The Walking Dead s09e11 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Walking Dead" DARYL: Two of ours went missing.
We found their horses, though.
Half skinned, half eaten.
I like you.
- I think you're a good person.
- [KEYS RATTLING] And I want to show you that this is a good place.
DARYL: And those bruises on your arm, they come from a beating.
Who gave 'em to you? My mom.
[WHISPERING] Oh, my God.
I am Alpha.
And we only want one thing from you.
My daughter.
[WATCH TICKING] [WALKERS GROWLING IN DISTANCE] So, that thing you wanted to tell me What? Oh.
Uh, yeah.
- Nothin'.
- Jerry Okay, but I swore I wasn't gonna say anything yet, so you can't, either.
Not till I say so.
- Swear? - Solemnly.
Just spit the gum out.
You swear, too, Carol? Yeah.
Cross my heart.
- Spill it.
- Okay.
Nabila and I - are bunned up.
- What? - We're up the pole.
- What? We're preggo! Preggers.
Got our preg on.
Nabila's pregnant? Doc says about eight weeks.
Dude, I'm gonna be a daddy, Your Majesty.
[LAUGHING] The future begins! Congratulations, man.
You are the biggest-hearted among us.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
But, just, uh Oh, Jerry Jerry - [HORSE WHINNIES] - They're coming.
[WALKER GROWLING] We really appreciate this.
Maggie wanted to thank you personally, but with people still sick I'm just glad to hear the worst is past.
Thanks to the Kingdom.
And to you, too, apparently.
We were surprised to see you.
Yeah, well, not as surprised as Michonne's gonna be when she realizes I'm not going back home.
Yeah, I kind of took off with more supplies than the Council was willing to spare.
I get why they think Alexandria couldn't do more, but we're family.
Speaking of Oh, yeah.
I forgot.
I grabbed one more thing before I left.
Michonne was letting it collect dust.
Uh, Maggie's not exactly the biggest fan of Michonne right now.
So we thought you could hold on to it.
I thank you.
I haven't given up on the idea this embodies.
I still believe that this will bind us into something more, because we are family.
When the time comes, we'll reunite.
The leaders will sign it together, and our communities will begin anew again.
As one.
Until that day, I am honored to be the keeper of the path forward.
That's what we were counting on.
Thank you again.
For everything.
CAROL: Take care.
Give Maggie our best.
We will.
[HORSES WHINNY] So, we gonna peep this thing or what? [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Hey, boss? Five minutes till go.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] DIANNE: Spotter puts the count at a hundred, just east of Falls Church.
EZEKIEL: Enough elk to feed all of us, plus half of Hilltop, Oceanside, and Alexandria for a week.
And Alfred? About 200, also heading to Falls Church.
We've got a good six hours to get to those elk before the dead do.
And so we shall.
Thanks for the update, Dianne.
It's good to have you back.
Good to be back.
[CLICKS TONGUE] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Alexandria, huh? You know something I don't? Crazier things have happened.
Are you? Going on the hunt? Sure am.
Got a problem with that, mister? I simply assumed the queen was handling preparations for the fair.
Don't call me that.
It's handled.
It's just Still feels like an empty nest.
That and maybe I just missed you a little bit while I was gone.
As did I, my my love.
As did I.
Onward! To collect our bounty! And in a few days' time, we feast.
It's all gonna work out.
Our community is more than capable of defending itself! ALPHA: I show you my face because we mean you no harm.
I just want my daughter.
I know you have her.
You should turn around.
Leave now and no one gets hurt.
Wrong answer.
[GRUNTS] It's a little arthritis flare-up, but you two are acting like I'm on my death bed.
TAMMY ROSE: You damn well could've been, spilling all that hot metal like you did.
Well, I'm gonna give you eucalyptus for the pain and inflammation and aloe for the burns.
We'll start with that, see how you do.
You should really think about taking a break.
- TAMMY ROSE: How about for good? - Tammy Rose I've been telling him this is gonna happen for years.
What he needs to do is retire I'm not gonna retire, and I don't need a break.
Are we done here? I have another two dozen horseshoes to finish before we leave for the fair.
Thanks, doc.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Appreciate you coming by and putting up with Earl's crabbing.
[CHUCKLES] I get it.
This work's important to him.
It ain't just that.
In all the years since our Kenneth has passed, it's been his way to fill the empty, you know? Alden being gone, I think it just brought it all back.
Yeah, uh Earl's always been a father to him To both of us.
Don't you lose hope, you hear me? Alden will turn up.
A million things could've happened, all right? Yeah.
[MAN WHISTLES] Hey, Marco, what's happening? The ones that killed Jesus they're here.
They don't see her.
Least not yet.
DARYL: That girl told me what her mom does to her.
We ain't sending her back to that.
TARA: Yeah, but what if she has Alden and Luke? Pissing her off can get them killed.
Did you kill our friends? We found their horses.
Which one of you leads these people? What the hell does it matter? Then I'll just address all of you.
Your people crossed into our land.
There will be no conflict.
Your people killed our people.
There will be no conflict.
I'm done talkin'.
Bring me my daughter, or there will be conflict.
No one touches the girl.
- Daryl.
- Where's he going? Daryl, stop.
ENID: Does she have Alden and Luke? - I don't know.
- What does she want? No, Daryl, we we can't do that.
- She ain't gettin' her.
- Then what are you doing? She's done talkin'.
I'm not.
Come on.
EZEKIEL: Well-done, good people.
Hurry these back to preserve the fruits of our labor.
The dead will be upon us in less than an hour's time.
I was thinking you could accompany them.
To protect the cargo.
We're not heading back together? What's going on? Where's everybody else going, and why are you scared to tell me? Scared? What? [LAUGHS] Jerry, is this the face of a scared man? No comment, Your Majesty.
[CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] You see, there's this little, uh, side mission that some of us have been planning for a while, to pick up one last item for the fair.
It'll just take a few minutes Plenty of time to avoid the herd.
But it's nothing you'd be interested in, so Try me.
How about I show you? [WALKERS GROWLING] It's movie time.
Movie time.
- It's movi - Jerry.
Yeah, okay.
You can't have her.
Now if it's a fight you're lookin' for, we got enough firepower to light you up.
Right here and now.
[BABY COOS] [COOING CONTINUES] You brought a baby out here? We're animals.
Animals live out here.
Animals have babies.
So we have babies out here.
Now, what were you sayin'? Lightin' us all up? You seem to want conflict.
I don't.
So I'm proposing a trade.
I wanted to kill them.
But I want my daughter more.
One of mine, two of yours.
It's a good trade, which is why you're gonna take it.
Now bring me my daughter.
A projector bulb? Really? EZEKIEL: I know.
It's not something we absolutely need, and it's a little dangerous, but we got it all planned out.
- There's a herd coming.
- We can beat it.
In and out, like a cobra strike.
[WALKERS GROWLING] We're barely getting by with what we have.
These people are fathers and mothers.
It's worth it to you It's worth it because they're fathers and mothers.
Henry used to love movie nights.
It's been five years since our last projector bulb burned out.
The young ones don't even know what a movie is.
A fair should inspire a sense of whimsy and wonder, right? Bringing cinema back from the dead? Showing children their first film.
Now that's something that would make our gathering of communities something they'd never forget.
And if they love it, if if this moment of fellowship with their neighbors is seared into their hearts and minds, then they'll fight to preserve those bonds.
We're giving the gift of joy and lifelong friendship.
If that's not worth fighting for, I don't know what the hell is.
Yo, my kids' heads seeing a movie? [IMITATES EXPLOSION] Okay.
You in? I'm not gonna not keep you safe.
[EDDIE HARRIS' "IT'S ALL RIGHT NOW" PLAYS] It's all right now It's all right now It's all right now - Mm, they are doing it - Whoo! You know it, too It's all right now Whoo! It's all right now Come on, sisters, let's get down It's all right now [WALKER GROWLING] [KNIFE PLUNGES, GROWLING STOPS, BODY THUDS] [WALKERS GROWLING] Anything? No bulbs, just bupkis.
And a lot of tubs of butter-flavored coconut oil.
Pretty sure the expiration date's just a suggestion.
We've spent weeks preparing for this scenario.
You know what to do.
You good to assist, D? If you're good with them.
Your mission, your call.
We're good.
Cobra strike.
I didn't say anything.
[WALKERS GROWLING] The dead All this talk Should we lead them away? No.
Keep 'em back, away from the prisoners.
For now.
Daryl, what'd she say? Are they okay? Yeah, they will be.
We got to hand back the girl.
- Where's Henry? - I don't know.
Why? He's gonna want to say goodbye.
Daryl, Tara and Yumiko went to get Lydia.
What? She decided while you were out there, when she saw Luke and Alden.
Hey, she's gone.
How you mean she's gone? Her door was open, key was in the lock.
Daryl, you know we have to do this.
All right, split up.
Find Henry, we find the girl.
Nothing in the house.
- Has anybody checked the barn? - I'll check.
[WHISTLES] Dog! [DOG BARKS] Come on.
Right here, right here, smell.
[CRYING INTENSIFIES] [SHUDDERED BREATHING] [CRYING CONTINUES] [MUFFLED] Hey! The baby! To live with the dead means to live in silence.
If the mother can't quiet the child then the dead will.
Natural selection.
[CRYING CONTINUES] [DOG BARKING] Good boy, good boy.
- They snuck out? - Yeah.
Go tell the others.
I can track 'em.
ADDY: You don't have to.
I know where he probably took her.
- I can get Henry and Lydia.
- No, it's my problem.
- Go.
- And Alden's mine.
Look, this is how we get him back.
Look, I-I've known Henry since he was a kid.
He likes me.
I can talk to him.
Come on, boy.
Come on.
We're in business.
DIANNE: Great.
Grab it and let's go.
Easy, D.
These bulbs are fra-gee-lay, for reals.
Wrong touch can break it.
Oil from the skin could explode it.
This is gonna be surgery.
Mind giving me a hand? My side mission has a side mission.
- What's it for? - The charter.
So I can frame it after all the leaders of the communities sign it.
At the fair? You were serious before.
About Alexandria coming? I was.
I am.
I know.
You think I'm dreaming.
I told you what Michonne said.
I just don't want you getting your hopes up if it doesn't happen.
Then, I can't wait to see the look on your face if it does.
What if the fair isn't enough? What if more trade and more training isn't enough? We should talk to Jesus about the possibility of taking us in if things get worse.
Just in case.
Least until we can find some new place, someplace better.
And what place could be better than the Kingdom? Surely a dreamer could dare to dream of such a place.
Hey, it doesn't mean But it might.
That's the reality.
We have to consider all outcomes.
We'd be foolish not to.
[DOOR OPENS] I've been - foolish not to.
William, what is it? Bad news.
The boom box died.
And we got less than 15 before Alfred hits.
MAN: Watch out! - Hey, they're coming through over here! - Weapons up.
- Stay back! - Prepare for a breach.
They're breaking through, they're breaking through! Come on, Jerry.
Hold your ground! DIANNE: Sounds like things might be getting dicey down there.
Wrap it up.
Let's go.
JERRY: And done.
Let's bounce.
LYDIA: This feels weird.
But good weird, right? Yeah.
Good weird.
Yeah, a woman at Hilltop makes those.
They kind of look like coins, but they're not worth anything.
She wasn't supposed to come.
She broke her own rules.
Maybe she misses me.
Maybe she's sorry.
She's not.
People like that don't get to be sorry.
ENID: [MUFFLED] Henry! Henry, come on! Stay here.
I didn't want to tell her, but I Just Just go.
HENRY: Tell them we weren't here.
Please? She doesn't want to go back.
Her mother Her mother hurts her.
Henry, Henry if there was something I could do to help her, I would.
No one wants this.
But Lydia, she she doesn't belong to us.
Okay? Alden and Luke do.
Her mother has them.
She'll kill them if we don't give her back.
No, th-there's got to be another way.
There isn't.
I'm sorry.
It's not fair.
It's not right.
No, I know it isn't.
But it's something we're just gonna have to live with.
How? When I was about your age, I [SIGHS] I saw my parents die.
It changed me.
Became all about surviving somehow.
And then, someone else close to me died.
Someone special, with a big heart.
He left me a letter, reminding me that "just surviving," it isn't living.
And it took me way too long to get what he really meant.
You live with it by staying who you are.
By not letting the bad things change you.
[DOOR CLOSES] Henry, it's okay.
I'm gonna go.
I have to.
What? No, no, we can we can I want to.
She's my mother.
They're my people.
I miss them.
I'm gonna miss you, too.
And I'm gonna be okay.
So will you, okay? Okay? Okay.
[SPITS] [CRYING] I never want to let go of you.
I don't want you to.
Sorry, Mom.
Thanks for comin' to get me.
You call me Alpha, like all the rest.
Yes, Alpha.
[WALKERS GROWLING] - Did you get it? - Well, I got it bubble-wrapped, and far as I can tell, it stayed in one piece.
After I dropped it.
Where'd you drop it? Best guess middle aisle, somewhere between rows R and W.
DIANNE: From the projection room, looks to be about 30 to 40 in there.
We have mere minutes before the herd's upon us.
There isn't time to lure them away like the others.
Perhaps it's victory enough to leave with the poster box and our lives.
JERRY: I'm real sorry, boss.
If that's what you think's best.
Your call.
Shouldn't the queen's call count for something? 'Cause I say we stay and we fight for what we came for.
It's just a few kills each.
We take them further back, we use the steps as choke points so they don't come at once.
Carol, you don't have to, not for me.
Who says it's just for you? Cobra strike.
So, we doing this or what? [EDDIE HARRIS' "IT'S ALL RIGHT NOW" PLAYS] [WALKER GROWLING] It's all right now Come on, sisters, join on in, will ya? It's all right now It's all right now Come on, sisters, let's get down It's all right now [WALKER GROWLING] It's all right now Right on It's all right now Whoo! Thank you for what you did back there.
I'm only a killjoy some of the time.
[CHUCKLES] - I just want you to be safe.
- I know.
We've all lost so much, and with Henry gone He's safe with Daryl.
And I'm here with you.
And we got ourselves a projector bulb.
We did.
You are right.
It's smart to be ready for any eventuality.
But maybe maybe we're done with losin' for a while.
Yeah, maybe.
Come on.
[SMOOCHES] [GRUNTING] I get why we had to do it.
But it doesn't make it okay.
I never said it did.
So, what do we do? - We live with it.
- Yeah.
That's what Enid said.
I saw the scars on your back.
I think you know better than anyone what we just sent her back to.
How can you live with that? Look the world is just shit sometimes.
And you live with it.
Sometimes that's all you can do.
Yeah, but what about before? At Alexandria? I know what you did to help when things went bad there.
You don't.
Not really.
I did what I had to do today.
We all did.
[EMMA RUSSACK'S "ALL MY DREAMING" PLAYS] All my dreaming All my wishing It hasn't come through Life's just like that And I don't know what I am looking for But when I find it It will feel right I've dreamt of lovin' I've wished for control It hasn't come through But I won't push that Maybe all that I've ever wanted Is what I haven't That is all right Ooh, ooh ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh Ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh Ooh ooh, ooh ooh ADDY: Daryl? Ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh What? I found this in In Henry's room.
Ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh Ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh Ooh, ooh ooh Ooh ooh, ooh ooh Ooh, ooh ooh Ooh ooh, ooh ooh Ooh ooh Ooh, ooh ooh No.
Ooh, ooh ooh, ooh Why? Ooh, ooh ooh Ooh, ooh ooh Ooh ooh, ooh Ooh ooh, ooh ooh