The Walking Dead s06e07 Episode Script

Heads Up

Narrator: Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead Rick: I know you're scared.
The wall's going to hold together.
Can you? (walker rasping) Maggie: I don't get to know what will happen.
I have to live with that.
Rick: The others, they're gonna be back.
Rosita: They're gonna be back.
Carl: So you wanna just leave her out there? She's your friend.
My girlfriend.
I mean 'cause she was anyway, right? (grunting) (yelling) (glass shattering) Morgan: You have to protect everyone to create peace.
Nicholas: Thank you.
(grunting) (music playing) (groans) (grunts, sighs) Hey, heads up! Shit.
I said heads up.
Enid? (clatters) Enid.
What are you doing out here? Enid: There's another water bottle in the corner.
Take it and go.
You're not gonna answer me? Enid: No.
What happened in Alexandria? We heard that sound.
The gunfire.
Enid: What happened is what always happens.
People died.
The herd broke through the walls? Enid: What herd? The walkers.
They broke out of the quarry early.
We got on them, but that sound, the air horn, what was that? Enid: It was people.
You should go.
(boards creaking) My wife, Maggie, she okay? Enid? Is Maggie okay? (boards creaking) Answer me! Enid.
Enid! Enid.
Hey, Enid! Enid! (panting) (theme music playing) (walkers snarling, pounding) Morgan.
We haven't talked.
We should.
A little later, okay? Okay.
You don't have to be up here so much.
I won't be.
This is the direction he'd come in.
If he sends up a signal, it'll be from out there.
Or it-- it won't be.
When we go out there, it's never easy, it's never simple.
It's always a fight.
But we've come back from harder things.
From further away.
Glenn, Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha, they will, too.
Maybe we don't wait for them to be back.
We should start figuring out how to draw the walkers away.
We have some food and water to last us a while and the walls are holding.
We can take our time.
Really think this through.
Do it right.
Clear it so they can-- they can walk right in.
I saw Judith in the house the other day.
She's starting to-- she's starting to look like Lori.
- Yeah.
- Made me happy.
Me, too.
(rasping) (squelches) (rips) - (paper crumples) - Dad.
Rick: Handguns will be a little better for your first go.
Magazine release.
Slide release.
Thumb safety.
That stuff's easy, right, Dad? Yeah.
Empty magazine.
- Empty chamber.
See it? - Yeah.
Someone's in front of you, they have a gun.
You're gonna be scared.
You will be.
Your body's gonna tense, you won't have time to think.
You're just gonna want to pull the trigger when you get it in front of you.
(clicks) But you'll miss and you'll be dead.
You have to get it up to your eye.
You've got to be strong enough to wait for your moment.
Can I, uh? (clears throat) Hey, your finger doesn't touch the trigger until you're ready to shoot.
(clicks) Keep that one with you.
Get a feel of what it's like to carry one around.
Can I shoot it? Maybe like down at the walkers? Rick: No, with things how they are, the walls are strong, but we're lucky the walkers are spread out.
We don't want to pull them all to one spot.
Well, what about, like, target practice in the center of town? 'Cause then the sound will spread out in each direction.
Or maybe we could use, like, silencers or something like that.
But, uh I mean, we probably don't want to waste bullets right now, huh? Just want to learn more.
You will.
I was making-- you want some oatmeal? Thank you.
I'm-- I'm okay.
You were coming to the door.
What's up? Want me to take a look at your arm? No, I'm not here for-- I'm fine.
You can tell me if you're not.
Can we talk now? Uh-huh.
What's going on? When I was coming back (clears throat) I tried to cut off the herd with the RV.
Lead the walkers away.
But five of those people with the Ws in their foreheads, they stopped me.
They tried to kill me, shot up the RV.
Now, Carol says she saw you.
That you wouldn't kill those people.
Did you let any of them go? Yes, I did.
I didn't want to kill five people I didn't have to kill.
They burned people alive.
Why didn't you kill me, Rick, back in King County? Pulled a knife on you.
I stabbed you.
So why didn't you kill me? Was it 'cause I saved you after the hospital? 'Cause I knew who you were.
Back there I would have killed you as soon as look at you.
And I tried.
But you, you let me live and then I was there to help Aaron and Daryl.
See, if I-- if I wasn't there if they died maybe those wolves wouldn't have been able to come back here.
I don't know what's right anymore.
'Cause I did want to kill those men.
I seen what they did, what they keep doing.
(sighs) I knew I could end it.
But I also know that people can change.
'Cause everyone sitting here has.
All life is precious.
And that idea-- that idea changed me.
It brought me back and it keeps me living.
I just don't think it can be that easy.
- It's not easy.
- I wasn't saying-- I-- I know.
And I've thought about letting that idea go.
But I don't want to.
You may have to.
Things aren't as simple as four words.
I don't think they ever were.
Do you think I don't belong here? Making it now, do you really think you can do that without getting blood on your hands? I don't know.
(walkers snarling) (wood groaning) (wood creaking) - (wood cracks) - (glass shatters) (snarling continues) If we can somehow get outside the walls, get back to our cars at the quarry, we could use them to draw them away.
We'll set up more watch points.
Coordinate the shooting of guns and flares so we could pull them out in even directions.
We'd need to get all our people on it.
Carl, Tara, Rosita, Carol.
What about everybody else? Well, let's just keep this to our own for now.
Really? Look, if we had the time to bring the people along, sure.
But we haven't had a chance to catch our breath.
Really? (sighs) We're in here together.
We're catching our breath right now.
Anything else is just excuses.
- (footsteps approach) - Deanna.
Deanna: Rick.
What's that? Plans for the expansion.
We got a few other things on our plate right now.
I know.
These are for what Alexandria can be after this.
Because one way or another, there's gonna be an after this.
Now, when the blade connects, don't jerk it right back.
- You'll get stuck.
- Kent: Stuck? Like an ax cutting into a tree.
It's easier to get a blade into bone than out.
So what should we do? You should slide the machete down through the wound.
- One fluid motion.
- (distant bang) Okay, you ease it through the bone like this.
All right? (distant snarling) (scoffs) - (clangs machetes) - Hey! I'm a weapons novice holding a significant blade here and there are people in my proximity with open-toed shoes.
That's right.
So get a grip.
What are you so scared of? That would be dying.
Dying is simple.
It all just stops.
You're dead.
The people around you dying, that's the hard part.
Okay? 'Cause you keep living knowing that they're gone and you're still here.
What you should be scared of is living knowing that you didn't do everything you could to keep them here.
Too upset to keep going? Are the noises scaring you or can I get back to my lesson? Let's try this again.
(walkers snarling) (muffled scream) Shh! The hell are you doing? - Shh.
- (lock clicks) I'm taking you home.
I don't know you.
Why did you give me water? I had it, you needed it.
That doesn't make us friends.
We're not friends.
I'm doing this for Maggie.
Your wife? She wouldn't leave you behind.
She wouldn't want me to leave you behind.
So we're going.
I'm not friends with your wife either.
I'm not having this conversation.
I'm not leaving you out here.
We're going now.
Give me the gun, Enid.
Turn around and walk away.
You're not gonna pull the trigger.
I will if you make me.
Let go.
You point a gun at me and I'm the asshole? Let's go.
Out the back down the alley.
We're taking the road.
We need visibility.
Why? Because half the herd broke off and they're headed towards home.
I guess you missed that.
Lead the way.
(walkers snarling) (metal squeaking) You look like you could use some help.
You know, I think we could build up a brace on this thing.
(snarling) What? Think your wife wouldn't have wanted me to kill it? We can use them to distract them.
There's a helium tank in those shrubs.
More balloons, more string.
It don't mean anything as long as we keep this up.
You know, you scared the hell out of people when we first saw you.
I know.
You scared the hell out of me.
With that beard.
The way you looked around like you were seeing things we weren't hiding around corners.
Turns out you were.
Things moved slow here.
And then things just started moving fast.
Too fast.
But don't give up on us.
Who did you stay with back home? It's not my home.
I lived in Olivia's place.
But I was on my own.
Orphaned by walkers.
(gas hisses) Me, too.
It's just what happens.
I get that you're scared.
I'm not scared.
Yeah, you are.
You don't want to lose anything again, so you give up and you say, "That's just what happens.
" - I don't need a lecture.
- Yeah, I think you do.
You honor the dead by going on.
Even when you're scared.
You live because they don't get to.
You think your parents wanted you waving around a gun because you're afraid? We don't have to talk.
We don't have to talk.
(cans clatter) Crap.
(sighs) (can rattling) (walkers snarling) My God.
I said stop.
What's the point? The world is trying to die.
We're supposed to just let it.
You're wrong.
We're not supposed to let the world die.
And I sure as hell am not gonna let you die.
I'm sure your wife will forgive you.
It's not for her anymore.
Look, the walls are still up.
The houses are still up.
We'll find out the rest.
Okay? (metal scraping) What the hell? Rick: Spencer.
Hey, Spencer, get back here! Tara.
Spencer, get back here now.
Spencer, move! (metal groaning) (grunts) Rick: Go! Keep moving! - Hurry! - Eugene have Maggie and Rosita fire their guns out from their posts.
- Why? - Just do it! - Tara, I cannot in good conscience-- - Just do it! (groans) Spencer, come on! (gunshots) (gunshots) (gunshots continue) (gunshots continue) (gun clicks) Grab on! (grunts) Tara! You almost died once for these people.
What? What the hell were you doing? Lost a damn shoe.
What was that? I was trying to help.
I wanted to get to a car, draw them away.
You ever make a climb like that before? You want to help? Don't make us come running to save you.
You got an idea, you come to me.
Would you have listened to me? (door opens) Everything okay now? It's handled.
Everything's fine.
Cheat sheets.
Probably doesn't give you a lot of faith.
I have faith.
Well, you have to, right? You don't have to.
I choose to.
You should, too.
So are you gonna tell me why you're here this time? How well is the community stocked with antibiotics? We're good.
I need to dress a wound, but I don't know if it's infected.
I don't want to waste medicine if I don't have to.
Fever, warmth, pus, pain, redness um Tell me what it is.
Let's take a look at your arm.
I didn't come in this morning because I didn't want to get you involved in something that you may not want to be involved in.
In a secret.
It's not my wound.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I know you just took care of Judith this morning, but they want some help with the watch points after that thing with Spencer.
Could you? Oh, yeah, no problem.
Unless you want me to take your shift.
No, I like being up there.
Even with all them outside? You can see everything.
Even inside.
Um, let me just lock these up.
- Can you give me a second? - Mm-hmm.
- Do you want to come in? - Yeah.
Sam: Carol? Carol.
What, Sam? Sam? What happens if you can't live with it? I told you, it eats you up.
Can you come down here? I can barely hear you.
The people who came, were they the monsters? Did my dad turn into one? What? If you kill people, do you turn into one of the monsters? The only thing that keeps you from becoming a monster is killing.
(door opens) - Thank you for this.
- Oh, yeah, no problem.
Who the hell do you have in that cell? - (wood creaking) - (walkers snarling) Hey, you seen Denise? No.
(sighs) I'll be right back.
Look, I'm sorry about before.
- I was just-- - He was stupid.
That we know.
I just meant what you did for him, you didn't have to.
I know.
You could have died.
I mean, I'd like to say I was thinking about it, but I wasn't.
Is that why you did it? You weren't thinking about it? No, that's how it works with us.
We're stuck with each other, right? (footsteps approaching) Deanna: Rick, you saved my son.
Thank you.
Thank Tara.
I already did.
Now I'm thanking you.
What Spencer did was stupid.
I can't argue that.
- At least he tried.
- That's not the point.
I could have tried.
There was a chance.
How's that? When the walkers were going for him, it made a gap.
I could have jumped down, ran, made it out.
I could have got in a car, used it to lead the walkers away.
I could have done that and Spencer would be dead.
But you didn't do that.
Why? I helped save him because he's your son.
Wrong answer.
That's Glenn.
That's Glenn.
(wood cracking) (silent) (theme music playing)