The Walking Dead s07e06 Episode Script


1 (announcer) Previously, on AMC's "The Walking Dead.
" We live.
We kill them all.
(rapid gunshots firing) Ah! (silenced gunshots firing) You wanna just come back with us? Take a couple days before you and Tara go out again? I just wanna get outta here.
Heath and I are still going on that two-weeker.
When we leave from there [Waves splashing] Rachel: It's gross.
Just throw it back.
Cyndie: [Scoffs] It'll dry out.
It smells terrible.
[Groaning] We can empty it out, stuff it full of Miss Iris' sage, and some of the lavender, too.
Then what? Then you have an awesome bear that survived the stormy sea, Rachel.
I had one just like this when I was your age, and Oh, shit! Look! Don't run! One hit.
I didn't have to twice.
Not bad, huh? [Spear squelches] Yeah.
Look! Another one! [Sighs] Come on.
Don't run! Cyndie: Wait! She's not a bobber.
[Birds cawing] She's alive.
We still gotta do it.
We don't have to do it.
Yes, we do.
No, we don't, not if people don't find out.
We're supposed to.
I want to.
I don't.
So we won't.
Are you gonna tell? Just tell me if you're gonna tell, if you're a snitch.
I'm not a snitch.
But I'm not going to help.
[Birds cawing] [Water splashes] [Sighs] [Grunting] [Birds chirping] Eight rusty cans of okra and a bottle of aspirin.
That's what we got to show for our time out here other than the fact that we're still standin'.
Rule number one of scavenging There's nothing left in this world that isn't hidden.
We just have to find it.
Mm, good.
We just have to find it.
For a second there, [Chuckles] I was worried.
Listen, we went farther than we were supposed to.
There's nothing left out here.
We don't even have enough gas to keep looking even if we wanted to, okay? We said we'd be gone for two weeks.
It's been two weeks.
As long as the Hilltop keeps their side of the bargain, we have food at home.
We need ammo.
We need medicine.
[Scoffs] We can't go back like this.
There's people counting on us.
Why you acting like you don't know that? I'm not sure that means much to me anymore.
What we did at the satellite station all of those people that we killed You didn't see it, okay? You just saw what was left.
I had to do it, too.
Yeah, we all had to for some milk and some corn.
That wasn't the only reason.
And yeah, we did.
You know we did.
See, that's That's the thing.
You saw how we were living back home before you guys got there.
We didn't know shit.
We thought [Chuckles] What? - What? - It doesn't matter.
I get it now.
If it's you or someone else, you choose you.
You take what you can, you take out who you have to, and you get to keep going.
[Scoffs] Nobody's in this together, okay? Not anymore.
It only hurts because you know what you just said is total bullshit.
That's not you, Heath.
Tara that's me that's you and that's everybody who wants to stay alive.
That's the truth.
We can push towards the shore, but after today we go back.
Even if we just have those rusty cans.
[Keys jingle] [Engine starts] [Chatter, children laughing in distance] [Clock ticking] [Waves splashing, birds calling] Woman: No, I got it.
Woman 2: Did they find anything out there yesterday? Ev said she reached the mouth.
Are you serious? - What'd she see? - Nothing.
All the way down there.
Not a damn thing.
[Door creaks] [Children laughing] [Laughter continues, door closes] [Indistinct conversations] [Conversations continue] [Woman laughs] [Door creaks] [Door closes] [Gunshots] [Gasps] [Gunshots] [Grunts] [Panting] Go ahead.
[Gun cocks] [Gun thuds] Doesn't matter.
We're supposed to.
Rachel no.
[Guns cocking] Hi.
I just, uh I didn't mean to.
[Chuckles nervously] Look, I'm cool.
I'm not here to hurt anyone.
Rachel everyone, just lower your guns.
Cyndie, get away from her! Cyndie: She hasn't done anything wrong.
That has nothing to do with it.
Get away! Tara: I'm sorry.
I just walked in Crawled.
I didn't even know I was in.
I'm sorry.
I can just go.
[Chuckles nervously] This is cool, too.
We just keep doing this.
[Birds chirping] [Grunts] What do we think? Lotta blind spots down there.
[Tara sighs] [Grunts] [Grunts] [Bottle shatters] [Door creaks] Let's check behind the tarps first.
[Sighs] [Birds calling] Looks like they had plans for something.
Looks like they didn't get to finish.
It's heavy.
Could be something good in there.
[Grunts] Tara.
[Grunting] Hold on.
Hold on! [Grunts] [Walkers growling] [Grunting] [Gunshot] That way! Go! [Walker growling] - Heath! - Tara! Heath! [Bells ringing in distance] [Airhorn blows] Natania: We just need to hear what she has to say.
Beatrice: No.
The longer we wait, the more our community's at risk.
We agreed to discuss this together as a group if someone ever got in.
We made that decision a long time ago.
[Door opens] [Sighs] Do you, uh, need to use the bathroom before we get started? Wow.
Uh no.
Um, thank you.
But maybe I'm Natania.
This is Kathy and Beatrice, whom you've already met.
[Bells continue] Am I the only one hearing bells? They're ours.
We have six of them Some nearby, some a couple of miles away.
What about the air horn? We could only find so many bells.
They are to redirect any of the dead that might have been drawn by it.
[Sighs] Not bad.
It helps sometimes.
But a branch in the wind, leaves rustling We're lucky this is a relatively clear area.
The evacuations, the barges If they were even real.
So where are you from? Atlanta a long time ago.
I just stayed on the move.
My friend and I We've been traveling around on our own for a couple years now.
We used to work on a fishing boat.
There's someone with you? There was.
We got separated.
What kind of fishing boat did you work on Trawler, seiner, larder? Oh, last one.
You got it.
What were you doing here? You must understand, we get nervous when people just find their way into our home.
Yeah, I-I saw that.
My friend and I We found this settlement built on a bridge, or what was left of it.
We were scavenging, and we got attacked by walkers the dead.
We were trying to get away from them, and I got knocked off a bridge.
I fought the current, wound up in the inlet.
The estuary? The bay? Look, I'm not good with geography.
I just thought I was dead out there.
And I got to the shore, and I just passed out.
Beatrice: It's the bridge on Windsor.
You you know how to get there? We do.
She didn't answer the question.
I didn't? What was the question? What were you doing here? When that girl, Cyndie, brought me food, I just pretended like I was out and I followed her back.
It seemed like she had a camp, and I wanted to see if I could get any help.
Then why were you sneaking around? I wanted to see if it was safe.
Still not sure.
Look, I'm sorry that I freaked you out.
But if you just point me in the right direction, I'm gone.
I need to get back to the bridge and look for my friend.
If we let you go, you have us at a disadvantage.
You know a great deal about us now.
If you let me go? Yes.
You see, normally, we would've killed you already.
We shoot strangers on sight if they come into our camp.
But Beatrice said you spared your life, and my granddaughter almost lost hers trying to save you "that girl," Cyndie.
So it leaves us with the question still of what to do with you instead.
That's a pickle, all right.
Why don't you rest up? We'll talk more later.
Maybe one of us will have a brainstorm.
[Handcuffs rattle] Cool.
[Door creaks] [Children laughing] [Door creaks] [Lock clicks] [Crickets chirping] [Door creaks] [Door creaks] Natania: Hope you like fish.
Uh, the dried kind? She brought you salted perch.
[Chuckles] Natania: Did you like it? Sure.
No, you didn't.
[Chuckles] Not so much.
We're having stew.
Oh, that's right You two haven't formally met, have you? Tara, this is Cyndie.
Uh, thank you for the beach and everything out there.
I mean, you saved my life.
[Chuckles] You did.
I mean, I don't know if your grandma totally approves, but [Chuckles] My mom would've.
She showed me the way.
A way.
I was trying to show Rachel.
The little girl? Yeah.
She hasn't had to do it yet.
Have you? I'm a really good shot.
Natania: Yes, you are.
Okay, let's eat.
Let's talk.
Beatrice: Tara.
When was the last time you ate? Do soy-sauce packets count as food? We have an endless supply of fish here One of the perks of living so close to the ocean.
You, um, you think, Tara, it's something you could get used to? I'm hoping to convince you to stay.
What? Why not? It would be the perfect solution to our problem.
We keep our village a secret, and you'd get to put down roots.
You're a skilled fighter, Tara, and a good person.
I can tell that.
You wouldn't be leaving anything behind.
And if you want, we can help you find your friend.
And if he wants to stay, we'll offer him a home, too.
He could stay here? Is there a reason why not? I mean well, I never thought I'd be asking this, but where are all the men? All of them? [Sighs] We got into a skirmish with another group.
None of them made it.
And we lost others, too.
Cyndie had an 11-year-old brother, my grandson, and their mother, too, my daughter.
After that, we decided to protect ourselves, no matter what.
No matter who we crossed, we would kill on sight.
We left our old home with just the clothes on our backs.
And then we found this place.
We would stay hidden.
And we would stay alive.
Tara, you could have hurt us, and you didn't.
I-I know we must sound like monsters to you, but I had to be honest so maybe you could understand why we do it.
Maybe you could consider staying.
And maybe you could be honest with us about where you're from.
I was telling you the truth.
Really? You said you worked on a fishing boat, a larder.
That's right.
Tara, a larder is a room used for storing meat.
I was lying.
[Chuckles] [Inhales deeply] I come from a community.
And that's really what it is.
We live with each other.
We help each other.
We have walls, houses.
I have a girlfriend I want to get back to.
And we've done things just like you.
[Sighs] There were these people.
They were threatening us.
We found out they were using an old satellite station to operate out of.
We went out there in the middle of the night, and we took them out, every one of them.
These people got what they deserved.
They chose to kill and to terrorize people, but that's not why we killed them.
We didn't do it to make the world a better place.
We did it because we wanted to stay alive, just like you.
And I know that you think that me staying is the only solution.
Well, how's this for brainstorming Maybe our groups can start working together.
We just told you that we don't want anyone to know about this place.
You can't live like that forever.
I think we can.
Look, I [Sighs] I get why you're doing it, but if you keep seeing everyone as an enemy, then enemies are all you're gonna find.
Sooner or later, you're gonna need a friend.
[Sighs] We can protect each other.
We'd be safer than we are All right.
We could send a guide out with her.
Help her look for her friend, and then continue on to their community, just just to see what it's like.
Yeah, I'll do it.
[Clears throat] I want to go with her.
Natania: Absolutely not.
You left without leaving a routing plan, without signing with the gate.
Cyndie, I thought we were through with all this.
We are.
You will be staying behind the fence until you learn some responsibility.
If this works out, there will be plenty of other chances.
And if it doesn't I don't want you there.
There will be other chances.
[Chuckles] Are you sure there isn't a fishing boat called a larder? 'Cause I'm, like, pretty sure that - There isn't.
- Yeah.
Fair enough.
Tara: This is gonna get better People getting together.
That's how the world is gonna be the world again.
Natania: I hope you're right.
Be safe.
Where's Cyndie? She's in the cabin, sulking.
[Chuckles] We wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for her breaking all the rules.
Good luck, Tara.
Uh, you know, we'll We'll work on that, Natania.
Thank you.
See you soon.
[Indistinct conversations] [Spits] See you later, Rachel.
Hey, Beatrice.
I'm sorry about the hit.
Well, you got lucky.
Yeah, I did.
How far are we to the bridge? About halfway there.
Stick close.
It's pretty thick through here.
[Walker growling] [Branches snapping] [Knife clangs] I got it.
[Growling] [Gunshots] [Grunting] [Breathing heavily] [Leaves rustling] [Both grunting] [Breathing heavily] Please.
I could have killed you back in the village.
Let me go.
You don't have anything left.
Your people are dead.
[Breathing heavily] The Saviors.
That satellite post you took out You have no idea what you started.
We didn't start anything.
We ended it.
They're dead.
You didn't stop them.
You can't stop them.
That was just an outpost.
There are more More Saviors more outposts.
If they know about your friends it's already too late for them.
The Saviors they did this to you? They're the ones that killed all your men? Every man every boy over 10.
They lined 'em up, shot 'em in the head.
You see, we tried to fight just like you.
They won.
And we were supposed to keep working for them.
Then one night, we just left.
We got away, okay? We are not gonna let you lead them back to us.
They get what they want.
[Sniffles] I'm sorry you didn't get [Grunts] Go! Run! [Panting] Cyndie: Wait! [Panting continues] You're not gonna shoot me.
Because I saved you? Three times now.
You're not gonna shoot me.
You have to swear that you'll never come back and you'll never tell anyone about us, not even your own people.
Why would I come back? Why would I tell anyone about this place? Because maybe you could get something out of it Anything.
Why did we kill those two people who just came near us? Why did you kill all those people at that satellite station? Because you all thought you had to.
But none of you had to.
You just did.
Nobody's evil.
They just decide to forget who they are.
You have to swear.
Some people are evil, Cyndie.
I've seen it.
That's why I have to get back now.
You have to swear.
[Sighs] I swear.
Food and water.
[Sniffles] C'mon.
I'll take you to the bridge.
Try not to fall off this time.
Cyndie: There's more, right? Tara: Yeah, a lot.
I'll use the cars as cover until I can't anymore.
Then what? I'll run.
I love to run.
It's my favorite thing.
You'll never make it.
Yeah, I will.
Let me help you.
You already did.
You got me here.
Just go back.
Tell them that I attacked you.
They know you, Tara.
No, tell them you killed me.
They know me.
You know I'm not going anywhere until you get to the other side safe.
I've got my rifle.
I've got ammo.
I didn't get you here just to watch you die.
So let's just get this over with, okay? Kathy and Beatrice They know we were coming here.
They're coming.
[Breathing heavily] Okay.
Why aren't you like the rest of them, after everything that's happened? Why aren't you? Okay.
[Walker growling] [Grunts] [Walker growling] Ah! [Walkers growling] Okay, up on that side.
Go! [Growling continues] [Gunshot] [Growling continues] [Grunting] [Gunshots] [Gun clicks] [Sighs] [Growling continues] Tara: Heath! Heath! Heath! [Walkers growling] [Gunshot] [Gun clicks] [Gun thuds] [Grunts] Heath, I'm coming! I'm coming! No! Go! Go! We're in this together! I know.
[Walkers growling] [Walkers growling] [Grunting] [Growls] Tara: Maybe that was you.
I hope that was you.
["Everything's F d" by The Dirty Three plays] [Walker growling] [Wind chimes clinking ] [Music continues] [Gate clangs, squeaking] [Music continues] [Music fades] I'm sorry, Tara.
I'm sorry, too.
We don't have to just sit here.
Guns, ammunition you don't have any leads? Anything, anywhere.
I don't care how dangerous it looked.
Tell me a place.
I'll go.
There's gotta be somewhere.
We can square this.
We can make this right.
We have to.
We can't.
I didn't see anything like that out there.