The Walking Dead s07e13 Episode Script

Bury Me Here

1 (announcer) Previously, on AMC's, "The Walking Dead.
" We have people, and weapons.
If we strike first, together, we can beat them.
People will die.
A lot of people, and not just the Saviors.
If we can find another way, we have to.
Just because you now know how to fight, doesn't mean you should seek one.
You'll just have to convince Ezekiel to bring The Kingdom to fight.
No, this is something I am not a part of.
Ah, it looks light.
(King Ezekiel) Perhaps you might look again, Gavin.
We've met our obligations.
[Lock clicks] [Hinges creak] [Lock clicks] [Heavy breathing, whimpering] [Shouts] [Sighs] [Sighs] [Sighs] [Sighs] [Match scrapes] [Sighs] God damn it.
Wake it up, kid.
[Sighs] Why does it have to be so early? Got a lot to do today.
You want to go back to sleep? No way.
You said you wanted to be able to knock your brother on his butt when you first came to me.
That really what you want? Henry: Yeah.
You want to be like your brother.
Morgan: Yeah? Yeah.
[Chuckles] All right.
Check your feet, 'cause if your feet ain't right -- Nothing's right.
[Latch clicks, hinges squeak] [Walkers growling in distance] [Walker growling] [Growling continues] [Walkers growling] [Metal clanking] Hey! We were just about to come out to clear the -- Where's Morgan? You okay? Where is Morgan? Why did Jesus bring Daryl and everyone else to the Kingdom? They, um They wanted to see if we could all start working together on things.
The Saviors are still here.
They're not fighting with the Kingdom, but Daryl said they beat them back in Alexandria.
Is that true? That they made a deal with them? Is everyone okay? Just tell me if it's true.
You need to talk to Daryl about that.
He wanted me to keep the whole story about you from everybody.
Told me not to say where you were, and I did what you asked.
Daryl didn't find you because of me.
And what was said between you and him was said between you and him.
I will go with you to Alexandria, if you want to make the trip if you want to talk to him.
You shouldn't go alone.
You found what you wanted, right? You got away from everyone.
Is it what you wanted? Was it just too late to get away? Hey, we can leave for Alexandria right now.
Right now, if you want to.
[Sighs] Is there anything I can help you with? No.
Well, can I just -- If you don't mind, could I walk back to the cottage with you? No! We have a drop today, but I can miss it.
[Sighs] I just I'm trying to learn, and seeing what you did here, I There were five of them.
I would just really appreciate it if you would justlet me see how you do what you do.
Go do your drop.
[Insects buzz in distance] Okay.
[Birds chirp in distance] [Sighs] [Door opens] Ezekiel: You may approach, Nabila.
I'm fine where I am.
Shiva likes you.
[Shiva growls] That's what I'm afraid of.
Tell me what you found.
You're not gonna like it.
I like waiting to hear bad news less.
We got a little problem that could turn into a big problem inside of a week.
Most of the plants down there, they got weevils.
We have to cut and burn everything before the weevils get to the main crops in the courtyard.
I know the royal garden is important to you.
I'm sorry.
[Sighs] Thank you, Nabila.
Do what must be done.
Here's the beautiful thing, Your Majesty -- You can tear it out and cut it down.
You can burn it and throw it all away.
But if you want, it can all grow back.
[Shiva growls] Okay.
I think I just pissed myself.
I'm-a gonna go.
[Door opens, closes] We're at "five minutes go.
" Okay.
Um thank you for this.
[Sighs] I'm still thinking about it.
"To injure an opponent is to injure oneself.
" Get injured no matter what.
[Sighs] I got something for you -- for the new place.
[Chuckles] Wow.
I found it at a restaurant I was scavenging.
I know a girl, and she, uh, fixed it up for me.
I was getting tired of looking at that nail.
[Chuckles] So, who's the girl? Uh [Sighs] We're at, like, "three minutes go" right now, so Kid's too young to be a father.
Were you one? I was, thank God.
But I wasn't too young -- perfect age, perfect time.
I had myself the perfect family and the perfect life.
I didn't ask for much, and I got more than I deserved.
And you? I'm sorry for how things have been between you and me.
I think you're wrong about killing about how you think things can last like this with the Saviors.
[Pistol cocks] But I'm sorry.
I know you're a good man.
The day's coming where you can't be that good.
When that happens, don't beat yourself up about it.
Ezekiel: Benjamin, it's time for us to take our leave.
See you, little man.
Leave the cobbler.
[Truck door closes] [Muffled] Really? Jerry.
[Engine starts] Who's the girl? [Chuckles] Richard: Everyone stay down.
Get your guns up.
Somebody blocked the road.
Can't be for anything good.
Your Majesty, stay inside.
[Engine idling] Take a look if you want, but keep your guns up.
[Engine shuts off] Echelon right.
Force towards the building over there.
Let's close around the king.
I got cover.
[Ominous tones play] Richard: Let's move towards the building.
Benjamin, get your gun up.
Think that's high enough? You're fine, man.
Dianne: Jesus This world drives one mad.
People have lived through every kind of misery -- tyrants, genocide, systems of quiet hate -- while others enjoy freedom on the same piece of land.
Yet this, how we must exist now -- It is mere luck we are not all insane.
It isn't luck, Your Majesty.
How's that? The world does drive people crazy now.
But you made us another world.
[Grunting] [Engine shuts off] [Truck doors open, close] You're late.
If you could indulge us your pardon, our path -- I don't want to hear about it.
Don't interrupt the king.
Unh! You rat-faced prick.
Gavin: Ezekiel, there aren't any kings, presidents, or prime ministers.
And all that is a fairy tale, too.
Don't bring that "Your Highness" shit our way.
Now, I appreciate that you've been delivering, but things have been unnecessarily tense, and that makes me unnecessarily tense.
I didn't go this route for stress.
Just the opposite.
So let's get to it.
Do you have today's offering? [Sighs] I want your guns, too.
[Guns cock] We did not agree to that.
Well, you got a choice -- Same one that's been there since the beginning, I guess.
You can give up your guns, or you can try to use them.
What's it gonna be? We should give them over, Your Majesty.
[Mockingly] "Ehh, we should give 'em over, Your Majesty.
" Or maybe I'll just shove this down your throat.
Give Morgan his stick back.
[Chuckles] Then you can have the guns.
And all of us can go on with our day's journeys.
Ezekiel I need you to understand the gravity of what's happening here.
I gave you a choice.
What is it going to be? Come on.
You know the answer.
Morgan: It's fine.
Give them your guns.
We took your guns just now because things are about to get emotional.
You guys have proven that you don't do so good with emotional.
You're short.
We said 12.
I count 11.
There are 12 there.
There aren't.
Count again.
You count them! I counted them.
I did.
T-This is impossible.
It's possible.
It's real.
It's happening now.
And the problems have to endnow.
You have to learn the stakes here, so we're gonna teach you.
You don't have to do anything.
We'll get you twice the tribute in an hour.
Right nowis the only time that matters.
And right now you haven't held up your side of the bargain.
Gavin: After we have talked about things, over and over again and again.
So we're gonna deal with all of this right now.
Right now as in"right now"? Yeah.
[Sighs] [Pistol cocks] Just do it.
[Sighs] Okay.
[Gunshot, body thumps] Morgan: No! [Gunshot, body thumps] Morgan: No! [Screaming] Gavin: Everybody settle down! We need to get Benjamin back to the Kingdom.
Give the man his damn stick! Get in the truck! Don't say a goddamn word! [Staff clatters] We need to get back.
Right now, you have to listen.
For once, be present and listen.
You will make your deliveries on time, every time, and they will be complete.
It's A's or F's, no I's.
[Snaps fingers] You are gonna show me that you understand by bringing the balance of what you owe tomorrow.
We need to go! He's bleeding out! One cantaloupe, not more, not less! Do you understand?! Yes, I understand.
Gavin: Go patch him up.
[Grunts] Dianne, we need to drive to Carol's! We loaded her up with medical supplies! We need to stop the bleeding.
He's not gonna make it to the Kingdom.
Benjamin: Aah! Let's go! Up! Benjamin: [Coughing] [Engine starts] Hey! Get in! [Dirt scrapes] [Engine revving in distance] [Revving continues] [Tires screech] [Door closes] Ezekiel: Stay with me.
Stay with me.
I'm right here.
Stay with me.
Benjamin: [Breathing heavily] Ezekiel: All right.
It's okay.
[Gasping] It's okay.
"T-To injure an opponent is to injure yourself.
[Somber tones play] [Dripping echoes] I'm sorry for coming to you.
We had no choice.
Carol: Morgan, wait.
[Breathes shakily] Okay.
[Gasps] Oh, God.
[Sighing] Mm.
Stay away from me.
[Whispering indistinctly] Just listen.
[Grunts] [Growls] No! No! Aah! I know! No! No! No! I know! Enough! No! [Crate clatters] [Sniffles] Benjamin, get your gun up.
[Birds chirp in distance] It was supposed to be me.
That's what Gavin said -- that I'd be first.
I was trying to stop it.
I was gonna give my life to show you! That's what should've happened today.
That's what I tried.
And something else happened because we have done nothing to stop them.
We've done nothing! Nothing.
[Breathes shakily] I was in a camp when it started.
It was hugeendless a city of -- of tarps and latrines and wood smoke and babies crying.
There were always babies crying.
I knew they had problems, but I didn't think they were mine to solve.
I thought there were stronger or smarter people there than me.
[Voice breaking] W-Who the hell am I, right? So I did nothing.
A-And there was a fight [gasps] and a fire.
And I lost my wife.
And after three days of running, no food, and no sleep of horror and terror [gasps] I lost my little girl.
Right in front of me because I didn't do something.
Because I waited.
[Breathes deeply] [Somber tones play] Listen to me.
Just listen.
We can use what's happened.
We can show the Saviors that we get it.
We understand what we need to do.
We know how to go on.
And they need to believe us.
We have to do something to make them believe us.
And then, when we gain their trust back we kill them end them.
We join with Alexandria and the Hilltop, and we crush them in one fell swoop.
But this is it, Morgan.
You havetokill.
Or else you might as well just kill yourself.
[Ominous tones play] Someone had to die.
I tried to be the one.
That didn't happen.
So I'll be the one to lead our army to crush the Saviors -- destroy them.
I'll talk to Ezekiel.
I'll tell everyone what I did.
And I'll live the rest of my life making up for it.
[Hinges creak] [Engines shut off] [Truck door open, close] Did you tell him? Did you? Not now.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
What is it? It's better to talk about it when we get back, Your Majesty.
We'll talk about it now.
[Engine rumbling in distance] [Brakes squeak] [Engine idling] [Brakes squeak] [Engine shuts off] [Truck doors open, close] Gavin: How's the kid? He's dead.
Start walking back now before I kill you.
You say one word or throw one look, I'll kill you right here and now.
Go! Do you have it? Richard: I just want to say we get it.
We understand.
[Staff clatters] Ezekiel: Cease this! Gavin: Leave 'em be! [Gun cocks] Morgan! Stop! Morgan! Morgan: [Grunting] [Gagging] [Grunts] [Head thudding] [Grunting] [Choking] [Gurgling] [Gurgling stops] He set it all up.
He blocked the road yesterday, made us late.
It was all him.
And we had your offering when we left -- had it all.
He took one from the cargo, and he hid it -- when we stopped.
He wanted to get something started between the Kingdom and the Saviors.
Hey! Wanted to show you Wanted to show you that we get it That we understand what it is that we need to do -- [voice breaking] that we know how to go on.
Gavin: Good.
Next week, same time.
We -- We understand.
[Footsteps departing] [Truck doors open, close] [Engines start] [Engines rumbling] [Vehicles depart] He -- He did this? Morgan: He wanted to die for us before.
He wanted it to be him.
Thought he could choose, and that's why Duane had to die.
"Duane"? [Stammers] Benjamin -- Benjamin -- That's why Benjamin [Sighs] Morgan let us take our leave.
I was supposed to.
Morgan, you should not be alone here.
Not now.
Benjamin not -- would not -- Man, I said now not! I said Y'all just go.
[Insects buzzing in distance] [Walkers growling] Morgan: Do you really want to know what happened in Alexandria? What happened to you? Killed Richard.
I strangled him.
He's the one got Benjamin killed, so Do you want to know what happened in Alexandria? Yeah.
Negan killed Glenn and Abraham.
[Somber tones play] What? Beat them to death with a baseball bat.
[Gasps] Now the Saviors have Alexandria, and Rick and everybody else everything they do is for the Saviors now.
And they killed more.
Killed Spencer, Olivia Jesus brought Rick and the rest here because Rick wants to fight them.
[Sighs] You wanted to know.
Now you do.
Where are you going? I'm gonna kill them -- out there, one by one.
But where? Somewhere else.
Just wait.
Wait! You can goand not go.
[Gates creak] [Gates creak] Carol.
I'm sorry.
I thank you.
I'm gonna be here now.
We have to get ready.
We have to fight.
We do.
But not today.
[Knife scraping] [Scraping stops]