The Walking Dead s06e13 Episode Script

The Same Boat

1 (Announcer) Previously on AMC's "The Walking Dead" That's us, that's the Hilltop.
As soon as the walls were built, the Savior showed up.
If we go kill Negan, take out his boys, will you hook us up? (Woman) What the hell are you doing here? What am I supposed to do? You're supposed to be someone else! (Gun cocking) (Woman on radio) Lower your gun.
We've got a Carol and a Maggie.
I'm thinking that's something you want to chat about.
(Alarm blaring) Maggie: They need our help.
- (walkers growling) - (footsteps) - (snarls) - (flesh squelches) (body thuds) (blaring continues) You are staying here.
(rustling) (hammer clicks) - (man groans) - Damn it, Maggie, let's go! Not until it's done.
(panting) - Woman: Stop! Or she's dead.
- (hammers click) Woman: Guns, knives on the ground right now.
Nice jacket.
For a murderous bitch.
Woman: Well, we'll take it off her before we shoot her.
(gun clatters) (alarm continues) Man: It ain't on there right, I can feel it.
It ain't stopping.
Woman #2: I'm getting it tighter.
Jesus, give me a second.
Man: Son of a bitch, you're cutting off my circulation.
Woman #2: Well, sport, it's supposed to.
- (distant gunfire) - Woman #3: Hell was that? (engine roars) Woman: It's Primo.
Damn it, they've got him.
Give me the walkie.
Babe, what's happening? (static hissing) Lower your gun, prick.
You, with the Colt Python.
All of you, lower your weapons right now.
(static hisses) (static hisses) Come on out.
Let's talk.
Woman #2: How many we got? Woman: Eight in sight.
Too many.
No, we can take 'em.
We took more.
- (static hisses) - We're not coming out, but we will talk.
Names! I'm Maggie, she's Carol.
Woman: We've got a Carol and a Maggie.
I'm thinking that's something you want to chat about.
Now, we're gonna work this out right now, - and it's going to go our way.
- (static hisses) (no audio) (static hisses) You can see we have one of yours.
We'll trade.
- (static hisses) - I'm listening.
Rick on radio: First I want to talk to Maggie and Carol, - make sure they're all right.
- (walker growling) I'm gonna put you on.
You say you're fine.
I'll know if you try anything else.
Rick, it's Carol.
- I'm-- I'm fine, but-- - (scoffs) Now you.
Rick, it's Maggie.
We're both okay.
- We'll figure thi-- - Shut up.
Woman: You have your proof.
Let's talk.
Rick: This is the deal right here.
Let 'em go, you can have your guy back and live.
Two for one, that's not much of a trade.
Rick: You don't have another choice or you would've done something about it already.
We have to get him back.
Primo can take care of himself.
He can patch me up.
I need him, thanks to that bitch.
You lost your balls, Paula.
You should've shot her in the head so they could hear her die.
If you could just shut up, I'll solve this.
Then make the deal or we go in.
She said shut up, so shut it.
You should be glad she doesn't have a sack of gonads to trip over.
- (static hisses) - Rick: Look, I know you're talking it over.
It's a fair trade.
Just come out, we do this, we all walk away.
Smug prick.
He must think we're stupid.
- That's a good thing.
- (static hisses) - Rick: Do we have a deal? - (walker snarling) - (static hisses) - Paula: I'll get back to you.
(growling continues) (theme music playing) (panting) Paula: Move! Turn.
Paula: Wait.
(car door closes) - (static hisses) - Paula: Omega, omega, Saviors down.
Go to Gamma, code "fire.
" (static hisses) Paula: Alpha channel is not clear.
We follow the protocol.
(static hisses) Paula: Where the hell are you guys? (static hisses) Man on radio: Out west of the-- - (static hissing) - Man: 15 mi-- on-- way.
Paula: We're headed to the break point.
Switch to Theta channel, same code.
If I'm not there, toggle to Alpha, listen in.
- (static hisses) - Man: Copy that.
(keys jingle) - (lock clicks) - (door squeaks open) Woman #2: I hate this damn place.
- Safe house.
- (walkers growling) There ain't nothing safe about it.
Paula: This place is gonna save our asses.
(door closes) (snarling) Paula: Get on the ground.
You there.
You, over there.
You're wondering if there's a way out of this.
There isn't.
Not unless I say so.
(duct tape ripping) - (walker growling) - Woman #3: Paula, I need backup! (gunfire) I want to kill you both right now.
It's taking all I have not to, so go ahead, I dare you, try something.
Just see what happens.
(faint gunfire) (distant walker snarling) (gunfire continues) (scraping) (grunts) (grunts) (gunfire stops) (hyperventilating) (continues hyperventilating) When's the last time anyone checked this place? Woman #3: It was fine a month ago.
Woman #2: Sweetie, that was a month ago.
Shit hards quick.
The guns have gone bye-bye, the food's gone bye-bye, and we got growlers up and down the halls.
- (Carol panting) - Man: Means people can get through, too.
- Maybe we should get gone.
- (muffled) Carol! - Woman #3: Yeah? Where the hell to? - Nowhere.
Got dead in the halls? Free security.
Those assholes get here before our people, the cold bloods will buy us some time.
- (panting continues) - Shut up.
Jesus, it's bleeding.
It's not supposed to keep bleeding.
- Molly, give me the rope.
- Man: I'm not losing it.
- I'm not.
- Woman #3: So you grind it out.
Jesus, Donnie.
Donnie: Screw you, 'Chelle! We have to get him back.
He can fix it.
- We have to, Paula.
- No.
I saw them, you didn't.
They took the place down, they got the guns, they'll kill us, too.
(Maggie, muffled) Hey! I'm not going down like that, not after making it this far.
(muffled) - Maggie: Hey! - (Carol panting) What? She's hyperventilating.
Somebody needs to take her gag off.
(hyperventilating) She's a nervous little bird, ain't she? (inhales, panting) (hammer clicks) Look at you.
Bitch, how did you make it this far? Honey, you need to take some yoga breaths and calm your ass down.
(panting) I can't-- (panting continues) Molly: Oh.
You're one of those.
(Carol wheezing) What are you so afraid of? Are you actually afraid to die? (scoffs) All this and you're scared of getting your ticket punched.
It doesn't matter what happens to me.
Just don't hurt Maggie.
Don't hurt the baby.
Yeah, right.
Donnie: She got a bun in the oven, she doesn't look it.
I'm only two months, I think.
You're some kind of stupid, getting knocked up at a time like this.
You think that's funny? When was it ever smart to get knocked up? Women used to just die in childbirth.
And they always thought the world was gonna end.
Living through it, why would you just give up? But are you gonna live through it? Anyway, that's cute.
Babies are the point.
Children are our future.
Making bite-size snacks for the dead.
The point is to stay standing.
Walkers do that.
I'm choosing something.
That's right.
You are.
You did.
(Donnie groaning) (coughing) The baby.
(laughing) Honey, in case you haven't noticed, you've got bigger problems than a little secondhand smoke.
Y'all are worse than a bunch of evangelical second graders.
(coughing) (hacking) Those things'll kill you.
They already have.
I'm a dead woman walking.
Which puts us in exactly the same boat.
(laughs, coughing) (coughing continues) Ah! (groaning) My arm feels like it's on fire.
You pull that off, you gonna be nothing but a spigot.
- Okay, hold on.
- Agh! Scout crew is coming.
They're 30 minutes out, maybe less.
Maggie: He doesn't have 30 minutes.
His nerves are dying.
If he doesn't get medical help, he's gonna lose his arm, maybe his life.
I'm not a doctor, but my dad lost his leg, and I know that much.
Your man, Primo, you think he can help you? It's time to end this.
Talk to Rick.
30 minutes.
You know my problem? (panting) She did this to me.
She did it and she's just sitting there right as rain, fully intact.
- Paula: Hey.
- No, you're not gonna make the trade.
And we just do 'em both now.
Paula: No, we wait for the others.
We have to be smart.
We need insurance.
Then shoot her in the arm, too.
(chuckles) No.
You really gonna stick up for some gutless bitch over me? - God damn it! - Paula: Shut up.
Donnie: Don't push me, Paula.
- (Donnie groans) - Paula: Shut up! Leave her alone! No! No! (screams) You dumb, uppity bitch! (grunting) (thuds) You really are some kind of stupid.
Take her out.
See if she knows anything.
Should've done that before.
- (walkers growling) - (door slams) (growling) You got nice clothes, time to make babies.
You're holed up somewhere good.
Tell me where.
(gags) (retches) Don't draw this out, bitch.
Just tell me where.
Help yourself and the baby in your belly.
The way you stay alive is you produce for us.
You're not the good guys.
You should know that.
Molly: He got you good, kid.
He's in pain.
Guys can't handle pain.
- Carol: Excuse me? - (Paula sighs) Just wanted to say thank you for helping Maggie, for helping me.
My husband Ed, he used to-- Yeah? I don't care if your old man used to ring your bell.
I see exactly who you are, Carol.
I know.
You're pathetic.
You wanna think we're just the same? Go ahead.
You're wrong.
He's just a warm body for my bed.
That's it.
I could kill him in his sleep.
(chuckles) Do you really believe in that crap? My faith got me through the death of my daughter.
Well, the good news is maybe you'll see her again soon.
('Chelle wincing) Maggie: What happened? I stole something.
Got caught.
What? Gas, from this place.
- Why? - To get a new car.
Look for my boyfriend's body.
Did you find him? He was blown up.
Not much to find.
" - Was that his name? - Hell, no.
I barely knew him.
He was a dick.
Frank was my dad.
And that's what I was gonna name the baby.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
You aren't.
I'm not planning to die today.
Yeah, me neither.
Thing is, one of us is wrong.
Just tell me where.
(sighs) Rick on radio: Have you thought about it? Talk to me.
(walkers growling) - (static hissing) - You weren't listening.
I said I'd contact you.
- (static hissing) - Rick: Would it make a difference if I said I was sorry about that? What do you think? - (static hissing) - I think we're gonna make the trade, so tell me where.
We haven't agreed to that.
- (static hissing) - Rick: You will.
You know what? I'm not so sure.
We'd be taking most of the risk, not getting much in the way of a reward.
- (static hissing) - Rick: The other option won't work out for you.
We'll take our chances.
(sighs) You don't have to do this.
You don't have to fight.
Your people killed all of my people.
Of course we gotta fight.
- We didn't want to.
- But you did.
So tell me why.
Your people ambushed my people on the road, tried to take everything we had.
They were gonna kill them.
Well, damn.
So now we know what happened to T's group.
Those idiots.
Probably put on a big show.
Okay, fair play.
You were just defending yourselves.
But, see, your people killed them on the road, right? Blew them to pieces.
So, why not stop? They said they were working for Negan.
And what do you think you know about Negan? He sounded like a maniac.
We were scared.
We had to stop him.
Sweetie, sweetie.
We are all Negan.
- What do you mean? - (Molly coughing) What does that mean? (coughing) (walkers growling faintly) Can I have one? Well, look at you, little bird.
I didn't think you approved.
I don't.
(lighter clicks) You are weak.
What are you so afraid of? So scared, you can't even stick to your own principles.
You don't want me to stick to my own principles.
I was a secretary before.
I fetched coffee for my boss and made him feel good about himself.
I spent most of my days reading stupid inspirational e-mails to try and feel good about myself.
There was this one that kept going around.
A young woman was having a hard time and told her mom she wanted to give up, so her mom went to the kitchen and started boiling three pots of water.
She put a carrot in one, an egg in another, and ground coffee beans in the last one.
After they had boiled a while, her mom said, "Look, all three things went through the same boiling water.
The carrot went in strong and came out soft.
The egg was fragile and came out hard.
But the coffee beans changed the water itself.
" You're supposed to want to be the coffee beans.
See, to me, coffee was just a thing that my boss would drink up.
No matter how many times I refilled his damn cup, it was just never enough.
I was at work when the Army took over DC.
We weren't allowed to leave.
They had to evacuate all the important people first-- members of Congress, government employees.
So I was stuck with my boss.
Not my family-- my husband, my four girls (sniffles) My boss was weak and stupid and he was going to die and he was going to take me down, too.
He was the first person I killed so that I could live.
I stopped counting when I hit double digits.
That's right around the time I stopped feeling bad about it.
I am not like you.
I'm still me, but better.
I lost everything and it made me stronger.
You sure about that? I'm alive.
With those people, those killers.
Your people are killers, Carol.
That makes you a killer.
You-- you're the one.
Excuse me? You're the one who's afraid to die.
And you're going to.
You will die.
It's what's gonna happen if you don't work this out.
Are you going to kill me? I hope not.
- (static hissing) - Asshole, are you there? Rick on radio: I'm here.
We've thought about it.
We want to make the trade.
Rick: That's good.
There's a large field with a sign that says "God is dead" about two miles down I-66.
Good visibility in all directions.
Rick: We'll meet you there.
10 minutes? 10 minutes.
Now, that was too easy.
Maybe they're just itching to get their people back.
Paula: No, there was no static.
There should've been static.
They're close.
They're probably already here.
We were careful, but there were tracks.
- There had to be.
- No They killed everybody back home.
They have the weapons.
They know what they're doing.
They're probably waiting to kill us as soon as we walk out those doors.
- That's what we'd do.
- Carol: No.
You have to listen to me, please.
Rick is a man of his word.
He wouldn't put me and Maggie at risk to attack.
Then he's just as stupid as you are.
(knob clicking) - (static hisses) - What's your ETA? - (static hisses) - Man on radio: A few minutes away, - but the car is running on fumes.
- Paula: We have gas.
We'll fill you up and then we move.
Radio when you're back in the perimeter.
- (static hisses) - Man: Copy that.
We gotta get ready.
Pull 'Chelle out so she doesn't get stuck in a fight.
We have to be ready to move at any second.
What about the girl? Leave her for now.
If we leave, we travel light.
And if the pricks are here, we pick 'em off at the door.
(snarling) Paula: Molls, we need this hall clear.
(sighs) (scraping) (walker snarling) (panting) Just a sec, sugar.
(grunts) (gasps) Are you okay? I have to be.
They've spread out, but I think we can make it past them.
- We have to try.
- We can't leave them alive.
No, we should just go.
Carol, we have to finish this.
We have to.
(blood tricking) (rasping) He was already dead.
- He's turning.
- We should go.
We need a gun.
Give me that.
(faint growling) - (snarling) - (screaming) Eat shit and die, Donnie! Where are ya, Magnolia? I wanna bloody up that nice-- (gags) Agh! (thudding) (shouting) (screams, panting) Let's go.
(door slams) (clicks) (walkers snarling) Carol: They're using them to keep us in, keep the others out.
Maggie: Come on.
We have to find 'em.
(gunshots) (trigger clicks) (hammer clicks) Just run.
Shoot her.
- (blade rings) - Go on, do it.
You've killed Donnie, you've killed Molly.
Your people have destroyed my home.
- Get outta here.
- Carol.
Paula: You have no idea.
The things I've done, what I've given up, what I had to do.
- Just run.
- Maggie: Carol, shoot her.
Go ahead.
I've already lost everything.
- (snarls) - (gunshot) (grunts) 'Chelle: Paula? Paula? (door squeaks open) 'Chelle: Molly? (grunting) You lying bitch! (panting) (walkers growling) (Paula groans) I'll do it.
(Paula laughs) You're good.
Nervous little bird.
You were her.
But not now, right? Me, too.
I told you to run.
If you could do all this, what were you so afraid of, Carol? I was afraid of this.
(laughs) (grunting) (screaming) (grunts) (screaming) Man on radio: Paula, we're approaching the perimeter.
Are we a go? (Paula screaming) (Paula gurgling) Man: Do you copy? (static hisses) (imitating Paula) Meet us on the kill floor.
I think I might have killed 18 people.
I should've killed Donnie, too, in the woods.
I had a clear shot.
I didn't miss.
None of this would've happened if I had just killed him.
- Don't think about it.
- I can't stop.
We're almost done.
(footsteps passing) Man: Careful.
The floor's slick.
Man #2: You sure this is it? Man: She said kill floor.
(lighter clicks) Man #3: Hey, this one's locked.
(rumbling) What the hell?! Agh! (screaming, pounding on door) (screaming, pounding continue) (distorted growling) (echoes) Maggie.
You okay? We got your trail.
- You start a fire? - Yeah.
Hey, you good? No.
Come here.
They're dead.
They're all dead, the ones that took us.
They're all dead.
Hey, are you okay? I just I can't anymore.
It's okay.
Your friends are dead.
No one's coming for ya.
So you might as well talk.
Let him burn.
I'm gonna ask you one last time how'd you get the bike? - We found it.
- Daryl: Like hell you did.
We found it.
Was Negan in that building last night or was he here? Both.
I'm Negan, shithead.
There's a whole world of fun that we can talk about, so let's have a chat.
I'm sorry it had to come to this.
(gunshot echoes)