The Walking Dead s06e05 Episode Script


Narrator: Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead There's a horn or something! Rick (on radio): Half of them broke off.
They're going towards Alexandria.
You keep going! I'll get the RV.
I'll get in front of them before they get there.
I can lead them away again.
You just get home.
(screaming) (gunshot) Come inside.
I can keep you safe.
(engine failing to start) Up here! Nicholas, don't! Look at me! (gunshot) (birds chirping) Michonne: The town was overrun.
He split off with Nicholas.
He had this idea that If he lit a fire, it would stop the walkers from coming here.
I tried to go instead.
I wanted to.
The fire never got lit.
We had to keep going.
I'm sorry.
He said if he got stuck, he would find a way to send us a signal.
Maggie: A signal? Rick: Open the gate! Rick: Open the gate! (walkers growling) Open the gate now! (metal clanks) (snarling) (grunts) (snarling) (theme music playing) (growling continues) You can hear it.
Some of you saw it.
They got back here, half of them.
Still enough to surround us 20 deep.
Look, I know you're scared.
You haven't seen anything like this.
You haven't been through anything like this.
But we're safe for now.
The panel the truck hit seems intact.
We reinforced it just in case.
Either way, the wall's gonna hold together.
Can you? Rick: The others, they're gonna be back.
They're gonna be back.
Daryl, Abraham, Sasha, they have vehicles.
They're gonna lead 'em away, just like the others.
And Glenn and Nicholas are gonna walk back through the front gate after.
They know what they're doing, and we know what we need to do.
We keep noise to a minimum.
Pull our blinds at night.
Even better, keep the lights out.
We'll try to make this place as quiet as a graveyard, see if they move on.
This place is a graveyard.
(banging, growling continue) The quarry broke open and those walkers were heading this way.
All of them.
The plan that Rick put into place stopped that from happening.
He got half of them away.
I was out there recruiting with Daryl.
I wanted to try to get into a cannery and scavenge, and Daryl wanted to keep looking for people.
We did what I wanted and we wound up in a trap set by those people.
And I lost my pack.
They must've followed our tracks.
Those people who attacked us they found their way back here because of me.
There'll be more to talk about.
Tobin: Deanna? Deanna? (sighs) (walkers growling, thudding) Don't.
(grunts) (panting) We don't bury killers inside the walls.
(sighs) We aren't going out there.
So what do we do? We wait.
I can't even make two meals out of this.
The soups and sauces can be stretched out with some extra water.
What difference does that make if we'll be dead tomorrow? - We have to ration now - I can't.
I can't spend whatever time I have left watching my family starve.
- Wait.
- I'm sorry.
Sorry, Olivia.
I just don't see the point.
Spencer: Hey.
Hey! Stop.
Right now, stop it.
This stuff is for everyone.
We need to make it last if we're gonna survive.
Why don't you go make sure the gate's closed, Spencer? Yeah.
That was me.
I did that.
But that truck outside the walls, it'd be inside if it wasn't for me.
I did that, too.
If I didn't, maybe we wouldn't be talking right now.
Where were you, Bruce? Doing this will start us down a road where nothing matters.
Where no one else matters.
And then we'll all look back at this moment right now as when we destroyed this place.
(distant walkers growling) (banging) You're going out? The flashlights, the rebar, the rope.
You lower them off the wall a good distance apart, maybe spin them.
That way, the walkers are drawn to each one and you open up a path.
Now you're gearing up.
Just waiting for dark, right? What happens when you twist an ankle jumping down? Hmm? Or you just get slowed down by one of them and then you have to deal with all of them? I can't let you do this.
You can't stop me.
(sighs) I'm going to help you.
And I know a safer way out.
(glass breaks) (groans) - Spencer? - Yeah.
I (chuckles) My bad.
Are you drunk? Getting there.
This came from the pantry.
You you stole it? I wouldn't call it that.
So what you told everyone that was just bullshit? No.
If they all went in and raided the pantry and everyone knew it, saw it, then that would be the end.
But one person? One person, and no one ever would know.
So, why not me? I stopped that little run at the bank.
I deserve a reward.
One last celebration.
Because they were right, Mom, and you know it.
We're all gonna be dead real soon.
Damn it, Spencer! Me? Now that is some bullshit! You're the reason we're so screwed.
You made us this way.
We were never safe here.
But you didn't want to see that.
You didn't want us to see that.
You just wanted to dream.
What happened to Dad, to Aiden, that's all you.
(soft clattering) (distant walkers growling) (banging) Carl: Hey.
You okay? Ron: Why wouldn't I be? Have you seen Enid? Not since I saw her with you.
I think she went over the wall just before the herd came and now she's trapped out there.
What makes you think she isn't dead? Come on, man.
(scoffs) Look I'll go find her.
I just need your help.
- If you maybe climb up - I'm not helping you, Carl.
This isn't for me.
It's for Enid.
- Your friend.
- My girlfriend.
Or, I mean, 'cause she was anyway, right? So you want to just leave her out there? I told her to stop going over the wall, I told her there's bad people out there and that it's stupid and dangerous.
Not if you know what you're doing.
Well, I'm not gonna let you go.
Carl, you're not going out there.
Back off.
All right.
(coughs) (panting) I'll tell your dad.
He'll go out there to find you, then other people will, too.
And then somebody's gonna die.
Huh? You saved my life and now I'm saving yours.
(steady beeping) (sniffles) Denise: Sorry.
Got away from me.
- (sniffles) - Tara: You're still here.
Won't tell you you're being brave, either.
He hasn't woken up.
His wound's infected.
I don't know what the hell to do, so it doesn't really matter what I'm being.
Yeah, but you're still here.
Why are you here? My head hurts.
On a scale of one to 10, how bad? I'm lying.
I'm just checking on you.
Well here I am.
(chuckles) Clueless on the floor.
You patched people up.
You're helping make things better.
I think he's gonna die.
And I'm so scared about what's happening in here that I can't think about what's happening out there.
And that's actually good.
And I don't know what to do with that.
I just want him to live and for the roamers to go away.
And for a doctor to show up at the gates so I can go back to my apartment and keep reading "War and Peace.
" But here comes the end of the world.
He's not dead yet.
I don't know about that.
It's not like I don't feel it.
You know, being afraid sucks.
(door opens, closes) (snarling) (woman screams) (snarling continues) I used to not want to see the way things are.
It's not that I couldn't.
It's that I I didn't want to.
But this is what life looks like now.
We have to see it.
We have to fight it.
If we don't fight, we die.
(walkers banging) Maggie: I thought you said we weren't going over.
We're not.
We're going under.
This leads to a sewer that was part of the old neighborhood that was here before they built this up.
It'll take us under the wall (grunts) and hopefully past the walkers.
Thanks but I'm going on my own from here.
- Maggie - No.
I can't I can't watch more names go up on that wall.
(liquid sloshing) - Maggie: If he's alive - Aaron: If? He told Michonne he would've found some way to signal us if he got out.
If he's alive or he's hurt or trapped, maybe taken.
If he's alive, he needs my help.
That's why I'm doing this.
And if he's dead, I don't want to be waiting on him.
None of this is your fault.
You don't need to do this.
People are dead.
I was a part of that.
And I have to live with that.
I haven't been down here since the beginning.
This ladder must've fallen a long time ago.
Let's try and get it out of here.
- Yeah.
- On three, ready? One, two, three.
(grunts) One, two, three.
Aaron! Ah.
(winces) I'm okay.
The ladder caught me.
(walker growling) (snarling) (snarling) (grunting) (walker splashes) - You okay? - (panting) Yeah.
Thank you.
Aaron your head.
- Come here.
- (winces) This could need stitches.
Aaron, just go back.
- No.
- Yes.
- I was just there for you.
- I could have done it.
Just lead the way.
Please? (monitor beeping steadily) Hot damn.
(monitor beeping faster) (beeping slows) (monitor beeping steadily) Hot damn.
- (growling) - Daryl, Sasha, Abraham, you copy? Ron: Rick? Can I come up? Yeah.
You haven't seen it.
Enid, she, uh she used to sneak over the walls, spend time out there.
You know, I don't know why.
She just wanted to.
But, um I think she went out there after the attack.
What, she's still out there? Yeah.
We don't know where she is.
You know, but she knows how to take care of herself.
And we can't go out there.
Carl wanted to try.
I stopped him.
I told him I'd tell you if he did.
And then, um I don't know.
I just thought I should tell you Do you know where he is now? Yeah, he's back at the house.
I saw him on the porch with Judith.
I can keep guard, if you want.
Down there, they're guarding the place now.
This is just about keeping an eye out for the others that aren't back, looking for a sign from Glenn.
All right.
Thank you.
Um so I was thinking about what you said back at the quarry.
And, uh, I mean, you're right.
I need to know how to protect myself and my mom and brother.
This place.
So can you teach me how to shoot? (growling, pounding continue) There's your target.
Just relax.
How is he? Ahem.
What is it? It's the end of the world.
No, it's not.
Yeah, being afraid sucks.
(water splashing) We're still too close.
We just have to get through a few of them, then we're gone.
You ready? No, we can't.
(walkers growling) You can stay.
I'll go.
No! - Maggie.
- It's over! (growling) I burned his last picture of him because I said I wasn't gonna need it anymore.
Because I was never gonna be away from him again.
(snarling) I'm pregnant.
He didn't want me to go out there and I said yes.
And if I would've gone if I was with him, maybe I could've helped him.
I don't know if he's alive.
He would've shown me by now.
That's what Michonne said.
I just want to see his face.
I can't.
I don't get to know what will happen.
I won't get to know why it happened, what I did right or wrong.
Not now.
I have to live with that.
You do, too.
Sam, I made you some cookies.
(door opens) Could you bring them up here, please? No, Sam.
Why? Why don't you wanna come downstairs? I just don't wanna go down there.
Why? I just it didn't change up here.
(sighs, clears throat) Well, I'm more than halfway up, so technically I'm upstairs.
You can come here and you won't be downstairs.
No, it's okay, then.
- (sighs) - (door closes) Man: I'm going to talk that way because that's how it is! Woman: It is now, I know, but you can't Man: It was a lie.
The fact that we're alive it's a joke.
All this (voices echo, fade) (snarling) (screams) (growling) Come on, you son of a bitch.
(grunting) - (flesh squelches) - (snarling stops) (panting) Rick: Carol said she got one of them, but she couldn't find the body.
He must have been under there.
I want to live.
I want this place to stay standing.
You need to lead them.
(chuckles) They don't need me, Rick.
What they need is you.
What I wanted for this place, was it really just pie in the sky? No.
(walkers growling, banging) I'll be right back.
(banging continues) When he gets back, it's worth mentioning that Aaron, Erin, works for a boy or a girl, depending on the spelling.
Just saying.
(walkers snarling) (sniffles) What? I'm your relief.
I thought Carol was up.
She was.
I volunteered to take her place.
You know, I never got a chance to say it, but you did good with the truck, taking out the driver.
You know, if it weren't for you, this wall might not be standing right now.
I just got lucky.
Good or lucky, it doesn't really matter.
Just keep doing what you're doing.
(distant clanging) Those bodies by the graveyard the reason I wanted to wait was was Glenn.
We don't know if he's still out there.
And Daryl, Sasha, Abraham.
I wanted them back by now.
I wanted those things gone.
I just wanted to wait.
You said it could go on a while.
I did and it could.
Rick, it already has.
They could still be alive.
We're not moving past that.
You know, it's just right here, in this moment this is it, this is what it is.
"This is what life looks like now.
" You heard about that? I wasn't saying there wasn't a future.
There's gotta be.
Tell me there's more.
- (walkers growling) - (fence rattling) (walkers snarling)