The War Next-Door (2021) s02e04 Episode Script



Hi, everyone!
- Wow! Speed it up!
- [clamoring.]

You can do it! You can do it!
Oh, I love Vail.

I love you, Vail!
- Turn it! Turn! Come on!
- [clamoring.]

Come here! I was incredible!
Incredible! This champ deserves
to go shopping!
Oh yes!
Can I get a photograph
for our magazine, ¡Hola!?
- [camera popping.]

- [insect buzzing.]


Hold on, hold on.
Wait just a second.

I'm sorry.
Sorry, uh, sorry!
- [slaps.]

- [gasps, moans.]

What's wrong?
Well, I tried to save you
from a mosquito, but I missed it.


I must be starving like everyone else
in this awful neighborhood.

It might not have been a mosquito.


It was as big as a cricket,
but it looked more like a cockroach to me.

Stop, please! Stop it, I can't.

Get me out of here.

Even if it has to be a vacation.
Let's go.

- [whimsical music playing.]

- [moans.]

Offering your employees
a family integration trip
won't just make them happier,
no, no.

It will also raise their productivity
up to 95%.

How about it, boss?
Should we take a family getaway?

- Okay! I like it!
- Awesome!
Prepare your family
because I have the perfect place for us.

I can't wait to surprise my family.

Oh, you have a family?
I have a daughter, Brittany.

But she's on vacation with her mother.

But I wanna work
on my new family.

Get ready 'cause I have a surprise.

Next weekend, you're all invited
to Rigo Events Integration Trip.

Yeah, close by.
Just a day trip.

It's like a family camp,
but with a much cooler name than that.

I don't like going to camp.

I come back all dirty,
and I'm always in charge of the cooking.

I'll take care of everything,
even the cooking.

You see, ever since, well, Chayo left me,
aside from my Brittany,
you are the closest thing
I have to a family.

Especially now since Tina's back
and she's single, right?
- Shh! Sweetie!
- Mom, but it's true.

But you know how people
in the neighborhood like to gossip.

Soon enough, they'll start talking.

I get it, I get it.

I'm sorry I care for this family
more than just a simple friend should.

Now, hold on, hold on, hold it.

Honestly, a getaway would be nice,
even if it's just somewhere close by.

It's been so long
since we went on vacation.

The last time was when we took Pablo
to Chimulco to learn how to swim.

Look at that.
What a cutie.

So gorgeous, yeah?
His eyes look green because the pool
had so much chlorine in it.

That floaty was big on you.

You know what? You're right, Mom.

- So, then are we going?
- No.
I can't this weekend.

I'm taking Diego to a protest.

Hold on, Teresa.

You go to a protest every day,
and nothing changes or it gets worse.

No more excuses now.

We need to spend time as a family.

So we'll accept the invitation
to go to your family day camp.

- Good.

- We're going, we're going.

- Yes.

- We're going.
Eat up.

- [Tomás.]

- [Tina.]
It's obvious that our buddy likes you.

- Oh no, he doesn't.

- Yes.

Rigo used to date Leonor.

Well, I heard that you made out with him
and that's why Leonor got angry at you.

No, don't listen to rumors.

Doesn't matter if they're good or bad.

Leo used to say you'd call the radio
and dedicate songs to him.

Oh, come on.
Don't be silly.

Leo would get mad at you.

No! No, no, no! God forbid!
Besides, Leo is in heaven
with the love of her life.

Yes, and Rigo is married.

Well, abandoned.

Those are the worst ones.

He probably just wants to get back at her
for dumping him.

Oh, Tomás, stop.
Don't tell me
you're a jealous brother now.

I think you're just imagining things.

Just enjoy the trip and stop bugging me.

Oh, finally!
A well-deserved weekend vacation!
So this is for real?
I don't get it.

Why do you need two suitcases
for a weekend?
Dude, one's for my clothes.

The other's for makeup and accessories.

Chivis, what's with all this baggage?
Oh, only the essentials.


Where's our driver?
[vintage horn chiming.]


- Hey, hey, buddy!
- [cheering.]

Hey, it's my buddy, Neto,
with his lovely family, huh?
- Are you ready for the family integration?
- Hang on, we're going on a trip with them?
No, no, no, no, ma'am.

We're not going away.

It's just a family camp.

Why would we go away when we have
the Primavera Reserve right nearby?
Go and put your luggage away
and climb on board!
Okay! Enough with the blah, blah, blah.

We're gonna be late.

Rigo, come on.
Let's go!

No, thanks.

I'm not getting in that car.

Wha the
What's going on, Neto?
What's wrong? What's wrong?
I mean, it's family integration, right?
If you don't integrate,
you might lose your job.

I mean [clicks tongue.]

Uh, Chivis!
- Well, then.

- All right!
- Let's go!
- You heard 'em! Let's go!
[vintage horn chimes.]

[indistinct chatter.]

[all clamoring.]

I got everything set up.
Look at this.

- I got the streamers
- [Tina.]

[overlapping chatter.]


I was suffocating in there.


What is this?
What's this?

I knew it, Pablo.

Do you have a signal?
No, got nothing.

What will I do?
My fans need to hear from me.

You mean, our fans.

I guess.
We need a signal.
Well, let's try to find one.

Did you get Porta Potties?
What for?
Why do you need the Porta Potties
when you have this huge bathroom?
- Huh?
- Hmm.

Hey, buddy, uh, hold on, hold on.

- Hey, uh, I need a favor.

- Hmm?
Look, the truth is,
I wanna use this day camp
- Mm-hmm.

- to win Agustina over.

But, honestly,
Ever since she moved to Juárez City,
I don't know.
I feel like she changed.

Like she's high-class now.

- Agustina, high-class?
- Don't you think?
And the truth is, I have no experience
with hitting on high-class women,
and I can see you're a natural
when it comes to that sort of thing.

- You're very preppy.

- [chuckles.]

I mean, I've seen all the women
who line up just to see you rockin' it.

We'll figure something out, okay?
Uh, buddy, can you
Your advice is important to me.

So can we
I just need to
- Ah, ah.

- [urine trickling.]


You have to wear these T-shirts, okay?
But don't sweat too much.

Ah, thank you, but I think I'm okay.

No, no, no, no!
Chivis, Chivis, Chivis, Chivis.

It's family integration day.

So, integrate.


- Oh my love, he's my boss.

- So what?
Ernesto, this is going to be a nightmare.

Please, let's get out of here.

No, Chivis.
No, Chivis.

We have to stay and play all his games.

Welcome to Family Integration Day
hosted by Rigo!

We have everything we need
to have a blast of a day.

We have Potato Sack races in pairs,
Blind Man's Bluff in pairs,
And lastly, relay races in pairs.

The pair who wins the most games
will win tickets
to see the special concert,
- Los Ángeles Azules!
- [cheering.]

Oh, stop that.
You don't know their songs.

Of course I do.

They're the ones who sing with Paty Cantú.

Oh, so you know their duet album?
How predictable.

- [mimicking.]

- [Rigo.]
Ladies, settle down.

We haven't even started,
and the claws are coming out already.

Save your energy for the games!
- Yes!
- [cheering.]

- I'll destroy you.

- [Silvia chuckles.]

- I will crush you.

- [Silvia.]
Oh, yeah?
Based on the raffle arranged by Rigo,
these are the teams for today.

Germán and Tomás.

- Tere and Diego.

- Of course.

- [Dolores.]
Cata and Janet.

- [both.]
Chivis and Neto.

- We better win.

- Yeah!
Crista and Pablo.

Agustina and Rigo.

We're not playing games.

We have to find a signal.

Besides, the idea is to post
interesting and cool stuff,
not your family hopping in potato sacks.

Hey, shouldn't our fans
meet our families eventually?
You want to lose followers?
- Oh.

- [scoffs.]

Well, no.

Crista! Crista, wait up!
- Hold on, please!
- Hey.
Relax, Pablito.

I see who wears the pants
in this relationship.

There's no pants.
We decide together.

- Oh, really? Are you sure?
- Yes.

So why aren't you playing the games, huh?
Especially Blind Man's Bluff,
your favorite.
Let's be honest.

No way.

You're gonna play Blind Man's Bluff too?
Well, yeah, of course.
Didn't you hear?
But I can't.
 We have work to do.

- Where's Crista?
- She went that way.

Oh no.
You made me lose her.

- Crista! Crista! Crista, where are you?
- Ridiculous.
So whipped.

Dear Genie,
your buddy is asking me for help
to hit on your sister-in-law,
but this idea
of hitting on family like that,
I just don't think
that's what buddies should do.

I won't help him.

I mean, unless you want me to.

[whimsical music playing.]

Get ready.

You know running on a treadmill
isn't like running outside, right?

Ever since I moved here,
I've run in the sun every day.

See? The spots.

Well, with or without spots, I'll win.

Because I'm a real Los Ángeles Azules fan.

Tell me,
how many concerts have you been to?
In Los Angeles, Chicago or here?
You liar.

- How about this technique?
- [grunts.]

I'll speak really low
so that Tina has to get close to me,
and then I'll, you know.

I'll get intense.

Yes, that's a good technique.

High-class women like getting intense.

And then then you can grab their waist
and give them inappropriate compliments
and feel them up.

- That's what I was hoping.

- I mean, I'll be respectful.

We can disrespect each other later
in the dark.

You tiger! [chuckles.]

- [Rigo chuckles.]

- [Neto sighs.]

Genie, give me a sign.

I'm so confused.

Blind Man's Buff.

That's the name of the game.

The idea is to guide your partner,
who is blindfolded, to the finish line.

- Whoo!
- [Dolores.]
Any questions?
We'll win 'cause we understand each other
with our eyes closed.

I wonder if that butch
put a spell on Diego.


- [whispers.]
You know what I think?
- Oh! What?
What was that?
- Oh, sweetie, it's okay.

- What, Mama?
Sorry, I thought you might be cheating.

We have to win because I'd love
to go with you to see Los Ángeles Azules.

What? I couldn't hear you.
Can you speak

On your marks,
get set,
Straight, straight, straight.

Oh, I'm nervous.

What if I step on a big bug?
Oh gosh.
I don't know if I can do this.

- [Tere.]
Which hand do you wave with?
- With the left.

- No, no, no.
Wait, to the right.

- Your left? Go left.
Okay, right.

- Ah!
- Aw.

- [scoffs.]

- Um, I'm I'm sorry.

- I meant the right.
That's gross.

- So gross.

Quick, quick, quick, quickly.

That's it.
Straight, straight, straight.

- To the right.
To the right!
- [grunts.]

Right! I told you to the right!
Right, Ernesto!
Ugh! You know what?
You can kind of see, okay?
You know what? Quick.
Can you see?
Quick, quick.

That's it.
Straight, straight.

Oh, there, there.

I better grab your waist.

I can't see anything.

You can just lead me there.

No, what? What's that about?
Can I at least hold your hand, then?
Just like in the old days.

No! You can grab my elbow.


Hey, hey.
Don't grab me, Germán,
or I'll fall in love.


[indistinct chatter.]

Ugh! Come on, Germán.

You're supposed to be guiding me here.

Bye! Sayonara! Ciao!
- [chuckles.]

- Oh no!
Diego, Tere, stop touching.

- You two are cheating!
- What?
Hold on to me.

[Silvia gasps.]

Yeah! [chuckles.]

- No!
- [Tina.]
We won!
How can I forget you? ♪
How can I forget you? ♪
Okay, Blondie.
You're such a fan,
so what song was that?
"The Ribbon in your Hair.
Mmm! Wrong.
It was "My Feelings.
How can I forget you? ♪
Great, Ernesto.

You lost.
You lost!
- It's over.

- [Pablo.]
Oh no.

Crista, where are you?
- Crista!
- [Tina.]
I hate getting all sweaty.

But I didn't care as long as I see
that Aryan goddess didn't win.

Look at her.
She probably dances
to salsa instead of cumbia.

Like you.

Yes, but it's purposeful.

I understand the difference.

But if she wins, she'll do
what you always talk about, Janecita.

Cultural expropriation.

It's appropriation, actually.

And it doesn't apply to Silvia
because she's Mexican.

So what? Huh?
I still need you to help me win.

You understand?
[all together.]

We got this.


- [Tere.]
Why does she want to win?
- I don't know.
[Cristiano imitating woman.]

I'm here, handsome.

What's up, Pablito?
Did you lose someone?
Crista, my best friend.

She's a beautiful blonde.

Have you seen her?
Your best friend? That's so lame.

- What are you doing here?
- We came for a day camp to relax.

But if you want,
we can help you find your best friend.

I know this place well.

Thanks, though.

She's probably just on the other side
of the park by the river.

Well, be careful if you go to the river
because there are a couple places
where the water's really deep.

Yeah, I know.
I stepped in.

[whimsical music playing.]


We're heading out, then.

See ya.

Nothing is working.

- Tina wasn't into me touching her.

- Mm-hmm.

No, no, but I think you're doing well.

- No, no.

- Look.

High-class women
they're very sure of themselves.

So you have to soften them up.

Like soccer.

As a starter, you confront your rival.

That's how you start strong.

They'll know then that you won't
be intimidated.
You're an equal.

I get it.

So I have to add some pressure
and get the fire started.

Mmm, that's it.
You gotta
get her out of her comfort zone
and tell her uncomfortable truths.

They go crazy.
It turns them on.

That tough love.

- I'll give it my all.

- You got this!
- [exhales.]

- Mm-hmm!
Genie, the sign?
[ominous music playing.]

[suspenseful sting.]

- Oh, no way!
- [shrieks.]

- What's this?
- I found your headband.

- This is yours, isn't it?
- Yuck.
That's not mine.

Just take me to the limo.

I need to go back and charge my phone.

The limo.

You know how to get back, right?
- Because I don't remember.

- No.

Oh gosh, no.

I don't remember how to get back,
but we have to hurry before it gets dark.

Did you see The Blair Witch?
No? No, it's good you didn't
because, honestly, I didn't last long.

So as soon as I hear a little boy's voice,
I'm running away.

That's ridiculous.

Well, you're blonde,
and blonde's always get killed first.

Have you seen horror movies?

This game is life and death.

It's called Potato Sack Race.

And the team who makes it
to the finish line first wins.

Easy! Like CrossFit.

Rich people pay to lift sacks
like construction workers.

Isn't that right, Rigo? [chuckles.]

At least they do something
to stay healthy.

Everyone knows that you'd never run.

Not even if your house was burning down.

You're a funny guy.
What a clown.

Get in the sack.
Come on.

Hope we both fit, Tina.

You're not the spring chicken
you once were.

Diego, don't go so fast.

We need to have the same rhythm.

See? You know that's what always happens.

I get too excited.

And it would be nice if,
for once, you didn't get so excited
and let me go first.

Are we still talking about sex?
Diego, no!
Just potatoes.

I'm getting out of the sack.

- Tere.
- [Dolores.]
On your marks, get set,
and go!
[all grunting.]

Oh no!
- Run! Come on!
- [grunts.]

Don't stop!
- I'm exhausted.

- You didn't bring your oxygen tank?
No, I left it at home.

Come on, just carry me.

[all grunting, breathing heavily.]

Come on!
- Oh no, no, no!
- [grunts.]

- [groans.]

- [cheers.]

[both cheer.]

Thankfully, I don't exercise.

Isn't that right?
You're too much.

Instead of insulting me,
you should've run faster.

- Darn it.

- We're supposed to hop, not run.

The Espinozas!
Ha, ha, ha!
Come on, please calm down!
How am I supposed to calm down?
Like everyone who tells me to calm down
when I protest against all the injustice.

- What exactly is this about? The game?
- The game?
The game is Mexico, Diego.

You have a wild imagination.

Instead of hitting on me,
Rigo was just insulting me.

Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Look, Tina, Tina.

I bet he's trying the tough love tactic.

He knocks you down a few pegs,
and you pay attention.

It's a pretty desperate tactic, though.

Next, he'll try to woo you with dancing.

- Yes.

- What's that?
You know what? Don't tell me
'cause then I'll be imagining things.

Go away.
You're annoying.
- You're mean, Tina.

- [Pablo.]

- This will protect us from the witch.

- I have a signal.
I have a signal.

I have a signal!
I'm lost in the woods.
The woods.

If you see this story,
call the authorities.

You should record where we are
in case the police see the video.

Shh, Pablo.

Pray for me
and use the hashtag #FindCrista.

Oh, it didn't post! [grunts.]

Why didn't you listen?
You didn't even record me.

They'll only know I'm lost
because you told me
to shut up in your video.

Pablo, this is not
the time to get upset, okay?
You're not helping.

None of your techniques are working,
and I've definitely
been supportive of you.

- I even looked for your gluten-free bread.

- This bread is gluten-free?
I said I looked for it, not found it.

But the real issue here is that giving
a buddy bad advice is not buddy-like.

It's not very buddy-like
to try and hit on your sister-in-law, man.

No, no, it's not.

And Genaro was our buddy.

That's one of the rules
in the buddy manual.

Genie always mentioned it.

- Genaro and I wrote that manual.

- Hmm?
Which clearly specifies
that if one of us buddies dies,
the other enters the family
to take his place.

- Seriously?
- It's true.

But regardless of the buddy manual,
the truth is,
I haven't been able to forget about Tina.

I would like to try with her again.

That's why I have a really important favor
to ask of you.

- Hmm.

- Listen.

Tina loves to dance.

You see, something we're very good at
in the neighborhood,
I mean, besides playing dumb
with the money pot
when it's our turn to pay, is dancing.

That's why I need you to lose.

So I can invite Tina to the concert
and woo her as we're dancing together.

I'm pretty sure old people only make out
while they're dancing.

No, no, no, no, no, buddy.

Dancing is like fucking.


And I want Tina to see
that I am a delicious,
awesome, hot, gorgeous,
god-like dancer for real.

[sucks teeth.]

So, do me this favor.

- No.

- Otherwise
there will be consequences.

[whimsical music playing.]

What's going on?
Are you helping your boss
hit on that ticket thief?
- No.

- Do you know what could happen
if that catalog-pusher becomes his wife?
- Well
- She will feel empowered!
Even more than Müller or La Gaviota!
Plus, I'm really a fan
of the Los Ángeles Azules.

Even if they only sing duets.

- But
- So you have to win, Ernesto.

Or else, there will be consequences.

Understand? [scoffs.]

My love, don't go.

You're dragging toilet paper on your foot.


All right, now I'm mad.

If you don't help me,
the blondie will win those tickets
meant for me.

You shouldn't assume they belong to you.

- [Tere.]
Yep, that's right.

- Okay.

I want them because the Los Ángeles Azules
reminds me of my adolescence.

In fact,
it was right after one of their concerts
when I literally went from being a girl
to being a woman.

Oh no!
That's so gross.

- Oh no, I pictured it.

- Oh, of course.

Now you're shy.
[sucks teeth.]

Let's do the cheer you taught me.

- Um
- Um
Oh, oh, oh, yes.
All right.

I'm going to die here!
record my farewell video, please.

Wouldn't it be better
if we recorded it together?
No way, I'll go first,
and then if you want, I can record you.

Since a witch
is probably gonna eat us, then,
I might as well come clean now, okay?
I'm tired of always having to do things
how you want and when you want!
What we upload and how we upload it.

You never care about my opinion!
I'm the wimp in this relationship.

Our relationship is fake.

You're no one without me.

And I swear, I'm not mean.

You're super nice,
but nobody follows Toxicutes for you.

Yeah? Who would be Belinda's Nodel
if not for me? Huh?
[twig cracks.]

The most exciting moment has now arrived!
- Okay.

- It seems we have a tie
between two of the teams here.

Silvia and Ernesto
- and Agustina and Rigo.
And so
- Yeah.

whoever wins the spoon competition,
will be the ones to get the tickets
to the concert.

We got this!
I'm very good
at putting things in my mouth.

[all chuckling.]

It's from when I was a waitress.

If I had four beers in my hands,
where did you think I put the lemons?
- [scoffs.]

- [chuckles.]
Well, let's go! Let's go!
- [whistle blows.]

- On your marks,
- get set
- Hmm!
[upbeat music playing.]

[whistle blows.]

- [Cata.]
Come on, man.
Get ready!
- [clamoring.]

Come on, Ernesto!
Quickly, quickly, quickly!
[all cheering.]

Come on! You got this!
Come on, Ernesto! Come on, come on!
Faster! Faster!
Ah, ah, ah.

Here it is, Tina!
Tina, Tina, Tina! Go, Tina!
- Go, Tina!
- Go, Tina!
- [Tomás.]
All you baby!
- [Janet.]
Come on!
- [Tomás.]
All you! Go for it, Tina!
- [sighs.]

This is your last chance, Genie.

Give me a sign to help our buddy Rigo.

[pigeon coos.]

[clamoring continues.]

It's a sign!
[dramatic music playing.]

[all cheering.]

- Yeah!
- Whoo!
I won!
I'm going to the concert! [chuckles.]

[all cheering.]

- Honey.

- Yeah!
All right, amazing! Finally,
you get the buddy manual, man! [chuckles.]

Thank you so much for the slip-up, yeah?
Well, I got a sign from Genie.

Oh, here comes your wife.

If you want, take tomorrow off
in case you have any, uh, trouble there.


My love,
that that foot thing is
Was an an accident.

You know what won't be an accident?
You sleeping on the sofa.


For you, Genie.

Are you mad?
[leaves rustling.]

[hip-hop music playing.]

What happened, Pablito?
Since you didn't come back I got worried
and thought you might've drowned.

- He can't swim.

- Hey, I learned how to swim last year.

In his pool.

Hi, I'm Crista.

Wow, I
I'm Cristiano.



I've seen Toxicutes.

Are you together,
or just friends?
We're together, but only on the Internet.

We do it to get followers.


Well, if you want to
do a collaboration someday, I'm here.

I'm an urban artist,
and I have some followers, right?
That's incredible!
I was just looking
to change some things up with Toxicutes.

Tell me about it.

You know the Crista and Cristiano thing
could be awesome.

Oh, I know.

- No way.

- [Dolores.]
In last place
we have a tie.

Janet with Cata and Tere with Diego.

You can't even lose alone!
You'll do better next time, I'm sure.

Second to last place,
Tomás and Germán!
Ah, seriously?
You know,
I thought you guys were gonna win
because you're gay buddies.

I mean, great buddies.

In second place,
it's Chivis and Ernesto!
- Give them a round of applause!
- Ow!
But save your applause
for the winning team of today's day camp.

Agustina and Rigo!
[all cheering.]

Come and get your prize, Tina.

- Congrats, gorgeous.

- Thank you so much.


What was that?
See? Didn't I tell you?
I told you he had feelings for you.


Ow, it hurts.

I don't think I've exercised this much
in my life.

That's what you get for being so reckless.

You're not young anymore, Tina.

Oh, Mom.
It's not like I'm old, though.


It was worth it
for the Los Ángeles Azules.

[doorbell rings.]

[sucks teeth.]
Who's that?
- [doorbell rings rapidly.]

- Hold on.

Oh! That hurts so bad!
Ah! [sighs.]

What's up, Rigo?
Uh, Tina, are you busy? Can we talk?
[gentle music playing.]

I'm I'm sorry about today.

Those The things I said to you
weren't right.
I behaved badly.

You really took me off guard, Rigo.

It it's not like you.

Yeah, I know.
And I'm sorry, but but
I was selfish about my feelings for you.

I mean, because the truth is
Even after all these years, I haven't
- I can't forget about you.

- [Tina sighs.]

Listen, thank you so much
for your honesty, Rigo.

But understand I'm still in mourning.

And you know, you were with my sister
when you came and kissed me
and told me you had broken up with her.

She wasn't answering my calls.

[sucks teeth.]
Well, Leonor used to do that
every time she was angry.

I didn't know that.

I'm sorry for slapping you.

I didn't know how to react.

And about the concert Here.


Well, it's it's not fair to you.

You take whoever you want.

Oh no.

That's not fair to you.

Keep them.

you're a fan.

Red's a good color.


- Hmm?
- Have you been here the whole time?
Yes, I'm your chaperone.

I don't need a chaperone.
I got this.

I'm reckless, but I'm not a moron.

So? We seeing Los Ángeles?
No, I'm not that much of a fan.

You should give it to someone
who's dying to go.

Your loss, my win,
and someone else's gain.

- That's fine.

- [upbeat music playing.]


[insect buzzing.]

[Silvia vocalizing.]

And I want to be your friend ♪

And the heart is the one ♪
So are you gonna tell me how you got that?
What? A ticket?
- Mm-hmm.

- [gasps.]

Oh no.

It's a secret.

Well, when you get back from the concert,
would I be allowed
to sleep in our bed again?
- Ugh, that depends.

- On what?
On your dancing.

You know, they say that dancing
is basically fucking.


- Like that.

- All right! [chuckles.]

["Ni Con Rosas"
by Carolina Guadarrama-Tapia playing.]

[song fades out.]

["El Dinero No Es La Vida"
by Ximena Sariñana & Rubén Blades playing.]

[song fades out.]

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