The Walking Dead s06e08 Episode Script

Start to Finish

Narrator: Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead Glenn: My God.
Deanna: These are for what Alexandria can be after this because there's going to be an after this.
Why don't you want to come downstairs? It didn't change up here.
Rick: Keep that one with you.
Rick: Get a feel of what it's like to carry one around.
I need to dress a wound, but it's not my wound.
Who the hell do you have in that cell? That's Glenn.
Rick: No.
(screaming) Tiptoe from your pillow To the shadow of a willow tree And tiptoe through the tulips with me Knee-deep in flowers we'll stray We'll keep the showers away And if I kiss you in the garden (door closes) In the moonlight, will you pardon me? Come tiptoe through the tulips with me Tiptoe to the window By the window, that is where I'll be Come tiptoe through the tulips with me Tiptoe through the window By the window, that is where I'll be Come tiptoe through the tulips with me Tiptoe from your pillow To the meadow by the willow tree And tiptoe through the tulips with me Knee-deep in flowers we'll stray We'll keep the showers away And if I kiss you in the garden In the moonlight, will you pardon me? (music fades) (theme music playing) (rubble clattering) (walkers snarling) Everyone, get back! Get into your houses, go! (grunts) Deanna: Rick! You need to get back.
We need to get back! (snarling) (panting) (gasps) Morgan: Come on.
Deanna: Back! Get back! - (gunshot) - (grunts) Deanna, you all right? (gunshot) Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Ah! Ah! No! (crying out) (grunts) (screams) (grunts) (panting) (snarling) - (static hisses) - (Daryl on radio) Rick, you copy? Anybody? (snarling) Help? (gunshots) In here, Eugene! (muffled snarling) Michonne: Rick! Good, you're safe.
Come on.
(grunting) There! Good shot.
There! Oh! (gunshots) Oh! Come on, I have Judith! (snarling) (walkers snarling) (sighs) The walkers are flooding into the east wall.
That means that the west wall will be the first to clear up.
That's-- that's how we get in.
Just because the tower's down doesn't mean that Listen, people are still alive in there.
This is how it happens.
And it always happens, Glenn.
We're still here.
Our friends are in there, people who care about you.
My pregnant wife.
You just want to run away, be afraid, forget about this? Just go.
But that's how you lose people.
Even after they're gone.
- Silver stars are gleaming - (thudding, shattering) - Rick: Put her on the couch.
- Jessie: Upstairs.
First room on the left.
- Come on.
- (grunting) - Rick: Where? - Jessie: This one on the right.
- Rick: Which room? - Jessie: Go in there! Sam, I need you to turn off the music and shut the blinds.
(echoes) Because of the monsters? (voices echo) (distorted music playing) You stay up here and you stay quiet.
It's gonna be okay, okay? - Mom-- - Honey, just-- just try.
Just pretend-- okay, just pretend that you're somebody who's not scared.
- Just try.
- Okay.
I love you.
(echoes) I love you.
(distorted music continues) (Judith crying) Let me take a look at that.
No, I'm fine.
You don't trust anybody, do you? Some more than others.
(chuckles) But you're dead last.
(chuckles) Well, at least we're being honest.
I don't trust you, but I never thought you were lying.
How is it out there? Morgan: They're filling the streets.
Hey, that's probably a concussion.
You should sit down before you fall down.
- I am okay.
- Carol whatever we have to settle, it can wait.
It has to.
W man: I don't think he's coming back.
Do you think he's coming back? We can talk, right? You don't have to be afraid.
There's injured people out there.
I have patients.
I shouldn't be here.
None of you should.
What about you? What about me? After the things you've done, you belong here? Yes.
What do you think I've done? You've killed people.
We freed them, and then we were just going to use what was left.
You came here without knowing what this was, right? That Morgan had me here? He said he wouldn't let you go until he was sure you wouldn't kill again.
(sighs) It's just an infection.
I was breaking into a car and cut myself on a rusty bumper.
Just like that.
It's not unfair or just.
Nothing's unfair anymore.
It might not kill me, but it might.
I've done my part.
The world will take care of the rest.
It won't change.
Show me the wound.
(coughs) (W man coughing) You weren't born this way.
You changed.
You can change.
(panting) How is she? No offense to Michonne, but whatever she's doing hurts like a son of a bitch.
Michonne: I just finished with the leg.
And that seems to be the worst of-- Well shit.
(walkers snarling) Rick: Fever's setting in.
She doesn't have long.
She knows how it happens, right? All of it? Yeah, she knows.
(soft laugh) She's cracking jokes.
Rick she wouldn't have run.
We have food to last us a while.
They're bound to cluster up by then, move off to one area.
When they do, I'll try and get to the armory draw them away.
- With guns? - Flares.
I'll open the gate, fire them off see if I can get them somewhere somewhere that's not here.
Michonne: The plans that you gave Rick I've been looking them over.
I get it.
They could work.
Even now? Even now.
The Latin in the margins, what was that? (chuckles) It was something Reg used to say when things went really, really badly.
I'm lucky, Michonne.
Working with my family towards a better future is-- it's all I ever wanted.
That's what I got.
I got to do what I wanted right up to the end.
What do you want? I want this place to work.
Yes, but what does that mean for you? What do you want for you? I don't know.
You better.
(door opens) Carl: Ron? Hey.
You all right, man? Enid's dead.
We're all dead.
Look, my dad's gonna figure something out.
He always does.
That's bullshit.
Your dad's just gonna get more people killed.
'Cause that's what he does.
That's who he is.
Your dad's a killer.
So was yours.
- We need to work this out.
- I'm dead, Carl.
My mom is dead.
- My brother is.
- No, they're not.
We're gonna make it.
Your dad-- you're dead, too.
We're all dead.
(yells) (snarling) (boys grunting) Carl! - Jessie: Ron! - Rick: Carl! - Let me in! Carl! - Jessie: Ron! Rick: Carl, open the door! Ron, open the door right now! Back up.
(grunting) (snarling) Help! Carl: Please, Ron! Come on! Rick: Come on! - (grunting) - Rick: Here, move.
- Jessie: Watch out! - Move! We need more, and we need to be quiet.
I'll see what I can find.
- Gabriel: Me, too.
- Help.
- I got it.
- Hey, hey, what happened in there? We were looking for tools and knocked over a shelf.
(grunts) We heard yelling.
Yeah, Ron saw them break through the gates.
We had to move.
That's what happened.
Carl, there's nightstands in my mom's room.
We can brace the couch with them.
- What? - Hey, it sounded like you were fighting.
Yeah, but we were fighting them.
Carl? It's okay? It's okay.
(walkers snarling) (panting) - Listen, I, uh-- - Hand me the gun, grip first.
- Carl, I'm sorry.
- Yeah, I know.
Now give me the gun.
Look, man I get it.
My dad killed your dad, but you need to know something.
Your dad was an asshole.
(walkers growling) (objects breaking) They knocked the sculpture over.
All that noise, it's drawing more.
(Judith crying) I'll get her.
- (music playing) - (Judith crying) Tiptoe from your pillow To the shadow of a willow tree And tiptoe through the tulips with me Knee-deep in No, it's still me! (panting) I'm so-- I'm sorry.
- I-- - I'm sorry.
I-- I wanted to see her one last time.
I thought I could make it.
My legs had other plans.
Come here.
Easy, easy.
You and plans.
(chuckles) They're yours now.
From now on someone needs to be with you.
It can't be her.
I'll find someplace else to put her.
I, uh-- I wrote something for Spencer, for Maggie.
I'll make sure they get them.
Will you look out for him? - I will.
- Will you look out for him like you look out for your people? Guess what.
They're all your people, Rick.
They are.
We haven't had a chance to make it that.
But that's how it is.
I didn't run over to help you out there because I like you or because I think you're a good man, a good father or that you can grow one hell of a beard.
I ran over to help because you are one of us.
That's the right answer.
Jessie: Rick! (door closes) (walkers snarling) Most people got inside their houses.
There's that.
(sighs) You think this is it? Tara: What? Do you think this place is over? No.
I think we gotta earn it, all of us.
Whether it's waiting, knowing if everyone's safe, dealing with that, or fighting them.
A place like this has gotta have a price, right? We haven't paid it already? Apparently not.
(snarling) It feels like Abraham's dead.
That's what it feels like.
He's not dead.
How do you know? 'Cause I didn't see it.
Doesn't matter what it feels like.
He's not dead, and this place isn't over.
Hey, we're here.
So, what are we gonna do, gorgeous? Gonna get in there, see what's happening on the other side.
We can shoot out this lock.
We shouldn't waste the bullet.
Eugene: You won't need to.
Lock-picking is within my skill set.
(walkers growling faintly) Morgan: You all right? Just resting my eyes.
(growling continues) (light switch clicks) Morgan: Carol? (yells) (keys jingle) (walkers snarling) (Jessie whimpering) There's just too many of them.
(snarling) Everybody get upstairs now! (snarling) Rick: Back off! Back off! Come on! Come on! Rick: The couch! Let's block the stairs.
I got this one, you get the one behind it.
We're gonna need at least two.
- (lock clicks) - (door opens) Get the hell away from him.
- He's tied up, he's not-- - I said get away from him.
This could've waited.
It should have.
Now it can't.
(walkers snarling) You stay here.
You see anyone squeezing through, you get me.
(panting) We're gonna need bed sheets, enough for everyone.
Bed sheets for what? We all go to the armory.
- How? - We're gonna gut these things.
Cover ourselves with the insides.
It'll mask our smell, make them think we're like them.
I've done it before.
We stay calm, we don't draw attention, we can move right through them.
Michonne: They're in the house, they're making noise.
More are coming.
(Rick grunting) (flesh squelching) Anyone who stays here is gonna die.
What about Deanna? And tiptoe through the tulips with me Knee-deep in You don't need the knife.
We can talk.
No, this is over.
We can be better than them.
We are better than them.
Not if we kill.
They made us kill.
We had to stop it.
I had to stop it.
With life, there's possibility, even if we never let him out.
- I'd get out.
- Even if we never let him out, he could know what he's done.
- He could know-- - I don't want to have to kill you, Morgan.
You won't.
I will.
You can't.
I won't let you.
(gasps) (panting) What's happening out there? They're getting in.
The rest of us we're gonna have to go.
- If you want me to, I'll-- - No.
Not ready.
Not yet.
I will be.
And when I am I'll do it myself.
It's my life.
Start to finish.
Dolor hic tibi proderit olim.
What does it mean? (sighs) "Someday this pain will be useful to you.
" Go.
They need you.
Thank you.
For what? For believing.
I still believe.
I cocked it all up (chuckles) but I figured it out.
What do you want? Now you figure it out.
I will.
Give 'em hell.
(walkers snarling) (music continues faintly) We need to move.
You, then me.
I'll do it.
Mom? You need to listen to me, okay? We aren't safe here anymore.
Okay, we need to do this so that we can be safe out there.
We need to look like the monsters.
No, please, no.
Yes, honey, we have to go, okay? We have to, Sam.
Honey, just-- just pretend you're brave.
Okay? Just make it all pretend.
Okay, none of this is real and you're somebody who isn't afraid.
Okay? (softly) Okay.
I will kill you to kill him because I don't want anyone else to die.
W man: You should kill me.
But you're all going to die.
You don't belong here.
You tell me you're sure.
You tell me you know what'll happen, how it will go.
Please step aside.
I'm not asking you again.
(grunting) (grunting) Ah! (panting) No! (walkers growling) (whispers) We have to go.
We're ready.
Ron? Yeah.
- I'll get Judith.
- Rick.
I'm not gonna give up out there.
I will not turn back, no matter what happens.
Yeah, I know.
(door opens) Denise: Please? Please don't.
Don't what? Don't kill them.
You said they were already dead.
You said I was.
You don't need to kill us.
Just let us die.
Just let us die.
You are so full of shit! (laughs) You're what I like about people.
- (laughs) - Tara.
Denise: Oh, God.
- W man: Just be still.
- Denise: Don't.
Lower the guns.
Lower the guns.
Slide them over.
I want them.
Tara: You don't need her.
I don't.
Tara: You're not gonna make it out there.
We'll see.
(walkers snarling) (growling) (walkers snarling) (no audio) (walkers growling) (echoing) Mom? Mom? (walkers growling louder) Mom!