The Walking Dead s06e06 Episode Script

Always Accountable

Announcer: Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead Rick: We're gonna have Daryl leading them away.
20 miles more.
I'll take a car and ride next to him.
It can't just be him.
You doing this cuz you wanna die? No.
We don't need to go looking for people anymore.
Feel different about it? Yeah.
I do.
(Horn) Daryl [On radio]: What's going on back there? Rick [On radio]: Half of them broke off! They're going toward Alexandria! You keep going! What is it? Keep moving.
I'll catch up.
Hee ya! Abraham! I'm just livin' darlin'.
Woo! Just like you.
(snarling) Sasha on walkie: All right.
Daryl on walkie: That's 20? Sasha: It will be.
We gotta put distance between us and them before the turnoff.
Abraham on walkie: So floor it.
Daryl: All right, try to keep up.
Sasha: Daryl, have you looked at this car? (chuckles) Believe me, we want to get back there, too.
(gunfire) (gunfire continues) (bullets ricocheting) (engine starts) (tires squeal) (gunfire) (grunts) (gunfire continues) (snarling) (snarling) Leave it.
Just gonna give it a last little polish.
What the hell you got to grin about? We won, darlin'.
There could be more.
- (tires squealing) - (cars approaching) Screw it.
(panting) (walker growling) (theme music playing) (birds calling) (grunting) (panting) Sasha? Abraham, are you there? (static hissing) (wincing) (exhales) (branch snaps) (rustling) You found us, okay? Here we are.
We earned what we took.
(branch snaps) (thumps) (echoing) Probably just another soldier from one of the outposts.
Probably hates him, too.
(echoing) You know how to use one? (man's voice echoing) Yeah.
Never liked using them to hunt.
(echoing) We pick up Patty and we're gone, okay? This is the last day we gotta live like this.
(crickets chirping) Get up.
Hey, get up.
(gun clicks) We're moving.
Here's the deal.
You don't say shit and I don't kill you.
I ain't who you think.
- (hammer clicks) - Say something else.
Go ahead.
Follow them.
Here, drink the rest.
- We should save it.
- We'll find some more.
You're supposed to stay hydrated.
It all works together.
Yeah, it does.
Have it.
We don't need you falling down.
They find us, maybe we give you to them, they let us call it even.
You see, we're reasonable people.
Everybody's got their code.
You feel you gotta kneel, that's fair enough.
We don't.
Let's go.
I can't believe we're back.
It's not home anymore, but it's better than where we were.
This is a pit stop.
We pick up Patty, nothing more than that.
How'd you do it? You saw where we left the truck? Mm-hmm.
We opened the valve and drove all the way in from Farmview Road.
Ran from the tree line till we got to the pavement.
Lit up a matchbook from the Sweetwater - and dropped it in on the trail.
- (growling) Then we just ran for the car.
Got in and the dead ones were there.
They were beating on the hood, and then-- and then boom! Knocked 'em on their asses and I took an axe to each one.
Then we just watched it go up.
No more moans, no more of that wailing.
It was just the fire, just burning them all away.
You did all this? It was right at the start.
Everything stopped-- the TV, the radio.
We were here.
The forest was full of them.
And the other ones in town, they were drawn to it.
They just walked right into the flames.
We got most of them.
Thought we ended it for us, and she was in DC.
We thought everyone was fighting them wherever they were.
Yeah, we thought that was what everybody was doing.
Fighting it.
That we'd all win together.
We were stupid.
Y'all don't think you're being stupid right now? (hammer clicks) Are you saying I should kill you? I mean it, are you gonna try and pull something on us? Are we just being thick here by not removing all doubt? Right now, by me not pulling this trigger, is that a mistake? I'm serious.
I really wanna know.
You made a choice to kill for someone else, to have them own you for a roof over your head and three squares, so maybe I'm not considering all aspects here.
You tell me, am I being stupid? No.
Look, I got somewhere to be.
We can make a deal.
I can help you out.
You're one of them.
You're hurt and you're alone and you'd say anything.
We should've never trusted you people to begin with.
Go on.
Keep moving.
(walkers growling) (walkers growling) Son of a bitch.
(growling continues) Patty.
She could be (woman sighs) No, she's gone.
Then we make another plan.
Yeah, we get out of here, that's the plan.
Then that's the plan.
You guys didn't have to do this for me.
It was the right thing for all of us.
This was the right thing? Even if just you guys went back now, if you just told them that it was me No, we'll find a way.
- Just think about it.
- No.
Look, maybe we don't get as far, but we'll get-- hey! - Hey, hey, hey! - Tina, hey! Hey, baby sister, look at me.
Hey, stop! No! (gunshots) Don't! We need that, please! (panting) Sasha, Abraham, are you there? (static hissing) (walker growling) (growling) (snarling) (snarling continues) (panting) Sasha: There, it's clear.
His bike's gone.
These are his shells.
He fired at 'em, got away.
He caught a good bounce.
There aren't enough people around to just wait around for somebody to ambush.
And they couldn't have just been watching us, not with what we were doing.
Nah, they were looking to chew up someone in particular.
Whoever the hell they were.
Daryl, you copy? (static hissing) Daryl? Dollars to doughnuts, he's on his way back to Alexandria now.
- He wouldn't leave us behind.
- He already did.
But he came back.
So we go look for him.
The best way to find a tracker is to stay put.
Let him find you.
You just want us to sit here with our precious leathers in our hands? No.
(walker growling) Don't.
What? You're smarter than that.
We don't need to leave bread crumbs.
(door creaks) (door closes) (flashlight clicks) (snarling) How come gorgeous over here is still standing? He can't get out.
(thumping) It's locked.
We're fine.
Stand watch or sleep? Your choice.
I'll take the former.
Do a little shopping, maybe.
(thumping continues) (growling) (drawers rattling) (walker snarls) (growling) (bag thuds) Can't sleep? What does it look like? I just wanted to know if it was a choice.
(walker growling) (sighs) You have no idea how much I want to release that thing from this plane of existence.
(walker growling) (sighs, chuckles) This our new home? Should we give him a name? You got yourself into this.
I was driving that car solo until you chose to come with.
Oh, I didn't have a choice there.
Tell me why.
You going stag was not an option.
Tell me why.
You were out of control for a good while there.
Just about took my arm off on the road to paradise.
- You remember that? - I do.
- I'm in control now.
- Me, too.
That's why you wanna kill that walker? The one down the street? The guys in the car? 'Cause you're in control.
'Cause loose ends make my ass itch.
If I have not gotten my psyche situated straight, it's because the shit's continually been hitting the fan without respite.
Oh, there's been respite.
There was a party.
Oh, I remember that.
You had the time of your life there.
You don't have to throw yourself out of a moving car to feel like you're calling the ball.
That's easy.
You jump out of an airplane, you don't have choices after that.
Maybe you play some chicken with the ground, but you pull the rip cord, you live.
But if you have a roof over your head, you have food, you have walls you have choices.
And without walkers and bullets and shit hitting the fan, you're accountable for them.
I mean, hell, you're always accountable.
It's just with all that other noise, you know people won't notice.
(growling) Stand watch or sleep.
The former.
Straight through the night.
We'll reassess in the morning.
What do you mean? What the hell we're doing here.
Drop the gun.
Drop it.
Give it to me.
I came all this way.
What you got for the duffel? You put me through too much shit just to give it back.
Principle of the thing.
What you got besides this gun? Nothing.
What was that thing you were carving? - My grandfather taught me how-- - Daryl: Don't care.
It'll do.
Take it.
It's all there.
Good luck.
You're gonna need it.
(trees snapping) (brakes squealing) (truck door opens, closes) Let's end this.
It's ours.
We earned what we took.
Man: You're gonna return what you took.
You're gonna pay for the gas it took to come out here and for all the time these men took out.
It's over.
You know the rules.
Your rules are batshit! We're not going back, Wade.
We're done kneeling! Don't change the subject, asshole.
- (whistles) - (truck engine revs) (trees snapping) (brakes squeal) Come on.
Hey, that way.
Come on.
Go, go, go.
Get up.
(tree snapping) Hey.
Take it.
- (walkie static hisses) - Wade on walkie: Eyes open.
You cover your quadrant.
Go to alpha channel.
(growling) (weakly) Love you, Sher.
You didn't have to for me.
(mumbling) (rustles) - (snarling) - (screaming) Wade, I'm bit! Wade, I'm bit! - Take it off me.
- Damn it.
Do it! Just take it off! Wade: I'll get your watch after.
(man screams, crying) - (walkie static hisses) - Wade: All right, that's it.
Time to go home.
Cam got a boo-boo.
Man on radio: Are you sure? Wade: Oh, yeah.
He only wanted to take this so far.
And he only wants ass that's willing, you know? (sobbing) Come on, Cam.
Let's walk it off.
We thought you were with them.
We knock you over the head, tie you up, threaten to kill you why the hell did you come back? (grunts) Maybe I'm stupid, too.
(birds chirping) (gun clicking) (growling) Well, howdy, gentlemen.
(growling continues) (metal creaking) (clattering) RPG.
(metal creaking) (roaring) (chuckles) (match strikes) - (snarling) - (flesh squelching) (metal groaning) (splats) (walker snarling, thudding) Sasha: Where do you get that? It is the fruit of some off-the-chart stupidity.
Some grade-A, butt steak idiocy.
Self-awareness is a beautiful thing.
Yes, it is.
You see, I know this group and I know Rick.
And whatever happened back there is being managed and kicked right up into its own ass one way or another.
I know that.
We got beer and air conditioning and walls.
The table is set for the rest of our lives, and I hope those years to be long and fruitful.
I see that time before me and I've been feeling the urge to make some plays before the great cosmic Pete comes to cut my throat unceremoniously and I gurgle my last breath.
Well, things are gonna go on for a while before that, and that hadn't occurred to me before.
I've been kind of living check to check on that point.
I like the way you call bullshit, Sasha.
I believe I'd like to get to know you a whole lot better.
(chuckles) That one of your plays? What makes you think I want that? A man can tell.
(laughs) Well (chuckles) you got some stuff to take care of.
I do.
Daryl: So you knew 'em? Still you thought I was one of them? Where we were-- we were there since the beginning.
We still didn't know everyone.
Back when we first threw in with them, it was as good as a place as any.
Then things got harder, people got harder.
Human nature kicked in and it became a truly unique kind of shitshow.
People will trade anything for safety, for knowing that they're safe.
So they got nothing left except just existing.
Hey, nobody's safe anymore.
Can't promise people that anyhow.
You could promise the people who want to hear it.
Hey, Tina, hold up.
Carla and Delly.
That's them.
Honey: Me and Tina used to babysit them when they were kids.
Everyone said that they went out north when it all started.
We didn't know.
(rustling) I did this.
We did this.
- (growling) - (screaming) - (screaming) - (sobbing) - I'm sorry! - (coughs) I'm so sorry, baby.
We had to try.
We had to try.
We had to.
(Honey sobbing) I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm Hey.
How many walkers you killed? - Just answer the question.
- A lot.
A couple dozen at least.
How many people you killed? None.
Why? Why haven't I killed anybody? Because if I did, there'd be no going back.
There'd be no going back to how things were.
I'm from a place where people are still like they were more or less, better or worse.
I can walk it from here.
Till we meet up with my friends.
(grunts) They got a car.
You can ride with them.
How many friends you say there were? I didn't.
There's two of 'em.
Where are they? We're gonna find out.
How do you know they even got away? That they didn't get taken? I don't.
- (hammer clicks) - Oh, damn it.
I'm sorry.
Give her the crossbow.
You gonna go back? - You gonna be safe? - Shut up.
Ain't nowhere safe no more.
Give her the crossbow.
You gonna kneel? (gunshot) (engine starts) Patch yourself up.
We're sorry.
You're gonna be.
(growling softly) (growling) (growling stops) - (walker growling) - Look at this.
What? Nothing.
(truck approaches) (truck engine stops) (chuckles) Rick, you copy? (static hissing) Daryl: Anybody? (static hissing) (garbled voice over radio) Daryl: Say it again? (static hissing) Man on walkie: Help.
(static hissing) (theme music playing)