The Walking Dead s07e05 Episode Script

Go Getters

1 (announcer) Previously, on AMC's "The Walking Dead.
" We can help each other.
We're doin' fine.
Are you? (slamming door) What happens if you don't come back? Have to survive somehow.
There's a doctor at the hilltop.
He's gonna make things better.
Pl-please let us.
He's our family, too.
I'm gonna get her there.
I'm gonna keep her safe.
Carson: Welcome back.
Do you remember me? I'm Dr.
You're at Hilltop Colony.
You've been asleep for a while.
You suffered from the condition abruptio placentae.
It's a separation of the placenta from uterus.
It's unusual this early, but, uhcould be caused by trauma.
Possibly the bruises on your abdomen -- Did I-I [Exhales sharply] lose? No.
Separation was small.
Baby's heart rate is normal.
Here, listen.
[Button clicks] [Heart beating] There it is.
[Breathes deeply] Now, you need to take it easy for a few days.
You don't want to exacerbate the separation any more.
And I really think you need to stay here for the duration of your pregnancy.
If anything else happens, I can take care of it.
You have any questions? Whoa, whoa.
Easy, easy, easy, easy.
[Breathes shallowly] Can you say that again? What? Everything you just said.
[Indistinct conversations] You, uh -- You okay? Where is he? [Exhales sharply] Where are they both? Sasha: It was in Glenn's pocket.
All Abraham had was a cigar.
[Chuckles] [Breathes deeply] [Sniffles] It feels like everything is wrong.
Not everything.
He told me that you're gonna be all right.
He said you'll just have to take it easy for the next few days.
He told me that we have to stay.
That we, um He says it's better if he's close, just in case, till the baby's born.
Then we'll stay.
I'm still thinking about it.
You're staying.
And so am I.
Jesus: It's nice to see you up.
It was you.
Ones on your bed, too.
I read somewhere that blue flowers inspire strength and calming.
What's green? Release.
[Sniffles] Thank God you're finally awake.
You people said you got them all.
We thought we did.
It was just an outpost.
H-How many of them were there? There were a lot.
Maybe hundreds.
Do they know the deal you made us take, Marsha? It's Maggie.
And we didn't make you take the deal, Gregory.
I-I-I'm happy we could patch you up.
You need to go.
Make sure you let Rich know what we did for you.
Carson said I should stay.
If he thinks he has the authority to make that decision, he's mistaken.
Don't look at me like that.
She'll be safer with her own people.
And we'll be safer without her.
You need to keep your distance from Maggie and stay focused on your work here at Hilltop.
Did you do this? We don't bury our dead.
We burn them.
Sasha: I did it.
I don't live here.
Gregory, this is Sasha.
She got Maggie here.
They're both from Alexandria.
I can't --- I-I don't have time to keep track of everybody.
I've been recuperating, too, Jesus -- from a stab wound.
You know? Maggie said that her people could take care of the Saviors.
S-So far, all they've done is put our community at risk.
You know, if they see you here, they'll think we colluded.
We did.
I did not agree to this.
If they think we helped attack their outpost, they'll do that to us.
Jesus, do you have any idea what plausible deniability means? Yes.
Well, then you know it's our way out.
If they leave, we have plausible deniability.
Gregory, it -- it'll be night soon.
It's not safe for them to leave now.
[Scoffs] Look, I'm a good guy.
You can stay the night.
But leave in the morning.
We'll talk more about it tonight.
No, I made my decision.
I'm just saying that maybe -- Do you want to go back with them? I'll take them back.
I meant -- I know what you meant.
So it's settled.
No, it's not.
Maggie is pregnant.
Well that's her mistake.
Rick: You should come with us.
Carl: Someone's got to be here for Judith.
There's people who want to help.
We'll only be gone a few days at the most.
We need supplies.
They're gonna be coming back soon.
Is this how it's gonna be now? Yes.
[Sighs] It is.
You know that.
See you in a few days.
We should get going.
He'll come around.
I'll, uh, meet you downstairs.
You change your mind we're headed north.
Good luck.
I'll see you soon.
Thank you.
Why didn't you go with my dad? Michonne: I have to figure some things out.
What is there to figure out? How we can do this.
If we can.
We can't.
No, not like this.
Your dad thinks differently.
And he's wrong.
You know it.
Even if I think he is I don't know.
Change your bandage later, and be nice to Olivia.
[Rattles] Carl: Enid.
[Panting] I need to see Maggie.
You're walking to the Hilltop? It's far.
I'll be fine.
I'll be fine.
I have better aim than you.
[Exhales deeply] I didn't mean it that way.
I'm not saving you anymore.
[Sighs] That's what happened in the armory? You saved me? Yeah.
You made it back in one piece.
You're still here.
I'm not talking about that.
I'm sorry you had to see it.
I'm not.
You sure I can't talk you into taking the extra room at Barrington House? For what it's worth, I'm glad you're here.
Then make Gregory change his mind.
I'm going to try.
It's not good enough.
[Sighs] It's not.
But the people need me here.
If it was just Gregory, it'd be worse.
So why aren't you in charge? It's not me.
I'm not a leader.
[Scoffs] What if I leave? If Maggie can stay, I'll scavenge, for the Hilltop.
I'll pay her way if you just keep her safe.
Would Gregory go for that? Maybe.
But I-I don't want that.
What do you want, Jesus? What do you want this place to be? I-I just I just try to help.
Maybe you got to do more.
This, uh -- This was Abraham's.
I found it here.
I'm sorry.
I liked him.
He wasone of the only people I'd ever met who could say things that make you smile and wince at the same time.
[Chuckles] [Knock on door] Come in.
I made the bed for you and laid out some clothes.
They're mine, so they're more utility than comfort.
Maggie: It's okay.
We won't be here much longer.
I'm sorry, about all of it.
I'mgonna see what I can do.
Why do you burn your dead? Um The idea was just to keep going.
What do you have to remember 'em by? Us.
I'll see you in the morning.
[Door opens, closes] Now what? Sasha: [Chuckles] Maybe we stay.
What can Gregory do? He's in charge.
He's an idiot.
He's a coward.
They're more dangerous.
We have the night.
Let's think on it.
Things will be clearer in the mornin'.
[Bicycle squeaks] [Walker growling] [Engine revs] [Tires screech] [Engine revs, tires squeal] What are you doing here? Felt like a drive.
[Feedback] [Beethoven's "Symphony No.
9, 2nd Movement" plays on radio] What is that? The gates are open.
There's fires.
The music is coming from a car.
["Symphony No.
9, 2nd Movement" continues] [Grunts] I have to turn that thing off.
Carson told you to stay off your feet.
I can't let you do this by yourself.
[Music continues playing on radio] [Walkers growling] [Music continues playing on radio] ["Symphony No.
9" continues] [Walkers growling] Sasha: [Grunts] [Music continues] Maggie: Jesus! Sasha's alone down there! She needs help! Damn it, Maggie.
Maggie: You two! Get those gates closed! On it! [Walker growling] Oh, man, come on.
["Symphony No.
9" continues] Hi.
It's okay.
We need to close the gates.
[Engine revving] Sasha.
She's got it.
I need your help here.
[Walkers growling] [Metal crunching] [Music stops] Not sorry you saw it? Yeah.
I watched it.
Both times.
I didn't look away.
Why? Because, when it was happening, I knew that I needed to remember it.
So when I had the chance to kill him, I wouldn't have a choice.
I think I'd kill him, too.
It's messed up, but that's how it is.
You do things for the ones you love.
It's not for them.
I'm sorry I locked you in the armory.
I didn't need to see it.
We don't even know if she's okay.
We'll get there.
Gregory: I don't care what they did.
The answer is no.
I'm not turning away a pregnant woman who helped us.
I'm not turning away Sasha, either.
Who the hell is Sasha? They're staying.
You're not in charge, Jesus.
I am.
I'm the one who has to look after the safety of this place.
What, are you telling you want to call the plays, after all this time, after I set the table here? Say the word.
The broken gate, the Saviors, the people -- all of this can be yours.
Only you'd have to stick around for more than five minutes.
You'd actually have to be a part of this place.
Sasha: Gregory? Ah, I-I was just telling Ms.
Caitlin to bring up some of her famous rhubarb preserves for you both.
It's our way of saying thank you for helping out last night.
It's Ms.
You can take them with you when you go.
And you should go now, because the Saviors could get back any minute.
I'll go.
Maggie: Sasha But let her stay.
We'll call it even on last night.
No deal.
But it's been lovely having you here.
Just tell me how we can make this work.
I think we'd need to meet on that one-on-one just to explore -- Go to hell.
Are you actually imply-- No.
You know what? I'm sorry.
I'm gonna tell Ms.
Caitlin to keep her preserves.
[Truck approaching, indistinct shouting] You know what they'll do if they find you here? Jesus, get them in the closet.
Gregory -- Go get in there now.
And you don't move, you don't speak, and maybe you'll get out of this alive.
Simon: Hello.
You're Gregory.
Guilty as charged.
Uh, welcome to Hilltop Colony.
Thank you.
Do, uh make yourself at home.
This isn't a social call.
I-I-I -- I wouldn't think it is.
We need to talk.
And it's getting a little claustrophobic in here, right? Let's talk in your study.
I wanna see that painting.
Can't remember who told me about it, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter much anymore.
Don't know if you heard what happened.
W-What happened? Well, those people you used to deal with.
Our brothers and sisters in arms and operation, well, they've been removed from the field of play.
Uh, brothers and sisters? What -- W-w-what do you mean? [Chuckles] I think you know what it means.
It means we need to talk! Wow.
[Chuckles] Justwow.
In -- In regarding last night, m-m-message received.
Loud and clear.
What was the message? You said it was loud and clear.
[Stammers] Just I -- I think you were showing us who was boss, right? Oh.
[Chuckles] Yeah.
It's just It's just breathtaking.
See, that's management by example.
[Chuckles] Crap you got to deal with, right? [Chuckles] Oh, you're telling me.
[Chuckles] So, last night, that was us working our asses off to provide you an example.
Hmm? You got a nice place.
Tall walls.
People in here probably forget what the corpses look like Ah.
what they smell like.
Now, we were gonna kill them for you, to remind you of the service we can provide, and you cleaned up the mess yourselves.
Good on you.
Well, we must have picked up some skills from your people.
Uh, if you think about it you still saved us, right? Well, that's a nice way to look at it.
I appreciate that.
Well, I'm a team player, you know? I-I-I-I think that's why the people chose me.
Well, the other people of ours your were dealing with? Yeah? I think they got spoiled working with a guy like you.
[Chuckles] Yeah, well Yeah.
I think they might've got a little soft.
[Chuckles] It's what got them butchered, I imagine.
They're dead? Very, very dead.
Extremely dead.
But, you know, it all worked out.
[Chuckles] Because the people that killed them, they work for us now.
And they are real go-getters, you know? [Breathes deeply] It's, uma shame when things like that have to happen, you know? Please, tell Negan I understand the benefits in, uhcrossing the aisle.
No reason for that.
No? Because, for now, I'm your Negan.
'Cause that's what Negan wants.
But thank you.
It means a lot that you recognize what we bring to the table.
That's why you're still here, and others aren't.
[Chuckles] [Chuckles nervously] Understand? Oh, I understand.
It is.
It's good.
It's good.
Anything else you want me to know? No.
Any hitches in the giddyap I should be aware of? Hmm? Gregory? [Breathing heavily] Actually, there is.
Are you serious? This is, uh -- Scotch.
Well, not just -- Hate the stuff.
Tastes like, um, ashtrays and window cleaner.
I'm a gin man.
But this does look like it could harden a connoisseur.
What a gesture.
You say you hate it? Negan'll love this.
Now, I'm gonna say it's from me, not mention you, okay? I really want the headline on this one.
Okay? But, uh -- Ahh.
You want to slide that one back in? Sorry.
I shouldn't ask.
You want to slide that one back in, period.
This is big, Gregory.
It's huge.
And I won't forget it.
I really, really appreciate this.
Thank you.
Now, we're gonna go through the place and take half of everything you have.
But only half.
[Clicks tongue] Take this to the Negan truck, okay? Exeunt, gentlemen! Get to work.
Oh, and take the painting.
One last thing, Gregory.
Could I just get a kneel out of you? Excuse me? Kneel.
[Inhales deeply] That's a solid kneel, Gregory.
You remember that for next time.
[Door opens, closes] Carl: I don't think Negan's here.
I don't see that black truck.
You weren't taking a drive.
You weren't coming to get me.
I can't let them get away with this.
You know I can't.
I know.
Come with me.
You want to kill them, too.
We can do it.
Uh-- [Sighs] You said it.
It'd be for us.
Not for Abraham, not for Glenn.
Not for Maggie.
You're doing it for you.
So if it all goes right and you do it how do you get away? It wouldn't matter.
It would to me.
Please don't go.
Just come with me.
You can't make it -- I'm just gonna go home.
You're lying.
No, I'm not.
[Chuckles] You shouldn't go.
But I can't stop you.
They'll see you.
They won't.
I told you to hide them in the hallway closet! No, you said "closet.
" This is my bedroom.
What if they came in here before I -- Before you tried to give us up? They would've killed you first.
Honey, I'm talking to Jesus.
Why are you even defending her? We're here right now because she and -- and Rich didn't handle things like they said they would.
The Saviors tried to kill you.
That was a misunderstanding.
And as soon as the Saviors leave, we get them the hell out of here before something bad really happens.
Stop! They're staying.
Or do you want to make it public? You want to make the deal with Alexandria public? Lose your plausible deniability? Lose your position? So you're gonna be in charge now? No.
It's just that you won't be.
Maggie and Sasha are staying.
I'm staying.
We're all gonna be one big happy dysfunctional family.
[Chuckles] So we will be.
And I'll see us through this.
I made progress with them today.
You saw it.
That's not what I saw.
Yeah? Well, it's what happened.
We play nice, they play nice.
See, dear? Saviors can actually be quite reasonable.
[Groans] It's a fine watch.
Doesn't need to be left out in the rain.
This is our home now.
So you'll learn to start to call me by my name.
Not Marsha, not "dear," not "honey.
" Maggie.
Maggie Rhee.
Jesus: When I got here, Gregory was already in charge.
Thought the people chose him for a reason.
Looking at it now, I think it just happened.
I didn't like how he did things.
But I couldn't imagine anyone else in his place.
I can now.
Who? We'll talk about it sometime.
I should've talked to Gregory sooner.
I'm sorry.
Hopefully, you'll let me make it up to you.
We will.
The gates are closed.
Wait, they're still loading up outside.
I'll see you back at the trailer.
[Sighs] If you want to make it up to us can you find where Negan lives? One of the trucks is going back there, soyeah, I can do that.
Can you keep it between us, just you and me? No Maggie? [Sighs] I don't like that.
Me neither.
You're here.
Are you okay? I'm not.
But I will be.
People told me you killed walkers and a car with a tractor? I couldn't sit by and watch.
Not again.
So I guess I sat and did something.
You're supposed to take it easy.
It wasn't hard.
It wasn't the first time.
There was this boy in high school.
You ran over the boy? His car.
[Chuckles] It was a Camaro.
And then it wasn't.
[Laughs] [Door opens] Enid.
I -- I came to help.
You came by yourself? Yeah.
Have some dinner.
Why are there balloons on Abraham's grave? I didn't have the heart to tell you.
Glenn would've.
He was a bad liar.
There's no need to be sorry.
Nothing wrong with balloons.
There's nothing marking the graves.
I was gonna use this for Glenn's.
It was my dad's.
He gave it to him.
But I'm giving it to you.
We don't need anything to remember him by.
We have us.
For this new morning, with its light, for rest and shelter of the night, for health and food, for love and friends, for everything that goodness sends.
[Scratching] [Grunts] Carl: Hey.