The Walking Dead s06e15 Episode Script


1 "Previously on AMC's "The Walking Dead" Those people you met, the ones in the burnt forest, you saved them, right? You should have killed them.
You're going to let us into your little complex, and then you're gonna let us take whatever and whoever we want.
Fall back! I wish it didn't have to end, not this way, but it's how it has to be.
So I'm going like I always should have.
Don't come after me, please.
I can see you.
Come out.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna pass on that.
Carol? You here? Upstairs.
How are you? Happy to see you.
What happened? Oh, I just slipped.
Building a new guard tower.
I went to the infirmary.
It's so quiet over there now.
I knew Denise since the beginning.
She wasn't around much before Pete, but before that, she just stayed inside.
She was always-- was always reading something.
And she really stepped up when she had to.
She was there for us.
I didn't mean to bring it up.
No, it's just-- I just keep thinking about Tara, when she finds out.
Hey, everything's gonna be okay.
I was on my way to you And I was worried I was all torn up and nervous 'Cause I knew that you'd be gone I knocked and crossed my fingers While I waited And I couldn't hold the teardrops When I walked away alone It's all over, it's all over My heart echoed, "It's all over Every minute that you cry for her Is wasted, don't you know?" It's all over, it's all over My heart echoed, "It's all over Stop your cryin', turn around And let her go" I'd been runnin' round in circles Like a baby I was in a daze because I loved you so I couldn't see I was broken in a million little pieces When I saw enough to realize You didn't care for me It's all over, it's all over My heart echoed "Every minute that you cry for her Is wasted, don't you know?" It's all over, it's all over My heart echoed, "It's all over Stop your cryin', turn around And let her go" I'd been runnin' round in circles Like a baby I was in a daze because I loved you so I couldn't see I was broken in a million little pieces When I saw enough to realize You didn't care for me It's all over, it's all over My heart echoed "Every minute that you cry for her Is wasted, don't you know? It's all over, it's all over So, forget her Stop your cryin', turn around And let her go Let her go, boy, let her go.
" Mm.
This is good.
Mm, it is.
Jesus came through.
They all did.
And they're all gonna keep coming through.
Maggie asked me and Glenn to help put up more bins and watch points.
S-stick around.
Judith-- Judith isn't even up yet.
Wait, no.
No, no, no, no.
- Yeah? Why not? - No.
Maggie has us on a schedule and I'm not pissing off a pregnant lady.
- Not that pregnant lady.
- Right.
She's worried about an attack.
When they come for us, we'll end it, the whole thing.
This won't be like before.
We're putting everything in place and these people know what to do now.
The world's ours, and we know how to take it.
Everything we need is right here inside these walls.
We're not losing any of it again.
I'm not.
No, you're not.
I'm not.
We'll have these, but we should hide a few.
That way, we can find them, but strangers can't.
In case anyone gets in.
They won't.
Oh, no.
Where are you going? Out.
No, shit.
You got specifics? What the hell is he doing? Something he shouldn't.
We gotta stop him.
Whoa! Make room for my freckled ass.
Cover my watch.
You stay.
Hey, we should keep numbers here.
I know where Daryl's going.
What time did she leave? Do you know what she took? Sometime in the night.
I never heard her go, but she made a bunch of food, you know.
- She took her pack, one of my coats-- - Did she leave on foot? I-- I don't know.
Rick, I took over at 12:00, I was on till 6:00.
I never saw anything.
Front's been quiet since the others left.
What? Who? Daryl.
He went ICBM after the Saviors from yesterday.
Glenn, Michonne, Rosita, they all went to shut that shit down.
Where's the other car? We added two more cars yesterday.
One of them's missing, the one we put right between those houses.
You can barely see between the houses from up top, especially at night.
The note, can I see it? You never saw any headlights, taillights? She's smart enough to cover her tracks.
She must've left during the shift change.
Where are you going? I'm gonna go find her.
Tell Carl I'll be back soon.
No one else leaves.
Everyone else stays ready for a fight.
Hands up.
Please don't hurt me.
Why does everyone always assume the worst? How 'bout you come on out? I just have the car.
And a knife for the dead ones, nothing else.
Naw, you got information.
Like where you're from, where you're going.
Aw, come on, it's a lonely world.
Let's get to know each other.
I'm Jiro.
Your turn.
I'm nobody, really.
Nancy from Montclair.
But I've bounced around a lot since then.
I-- I keep moving.
I'm not really from anywhere.
I'm not really going anywhere.
Well at least we agree on one thing, Nancy from Montclair-- you're not going anywhere.
But you do seem like you're from somewhere.
After Montclair, right? Miles, what's that place called? The gated one 12.
75 clicks down? Alexandria.
Yeah, Alexandria.
You know, they got some cars out front, spikes through them, just like the one you're driving.
A woman like you, no weapons, no protection, no clue, you really shouldn't be out here alone.
You know, we were just on our way to your place.
We can give you a ride back.
Maybe they'll let us in if you're with us.
It doesn't have to be this way.
You could turn back and you could go home.
Nobody has to get hurt.
It's looking like someone's gotta get hurt.
Man, why don't you just grab her before she passes out? Don't, please! I can see you.
Come out slowly.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna pass on that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You look tired.
We still have a lot to do.
Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita just took off after Daryl.
I'm taking an extra shift.
Just packing a lunch before I go back out.
- See you later.
- Where are you going? Take your shift while you rest.
Enid Just for a few hours.
Let me help.
Put up your feet and eat some pickles.
You didn't have to come.
We have to try, even if it's a long shot, even if it's dangerous.
Tire tracks pointed east we go east.
Saviors' compound that you and the group-- that you went to, that was west.
Seems like she went east.
You don't even know Carol.
Oh, I got to.
A little.
Why are you doing this? What I believe-- I'm not right.
There is no right.
There's just the wrong that doesn't pull you down.
It hasn't pulled me down.
I think it will.
'Cause I know you.
God dang--! Oh, man.
Shh! Just let it go, man.
Just let go.
Oh, God.
I see it.
That's her car.
You see her? No.
Hey, where is she? The Saviors were getting weapons from the Hilltop's blacksmith.
These men were Saviors.
There's blood here.
She could've been hit.
I'm proud of her.
How's that? She took four of them down.
That woman, she's a force of nature.
She left because she can't anymore.
That's what her letter said.
She could because she had to.
Sometimes you have to.
There's more blood opposite these men that leads into the field.
It's a trail.
Could be Carol's.
She could still be alive.
She's not here.
Most of their guns are gone.
She might've taken them.
Those, too.
Or she could've died here, even if she isn't here.
Trail goes this way.
They were close to Alexandria.
There's even more of them.
We didn't end it.
You started something.
That's where she died.
All right, so he had to start from here.
He did.
Which way did Dwight run? Rosita? We should let him do this.
But he doesn't know what he's doing.
We don't.
Maybe him trying this makes you feel better about it right now.
Maybe they keep knowing more about us than we know about them.
Or maybe Daryl's gonna get himself killed.
Which way did Dwight run? Watch the hell out, asshole.
I did.
You shouldn't have come.
You shouldn't have left.
When I split off from Sasha and Abraham, he was out there in the woods, in that burned-out forest with them girls, put a gun to my head, tied me up.
I even tried to help him.
So, you think it's your fault? Yeah, I know it is.
I'm gonna go do what I should've done before.
What, for her? She's gone, man.
You're doing this for you.
Man, I don't give a shit.
Daryl we need to get back there and figure this out from home.
Our home.
We need you, and everyone back there needs us right now.
It's-- it's gonna go wrong out here.
We'll square it.
I will.
I promise you.
Just come back.
I can't.
- Daryl.
- Man, I can't! I can't either.
Thing is, those men could be back in Alexandria right now.
If they are, they're dead.
I hope not.
We need them alive.
We need to find out more.
Yeah, we do.
We just got stuck with each other.
We were lucky.
We figured it all out together.
It felt like we did.
After everything, we did.
The world's not what we thought it was.
Hilltop, the Saviors, it's bigger.
It's not much.
But if it's Carol's, then she's been bleeding for a while.
So, you out here because Carol is your friend? I'm out here 'cause she's my family.
I've talked to people back there.
I found out about what happened at the prison.
How you sent her away.
She killed two of your people, right? Burned their bodies.
What if that had happened today? Would you kill her? If it happened today, I'd thank her.
Or I would've killed them myself.
She was right to do it.
They were sick, spreading a disease.
They weren't gonna make it.
Yeah, but this was back then.
And you didn't kill her.
You sent her away, Rick, and she came back.
And she came back and she saved all y'all.
People can come back, Rick.
It's not her.
She couldn't have been dead more than a day.
Hey! Whoa, whoa! It's okay.
I'm not trouble.
I don't want any trouble.
Come out, drop your weapons.
I can't do that.
The wasted are too close.
I'm just looking for my horse.
Have you seen him? No.
We're looking for our friend.
Have you seen her? Have you seen her? They're coming! Just go! Just go! Stop! Rick.
We didn't know who he was.
Yeah, it's one of the Hilltop's.
Like the one on the road.
Maybe he's one of them.
Maybe he's looking for Carol, too.
Maybe the man is just looking for a horse.
Maybe he is from Hilltop.
Maybe he's from somewhere else.
I don't take chances anymore.
Those people the Wolves after they attacked, I found one of them.
He had attacked me on the road before, when I was trying to find you.
And I stopped him.
But I let him live.
And then he was there in Alexandria after the attack, hiding in one of the brownstones, so I stopped him again.
I knocked him out and I could have killed him.
But all life is precious.
Put him in the cell of the brownstone basement.
'Cause I knew he could change.
We all can change.
- You had one of them alive in the community? - Oh, yeah.
And when the walls came down and the walkers broke in, Carol found out.
We fought and that man escaped, and Denise she had come to the cell to try and help him and he took her hostage.
And then she and that Wolf, they got swarmed, and that man, that killer, he saved her life.
And then Denise was there to save Carl.
It-- it's all a circle.
Everything gets a return.
But the fact is the fact.
I did what I did.
I let him live.
You go home, Rick.
You take the car.
You're needed back there.
You shouldn't be out here taking any more chances.
I'm not leaving.
- Carol's still out here.
- And I will find her.
You go.
You're coming back.
But if I don't, don't come looking.
Take it.
- No, I-- - Take it.
Morgan? Michonne did steal that protein bar.
Oh, I know.
Morgan's still out there looking.
Is Michonne here? She's still out there, too.
You afraid to go back to it? Let somebody close? Yeah.
Me, too.
But now I think I'm that much more ready to tear the world a brand-new asshole.
Any second now.
Any second.
Scott said you were looking for me? What's up? I need some more help.
I like it.
But why? Hmm.
I have to keep going.
And I don't want anything getting in my way.
Man, did I go too short? I-I only used to cut my dad's.
No, it's not that.
Maggie? Ah! Maggie.
Maggie! Hi, Daryl.
You'll be all right.