The Walking Dead s05e03 Episode Script

Four Walls and a Roof

Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead - I'm Gabriel.
- You said you had a church.
I don't trust this guy.
He's hiding something.
This was the food bank.
Served the whole county.
- We have to get Gabriel.
- What happened? I don't know.
We get Eugene to Washington, and he will make the dead die and the living will have this world again.
We're in! Let's do it.
Good news is, you're not dead yet.
But at the end of the day, a man's got to eat.
(breathing rapidly) Gareth: It's probably pretty stupid to be here.
I don't know, maybe not.
(snarling) You can see the threat.
That's something.
Looking at them makes me feel better about things.
My mom used to say that every day above ground was a win.
Doesn't really apply anymore, but you can still get some perspective.
The glass is gonna break sooner or later.
Nothing lasts too long anymore.
You know, we marked our way here so that we could find our way back after.
So stupid, right? I mean back to what? It wasn't just a trap.
It was gonna be a choice.
You join us or feed us.
You know bears when they start to starve, they eat their young.
If the bear dies, the cub dies anyway.
But if the bear lives, it can always have another cub.
That was part of the pitch.
You know, Greg and Mike came this close to nabbing that grey-haired queen bitch who killed my mom.
She drove away with the archer.
Greg saw them pull away.
Can't wait to try her.
I like women better.
Most of us do.
My brother Alex has-- also currently dead because of Rick-- he had a theory that it was because of the extra layer of fat that women have, you know, for childbearing.
Even the skinny girls have it.
Like that pretty one-- Sasha? I think pretty people taste better, too.
We're going to get all of them.
But for starters, you'll do just fine.
We did a good job on your leg.
- (sobbing) - We've had practice.
When we started, it was about making it slow.
I'm being a human being here.
I'm talking to you.
Perspective, Bob.
You're above ground.
At least you're better off than them.
(laughing) Well, he lost it.
Lasted longer than I thought he would.
(laughing continues) You you idiots.
- Okay, keep it down.
- (pounding on glass) I can shut him up.
I've been bitten, you stupid pricks! I'm tainted meat.
- (laughing) - (spitting) - Let's just kill him now.
- No, no, we need him.
We might as well be eating one of them.
What the hell's gonna happen? Are we gonna turn? Are we just gonna die? Albert, calm the hell down.
We cooked him.
Everything is gonna be fine.
Why the hell didn't you check him first? 'Cause he was fine.
- Tainted meat! - Gareth: Shut up.
- You eating tainted meat! - I said shut up! (theme music playing) (whispering) Bob.
(panting) (snarling) (twig snaps) - (snarling) - (gasps) (silenced gunshot) - (muffled scream) - It's me.
It's me.
- He's getting away.
- Who? Somebody was watching us.
If we go in there now, some of us aren't coming back.
Bob is out there somewhere.
Scared, alone.
Maybe not alone.
Daryl and Carol are missing, too.
(silverware clattering) (doors open) Stop.
What are you doing? What are you doing? This is all connected.
You show up, we're being watched, and now three of us are gone.
I I don't I don't have anything to do with this.
- Wait! - Rosita: Don't! - Tyreese: Sasha, put it away.
- Who's out there? I-- I don't have anything - to do with this.
- Where are our people? - I don't have anything to-- - Where are our people?! Please, I don't have anything to do with this.
I-- Why'd you bring us here? Please, I-- You working with someone? I'm alone.
I'm alone.
I was always alone.
What about the woman in the food bank, Gabriel? What did you do to her? "You'll burn for this.
" That was for you.
Why? What are you gonna burn for, Gabriel? What? What did you do? What did you do?! I lock the doors at night.
I always lock the doors at night.
I always lock the doors at night.
I always-- They started coming, my congregation.
Atlanta was bombed the night before and they were scared.
They were-- they were looking for a safe place, a place where they felt safe.
And it was so early.
It was so early.
And the doors were still locked.
You see it was my choice.
There were so many of them and they were trying to pry the shutters and banging on the sidings, screaming at me.
And so the dead came for them.
Women children.
Entire families calling my name as they were torn apart, begging me for mercy.
(sobbing) Begging me for mercy.
Damning me to hell.
I buried their bones.
I buried it all.
The Lord sent you here to finally punish me.
I'm damned.
I was damned before.
I always lock the doors.
I always lock the doors.
(sobbing) (whistling) Glenn: There's something-- there's someone outside lying in the grass.
(walkers snarling) Oh! Bob! Bob.
- His leg.
- Get Bob inside.
We'll take care of them.
Can you help me, please? Help me.
Help me.
(gunshot) Get inside! Go! I was in the graveyard.
Somebody knocked me out.
I woke up outside this place.
It looked like a school.
It was that guy, Gareth.
And five other ones.
They were eating my leg right in front of me.
Like it was nothing.
All proud like they had it all figured out.
Did they have Daryl and Carol? Gareth said they drove off.
(groaning) He's in pain.
Do we have anything? I think there are pill packets in the first aid kit.
- Yeah.
- Save 'em.
- No.
- Really.
It happened at the food bank.
It's okay.
Bob? There's a sofa in my office.
I know it's not much, but Thank you.
I got him.
Do you know the place Bob was talking about? It's an elementary school.
- It's close.
- How close? How close, Gabriel? It's just a 10-minute walk through the woods from here, due south of the graveyard.
(Judith crying) Shh, shh, shh.
Does he have a fever? He's just warm.
Jim lasted almost two days before we left him.
Time for a reality check.
We all need to leave for DC right now.
Daryl and Carol are gonna be back.
We're not going anywhere without them.
I respect that, but there's a clear threat here to Eugene.
I need to extract his ass before things get any uglier.
So if y'all won't come, good luck to you.
We'll go our separate ways.
You leaving on foot? We fixed that damn bus ourselves.
There are a lot more of us.
You want to keep it that way? You should come.
Carol saved your life.
We saved your life.
Well, I am trying to save yours.
Save everyone's.
We're not going anywhere without our people.
- Your people took off.
- They're coming back.
To what, picked-over bones?! - You're not taking-- - Do not lay hands! - Abraham! - Hey, hey, stop! Now! Do you really think that you're gonna be any safer leaving right now in the middle of the night? Yeah.
Glenn: What about tomorrow? We need each other for this.
We need each other to get to DC.
We can get through all of it together.
I have an idea.
If you stay just one more day and help, I'll go with you to DC no matter what.
Okay? Glenn and Maggie, too.
- No.
- Good luck, then.
I'm not interested in breaking up what you have here.
Rosita, grab your gear.
- Abraham-- - Now.
Eugene, let's go.
Move it.
- I don't want to.
- Now.
You're not taking the bus.
Try to stop me.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Hey, hey, hey! You stay-- you stay and help us, and we will go with you.
- No.
- It's not your call.
You stay, help us.
Half a day.
Come high noon, we're taillights.
I'm not waiting for the other damn shoe to drop.
And we will leave with you.
Then we go.
Bob: You know, the one good thing about getting kicked in my face-- made me forget the pain in my leg.
And my side, so two good things.
We're not playing that game anymore.
Well all things considered, figured you could humor me a little bit.
(chuckles) Why didn't you tell me when it happened? I knew when I told you, it'd become all about the end.
And I really liked the middle.
Rick: They think they're in control.
We're in here and they could be anywhere.
But we know exactly where they are.
Plan's got stones, I'll give you that.
- Make our move before they do.
- That's right.
They're not counting on us thinking straight.
Are we? I'm just making sure.
It's a big play.
Remember what these people are capable of.
- Tyreese.
- Yeah? You up for this? I'm going with you.
You should stay with Bob.
No, I want to be out there.
I want to be a part of this.
I know how it feels.
But this right here, the time you could have with him, you can't throw that away.
I wish I had it with Karen.
Do you remember how you felt? What you wanted to do? Yeah.
It made it so I couldn't see it.
That's facing it.
I should forgive them? For hurting him? For trying to kill us? What the hell is wrong with you? You think we have a choice? Not all of us.
Just you.
When he opens his eyes, the only thing he's gonna want to see is your face.
Take it.
- If he stops breathing - Sasha.
you put it through his temple.
That's what Bob would want.
(lock clicks) (tapping) (walkers snarling) Gareth: Well, I guess you know we're here.
And we know you're here.
And we're armed.
So there's really no point in hiding anymore.
We've been watching you.
We know who's here.
There's Bob, unless you've put him out of his misery already.
And Eugene.
Martin's good friend Tyreese.
Rick and the rest walked out with a lot of your guns.
Listen, we don't know where you all are, but this isn't a big place.
So let's just stop this now before things get more painful than they need to be.
(rattling) Look, you're behind one of these two doors and we have more than enough firepower to take down both.
Can't imagine that's what you all want.
(cocks gun) How about the priest? Father, you help us wrap this up, we'll let you walk away from this.
Just open the door and you can go.
You can take the baby with you.
What do you say? (Judith crying) I don't know.
Maybe we'll keep the kid.
I'm starting to like this girl.
It's your last chance right now to tell us you're coming out.
Are we done? We'll hit the hinges.
(silenced gunshots) Rick: Put your guns on the floor.
Rick, we'll fire right into that office.
So you lower your gun-- - (silenced gunshot) - Ah! (whimpering) Put your guns on the floor and kneel.
Do what he says.
Martin, there's no choice here.
Yeah, there is.
Want to bet? (Gareth gasping) No point in begging, right? No.
Still, you could have killed us when you came in.
There had to be a reason for that.
We didn't want to waste the bullets.
We used to help people.
We saved people.
Things changed.
They came in and-- (groans) After that I know that you've been out there, but I can see it.
You don't know what it is to be hungry.
You don't have to do this.
We can walk away.
And we will never cross paths again.
I promise you.
But you'll cross someone's path.
You'd do this to anyone, right? Besides, I already made you a promise.
No! (people screaming) It could have been us.
This is the Lord's house.
It's just four walls and a roof.
You'll always be with us.
Part of us.
No, don't.
Let her stay.
I trust her.
I'm right outside.
I just want to say thank you.
For what? Before the prison, I didn't know if there were any good people left.
I didn't know if anybody was left.
You took me in.
'Cause you took people in.
It was you, man.
What I said yesterday, I ain't revising it.
Even in light of current events.
Nightmares end.
They shouldn't end who you are.
And that is just this dead man's opinion.
I'll take it.
(chuckles) Just look at her and tell me the world isn't gonna change.
(raspy breathing) You were out.
Was I? You were.
Why are you smiling? I think I was dreaming.
And I think you were smiling back at me in the dream.
Yeah, that's it.
So what is it? The good that comes out of this bad? Bob? Bob? (sobbing) Give it here.
You step out.
Okay? (door opens) (door closes) (breathing heavily) (squelches) This is our route to DC.
We'll stick to it as long as we're able.
If not, well, you got our destination.
Once Eugene gets to the big brains left up there, things are gonna bounce back.
This group should be there for it.
You should be there for it.
They will be.
We will.
We will.
Let's go.
(shovel striking dirt) I never asked how it was for you getting to Terminus.
It killed me.
No, it didn't.
(door opens) I can't sleep.
And now, sitting in there Quiet.
It isn't just what happened last night.
Saying what happened before out loud I see it all again.
I hear them.
That won't stop.
But it won't be all the time.
(rustling) Where's Carol?