The Walking Dead s09e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Walking Dead" [BREATHING HEAVILY] Please don't kill me.
How many people in your group? - Don't lie to me! - [GASPS] My mom! It's just my mom.
Please don't go looking for her.
TARA: That group you brought in I'm gonna let them know they can stay.
Thanks, Tara.
Thank you for saving me.
I had to.
Trail ends here.
WOMAN: Attention this is an emergency evacuation order.
[SIREN WAILS] The Army has secured downtown Baltimore.
[EMERGENCY ALERT SIGNAL BUZZING] Remain calm and follow the instructions of emergency personnel.
Watch for downed power lines.
If you have found shelter outside the city, stay where you are and await further instruction.
FRANK: [SIGHS] I swear to God, I'm gonna lose it.
23 days.
Frank, it's okay.
We just have to wait it out.
Wait what out? The whole world's going to hell, and we're just sitting here in a moldy basement, - pretending it's not.
- Frank.
LYDIA: Daddy, we can't go outside because we'll get sick.
We have to wait for the doctor to come and make it better.
Nobody's coming, Lydia.
Daddy's just kidding.
Come here, Bug.
Let's lie down.
Come here.
Lydia, oh, Lydia Say, have you met Lydia? Oh, Lydia, the tattooed lady She has eyes that folks adore so And a torso even more so Lydia, oh, Lydia, that Encyclopedia Oh, Lydia, the Queen of tattoo - On her back is the Battle of Waterloo - [EMERGENCY ALERT SIGNAL BUZZING] This is an emergency evacuation order.
Remember that look in his eye.
Still see it.
How cold it is.
[SIGHS] Why am I even telling you this? Beats the quiet.
Beats being alone.
Never been alone.
My people traveled in groups with the dead.
I miss the sounds the smell Not gonna lie Walking around in dead people's skins is pretty messed up.
Thinking this place isn't gonna fall like every other place that's messed up.
Agree to disagree.
Your dad's an asshole like mine.
All you did was sneak out.
Is it even that hard? Are there a lot of guards posted here? Daryl's not my dad.
He doesn't even want to be here.
He's only doing it as a favor for my mom.
I thought you said your mom died.
My second mom, I mean.
She's tough.
Not somebody you want to mess with.
Hey, what happened to your dad? [CHOKES] My dad was a stupid man.
My mom, though, she kept me alive.
Kept me safe.
She's a lot like your mom.
You don't mess with her, either.
[INSECTS CHIRPING] What? What do you got? Maybe the dead, maybe not.
Keep your distance and watch their hands.
They could go for knives.
[WALKERS GROWLING] Funky walk, check.
No weapons, check.
None of the masked ones.
MARCO: The horses.
These are Alden's and Luke's.
But no Alden and Luke.
TARA: Maybe they had to bail.
Check the area.
Look for tracks.
Stay close.
Hey, guys.
Connie says the horses were cut open and skinned with knives.
This wasn't just the dead.
Plenty of walker tracks but nothing else.
Horses could've been wandering for a while.
Well, then we split up.
We break in different directions.
No, no, we stay here.
It's not safe out here anymore.
Walkers aren't just walkers.
That girl told us it was just her mother, but this? She's a liar.
There could be three more of them out there.
There could be 300 of them out there.
We head back, we stay behind the walls, and we make a plan.
Until we find out what this is.
And what if we don't? We will.
Let's go.
HENRY: You want my other egg? I could roll it to you, if if you want.
You don't have to take care of me.
I'm just trying to be nice.
You can keep it.
Hunger's a gift.
Why are you being nice to me? When me and my brother and my dad were found out there, we were pretty messed up, too.
Took a lot of someone being nice to us to make things okay again.
You think I'm messed up? How is hunger a gift? If I have to explain it, you wouldn understand.
It'll never be okay again.
Says who? My dad.
Please stand by.
It's been the same message for a day now.
ROSE: I think we should stay.
MATIAS: For how long? Our supplies will run out eventually.
AMANDA: I'm ready.
Are we doing this or what? - We'll go with you.
- What? Get your stuff.
We go now.
You go ahead.
Excuse us.
What are you doing? [METAL CLANGING] Well, we're gettin' the hell out of here.
And what about Lydia? What about her? She's comin' with us.
It's too dangerous.
We should let them go.
Wait to see.
Grow a pair, will you? Jesus.
Well, I'm sorry if I don't want to orphan my kid.
But you're saying I do? Huh? No.
No, I Don't you ever suggest that I don't care about my kid.
You hear me? We're not going.
LYDIA: Daddy, is Halloween coming up? I think I found my costume.
I can be a ghost.
Every day's Halloween, baby.
Don't you see all these freaks pretending there's somethin' still to be hopeful about? Frank.
Isn't Daddy funny? Huh? What are you doin'? Can't stand this.
Never could.
You always liked it.
World's over? I'm doing what I want now.
I think it was your turn, Bug.
Mommy, that's chess.
He always She always said that.
Your mom sounds nice.
Is your, uh Is your second mom the person who found you? No, it was my, uh My dad, Ezekiel.
Second dad.
Why isn't he here with your mom? They're the leaders of another community.
Where I'm from.
Is it far? W-What's it called? It's called the Kingdom.
It's probably like a day's ride from here.
What's going on? Shut up.
You're gettin' out.
Come on.
Get in there! What the hell's wrong with you? Huh? Telling her about the Kingdom? What if there's more of her people out there? You got family at the Kingdom.
I'm sorry.
Okay? I didn't think that it would Wait.
You were listening? Yeah, of course we were.
Me, Enid, and a few of the others, we've been switching off, seeing what she'd say to you.
- You were using me.
- Yeah, and it was workin', too.
She's a good person who got messed up out there.
And she's right about you.
You know that? You're an asshole.
You want answers, get 'em yourself.
[DOOR OPENS] You finally come to kill me? [BOTTLE RATTLES] It's for your ear.
You keep pullin' on it like it hurts.
No? I don't give a shit.
It's up to you.
Two of ours went missing.
We found their horses, though.
Half skinned, half eaten.
You know anything abt that? How could I? I've been here.
What would your mom do if she crossed some of our people? Would she kill them? She would if she had to.
- [CAR ALARM BLARING] - MATIAS: Just let me go.
It might be them! No.
They left 11 days ago.
They would be back by now, Matias.
We're running out of food.
We haven't seen daylight in weeks! - We have to do something! - Shh! What we have to do is shut up.
MAN: Keep moving! Keep moving! - [GUNSHOTS IN DISTANCE] - Shut up.
I'm gonna die down here.
I can't breathe.
I gotta get out, man.
I need to get out, man.
ROSE: Stop him! No, Matias! Help! Help us, please! Help! - Help! - Shh! You're gonna get us all killed, you stupid asshole.
[CRYING] Ohh! I don't give a shit what you do with your life, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you risk ours! [GRUNTS] You're weak and pathetic! And there is no room for you here! [GASPING] So shut your mouth! Do you hear me? Do you hear me?! [GUNSHOTS IN DISTANCE] Oh, my God.
[GUNFIRE, WALKERS GROWLING] Lydia, oh, Lydia Say, have you met Lydia? Oh, Lydia, the tattooed lady Lydia, oh, Lydia He used to sing that to me when I was scared.
Which was a lot back then.
DARYL: How old were you? 6.
Who knows? Your mom Your mom did what she had to do.
[WHISTLES] [BOTTLE RATTLES] Doesn't have to be like that, though.
There's a lot of good people here.
They'll help you if you help them.
Can I have some water? What, you think I'm gonna hit you with it or something? [SPITS] [BOTTLE CLATTERS] This is crazy.
We should go back out.
It's been too long.
Luke could be hurt and waiting on us.
Luke can handle his shit.
And they say Alden can, too.
And we should risk that? I almost screwed up for us at Alexandria.
We got a second chance.
But if we go against Tara, we could lose everything.
Luke wouldn't want that.
Luke would want us to be together.
All of us.
There's a way we could sneak out at Hilltop.
I saw some kids do it the other night.
Well, I vote we go.
Who else? It's Luke.
Minute by minute, day by day, ride or die.
That's how we got here, so we keep that.
We need to.
Even if it costs us all this.
We leave tonight.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] You know, some dads would come up with any excuse just to beat the shit out of their kids.
Maybe they're drunk.
Maybe they can't get drunk.
Belts are good.
But these assholes, they ain't picky.
They'll use whatever's layin' around.
But a good switch from a birch tree that'll work.
Your dad sounds a lot like one of those dads.
Except the part where he sang to you when you were scared.
Those dads they like it when you're scared.
Thing is, that's the only part of your story that didn't sound like bullshit.
Now, you knew exactly what this was when I walked down here.
And those bruises on your arm, they come from a beating.
So let me ask you, if your dad's dead, who gave 'em to you? My mom.
Where is she? Be glad you don't know.
Where is she? Where's your camp? Why are you protectin' her? Huh? You're safer here.
This place isn't real.
The world changed, and you're all acting like it's gonna change back.
My mom walks 'cause that's what the dead do.
It's their world, and we have to live in it.
And what my mom does, she does for a reason.
Your mom beats you because she loves you? That's bullshit.
No, it isn't.
When you stay soft, people die.
We need to get him out before he starts to smell.
ROSE: We should wait till morning.
It's safer.
FRANK: She's right.
We need to see what we're doing.
Everyone? [BREATHES DEEPLY] Hey, Bug.
You still awake? What's the matter? You scared? Come here.
It's okay, baby.
Your mom and I are here.
You don't have to worry.
Everything will be all right in the morning.
[GROWLING] [SCREAMS] Frank, stop! Daddy! [WALKER GROWLING] [SCREAMING] You were just a little girl.
It wasn't your fault.
LYDIA: I was stupid.
I deserved to die.
But my dad was soft, and now he's the one that's dead.
What was he supposed to do? Just watch his little girl get bit? When you can't bend, you break.
He broke.
That's not true.
We're making it better.
We're building it back up again, changing it back.
Yeah? You don't belong with these people.
Maybe you used to, but not anymore.
You're hard, they're soft.
You don't know shit about me.
So tell me.
Hey, I told you what happened to me.
Tell me what happened to you.
Hey! Tell me! You could've just asked me to help.
Hey! Daryl! Where are you going? Girl's too messed up.
She's a waste of time.
She's Tara's problem.
What's gonna happen to her? Did someone used to beat you up, too? Once, I heard my dad ask my mom why she kept her hair so short.
She said when it was long, her first husband would grab it when she tried to get away.
He would pull it and slam her against the wall.
So, one day she just cut it all off so he couldn't.
And I guess it took her this long to feel safe again.
Sometimes you act like the type of guy who slams people against walls, but I don't think that's it.
You shouldn't listen to people talk.
Look, I know Lydia's people are bad, but that doesn't mean she's bad at all.
She's just scared.
You can show her there's nothing to be afraid of.
You can do that.
- And only you.
- No.
Not just me.
Check out how they turn.
The dead don't do that.
Could be our skin friends.
Eyes open.
What's up? If we hadn't left our post, we'd be dead like the others.
We had to run.
We didn't have a choice.
If we had a vote, we had a choice.
- Our choice was not to die.
- Was it? Or is that what we keep telling ourselves? - [WALKER GROWLING] - Look out! [GRUNTS] [WALKER GROWLING] [WALKERS GROWLING] [VOICE BREAKING] I remember about that last day at Coalport.
I remember getting separated.
And I remember Luke was the one that found me.
I can't leave him out here.
I'm sorry, but I can't.
It's me from Yeah, I know.
Why are you Did Daryl send you? No, Daryl doesn't know I'm here.
I, uh, told him I'd talk to you tomorrow, but I couldn't wait.
Why? I don't know.
I just I like you.
I think you're a good person.
[KEY RATTLES] And I want to show you that this is a good place with good people.
You're letting me out? Yeah, just for a bit.
We just have to be quiet, stay out of sight.
Cool? Cool.
[GROANS] HENRY: You okay? Yeah.
We can just wait here until it's clear.
[CLEARS THROAT] [CLEARS THROAT] I just ate a worm.
You did.
Come on.
Let's go.
Watch out for the brick.
That is the, uh The medical trailer.
Enid's a really good doctor.
You have a doctor? Yeah.
Doctor, blacksmith, cobbler You name it, we got it.
How long has this been? Oh, it's been built up for over six years now.
Thing is, it's only gonna keep growing.
Places like this aren't supposed to exist.
My mom said they couldn't.
- That's why they had to - [BABY CRYING] - That's why we - [CRYING CONTINUES] Oh, shh.
It's all right.
Lydia, oh, Lydia WOMAN: Your father was a stupid man.
Nobody's coming, Lydia.
World's over.
We're doing what I want now.
- She has eyes that folks adore so - [SCREAMING] He was soft.
Now he's dead.
Put it on.
This is how we live.
She's a good person.
She's a good person.
She's a good person.
She's a good person.
- Lydia, what's wrong? - She's a good person.
Put me back in the cell.
Can you stay with me tonight? Please? [ROOSTER CROWS] She didn't want to be alone.
LYDIA: My ear hurts.
Everything hurts.
You still have those pills? DARYL: [SIGHS] My mom's not coming for me.
None of them are.
If someone dies or gets taken or whatever, they move on.
Like they never existed.
That's how it's always been.
They don't come into contact with big groups unless they don't have another choice.
That's why I I was trying to find out everything I could about you.
'Cause then when I escaped, I'd have something to give them.
No reason for them to take me back.
You're her daughter.
Does that not matter? What about our missing people? If my mom found them I can't think of a reason she'd keep them alive.
She got a camp somewhere? Near the guard bridge.
Maybe a mile east.
But we don't They don't stay in one place for long.
The story about your family was y oft true? I thought all of it was.
I needed it to be.
But I had it all mixed up.
It was a lie, but the lie wasn't mine.
My mom she told it to me over and over, for years.
But deep down, I knew I knew what she was, and I knew what she did.
[SCREAMS] [WALKER GROWLING] [SCREAMING] [SCREAMING, INDISTINCT SHOUTING] We got to get outta here! What? No, these are our friends.
Those aren't our friends, Frank.
They're idiots we got stuck with.
They're panicking, and that's putting us in danger.
Get up.
We're leaving.
- Daddy.
- You go if you want.
Lydia stays with me.
[SHOUTING CONTINUES] The hell she does.
It's okay, Bug, okay? Now, listen, you're just gonna wait here for me to come back.
I'm just gonna go and make sure that we can get to the stairs, all right? Daddy.
No, don't go! Daddy, don't go! Daddy! No, no! [STUFFED ANIMAL SQUEAKS] [GRUNTS] He was against the wall scared and my mom was there.
Had that cold look in her eye.
Then she She got her knife.
And then she - [CRIES] - DARYL: It's okay.
It's okay.
We've heard enough.
I'm sorry I couldn't help you.
I'm sorry I wasted your time.
You didn't.
Let me talk to her.
So this whole time Lydia's mom made her think it was her fault her dad died? Why would a mom do that to a kid? Some people ain't meant to be parents.
So what happens now? Can she stay here with us? We'll see.
Should get her some fresh clothes.
I'ma talk to Tara, see about that camp.
Hey, Daryl? I'm glad you and my mom are friends.
What'd you find? Nothing.
Look, it was wrong of us to leave.
I just wish we'd realized that sooner.
- I should've - MAN: Open the gate! [GATE OPENS] TARA: Yeah, my guard saw you sneak out.
Wasn't taking any chances.
Look I get why you did it.
But the next time you want to challenge one of my decisions, just do me a favor and come and talk to me about it.
I don't know if I'm doing the right thing here.
But I do know I don't want any more people to die, and that includes you guys, too.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, my God.
[GRUNTS] Hey! Daryl! - Magna! - Let's go, kids.
I am Alpha.
And we only want one thing from you.
My daughter.