The Walking Dead s09e09 Episode Script


It was a new beginning, a chance to build a better future.
After the war, I wasn't sure we could learn to trust.
Some wanted revenge, but we kept Negan alive.
But somehow, he escaped.
We lost friends we loved, my true love, but even now, six years later, his hopes for the future live on.
Our splintered communities must now reunite to face a brutal enemy who walk with the dead Keep them together and whisper.
You die now.
I'll cover you.
Hyah! Die.
Come on! Let's go! Thought you were smarter than this.
Guess not.
You're not gonna shoot me, kid.
Um, yeah.
I will.
I'm not going back.
So you just pull that trigger if that's what you're gonna do, little lady.
How 'bout this? How 'bout I go my way, you go yours, and we never see each other again? How 'bout no? You know, when your mom and dad when they locked me up, they told me I was gonna be good for something, that I would help people see that things could change.
And they did.
Holy shit, did they ever.
For everybody but me.
I mean, look around Alexandria is a goddamn wonderland.
But my part? It's just four walls and a bedpan.
Rules are rules.
My mom decides, not me.
But you can.
You know, it's just like when we have our little chats together.
You're not letting me go.
You're just not seeing me leave.
You know, there's nothing out there for you.
For anyone.
Now You know me.
You know me better than anyone's known me in a very long time.
So I promise I promise you that I'm not gonna hurt anyone.
Even if they try to hurt me, I promise you, I won't hurt them.
But I gotta go.
Thank you.
Were you in my room? You want it back? Keep it.
It'll help you find your way.
But if I see you again, I'll shoot.
I would.
I mean, shouldn't we give it a little longer? Michonne's only been gone a few hours.
I mean, it's almost been a full day since they went out looking.
And given what Rosita said Marco? Maybe we have two 2-person teams loop around their part of the grid, - see what we see.
- Okay.
Let's do it.
One loop, no risks.
And get Oscar from the gate.
We're gonna need a fourth.
I'll do it.
Uh Luke here.
Uh, just say you needed an extra hand? 'Cause I got two.
Um you need help, I'm your guy.
I'll go check with Oscar.
No, no, no, no, no.
Um Connie and Kelly, they're They're in the gardens already.
And Magna and Yumiko, they're they're out there.
I just wanna do my part.
He can ride with me.
- All right.
- Alden.
Two Hand Luke.
- Hey.
- How you doing? That was a bad joke.
Uh, thank you.
Just be safe out there.
Come on, professor, saddle up, huh? Professor? I like that.
Who the hell would do this? Even think about doing this? I suspect some vessel filled with a chunky salsa of abnormal impulses and metastasized rage.
It's full-on batshit.
You think there's more? - Yeah.
- So, what do we do? Right now, keep moving.
Judith found them.
Vouched for 'em.
So do I.
All right.
It's gonna mean a lot to them.
Bringin' him back.
Burying him.
Sorry I couldn't do that for you.
I'm sorry I couldn't do it for both of us.
Thank you.
For trying to find him.
And for after.
I wish I'd met him before.
Sounds like he was a good one.
He was.
Shouldn't have been out here.
It's my fault.
If I hadn't Jesus made his own decisions.
We all knew the risks of being out here.
Knowin' we shouldn't be.
Maybe what happened was bound to happen.
We got some tails.
The living kind or original recipe? Let's find out.
Good dog.
Drop it! Please Please don't kill me.
How many? Please you killed them all.
It's just me now.
I don't believe you.
There ain't no time.
We'll take her with us.
Get up.
Hey! You try anything, you won't have to pretend.
Let's go.
Come on.
Is this who did it? No.
One of her people.
You lockin' her up? - We're getting answers.
- And then what? Tara, Jesus trusted you, so we're all lookin' to you now.
But people are gonna want justice for this.
And when that time comes, we're gonna look to you for that, too.
I know.
Get inside.
Daryl? What's going on? Jesus is dead.
What? No more bullshit! Hi, puppy.
Music, huh? Yeah, theory, composition, history What do you need, man? Well, there's this fair coming up between all the communities, so music might be nice.
You play? - Y Uh, hell yeah.
- Yeah? Violin, guitar, piano kazoo.
- Yeah? - You? Oh.
I've been known to sing from time to time, when I got enough drink in me, you know? That's perfect.
We're gonna knock 'em dead at this fair, man.
Two-man band.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right, come on.
Come on.
Hey, two-man band, symphony of awesome.
Huh? Think about it.
This is Yumiko's.
- Sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
Seen her build about a hundred of these.
And there's another one.
So she's leaving these for us to find, man.
This is a trail.
Eh, or just a couple stray shots.
Well, money where your mouth is, we find a couple more of these that lead to our people, you're gonna sing at the fair, pal.
All right.
What do you see? It's a herd, big one.
Moving south.
If we get caught on the wrong side of it, we're gonna be out here till morning.
Okay, so we go back or keep going? Your call, man.
I already told you How many more of you are there? They're all dead.
My family's dead.
Please just stop.
Not until you start answering our questions.
Your name.
Start with your name.
I told you, I don't have one.
None of us do.
None of us did.
That's not how it worked.
How did it work? Why do you wear their skins? Answer! They were They were good people.
We were good.
It's what we did to live.
That's That's all we wanted to do.
Oh, you're saying you had to do this? You wouldn't understand.
Then make us understand.
What the hell were you doing? We We were just trying to see if they were good people, too.
But then you attacked us, and now they're dead.
They're all dead.
And I don't have anything.
What did your people know about us? Do they know about this place? - I don't know.
- Huh?! I don't know.
I don't know anything.
They didn't tell me anything.
Please stop asking me.
Just leave me alone, please.
Please just leave me alone.
I don't trust a word coming out of her mouth.
We'll get it out of her.
We try again in the morning.
You'll have to do it without me.
Taking my people back first thing.
Can't risk them not knowing about this back home.
Thanks for being here and for helping.
That group you brought in, I'm gonna let them know they can stay.
Guess it's my call now.
That's what he would've done.
Thanks, Tara.
Keeping her here is a risk.
You know that.
We both do.
I know.
I'll get her to talk.
If she doesn't you know what you have to do.
Here we go.
And And it's in.
See? Not so bad.
S-Says you.
Apologies for the attempted bites and scratches.
Involuntary pain responses and whatnot.
It's all right.
I'm gonna go grab a bandage.
A few weeks of moderate compression and you'll be good as new.
You both will.
I'm gonna go get you some more water.
I-I was scared as hell you didn't make it.
The entirety of every second of every minute I was out there.
I'm torn to tethers about Jesus, but if anything had happened to you Eugene I keep thinking that That in a quick twist, it could've been me instead of him at the end of that blade.
We all wait and wait for the right moment to say what's nearest and dearest, and before we know it, the sand has passed through the hourglass.
Which is all my way of saying that I'm I'm done waiting.
I'm done playing the losing game of "wondering whens.
" - I truly - I'm s I'm sorry.
I can't.
- You okay? - I'm fine.
All right, well come inside.
- I'll run some tests.
- Really, I'm fine.
Your body's been through a lot lately.
- You - It's not that.
What? When we were having fun, before Gabriel I'm pregnant.
Does alcohol always make you feel this bad? No.
But acting stupid does.
What the hell were you thinkin', anyway? I wasn't.
Fresh air is helping, though.
Well, don't get too used to it.
Two minutes, your ass is going right back in there.
Seriously? Earl says you got one more night.
So you got one more night.
Daryl, I'm sorry, really.
I-I guess I want to find my place.
And I knew who I was at the Kingdom.
But who am I here? Home, sweet home.
Big Richie, is that you? Look at you.
Loyal to the end.
That should be everything.
I'll tell Siddiq to get Eugene and Rosita ready.
Michonne You were right.
I didn't see it.
I didn't want to.
We have everything we need in Alexandria.
And they have everything they need here.
We should be inside, protected taking care of what we have and each other.
Sorry I didn't get that till now.
I'm sorry, too.
For everything.
Tell me you didn't sleep up there.
You mean the penthouse suite? Dog picked it.
Alden and Luke should've been back by now.
Could be nothing.
Could be something.
You know what you're gonna do with that girl? Why is this even up to me? 'Cause you're the best damn judge of character I know.
Without Jesus or Maggie, these people need you.
They got Tara.
Tara's smart, but she shouldn't do it alone.
What we did, bringin' Jesus back, it's gonna help them move on.
But after that, it's about doing whatever it takes to not bury more.
All right.
Come on.
Well, shit.
Damn, Big Richie.
Really thought we had somethin' special going on here.
I'm sorry, big man.
This just ain't workin' out.
Who are you? Answer the question.
You wanna die? Is that it? - Daryl, what's your problem?! - Quiet! Do you? People up there just buried a good man.
And they are ready to string you up right now.
All I got to do is drag your ass up them steps.
How many in your group? I already told you Get up! How many?! 10! 10! There were 10 of us! I think.
We wore skins to blend in.
We didn't have names.
I mean I mean, we did, but we didn't use them.
How long you been out around here? I don't know.
We moved around with the with the dead.
I mean, the skins made them leave us alone.
They protected us, so we protected them.
You got a camp? Walls? Walls? Walls don't keep you safe.
Places like this don't make it.
They never make it.
That's how it is.
My mom and me, we saw it happen over and over.
I I barely remember the world before all this.
But my mom, she told me how it was changing, how we had to change with it, how we needed the dead and each other to keep safe.
We're never alone.
Why'd your people kill our people? Tell me! We're always gonna kill you, okay?! It's just what people do now.
Everybody still alive's a threat.
It's us or them.
How many people in your group? - I already - The truth! It is the truth! - Don't lie to me! - My mom! It's just my mom.
She's a good person.
Please don't go looking for her.
She's just one woman, out there alone.
You said your people were never alone.
She She was at the cemetery.
She got separated, but just her.
Liar! Please, I'm telling No! No, I told you the truth! - I told you what was gonna happen! - Daryl! - Shut up! - That was everything! - Please! Please! Let go of me! - Daryl, stop! Please, Daryl, please don't kill me, please.
I thought I told you to stay quiet.
She's just a girl.
You wanna know what your place is here? It's right where you're at, for as long as it takes for you to figure out how to wise your ass up.
Daryl! Wait! Thank you.
What? I said thank you.
For saving me.
I had to.
Couldn't let him do what he was gonna do to you.
I'm Henry.
I'm Lydia.
Nice to meet you.
All right, slow down, kid.
I know you said you'd shoot, but damn.
Whole lot of people are out lookin' for you.
I told you there was nothing out there.
You sure as shit did.
Language! I'm a kid, asshole.
Yeah, you are.
What can I say? I like to swear in front of my friends.
People that know some shit.
Thanks for lettin' me borrow that.
You're goin' back to Alexandria? Yep.
Cell and all.
Why? 'Cause you were right.
I got a good look outside my 10x10, and there is nothin' here for me.
Not anymore.
So you go back.
Then what? I will let you know when I know.
How's that look? Hey.
Hey, you're one of us now.
It's good to have you.
What's got you up here? Alden.
He's my Well not even sure what to call it.
It's all so new, so I've got one of those, too.
Luke's a survivor.
Alden's in good hands.
You better warm up those vocal cords, mister.
All right, we'll see.
Ooh, I got it, I got it.
That's weird.
Trail ends here.