The Walking Dead s06e14 Episode Script

Twice as Far

1 (Announcer) Previously on AMC's "The Walking Dead" (Abraham Ford) I'd like to get to know you a whole lot better.
What makes you think I want that? - (Eugene Porter) Right behind you.
- You don't have to.
No one gets to clock out today.
(Zombies snarling) It's a way out, for them and for us.
Where there's life, there's possibility.
I'm leaving.
You are not walking out that door unless you can tell me why.
- (Daryl Dixon) Hi, you good? - No.
(music playing) Morgan? Wh-- why? It'll give you some choices next time.
(sighs) (toy clatters) Didn't even notice.
Got your bike back.
You got another one of those? (sighs) Thanks.
Those people you met, the ones in the burnt forest, they took it from you? Yeah.
You saved them, right? Sorry.
It's who you are.
We're still stuck with that.
No, we ain't.
I should've killed them.
(soft thud) Hey.
The ones that took you and Maggie what'd they do to you? To us? They didn't do anything.
(garage door closing) (creaking) (theme music playing) (snarling) So, if you didn't already have plans, I was thinking of making my beef jerky stroganoff.
I'm good, thanks.
It's not exactly a nice porterhouse, but I promise it's better than it sounds.
I'm sure it is.
What? What are we doing? Just tell me.
It's good either way.
It really is.
- Okay is what we're doing? - We'll do dinner.
Okay? All right.
See you then.
(sighs) I didn't hear you guys.
Today's lesson will be in the cul-de-sac.
Actually, can we do something else? Denise: After I got out of DC, I just drove.
I remember seeing it right when I realized I had no idea where I was going.
Edison's Apothecary and Boutique.
It's just this little gift shop in a strip mall, but if it's really an apothecary, they had drugs.
Daryl: How do you know they still got 'em? It isn't that far.
I just wanna check.
And you and Rosita aren't out scavenging or pulling shifts.
We'll go.
I wanted to check.
I just wanted to help.
How much time you spend out there? - None.
- Forget it.
I can ID the meds.
I know how to use a machete now.
I've seen roamers up close.
I'm ready.
- You good with this? - No.
I'll go alone, if I have to.
You'll die alone.
I'm asking you to make sure I don't.
I'm not babysitting her by myself.
(gears grinding) It-- the What? Forget it.
- (gears grinding) - No, what? I think maybe you're disengaging it too soon.
I've been driving stick since I was 15, usually beat-up trucks like this.
I mean, before-- you know, before I left home.
(gears grinding) My brother taught me, so I just know.
(gears grinding) Daryl.
Stay here.
(walker snarling) I got it.
(growling) This happened fast.
Tree rotted out.
It wasn't people.
(growling stops) Come on, it's clear.
What'd you find? Bottles of booze.
Any takers? No, thanks.
For later.
I'm not bringing these to the pantry.
I'm good.
They were kind of my parents' thing.
Which is why they aren't mine.
That truck ain't gonna make it past this tree.
- Come on, let's walk.
- Denise: Hold up.
Looks like a straight shot if we follow the tracks.
No tracks.
We'll take the road.
That's twice as far.
Go whichever way you like.
I ain't taking no tracks.
We should stick together.
(thunder rumbling) Abraham: I see you've tied back your Tennessee waterfall there.
Eugene: I won't lie.
I liked it.
I may very well miss it.
The feeling of the billowy curtain catching the breeze some days was straight-up bliss.
But brass tacks-- the hair doesn't make the man, the man makes the man.
Guard duty, weapons training, changing up the hairstyle, swigging some swagger with the ladies, spitting game-- If you don't spit game, you are game.
Man seems to be changing.
At least trying like hell to.
Makes me curious what that's about.
It's simple, really.
As with any RPG, tabletop, electronic, or otherwise, the key to survival is allowing oneself to be shaped by the assigned environment.
In doing so, a broad range of capabilities are acquired, allowing one to flip the script and use said capabilities to shape said environment for maximum longevity.
I'm saying I'm in the process of said stage two.
I've changed, adapted.
I'm a survivor.
(thunder rumbling) Keep telling yourself that.
I've changed, adapted.
I've become a survivor.
About time.
I didn't mean to pick him over you back there.
It's just You're holding it wrong.
Like this.
Who taught you? You know, how to fight? Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up A lot of people taught me a lot of things.
Years from now, he'll just be a name in a long list of names.
(knocking) All right, me and her are gonna do this.
You're gonna stay back, got it? (mouths word) Standard pin and tumbler.
Tick-tick-click, easy peasy.
This the place? It is indeed.
You about ready to spill the pintos on what the hell it is we're doing here? Yeah.
Abraham: Eugene.
We're gonna manufacture bullets here.
I've been chewing the cud on this for a few days now.
The Hilltop's dry, our supply's finite.
So not only are bullets vital for defense, but per the law of supply and demand, a full cartridge is now the coin of the land.
Making bullets from scratch.
Spent casings, but the innards are all us.
And by us, I mean me.
And you think you can do that here? With just this? Well, the digs will require a thorough scrubbing.
We'll have to scare up a hella ton of lead, but, yes.
I most definitely almost certainly think I can do that here.
That, my friend, is some damn fine genuine outside-the-box thinking.
(chuckles) Where do we start? Well, we should inform Rick, talk with Olivia, see what types of ammo would be most valuable to produce.
I'm gonna hit pause so I can kill that thing behind you.
Pump your brakes, Red.
I'm formally calling dibs on this one.
(walker snarling) Dibs is dibs.
Well, be my guest.
Get some.
(snarling) Strike one.
Strike two.
Why did you--? I called dibs.
You had zero authority to-- To what? Stop you from dying? I had full control of the situation.
You had better luck picking up a turd by its clean end.
I'm gonna allow you to apologize for saying that.
So how about you do so right now? Timmy down there almost ate your face, dumbass.
All due respect, screw you.
Beg your pardon? Dispatching walkers is well within my skill set, so screw you for suggesting otherwise.
Let me get something straight, all right? Using your cabeza, this whole DIY ammo thing, that is your damn skill set, just like ghosting hostiles, both of the undead and the living variety, is mine.
Now, you truly want to survive this world long-term, I suggest you learn that posthaste.
Thank you for your protection.
I most certainly needed it between here and Houston.
But your services are no longer required.
The truth, plain and honest.
You've outlived your usefulness to me.
Is that so? Plain and honest.
(rebar clatters) - Where are you going? - Home.
My services are no longer required.
Find your own way back.
(metal clangs) (gagging) We gonna find out what you had for breakfast? Oatmeal.
Just so you know.
You want me to hold your bags, or? Yeah.
If you set 'em on the counter, I can tell you which.
No, we're gonna take it all.
Are you sure? Because-- No, it's fine.
- (thudding) - (pills rattling) (thudding) It's just one.
It sounds like it's stuck.
(pills rattling) (door creaking) (clanking) (clanking continues) - (clanks) - (gasps) (growling) (glass shatters) What the hell are you doing? Nothing.
(door opens) Hey.
You did good finding this place.
Tried to tell you you weren't ready.
We both did.
I know.
So was he older or younger? Older.
By six minutes.
My parents came up with the Dennis/Denise thing on one of their benders.
Hilarious, right? Nothing scared him.
He was brave.
He was angry, too.
It's kind of a dangerous combination.
Sounds like we had the same brother.
This way's faster, right? (growling) There's a cooler in there! Might be something we can use inside.
We got what we came for.
Nah, ain't worth the trouble, come on.
(walker pounding) (growling) (grunts) Shit.
(grunting) No, don't! (panting) (coughs, spits) Oh, man.
I threw up on my glasses.
Hot damn.
What the hell was that? You could've died right there, you know that? Yeah, I do.
- Are you hearing me? - Who gives a shit? You could've died killing those Saviors, both of you, but you didn't.
You wanna live, you take chances.
That's how it works.
That's what I did.
For a couple of damn sodas? Nope.
Just this one.
Are you seriously that stupid? (panting) Are you? I mean it.
Are you? Do you have any clue what that was to me, what this whole thing is to me? See, I have training in this shit.
I'm not making it up as I go along, like with the stitches and the surgery and the I asked you to come with me because you're brave like my brother and sometimes you actually make me feel safe.
And I wanted you here because you're alone.
Probably for the first time in your life.
And because you're stronger than you think you are, which gives me hope that maybe I can be, too.
I could've gone with Tara.
I could've told her I loved her, but I didn't because I was afraid.
That's what's stupid.
Not coming out here, not facing my shit.
And it makes me sick that you guys aren't even trying because you're strong and you're smart and you're both really good people, and if you don't wake up and face your (cocking guns) D: You drop 'em now! (panting) Well, hell.
You got something to say to me? You gonna clear the air? Step up on that high horse? No.
You don't talk much.
Still getting the hang of her.
Kicks like a bitch, but-- - I should've done it.
- Oh, what's that? Seriously, I didn't catch what you said.
I should've killed you.
Yeah, you probably should've.
So, here we are.
Kind of begs the question, right? Who brought this on who? I mean, I get that you'll just have to take my word for this, but she wasn't even the one I was aiming for.
Like I said, kicks like a bitch.
It's nothing personal.
Look, this isn't how we like to start new business arrangements, but, well, you pricks kind of set the tone, didn't you? What do you want? D: I'm sorry, darlin', I didn't catch your name.
I'm D, or Dwight.
You can call me either.
So? What's your name? Rosita.
What do you want? Well, Rosita it's not what I want.
It's what you and Daryl are going to do.
You're going to let us into your little complex.
It looks like it's just beautiful in there.
And then you're going to let us take whatever and whoever we want or we blow Eugene's brains out.
And then yours.
And then his.
I hope it doesn't come to that, really.
Nobody else has to die.
We just try and start with one.
You know maximum impact to get our point across.
So what's it gonna be? You tell me.
You wanna kill someone, you start with our companion hiding over there behind the oil barrels.
He's a first-class a-hole and he deserves it so much more than us three.
Go check it out.
(panting) (screaming) (gunfire) (gunfire continues) (screaming) (gunfire continues) (growling) (screaming continues) (gunfire) (growls) Fall back! Fall back! (gun clicks) Rosita: Daryl, stop! ( "Chapel" playing ) (woman vocalizing) I'm going to get Married today The chapel is full Of crosses and bouquets Kiss me with forever Where only death remains (music continues) Rick's coming.
How is he? Bullet just grazed him, but it's a good thing we got him back when we did.
Antibiotics we picked up could save him from an infection.
Could save his life.
That's what Denise did.
(coughs) You here? Present.
I was not trying to kill you.
I was looking for a moment.
You found it.
Do you apologize for questioning my skills? I apologize for questioning your skills.
You know how to bite a dick, Eugene.
I mean that with the utmost of respect.
Welcome to stage two.
Don't need to welcome me.
I've been here a while.
(door opens) I just heard.
You okay? Abraham: You said I had choices.
You have them, too.
Could be 30 years for us here.
That's still too short.
Come inside.
You were right.
I knew it when you said it.
Carol's voice: I wish it didn't have to end, not this way.
It was never my intention to hurt you, but it's how it has to be.
We have so much here-- people, food, medicine, walls, everything we need to live.
But what we have other people want, too, and that will never change.
If we survive this threat and it's not over, another one will be back to take its place, to take what we have.
I love you all here.
I do.
And I'd have to kill for you.
And I can't.
I won't.
Rick sent me away and I wasn't ever gonna come back, but everything happened and I wound up staying.
But I can't anymore.
I can't love anyone because I can't kill for anyone.
(squeaking) Carol's voice: So I'm going, like I always should have.
Don't come after me, please.
(squeaks) (swing creaking)