The War Next-Door (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Buen Fin vs. Thanksgiving

Don't even worry about it, Yol.

I can take care of the whole thing.

Ugh! Of course, darling.

- Okay.

- [phone beeps off.]

Yes! [gasps.]

- George is very ill.

- Is he going to leave everything to us?
No, but this means Yola can't organize
the closed-community Thanksgiving dinner,
and I volunteered to do it.

But wait, honey.

We really don't have the budget
for some huge production for Thanksgiving.

I mean, we live in this tiny house,
and nobody would fit in here.

Even better!
Because Thanksgiving
is all about culture shock.

And we're gonna make a dinner
in a poor neighborhood
so that we make sure to honor
the spirit of the festivity.

I get it.
So we'll be
like the pilgrims were,
and the neighborhood
is the Native Americans?

It's like a miracle on Thanksgiving.

But, except for your friends
are gonna find out that we're poor.

[sighs, gasps.]

It looks like I have my work cut out
for me to fix this lousy patio.

- And you guys are gonna help me do it.

- [mic screeches.]

Step right up! Step right up
for holiday weekend sales.

Celebrate the end of the year.

Treat yourself with butt-lifting leggings
No matter how much holiday bread
and dessert you enjoy this season,
it won't matter with our special
Yay-Booty Leggings design.

- It'll look like you work out every day.

- Excuse me.

Did you apply to use the patio?
I mean, did you notify
the neighborhood association?
Yes, of course.

Here's the neighborhood association.

And that's how we do it here.

You can talk to them.

Go away! You're scaring away my customers!
- Come on, step right up!
- [groans.]

Come one, come all!

- What?
- Hmm.

Why are you just standing there?
Both of you, let's go!
What are you waiting for?
Stop playing dumb.
Help your wife.

- Put your back into it.

- [grunts.]

No, she took it way too far
with those cement buckets.

I have to get rid of her tacky stall.

Wait, if Yola meets the Lopez family,
they will tell her that we live here.

Ernesto, you're gonna
have to get her out of here.

Me? What do you want me to do?
Well, you're in advertising.

You create good ideas under pressure.

You just have to think
outside the box, Dad.

Listen honey,
I need all the money you've saved so far.


Or you can just ask Rigo for a loan.

Yes, yes, yes,
because I have to hire Cata back.

And I want to rent her a uniform.

Ugh! And you.

You're gonna cook the turkey.

Where am I supposed to buy it?
Just think outside the box.

- [mimics.]

- [chuckles.]

Are you okay?
You don't have to help me sell.

Don't you have anything to do?
Yes, I'm reading the apocryphal version
of Don Quixote de la Mancha.

- You see, in Avellaneda's version
- Honey, stop.

It's important to go out a little more.

Why don't you go hang out with a friend?
I don't have any.

Besides, books are better friends
than friends.

Oh, honey.

Our family is very sociable.

You're not going to be the exception.

Go visit Brittany, Rigo's daughter.

She just got back from her mom's.

But Brittany's, like, 15.

Act more mature and go socialize,
or I'll hide the available book.

- It's Avellaneda.

- Right.

Let's go! Enjoy your youth.
Move it!

I think I need a pair of these.

It's honestly the prettiest thing
I've ever seen.

Catita, they're perfect.

You have feet like Miss Universe.

You say that to all the girls.

Ah, you think I massage just anybody?
No, no, no.

Hey Cata, let's go the movies on Sunday.

I can't.

I have Mrs.
Silvia's "Thongiving" dinner
that day.

And what's "Thongsgiving"?
Ah, it's like a thong party?
No, dummy.

It's like an American Christmas
in November.

Those Americans
really know what they're doing.

- [watch beeps.]

- They're always one step ahead.

Rigo's about to arrive.

- Oh, that's right.

- [sighs.]

But it's going to be hard work.

Would you be able to help me?
Ah, sure thing.

As long as you promise me
that we can hide in the kitchen
- and make out all night.

- [both chuckle.]

I'm not so sure.

The ladies from the stuck-up
are going to show up.

Like Mrs.
Ana Ceci, Ana Clau,
Ana Pau, Ana Lu, and Ana Yola.

- But if you help me
- Mm-hmm.

then, I promise I'll make it up to you.



Ana Yola!
I'd really love for you to come.

Diego, I don't want to be mean,
but I'd rather drop dead.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Mexico is like
an American setting up a Day of the Dead
offering after watching Coco.

it's gonna be on a Thursday.

But I want you to come
because I'm cooking the turkey.

[romantic music playing.]

- You're going to cook?
- [chuckles.]

Well, uh, I'll think about it.

But I'm not making any promises.

- [knock at door.]

- [door opens.]

Brittany, Janet is here to see you.

[rock music playing over speaker.]

You need anything?
- Mmm, no.
See ya later, Dad.

- Oh.


[door shuts.]

So, what are you doing here?
Well, my aunt sent me
to socialize with you.

And is that your way of socializing?
I'd actually rather read.

Oh, well.

That version of Quixote is good.

We could talk about it.

I can't.
I'm going out with my friends.

- Wait, you have friends and like to read?
- Of course.

One thing doesn't exclude the other.


Well, we could go to the bookstore after.

- They're reading Sor Juana's poetry.

- No, no, no.
Wait a minute.

I'm intelligent, I'm not a nerd.

- [camera shutter clicks.]

- [Tina.]
I don't get it.

I don't know what poot traffic is, Rigo.

No, foot.
Foot traffic, Tina.

The more people pass by your stall,
the more sales you make.

It's an effective marketing strategy.

Wait, so you want me to set up shop
in your store during Thanksgiving weekend?
Well, it would be an honor for me
if you would set up your stall here.

No, I'd be to embarrassed
not to pay rent for it, Rigo.

No, consider it
like an apology,
in case I made you feel uncomfortable.

- All right.

- [chuckles.]

It's a really good idea, huh?
Well, I had good advice.

What's with this gobbler?
Did you know that turkeys
and gobblers are the same?
Oh yeah, so?
His name is Wiggles.

I chose that name
because it's still young.

I want to cook it for Thanksgiving.

You're such a dimwit.

If you're going
to give the gobbler a pet name,
it's going to be much harder
to cut its head off later.

Wait, cut its head off? Me?
- Or are you going to be cooking it alive?
- No.

- I wanted to ask you if you would cook it.

- Huh?
Of course I'll pay you.


- Hmm.

- [Wiggles gobbles.]

Please! I need Tere to go
to my Thanksgiving dinner.

Since she says
it has nothing to do with Mexico,
I said that we'd cook a turkey
of mixed race.

Well, I can teach you.

- [chuckles.]

- But you'll do the cooking.

I want you here
at six in the morning and don't be late.

- But why so early?
- My kitchen, my rules.

[Wiggles gobbles.]

Oh fuck.
You're in for it.

Yeah, no kidding, Pablito.

Both of my ladies here at the same time?
They're both gonna kill me.

Well, why don't you just skip the party?
Because I can't let Cata down.

I promised her I would help.

If both of them see me at the party,
they'll realize I've been
two-timing them the whole time.

I'll look like an asshole.

Ah, since when do you care about that?
Getting caught by one means
getting caught by all.
Remember that.

- [sighs.]
I like them both so much.

- [kisses.]

- Ah, fuck.

- [Pablo.]
I don't get it.

Why don't you break up
with one of them before the party
so you don't look like you're two-timing?
- There's a problem.

- What?
- I've never been dumped by any
- Don't you even worry about it
because I happen to be an expert
at driving away all kinds of women.


[knock at door.]

Janet, are you okay?
Listen, I can't believe it either,
but I need a little bit of help from you.


You're so popular, pretty and stylish.

And people want to be your friend.

What do you do
when you ask someone to hang out
and then they reject you as a friend?
You have to act like Regina George.

Regina what?
You have to watch Mean Girls.

It's a movie for old people,
but it's super useful.

The other girl should be dying
to be your friend if you do it right.

It depends on who has the power.

That's so brilliant.

Leave it to me, I'm an expert.

[Janet chuckles.]

Oh my God.

They fit absolutely perfect.

It looks exactly like I got
one of those expensive surgeries.

You know, the kind all the ladies
from the gated-community get?
But cheaper, and no cutting.
Write your name down
on the installment list.

I can't wait.
I'm gonna wear them
to Mrs.
Silvia's party.

Wait, what party?
The "Thongsgiving.
What's that? Oh, it's a thong party!

It's a party to remember
when the pilgrims took over.

Ah, and who are they?
Who knows?
But Mrs.
Silvia spent all the money
that that Mr.
 Rigo lent Mr.
just on the decorations for the party.

- She's gonna decorate the whole patio.

- [whistles.]

- You don't say.

- [Cata.]

Oh, how nice.

How nice.

Thank you.

It's my treat.

Are you sure?
No, please.

You're hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

Ugh, no, no, no.

Of course not.
It's no problem.

Don't forget the tip, darling.

Yes, that's right!
I'm just so distracted.

You're a really great friend.

You know that?
- [chuckles.]

- When will I be able to host dinner?
- I'm practically a widow now.

- Ugh, I know.
I'm so sorry.

But now that I'm doing volunteer work
in this neighborhood that's so
Well, you know, so very quaint,
I've learned to give everything
without expecting anything back.

I think the idea
for a Thanksgiving dinner is great.

But why have it at that place
instead of at your brand-new house?
Because, Yol.
It's the whole experience.

Do you remember that one time
when Eugene exhibited her art
in Ecatepec? Remember?
It's just like that.

You see, the idea is to truly see
how the aborigines live.

Sounds like a great adventure.

- You're going to love it.

- I can't wait!
- [phone rings.]

- Excuse me a sec.

Hi, honey.

Confirming the patio is now free.

And my compadre Rigo lent me the money
we need for the decorations.

You can plan your dinner, Chivis.

Ah, perfect.

That's why I love you, Ernie.

- I love
- [dial tone.]

That was Ernesto.

He bought all the decorations.

Are you sure you don't want me
to pitch in?
- No?
- No.

It's not like I'm poor.

- [chuckles.]

- Of course not!
Ew! [chuckles.]

- [Dolores.]
- Huh?
[Wiggles gobbling.]

Wiggles! Your time has come.

Open up.

Ugh, you're so heavy.

- Okay.
Go on, get.

- [Wiggles gobbles.]

Okay, before we start,
I need your help to mop everything.

- I waited four hours for that?
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, aren't I supposed to mop today?
No, Mr.

Diego really wants to learn how to cook.

Just leave it to him.


Of course.

That's why she wanted me off the patio.

That damn schemer.

I can't believe she tried to kick me out.

Okay, but throwing a foreign celebration,
in Mexico is the worst part.

I would never attend.

And Cata said Blondie is inviting
all her rich friends to the party.

What exactly do they say
when they break up with you?
- That I fall in love too fast.

- Wait, wait.

"That I fall in love too fast.
- Uh-huh.

- That I'm too intense.

Really? Inte intense.

What does being too intense mean? Show me.


- Really easy.

- Yes?
Send Cata a message.

- A message?
- Yeah.


Hi, my precious Catita.

Now quickly,
send her another one right away.

Wait, she hasn't read the first one.

Damn, she read it.

Now you can't text.

You have to call her.

Call her? Like in the '90s?
Yes, right away,
so she sees that you're really intense.

- Okay, I'll go for it.

- Do it.

- There.

- [line ringing.]

How nice of you to actually call.

It's much more romantic,
the old-fashioned way.

- [whispers.]
Hang up, hang up.

- Uh, sure, Catita.

- I, uh, just wanted to say hi.
- [dial tone.]

We have to think of something else.

- I got it.

- What?
Falling in love too fast
would scare off anyone, right?
- Yeah?
- I guess.

- That's what I'm gonna do.

- Right.

- Yeah.

- That's good.

[indistinct chatter.]

No, it's a group.

I don't know how to fight.

We're not going to fight.

Do you remember who I am?
Crista Espinoza de los Monteros.

- Are you sure?
- Mm-hmm.

[whimsical music playing.]

[indistinct chatter.]

Hi, Brittany.
You know who I am?

Jani and I are going
to a nail salon tomorrow.

It's really cool.
Wanna come with us?

I'll send an invite.


Okay, okay.
I'm switching the things
that the Wampanoag used
to those things that the natives
of the Baby Jesus use.

You know, the metal chairs with the logos,
bright-colored plastic tablecloths,
and the clotheslines.

Everything very realistic.

And I'll add lights
to make it more eclectic.

This is what I can get
from Rigo Events on a loan.

Oh my God.

Thank you! Thank you so much, Cat!
You are the best!
Oh, look at this.

How curious!
Ah, it's all ghetto food,
and obviously,
we're gonna give thanks
for the poor people.

And that hateful Agustina
is not going to ruin my event.

I forgot to buy wine.

Well, what about, um,
a bunch of giant-sized beers
instead of the wine?
Giant beers.
That is a brilliant idea.

It matches with the doggie bags
we're handing out.

Oh my God.

We're almost out of money.

Just get someone to vouch for us.


I can't do this anymore.


Oh, very good.

I'm done mopping the whole diner.

Can we make the turkey now?
Well, it depends.
Show me your hands.

I haven't had my manicure.

[Dolores scoffs.]

These hands don't even have one callus.

Let me see.

You're gonna take this
and wash all the greasy pots and pans,
and then clean the bathroom.

What? Why all that?
My kitchen, my rules.

When you're done, lock up.

I'll see you here at six in the morning.


- [Wiggles gobbles.]

- [sighs.]

No, I don't think I can do it.

I don't get it.

The more I act like a loser,
the more Cata loves me.

Nothing is working.

When I said I was in love with her,
do you know what happened? Guess.

- What?
- She got emotional.

- Ah.

- And then I said, "Hey Cata,
I dreamed that we had kids.
And look what she said.

[baby giggles.]

- [Pablo.]
No way.

- I can't believe it.

I'm sorry, but I gave you my best advice.

I know, Pablin.

But we forgot to consider something.

- What?
- We forgot that I'm a chick magnet.

[both sigh.]

- I know.

- Yeah?
There's one thing that women don't like.

- A guy who stinks?
- Ugh! No, not that.

They don't like horny and sleazy guys.

Yeah, they hate that.

Or when you give them a teddy bear.

And that's what Blondie has been planning.

And that's why Ernesto told you
to bring me here to sell my leggings.

He didn't invite me to their dinner.

Of course not
because they're embarrassed.

By the neighborhood.

I'm gonna crash that dinner
and sell to those stuck-up ladies
who pay cash and charge more.

- How are you gonna do that?
- That's where you come in.

Get them to invite you,
and I'll be your plus-one.

Is that a good idea?
I mean, what if we can't get in?
Jani, absolutely nobody
can resist fashion or name-dropping.

Hey, what's up?
Hi, Brittany.
I'm glad you're here.

Oh, and don't worry
because they'll let us in.

I'm not worried at all.

Okay, cool.
Yeah, Jani and I
are ultra-VIPs at this place.

- Especially Jani.

- Ooh!

You have appointments?
It's not necessary, you see.

I'm Crista Espinoza de los Monteros.

Can you tell Dany Apellaniz I'm here?
She's the owner.

- Monteros?
- Mm-hmm.

Not here.

And Mrs.
Apellaniz never comes to work.

Check the list, we're VIP.

I bet I'm on it.


No, not here.

- Hey, how are you?
- Uh, hey.
How are you?
What are you doing here?
Hanging out.

That's good.

Do you know each other?
Brittany helped me
with my college chemical engineering exam.

It's funny 'cause she's younger than me,
but way smarter.

- Thank you so much.

- No, no, no.
It was a pleasure.

- You want in?
- Uh, yes.

Come in.

We're with her.

She's our friend.

- Do you know them?
- Um
Not really.

- Yeah, okay.

- Thanks.

What? You obviously don't know who I am.

I'm going to destroy you on Instagram.

Lend me your phone, I'm out of credit.

Lend it to me!
Now what? So we lost?
No! Look, we never lose.

Brittany is going to learn who is who.

Now what?
I did everything, ma'am.

[Wiggles gobbles in the distance.]

This has nothing to do with cooking,
does it?
You're pulling a Mr.

I demand you explain the lesson.

The real one.

[Wiggles gobbling.]


You are ready now, son.

You have now officially become
a cook's apprentice.
Good job.

- [exhales.]

- Mmm.


[gentle music playing.]

- [upbeat music playing.]

- Ah, ah, ah, ah.

- Can we talk?
- Mm-hmm.

Hey Rigo, I was thinking, um, uh,
I was thinking, right,
could you give me an advance
on my Christmas bonus
for two or three years?
Only if you tell me
what the advance is for.

The rules are very clear.

You can't keep secrets from the boss.

All right.

Silvia overspent
on a big dinner for Thanksgiving.

And weren't you going
to invite me, compadre?
I mean, the guide is extremely clear.

"All employees must invite the boss
to all events,
especially if he is
the one financing the feast.
Of course I was going to invite you.

Especially because you and I
Ah, I'll give you the advance
during the dinner.

Now, will there be anything else?
Then go back to work, employee.

[upbeat music continues playing.]

- [Wiggles gobbles.]

- [Diego.]
I'm sorry.

We only had a few days together,
but they were very special to me.


Cooking for the ones that we love
is all about
getting your hands a little dirty.

Listen son, I know it's hard,
but you can't run away
when it becomes time
to provide for your family or girlfriend.

Are you willing to do what you have to do
for your loved ones?
[Wiggles gobbles.]


[breathes shakily.]

[Wiggles gobbling.]

- [straining.]

- [Dolores chuckles.]

I'm just kidding, son.


I left a big turkey marinating last night.

Besides, this little creature
is starting to grow on me.

- [Diego chuckles, sniffles.]

- [Wiggles gobbles.]

did you understand my point?
[Cata moans.]
Someone might catch us.

That really turns me on, Catita.

- Um, okay.

- I don't get it.
What do you mean, okay?
You don't care that I'm a horny sleaze?
No, I love it.

No, no, no.
Hold on a second.

- Give me just a minute.

- [romantic music playing.]

[Cata grunts.]

- Okay.

- [music slows down.]

- What's this?
- It's a present just for you.

- Gross, Tomás.

- [whimsical music playing.]

Ugh! Seems you're doing everything
everything for me to break up with you.

- No, no, no.
- That's it, isn't it?
- You and I are over.

- Ah!
Catita! Catita!
No kidding.



Ah, wait.

- [phone chimes.]

- Pablito.

Mission accomplished.

I repeat, accomplished.

So now I'm just
a one-timing creep.

Confront her.

You have to affirm your place
in the neighborhood.

You have to be a little more Regina George
and less Gretchen.

Very good, you did your homework!
[chuckles, claps.]

["Honey Honey" by LARRY WAGSTAFF
& Isla Moony playing.]

Oh, hey.

What's your problem?
I know you think you're too cool for us,
but listen,
there's only one of me around here.

Get it?
[both chuckle.]

Is she always this intense?
Not really.

I mean, if this was a chess game,
I'd have used the Petrov defense.

- I get it.
 I prefer the Sicilian defense.

- Really?

- Explain your theory to me.

- Look, I'll explain.

White pieces are supposed to be
Janet, what the heck?
I understand perfectly.

I cooked a turkey with Dolores,
and I learned that on Thanksgiving
turkeys and gobblers are the same thing.

They're always the same.

Are you coming to my dinner?
Just because you cooked doesn't change
that Silvia will probably never accept me.

Oh my God.
Yes, she will.

It's Thanksgiving.

But remember the first Thanksgiving?
The pilgrims and natives
shared a great dinner.

They even made a truce.

And then the pilgrims
killed all the natives.

I mean, I don't want to be a dead native.

Well, if you gave me a chance,
maybe you could give my family a chance.

Like me.
I love your granny.

You called yourself a native, not me.

I never felt this way.

It hurts right here.

Here in my heart.

No, it's just your pride also.

- You still have Yola.

- No.

I'm not interested in fancy.

All I want is my Cata.

- [romantic music playing.]

- Why don't you just say you're sorry?
- Say I'm sorry?
- Yeah.

That's it.


That's it!
You're a genius, Pablito.

Yeah, but no kissing.

Crista, are you all right?
No, I'm not.

It's not cool that you can't see
that Brittany is a popularity parasite.

She'll never be your friend for real.

Like, I mean,
she wanted to make fun of me.

I know.

Wait, it was all a plan
to win over Brittany?
- Mm-hmm.

- You used me?

You're like Regina George.

You make me so proud.

I learned from the best.

You reminded me that I could follow
The 48 Laws of Power.

I mean, you could've written that book.

A book? Me?
Oh, Jani.

We can go to the poetry reading
another day if you want.

that sounds really lame, but okay.

["To Be Perfect" by Meaghan Smith playing.]

But you take me just the way I am ♪
[sirens wailing in the distance.]

I know that I'm safe with you ♪

Forgive me, Cata.
I told you not to come here.

I already gave your uniform to Germán.

- What?
- [whistles.]

No, no, no.
Listen, Cata.

I came to apologize.

I know giving you the teddy bear
was too much,
but, please, forgive me.

Please give me another chance.

Listen, I'm going to forgive you because
it's Thongsgiving.

But not tomorrow, okay?

You just get more beautiful to me ♪
Um, yeah, okay.


- OMG!
- [chuckles.]

I love it!
Thank you, Ernie!
This is so curious.

It's like, um,
the neighborhood meets
the United States of America!
Yola is going to be like
What the fuck?

Would you mind telling me
what she's doing here?
Look, I had to invite Rigo, so that he'd
give me my Christmas bonus early.

But I definitely never mentioned
a "plus-one.
Friends are always welcome, though.

And, as I promised you, Ernesto.

- [chuckles.]

- [Germán whistles.]

- [Dolores.]

- [Tomás.]
Come on.

- [Dolores.]
Careful, guys.

- [Tomás.]
Don't drop them.

Listen, this is my territory.

Yes, it is.
'Cause I won it.



See, Janet told me
all about your little "Tonto picking.
- Thanksgiving.

- Whatever.

The penguins and the stuff.

Listen, you are the invaders,
and we are the natives.

So I don't care.

You have to put up with my stall.

Also, I bet all of your rich,
high-class friends
could use a natural,
but effective butt lift.

[both chuckle.]

Uh, hey, I'll buy you out.

But go away.

- But my glasses?
- And my dentist?
No, and what we owe for this dinner.


Do whatever you want.

Well, welcome to being poor.

You spent all the money on this party,
even more than you had.

Listen up, family.

You can pack up
all the merchandise for Blondie.

- Sure thing.

- [chattering.]

- [cell phone ringing.]

- This too?
Ugh! They'll be here any minute.

Sil, I'm so sorry,
but we have to cancel everything.

Like, I'm really sorry.

The guests were scared to go
to a neighborhood that's so complicated.

- I don't get it.

- We'll get together at your new house.


Huh? Did Yola just cancel?
- [phone chimes.]

- Hi, girls.
Let's go over to Ana Lu's.

Oops, wrong chat.

[sirens wailing in the distance.]

[chair scrapes.]

No, of course they weren't coming.

They probably know that we live here.


And Yola can tell a riches-to-rags story
just by looking into your eyes.



They have a new chat group without me.


Blondie, I understand you.

Because those women weren't supportive
of my family either.

I was gonna take my family
to a nice dinner
with the money that I made from my sales,
but how about I pay for your dinner
and we stay here?

With all the fuss, we forgot the point
of this entire celebration.

To give thanks and be in peace.

Well, actually,
it all ended in mass genocide, so
- Um, excellent.
Let's eat.

- [Rigo.]
Let's eat.

Wanna come over? Come on, please.

Let's go.

It's steak.

With or without sauce.

- Is it really hot?
- [Cata.]
Anyone want beer?
Two beers, please.
Thank you.

[clicks tongue.]

I present to you, our mixed-breed turkey.

- [all together.]
Ah! Yeah!
- [cheering.]


- [Neto.]
- [Tina.]
- [Tomás.]
- [Dolores.]
Wow, it's huge.

- Hey.

- [Cata.]

- Look who came.

- Yeah, you know.
Dolores taught me
that cooking means
getting your hands dirty for loved ones.


We have different roots, but
remember we can always mix.

- Mm-hmm.

- [Tina.]

- A chef and a poet.

- [all clapping.]

- Way to go, Diex!
- [Tina.]
He's a poet.


This doesn't taste the same.

[whimsical music playing.]

I mixed the mole with Silvia's keto gravy.

It's fusion cuisine.

Well, not bad at all, my chef.

- [chuckles.]

- [cheering.]

- Well done!
- [Tomás.]
I'm not using up my calories on that.

Can someone hand me a bag of those chips
from the take-out, please?
It's called take-out, so
- [Diego.]
It's keto.

- [glass clinking.]

I must say, right now,
we live in terrible times.

We don't stop to thank each other,
and that's important.

Especially those who help us
when we're drowning.

So, cheers.

- [all.]
- [Rigo.]
And everybody drink up!
[all chuckle.]

So great
to have everybody here together.

- Hey guys, did you open a diner?
- Um, no.

We're sharing a turkey and there's plenty.

Why don't you join us?
- Really?
- Come on over.
There's mixed turkey,
beer, and most importantly,
butt-lifting leggings.

- [all chuckle.]

- Come on over!

[overlapping chatter.]

["No Dinero No Es La Vida"
by Ximena Sariñana & Rubén Blades playing.]

[song ends.]

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