The Voice US (2011) s14e10 Episode Script

The Battles, Part 4

1 DALY: Tonight, the final battles will be fought.
Might've had your fill, but you feel it still - Whoo! - The toughest decisions will be made.
Only an idiot would put those two people against each other.
[Laughter] What the hell? DALY: And one last artist will be stolen.
I'm the only coach with a steal left, and I'm holding out.
Like, when I hear it, I know.
DALY: Before the artists take the stage, they will get coaching from some of the best in the business.
[Laughs] It would be nice just, like, one harmony.
[Vocalizing] This is the first time I've seen Trace smile today.
That's true.
[Laughs] Make it work in a world DALY: They'll create some of the best battles of the season.
seems to go so wrong The bar was set, like, through this roof.
You're amazing.
Girl, I just want a record.
[Whoosh] DALY: That is a steal! The biggest and most exciting round of the battles yet concludes tonight.
Wow! Alicia, you've got one steal left.
What are you looking for? I think I'm looking for one more female vocalist.
The thing that's so interesting about the battles is that it literally changes everything.
Yeah, it's true.
Like, your whole situation can drastically change.
Good luck today, guys.
Last day of battles.
I look great.
Hey, Adam, how much "mony mony" did you spend on that hair? DALY: Let's meet Adam's first battle pairing of the night.
I grew up not knowing my dad at all, and for my blind, I sang "Piece by Piece," and it's Kelly's story about her dad not being in her life.
Kelly wrote from her experience in this song, but I feel like she wrote my experience, as well.
That song [Voice breaking] It was cool.
Piece by piece, I fell far Adam paired me with Stephanie.
Holy moly.
As soon as I heard her voice, I was, like, "Oh, my gosh.
" And she will never have to wonder her worth She's very subtle sometimes, but she, like, can go there, too.
He'll love her Oh, get it! She's so good.
I was, like, super excited, of course, but now I'm, like, nervous.
great [Laughing] Oh, my gosh.
Yes, Stephanie! JACKIE: I got in a car accident that left me needing two plastic surgeries to reconstruct the left side of my face.
Going through something like that shatters a lot in you.
I was just so afraid, like, people are gonna judge me.
[Sniffles] I didn't know if I would ever do music again, and [Sniffles] Sorry.
It's, like, every time I talk about it, I'm, like, aah! And you're always gonna fly away Oh, my gosh! Jackie! STEPHANIE: Jackie she's a beast.
I had goose bumps all She's incredible.
grow up Her voice is so fluid.
She has this huge range, too.
Peter Pan Oh, my goodness! I'm a little bit scared about this.
- Ladies.
- Hi! - Oh, my God! - Oh, my gosh! Please welcome Julia Michaels.
- Hi, guys! - Hi.
How are you? JACKIE: Julia Michaels is an amazing artist.
I think her voice is so cool, and she's an awesome songwriter, which is something that I would love to learn a lot more about.
How are you guys doing? Awesome.
You guys are here because I really love what you do.
You guys are very different, but I'm more interested in the raw thing that you guys possess.
So I was just curious on why this song.
Like, I love it.
I've been in the position many times in my career where I've had to kind of, like, sing a song that I wouldn't have necessarily imagined singing myself.
That's a very valuable thing to learn how to do gracefully.
And figuring out the way of making it your own without going extremely overboard.
This song will kind of push you guys.
These dreams go on when I close my eyes STEPHANIE: For the battles, Jackie and I are singing "These Dreams" by Heart.
And whew, those ladies can sing.
And the full moon that hangs over Jackie, I loved her country twang that she had in her voice.
I thought that was really unique.
These dreams, they go on Stephanie, when she would hit those high notes, it was almost Céline Dion-esque.
There was moments where I was like.
You guys are really, really good singers.
[Laughs] Thank you.
[Laughing] It's so crazy.
JULIA: That ad lib part in the chorus Da da-da da-da Feels like it's a little hard for you.
I'm having trouble committing to the Alison Krauss version or the Heart version.
And so I get, like, stuck.
Whichever one feels the most comfortable to you.
- Just commit.
- Yeah.
- You got to really just commit.
- Yeah.
Yeah, 'cause you can't teeter on both.
The harmonies themselves, those need to be really tight.
JACKIE: I have never gotten the chance to harmonize, and I want to learn so bad.
You want to kind of be able to adapt to the other person in that moment to really get them down rhythmically.
It really helps and I have done this with my band, too You face the person when you're singing harmonies, and you actually just watch their mouth.
But it actually is a great exercise.
These dreams go on when I close my eyes STEPHANIE: Jackie keeps me on my toes because she makes really quick progress, and so to win, I think I have to sing from that deeper place.
There's something out there I [Adam laughs] I'm so sorry.
Don't be sorry.
If you say No "Sorry" s.
I think it's just stage fright.
I have, like, been through a lot in the past, and being scared to be onstage.
Just know you're in a safe place and there's no need to be nervous.
I have horrible stage fright.
My vocal coach told me in the beginning to try and create a sort of alter ego for myself when I'm onstage.
So regular old me is, like, sweatpants, and then I put on an outfit, and I'm, like, "Okay!" - "I'm Julia Michaels now!" - "I got this!" I know what it's like to feel self-conscious and feel like you're not good enough.
I definitely did that for a really long time.
I definitely suppressed what I wanted out of fear.
Jackie needs to know her voice is greater than all of her insecurities.
Thank you.
You guys rock.
Just get those harmonies down.
ADAM: Jackie made a Heart song sound like a country song, which was amazing, and Stephanie made it feel like something totally different, so it was nice that they weren't imitating.
I think this is just gonna come down to the moment.
Okay, all right.
Let's take the last the last two choruses.
STEPHANIE: Jackie and I have been working super hard.
I'm excited, but I'm nervous.
At 33, I know myself a little better than I did earlier in my life.
And I just get in my head that it'd be a victory for me if I could just sing.
MAN: All right.
Stand by, Three, two There's something out there Ohhhhh I'm pleased to say these girls worked so hard on this.
You can really tell.
That last harmony is bonkers! I'm pretty blown away, and it's so cool just to see people grow right in front of your eyes.
Just try and make it feel as fun as it just did, and I'll be so proud of the both of you.
Yeah! DALY: Coming up go on when I close my eyes DALY: a night of breathtaking performances Stars I could use a love song I didn't even feel like I was at "The Voice" - when you guys performed.
- Whoo! DALY: and the final steal of the battle rounds.
This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to the battles at Universal Studios Hollywood.
[Cheers and applause] Whoo! [Cheers and applause continue] Yeah! The battle starts now.
Ooh, good song.
Spare a little candle Save some light for me Figures up ahead moving in the trees White skin in linen Perfume on my wrist And the full moon that hangs over these Dreams in the mist These dreams go on when I close my eyes Every second of the night, I live another life These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside Every moment I'm awake, the further I'm away There's something out there I can't resist I need to hide away from the pain There's something out there I can't resist, yeah These dreams go on when I close my eyes Every second of the night, I live another life These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside Every moment I'm awake, the further I'm away These dreams, they go on and on and on Every second of the night, I live another life These dreams, yeah, yeah, ooh Every moment I'm awake The further I'm away There's something out there I can't resist [Song ends] [Cheers and applause] Whoo! Hi, girls.
Hi! Hey, Blake! Congratulations.
There's moments in there that got very impressive.
And I definitely feel like this is a song that doesn't really fit in either one of your wheelhouse, but you both had your huge, gigantic moments to showcase what you're capable of doing.
Because of that, this is one of the most even battles I've ever seen.
I guess if I had to pick somebody, I've got to cast my vote for country.
I'd be going with Jackie over there.
Thank you.
[Cheers and applause] I felt like you almost both did kind of capture country music via Heart.
Yes, thank you, Kelly thinking outside the box, 'cause there are so many styles that blend together.
It's possible, you know, Blake.
All songs have similarities sometimes, but, see, when you live in a box, it's hard to see squares and circles and triangles.
Well, when you live in a box, it's easy to see a square 'cause it's square.
[Laughter, applause] I think I have to pick Stephanie 'cause she sang my song in the blind auditions.
You egomaniac.
I love both of you, but I think I love your song selection, Stephanie.
No, I think that he did a really good job pairing two singers that are pretty fantastic and could nail pop or country.
I think you both have a really cool tone.
They're very different.
You're both talented.
It's a toss-up.
[Applause] I love that song, and, Stephanie, I think, has more of an awareness of who she is and a clarity of how to perform at this point.
And I think Jackie has a really raw, untapped talent that is gonna continue to evolve.
So, you know, it's kind of about what journey you want to be on.
[Applause] Thank you, coaches, very much.
Adam, the final decision is yours.
What'd you think? We need to see certain things from you guys, and I think that when you use a vocal like this from a band like Heart, that's a huge challenge for anybody.
And the truth is, you guys both did an amazing job.
There was a lot that went down that you guys don't know about.
Like, Jackie didn't really even know a lot about harmonizing.
- You nailed it.
- Thank you.
And it's funny.
When they're harmonizing, they often look at each other because we wanted them to face each other and watch each other's mouths in rehearsals.
It was so great to see you guys actually do it onstage, which was really cool.
But by the end, Jackie, the growth that I saw was astounding.
Thank you.
And then, Stephanie, you know, I kind of felt you're seeing this kind of this greatness coming from Jackie as she's progressing, and you're, like, "Oh, s-s crap.
" [Laughter] And that freaked you out, you know, but the finished product was two incredible singers doing an amazing duet and both singing with so much power and proficiency and emotion.
So you guys have done your job, both of you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[Cheers and applause] Adam, tough one here.
Who is the winner of this battle? Sometimes this boils down to, like, I guess, an intangible, a feeling.
Not just when you listen, but when you're just experiencing two people singing.
Sometimes we gravitate towards somebody in ways that we cannot explain, and for that reason right now, I'm gonna say the winner of this battle is Jackie.
[Cheers and applause] Jackie, congratulations.
You're moving on to the knockouts.
From Team Adam.
ADAM: Jackie has no idea how good she is.
I think that's what I love about her.
I'm just proud of her.
She's gonna go really far.
And I had to go with my gut.
You're amazing.
Thank you.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be working with Adam.
He's already taught me so much that I didn't even know I could do and gave me a confidence that I didn't know I had.
Aah! [Laughs] DALY: Coaches, let me remind you, Stephanie's available to steal.
I am just full of gratitude for this whole experience.
And I've learned so much.
It's been a pleasure.
Thank you.
DALY: How about a big round of applause for Stephanie Skipper? ALICIA: I didn't push for Stephanie just because I don't think I was 100% sold on her style of voice being something that I needed.
I only have one steal left, so I'm really waiting to be inspired.
I think that Jackie is, like, scary good.
She has such a cool vibe, and I was, like Yeah.
I think that we don't even really know how good.
These dreams go on DALY: Stream tonight's battle songs only on Apple Music or buy them on iTunes.
Every second of the night This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to the battles.
While Alicia and her adviser, Shawn Mendes, talk shop I want to send you what I think the first single's gonna be - off the next album.
- [Gasps] Please! Super-high falsetto, like Prince.
Would you? Yeah, I will.
Can I hear, like, a few of your songs? Yeah, yeah, I'll send you a folder, yeah.
DALY: let's meet our next artist.
LIVIA: I don't know who my battle partner is yet, but we're about to find out, and I am terrified.
I'm a senior in high school, and I'm from Stanton, Kentucky.
We're, like, a really small town.
I sang at the Corn Festival since I was about 9.
And making it through the blind auditions was the craziest experience of my life.
Dream a little dream of me [Cheers and applause] After my blind audition, I don't know if anybody saw my little happy dance.
I didn't even know what to do.
BOTH: My darling, dear Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson sang for me.
They're so amazing.
Just like you, I love classics.
And I love to take them and then twist them on their head.
I have to pick Alicia.
Yeah, baby! I just felt this connection to Alicia, so I'm really grateful for that.
[Cheers and applause] This way [Laughing] Oh, it's Terrence! [Vocalizing] Terrence can do these amazing runs, and his falsetto is crazy.
Talkin' 'bout my girl Four chairs.
Oh, ohhhhh Oh, Alicia.
What are you doing to me, girl? Standing ovation.
TERRENCE: I've built a life around music.
I've never had a regular job.
I've always played the piano or sang in some capacity.
Quite often, I travel with artists to other countries touring and singing.
My great-aunt, the late, great Etta Baker, was a tremendous folk jazz legend, and it's a huge responsibility to carry the torch of such a musical family.
Hi, Dad! I just want to let you know that I'm very proud of you.
I had a daughter when I was 16 years old, and so I put my career on hold until she graduated high school.
The blinds became a dream came true.
It was one of the best experiences of my life.
[Cheers and applause] If I ever did anything right, it was come to this show only to meet you.
I would love to be your coach.
[Cheers and applause] We're both musicians, we're both pianists, so Alicia was the best choice.
Hi, Livia and Terrence.
LIVIA: Hi! [Laughs] This is Shawn Mendes, my friend.
- Hi.
How you doing? - Hi! [Laughs] - How's everything.
- Oh, my gosh.
It's Shawn Mendes and Alicia Keys all in one room.
And I'm also entering that room! Shawn is a young artist, and he's gonna have a lot of input to give other young artists.
ALICIA: You both have the throwback vibes and the tenderness that was really special in both performances.
And this song, you're both able to sing a modern song together but put your style on it.
I followed your ashes into outer space TERRENCE: We are doing "Stars" by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.
It's a really nice ballad, and I think it's the perfect choice for softer voices.
Stars, they make me ALICIA: When Livia sings, the melodies are so clear, and her timing is really impeccable.
She's only 17, but she really already has such an artistic sense about who she is.
That is stunning.
Terrence, on the other hand, sings in a way that's just completely his own universe.
He, though, is a little more fluid, and things might stretch a little bit more.
For you, Terrence, the rhythm of what you answer Livia with, sometimes it's almost too loose.
Like, I can't find the rhythm in it.
The concept of this song, someone's passed away.
And always what helps, I think, any singer is attaching to the concept of the song.
But also really listening to each other and making sure that you're sitting in the same emotional register.
So, Terrence, how do you feel about playing this song? - Just piano? - Yeah, I would love to play.
That could be really pretty.
I've been sitting behind the piano since I was about 3 years old.
That's my safety place.
That's my home.
That's my solace.
And Livia's voice, I think it's magic.
So I just want to meet her where she is so we can make something beautiful together.
And if I know SHAWN: The second his hands started touching the piano, his voice opened up.
He felt calmer.
She felt calmer.
Everything felt right.
[Song ends] [Laughter] Yes! Just, like, one harmony thing could be nice.
Stars Stars Stars Stars LIVIA: There are definitely some complicated parts of the song.
It's pretty high up there, so I'm gonna have to hold my breath way longer than I expected after we added in those harmonies.
[Vocalizing] The energy is dope.
The connection is more special than I ever could have imagined, actually.
It's super, super pretty.
Thank you, guys.
ALICIA: Beautiful! The creativity level with those two was just through the roof, and him playing piano and her standing next to him, there's gonna be this beautiful connection that's gonna happen.
People are gonna just be blown away.
All right, thank you all so much.
Thank you guys so much.
All right.
We'll see you soon.
Bye, guys.
Take care.
Good luck.
That I could see the stars It was really gratifying to sing in front of Alicia just to see where we've grown.
We're a lot more comfortable with the song now.
The stars Yeah! I'm thoroughly looking forward to this battle.
I loved that so much.
I felt that.
- I got goose bumps.
- Mm-hmm.
ALICIA: Livia and Terrence together really worked on this piece in a way that's really a moment.
It's beautiful.
Do you feel like you're holding back vocally? Mm maybe.
I just felt like, towards that end, I could use a little more of you.
That was really beautiful.
I'm in a reverie right now.
Livia and Terrence just put me in this zone.
It's so tender.
It's powerful.
It's dynamic.
This is gonna be a really hard choice for me.
I think it's really about what gives me the chills.
This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back.
It's the night of their battle, and Livia and Terrence are ready to take the stage.
LIVIA: Coming from a really small town in Kentucky, it's gonna be sad if I have to go home after this.
DALY: Livia Faith! LIVIA: Just going from blinds to battles, musically and artist speaking, I've grown in, like, light-years.
Whoo! TERRENCE: Being able to perform solely on the merit of my voice and my song, not playing for other musicians, is the apex of my career.
DALY: Terrence Cunningham! TERRENCE: I want to win this battle to show my daughter that if you follow your heart and you follow your dreams, you can accomplish anything.
Come on, Terrence! This battle begins right now.
I lit a fire with the love you left behind [Cheers and applause] And it burned wild and crept up the mountainside Oh, I followed your ashes into outer space And I can't look out the window I can't look at this place I can't look at the stars They make me wonder where you are Stars Up on Heaven's boulevard And if I know you at all I know you've gone too far So I, I can't look at the stars Mm, all those times we looked up at the sky Looking out so far, it felt like we could fly And now I'm all alone in the dark of night And the moon is shining But I can't see the light And I can't see the stars And they make me wonder where you are The stars And if I know you at all I know you've gone too far So, I So, I Can't look at the stars Ooh, I And if I know you at all I know you've gone too far Too far So, I can't look at the stars [Cheers and applause] Yeah! [Laughs] Whoo! - That was beautiful.
- That was super beautiful.
Thank you.
ADAM: Terrence, you blew us away in the blinds.
The bar was set, like, through this roof.
Clearly, you're a ridiculous musician, incredible singer.
You're so soothing, and you're so ethereal in your delivery.
You're kind of like your own planet.
Thank you.
And, Livia, you came out here and really surprised all of us because you not only held your own, but you were kind of thriving a little more because there was more to discover about you.
You're such a diamond in the rough.
Thank you so much.
[Applause] KELLY: Livia, I do think you're so intense.
I can read that off of watching you.
You have that goldness about you and such a storyteller kind of voice.
But I think Terrence realizes that, and you knew when to be respectful, and I just wanted to compliment you on that.
I knew you had a little bit more in you, and maybe you did, too.
This song is very beautiful.
And it's broken, and I think you did a very good job together as a team.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[Cheers and applause] I didn't even feel like I was at "The Voice" Mm.
when you guys performed.
I mean, it kind of took me away, which, by the way, was refreshing because I'm here every day of my life.
[Laughter] You worked so hard on creating a moment together, it was hard to kind of separate the two of you.
I didn't really hear anybody outsing the other.
That's awesome.
[Applause] DALY: Thank you, coaches.
Alicia Keys, it comes down to you.
You've got the final say.
You both are completely individuals.
Livia, you really revealed yourself in this battle.
Thank you.
You showed a strength to your voice.
You're 17.
It's, like, really impressive.
Thank you so much.
Beautiful job.
Beautiful job.
[Applause] And, Terrence, part of your magic is the fact that you don't yell and scream.
You draw people in in a quiet way that's really powerful.
[Applause] Alicia, who is the winner of this battle? This is really the most difficult battle to choose from.
The winner of this battle is Terrence.
Terrence, congratulations.
You're moving on to the knockouts, [Cheers and applause] representing Team Alicia.
TERRENCE: The fact that Alicia believes in me means the world to me, especially an artist of her stature and of her caliber.
Knowing that I have this opportunity is super-duper exciting for me.
Livia, anything you'd like to say to your coach? Just, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.
This whole thing has been the best thing that's ever happened to me.
I wouldn't trade any of this for the world.
Keep going.
You're amazing.
Thank you so much.
Give it up for Livia Faith, ladies and gentlemen! [Cheers and applause] Livia and Terrence, I love both of their voices.
You're so beautiful.
But I went with Terrence because I believe that he has something very unique that I can help develop and bring out.
DALY: As the night went on, the battles continued to impress our coaches.
Ohhhh There can be miracles Miracles When you believe This song is not easy.
Gary, you were going above and beyond as a singer.
The winner of this battle is Gary.
Gary, congratulations.
You're moving on to the knockouts representing Team Adam.
Jones Oh, Mrs.
Jones I thank both of you guys for working so hard on this, and it came down to which one of you two that I think, moving forward, can not let the pressure get to him, so the winner of this battle is Austin.
[Cheers and applause] DALY: Austin, moving on to the knockouts.
From Team Kelly, Alexa Cappelli was paired with Hannah Goebel, but, unfortunately, Hannah Goebel had to leave us for personal reasons, so, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for 18-year-old Alexa Cappelli.
Talk about freedom Everyone prays in the end Everyone prays in the end ADAM: You are so good.
You deserve to go really, really far on this show.
You're an insane singer, and I cannot wait to see what you do next.
Thank you.
This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to the battles.
Don't look at my hair.
Can I be looking at your hair because I like it? - Yes.
- I adore it.
I adore your hair.
I adore your hair.
Salt and pepper and all.
- I love your hair, Alicia.
- Thanks.
I love your hair.
You hair's so beautiful.
[Laughs] DALY: Now let's meet the final battle pairing of the season Blake's female country artists Dallas Caroline and Spensha Baker.
SPENSHA: My journey with music has been a roller coaster.
At a young age, I released a gospel music album on a major label.
Ended up, label and I parted ways, and I kind of gave up on myself.
I haven't sang in three years, and here I am.
Blackbird singing in the dead of night Spensha.
Oh, my God.
She opens her mouth, and it's just so much power behind it and so much feeling and strength.
You kind of get lost in it.
Into the light of the dark black night When you pushed the gas, it was, like, whoa! Do we even know what kind of music you want to pursue? Country.
Well! Oh, my gosh! [Laughs] We've gotten to know each other, and she is such a sweet person inside and out.
Before "The Voice," I was homeschooled all through high school.
I graduated early.
I was writing songs, posting videos, doing live shows and kind of local stuff in my hometown.
Last October, my hometown was hit with the second-biggest wildfire in California history.
And to be able to come out of that and be a positive light representing Sonoma County is just a dream come true in every way for me.
You were always on my mind Oh, my Really? As soon as I saw Dallas' audition, my heart started racing so fast.
Little things I should SPENSHA: Her voice is so country and so authentically from another time.
It's light and airy and really beautiful.
There's our next LeAnn Rimes.
There's our next Tanya Tucker.
There's our next hero in country music.
Oh, my God.
That's not what I was expecting.
What's up? Hi! This is my friend Trace Adkins.
- BOTH: Hi.
- Oh, my God.
How are you? Very nice to meet you.
SPENSHA: To walk in and see Trace Adkins, [Laughing] it's, like, "What?" He's an icon who has had such longevity and such a career in country music, and I just don't know what to say, so I'm, like, smiling.
[Scoffs] Like a dork.
This is the first time I've seen Trace smile today, is when you two came in.
[Laughs] That's true.
[Laughs] I've been dreading this pairing and looking forward to it.
This is my two country girls whose voices can blend, and this just makes sense to me, but it's a heartbreaker at the same time.
Usually, a drink will do SPENSHA: "I Could Use a Love Song" by Maren Morris is a really good bridge between sort of traditional country and this new country soul.
So it was a great way to blend both of our voices together.
Forever every time BLAKE: This song is a tough song for anybody to sing.
I mean, this is about as rangey as it gets.
Right off the bat, I think you guys have the same issue I would have, which is, this song has to start so low Yeah.
but goes so freakin' high.
I just noticed not much presence there.
There wasn't a lot of timbre there.
When I get nervous, the first thing that it affects is my lower register.
The more relaxed you are, the better that lower register is gonna be.
DALLAS: I was really nervous, and I feel like you can sometimes hear that in my voice.
If I just trust myself, I think that'll really show that just because I'm young doesn't mean that I'm not ready for this.
I need something stronger That's good.
BLAKE: You know, Dallas is a very accurate vocalist, and a lot of times, that only comes with a lot of experience.
Now, we know she's only 17, and it gives you an idea of how gifted she truly is.
When it comes on TRACE: Of all the performances that I saw, Spensha was my favorite.
She had confidence and she had control, but there was something else about her that I saw in her face that, "Oh, my God.
I'm doing this.
" Old jaded guys like myself and Blake, we sometimes forget what it was like in the very beginning.
And then the stuff she did at the end made me smile.
- That was money.
- Spensha, I hear a lot of what Carrie does in your voice and maybe Rascal Flatts and newer country music that I'm somehow trying to fit into myself these days.
Then I thought Dallas is like a young Patty Loveless or something.
Just that very pointed, very razor-perfect pitch with that high almost like a mountain tone.
That's an awfully high bar.
[Laughs] To be compared to someone like Patty Loveless is just such an honor.
I hope that I can do the song justice.
The verses I'd just like to hear you both just not be right on top of the beat on every word and be a little late.
'Cause this song is not an upbeat, foot-stomping song.
It needs to be a little behind the beat, you know.
Just be a little late with it.
[Sighing] Yeah.
My plan is, get stolen, somebody, and then I get to steal you back.
There you go.
That trick has worked before.
DALY: Coming up When it comes on To a time when I the final battle Only an idiot would put those two people against each other.
[Laughs] blows the coaches away.
- You did your thing.
- ADAM: If you're Blake, you're thinking, this girl is one click away from being a Danielle Bradbery.
Girl, I just want a record.
[Whoosh] DALY: We've got a steal! This is "The Voice" DALY: Welcome back to the final night of the battles.
[Cheers and applause] Whoo! The battle starts now.
Usually, a drink'll do the trick Take the edge off quick, sitting in the dark With a shared cigarette Seeing eye to eye and heart to heart Maybe I'm just getting old Used to work, but now it don't A long-gone drive You know the kind where you take a turn And don't know why But it clears your mind, a surefire cure I need something stronger That'll last a little longer I could use a love song That takes me back just like that When it comes on To a time when I would roll my eyes at a guy and a girl Who make it work in a world that For me, so far, just seems to go so wrong Yeah, I could use I could use a love song Ooh, ooh, ooh, ohh, yeah Ooh, give me a sign or a rhyme or a reason Just something that I can believe in I could use a love song That takes me back just like that When it comes on To a time when I would roll my eyes at a guy and a girl Make it work in a world That for me, so far, just seems to go so wrong Yeah, I could use Yeah, I could use I could use a love song Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ohh [Cheers and applause] KELLY: All right! Dallas, I love that you are just starting.
You're like this tiny, little package with this huge voice.
I just think you need confidence and a bit of time.
And then, Spensha, you do have an undeniable huge presence.
Girl, I just want a record.
[Applause] Only an idiot would put those two people against each other.
[Laughs] I would go with Spensha if I had to pick.
Which I'm glad I don't.
Thank you, Kelly.
Yeah, Dallas and Spensha, you put your all into it, and I could sense nerves from you, Dallas.
And I think that there is a lot inside of you.
It's not easy to do your thing.
You did your thing.
Yeah, you did.
And, Spensha, it seems that you have unlimited ability to sing in any style, and I think that's so special.
Thank you.
I might go with Dallas because I think that there is real potential, and it would be really incredible to see where that leads you.
So, congratulations, ladies, for shining.
- BOTH: Thank you.
- [Applause] ADAM: Dallas, I know it's super annoying when people say you're the most adorable person ever, but you really are just that cute.
Thank you.
So, deal with it.
[Laughter] The untapped kind of potential in your voice, that's hard not to want to discover still.
And if you're Blake, you're thinking, "Man, this girl is one click away from being a Danielle Bradbery.
" Spensha comes out here, and you morphed to this song the way that you turned "Blackbird" into something else, and so the kind of chameleon aspect of what you do is really special.
Thank you.
It's an impossible decision to make, so he's screwed, but you're both fantastic.
[Cheers and applause] Thank you, Adam.
Thank you, coaches.
Blake Shelton, you've got the final decision.
Give us some thoughts first.
Well, my thoughts are, "I'm screwed.
" [Laughter] Dallas, you're a great freakin' singer.
Thank you.
I mean, you truly are.
You stepped up to the plate, and that's impressive.
Spensha, I think you have the opportunity to blow the mind of Nashville and turn the country music industry on its ear.
And now I've just got to make a decision based on what my vision is, because there's not a clear winner here.
You guys are both incredible.
Blake, who is the winner of this battle? Uhh I'm sitting here going, "What the hell did I do this to myself for?" You know? Dallas, I think you're incredible.
Spensha, you're the winner of this battle.
Spensha, congratulations.
You're moving on to the knockouts on Team Blake Shelton.
Dallas and Spensha was a heartbreaker for me, but I feel like Spensha is ready right now, and I think she's very important to country music.
She's got this earthy sound with a very rangey voice, and it's truly country.
Whoo-hoo-hoo! [Cheers and applause] I don't know what to say! To have Blake say that I can make a difference in country is I'm so grateful for that.
Folks, let me remind you, Dallas is available to steal.
Dallas, anything Whoa! We've got a steal! Yes! Yes! [Laughs] - Love it! - Yaaaaaay! Thank you so much.
I don't even I'm at a loss for words, but thank you.
Dallas, I'm so happy you have a good coach now.
[Laughter] ALICIA: I see something really special in you.
You're 17 years old.
There is so much strength in there.
And I know that I could help continue to explore music with you and explore everything you have to say as a beautiful young woman.
Thank you so much.
[Applause] Congratulations.
Go meet your new coach.
Yeah! And we'll see Dallas in the knockouts.
You did a beautiful job.
I'm so excited.
Thank you so much.
Yes, Dallas.
All right! Congrats.
Good one! Oh, my gosh! Yes! I'm so excited about what we can do together.
Me too.
Thank you so much.
I feel like for me, country and soul is such a beautiful mix of music.
- Yes.
- You'll benefit me, I'll benefit you, and we're gonna shine.
- I know.
I agree.
- All right! She knows! - Thank you so much.
- She's ready!