The Walking Dead s05e04 Episode Script


Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead I was with Beth.
It's a walker.
I'm getting good at this.
Pretty soon I won't need you at all.
I was with her for a while.
Beth, run! I'm not gonna leave you.
Go out, go up the road! I'll meet you there! But she's alive? Black car, white cross painted on it.
I tried to follow it, I tried.
She dead? She's just gone.
(ticking) (pounding) Hey! Hello! Hey! (police radio chatter) Everything's okay.
Okay? Put it down.
Drop it right now.
I'm Dr.
Steven Edwards.
This is Officer Dawn Lerner.
How are you feeling? Where am I? Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.
How did I get here? My officers found you on the side of the road surrounded by rotters.
Your wrist was fractured and you sustained a superficial head wound.
Can you remember your name? Beth.
- The man I was with, is he here, too? - Dawn: You were alone.
If we hadn't saved you, you'd be one of them right now.
So you owe us.
(theme music playing) - (monitors beeping) - (respirator hissing) Couple of them out there were on a run about a week ago.
They found two boxes of Bisquick and a Merle Haggard tape at a truck stop, and then this gentleman under a bridge.
Cardiac arrest and extreme dehydration.
I tried to do what I could.
- (respirator stops) - (rapid beeping) Wait, that's it? If patients don't show any signs of improvement (flatlining tone) Well, Dawn calls it.
(squelches) - Hold up.
- The sun has finally come The time to toss the flowers the patients saved A key lime pie Pulled apart for five To wash, the last surprise A dizzy rationale The door will burst The room will flood with light You were born a little dog Never mind the other Come on, body's getting cold.
We've spent so long How many people live here? Just enough to keep us going.
Some of us started here, some came as patients.
Everyone has a job.
Can't we bury him? No, we only go out when we need to.
It may not be the most dignified disposal system, but we work with what we have.
We've managed to secure and guard the stairwells, but the windows are blown out on the ground floor.
Rotters find their way into the basement when they hear a noise.
And if the bodies are warm or warm enough, they clean up some of the mess.
Use everything you can use.
Plus it's the fastest way down.
(crashes) (splatters) (walkers snarling) You're looking better and better.
We had a lead on some guns, so me and my partner were pretty far out.
That's when we saw you, wriggling in the road.
You don't remember me, huh? I was fighting a walker.
And then everything went black.
Yeah, one was eyeing your thighs when we showed up.
But I got there first.
Jacked that rotter up.
I'm Gorman.
When someone does you a favor, it's a courtesy to show some appreciation.
Unless you want me to write down everything you're taking.
Everything costs something, right? Huh.
Dawn: We'll find Joan.
Until then, you've got laundry duty and I want my uniform Both: washed separately and pressed.
I know.
(music playing) (sighs) I used to feel like I was drowning in research.
Now the oceans are dry and I'm suffocating in boredom.
You're lucky.
If you feel safe enough to be bored, you're lucky.
That's Junior Kimbrough.
Do you like it? I can't remember the last time I heard a record.
It's one of the few perks I get for being the only doctor here.
That and whatever this is? Guinea pig.
Where's your food? The more I take, the more I owe, right? Hey.
Have you ever tried guinea pig? I didn't think so.
You wouldn't call it a perk.
(chuckles) Sit down.
Dawn doesn't have to know.
Come on.
(chuckles) Well? - Hmm.
- (laughs) It's good enough for Peru.
It's a Caravaggio.
I found it on the street outside the High.
Like trash.
It's beautiful.
It doesn't have a place anymore.
Art isn't about survival.
It's about transcendence.
Being more than animals.
Rising above.
We can't do that anymore? I don't know.
I sing.
I still sing.
- We got a new one.
- Man: Found his wallet.
His name is Gavin Trevitt.
Woman: Fell from a first floor apartment trying to get away from some.
(whispers) He's lost a lot of blood and his vitals are dropping.
I don't think he's gonna make it.
- We've already given him gas-- - I got this.
You said you wanted to save people, so save him.
I don't even know the extent of his injuries.
Look, this one's a loser.
You said you didn't want me wasting resources.
Well, today I want you to try.
Okay, plug the EKG and the ultrasound into that battery pack.
Good, good, good.
Now attach it to the patient.
(monitor beeping) (rapid beeping) Tension pneumothorax.
Punctured lung.
Beth, I need a large hollow needle in that cabinet.
(groans) (beeping slows) Is he gonna make it? He fell from a building, Dawn.
Is he going to make it? You see these bruises? He has internal bleeding, but I need a CAT scan to know how bad.
And even if I could determine that, I don't have the tools to save him.
I told you, this was a waste of resources.
Steve, try to grasp the stakes here.
(door slams) - Beth: Is she always like that? - Steven: Only on her bad days.
It's unfortunate for us that's the only kind she has.
Noah left you a new shirt.
What's wrong with this one? She likes things neat.
She must love your office.
We all have ways of making her pay.
I'll wait for you outside.
Dawn needs you, now.
Dawn: She's lucky we found her.
Whatever you were thinking, it wasn't worth it.
Okay, you have two choices.
Either we cut off your arm or you do.
Screw you and your little bitch! - Smart-ass whore.
- Gorman, get out of here! (humming) - (grunts) - It's anesthetic.
You need it.
- Go to hell.
- She made her choice.
Do it.
Do it.
No, no, no! I said leave me alone! We're not going to let you die.
- We are not going to let you turn.
- (Joan crying) Where do you think you're going? - I can't help.
- Do you want her to die? Beth, I need you to hold her down.
- Do it now.
- (sobbing) - It's okay.
It's okay.
- Come on.
Keep your hands off me! I'm not going back to him! You don't have to.
- You can't control them.
- I will.
Beth, you ready? (screaming) (hissing) (door opens, closes) You okay? I'm Noah.
Of the Lollipop Guild.
Thanks for that.
Figured you could use a pick-me-up after this morning.
Guess I should have brought the whole jar.
Here, this should fit.
You know what happened with Joan? If she'd have stayed, worked for a while, couldn't she have just left? (chuckles) I haven't seen it work like that yet.
How long have you been here? I guess about a year.
Dad and I were both pretty messed up when they found us.
They said that they could only save one.
For the longest time, I actually believed them.
Now I get it.
Dad was bigger, stronger.
Would have fought back.
Would have been a threat.
They left him behind on purpose? And Dawn just looked the other way.
See, she's in charge, but just barely.
And it's getting worse.
It's why I'm out of here when the time is right.
I came looking for my uncle.
Gotta get back to my mom.
Where's home? Richmond.
We had walls.
See, they think I'm scrawny.
They think I'm weak.
But they don't know shit about me.
About what I am.
About what you are.
Shepherd, you've already pulled a double.
- I got it from here.
- Yes, ma'am.
I know you didn't have breakfast.
Peace treaty? I don't need much.
I'm not staying any longer than you make me.
You know, you shouldn't see this as a sentence.
I'm giving you food, clothes, protection.
When have those things ever been free? I never asked for your help.
But you needed it.
Try to look at the good we're doing.
Hard as it was, we saved Joan's life.
Trevitt's life.
We saved your life.
I'm keeping all of us going here.
That is not a small thing.
It's taken a lot to get us here, Beth.
And I believe that what we had before all of this isn't over.
And when we're finally rescued, when this nightmare ends, we're gonna need to rebuild.
You don't really think someone's coming for us? There's still people like us, Beth.
People trying to keep the world alive, to fix it.
Until then, we all have to contribute.
To compromise.
If we take, we give back.
It's only fair.
So keep working off what you owe and you'll be out of here in no time.
- If that's what you want.
- It is.
Well, then you have to eat.
Otherwise, you'll get weak.
You won't heal, you'll require more treatment, and you won't be able to do your job.
I know you didn't ask for this.
I didn't either.
(Beth humming) Hmm.
That's really nice.
I'll get Dr.
No, please.
Not yet.
I'm so sorry.
She can control them.
But she doesn't because it's easier.
Because she's a coward.
What did he do to you? It doesn't matter.
I guess it's easy to make a deal with the devil when you're not the one paying the price.
(clock ticking) Lose something? This is yours, ain't it? Mmm.
Sour apple.
Like the kind Dawn acquired from pediatrics.
Suppose you could have a taste.
See if it rings any bells.
- I don't want it.
- Oh, come on, now.
I just want to be sure I'm returning this to its rightful owner.
Ah, ah.
That's right.
- That's right.
That's right.
- Leave her alone.
The girl should have been mine.
Nobody's yours, Gorman.
And if you think you're getting Joan back-- Oh, I'm gonna get her back.
You think Dawn's gonna stop me? I will.
You stepping up, Doc? What happens when you get sick, Gorman? When you get an infection? When you get bit? Hmm.
I think there's gonna be somebody.
Somebody who ain't you.
Dawn: Gorman.
And maybe somebody in charge who ain't her.
Beth: Why do you stay? You could leave whenever you want.
Why do you stay here? (door opens) (footsteps) Welcome to the ground floor of Grady Memorial Hospital.
This isn't a way out.
There isn't one.
Not from here.
Why'd you bring me here? Watch.
(clanging) (snarling) When I start thinking about it too much, I come down to look at this.
Why'd you bring me here? You asked why I stay.
Come on.
Let me tell you a story.
When everything started, Dawn reported to a guy named Hanson.
They had orders to clear the hospital and move everyone to Butler Park.
It was close to midnight when we heard the jets, the bombs.
The screams.
I was on the third floor.
Dawn and Hanson's teams were doing a final sweep.
And we knew it was bad.
Just didn't know how bad till we came up here.
The city had fallen.
And everyone we evacuated they were just gone.
We kept mostly to ourselves at first.
Till the food ran out.
We started going out on runs, a few of us at a time.
We'd see people who needed help.
Barely holding on.
But we were barely holding on ourselves.
Came a time I couldn't look away anymore.
I found this kid.
Napalm burns on his clothes, his skin.
Dawn said we couldn't spare the resources.
So we struck a deal.
I'd use what I could to heal him and he'd compensate us for those resources through service.
(scoffs) Now You're not the problem.
We lost people.
That was the problem.
Hanson cracked.
He made some calls that got people killed.
Dawn took care of things.
She took care of him.
She saw us past it.
Kept us together.
Kept us alive.
You call this living? (chuckles) We're still breathing.
Patients we brought here, they're still breathing.
Outside these walls, alone, unprotected, they'd be dead.
We'd be dead.
We're not the ones who make it.
As bad as it gets, it's still better than down there.
I should get back.
How about you look in on Mr.
Trevitt and call it a day? Okay.
He's stable, due for another 75mg of Clozapine.
And tomorrow we'll start fresh.
(monitor beeping) Noah: Still at it, huh? Hey.
(rapid beeping) (gasping) No.
What? No.
(grunts) What did you do to him? I-- I-- He was fine until the two of you were alone with him.
Something happened.
I want you to tell me.
It was an accident.
Beth left to get some gauze.
I was mopping.
I must have unplugged the ventilator somehow.
- It only stopped for a minute.
- Beth: But that's-- Noah: I got it working again.
Take him to my office.
Dawn, it was an accident.
It was an accident.
That's not what happened.
He just-- he just started seizing.
Seizing? Well, you gave him Clonazepam, right? Cloz-- Clozapine.
You said Clozapine.
No, I didn't.
- Noah: Please! - (hits landing) Beth, we need to deal with Mr.
Trevitt while he's still warm.
- I have to stop it! - Noah: Please, stop! - Please! - We can't-- you can't stop it.
You really think I didn't know? Noah's smart.
Probably my best worker.
But that story he told about the ventilator? Boy's not much of a liar.
If you knew, then why did you-- I didn't want to.
I had to.
A good man's mistakes almost ended everything for us, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let that happen again.
Every sacrifice we make needs to be for the greater good.
The second it isn't, the second we lose sight of that, it's all over.
The thing is, you're not the greater good.
- You're not strong enough.
- I am strong.
How many people had to risk their lives to save you? In here, you are part of a system.
The wards keep my officers happy.
The happier my officers are, the harder they work to keep us going.
And this hasn't been easy.
There have been compromises, but it's working.
And after they rescue us, we're gonna help put the world back together.
Because we're the ones holding on.
That's the good we're doing here.
That's the good you're doing here.
That's what makes you worth something.
But out there you are nothing.
Except dead or somebody's burden.
- That's bullshit.
- Oh, yeah? I saw this the night you came in.
Is this bullshit, too? Some people just aren't meant for this life, and that's okay.
As long as they don't take advantage of the ones who are.
Noah: It's not as bad as it looks.
I'm okay.
It barely even hurts.
Dawn needed Trevitt for something.
I know that's what that was about.
Screwed-up thing is, she's trapped, too.
We're not trapped.
I'm going with you.
Basement's the fastest way out.
Any noise and we got rotters.
So we won't make noise.
I can keep an eye on Dawn.
She keeps a spare key to the elevator banks somewhere in her office.
Think you can find it? Yeah.
(chatting quietly) (man laughing) Come back.
Hey there.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
Dawn was just asking for her key.
Was she, now? See, I was just with Dawn and I don't seem to remember that.
It's okay.
Maybe she doesn't have to know.
Maybe there's another solution.
You know? A little win-win for both of us.
(sniffs) So how about it, Bethy? We gonna work something out here? Good girl.
Now, Joan, she's not such a team player.
Lucky for me you're not a fighter.
- (groans) - (snarling) (gurgling) Noah: Yeah, it may just be the battery.
I'll stop in and grab another one.
Everything okay? Oh, Joan was looking for you.
I saw her and Gorman headed towards your office.
Thank you, Beth.
(man screaming) (fabric ripping) (people shouting) Ready? Yeah.
Once you're safe, I'll climb down.
(grunts) (whimpering) (cries out) (panting) (snarling) (screams) - (panting) - Beth: Noah? Noah? Noah? (grunts) (groans) (both groaning) Can you walk? - Yeah, I'm okay.
- Okay.
(walkers snarling) There.
- (snarling) - (gasps) (gunshot) (gunshots) Noah: Help.
(high-pitched whining) (snarling) (gunshots) (snarling) Who the hell do you think you are? He attacked me.
Just like he attacked Joan.
Just like you let him.
You know what's happening here and you let it happen.
- You're letting it happen.
- So that we make it.
No one's coming, Dawn.
No one's coming.
We're all gonna die and you let this happen for nothing.
(grunts) Record: Nobody's fault but mine If I don't read it, my soul be lost Edwards: You're healing quickly.
Should be ready to jump back into it in a couple more days.
Well, that should about do it.
How'd you know Trevitt was a doctor? That's why you had me give him the wrong meds, right? Why you had me kill him.
'Cause if he had lived, there'd be another doctor and Dawn wouldn't need you.
She wouldn't protect you.
Trevitt was an oncologist at St.
I knew him.
They would have kicked me out.
Maybe Gorman maybe he would have killed me.
I didn't have a choice.
Use everything you can use.
When they arrested Christ, Peter denied being one of his disciples.
He didn't have a choice.
They would have crucified him, too.
Lord, Lord Ain't nobody's fault but mine Nobody's fault but mine If I don't read it, my soul be lost I have a Bible in my home I have a Bible in my home If I don't read it, my soul be lost Mmm I have a Bible in my home If I don't read it, my soul be lost Nobody's fault but mine.