The Voice US (2011) s14e11 Episode Script

Best of Blinds and Battles

1 DALY: What's made this the best season of "The Voice" yet? - The introduction of new coach Kelly Clarkson - Oh, my gosh! Did that feel good? [Laughter] 'Cause it felt good here.
Yes, Kelly! DALY: the arrival of The Block I got so blocked.
Ah! the return of Alicia Keys If I ever did anything right, it was come to this show only to meet you.
If I liked women, I'd like Alicia.
Take it away, Blake.
DALY: Adam and Blake Bom-bom-bom-bom being Adam and Blake No! For the first time in my life, I pictured myself riding a unicorn.
Obviously he should be your coach.
[Laughs] DALY: trend-setting fashion I love that shirt.
You're the only one.
"You're the only one.
" - Oh, see beneath your perfect - DALY: and the greatest voices they've heard.
- Tonight - Yes! Yes! DALY: Tonight you'll get new insight into how and why our coaches built some of the strongest teams we've ever seen That just happened! and learn about the decisions that reshaped the teams during the epic battles.
A triple steal! That's right! [Cheering] Then Oh, my gosh! Hi! stay tuned for a preview of the upcoming knockouts where, in a "Voice" first, past winners return in all-new roles.
[Laughs] Plus the always-surprising, never-before-seen footage of our coaches.
[Laughs] She was like, "I was waving at Alicia.
" DALY: "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles" starts Oh, my God! right now.
Hi, everyone.
I'm Carson Daly.
Welcome to "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles.
" Up first, we welcomed a brand-new coach this season Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum-selling artist, the one and only Kelly Clarkson, and from the beginning, Kelly showed that she could hold her own with our veteran coaches.
This being her first season as a coach, she had one thing in mind.
Yes! Winning! [Laughs] We're We are gonna win.
I don't know with who, but I know we're gonna win.
I was like you.
I was a contestant.
That's my big goal.
It's not just to win this show.
It's to win longevity for an artist.
I've been in these artists' shoes, and I know what it takes to navigate through a competition, so I think I have a lot to offer.
ADAM: She's also the most successful person ever to come off of a show like this.
[Cheering] Yes! [Laughs] These shows are about strategy and how to get you to the finale.
I have been a contestant that's gotten to a finale.
BLAKE: I mean, there's Kelly Clarkson sitting there.
Anybody that comes across this stage, they're gonna consider working with her, and 9 times out of 10, they probably have one of her records.
- Who were your influences? - You.
What? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
[Cheers and applause] She lights up a room, you know? She's so, so talented.
playing at Some people want it all ALICIA: Yeah! I'm loving Kelly Clarkson on this show.
She is a nut.
If I liked women, I'd like Alicia.
[Laughter] I love her vibrancy.
She's genuine.
She's honest.
She's She's natural.
Don't you love Kelly Clarkson? [Laughter] Yes! I am super excited about being a coach, especially just on this huge platform.
[Laughter] Victory.
I'm looking for unique voices.
I want some soulful stuff.
I want some pop stuff.
- I pick Kelly.
- Kelly.
Yes! And I definitely want some country.
I want to steal them from Blake.
I pick Kelly.
Yes! I think in 10 years from now, if I were to look back and be like, "I turned my chair for that artist, and they had a career just flourish from that moment," that would mean a lot to me.
Did that feel good? [Laughter] 'Cause it felt good here.
[Laughter] Boom! DALY: The first artist to join Kelly's team was this season's youngest singer, 14-year-old Brynn Cartelli.
Hey, can I try that? Sure.
[Laughs] When I was four years old, my mom showed me the song "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson.
I really connected with that.
So from then on, I just knew I want to keep going with this.
When I'm stepping on the stage, they're not going to be seeing me, the 14-year-old.
They're gonna be hearing my soul in my song.
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful? Would you let me Oh, see beneath your perfect tonight? 'Cause I want to see inside I love your voice.
I like that it could be a pop thing.
It could be a singer/songwriter.
- It could be country.
It could be - Thank you.
You have a lot of different elements to your voice.
I think you're beautiful.
I can win with you Oh, my God.
[Cheering] KELLY: I do think Brynn has an advantage over everyone now just with the fact that she's 14.
I mean, it's insane to think what is she capable of.
DALY: Kelly continued to stack her team with youthful artists, picking up former child actor Dylan Hartigan.
I acted my whole life, and it was a lot of fun, but right now, what I get to do with music is I get to be myself DALY: Yeah.
as opposed to playing another character.
And even though we ain't got money I'm so in love with ya, honey That was beautiful, but I cannot wait to see what you have in your arsenal.
I don't want to do this anymore - I don't want to be the reason why - DALY: She also pushed her button for 16-year-old high-school student Teana Boston.
And every time I walk out the door I see him die a little more inside DALY: And Kelly added 21-year-old music student Jackie Foster.
JACKIE: Even though Berklee was my dream school, financially we were not able to afford it.
And then I got a call from the director of scholarships and he said, "I want to congratulate you because you've received the Berklee Lollapalooza Scholarship.
" [Voice breaking] Wow.
And that phone call changed my life that day.
What about us? Yeah That's what I've been waiting to turn my chair around for people Mm, mm, mm.
is somebody that shows me the versatility in their voice, where I could throw any song at them, and they'll be like, "I got it.
" I want someone that confident, and, you know, I'm just so glad you're on my team.
[Laughter] I was really trying to beat Alicia, 'cause she is hard to beat.
And I did, so be afraid.
[Lips smack] Be very afraid.
[Chuckles] DALY: Next up Justin Kilgore, who was the first country artist to make Kelly's team and also compelled a coach to use this season's brand-new, game-changing element, The Block.
JUSTIN: I've never been out of the closet when I did country music, and "The Voice" is the first opportunity that I have to be myself in my entire life.
Today I'm finally gonna be me.
But tonight I'm gonna give in one last time Rock you strong in these arms of mine Forget all the regrets That are bound to follow But tonight, I'm gonna love you - Like there's no - Alicia: When Blake hit his button and when I hit my Block, it was spectacular.
It was like milliseconds only.
Unfortunately, it didn't really go in my favor.
Kelly got Justin.
He had a powerful and beautiful voice.
But tonight, I'm gonna love you Like there's no Tomorrow [Cheers and applause] I got screwed.
[Laughter] I got to just I want to bask in this glory.
[Laughter] [Cheers and applause] Did you make a snow angel in my "Blocked"? [Laughter] I did use my only Block for you.
And I saved it, and I waited for the special, special person to come out here Hurtful.
and move my spirit.
KELLY: How did you start singing? Like, what made you go for country music? Reba McEntire I was obsessed with her - when I was a little kid.
- That is so weird! [Laughter] Oh, my God, 'cause she's my mommy-in-law! I'm just saying! Do y'all know Reba McEntire? [Cheers and applause] I pick Kelly Clarkson.
Yes! I got a country artist! I'm probably most excited about Justin.
Like, God bless Alicia Keys and her Block.
[Laughs] I know she did not benefit from it, but I sure did, and I'm very happy.
- I got jerseys! Yes! - Yes, jersey! BLAKE: Kelly has made it her mission to try to take country artists away from me, and I'll be damned if she's not filling up her team with some great artists.
I can't wait to whup your ass with a country singer.
DALY: Still to come, we'll see how Kelly built the rest of her team.
Yes! And later, our coaches like you've never seen them.
Season 14 winner.
DALY: Plus, stay tuned for a special sneak peek of the knockouts.
This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles" where Kelly continued her winning streak of getting country singers and beat out Blake for Molly Stevens.
Oh, heavenly day All the clouds blew away You are not blocking me! Got no trouble today Ah! No block.
No block! - Yeah! - That was awesome! - Oh, heavenly day - Go, Molly! Heavenly day, heavenly day KELLY: Molly has a really cool texture to her voice that I'm excited about.
I love the rasp.
Heavenly, heavenly, heavenly, heavenly Heeaaavenly day And I don't know if that was you playing the arpeggio part on the - Oh, Lord.
- on the acoustic, but I-I He's so smart with his musical terms.
[Laughs] He Googled that term like five minutes ago.
You see what's happening here, Molly? I see that.
It doesn't matter what I say.
[Laughter] People only believe, if you're country on this show, that Blake can help you, but that is not true.
I have had no help from Blake, and I have been successful in country music.
[Laughter] And I'm just saying ALICIA: Yeah, girl.
- I pick Kelly! - Yeah! [Cheers and applause] Yes! Yes! BLAKE: You know, I got to hand it to Kelly.
Out of 14 seasons doing this show, Kelly may be my toughest competition when it comes to getting these country artists on my team.
[Cheers and applause] Oh! Oh! Oh! Pain, you made me a, you made me a believer - Believer, yeah - DALY: Kelly picked up a wide range of talents, snagging rock-soul singer D.
You break me down, you build me up Believer Believer Your runs were sick.
I think you got way more than we just heard.
I think that we could do something fantastic together.
's already really good at not picking maybe the expected song, picking something totally different and making it D.
Maybe I DALY: She also scored pop-R&B singer Jamella I apologize I could fall I could fly Here in your aeroplane I'm in love DALY: and was moved by pop singer Amber Sauer from Paradise, California.
Said, I'm in love Yeah! Yeah! I can sing pretty high, but that was damn high.
Yeah, that was That was like me on my really good day.
[Laughter] DALY: Kelly's biggest fan, 18-year-old Alexa Cappelli, also made the team.
Feel funky Feel good Gonna tell ya I'm in the neighborhood Gonna fly like a bird on the wing [Cheering] Hold on to your hat, honey Sing, sing, sing, siiiiiiing I got the music in me Kelly, I go to Orange County School of the Arts, and I actually auditioned with one of your songs.
- I'm curious.
What was the song? - "People Like Us.
" I want to hear you sing "People Like Us.
" Man, you got a soulful voice.
[Cheers and applause] People like us We gotta stick together Keep your head up Nothing lasts forever Here's to the damned Yes! To the lost and forgotten Hard to get high when you're livin' on the bottom Oh, whoa Oh, whoa [Cheers and applause] Yes! DALY: Next up, Latin pop singer Jorge Eduardo got Kelly out of her chair and on to her feet.
You were on "The Voice" in Mexico? Uh-huh, I was.
That's incredible.
I got fourth place.
Fourth place in the whole thing? Yeah.
That's awesome.
Thanks, man.
JORGE: "The Voice" Mexico just taught me about what being an artist is.
But I've always wanted to be on this "Voice.
" Sometimes I miss my country, but you have to sacrifice stuff to make whatever you want come true.
Despacito - Yes! - Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito - Deja que te diga cosas al oído - Yes! Para que te acuerdes sí no estás conmigo Yes! Despacito What?! [Cheers and applause] I'm moving like I'm moving like this.
I'm moving like this.
Yes! Yes.
Y'all are dumb! I have been trying to cover that song.
That is a hard song to sing.
I'll teach you.
I'll teach you gladly.
It would be awesome if you taught her how to sing that.
It would be monumental if you could teach me how to sing that song, man.
[Laughter] That's true.
He's like, "I love that new song 'Despasita.
'" [Laughter] "That is a great tune.
I love that tune 'Despasita.
'" KELLY: Jorge is really exciting to have on my team.
It is a really cool thing to navigate between English and Spanish.
I think it would be cool to kind of incorporate that, even if it's a tiny bit, and just reach even more more people.
[Cheering] This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles.
" Finally, Kelly added soul singer Hannah Goebel, one of Kelly's biggest triumphs this season.
For my blind audition, I am singing "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys.
Some people want it all But I don't want nothing at all If it ain't you, baby If I ain't got you, baby Some people want diamond rings Some just want everything ALICIA: Hannah she had a beautiful voice, and it's always an honor for people to sing my music.
It's so cool, and it's what what I write it for, you know? Yeah If I ain't got you with me, baby Yeah! [Cheers and applause] [Blake laughs] Yeah! Alicia got blocked.
KELLY: I had to use a Block.
I mean, she was singing Alicia Keys.
I knew that.
Blocked! If there was a moment to block me, that was probably it.
[Laughs] You did the right thing.
That was strategy.
Thank you.
It is a lot about strategy.
It is hard to have longevity in this career.
I think that I could be a really great coach for you - in that sense of having - Yeah.
just a fruitful career.
Doesn't it make you feel special to know that your dream coming out here was to work with Alicia Keys - Oh, my God.
- and Kelly Kelly waited until this moment to use her block for yourself, playing at Some people want it all ALICIA: Yeah! Yeah! I love her.
I We could be so great.
KELLY: Go ahead.
You know this song? I was gonna say - [As Blake] Some people want diamond rings - maybe you could get in her iPod See? and delete all her Alicia Keys music while you're at it.
Some just want every-thang [Laughter] Who, Hannah, do you pick as your coach? I pick Kelly.
Yes! Oh, my gosh! [Cheers and applause] I am so glad I blocked you.
[Laughter] Oh, I was like, "Nope.
" [Laughter] My team is full! [Cheers and applause] No question about it Kelly is made for this show, and it's just who she is coming into this thing as a powerful pop-rock, huge successful artist, and it's hard to compete with that.
DALY: After Kelly's first-ever team was assembled, her incredible artists moved on to the battles, where she brought in her adviser Whoo! singer and actress I'm loving this.
Hailee Steinfeld.
Thanks for having me.
I was very excited Yay! Me too! like, silently, like, just for me, not the show.
Yay! Thank you.
The cool thing about Hailee is she's not only a singer, but she's an actress.
You need to have a great voice, but you also need to know how to work the room.
All these aspects I thought would really be helpful for my team.
Hey! Hello! JACKIE: It's Hailee Steinfeld.
To see someone's who already there and has done it I don't know if perfection could come more in a package than who she is.
Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times HAILEE: I was so excited when Kelly reached out and asked me to be her adviser.
I'm very lucky in that I've had a lot of incredible people help me and give me advice.
This was sort of my time to pay it forward.
Absolutely incredible.
You somehow managed, you know, when you have your solo parts, to really make it your own.
You got to make sure those harmonies - Right.
- are tight.
Make sure they are dead on.
We got to get away KELLY: I love working with my team on the stage, 'cause it's a reminder of how amazing they are.
And it's my first time doing this, and I have the best team.
[Laughs] I think the last time I just said, make sure the harmonies are together.
But you're nailing it.
Stop your crying, baby It's a sign of the times We gotta get away We got to get away We got to get away Oh, we got to get away That's right! Man! What?! Go ahead! Say something! That was honestly my favorite battle today.
Dude, they're so good.
[Cheers and applause] D.
hit that big note, and then Jackie came in and hit that big Like, I was like, "Oh, I'm so screwed.
" [Laughter] The winner of this battle is D.
, congratulations! You're moving on to the knockouts on Team Kelly! [Cheers and applause] Adam, Alicia, Blake all in on Jackie! [Cheers and applause] A triple steal! If and when you do win this thing, they're gonna go back to this moment.
And I know how to win this show.
You were up there alone, as far as I was concerned today.
I pick Adam.
Yes! DALY: Adam Levine steals Jackie! D.
and Jackie They're just such great big vocalists, and their vocals just soar.
I told you y'all get stolen.
I picked D.
to stay on my team, but it was really, really exciting to see Jackie not go home.
I didn't know that I was starving Till I tasted you Whoo! DALY: Kelly continued to build her knockout team, bringing Jorge Eduardo Jamella, congratulations.
Jamella, and Alexa Cappelli to the next round.
I've been sleepwalkin' DALY: In a country showdown, Kelly paired Justin Kilgore and Molly Stevens.
Tryin' to take what's lost and broke And make it right Justin, you have this untapped, like, well that I think is just waiting to just burst out.
The winner of this battle is Justin.
[Cheers and applause] Justin, congratulations! You're moving on to the knockouts.
KELLY: Justin in the battles he really did just showcase what a vocalist he is and what he's capable of, and I was charmed by it.
Brynn, whenever you go for big notes, never look up 'cause that's gonna put natural strain.
Even if you're up here, you're just dropping down.
And that makes it easier, you know, and you plant your feet and feel your feet on the ground.
Hey, that's why I performed barefoot for a decade.
Really? I like to feel my feet on the ground, yeah.
Are you ready for it? Yes! Whoa Okay, whoo! Are you ready for it? Baby, let the games begin Let the games begin, let the games begin Are you ready for it? Whoa, baby, let the games begin Let the games begin Let the games begin This has to be a typo, because it says that you're 14.
No, that's true.
You're a star.
[Cheers and applause] Thank you.
Dylan's only 21, also.
I mean, that's young as hell.
[Cheers and applause] I think you're a really good singer.
Thanks, man.
I don't know what the stage ever did to you that you gotta beat it up.
[Laughter] I hate this part.
[Laughs] I'm gonna go with my gut.
I'm going with Brynn.
[Cheers and applause] Brynn, congratulations! You're moving on to the knockouts! [Whoosh] What?! DALY: That is the sound of a steal! Yes, yes, yes! KELLY: I was very happy that Dylan was stolen by Blake.
But Brynn, she's such a storyteller for such this young, little package, and and she's so good.
I love her.
I love my team so much, y'all.
Like, I couldn't be happier.
I've got country singers.
I've got pop.
I've got soulful.
I've got R&B.
In the battles, I stole Tish and Kaleb.
Team KC is the team to beat, so I'm just saying.
This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles.
" Last season's winning coach, Blake Shelton, is back, and he's hungry for another "Voice" victory.
Yes! Yes! [Cheers and applause] I won again last season.
That just happened! It's still not enough.
There's still an itch there that I can't reach.
That's why you got to pick me as you coach, man.
[Cheers and applause] I need you on my team! KELLY: Blake has won the show six times, He's genuine and he really does want to help people accomplish their dreams.
I think you can make a difference that we need in country music.
I'm gonna pick Blake.
- Blake.
- Blake.
[Cheers and applause] Yes! I'm never surprised when Blake gets anybody, 'cause he's he's Blake.
For the first time in my life, I pictured myself riding a unicorn.
[Laughter] Obviously, he should be your coach.
Blake won last season Pbht! but I'm back, I'm ready to take over and rub it in Blake's face, and I feel ridiculously confident.
Ha, ha! [Laughter] My strategy this season is to keep it diverse.
Uh, but I want some entertainers.
I want some people that can get onstage and own it.
Let's do this thing.
Let's win the show.
If there's a way I can help 'em affect change in a positive way and just find their own way, and I love that.
[Cheers and applause] DALY: Blake's first artist of the season was soul singer Kyla Jade who wanted to step out from being a background singer for Jennifer Hudson and into the spotlight.
I have literally been with her for three years.
Swear to me We did Season 12 finale of "The Voice.
" Behind Jen, you see the chairs, and you're like, "This is really cool.
" Kyla, I am so proud of you.
I'm so happy to see you pursuing your dreams.
Hey, your love is like a see saw, baby Your love is like a see saw Going up, down, and all around No! What are you doing?! Yes! Yeah [Cheers and applause] What is wrong with you?! I love that song.
I love her.
You don't even know her.
What's your name? My name is Kyla Jade.
I'm 33.
I live in Nashville.
What are you doing in Nashville? I actually sing background for Jennifer Hudson.
Yes! Yes! Hopefully, she said something good about me.
Uh, damn it.
What do I say? No, wait.
I do have something to say.
My girls that sing with me, I have them step out and do their own stuff.
Pretend like I didn't get rudely interrupted.
No, you said you didn't know what to say.
I was [Mocking] Kids! The first time I ever won this show was with Alicia Keys' back-up singer, Jermaine Paul.
That is true.
I have to go with Blake.
[Cheers and applause] What?! Whoo! Nobody was more shocked than I was that, uh, Kyla chose me as her coach, and thank God.
I mean, she's got the sound.
She's got the chops.
She has the range to blow the roof off the place.
That just happened! Kyla should be on my team.
Like, I'm so confused.
I didn't honestly think I was gonna fight Blake that hard for Kyla, but I-I was real wrong.
[Laughs] [Cheers and applause] DALY: Blake continued to build his team by adding country singer Jordan Kirkdorffer.
Yeah! I'm gonna pick Blake.
[Cheers and applause] With sweet love and devotion DALY: Another win for Blake was jazz crooner Austin Giorgio from Rochester, New York.
And thank you, Blakey I just wanna stop and thank you, baby Whoa, yeah Been wanting to work with somebody like Austin for a long time.
Dude, you're great! And to have the performance chops and the personality that this guy has, it's gonna be a blast to work with him.
DALY: Blake and Kelly went head-to-head again for country singer Kaleb Lee, who put his music career on hold to focus on his growing family.
KALEB: We had two biological daughters, but my wife and I talked about adoption when we first got married.
I couldn't keep that benefit from a child out there that didn't have an opportunity to have a father.
Glory, hallelujah, good God Almighty I never wanted nothin' more No, I never wanted nothin' more Well, I'm what I am and I'm what I'm not I'm sure happy with what I got I live to love, laugh a lot And that's all I need I wanted to bring my kids up.
Can I do that? - Yes! - Please do.
Oh, he's so cute! [Applause] Your family's so beautiful.
That is the cutest little boy I've ever seen.
I love country music.
I know he's gonna be like, [As Blake] "She knows nothin' about country music.
" Yeah.
"I live country music.
I breathe country music.
" [As Blake] "Kaleb, why you want to let her experiment on you?" So, I think you should just pretty much shock us all here.
Kaleb, don't listen to this.
- Oh, my God.
- Don't listen to this.
And I got to say, your voice and your style kind of reminds me of the Texas red-dirt-type country music.
That's so weird, 'cause I'm Texan, Kaleb.
[Cheers and applause] One more thing to say.
Don't you wanna stay here a little while? [Cheers and applause] I'm just saying.
It was good enough for Jason Aldean.
[Laughter] KALEB: My kids watch the show, and they are huge fans of Blake.
- I pick Blake.
- All right! Yes! Kaleb I really was bummed that he didn't pick me.
I thought I had a chance.
I did not.
I even broke out in song.
It didn't work.
This magic moment DALY: Blake also picked up energetic pop singer Jaron Strom who brought more than just his voice to the stage.
Can I do a quick happy dance before anything? Yes, do it, go for it.
Happy dance.
[Cheers and applause] - Yes! - Oh! I'm trying to keep my team as diverse as I possibly can, and I thought Jaron would be a great addition.
I got a feeling this guy's a ham onstage, too.
I think it's gonna be a lot of fun.
DALY: Next 24-year-old Spensha Baker came to "The Voice" to reclaim her passion for country music after a failed record deal.
SPENSHA: Once I started singing again [voice breaking] I felt, like, my heart beat again, so I knew that music was something, um, that I could never run away from.
Blackbird, fly Into the light of the dark black night [Cheers and applause] My favorite thing in life is to see a singer feel every part of it.
I mean, I grew up in church, so it was almost like you were worshiping while singing that song.
I really do think that we have a lot of similarities.
Before we say that y'all have similarities, just let me put the nail in my own coffin here.
Do we even know what kind of music you want to pursue? Country.
Well! [Cheers and applause] Dang straight! Let me go ahead and Well, that is so interesting! pull that nail right back out of my coffin.
[Laughter] I think you can win this show, and you can make a difference that we need in country music.
I pick Blake.
Yes! BLAKE: You know, I don't know that I've ever been more optimistic about an artist ever in the history of "The Voice" than I am with Spensha.
You're my favorite artist this year.
Thank you so much.
I just have a really good feeling about her chances of going on, becoming a-a star, and we need somebody like her in country music.
Whoo-hoo-hoo! DALY: Coming up, we'll check out how the remainder of Blake's team filled up Oh! and we'll see how he and his adviser, Trace Adkins, got Team Blake ready for the battles.
This is hallowed ground, is Tom Petty.
It's hard to take liberties, so just hit it.
Don't do me like that [Cheers and applause] DALY: Plus a behind-the-scenes look at our coaches.
Julia likes me now.
[Chuckles] This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles.
" One of Blake's biggest wins of the season was four-chair-turn gritty bluesman Pryor Baird.
I've paid my dues.
I've traveled the road.
I've slept in hotel rooms with no sheets and no Bibles, and I'm ready for something a lot better.
Well, my doctor said I need rest All I need is her tenderness Put me on the critical list When all I need is her sweet kiss I'm putting on my medicated lotion But I don't see no emotion And I don't need I don't need no doctor BLAKE: Pryor is an incredible singer.
He's an incredible guitar player.
He's a man's man.
[Cheers and applause] Hey! Look at you up there with that guitar and that unbuttoned shirt.
Come on! - Well, thank you.
- This is gonna take a minute.
- [Laughs] - I'll sit down, already.
That's way better.
See? It's nice, isn't it? ALICIA: Listening to you, I felt like there's such a power, and you have such a range.
Look, the fact that that thing that you're holding onto still is a part of you and an extension of who you are I understand that.
BLAKE: You are an incredible vocalist.
It sounds like you smoked a pack of cigarettes and drank a bottle of whiskey right before you got onstage, man.
It's not true, Mom.
It's not true.
It's not true.
[Laughter] Those days are long gone.
You were born with that weathered sound.
That's what separates you from the rest of the pack.
[Cheers and applause] I need you on my team! - I'm gonna pick Blake.
- Yes! Yes! Wow.
That one hurt.
Pryor hurt.
I-I should have had him.
Oh! DALY: Blake added another country singer to his roster when he picked up Jesslee.
Ohhhh DALY: Bransen Ireland also made a strong impression on Blake.
Livin' on Tulsa time You're singing a song that clearly states that you will not be on my team.
But do what you feel, not what you think you're supposed to do.
- Yes.
- In life.
That's how you go to jail.
I can't go back.
[Laughter] I'd go with the Okie.
I pick Blake.
[Cheers and applause] All right! Yes! [Laughs] DALY: Blake beat out Adam again for family man and pop rocker Wilkes.
We can drive it home With one headlight You know, I feel like Wilkes has a very sneaky voice, and by the end of that song, man, he was showing his ability to hold out long notes and got a lot of character in his voice.
With one headlight [Cheers and applause] Yeah! She bad mama jama DALY: Blake also pushed for ukulele-playing singer-songwriter Brett Hunter.
Just as fine as she can be, yeah Can't believe I'm the only person that turned around for Brett.
Idiots! DALY: The last member of Blake's team is also his youngest.
Hi! [Laughs] This is crazy.
This is like a dream come true.
Oh, my gosh.
DALY: 17-year-old country singer from Santa Rosa, California, Dallas Caroline.
DALLAS: Last October, my hometown was hit with the second-biggest wildfire in California history.
So I'm singing "Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson to represent my community and just be able to say, "You're always on my mind.
" If I made you feel second-best [Cheers and applause] Boy, I'm sorry I was blind You were always on my mind I love Dallas.
She had an angelic voice about her, and I think that that is captivating.
[Applause] When I see cowboy boots, I usually run for the hills, but I don't care I'm gonna fight for you, Dallas, because you're awesome, and you should be on my team - 'cause it will be different.
- Thank you so much.
[Applause] This is a nerve-racking situation.
I've been you.
But I will say, you have a beautiful quality that is missing in country music.
I've sang with Reba.
- I've sang with Jason Aldean.
- Hey, by the way, hey, I'm Adam.
I'm Adam.
I just want to let you know I-I, uh I pushed my button, too.
[Laughter] I'm gonna give you a number, Blake 7,476.
What do you think that number is? If you say it's how many words I just said, I'm gonna kick you.
It is! [Laughter] Ow.
You know what? You talk just as much as me! [Cheers and applause] For God sakes, can I talk to Dallas? Can I talk to Dallas? Can I talk to Dallas? Shut up.
Can I talk to Dallas? [Laughter] You should be an auctioneer.
[Imitates auctioneer] Sold to Blake Shelton! [Laughter] Hi, Dallas.
When I see somebody young like you performing "You Were Always On My Mind" I mean, that's one of the top 10 most sacred country songs of all time.
And I can go, "Wow, there's our next Dolly Parton.
" Thank you.
Oh, my God.
"There's our next hero in country music.
" Absolutely, I want to be a part of that.
I pick Blake.
Yes! [Cheers and applause] Dallas! Dallas is an incredible singer.
She has a very pure, sweet-sounding voice.
The perfect artist to fill up my team with.
My team is full! [Cheers and applause] Thank you so much.
Blake's team is talented, but I will say the girls on his team are the ones who turned my head.
They're soulful and I think can literally sing anything.
DALY: Blake's team was locked and ready to go, but before they could move on, they needed to battle it out with help from his adviser, country superstar Trace Adkins.
We all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside BLAKE: I brought Trace in because he's had monstrous country hits, and he's been able to have a career in just about anything he wanted to do, and he's one of my favorite people on the planet.
Hey! Come on in here.
This is my friend Trace Adkins.
- Hi! - How are you? - Yeah! - How you doing, sir? - Hi! - Hi.
Oh, my God.
[Laughs] How are you? [Laughs] SPENSHA: To walk in and see Trace Adkins [laughs] it's like "What?" Trace is, like, an icon, and I just don't know what to say, so I'm, like, smiling like a dork.
I need something stronger TRACE: "The Voice" is unique in that everybody would like to be in a position where they can make somebody else's dream come true.
I mean, that's a beautiful place to be.
When it comes on Old jaded guys like myself and Blake, we sometimes forget what it was like in the very beginning.
I'd just like to hear you both just not be right on top of the beat on every word.
It needs to be a little behind the beat, you know, just be a little late with it.
My plan is, get stolen, somebody, and then I get to steal you back.
- There you go.
- That trick has worked before.
I could use a love song Ooh, ooh [Cheers and applause] I might go with Dallas because I think that there is real potential.
My thoughts are "I'm screwed.
" [Laughter] Spensha, I think you have the opportunity to turn the country music industry on its ear.
Spensha, you're the winner of this battle.
[Cheers and applause] Dallas and Spensha was a heartbreaker for me, but I felt like Spensha is ready right now for this competition, and I think she's very important to country music.
- We've got a steal! - Oh! Yes! I stole Dallas because I don't have a country artist on my team.
She's a young vocalist that has a beautiful tone, and that was exactly what I needed.
Yeah, I feel good about that.
I know right where I went wrong DALY: Blake continued to make tough decisions to get his team ready for the knockouts, choosing Wilkes Jaron, congratulations! Jaron Strom, and Austin Giorgio Good job, man.
to move on in the competition.
Oh, one more time Another one of Blake's most intense battles was Kyla Jade versus Jesslee.
Oh, one more night I never in my life wanna sing with you, Kyla.
[Laughter] You're so good.
You're like I would feel so bad about myself.
I love both of y'all.
The winner of this battle is Kyla.
[Cheers and applause] Kyla is a world-class vocalist.
So happy for you, sweetie.
She does things vocally that you don't even think are possible.
That is a monster a straight-up monster voice.
Then he said, "You better watch your step" KALEB: Seeing Trace Adkins sitting next to Blake was really cool.
I mean, that's two country superstars, and they're there to hear you sing.
- That's good.
- [Laughs] Kaleb, you're trailing off of the word That Yeah.
I know what that is.
That's just You're throwing in a-a country lick in there.
I don't think you need to do that.
This is hallowed ground, is Tom Petty.
It's hard to take liberties with a song like this, so just hit it.
Don't do me like that Don't do me like that Baby, baby, baby Oh, oh, oh, ohhh [Cheers and applause] That was real good.
Yes-uh! There is something about you, Kaleb, that I think you might be a dark horse.
You know, Kaleb, dude, man, you stepped up to it.
And, Pryor, you brought it again like you did in the blinds.
The winner of this battle is Pryor.
Pryor, congratulations.
You're moving on to the knockouts.
I'm heartbroken over Kaleb and Pryor's battle.
Good job.
Thank you, sir.
Both of those guys could win this show, but there's nobody else that sounds like Pryor, And and I think that's probably why I ended up going with him.
What?! Kelly Clarkson! I was very excited to steal Kaleb, 'cause I've been a fan of his since the blinds.
I had to get him on my team.
BLAKE: I'm really excited to see what my team's gonna do in the knockouts.
Each one of these artists are different from each other, but they're all at the peak of their game.
And in the battles, I stole Jaclyn and Dylan.
And I think my team has really shaped up into something that's diverse and exciting at the same time.
This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles.
" Returning for her third season, Grammy award-winning coach Alicia Keys was on fire and ready to win again.
[Cheers and applause] Yeah! Ah! The last time I was here, I did win.
I feel like it's my season again! - Beautiful job, by the way.
- Thank you so much, Alicia.
You got me Just the way he said "Alicia," I lost.
you got me [Cheers and applause] and maybe Kelly Clarkson.
[Laughs] I can obviously tell you're a fan of hers.
There you go.
[Laughter] I'm here to show Blake and Adam they don't have it.
And we will absolutely take over "The Voice.
" Hey, Blake, it's almost like they forgot you turned around.
[Laughter] They have something to learn from me.
Sit down.
[Laughter] Don't tell me what to do.
Look at how she looks you up and down! [Laughter] Alicia Keys back to take all the people for her team.
That is Alicia Keys, man! I mean [Cheers and applause] are you kidding me? I'm most threatened by Alicia because Adam's a disaster.
And you feel like you're gonna vomit 'cause you know they're gonna pick Alicia.
No, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am.
No, ma'am! It's like being on a treadmill.
You're not getting anywhere.
You are so sexy.
I want to be on her team.
[Laughter] Yes, Kelly! Alicia has this thing that's just kind of unbeatable.
It's so annoying.
I am weary from getting just not picked when this girl turns her chair.
[Laughter] You broke Kelly Clarkson.
You broke me.
I pick Alicia.
Yeah, baby! Uh! Umm! I love hitting my button.
I even have a little button dance.
It's like mm! My strategy for building my team Whoa! I really go for emotion.
I really go for what moves me.
If you go with what you love, it leads you to the right place.
Mm! DALY: The first to make Alicia's team was 17-year-old Britton Buchanan, a teen folk rocker from North Carolina.
BRITTON: I'm from Sanford, North Carolina.
It's not small enough for everybody to know everybody, but we at least know of everybody, so you don't do anything stupid 'cause everybody's gonna know.
SHANNON: Where Britton grew up, it's really big on sports.
He was not an athlete.
Britton would stay in the outfield and pick flowers.
I know what it feels like to not fit in.
A chair turn would be this whole new kind of acceptance.
It's kind of like, "Hey, you're invited to the party.
" So that would be, um, the first party I've ever been to.
[Chuckles] True story.
Worry Oh Worry, worry, worry, worry, worry Worry just will not seem to leave my mind alone ALICIA: Britton's definitely an old soul.
When you hear people sing like that and they're only 17 and, literally, they sound like they've been on this Earth for like ages, it's so beautiful and shocking.
And I love her [Cheers and applause] Oh! For real? That right there?! Oh, snap! Not me.
Well, I'm out.
You did "I Love L.
" with Randy Newman, and it's freakin' awesome, so Ohh.
[Audience groans] Oh, you got blocked.
He blocked the right person.
Aw, man, I got so blocked.
Okay, I did block Adam Yes, and by and the reason I blocked Adam is 'cause I want you on my damn team.
Hold on, hold on.
I got to say one thing.
That's the truth, man.
I'm sorry.
Everybody, Blake Shelton actually did block me.
[Audience groans] That was good! You're a tremendously great liar.
Thank you.
You should be an actor.
[Laughter] I had no idea.
BLAKE: A guy Adam really wanted he couldn't have because I blocked him.
That's really what makes me happy.
There was something so genuine about you.
Thank you.
And I'd love to help you really bring that out for people to be moved.
I pick Alicia.
- Yeah! - What?! BLAKE: Alicia's very hypnotic and charming.
She kind of puts you in a little bit a trance, and then she goes in for the kill.
You're special, man.
I'm really excited for you.
Thank you so much.
DALY: Alicia and Kelly went head-to-head for R&B pop singer Jamai.
If you're touched by the words in this song ALICIA: When Jamai sang "U Got It Bad," and I was really impressed with the way that he handled the flow, the soulfulness, the energy of that song.
And you call right back I do singing telegrams for a living.
Breakups, makeups, you know, weddings, all of that.
[Laughter] Damn.
You do breakups? The guy calls you and says, "I want to break up with my girl.
Can you sing a song?" [Laughs] Yeah, I had a few of them.
No! Yeah, but after you dump the girl, then you're standing right there.
- Yeah.
- Get on in there.
- Yeah! - That's crazy.
I want to make sure that you're a success not only on this show, but in the real world.
Alicia Keys, baby! [Cheers and applause, laughter] DALY: Next to join Team Alicia was Sharane Calister, who was hoping her heartfelt audition would resonate with our coaches.
SHARANE: My childhood was difficult.
My parents dealt with substance abuse.
I was adopted.
My twin sister was not able to live with me.
[Voice breaking] Being away from your twin is so hard, you know? Sorry.
[Sniffles] [Normal voice] And I'm gonna release all my pain out on the stage and leave it there.
Make it rain I'll make it rain Make it rain [Cheering] Oh, make it rain Can you tell me a little bit about your story? I'm adopted.
Me and my twin sister got separated.
I was finally able to actually see my twin sister and actually be with her at the age of 18.
I just put all that that pain into my music.
I'm sorry.
I'm totally gonna cry.
I'm gonna cry.
But that was a really remarkable story.
That's what makes great artists.
Your journey has absolutely led you to be able to share that type of performance.
- But I have to go with Alicia.
- Yeah! You shot me down, bang bang DALY: Alicia also turned for L.
artist Shana Halligan Oh-oh, Oh-oh I am so happy.
I mean, of all the people like, the strongest, most powerful goddess woman.
You're as smooth Ooh, oh DALY: as well as soulful high-school senior Jordyn Simone.
[Cheers and applause] I didn't mean to scare y'all half to death.
Y'all couldn't even turn around.
The tears in her eyes when just you turned around was enough to let me know that was it.
[Laughter] DALY: Next, one of Alicia's biggest victories this season Latin pop singer Johnny Bliss.
JOHNNY: In the past year, Hurricane Maria was devastating to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.
So, I wanted to take this moment to pay tribute and sing this song for them.
Por siempre la llamaré preciosa I blocked Kelly.
Should've blocked Alicia.
It was stupid, because Kelly already had a guy that was singing in Spanish.
Yo sé los bardos que cantan tu historia Johnny Bliss' voice was like fireworks.
No importa el tirano te trate Con negra maldad No! No! Preciosa serás Damn that block.
I deserve Johnny Bliss.
Preciosa, preciosa Te llaman los hijos [Laughs] De la libertad [Cheers and applause] I love that shirt.
[Laughter] You're the only one.
You can You can have it if if you want.
"You're the only one.
" [Laughs] Look Wait.
[Laughs] Oh, man.
And I feel that you should know I was named after my Puerto Rican godmother, Alicia.
Oh, damn, she went there.
She got it.
She just won.
Soy soló para ti Y nada me hace feliz Sí no estás tú, baby Sí faltas tú [Cheers and applause] I pick Alicia! Johnny Bliss, he's confident and so strong and so powerful.
He has what it takes to win.
This is insane! This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles.
" Up next for Team Alicia Kelsea Johnson, who came to "The Voice" not only for herself, but also for her grandfather.
KELSEA: My grandfather, Papa, brought the music into our family.
He was part of a mariachi band.
His love for music, I know that it just passed down into me.
In October 2015, Papa was diagnosed with liver cancer.
[Voice breaking] Even in the hospital, he kept saying, "Don't change your plans.
Just go.
" He knows that I was gonna do this, and now he can't see it.
[Sighs] I miss him so much.
I'm performing this for Papa.
I found myself dreaming In silver and gold Like a scene from a movie That every broken heart knows We were walking on moonlight And you pulled me close Kelsea was wonderful.
She's so beautiful, and she's so open.
I loved that she picked that song and she made it her own.
I just can't lose you I'm gonna hold you Like I'm saying goodbye Yes! [Cheers and applause] Yes! Kelsea, I think that you can win this.
Thank you.
You are absolutely stunning from the way that you sing to the way that you look.
Hands down, you could make a record right now and release it and have a career.
You have a gift, and you have a reason why you were given that gift.
I believe we could win "The Voice" together.
- I pick Alicia.
- Come on, baby! KELLY: Kelsea is the biggest threat on this show, 'cause she's not on my team.
Dream a little dream of me DALY: Livia Faith landed a spot on Team Alicia by singing a special version of an old classic.
of me [Cheers and applause] ALICIA: Livia she had a beautiful tenderness.
There's not just one style of voice.
There's many voices and many ways to penetrate a heart.
ALICIA: One of the songs that came to my head for you Earth angel, Earth angel Would you be mine? My darling, dear Love you all the time I'm just a fool A fool in love with you Singing a third above this one Hey.
[Cheers and applause] Ahh! That was beautiful! Take it away, Blake! Bom-bom-bom-bom Earth angel No! No! No! [Laughter] Killing me softly with his song DALY: Alicia also pushed her button for former K-pop star Megan Lee.
Ha, ha, and ha.
And the youngest member to make Team Alicia was 16-year-old Jaclyn Lovey.
Falling in love with you DALY: Continuing to make her team even stronger, Alicia's secured soul singer Christiana Danielle.
You used to call me on my cellphone Late night when you need my love Call me on my cellphone ALICIA: I was in my seat losing my mind.
I was so vibing on her energy and her style.
That could only mean one thing And I know when that hotline bling Damn it! [Scatting] That could only mean one thing You just brought, like, Ella Fitzgerald in with you through Drake.
Like, Drake just got blessed.
Like, you just blessed Drake.
[Laughter] I love you.
Don't listen to her! Don't listen to her.
She's so great, and she's gonna be so amazing.
You're gonna be like, "Oh, Alicia, I love you, too," and it's, like, gonna suck for me.
For the love of God.
I pick Alicia.
Oh, my God! She's amazing! Didn't work.
KELLY: I'm excited for Alicia to mess up and put her with somebody else that's really talented, and then for whatever reason not pick her so I can steal her.
I love her.
That was destiny.
Everybody can't be destiny.
- You get everyone.
- That was dest No, that was [Laughter] You've got destiny for days.
It's like a whole Destiny's Child, every, all of 'em.
[Laughter] DALY: Still to come, we'll take a look at how Alicia completed her team of 12 Oh, my God! and prepared her artists for the battles with her adviser Shawn Mendes.
Show me an open door I can't take any more DALY: And later, your exclusive preview of the knockouts.
Wake me up inside This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles.
" After an emotional four-chair-turn performance, Alicia came out on top, winning over Terrence Cunningham.
When you were young, was music what you always wanted to do Absolutely.
when you were a teenager? Absolutely.
It was the only thing.
But I had a daughter when I was 16 years old - Wow, you were 16? - so all of my focus went to her.
TERRENCE: For my blind auditions, I'm singing "My Girl" by The Temptations because it reminds me of my daughter who's my absolute best friend, and she is, indeed, you know, my sunshine on cloudy days.
I've got sunshine On a cloudy day [Cheers and applause] And when it's cold outside, yes I've got the month of May [Laughs] Well, I guess You'd say What can make me feel this way? That was by far Talkin' 'bout my girl the most impressive audition I've ever seen in my life.
[Cheers and applause] Whoo-hoo! I think we're all a little bit speechless right now.
I-I've never heard a performance like that at any level of "The Voice.
" The thing that's gonna keep propelling you through this show is doing the unexpected.
I want you to succeed.
It's like this vacuum that just happened in this space.
Like, when divinity enters the room, and you can feel it.
If I ever did anything right, it was come to this show only to meet you.
I would love to be your coach.
You don't need us.
We need you.
Thank you.
I want to coach you more than I've ever wanted to coach another person on "The Voice.
" Thank you, Adam.
Thank you.
I pick Alicia.
[Cheers and applause] Terrence is a killer.
No joke, man.
I'm still in shock.
That guy could win the whole thing.
I think I just won "The Voice.
" [Cheers and applause] My team is full! Alicia has won the show once.
Oh, my gosh! Her whole Zen, like, "grabbing people for the journey" thing, She is just amazing.
Ahhhh! Whoo! She's the one to beat, I think.
DALY: With Alicia's unique team of 12 locked, her talented singers had to face off in the battles, and her adviser, Shawn Mendes, helped them prepare for their epic performances.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for being my adviser.
When I got asked to be an adviser, the first thing that went through my head was, "Wow, it's with Alicia Keys.
" I feel like I should be standing in front of you asking for advice.
[Laughs] You could.
Go ahead.
I could.
I mean, I might.
He is the youngest adviser that's ever been on the show, and I think it's really cool for them to be able to see, "Wow," you know, "this can be me, too.
" There they go.
Oh, no, you ca What's going on? What is going on? You got to be living under a rock to not know who Shawn Mendes is.
What's up, man? Nice to meet you.
I really appreciate him as an artist.
And to see him in person, "intimidating" is not even the word.
Please have mercy on me I'm a puppet on your string When you're in that verse and Show me an open door I can't take any more kind of just get really emotionally invested in that in that verse.
Show me an open door Then you go and slam it on me ALICIA: One of the best battles was Jamai and Sharane.
I loved that it was powerful, it was dynamic.
I was really, literally, in the moment trying to figure out who was gonna win this battle.
Mercy The winner of this battle is Sharane.
I'm proud of your bravery.
I'm really proud of you.
Thank you.
There's even more inside of you.
Oh, oh DALY: Alicia added to her knockout team, picking Johnny Bliss Congratulations.
You are going to the knockouts.
Someone like you Christiana Danielle Oh, oh Oh, oh I know you at all DALY: and Terrence Cunningham.
I know you've gone too far When your legs don't work like they used to before DALY: And in a youthful matchup, Alicia paired Britton Buchanan and Jaclyn Lovey.
Britton totally stands out from the pack.
He's kind of silly, he's goofy.
All of that doesn't kind of come out onstage, but that's what I want to come out.
People fall in love in mysterious ways Maybe just a touch of a hand I am so proud of both of you.
Britton, under pressure, you become even better.
And, Jaclyn, you make people feel that there's actually a sweetness in the world.
The winner of this battle is Britton.
[Cheers and applause] Britton, congratulations.
You're moving on to the knockouts representing Team Alicia Keys.
[Cheers and applause] We've got a steal! BLAKE: You know, the thing I love about Jaclyn is she just sneaks up on you.
H-Her voice is pitch perfect, and even though it's soft, it's very powerful.
I'm so excited to be on Team Blake! I can't believe you're on my team.
Whoo! Heart breakin' Hey! Soul shakin' Love SHAWN: Jordyn and Kelsea I think they're both stars, truly.
They are so good.
They could be the best performance of the night.
But I need y'all to dial it down volume-wise 50%.
And by the time you get to the end, you may be back at 100%.
SHAWN: Mm-hmm.
We have to create the dynamic.
What's it gonna be? 'Cause I can't pretend What makes Kelsea special is that no other vocalist on this show sounds like her.
Hold me tight and don't let go And she's, like, something that really stands out.
You have the right to lose control Don't let go KELLY: Both of y'all are really young, and to have your tone, Kelsea, that's insane.
And to have the power that you have Thank you.
This is a hard one.
The winner of this battle is Kelsea.
[Cheers and applause] DALY: Kelsea, congratulations.
We've got a steal! [Cheers and applause] What's it gonna be? [Cheers and applause] I pressed my button for you before anybody else had, namely Kelly Clarkson.
I pick Adam.
- Yeah! - Adam steals - Yeah, Adam! - Jordyn Simone away from Alicia Keys! [Cheers and applause] ADAM: Jordyn she's motivated, and she's talented.
I love her spunk, and her energy's great.
She's got all the potential in the world.
ALICIA: Going into the knockouts, my team is very dynamic.
I think I have a lot of really interesting people on my team, big voices.
And I stole Dallas and Miya, and they're gonna diversify my team.
It's feeling really strong over here powerful.
You're gonna be watching TV like, "Rewind!" [Chuckles] This is "The Voice" Welcome back to "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles.
" We're giving you one more look at the talented artists as they enter next week's intense knockouts.
Now, let's take a look at how three-time Grammy award-winner Adam Levine built his team of diverse singers.
Whoo! I think I'm looking for what I'm always looking for, which is just to be inspired by an amazing voice.
My heart doesn't belong to any particular thing, genre-wise.
You are one of the greatest gifts we have been given on this show.
If it's good, it's good.
There's no more conversation to be had.
- I pick Adam.
- I pick Adam.
Oh, my God! [Cheers and applause] Adam is Mr.
Reverse Psychology.
I know I lost already.
"I know you're not gonna pick me.
" I'm so mad right now because Alicia Keys turned around.
[Laughter] Adam's pitching style really hasn't changed.
It's just a little more whining.
Blake Shelton just totally peed all over my parade.
Whoo! And somehow I still love the guy.
KELLY: I mean, Adam's approach is he goes a lot for the musicians as well vocalists.
I know that instrument.
That's my heart and soul.
He's always like, "I know this song.
They don't know this song.
" Like we've never heard of this Hall & Oates before? I was listening to "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.
" If that's the record you want to make, I know who you are.
- I pick Adam.
- Adam.
Boom! ADAM: I think that talent on "The Voice" is unlike anything.
Thank God for you.
[Imitates explosion] And the way you can nurture that talent, it's really cool.
Whoo! DALY: Adam's first artist to make his team was Rayshun LaMarr, a cancer survivor who came to "The Voice" with a new outlook on life.
RAYSHUN: One day, I just felt really, really weak.
I was really cold, but I was sweating at the same time.
And I said, "I need to go to the hospital.
" I get there, and I blacked out.
[Sniffles] And I overheard the doctors telling my mom, you know, "You got to call your immediate family 'cause we don't know if he's gonna make it.
" How's your health right now? How do you feel? Oh, man.
I am cancer-free! - I'm so glad you're all right.
- Thank you.
What was the world of music in your life at that point? It was a healer.
It was It energized me.
It It was It was my passion.
Just a small town girl Livin' in a lonely world She took the midnight train goin' anywhere ADAM: Rayshun is amazing.
It's always interesting when you hear someone sing and you hear their life experience in their voice, and there was a certain kind of passion that he sang with.
You can just tell how excited and inspired he is.
People, ohhhhhhh Five years ago, I almost died, man.
- I had cancer.
- Oh, my God.
While in ICU, I used to play that song, and it used to, like I'm gonna cry.
Oh, no.
It used to give me so much hope and energy.
And, like, I just said You chose the song that had the words that helped you through what you went through.
That's what makes you special.
- Very true.
- You say "Don't stop believin'"? I'm gonna start believing right now that I'm just your coach.
Oh, she got up! [Laughter] [Cheers and applause] Wow.
What a moment.
[Chuckles] RAYSHUN: Ahh! - Super proud of you.
- Thank you.
This is a beautiful moment.
ADAM: There is probably a 0.
1, maybe even if you could calculate a lesser number That's probably where I stand right now, okay? But I'm the guy who's never gonna stop.
I pick Adam.
Oh! [Cheers and applause] ADAM: Rayshun I think is one of the most special people on the show, and so I feel like it was a victory.
What?! He was a score and a half, and beating Alicia ain't no easy task, so I had to fight hard for him.
Man! I am shocked.
DALY: Adam's next artist, pop singer Stephanie Skipper, gave a touching performance of one of our coaches' songs.
STEPHANIE: For my blind audition, I'll be singing "Piece by Piece" by Kelly Clarkson.
The song is Kelly's story about her dad not being in her life.
It's my story, too.
Oh, I begged you to want me, but you didn't want to Stephanie's awesome, and it was a very vulnerable performance.
You know, she's basically making Kelly cry.
I mean, that was That was heavy.
Up off the ground, where you abandoned things I have to say thank you for writing that song, because it means a lot to me.
[Sighs] One of my favorite things about you is, like, you brought my attention to the really important thing, which is the song.
The heart and the soul was there, and I think that is the only place I'd ever want to start.
- I pick Adam.
- Yeah! It's a paradise, paradise, paradise DALY: Adam continued to build his team of powerful singers when he chose Mia Boostrom from Boston, Massachusetts.
It's our paradise, and it's our war zone You're good.
Oh, thank you.
You are gonna be the best one-chair-turn of this season, maybe ever.
And now I have the best-kept secret of the moment.
Thank you so much.
I got issues You got 'em, too DALY: He also scored pop-R&B singer Miya Bass from Jamaica, Queens, New York.
I thought you were really amazing MIYA: Thank you.
and you had all the control in the world.
- Thank you.
- No, you really did.
[Cheers and applause] Thank you.
I don't want to be here if I can't be with you DALY: and added pop singer Angel Bonilla to his team.
[Cheers and applause] - You're awesome.
- Thank you.
DALY: Up next, Texan bartender Reid Umstattd came to "The Voice" to rekindle his love for music and sing solo for the first time.
REID: I work at Waterloo Ice House.
I'm a bartender here.
It's my father-in-law's restaurant.
As much as I love bartending at the restaurant, the last three years have shown me how much I miss singing and performing.
"The Voice" is a major second chance for me.
Take me to the pilot of your soul Take me to the pilot, lead me through the chamber Reid is amazing.
Sang Elton John.
That's my people.
Take me to the pilot, lead me through the chamber Take me to the pilot, I am but a stranger Reid was just one of those guys I felt, like, it is wrong for him to be with anyone other than me.
Na, na, na, na, na, na DALY: Next for Team Adam, pop rocker Drew Cole, whose unlikely discovery brought him to "The Voice.
" I had a-a viral video on YouTube a few years ago.
I was serenading my friend's dog.
[Upbeat guitar music plays] [Music stops] You know, I was I was strumming the guitar, and then I would stop, and then she kind of shut her mouth.
[Music resumes] [Music stops] I had so many people reaching out to me, one of which was a music producer here in Los Angeles.
He said, "I think you're great.
I'd love to have you out.
" That ultimately inspired me to move out here full-time.
Coming to the "Voice" stage, this opportunity that I have here is a big one.
Hangin' 'round Downtown by myself And I've had too much caffeine And I was thinkin' 'bout myself Then there she was Not only is that a voice, to me, that's the voice.
I did a cover of that song that was very similar to that, and I like to think that maybe it had something to do with the cover that I did.
I just love that he's complimenting you so much, and that's what's funny 'cause you're, like, complimenting yourself.
'Cause I do think y'all have similarities.
No, no, no.
You're, like, "You are the most amazing thing!" I only said [Blake clapping] Yes! Your hands are so big, Blake, that when you clap, it's like two pieces of meat slapping together.
ADAM: Damn.
I love that kid.
Drew is really magical.
I think that we're cut from the same cloth, so it's gonna be really kind of cool working with that guy.
I know exactly what that guy should be doing.
This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles.
" Next for Team Adam, powerhouse vocalist Tish Haynes Keys.
TISH: I was a freshman in high school.
I was pregnant at 14.
I had my daughter at 15.
There were times I couldn't buy her clothes, I couldn't buy shoes.
My daughter made me grow up, and she made me want to do better for myself.
So, I started my own band in 2013.
We call it One Booty, One Sound.
Getting close to 40, but it's never too late to still fulfill your dream.
Chain, chain, chain Chain of fools Tish is one bad, bad, bad, bad lady.
My father said, "Come on home" I'm added to your Chain, chain, chain Chain of fools I'm hot.
Like, my I'm sweatin'.
My body has jumped, like, temperature.
I'm just saying, if you were on my team, I'ma let you fly.
I'ma just be like, "What do you want to do?" Like, if you don't win this show, you can come out on tour with me any time.
Why he didn't turn around, I don't know.
- Yes! - I don't know.
[Cheers and applause] I love this woman! Look at his face.
Look at his sad little face right there.
I admit it.
I admit it.
[Cheers and applause] Thank you so much.
Now, Tish, I pushed my button for you, Tish, because it would almost be disrespectful - Yes.
- to the art of singing to not push my button on a show called "The Voice" with that voice.
- I pick Adam.
- Yeah! [Cheers and applause] Oh, my God.
Wow, this girl's just amazing, you know? She's got an amazing energy, and she's a mega talent.
I made it, I made it, I made it [Laughs] You don't know what it's like DALY: Adam's on a roll, picking up R&B singer Davison.
You don't know what it's like I think you could win "The Voice.
" All of the things and dreams and aspirations that you want, I want to help bring those things to life.
Thank you.
DALY: He was also inspired to turn for the pop singer with Cuban roots, Genesis Diaz I hope you're somewhere praying Praying ADAM: Genesis has a lot of power and a lot of emotion.
And she really puts all of herself into a song, and so I felt that.
DALY: and beat out Blake for Gary Edwards, who discovered his voice with a little help from his grandma.
GARY: My grandmother was very instrumental with music.
I was about 5 years old when I started messing around with my grandmother's karaoke machine.
She found me in the room, and she was like, "Hey.
" I told you not to fool with my karaoke machine.
So, if you're gonna fool around with my karaoke machine "you might as well sing in church.
" What's going on? Darlin', what's going on? I'll tell you what's going on Oh Ooooooh Oh, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya My grandmother greatest advice she ever told me was, "Find the song.
Create the story.
" Yes, sir.
[Cheers and applause] Where is she? Let's bring her out here.
Mama B.
[Cheers and applause] - Hello.
- Whoo! Hi, Grandma.
How you doing? Hi.
That's the smartest advice.
Thank you.
Now, hopefully, you'll advise him to do another smart thing, which is choose me as his coach.
[Laughter] Well, hopefully, if you do choose Adam as your coach, you'll advise him to put on a different shirt.
[Laughter] I pick Adam.
[Cheers and applause] You're dirty.
Gary's badass, dude.
His voice was silky smooth, but it also had some edge to it.
I can't wait.
Man, that dude is, like, epic.
[Cheers and applause] DALY: The last artist to join Team Adam was Jackie Verna, who came to "The Voice" with a newfound confidence after enduring a tragic accident.
I got in a car accident.
I didn't know if I would ever do music again, and it wasn't because I couldn't sing, but it was because I was so scared of what people were gonna be looking at.
To get a chair turn would bring me full circle because I've struggled so much with self-image.
So, for that to happen would be so cool and so awesome.
Always gonna fly away Just because you know you can Never gonna learn there's no such place as Neverland You don't understand You'll never grow up You're never gonna be a man I thought she had one of the best country performances of the whole blinds.
Peter Pan [Cheers and applause] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I don't care about them.
I don't Come here.
Oh, my Lord.
[Cheers and applause] What is happening? [Cheers and applause] Only reason why Blake and I didn't turn, our teams are full.
I'm gonna be real, y'all.
I'm so glad that you're a country artist not on Blake's team.
[Laughter] - I love you, Blake.
- I love you, too.
Anyway, that's lovely.
Thanks a lot, Blake.
Welcome to my team! Jackie seems like a really great singer.
But I'll get a chance to steal her.
Adam will screw this up.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to announce my team is full! [Cheers and applause] I think Adam would be a threat to my team because he really has some unique, killer voices on there.
- Love me now or I'll go crazy - DALY: Coming up, we'll see Team Adam battling it out.
Whoo! And we'll get an up-close-and-personal visit with our coaches.
This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to "The Best of the Blind Auditions and the Battles.
" With Adam's team complete, his artists moved on to the battles and got amazing advice from his adviser, Grammy-nominated artist This is great.
I can listen to this all day.
Julia Michaels.
ADAM: She was perfect for me because she's making it currently.
She's, like, in the process of making it.
Thanks for having me.
We are buddies.
JULIA: I wanted to be an adviser because I pretty much just made this artist transition, and I know what it feels like to feel like you had one swimming lesson and then dropped into the ocean.
[Laughs] And we back.
Hi, Ms.
Julia! Rayshun, you're not gonna try and, like, outdo Tish.
You're gonna have to be still you here.
Your identity is even more important right now.
But don't let that intimidate you.
'Cause this is gonna be one of the best battles.
For sure.
Allow me to kiss y'all's butts a little bit.
Baby, you gonna be kissing for a minute.
- Is it warm in here? - Whoo! Don't you hear me talkin', baby? Love me now or I will go Crazy, baby Yeah ADAM: The Rayshun and Tish battle will go down in history as the most fun I've ever had.
I'll go crazy Whoo! Tish, you just remind me so much of, like, Chaka and Aretha.
But I'm gonna tell you right now, I would love both of y'all on my team.
The winner of this battle is Rayshun.
[Gasps] Oh, my God! Rayshun moves on the knockouts! Rayshun had a uniqueness that I had to explore further.
[Whoosh] DALY: That's the sound of a steal! Kelly Clarkson steals Tish! In the battles, Tish was up for grabs, and I was very excited, 'cause I've been a fan of Tish for a while.
Wouldn't it be amazing if we just, like, beat Adam together? Yes, we shall.
We shall.
I would love that moment, too.
Yes, we shall, and Blake.
[Laughs] And I can't get enough Must be love on the brain DALY: Adam filled out his knockout team, adding Reid Umstattd Mia, congratulations! Mia Boostrom Gary, congratulations.
You're moving on to the knockouts.
and Gary Edwards.
Every second of the night DALY: Jackie Verna and Stephanie Skipper faced off in a passionate performance.
These dreams By the end, Jackie, it was like, the growth that I saw was astounding.
The winner of this battle is Jackie.
[Cheers and applause] Jackie, congratulations.
You're moving on to the knockouts.
ADAM: I think Jackie's discovering her talent.
You know, it's cool to see somebody who is so humble and new new to a lot of this but is is growing day by day.
That long black cloud is comin' down Down, down, down ADAM: I want to change a little bit of the arrangement.
Dylan's version is Dylan's version.
Like, the Guns N' Roses version was really popular and that had a lot more energy.
Maybe just unleash it, go crazy.
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door It's nice that you guys have your own identities within the song.
- The genius speaks.
- [Laughs] [As Axl Rose] Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door - Okay, could you - Whoa, whoa! The end of that first chorus 'cause you end the first chorus.
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door Yeah, okay, so Give me something there that's like a nice, powerful note, but not like a crazy run.
When you go to falsetto, if you're gonna use it, do it purposefully so it sounds like you're not chickening out of a note.
Make it count.
Yeah, like, have it be a choice.
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door Yeah, yeah Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door ADAM: Drew and Miya was tough.
No one can beat Drew as far as what he wants to do.
With Miya, I think she has a lot of competition.
Ooooh You both did an 11 out of 10 here.
The winner of this battle is Drew.
Drew Cole moves on to the knockouts.
[Cheers and applause] That is a steal! Alicia Keys! ALICIA: Miya was just so dynamic and and colorful and magnificent.
She owned it, and I couldn't wait to steal her.
I think I can take her to just another stratosphere.
[Cheers and applause] ADAM: My team going into the knockouts is amazing.
I couldn't be happier.
I stole Jackie and Jordyn two incredible young female singers.
I think my teams always have that eclectic edge.
I got all my bases covered.
DALY: And now let's take a look at never-before-seen footage of our coaches.
Season 14 winner.
After a long day on "The Voice," things start to get weird.
I'm like, "Where's everyone going?" Running away.
I got heels on, so I'm gonna stay right here.
I was just too good.
I know.
They were like, "I got to go.
" Right.
I'm so excited.
[Laughter] Hey, Blake.
What? I still hate you.
[Laughs] I don't know if you were waving at me, but I'm waving.
[Laughs] She was like, "I was waving at Alicia.
" [Laughter] But I'm still waiving back.
[Laughter] Actually, the reason Adam's not standing here right now is I blocked him.
Have you ever talked to somebody and wish they would stop talking - Right.
- and you could just block them? [Whistles] Like, you could just Do you know how long I've known him? [Laughter] We have a really good time with our advisers.
I think you need a little bit of a timeout.
Shh! You're crazy.
I've paid him not to play guitar.
[Laughter] Ha, ha.
"Stop before I bust it over your head.
" Do I have a second to go to the bathroom? No.
Okay, fine.
You know, I mean, unfortunately I'm gonna be doing this the whole time now.
You said the word "take.
" It It was so good, but you put grit on it.
It was like a [Grunts] Some "True Grit.
" - Y-Yeah, it was true grit.
- Yes! Whoo! - [Laughs] - Okay.
You ever seen him dance and sing? It's a horror show.
Shufflin' Shelton.
You don't want to see that.
Shufflin' Shelton.
That's what they That's what they call me back in Oklahoma.
Yeah, that's what they call him.
Whoa! Oh, my goodness! Oh, my God.
Julia likes me now.
[Chuckles] All right, man.
[Laughs] I'm gonna miss you.
[Laughter] I love you.
[Groans] I love you, too.
All I can say is, "You're welcome," man.
You're welcome that I allow you to hang out with me.
I'm good.
I'm Bye.
Love you.
Love you all.
And to all a good night.
Come on, let's go.
I'm hungry.
[Sighing] Oh, God.
BLAKE: What do you want to You just said you had barbecue.
[Laughs] Let's take a look at a special sneak peek of what's coming up in the knockout rounds.
Next week, get ready for the knockouts.
[Vocalizing] Yeah! Wake me up Wake me up inside I can't wake up DALY: This season, in a "Voice" first, our coaches have called upon four advisers - Hi! - Hi! - Ahh! - Oh, my gosh! DALY: who know how to win "The Voice.
" Hi! Season 3's Cassadee Pope.
From Season 9, Jordan Smith.
Season 12's Chris Blue.
And from Season 13, Chloe Kohanski.
[Laughs] BLAKE: Who better to advise these artists - Yeah.
- than former winners of "The Voice"? People are always looking for that moment.
- Sell it.
- Wow.
This is why she won this show.
DALY: And in another twist, new to knockouts will be - Whoa! - The Save, which gives each coach a chance to save a deserving artist from leaving their team.
I want you! I love The Save because it gives us a chance to keep the most talented artists on our team.
But it doesn't mean they'll stay on our team.
Ah! DALY: Because even if a coach chooses to save an artist, they can still be stolen.
They're all insane if they don't try Whoa! Now we got a steal! Ha! DALY: Kelly Clarkson just saved her.
We have another steal! The most competitive knockouts yet begin next week.
Two steals, one save.
We got to do this!