The Walking Dead s05e14 Episode Script


VO: Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead Deanna Monroe: Rick, this is my husband Rich.
Rick Grimes: Didn't you build that wall out there? Rich Monroe: I did, with help.
Aidan: Nice to meet you I'm Aidan, I hear you've got some experience making supply runs.
Aiden (VO): We lost four people last month, they didn't follow the system.
Pete: My wife cut your hair, welcome to Alexandria.
Rick: We may need the guns, we may not.
Carol Peletier: I'll go in when it's empty.
Sam: What are you doing? Carol Peletier: Promise not to ever tell anyone what you saw here.
(birds chirping) (theme music playing) (revs motor) Sorry I'm late.
The power's out again.
How is it that you called this extremely early morning meeting, yet I'm the one bringing breakfast? 'Cause you're a good guy.
The evidence seems to go in that direction.
What's up? Can we start meeting in the mornings? So I can bring you steel-cut oatmeal and ask you why we're meeting? So you can teach me how to build things.
You want to be an architect? I want to make sure those walls stay up.
Do you think they could fall? I think they could get knocked in.
Could be years from now, could be when I'm your age.
(chuckles) I'll still be around when you're my age.
Well, it wouldn't hurt if I knew some of what you knew.
For the walls, the houses.
Some new buildings.
So you're in it for the long haul? Yeah.
What are you writing? Oh, I write everything down.
Everything of note.
Now you should.
There's gonna be a lot to remember.
This is the beginning of this place.
You should record all that.
Along with everything I'm gonna teach you about building things.
(turns off water) - Oh, no, thank you.
- Nicholas: Just take it.
- Come on, you got to protect yourself.
- Not if I don't go.
We're not driving all that way so we can just drive back with the wrong shit.
It's a dozen of these.
They are consistent in appearance across manufacturers.
The shit will be right.
I will install said shit.
Then the grid will be fully operational again.
Heard you talking to Holly last night.
What's her story? Why do you ask? - No reason.
- Mm-hmm.
It's an innocent question.
Don't make me hurt you.
Reg: You got everything? First aid kits, yellow pages.
Glenn made a checklist.
We're good, I swear.
I know.
I'm just a worrier.
That's how that wall wound up around us.
Love you.
Take care, Dad.
I'm supposed to be saying that to you.
That's everything? - All right.
- All set? - Mm-hmm.
- You got this.
You always do.
Power grid was a prototype.
I'm surprised it took this long to start acting up.
We'll get it going.
Daylight's burning.
Let's go.
I know I said it before, but thank you.
(door shuts) (engine starts) Tara: So, seriously, though, what's her story? (loud dance music playing) Great, another mix.
Now you're going to die.
Helps draw them away.
(sighs) Hey.
What happened? I don't know.
Maybe somebody doesn't like owls.
Someone came in here and did this? Yeah.
Stuff like this never happens here.
(sighs) Well, you got any enemies? You know anybody who hates owls? (laughs) Too bad there isn't somebody who could look into this kind of thing.
I'll ask around.
No, you don't have to.
Yeah, I know.
Okay, so you find the person who did this and then what? Some kind of consequences.
You ever heard about the broken window theory? Boils down to this-- you keep the windows intact, you keep society intact.
This was an owl, Rick.
I got to do something today.
- Tara: That's it there? - That's the warehouse.
Looks like that door is our fastest way in and out.
We should know all the exits first.
- So there's a plan if things go south.
- Nicholas: Already got one.
It's called going out the front.
- Tara: Noah, heads up.
- (walker snarling) Got it.
(silenced gunshot) Look at you with the aim.
Glenn's right, we should do a perimeter check.
Know our exits just in case.
(snarling) So you're aware, I'm on record as stating that I should not be here.
You well know that I'm not combat ready or even for that matter combat inclined.
You never are till you are.
But you got to start pulling your weight.
You know, I did.
What? All things being equal, I do believe my weight's been pulled.
I got you all to DC, which, in this man's opinion, is damn near nirvana by current standards.
Except you didn't get us here.
We got you here.
But were it not for me and my mention of this city's potential for home and hearth, not a one of you would have had the vision to come here, let alone the cojones to travail such a fraught and punishing pilgrimage.
And that, sister, is a fact.
That's as cold and hard as they come.
God, you're really that much of a coward? Yes, I am.
I told you I was.
It was good aim back there.
Target practice helped.
Actually, last week, I was pretty close to practicing on Aiden.
(laughs) Me, too, man.
(walkers snarling) We're not getting out the front.
(bangs) Give it another second.
It's a big place.
There could be some inside.
So let's say they are.
Let's move.
Let's be safe.
All right.
(door shuts) Okay, let's move.
- Tara.
- Yeah? - You got it? - I got this aisle.
(distant metal clanks) (metal cage rattles) Shh.
- (metal cage rattles) - (walkers snarling) They're stuck behind something.
How do you know? I don't.
But they aren't here.
All right.
Hey, let's go.
Eyes up.
(snarling continues) (snarling) - Glenn: Clear.
- Clear.
You know your stuff.
Tara: We were out there a long time.
Glenn: There could be more.
Aiden: Let's get to work.
You're up.
This one here.
- Yeah.
- We found 'em.
- Here's another.
- All right, Eugene.
(walkers snarling) (snarling) (gunshot) (gunshots) It's got armor.
Let it come closer.
I got it.
(gunshots) Aiden, stop! Stop! (groans, coughs) (all coughing) (groans) (coughs) Oh, God.
Oh, God.
(Nicholas groans) He's dead.
(walkers snarling) Noah? Tara? Eugene? - You good? - Yeah.
Cage is open.
They're getting out.
- We need to find-- - Eugene: Here.
Over here.
Is she breathing? Eugene! Eugene: I-- I can't tell from right here.
- (snarling continues) - Nicholas: They're getting close.
Eugene: Walker.
- Eugene: Walker.
- (snarling) Eugene, it's yours.
Take it out.
(snarling) (gunshot) Get to that office.
I'll get Tara.
Go! (rustling, cans rattling) What are you doing here? I didn't tell anybody about the guns.
- I swear to God.
- Answer my question.
Do you have any more cookies? The ones you made for the party? They're gone.
Now go.
Go home.
My house doesn't have power.
I was going to paint my owl statue, but somebody broke it.
None of these are problems, Sam.
I don't care about your house.
I don't care about your statue.
Get out.
- Can you make more cookies? - No.
- Why not? - Because I don't want to.
Maybe if you showed me how to make them, I could do it myself.
You want cookies? All right.
You're gonna have to steal the chocolate from Olivia.
And then you're gonna get an extra bar for me.
And if you get caught or you say anything, you're not gonna like what happens to you.
Now go.
(walkers snarling) - How's she doing? - She has serious head trauma.
- She's losing blood fast.
- How do we stop it? Med kit was in Aiden's pack.
It got blown to hell.
Glenn: There's another one in the van.
She's on her way out.
We need to get her there.
Glenn: All right, we'll get her there.
Aiden: Help! Somebody! Nicholas: Oh, Jesus.
- Glenn: He's alive? - Nicholas: I checked him.
I-- I thought-- - We've got to get him.
- Oh, Jesus.
It's gonna take at least three of us.
We got that kind of time? We pull Aiden off there, we could kill him.
So you're saying we leave him? Go, save him.
She'd do it.
I know she would.
I'll stay with her.
I'll keep her safe, I assure you.
I will.
All right, we'll knock 'em back.
- You still have that flare? - Yeah.
You fire the flare over the shelves.
That'll draw some of them over.
All right, we're gonna hit the rest hand to hand.
- You ready? - Yeah.
One, two, three.
(grunts) Come on! Tobin really think this'll take four weeks? That's what he said.
First time they expanded the wall, it took 'em twice that.
Hey, uh, you okay to hang tight? I need to send a fax to Cleveland.
(birds screeching) (heart beating) - (gunshots) - (woman echoes) Roamers! Bruce: Hey! Hey! Hey! (walkers snarling) - (panting) - (gunshots) Ah! Everybody, back till we're safe in the truck.
What about Francine? Damn it! Abraham! Come on.
Up and in.
You first.
(chuckles) Mother dick.
- Abraham.
- Heads up.
You take out the ass end.
I got the uglies in the front.
That's it.
Single file.
There we go.
Come on.
Don't be shy.
Come on! Mother dick! (Abraham grunting) Hell, son of a bitch is still alive.
- What are you doing? - Abraham: Come on! Making sure he stays that way.
(gunshots) Hey, Rick, just having a beer.
Thought I'd bring you one for helping my wife today.
Um, I'm good, but thanks.
Come on, don't tell me you're still on duty.
Kind of always am, you know? Not at Deanna's party.
I saw you.
You had some, right? You know, I wish I could have helped out more today.
I asked around, but nobody saw or heard anything.
Well, it was just an owl.
Grand scheme of things, I think we'll live.
I'm sorry.
Heard you lost your wife.
You know I'm sure it looks like we haven't lost much, but we have.
We've lost things.
Other things we're just fighting like hell to hold on to.
Everything you people have been through, I don't know if you see that.
We do.
Bring your kids in for a checkup.
I know I offered you one, but they really should come in.
They were out there a while, right? Yeah.
Thanks, Pete.
Let's be friends, man.
We kind of have to be, right? Yeah, we do.
So we will.
I'll see you, Rick.
Eugene: I take no responsibility for this.
I told you what I was.
You should've listened.
All of you, you should've listened.
(walkers snarling) (flashlight clicks) (flare hissing) (walker snarling) (walker snarling) (gunshots) (groaning) Hey, it's gonna be okay.
We're gonna get you out of here.
All right? Everything's gonna be okay.
I need you to stay quiet, okay? Can you do that? Okay.
One, two, three.
- (screams) - Noah: The flare.
It's burning out.
(whimpering) Come on.
Come on, again.
- We're not gonna make this.
- Hey, yes, we are.
But I need your help.
You can do this.
Nick, don't-- don't leave me.
- Okay.
- Three! - (gunshots) - (groaning) You left them.
We both did.
That's who we are.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Noah: They're coming.
(Aiden screaming) Okay, it was-- it was us.
The others before.
They didn't panic.
We did.
It was us.
Noah: They're here! (snarling) (screaming) (screams) That how it works with you? You leave people behind to die? We have a system.
Tell him, Francine.
- We have a-- - (grunts) Asshole.
Hey, all that noise is bound to draw more.
I say we call it and start fresh in the morning, all right? Screw that.
Francine, you good? Got at least three hours of daylight left.
I want two lookouts.
One in the bucket and one on the trucks.
Should give us more than enough warning if more are coming after the bash and pop.
Now pull the cobwebs out of your ass and move.
We got a wall to build.
- Glenn: Nicholas, stop! - (walkers snarling) Hey! You'll never make it.
Heads up.
- (gun clicking) - I'm out! Let's go! Come on! Sorry to lose you, Tobin.
- You sure? - Absolutely.
If Abraham had followed my orders, she'd be dead.
Well, saving someone's life makes them a hero, but it doesn't qualify them to run a construction crew.
Well, they're still out there, still working, the whole team.
And he's leading them.
Better than I ever could.
I guess it's settled, then.
I'll speak to Abraham when he's back and make it official.
Thank you, Deanna.
And the thing is, I know you won't regret it.
He's right, you know? Abraham's more than qualified.
(chuckles) I put another one of your people in a position of power, you vouch for them.
It's becoming a pattern.
We know what we're doing.
It's why you wanted us here.
It's why Aaron and Daryl are out there looking for more people.
You wanted a future.
You need us for that.
That's right.
I'll go get back to work on those field plans.
- I'll be down in a minute.
- Okay.
(knocking) After these are done, that's it.
I'm not helping you again and you're not coming back.
- You got it? - Uh-huh.
I hope you're not expecting to leave with more than half of these.
You barely did half the work.
Were you always a good cook? Sam, we're not talking.
(runs water) Wipe the counter.
(sighs) Did you like it? Cooking? You know, before.
We don't have to be friends.
Just doesn't have to be quiet.
I was good at it.
It distracted me.
It made me forget when I was sad.
Sometimes when I get sad, I break stuff.
What kind of stuff? You said somebody broke your owl statue.
Did you break it? Why? Why are you here? Why did you steal the guns? 'Cause sometimes you need to protect yourself.
Can I have a gun? Why do you want one? It's not for me.
Who's it for? Sam, who's it for? - Sam.
- (door opens, closes) (snarling) Hey, maybe-- maybe we can shoot our way past them.
- You guys still have guns.
- And you have the ammo.
We've got to do something, man.
We're gonna die in here.
There has to be another way.
There was to be a way.
- (dance music blaring) - (horn honks) - Hey! Hey! Over here.
- (banging) - Come get me.
Come get me.
- (horn honks) Come on.
Come on.
- Come and get me.
- (honking, banging) Come on, Eugene.
All right.
I need you both-- hey, Nicholas! I need you both to keep the door steady, all right? I'm gonna break the glass.
We get out, you push out.
We get the rifle and we're good.
All right? All right? Ready? No! No, stop! It's not safe! - Glenn: This is the only way.
- No, it's not gonna break.
It will.
We can hold it.
We can.
Trust me, okay? Count of three.
Count of three.
One, two-- - Nicholas: No! - Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Nicholas! Nicholas, don't! Nicholas! - Damn it, Nicholas, no! - Nicholas! Hey, don't do it! - No! - Don't let go.
(both scream) Noah! Noah! Noah! No! (screaming) (screaming stops) (snarling, tearing) Hey! Hey! Move over.
We're leaving.
(shuts off engine) Get back in the van.
Not until you tell me where they are.
Either you come back with me or you stay here and you die with your friends.
Those are your choices.
(breathing heavily) (voice breaking) Help me get him in the back.
Where's Noah? (knocking) (knocks) Hi.
Carol, right? That's right.
Do you need something? Not feeling well? I was with Sam earlier.
Is he okay? Why wouldn't he be? Can I talk to Jessie? Not a good time.
Pete, don't.
Gabriel, what is it? I need to speak with you.
- Come-- come in.
- Privately.
All right.
Satan he disguises himself as the angel of light.
I'm afraid that false light is here inside these walls.
Your community, you say it's not a paradise, but it is.
I'm grateful to be here.
I am.
But you made a mistake letting in the others.
How so? Rick his group they're not good people.
They've done things.
They've done unspeakable things.
(door opens) Pete's hitting Jessie.
Maybe Sam, too.
Deanna: To make it out there as long as they did, they must have done things.
Rick said as much.
They survived.
That's what makes them assets.
You're wrong.
They can't be trusted.
They're dangerous.
You may believe that they did what they had to do, that they were afraid and so they-- Listen up! - Gabriel: The day will come - We made a damn good dent today.
when they'll put their own lives before yours and everyone else's and they will destroy everything you have here, everything you're working so hard to build.
I suggest you all call it an early night.
You know this how? Sam tell you? He didn't have to.
Deanna: Why are you just now coming to me with this? Satan, he disguises himself as the angel of light.
His servants are the false apostles of righteousness.
They don't deserve this.
They don't deserve paradise.
Thank you, Gabriel.
I have a lot to think about.
I-- I only wish I'd come to you sooner.
That I just-- I hope it isn't too late.
(door closes) (van approaches) - (door opens) - Glenn: Help! I need help! (sighs) Carol: Rick.
I know how this is gonna go with Pete.
There's only one way it can go.
You're gonna have to kill him.

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