The Walking Dead s07e12 Episode Script

Say Yes

1 (announcer) Previously on AMC's "The Walking Dead" We are the ones who get things done.
We can find a way to beat them.
Tara, you've been out further than any of us.
The least you can tell is where not to look.
(chuckling) Sure thing.
Don't do this.
We need to wait for the right moment.
A lot.
And then we fight your fight.
We have a deal.
[Birds squawking in distance] [Insects chirping] Thanks for keeping watch last night.
Oh, it's nothing.
I like it.
[Chuckles] Uh, you can keep watch tonight.
[Breathes deeply] We gonna win today? Oh, yeah.
We're gonna need batteries for that walkie, too.
Get it working again.
What is it? What's that smile? Couple of days out, all we got to show are two guns, dented cans of beans, and some football jerseys, pretty much.
Pretty much.
We're fightin' the fight.
It's better.
[Clack, grass rustles] Man: [Speaking indistinctly] And if I hear one more goddamn word about Fat Joey, I'm gonna smash somebody's teeth in.
Good riddance to dead weight.
No more mascot crap.
[Bird caws in distance] [Golf club swishes, golf ball clacks] Michonne: They got good taste in pretzels.
Rick: And batteries.
[Walkie-talkie clicks, beeps, static crackling] [Walking-talkie clicks, crackling stops] Two days.
[Sighs] We're gonna need to get back.
Rick Day and a half more -- today and tomorrow.
We can come out again.
We should get back.
Just a little more.
We're okay.
We don't have to find them right now.
Yeah, I know.
Just a little more, okay? Okay.
[Both chuckle] [Ominous tone plays] Hey, I was just coming over to do that.
Denise showed me how.
I'm done.
What? Nothing.
It's gonna work out.
What -- What does that even mean, Tara? It means we've got the numbers to fight now.
We just need to find some guns and -- Do you know where we could find that many guns today? This week? This year? No.
You don't.
I can't just wait.
I don't know about you, but I can't.
We're gonna find the guns, okay? And we're gonna fight.
Look, it's not gonna be easy.
It wasn't the last time at the outpost.
Hey, maybe you could just save all this for them.
[Scoffs] Here.
It'll help with your scar.
Keep it.
We need guns.
I'm gonna go find them.
[Branch cracks] [Gasps, panting] Shh.
Damn it.
What was it? It was a deer.
[Sighs] I owe you a deer.
From before.
When they were outside the gate.
Oh, yeah, you do.
You see that? Yeah.
[Fence post clangs] [Walker growling] [Walker growling] Rick: It's guns like that.
That's why we're out here.
[Sniffs] [Birds chirping in distance] [Shell casings clink] Something serious happened here.
A long time ago.
These are serious rounds.
Might be serious guns here, too.
[Walkers growling in distance] Let's get a better look.
[Insects buzzing, birds chirping] [Walker growling] [Toy gun clatters] Damn it.
[Grunts] [Walkers growling in distance] Watch your step.
Maybe we shouldn't be up here too long.
Well, let's see what we're gonna see.
[Growling continues] Rick: Soldiers, civilians, all those rounds -- There was a fight.
Maybe it was the walkers.
Maybe just other people.
They're still wearing their guns.
I think this is it.
I think it is, too.
Think we can? [Gunshot] [Rifle cocks, shell clatters] [Gunshot] [Bottles clatter] [Both laugh] Yeah, we can.
[Roof cracking, crashing] [Both laugh] [Water splashing] [Both laughing] [Chuckling] Are you okay? Y-Yeah.
Are you? - I am.
- [Clears throat] [Sighs] This is -- This is a sign, right? [Both laugh] This is it.
It has to be.
[Grunts] Oh-ho.
It is.
[Gasps] Well, they're ready.
Let's eat.
[Both laugh] [Walkers growling] [Door opens] I didn't find any guns.
Rosita: In case you were wondering.
I was out there all day and not a damn one.
Not a real one.
Thing is, I had a gun.
I was gonna use it to kill Negan.
I was ready to.
And if I had done it, like I'd planned to, Negan would be dead right now.
And, yeah, maybe I'd be dead, too, but who gives a damn? Eugene would still be here.
Olivia would still be alive.
Spencer would still be alive.
And now they're gone, and I'm here because I was stupid enough to listen to you.
But you were.
And you did.
You stand there telling people about their lives.
Only if they come here.
Like you.
Right now.
You don't know shit about shit.
You're right.
I don't.
I said that you weren't supposed to die and that you shouldn't do the thing that you were planning to do because we needed you -- still do.
Even a fool like me could see that.
It's easier to be dead, and if it's my fault you're alive, well, I'm just gonna have to live with that.
I decided to meddle.
But I did something I thought was right, and I knew the stakes were very high.
You can certainly blame me for the fact that you have a life, but after that what are you going to do with it? How are you going to make what needs to happen happen? Anything is possible until your heart stops beating.
Certainly more than yelling at a fool.
[Gasps] What? Mmm.
How is it? [Mouth full] It's good.
[Chuckles] - So, tomorrow - Mm-hmm.
we go out there, we get the weapons, right? We get Jadis and her people to fight with us.
We kill Negan and anyone else we have to to win.
[Sighs] And what happens after that? After that, we keep going.
Yeah, but Negan ordered the world his way.
It's up to us to reorder it once he's gone, right? [Breathes deeply] All the different communities, they can figure it out together, how to keep going together.
Yeah, but somebody's gonna have to make that happen.
Somebody will need to be in charge of that, right? [Sighs] Mm.
It should be you.
[Sighs, chuckles] - Not me.
- Why not? You could do it.
- [Sighs] - You'd be good at it.
I mean, if it's something that you wanted.
Well, I don't think I do.
Or I would.
But the two of us, you and me, reordering things together [sighs] I want that.
If it's something you wanted.
[Breathes deeply] I'm gonna eat five more of these dinners, okay? [Chuckles] You know we don't have to get it done tomorrow.
We can take our time.
If we go another day, another one after that, it's fine.
I mean, the place is clear.
It's locked up tight.
[Sighs] We found the only way in, so We should get back.
If we're getting the guns, it doesn't matter if it takes a little longer.
I've been, um I've been waiting to show you this one.
It's, um, chili and mac and cheese together.
Come on.
[Walkers growling] [Insects chirping in distance] Oh.
[Breathes deeply] I was just thinking.
Wh-- You -- You want this? [Sighs] Congrats.
It's yours.
Someone gave it to me, someone who helped me.
She put her ass on the line for me.
She saved my life, you know? She didn't have to.
But she did.
That means something now -- it does.
It has to.
If I say something, you know -- Rick won't leave there without their guns.
If -- If we could even get close enough, they'll start firing, and we'll fire back.
I mean, they should just fight with us.
The Saviors killed their fathers and their sons and their brothers.
They won't want to fight with us.
They just want to hide.
[Breathes deeply] So they'll just fight us.
I tell everyone about Oceanside, that's what happens.
What makes our life worth more than theirs? Because we want to stop the people that are hurting us, who will hurt other people? God damn it.
[Walkers growling] Michonne: Look.
The walkers in the field, they're not closed in.
Rick: Yeah.
We got to take care of the ones out here and block that gap, too, so we can take the rest slow.
Seven, eight nine That car -- I can block it up.
I can take out that one on the way.
You draw the rest.
You're leaving me eight.
We could shoot them, but that would call the rest from the field.
This is about doing it quiet, with the sword.
You can handle eight.
[Dumpster bangs] [Walkers growling] [Grunts] [Walker growling] Hyah! Hyah! [Grunting] [Walker growling] [Grunting] [Growling continues] [Walker growling] [Grunting] You got your eight walkers.
I can push.
So can I.
You just worry about steering us in that gap.
[Brakes squeak] Shit.
The brakes don't work.
[Gunfire] [Walker growling] [Gunfire continues] [Gunfire stops] Michonne, you good? Michonne: Yeah.
You? [Sighs] Yeah.
I think we overshot it.
You think or you know? I know.
It was a good plan, though.
It was a great plan.
[Growling continues] [Walkers growling] We'll do it here.
It's not gonna hold.
There it goes! [Fence clangs] [Growling continues] [Bell dings] [Growling continues] Split them off into smaller groups.
The barriers might hold.
You take slide, I take Ferris wheel? Or we could just go.
- You want to go? - Nah.
We can do this.
Yeah, I know we can.
[Growling continues] [Fence clanging] [Clanging continues] [Both grunting] How you doing?! Eight more! How about you? 10! [Walkers growling] Hyah! [Grunts] [Metal creaks] Rick! [Grunts] [Walkers growling] [Gunshots] [Gunshot] Rick! [Gunshots] [Pistol clicks] [Growling continues] [Flesh rending] [Grunts] Michonne! [Both grunting] Unh! [Crying] I tried, but I still owe you one.
[Brakes squeal] [Engine idling] [Engine stops] [Sighs] I could've gone a couple more days.
I would've liked that.
[Birds chirping in distance] I haven't been sleeping.
Thinking about what we lost.
Thinking about my friends.
Glenn saved me.
Right at the start.
I couldn't save him.
It's normal.
I know that.
[Sighs] Being stuck on it.
We went through something.
This -- This doesn't cure it.
Rick, I'm sorry.
[Breathes deeply] We're gonna fight them.
That's what happens next.
And we're gonna lose people, maybe a lot of them, maybe even each other.
Even then, it'll be worth it.
When I thought that I can't lose you.
You asked me what kind of life we had just surrendering.
It wasn't -- It wasn't a life.
What we did back there, what we're doing now, making a future for Judith and for Glenn and Maggie's baby, fighting the fight, that's living.
You showed me that.
You can lose me.
- No.
- Yes, you can.
- I can lose you.
- [Sniffles] We can lose our friends, people we love.
It's not about us anymore.
It's about a future.
And if it's me who doesn't make it, you're gonna have to lead the others forward because you're the one who can.
But how do you know? Because you led me here.
Operational? All? To the best of my knowledge, yeah.
[Pistol clicks] Rick: May need some cleaning.
We found supplies.
Expect us? We cleaned some.
We oiled some.
You can do the rest.
We do this together.
Yes, yes, but operational? Well, you can fire a few.
Try them out, if you like.
How many? Michonne: 63.
We made an inventory.
You mean the inventory? - Not enough.
- What? Wha-- What are you talking about? You asked for a lot of guns.
That's what this is.
Enough to fight your fight.
Us? Nearly twice.
Need nearly twice.
We've wasted enough time.
Let's go.
Take our guns with us.
Our guns to take.
Our deal still on.
Not all of them.
We're keeping 10 for ourselves -- to find more.
- 10.
- 6.
- 10.
- 9.
And the cat back.
I keep the cat.
We get you the guns.
We fight together.
Say yes.
More soon, we'll fight.
Michonne: You get a few more days before "what happens next.
" Few more days? That's right.
We'll find more, figure it out.
In a few more days.
Tara: Hey.
You all right? Yeah, yeah, I was just -- I was just coming over to see you.
What's up? Have you seen Rosita? She didn't show for her guard shift this morning.
She probably just went out looking for more.
[Breathes deeply] Why were you -- Why were you coming by? I have something to tell you.
Are you here -- I'm here because I need your help.
One condition -- I get to take the shot.
Did you bring any explosives from the bridge? I thought about it.
But I didn't want anyone finding out and trying to stop me.
I got something better, though.
So you can take your shot.
[Sighs] Rick and Michonne found guns.
But they aren't ready to move.
They can't.
The need more guns, more people, more time, more excuses.
I memorized everything Daryl and Carl told Rick about the inside of Negan's place.
Jesus made me a map of the outside.
It's far away.
It's well-defended.
There's only two of us.
You changing your mind? I'm ready to kill him.
But I need to make sure you know what this means.
Do you? [Scoffs] They can't catch us alive.
If they do, we give them something.
It's a one-way ticket for both of us.
If it is both of us.
It is.