna come to Justin's defense here, because I don't think they realize that was the Garth Brooks version, and Garth's version of that song is kind of intense.
But at the same time, I feel like you were lost somewhere in the middle of the Billy Joel version and the Garth version, and I, honestly, think nerves got to you.
And, Kaleb, my biggest regret this season is that I had to let you go, man.
And especially now, seeing you perform like that I mean, this is gonna be something I am never going to hear the end of from this person right here.
So that's a feather in your cap, man.
I screwed up.
I forgive you, Blake.
[Laughter] DALY: Thank you, Coaches.
Kelly Clarkson, what'd you think? I mean, obviously, Justin, I'm a huge fan of your voice.
Even from the blinds, I mean, we all four turned around for you.
The runs you do, they're cool and different for country music, which I love.
And, actually, he's been working on his nerves, and I found you were less nervous this time around - This time around.
- than you've been the whole time.
Like, I'm always like, "Stop being nervous!" And, Kaleb, I was impressed by you in the blinds, and then I was even more impressed by you in the battles.
And now, I mean, I looked at Blake, and I was like, "You're stupid.
" [Laughter] [Applause] Tough decision for you, Kelly.
Based on this knockout performance, the winner of this knockout is Kaleb.
Kaleb, congratulations! You're advancing to the live playoffs.
I'm very excited about Kaleb because he is my country guy that is just a solid singer.
Oh, you did so well! Oh! Coaches, let me remind you, Justin is available to save or steal.
Justin, I'm so sorry! Don't be sorry.
Justin, would you like to say anything to your coach? You can be so mad at me.
I totally get it.
I could not be mad if I wanted to.
It's been an incredible experience, and I'm just honored to have been on your team to be picked.
Give it up for Justin Kilgore! I love Justin's voice.
But in this particular circumstance, Kaleb shined brighter than he's ever shined on this show.
I love I do I love you.
I only have one save, and I need to make sure it's the right person.
DALY: Still to come Wade in the water DALY: with a spot in the live playoffs on the line, the artists give it their all Oh, come on Wake me up inside That was so good! I'm not letting you go.
DALY: inspiring our coaches to steal Oh! and save.
Oh! Three steals and a save! We've never seen it! This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to night one of the knockouts.
For his adviser, Adam enlisted his Season 9 winner Somebody to love and the top-selling artist in "Voice" history, finishing his new studio album coming this spring, Jordan Smith.
JORDAN: Coming straight off "The Voice," I released two full-length projects.
I've just really been focusing on writing.
I have 13 songs, and the record's finished.
It's about to come out.
I'm excited.
You are literally the best singer ever.
Oh, stop.
You know it's true.
Keep going.
I'm happy you're here to help these guys out, 'cause you are truly incredible.
It's gonna be fun.
DALY: Let's meet the first knockout pairing from Team Adam.
ADAM: I stole Jackie because her voice was undeniably powerful.
Mia, when she opens her mouth and starts singing, I'm telling you, I think that will be my toughest decision.
Hey! Whoo! Hey! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! It's Adam Levine! Who's standing onstage but Jordan Smith.
Hi, I'm Jordan.
He won this show.
He gets it.
He knows exactly what we're feeling, and he's what we want to be.
Meet Adam.
I brought him along to kind of help me coach you guys.
He's changed so much since we met.
He's a little more arrogant.
[Laughter] Jackie? You're gonna go first.
By the way, thank you so much for stealing me.
Are you kidding me? Like, that was unreal.
I got to get away Yeah! DALY: A triple steal! Boom, boom, boom! I was in shock.
That was my favorite battle to date.
I couldn't take my eyes off you, Jackie.
Adam! I chose Adam because he's someone that has everything that I wanted to be, that pop/rock, and I felt like he truly saw me as an artist.
I'm in a band back in Boston.
We all go to Berklee College of Music.
And we're a female-fronted rock band.
For me, it's really fun to have a persona onstage.
I put on the dark makeup.
I let my hair go everywhere.
And then you see me out on the street, and I'm wearing really girlie clothes, I have my hair up.
I'm a nerd.
And I'm taking time off from graduating and walking across that stage and getting my diploma.
So for me, everything's riding on this.
Leading you down into my core Where I've become so numb I'm singing "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence.
Without a soul I feel like that really represents me because when I get in my rock moods, I let loose.
I am I want to be an alternative rock singer.
The nothing I've become Damn.
Whoo-whoo! My face has just been melted.
Okay, I want to tell you something.
The quiet parts of the song are the hard parts.
I think it's gonna be important for you to not give away all of the power that you have in your voice the whole song.
You know, it's a difficult song, but I would love to see her take it to the next level and really show that she has two sides to her voice the tender, beautiful, and the belting, powerful side.
It's the perfect choice, and it shows me a lot about people, the songs they choose.
I mean, yeah, and this is the moment to make that choice of, like, this is a good representation of what I want to be.
Well said.
ADAM: I fell in love with Jackie.
Her power is there in spades.
To me, she's a star.
MIA: When I was young, people called me fat.
So I completely shut down.
I was too embarrassed to sing in front of people.
For a couple years, I even stopped playing music.
At a certain point in my life, I decided to lose some weight.
I started to feel a little bit more confident in myself, and that really just made me want to sing again.
So for the past few years, I've been singing in wedding venues, clubs in Boston, and the reason why I decided to come to the show was to be the outlet for people to say, "I can do this, too.
" It's a paradise I spent my whole life hearing that you're not good enough.
You are gonna be the best one-chair turn of this season, maybe ever.
The best advice I can offer you is don't worry so much about the technical.
Loosen up.
It was a little tight.
Now that Adam has taken me under his wing, I feel like I'm the most confident person.
What are you singing to us today? I am singing "Wade in the Water.
" Ooh.
I've always loved blues music.
My dad raised me on, like, Little Feat and Keb' Mo'.
This is gonna be fun.
My team is fun this year 'cause everyone is so good.
Oh, my God.
I was shaking in my boots the last round.
And now, got her.
I really feel like you push me to my limits.
That's right.
I need that.
That's what he's good for.
That's all I'm good for.
Pushing you to the limit of your patience.
[Laughs] So funny.
Wade in the water This is a song that I would cut on a record.
It has that power and that grit behind it.
Wade in the water, children Mia brought out the soul of someone much older than she is.
She has something very special.
God's gonna trouble JACKIE F.
: Watching Mia rehearse made me feel intimidated, 'cause she's so talented.
I say God's gonna trouble ADAM: Mia was a one-chair turn.
You're gonna see three coaches with their tails between their legs because they're not gonna believe that they slept on this one.
She just came to life today.
Yes! That was so good.
Okay, who is that and what have you done with Mia? This must be a big release for you.
Even being on the stage from when it was for battles, I feel like I was very tense, and that was your note.
You were always like, "Get out of your head.
" And now I feel like I am just in the moment completely.
Well, you're you, you know.
You've arrived.
The only thing at the end is just I'm kind of don't really know where to end it.
I think you gotta go big, I think.
I think it's just committing to everything you do.
Hey, Jackie? Yeah? Get over here.
- Okay.
- Join us.
Both of you are in a really good position because you're so different from each other.
You guys are both spectacular.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Now it's dead even, and I don't know what I'm gonna do.
That was surprising.
JORDAN: That was fun.
I'm rarely surprised.
You're rarely surprised except when you turned around and saw this! Wait till you hear this one.
I really don't want to lose either one of these two.
With "Bring Me to Life," here's Jackie Foster.
How can you see into my eyes Like open doors? Leading you down into my core Where I've become so numb Without a soul My spirit sleeping somewhere cold Until you find it there And lead it back Home Wake me up Wake me up inside I can't wake up Wake me up inside Save me Save me from The nothing I've become Bring me to To life, ohh Frozen inside Without your touch Without your love, darling Only you Are the life among the dead Wake me up Wake me up inside I can't wake up Wake me up inside Save me Call my name And save me from the dark Wake me up Bid my blood to run I can't wake up Before I come undone Save me Save me from The nothing I've become [Cheers and applause] Whoo! Yeah! This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back.
ADAM: Whoo! [Cheers and applause] Now singing "Wade in the Water," here's Mia Boostrom.
[Cheers and applause] Wade in the water Yeah.
Wade in the water, children Wade in the water But God's gonna trouble the water Who's that young girl dressed in red? Wade in the water Must be the children that Moses led But God's gonna trouble the water Wade in the water Wade in the water, children Wade Hey! Wade In the water But God's gonna trouble the water Who's that young girl dressed in white? Wade in the water Must be the children of Israelite Oh, but God's gonna trouble the water Wade in the water Wade in the water, children Wade In the water But God's gonna trouble I said God's gonna trouble I said God's gonna trouble, yeah The water Yeah, ohh [Cheers and applause] Nice.
[Laughs] You did so good.
Great job, both of y'all.
Two completely different kinds of artists at the top of their game.
Jackie, we know now that a rock chick can win this show.
And that's gotta be something Adam has to take note of.
You're as good as it gets.
Great job.
Thank you.
Mia, you're the surprise for me.
That performance right there was brilliant.
Thank you.
I would go with Mia.
[Applause] Jackie, you have this crazy range.
Mia, you are a dark horse for me.
You opened your mouth on this song, and I stepped into a story.
Thank you.
I don't think, Adam, you could go wrong with either one of them.
But I, obviously have to pick Jackie, 'cause she was my girl.
Jackie, your voice got stronger and stronger.
And the places you can go with your voice was very, very fresh.
And, Mia, that was exciting to hear Thank you.
this beautiful, warm, passionate voice.
I would pick Jackie.
I really loved it.
DALY: Thank you, Coaches.
Adam, it all comes down to you.
Tell us what you thought.
Mia, I said you're gonna be the big surprise.
And you're having that moment right now.
Jackie, we just started working together.
You did an incredible job with that song.
I believe truly it's a tie.
You're both amazing enough to be in the finale of this show.
[Cheers and applause] Tough decision, Adam, but who is the winner of this knockout? The winner of this knockout is Mia.
Mia, congratulations! You advance to the live playoffs.
MIA: No one ever believed in me until Adam turned around and said, "I want you on my team.
" It's a dream come true.
DALY: Coaches, let me remind you, Jackie's available to save or steal.
Oh, my gosh! Oh! We've got a steal from Kelly Clarkson.
A save from Adam Levine.
Adam's only save.
Jackie, you're in it.
You were originally on my team, and you should come back home.
Because Because you know I love you.
I know.
I love how mad you are right now.
First of all We've got another steal! Blake wants to make an already difficult decision that much tougher! And Jackie's shocked! What?! Whoo! Adam? They're just messing with me, and they are allowed to, and I love them for it, but at the end of the day, you told me when we went backstage the first time, you're like, "I want to do rock 'n' roll music.
I really think you can help me out with this.
" And I just don't think that there's any other place for you, considering what you want to do.
I knew one of you was gonna get stolen.
Do I think Adam would make a great coach? Totally.
Is home nice? Yes! [Laughter] Blake Shelton.
Adam was faced with which one of the two of y'all was he unwilling to see walk away.
"The other one, I'll risk it.
" That's basically what happened.
[Laughter] Out of the three coaches who pushed their button for you in this moment I like where this is going.
I am the only one who has never kicked you out of the house.
[Laughter] And I've pushed for you twice now.
Yes, you Jackie, Jackie, Jackie.
Good point.
I don't know what to do.
I'm the guy that wants to take you to the live show.
Like, stop talking, please.
He's so mad! [Laughs] [Whoosh] DALY: Oh, no! You did not just hear that.
Alicia Keys is in on the steal! After all that.
Three steals and a save! We've never seen it! Please don't make the wrong decision.
Alicia? Well, I didn't want to be left out.
This was so exciting.
[Cheers and applause] Once Blake used the whole line about he's the only one that didn't kick you off, I said, "Well, me, neither.
" That's true.
And I turned for you in the blinds.
That's right.
And I turned for you at the battles.
In the battles.
Oh, boy.
And I mean, we're so good for each other.
Rock 'n' roll is born from the blues and soul.
DALY: What an incredible moment for you.
Who is your coach? BLAKE: Come on, Jackie.
Let's go! Jackie, stay home.
[Laughs] Okay.
Either way, you win.
It's so great.
Come on, Jackie! [Laughs] I love this! Let's do this! The coach that I pick This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to the knockouts.
Jackie, who is your coach? BLAKE: Come on, Jackie.
Let's go! Jackie, stay home.
[Laughs] Okay.
I love this! Let's do this! The coach that I pick Please, come on, Jackie.
is Alicia.
Alicia Keys steals Jackie away Oh, my God! from Adam, Kelly, and Blake! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Jackie is fierce.
I was shocked, but I think I might have stolen a winner.
Oh, my God! ADAM: It was hard to let Jackie go.
'Cause we've always wanted to save people.
I was trying to keep them both, and it makes me sad.
I want to show Alicia Keys that she made the right decision and that she didn't stop fighting.
Oh, my gosh! I'm more shocked than she.
How did you feel? What spoke to me the most is that you said on that stage, "Rock comes from the blues, comes from soul.
" Yes.
Yay, Jackie! Oh, my goodness.
Thank you so much! O-M-G! All right, wow.
Okay, I'm gonna go.
Okay, you go back.
That was crazy.
The nice guy is gone.
Unl Good! So game on.
Come out and play.
Can you believe this is real? DALY: Let's meet Blake's next knockout pairing.
I paired Austin and Spensha together because of these artists are very specific in knowing what they want to do.
Hi, guys.
What's up? Hey, there.
What's going on? Chloe is the highest-charting artist ever in the history of "The Voice" during the knockouts.
You can set yourself apart from everyone this early on.
Every song is a big moment.
Well, you're gonna sing first.
AUSTIN: I love jazz.
Obviously, it's unique for someone my age.
I want to bring the Millennials up to speed.
I did not think I would get into "The Voice.
" So I was like, "Oh, my God.
I can't believe Blake actually chose me.
" I wanna stop And thank you, Blakey This is really exciting.
I felt like I took like five 5-hour ENERGY drinks.
One of my favorite vocalists is Michael Bublé.
I see so much of what he does in you.
We'll FaceTime him and all that stuff.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
I would love to continue to work with Blake so I can represent jazz as a genre and improve as an artist.
What a day this has been For the knockout round, I chose "Almost Like Being in Love" by Nat King Cole, because it suits my style.
Almost like being in love I'm spicing it up and adding some different elements to it that I hope people are gonna love.
And from the way BLAKE: My favorite thing about Austin is his confidence.
He holds nothing back.
It's almost like being in love This guy's straight out of that crooner era.
Your voice is so rich and smooth.
It's like caramel.
You're such a good singer.
I want you to hit Almost like being in love I think it's important that you hit that melody.
You could even Almost like being in love At the end, it's like people are just being swept away.
You don't want to sing it like anyone else.
You know, this is now your song.
CHLOE: Austin, he's got such an incredible gift, and the spirit of all the people he looks up to, they were so cool.
So if he can embody that, he'll have no issue.
Why, it's almost like being in love There's a smile SPENSHA: He knows how to perform, and his voice is so full and so warm.
Almost like being in love I was swooning and Austin brings 100%, so I will try to be authentic to who I am.
When I was very young, I had a really successful career in gospel music.
After that, I ended up moving to Nashville, writing songs, gigging, kind of going in circles, not really getting anywhere.
I lost the passion for it.
I was totally done until now.
Blackbird, fly Into the light of a dark, black night Do we even know what kind of music you want to pursue? Country.
Well! Dang straight! SPENSHA: I would love to win this knockout because I want to continue to work with Blake and create a sound in country that I think people will really enjoy.
What song are you doing? "Broken Halos," Chris Stapleton.
Oh, wow.
He's right in the lane that I want to be in, and he wrote it about a friend of his who passed away too soon, and I just had a friend of mine pass away, too.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's gonna be powerful.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Seen my share of Broken halos My friend who passed away, he was a really good friend of mine from high school.
He always was very encouraging of me to pursue music, even when I quit.
[Sighs] [Voice breaking] Actually, I haven't, like, thought about it until just now.
He's not here to see that I picked it up again, and I'm glad I get to sing this song at this moment.
Broken halos that used to shine BLAKE: I think this is a great song choice for Spensha.
She's able to combine some of those gospel, soulful runs that she does with a contemporary country sound that you hear on the radio.
It's It's very unique.
You're really quick to fall off of notes.
What I want to hear you do Seen my share of Broken halos I'm gonna come over here.
So it's gotta be like a wave of a dynamic.
'Cause it's literally the same part.
So the next one would be like a seven or an eight.
Then the next one a nine, then that last one, 'cause that's a big moment, that's when you hit that 10.
BLAKE: Come up here.
CHLOE: Blake has his work cut out for him.
Spensha and Austin are both extremely unique and different.
You never know what's gonna happen in a pairing like this.
It's a wild card.
This is the toughest one for me.
I love what both of you guys do.
Thank you.
- All right, guys, get out of here.
- AUSTIN: Awesome, awesome.
- Thank you guys so much.
- Thank you.
Nice to meet you, Chloe.
We'll see you guys.
BLAKE: Yeah, she's so cute.
When she smiles, you just She is so cute! It's over.
You ever listen to Rascal Flatts? Yeah.
It's like Ooh, clear tone, very clear.
It's just different, too.
It's so good.
I mean, he's really cool, too, though.
That's like a smooth-ass tone, man.
There's nobody like him.
[Cheers and applause] Whoo-hoo! Singing "Almost Like Being in Love," here is Austin Giorgio.
All right, come on, everybody.
Here we go, here we go.
What a day this has been What a rare mood I'm in Why, it's almost like being in love There's a smile on my face For the whole human race Why, it's almost like being in love All the music of life Seems to be Like a bell that is ringing for me And from the way that I feel When that bell starts to peal I could swear I was falling Swear I was falling It's almost like being in love All right, come on! Oh, that's just all right Oh, my dear, why, it's almost like being Come on.
All the music of life It seems to be Like a bell that is ringing for me And from the way that I feel When that bell starts to peal I could swear I was falling Swear I was falling It's almost like being in love Thank you so much, guys.
Thank you! [Cheers and applause] This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back.
I like this chick on his team.
She's cool.
I really like her.
And now with "Broken Halos," here is Spensha Baker.
[Cheers and applause] Seen my share of Broken halos Broken halos that used to shine Mmmmmm Angels come down From the heavens Just to help us on our way They come to teach us Then they leave us And they find some other soul to save [Cheering] So don't go looking For the reasons Don't go asking Jesus why 'Cause we're not meant to Know the answers 'Cause they belong to the by and by 'Cause they belong to the by and by Yeah Seen my share of Broken halos Folded wings that used to shine They've all gone Wherever they go Broken halos that used to shine Broken halos that used to shine [Cheers and applause] Whoo! That was so good! That kind of soulful vibe that you have, as well as that country thing, it's just really cool and it's unique.
And I cannot wait to buy your album.
I just It's that kind of country music that I love, so Yeah, so good.
Thank you, Kelly.
And, Austin, I love you.
He's like, "This is my show, but y'all are welcome.
" That kind of confidence is so sexy.
I think you're both super talented.
Thank you.
[Cheers and applause] Austin, I really appreciate how you used the stage.
I love how you even talk to the audience.
And, Spensha, we even witnessed you get very emotional, which is telling of, like, how much you feel about this moment in your life.
So I would go with Spensha for this one.
Thank you, Alicia.
Thank you.
Austin, you're so pure in your intention, but there's still just like a bad boy side of you I want to see.
A little bit, something to kind of like make us go, "Ooh, what's this dude up to?" And then, Spensha, there's so much undiscovered in you.
So with someone like Blake as your coach, it's an explosive combination.
[Cheers and applause] DALY: Thank you, Coaches.
Blake, it all comes down to you.
We're down to the best of the best.
And so this is a tough one for me, 'cause you are two of my favorites.
Austin, you clearly have a passion for entertaining.
And, Spensha, you clearly have a connection with a song.
Blake, who's the winner of this knockout? Stylistically, I love what both of you bring to the table.
I'm just a fan, you know? What a sucky decision to have to make right now.
The winner of this knockout is Spensha.
Spensha, congratulations.
That means you are advancing to the live playoffs.
I love you.
SPENSHA: I feel like I cry after every time I sing, but it's because it means so much to me to be here and I can't believe that Blake wants to continue to work with me.
I'm so excited.
Spensha is one of the most important artists that I've had a chance to work with.
She can tear down some walls in country music, and I'm just excited for her.
Coaches, let me remind you that Austin is available to save or steal.
Austin, anything you'd like to say to your coach? [Audience chanting "Save!"] I just really want to say thank you so much for all your time and consideration.
You really are what people say behind closed doors.
You're one of a kind.
I'm not letting you go.
Whoa! Blake uses his save on Austin Giorgio! [Cheers and applause] Aww.
Never know, man.
Austin, your coach just used his one and only save for you.
What does that mean to you? I look like a hot mess.
Oh, my gosh.
You're making me cry.
I can't say thank you enough, Blake, really.
I'm at a loss for words.
Thank you so much.
And thank you for believing in me.
Thank you, man.
This is gonna be fun.
Give it up for Austin Giorgio! Congratulations.
We'll see him in the live playoffs.
I'm not letting you go anywhere.
What's the matter with you? BLAKE: If it wasn't for the save this season, I would be so depressed right now.
Man! I didn't know if you were gonna save him or not.
I literally almost pushed my button.
DALY: Still to come Don't get off of that mic.
the fight to go live continues.
Try it I'm still breathing I'm still breathing I'm alive Baby, slow Slow hands DALY: leading to excruciating decisions for our coaches.
Dude You're both incredible.
There is no real right choice.
DALY: There it is! and the artists.
It's a save.
Who do you pick as your coach? - Yay! - Whoo! This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to the knockouts at Universal Studios Hollywood.
Joining Alicia Keys as her knockout adviser We are a part of DALY: is Season 12 winner, Chris Blue.
Chris, what's good? I'm, like, super excited.
We've been working so hard in the studio.
ALICIA: Not only did he win "The Voice," but he also won my heart.
And, together, we recorded a ton of songs.
And ever since that day ALICIA: He had his first single "Blue Blood Blues.
" I gotta do, yeah And he's getting the chance to show the world who he is.
Let's go Now I'm actually working on 20 songs.
Alicia's producing, so once it's released, get on the road and start a big tour.
And I'm super grateful and humble by it.
I know exactly what they going through now.
Do you? I know.
- It's a big show, man.
- It is.
- If you don't bring it, you'll get left behind.
- Right.
Let's get it.
Let's do it.
DALY: Let's see who Alicia paired for her first knockout.
ALICIA: I paired Johnny Bliss and Miya Bass.
They both have powerful voices.
They both have big personalities.
Whoever can deliver is the one I'm gonna pick.
Oh, yeah! Yeah, yeah! Chris Blue.
Oh, my God.
How are you? He won "The Voice," and that's what I want to do.
What's the, like, greatest lesson you've learned in this entire experience? I've learned a lot from this lady right here.
You've said, "Listen, y'all, make sure you guys be present.
" Mm-hmm.
Why, because you're a human being, not a human doing.
Every nerve, every emotion, every thought that probably crosses their mind, I've experienced before.
So I'm just glad I'm in this position to be able to give back.
So, what are you singing? I'm singing "Alive" by Sia.
That's ambitious.
When it says, "I was born in a thunderstorm," my mom was a single mom, and I have 12 siblings, but I didn't grow up with none of them.
Right, right, right.
We grew up surrounded by all these demons drugs, alcohol.
All I had was the music.
[Vocalizing] I may be insecure about my weight, my sexuality, but I have my voice.
You were obviously put on this planet to do what you just did.
Standing here today, I feel like I've defied the odds.
DALY: Johnny Bliss.
It's a miracle I'm still breathing, like, I'm still here.
I was born in a thunderstorm ALICIA: I love that he picked this song.
It really compliments his vocals, which are so strong and powerful.
I'm still breathing CHRIS: When Johnny opened his mouth and he had this nice, soft texture to his voice, I immediately became drawn in to his story.
Try it I'm still breathing [Louder] I'm still breathing [Louder still] I'm still breathing So you're literally, like, starting softer, softer, growing, growing.
You should be so lost in the song and in your story at that point, that you're barely breathing.
And then when you get to "I'm alive," you have to find some way that it feels different every time.
Think about four different ways you're alive.
I have four people in my life that I adore my grandmother, my brother, my partner, and my mom.
So I'm just gonna think of them.
That's pretty.
I'm still breathing Yeah, there it is.
I'm still breathing I was thinking about doing something in Spanish to pay tribute to them.
I'm alive I was in awe.
I was just like "I wish I could do that.
" But it was also very inspiring to watch.
You know, if he can get up here and do this, then so can I.
Growing up in Southside Jamaica, Queens, we're a very close-knit family.
It was just a house full of costumes.
My mom, she was crazy about the Jackson 5, and we used to perform at talent shows together.
I also come from a family of law enforcement.
But I wanted to sing.
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door In the battle round Drew.
I see Alicia's hand like a slam dunk.
That is a steal! I felt very honored to be stolen by that queen.
I'm on my way I picked this song because I wanted to connect to a pop/soul type of vibe.
On the hill If Lauryn Hill and Rihanna had a baby and the baby went to church, you would have me.
[Laughs] You know, when I was here, if I had a song like "I'm on my way" Uh-huh.
I would be thinking about, like, "I'm on 'The Voice, ' and this is an opportunity of a lifetime.
'" Yeah.
So when I hit that line, I'm thinking about, "I'm on my way.
" Right.
So when you go there, go there.
Go there.
[Laughs] You know what I'm saying? ALICIA: What Chris is saying is so right.
I want you to lose your inhibitions and just feel like this is it.
Miya, if she attacks this stage with love and joy, I think she may come out on top.
Oh, my God! Johnny needs to constantly remind himself of why he's here and what he's been through.
I think they're both gonna be real solid.
Hey, boo! I love you.
Ohhh! It's a strong team.
With "Alive," here is Johnny Bliss.
I was born in a thunderstorm I grew up overnight I played alone, I'm playing on my own But I survived Had a one-way ticket To a place where all the demons go Where the wind don't change And nothing in the ground can ever grow No hope, just lies And you're taught to cry in your pillow But I'll survive I'm still breathing I'm still breathing I'm still breathing I'm still breathing I'm alive Yeah! I'm alive I'm alive Yeah! I'm alive Whoo! I did what I wanted, I went out and got it Did everything that you said that I wouldn't Told you that I would never be forgotten And that's in spite of you Ohh Yo respiro Yo respiro Yo respiro Yo respiro Yeah I'm alive Yeah [Cheers and applause] Yeah, Johnny! This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back.
[Cheers and applause] Whoo! Now with "Castle On the Hill," here's Miya Bass.
When I was six years old, I broke my leg Mm, mm, mm I was running from my brother And his friends Yeah! Tasted the sweet perfume Of the mountain grass I rolled down Yeah! But I was younger then Take me back to when I Found my heart and broke it here Made friends and lost them through the years And I've not seen the roaring fields In so long I know I've grown And I can't wait to go home I'm on my way Driving at 90 Down those country lanes Over the castle on the hill Ooh, whoa Hey! I'm on my way I'm on my way I still remember I still remember When we did not know You did not know You did not know Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, the The castle on the hill Whoa, whoa Over the castle On the hill [Cheers and applause] Yay! Yay! Johnny Bliss.
You have such a voice.
This dude is dynamic and interesting and switches it up to Spanish halfway through.
You're amazing.
Thank you so much.
And, Miya.
You were on my team.
I'm always rooting for you.
I think that maybe the song presented some issues for you there, but you know I love you.
Johnny, you stayed on point, you know, which is impressive, especially with that freakin' song.
The thing that I hope to see you get back to is that fun stuff.
I could do "The Hustle.
" Oh, oh, yeah? Let's see! See, look at that.
I know that's not the Hu That's not the Hustle.
Something's going down there.
See how happy that made all of us? Miya, I agree with Adam.
I just feel like you didn't quite live up to what you're capable of doing.
And so I would give this one to Johnny.
[Cheers and applause] ALICIA: All right.
Miya, I wish you would have gone somewhere a little bit more, only because your voice has so much potential.
Thank you.
Johnny, you know the one or two spots where you were like, "Oh, damn.
" But I actually liked you doing something serious.
I thought it was really cool.
Thank you.
All right.
DALY: All right, Alicia, what'd you think of each performance? The two of you are the most electric energies that have ever been placed on the entire planet.
[Laughs] Miya, your runs are beautiful.
You have the church in you, and yet with this song, it put you in another space.
That was beautiful.
And, Johnny, you poured everything you had into it.
It was 100% emotion.
And I loved seeing your diversity.
Thank you.
So you both did a beautiful job.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
DALY: Alicia, the time has come.
Who's the winner of this knockout? [Sighs] There's nobody like you, there's gonna be nobody like you ever, both of you.
So the winner of this knockout is Johnny.
Johnny Bliss, congratulations.
You are advancing to the live playoffs.
Johnny! This is amazing! Johnny's voice is unbelievably powerful.
We're gonna explore more of the Spanish side, which is what wowed everyone to begin with.
He hasn't even gotten started.
[Cheers and applause] Coaches, let me remind you, Miya's available to steal.
Miya, anything you'd like to say to your coach? Thank you so much.
This stage is still a win for me.
That's right.
So thank you! Big round of applause for Miya Bass, ladies and gentlemen.
[Cheers and applause] Miya is really talented.
But I only have one steal this round, so I have to be super careful who I use it for.
Seen my share of Broken halos DALY: Stream the full versions of tonight's winning knockout songs only on Apple Music I'm alive ALICIA: Yeah! DALY: or buy them on iTunes.
I'm alive This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to the knockouts.
Drew and Jackie Drew and Jackie, Drew and Jackie.
- Drew and Jackie - That sounds kind of like a country duo.
[Bad British accent] Hi, this is Drew and Jackie.
"Jackay"? What are you, Scottish? [Scottish accent] Yeah, this is Drew and Jackie.
Welcome to our show.
Drew and Jackie they're very different, but this is kind of the battle of potential and moving forward.
Drew and Jackie! Hi! [Normal voice] Jordan Smith in the building! JACKIE: Jordan Smith, I remember his audition when he sang "Chandelier.
" I was like, "That is the winner right there.
" Oh, my gosh! Nice to meet you.
You're freakin' amazing.
Oh, whatever.
He truly understands because he went through this entire competition.
And that's what we're all hoping to do.
Drew, what song are we singing today? "Slow Hands" by, uh, Niall Horan.
A great song.
I like adding some more more organic elements and kind of opening the pocket up.
Love it.
My genre is soul-infused rock/pop.
I smell sex and candy And the foundation of everything I do is oriented in having a guitar in my hands.
There were always guitars laying around my house.
My dad is a hobbyist guitar player.
As a kid, I want to play guitar.
I want to be like Dad.
Eventually, I found my voice.
I credit a lot to him.
I've played guitar at every performance so far through the blinds, to the battles, and now the knockouts.
When I have the guitar, I vocally can give it a little bit more.
And I think that "Slow Hands," I can dig into it and show that soulful edge to a pop tune.
Baby, slow Slow hands ADAM: Drew's voice, I like the evenness of it, and I like his combination of soulfulness and precision.
Want you baby, yeah Whoo! Yes! Wow! I think Drew chose the perfect song for his voice.
You have a beautiful old-school feeling to your voice, combined with a lot of the modern ideas, which is great.
Love that.
The end of the bridge, when you do that big note, can we go Baby, yeah I'd like to stop on that note, 'cause that's kind of one of those, like Yeah.
The knockouts is a really important week.
With a song like this, you have to have a certain swag.
That shows this is artistry.
I'm so happy he's here to give this advice.
Know that I want you, baby Yeah JACKIE V.
: You can't help but dance when he sings this song.
I'm like, "Oh, no, he's really good.
" Like, "Uh" That stop is great.
Whose idea was that? Was it I think that was me.
Uh I'm pretty sure that was my idea.
I think that was a Jordan call.
JORDAN: Drew I love his voice.
And now Jackie.
But he has to find moments where he really shines and where people see the kind of artist that he is.
What are you singing? "American Honey" by Lady Antebellum.
I love the style of country that it is and the message in it.
I've never had a platform like this, so it's just like, "Remember what got you here and why you're here.
" That's one thing that carried me through the whole show Yeah, and I was about to say, like, what got you through the whole thing, like? 'Cause I was from a small town and you have this whole other life at home and kind of And it's nothing like this.
I really started in more of a pop/R&B kind of vibe.
But I was recovering from a really bad car accident and started playing piano, I realized I loved country.
And now I'm a college student and, you know, performing a little bit on the side.
I came into this competition knowing that I was country, but lacking the confidence to back that up.
Just know you're in a safe place.
Working with Adam has just boosted my confidence exponentially.
Gotta get back to her somehow Whoo! To American honey Jackie's voice has kind of unknown potential.
There's a wild, wild whisper And "American Honey," it's perfect range, perfect amount of country and rock 'n' roll and pop.
And I know that's where she wants to be.
Sometimes it sounds like her voice goes away.
On the low end stuff.
Don't get off of that mic, because we're left wondering what you said.
You're not giving us the story.
Right, yeah.
So I think it's just making sure the lower notes are really supported.
She grew up JORDAN: Jackie has the sweetest voice to match her heart.
And it's important for her to stay in the moment, because that's what's gonna pull the audience into the story with her.
Beautiful! Whoo! So beautiful.
[Sighs] I think that you are an extraordinary talent.
As you gain confidence, hopefully, your belief in how talented you are will propel you to reach your full potential.
Oh, you're gonna make me cry.
You have those little hints of other things in what you do.
I say poultry.
Like, there's Poultry? Pop, soul, country.
I love that.
Poultry singer.
You two are are gonna foster the growth of poultry.
We're gonna bring poultry to the to the kids.
Here we go, new genre.
ADAM: Jackie is gaining more confidence every day.
I think she's probably an even more amazing singer than she realizes.
You guys are in great shape.
This is gonna be tough for me, but fortunately, I have a save.
What? Drew is this singer/songwriter type a-and a little more subdued and confident in that.
All right, guys.
You sound great.
[Cheers and applause] He's dope.
Yeah, he's really good.
So is she.
Singing "Slow Hands," here is Drew Cole.
Whoo! Whoo, yeah We should take this back to my place Hey! That's what she said right to my face, baby 'Cause I want you bad Yeah, I want you, baby I've been thinking 'bout it all day And I hope you feel the same way Yeah 'Cause I want you bad Yeah, I want you, baby Slow, slow hands Like sweat dripping down my dirty laundry No, no chance That I'm leaving here without you on me I, I know Yeah, I already know that there ain't no stopping Your plans and those Slow hands Fingertips putting on a show Got me now and I can't say no Wanna be with you all alone Take me home Take me home Fingertips putting on a show Can't you tell that I want you, baby? Yeah Slow hands No, no, no No chance That I'm leaving here without you on me I, I know Yeah, I already know that there ain't no stopping Your plans and those Slow hands [Cheers and applause] Yeah! This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back.
[Cheers and applause] Yeah! Now singing "American Honey," here's Jackie Verna.
She grew up On the side of the road Where the church bells ring And strong love grows She grew up good She grew up slow Like American honey Yeah, girl.
Yeah! There's a wild, wild whisper Blowin' in the wind Callin' out my name Like a long-lost friend Oh, I miss those days As the years go by Oh, nothin' sweeter than summertime And American honey Gone for so long now I've gotta get back to her somehow To American honey There's a wild, wild whisper Blowin' in the wind Callin' out my name Like a long-lost friend Oh, I miss those days as the years go by Oh, nothin' sweeter than summertime And American honey American honey [Cheers and applause] Yes! Wow.
It's good to see artists get on the stage and realize what this moment is, the knockouts.
And I feel like this is pretty evenly matched.
[Cheers and applause] Drew, you got things about your style that would make think Adam might be leaning more towards you.
But, Jackie, you're a country artist.
Adam has always had some weird fetish about trying to beat me with a country artist.
I just like good music.
That's what I like.
[Cheers and applause] Drew, I love that song.
And I think that that's really telling just for the artist that you are.
You got a really cool voice.
I'm a fan.
Jackie, you have this quality that's, like, angelic and pure and innocent, but you also have this big, huge voice.
I think you both did a great job.
Thank you, Kelly.
[Cheers and applause] With you, Drew, I think your voice is really special.
There's a lot of similarities between you and Adam, actually.
And, Jackie, you do have this pure tone.
And then all of a sudden, at the end, you got really powerful, too, which was cool.
Thank you.
Thank you, Coaches.
Adam, give us some thoughts.
I love you both very much.
Both of you have made such strides.
There is no real right choice.
Adam, who's the winner of this knockout? [Sighs] The winner of this knockout is Jackie.
Jackie, congratulations.
That means you are moving on to the live playoffs.
ADAM: Jackie's voice sears.
It has impact, but it's not harsh.
It's really beautiful.
Yay, Jackie! So excited to have a country artist.
Hot diggity dog! I'm gonna be performing, like, in front of America, live in real-time.
A little scary, but I'm s-super excited! Coaches, let me remind you, Drew is available to save or steal.
Whoa! There's the save.
Whoo! Immediately, your coach doesn't want to let you go.
I'm gonna talk to you, but I'm gonna look at Blake.
See? There it is! The steal coming in from Blake Shelton! [Cheers and applause] I love it! Why do you want this gentleman on your team? He is an incredible vocalist, musician, and a true artist.
Thank you very much, man.
Thank you.
You turned for him in the blinds.
Oh, thank you for pointing that out to me, Kelly.
Now, don't get me in trouble.
So this is the second time that I have hit my button for you.
So what? Which means that I have never turned my back on you.
I want to work with you, dude.
I believe in you.
Let's do this, man.
Thank you, Blake.
First of all, I technically pushed my button for you twice.
So if you want to have button-pushing contests, when it comes to Drew, it's a dead tie.
I hope you aren't seduced by this maniac over here.
You're one of my favorites on my team.
Thank you, Adam.
Drew, it is up to you.
Who do you pick as your coach? Come on, Drew.
Come on, man.
I've been conflicted with this decision before.
[Audience shouting] This is crazy.
Dude Um, but I'm a loyal man.
[Cheers and applause] I pick Adam again.
DALY: Adam saves Drew Cole! I saved Drew 'cause Drew is amazing.
He hit every single mark.
That big note he did, big, raspy note, he's got so much inside of him.
Like, this is just the beginning from Drew.
- I'm happy you understood me.
- Yeah.
I'm happy you chose the right team.
Go away.
You leave my You stop hassling my team.
You go away.