The Walking Dead s05e15 Episode Script


(narrator) Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead I told you (catches breath) to stop! Carl, this is Enid.
Enid's from outside, too.
I want you to help me be Alexandria's other recruiter.
Pete's hitting Jessie.
There's only one way it can go.
You're gonna have to kill him.
[gunshot] [clang, explosion] The others before they didn't panic.
We did.
They're here! [screaming] Nicholas don't! No! No! No! (snarling) ("Somewhat Damaged" by Nine Inch Nails playing) So impressed with all you do Tried so hard to be like you Flew too high and burnt the wing Lost my faith in everything (knocks) (breathing heavily) Lick around divine debris Taste the wealth of hate in me Shedding skin succumb defeat This machine is obsolete (whimpering) (snarling) Made the choice to go away Turn it off.
Drink the fountain of decay Tear a hole-- (knocks) (snarling) (snarling) (gunshot) (snarling) (crossbow twangs) There's more of them around here than there used to be.
- Don't know if any people are-- - Shh.
Someone is.
(theme music playing) (audio rewinding) Aiden was trying to save us from a roamer, shooting at it.
Then Glenn distracted him.
I saw the grenades.
I tried to stop him.
They wanted to just go, I didn't.
He was gonna run.
Nicholas: I wasn't gonna leave him.
Deanna: What about Tara? I wasn't gonna leave her.
But we made him stay.
Couldn't get Aiden out of there without help.
Then when we got into the lobby All he had to do was hold the door.
Nicholas: he was hitting on the glass, pushing my door open.
They were gonna kill me.
But he panicked.
Or they were trying to.
Or they just didn't care.
Noah, I had him.
I had his hand.
And if I didn't push back, I'd be dead, too.
I tried.
I watched him die.
Nicholas: They did this.
It was them.
Deanna: But you all came back together.
How did that happen? Spencer: Mom, what are you doing? Deanna: I need it for later.
We have to do this now.
No guns.
No going outside the walls.
Same goes for Glenn until I finish looking into this.
Nicholas: What do you need to look into? I-- I'm telling you how it went down.
These people have to go.
They are not like us.
I know you see it, too.
Deanna: You don't know what I see, Nicholas.
And I see a great deal.
I almost left him out there.
Could have told a story.
What, you think I should have? They don't know what they're doing.
- Any of them.
- We'll show them.
I don't know if they can see it.
How things really are.
I don't know if they can yet.
- They haven't caught up.
- We have to be here.
- We have to.
- Yeah, we do.
But their rules, we don't answer to them.
We are them, Rick.
We are now.
Noah, he believed in this place.
I'm telling you, we gotta make this work.
I sent a casserole to Deanna's family.
We want her to see that.
Have you thought about Pete? About what I said? Yeah.
Talked to Sam some more.
He said his mom put a bolt on the inside of his closet.
Tells him to lock himself in sometimes and not come out till morning.
He said he can hear his dad yelling, things breaking, his mom crying.
Last month it got quiet right in the middle of it and he went out and found her on the floor unconscious, bleeding.
Pete was just sitting on the porch.
Why do you care what happens to Jessie? You know why.
And I know why you do.
Why? I've seen you talk to her.
Carol: If walkers hadn't gotten Ed, I wouldn't be standing here right now.
Yeah, you would.
Hey, Rick.
You okay, man? Keep walking.
What? What are you-- (sighs) (sighs) (knocks) Come in.
- How is she? - Stable.
Hanging on.
I'm gonna go back there later.
I think Sasha might have spent the night in the tower.
Is she still up there? Abraham's on watch now, but she hasn't been back and nobody's seen her.
Rosita: It's up ahead.
She told you about it? I saw her going out one day with her rifle.
I knew somebody was already in the tower.
I asked.
(running footsteps) It's the first time I've been out since we've been here.
Me, too.
It already feels different.
That's good.
I don't know.
After Eugene, after finding out he lied, I was screwed up because I lost something.
You seem screwed up because we found something.
Noah's dead.
And I think-- I just feel like I was asleep in there.
You were trying to forget so you could try.
- I don't want to forget.
- So don't.
But that doesn't mean you have to give up.
You didn't bring your sword with you.
That's not nothing.
I'm sorry for what happened.
How are you holding up? I'm not.
We have a problem with Pete.
I hoped it'd get better.
You knew? It hasn't gotten better.
It won't.
Pete's a surgeon.
He's saved lives.
He might be saving Tara's life.
He's beating his wife.
- We have to stop it.
- How? We separate them.
We tell him that's how it'll be from now on.
What happens when he doesn't want to do that? It's not his choice.
So what happens? I kill him.
We kill him.
We don't kill people.
This is civilization, Rick.
Warning someone to stop or die, - that is civilized nowadays.
- Oh.
So what? So we just let him hit her? We let him kill her? No, we exile him if it comes to that.
We do that, we don't know when he comes back and what he does to them.
Letting him go makes this place vulnerable.
You really want to wait till someone in that tower has to take care of it? - And that's if we're lucky.
- We are not executing anyone.
Don't ever suggest it again.
That sort of thinking doesn't belong in here.
People die now, Deanna.
They do.
There's times like this you can decide who and when.
Or it can be decided for you.
It already was.
I wouldn't kill you.
I'd just send you away.
Michonne: Got it in the back of the head.
Had to be her.
Back of the head.
She's hunting them.
(twigs snap) Enid: Carl.
I know you're following me.
And you're going the wrong way.
You knew? Enid: You're very loud.
(twigs snap) Can you go back? To be honest, you scare me.
You shouldn't sneak out by yourself.
Two people just died.
Oh, come on.
People always die.
You know that.
We should go back.
Why? What do you do out here anyways? Same thing as you.
(snarling) (clicking, ticking) (alarm ringing) Nicholas, don't talk, just listen.
Those four people you lost on that run, that's on you.
And Noah, that's on you, too.
Those five lives, you have to carry that.
People like you are supposed to be dead, but these walls went up just in time, so you're not.
You don't go outside those walls anymore.
Not by yourself, not with anyone else.
And that's how you're gonna survive.
Who the hell do you think you are? I'm someone who knows who you are.
I know what you did.
And it's not gonna happen again.
I've been protecting this place, helping provide for it.
You just got here.
Don't forget what I said.
Are you threatening me? (chuckles) No.
I'm saving you.
(panting) We're supposed to be out here.
We're supposed to feel like this.
I don't want to forget.
And running makes me feel better.
I can't forget.
I dream about it.
Being in the forest with them.
I do, too.
Ron's a good guy.
He is.
Does he know you come out here? No, I-- he wouldn't understand.
Why do I scare you? I don't know.
You just do.
Cool knife.
It was my mom's.
What happened to you before you got there? Does it matter? It does.
I know.
Something bad has happened to me, too.
(walkers snarling) We need to go.
Sounds like a lot.
It's their world.
We're just living in it.
You're afraid of me, too.
(silenced gunshots) (snarling) (silenced gunshot) - Michonne: Sasha.
- (sighs) - (walkers snarling) - Go back.
What are you doing? I'm sick of playing defense.
So you're just gonna take on all of them? Yeah.
Rosita: We've got to get out of here.
You do, I don't.
- I don't need your help.
- This isn't for you.
(gun clicks) (panting) I had it.
Don't need your help.
I told you to go.
You you can't do anything.
It worked out for you.
Don't you see that? You can't help me.
Nobody-- Noah.
I told him he wouldn't make it.
Whoever did this took what was left with them.
This just happened.
(flies buzzing) She's tied up.
And they fed on her.
Tore her apart.
This just happened? Yeah.
How the hell did this happen? (snarling) Jessie.
I don't want Ron and Sam to know about those.
Well, your secret's safe.
Noah was a sweet kid.
(sighs) But Tara, she's-- she's in good hands with Pete.
He's hitting you.
He's hurting you.
It has to stop.
- It will.
- How? There are things in his life that happened.
I don't care.
Look, it was like this before and he got help.
I helped him and things were good.
I can fix it.
No, you can't.
But I can.
No, what-- what can you do? What are you gonna do? You gonna put him in jail? You're only gonna make things worse.
If it's gotten worse, it means he's killed you.
That's what's next.
And I'm not gonna let that happen.
Why do you care? Why is this so important to you? Now? You've made it.
You have a home for your kids.
Rick, what are you doing? I'm trying to help.
I don't know that.
I'm married.
Okay? I can take care of myself.
We have to take care of ourselves.
What are you doing? You know Sam asked for a gun? To protect you.
You shouldn't be here.
Jessie, in here, you can't see it, but it's the same.
It's the same as out there.
We have food and roofs over our heads, but you don't get to just live.
You don't get to put it off or wish it away, Jessie.
If you don't fight, you die.
And and I don't want you to die.
I can-- I can help you.
I can keep you and your boys safe.
I can.
All you have to do is say yes.
Would you do this for someone else? Would you do this for anyone? No.
What are you doing here? Pete.
What are you doing here? - Listen to me.
- I'm gonna have to ask you to leave, Rick.
Excuse me? You need to leave.
What are you talking about? Just go, Pete.
What have you been saying to each other? Huh? What have you been doing?! Pete, you and me are gonna leave now.
You come into my house Pete, you and me are leaving.
Pete: You're leaving right now.
You think you're the law? You actually think you have a say in anything here? - Step back.
- Who the hell do you think you are? Someone who's trying not to kill you.
No! - You wanna stop now! - (shouts) Come into my house?! - Pete, stop it! - It's my house! Pete, stop it! (shouts) (glass breaks) - (fight continues) - Jessie: No! Stop it! (shouting) (snarling) (distant glass breaks) (screams) (grunting) Deanna! Ah! Dad, get off! Deanna: Stop it! Stop it right now.
You touch them again and I'll kill you.
Damn it, Rick! I said stop.
Or what? You gonna kick me out? Put that gun down, Rick.
(panting) You still don't get it.
None of you do! (snarling) Rick: We know what needs to be done and we do it.
(silenced gunshot) Rick: We're the ones who live.
You, you just sit and plan and hesitate.
You pretend like you know when you don't.
- (walkers snarling) - (silenced gunshots) Rick: You wish things weren't what they are.
Well, you want to live? You want this place to stay standing? (silenced gunshot) Your way of doing things is done.
Things don't get better because you-- you want them to.
Starting right now, we have to live in the real world.
We have to control who lives here.
That's never been more clear to me than it is right now.
Me? Me? You-- (laughs) You mean-- you mean me? Your way is gonna destroy this place.
It's gonna get people killed.
It's already gotten people killed.
And I'm not gonna stand by and just let it happen.
If you don't fight, you die.
I'm not gonna stand by--