The Whole Truth (2010) s01e04 Episode Script

True Confessions

(knocks on door) Maybe you missed this in law school, but when a guilty verdict comes in, you are supposed to celebrate.
There's just a-a few issues I need to prep - in case of an appeal.
- Which will happen in about two years.
- Come on.
Join Christina and me for dinner.
- Oh.
Tempting to be your third wheel, Edge, but can I take a rain check? - At least promise me that you will be leaving soon.
- I'm right behind you.
I am.
Good night.
(clicks pen) (speed dialing) (man) How about a pizza? Hi.
It's Kathryn Peale.
What can I get ya? Yeah, a small pepperoni with extra cheese.
Cheese, okay.
About 45 minutes.
No problem.
I'll be here for a while.
(button clicks) (police radio chatter) (police radio chatter) Police.
Open up.
- Hey.
- Someone here call 911 about a break-in? - Yeah.
- Well, what makes you think someone broke in? It's my parents.
(man gasping) (gurgles) 1528 to Central, I got 2 down.
I need an ambulance to my location.
He looks like he's waiting for a bus.
Is he in shock? More like a stone-cold killer.
Blood on his clothes, gunshot residue on his hands.
Just give me a couple hours with him.
- You think you can get a confession? - He's 16.
If he's guilty, he'll break.
He's 16, so tape it, all of it Miranda, interrogation, the works.
Taping's not required.
No, but it's so nice to have.
It protects you.
It protects the case.
Go set up the camera.
Call me when you're close? You got it.
2! Jimmy! Jimmy! He said he had to speak to you.
- Someone broke in to my parents'house last night and shot them.
- Oh, well, I guess he does.
My brother Anthony called me, but I was with my girlfriend.
My phone was off.
I just got the message.
They took my brother Anthony the police.
- They won't let me see him or any - H-hold it.
Took him where? The the 27th Precinct.
- Look, he he's just 16.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, I I don't know what to do.
All right.
I do.
Come on.
(Anthony) - How long do we have to do this? - Well, we can stop right now If you want to go to jail for the rest of your life.
If you help me, I can help you.
- But I didn't do anything.
- I know, Anthony.
I believe you.
It's just this lady prosecutor is hunting scalps, and you gotta clear yourself.
(horn honks) (man) Get outta here! (horns honking) (men shouting indistinctly) (blows air) Moses, you can't part the Red Seas for me? No miracles today, huh? Here you go.
(horns continue honking) (woman shouts indistinctly) You gotta give it up, Anthony, or nobody can help you.
I'm I'm so Tired.
I've been in here all night.
You owe it to them.
You owe it to yourself.
- Where's Anthony Esposito? - Who are you? - I'm his attorney.
- Well, he didn't ask for an attorney.
- Well, his brother hired me.
- Well, go talk to his brother then.
Anthony! Anthony Esposito! You're gonna have to step out.
Anthony, ask for an attorney! Get him out of here.
- Where is he? - He's all yours, counselor.
And, uh, by the way, he just confessed.
(scoffs) That's a cute tie.
Corrections by Linus75 Where is he? He's all yours, counselor.
And, uh, by the way, he just confessed.
Please tell me that that is not another plant on her desk.
Margaret from intake retired, left Kathryn her orchid.
What's the over-under on the death watch? Wednesday noon.
(Edge) Put me down for $50 under.
(knocks on wall) Welcome, gentlemen.
All right, we have charged Anthony Esposito with murder and attempted murder.
His mother's dead, - his father's critical still in surgery.
- We have gunshot residue on the hands, - Blood on the clothes.
- Plus, there was no one else in the house.
- Plus, he confessed.
- Oh, he did it.
There's no question about that.
But juries aren't crazy about sending teenagers away for life.
(clicks pen) We need witnesses, we need motive, we need to make the jury understand how a teenager could do this.
But he confessed.
Aren't we golden? He has recanted his confession after hiring the legendary Jimmy Brogan, who, of course, will argue coercion and anything else he can think of to keep it out of evidence.
- So the rest of the case has to be bulletproof.
- He has a brother who won't talk to us.
I'm trying to locate, uh, Paul and Meena Bagdazarian, who had dinner at the Espositos' last night.
Chad, go to Anthony's school.
Talk to the teachers, his friends, see if there's anything there.
- I'm gonna look at the crime scene.
- How did you catch this case? - Robertson was on the chart last night.
- Detective Razik called me.
I think he has a little crush.
No, he doesn't.
(police radio chatter) (speaks indistinctly) - Have you talked to any of the neighbors yet? - Howdy to you, too.
Nobody's home.
Lock's broken.
Kid probably jimmied it to make it look like somebody broke in.
But you're still sure - no one else was in the house last night, right? - Anybody who was would have seen Anthony Esposito shoot his parents.
We pulled his print off one of the shell casings.
Paramedics got here first.
His father was already headed to the hospital when the CSU arrived.
Nothing else has been touched.
(police radio chatter) Nothing like a little crime scene irony, huh? - Huh.
- Where's Anthony's room? Oh, you mean the den of the cave bear? (police radio chatter continues) Whatever happened to "Playboy" centerfolds? Check out his comic books.
Anthony drew them himself.
Really? They're pretty good for the third Menendez brother.
Does this look like his parents? When they still had all their body parts.
(man whistles) Your boyfriend's here.
Mm, him again.
He's everywhere.
When he gets in here, don't let him out of your sight.
Per se, bagatelle The city is filled with exquisite restaurants, and you You want to go here.
What's wrong with Phil's falafel? Where do I begin? (mouth full) Crime scenes make me crave salt.
Okay, Anthony's school His counselor told me she couldn't say anything about Anthony without his parents' permission.
I pointed out the problem there.
She gave it up.
Okay below-average student, bad attitude, picked fights, and drumroll, please Last week, the Espositos agreed to transfer Anthony to a military school for, and I quote, "structure and discipline he clearly requires".
Good, huh? (mouth full) Not bad.
Victor Esposito will be out of surgery any minute.
I need you there to talk to him - before anyone from Brogan's office.
- Sure.
I'm just gonna grab a quick falafel to Maybe not.
I'm getting another shawarma.
- Really? - And a baklava.
I'm living it up.
Military school equals motive.
Quittin' time.
- Go home, Tina.
- I'm a big girl.
It's your life or lack thereof.
How did you get past security? You dating the guard's sister again? Katie, the only person who sees me as a threat here is you.
Dessert? Thoughtful.
What are we celebrating? - We're celebrating the end of a bogus prosecution.
- What's with the hole? There is a big fat hole in the middle of Anthony Esposito's confession.
My motion for a huntley hearing to suppress my client's statement.
There's a little gap in the tape at a-a very interesting moment.
And you might wanna water that plant.
Anthony, ask for an attorney! (man) Get him out of here.
He just confessed.
(scoffs) (buzzer sounds) You know, Anthony, the police have a confession signed by you.
(sighs deeply) The Detective said that I was the only possible suspect, that my prints were all over the gun, that my Dad said I did it.
He said that (sighs) He said the only chance I had to get out of jail before I died was to lie and say I did it.
He's the one who's lying.
I mean, half that stuff isn't true.
Your father hasn't woken up from his coma.
I didn't kill my parents.
We should probably start with you telling me what happened last night.
My Dad's partner came over for dinner with his wife.
That's Paul and Meena Bagdazarian? Yeah.
Paul and my Dad own a bunch of dry cleaning stores.
You eat with them? Meena and Mom talking about shoes? Paul and Dad arguing about money? Pass.
They fight a lot? Lately Nonstop.
So I went up to my room.
I was blasting tunes, drawing.
Around 10:00 (sighs) I smelled something, like firecrackers.
I went downstairs and found 'em.
(sighs) Thanks.
(man) We saw Anthony before we sat down to dinner.
Everything was fine.
He and Mark are like our own sons.
That's why I am paying your fee for Anthony's defense.
(cell phone buzzing) Whoa.
Bagdazarian, can you think of anyone who might have done this? (beep) Uh, last year, Victor fired an employee, Jose Vasquez, who came back and robbed one of our stores.
Jose had a cousin who threatened Victor - to keep him from testifying.
- We'll check that out.
Mark, how were things at home? Okay.
Um I mean, yeah, Mom and Anthony would go at it sometimes.
Susan was a good mother, but she could be tough on the boys.
It got Mark into Columbia.
Where did it get Anthony? Look He acts tough, but He's scared.
Okay? I'm his big brother.
I'm I'm supposed to be taking care of him.
But now you need to do that, Mr.
Thank you.
Thank you.
All right, check that guy out.
Anthony said he and his father had been fighting about money.
They were partners.
Maybe there's life insurance.
Yeah, go get him, A.
! (imitates gunshot) (Razik) Your Mom looked up from her book, and you did what you did.
If you don't give it up, Anthony, nobody can help you Oh, yeah, that cop was a huge help to Anthony.
You get through the whole thing? (turns off video) Three times.
They did a real number on him, for 11 hours.
The law says they can lie to him.
Well, it also says we can try like hell to get that confession tossed.
And if we don't, let's see what a-a jury says about cops working over a boy who just saw his parents doing the backstroke in their own blood.
How's the police report? Perfunctory.
Token canvass of the neighborhood.
Why investigate when you got a patsy? They did find Anthony's prints at the scene and on the shell casing.
Hello? He lives there.
Anthony told me his dad used to let him load a-a-a shotgun they kept downstairs.
Maybe you should hit the hospital.
As soon as Victor Esposito is out of surgery, I want a statement exonerating Anthony.
We'll get a-a copy of Anthony's hard drive.
Goth chat room cruising could help with the ticktock.
A-Alejo, we'll eyeball the crime scene first.
You know, this kid's life is on the line.
If we screw up well, we can't screw up.
(man whistles) All right.
So the guy who threatened Victor Esposito is Miguel Vasquez.
The police brought him in, but they couldn't make a case.
Yeah, they're too busy railroading confused teenagers with the help of Kathryn Peale.
I always figured you for more of a Wonder Woman fan.
You're gonna love these, Jimmy.
Your client's a real artiste.
Try not to steal any towels this time.
(woman speaking indistinctly over p.
) (monitor beeping rhythmically) Of all the hospitals in all the world Please.
Hey, just 'cause we're on opposite sides of the case - doesn't mean we can't be pleasant.
- You get between me and Victor Esposito when he wakes up, and you'll be glad you're in a hospital.
No help from Anthony's computer.
He wasn't on it at the time of the murder.
But in Victor Esposito's home office, There were internet downloads of partners suing partners over embezzled funds.
So Mr.
Esposito thought his partner Paul was embezzling.
Looks like.
Love it.
And the night of the murder, Paul was at the Espositos' for dinner.
Roast beef, mashed potatoes, bang bang for dessert.
But if Paul shot Victor, why hire us to get Anthony off? Yo no sé.
Well, what about that guy, uh, Miguel Vasquez, who threatened Esposito? I tracked him down at Rikers.
Turns out he's serving time on an unrelated assault charge, but he wasn't picked up for that until the day after the Espositos were shot.
Sometimes I wanna kiss you, Mr.
You might want to clear that with my husband.
(chuckles) Make it a perfect trifecta.
Tell me Victor woke up and said Anthony was upstairs - saying his prayers when the shooting started.
- Victor Esposito died 30 minutes ago in ICU.
He never regained consciousness.
I gotta go to the bathroom.
(Razik) Sure.
(Razik) We're running out of time here.
- Don't do it, Anthony.
- You know what you've got to do.
Oh, every damn time! I need another drink.
(groans) (remote control clatters) (mouths word) (tape rewinds) Full soda bottle.
(tape fast-forwards) Empty soda bottle.
Detective Razik, you've been a naughty boy.
(buzzer sounds) - It's okay, Mark.
- It's not.
Sorry to break up the party, guys.
Anthony Right before you confessed, you went to the bathroom.
Now when you sat back down to finish your soda, tell me exactly what that Detective said.
He said That it was my Dad who ID'ed me - as the one who shot him and my Mom.
- You already told me that.
What else did he say? Okay, how is he supposed to remember that? He has to remember that.
He Just held up an envelope - and said my Dad's little - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What envelope? A manila envelope.
He said my Dad's statement was inside.
- Yahtzee, baby.
- What? The police are allowed to lie, my friend.
They're not allowed to fabricate evidence.
How did you get past security? You dating the guard's sister again? Katie, the only person who sees me as a threat here is you.
Dessert? Thoughtful.
What are we celebrating? We're celebrating the end of a bogus prosecution.
What's with the hole? There's a big fat hole in the middle of Anthony Esposito's confession.
My motion for a huntley hearing to suppress my client's statement.
There's a little gap in the tape at a-a very interesting moment.
And you might wanna water that plant.
I specifically asked you to record the entire interrogation - to avoid this exact scenario.
- The battery went dead.
- I sent a uniform to get an extension cord.
- And you didn't say a word till he got back, right? There's a rhythm to an interrogation.
You stop, you may never get back to where you were.
And then at that moment, you pull out an envelope with this mystery statement.
You know fabricating evidence is grounds for getting the confession tossed.
What evidence? That envelope was empty.
That kid butchered his parents, and I got a confession.
I did my job.
Now you do yours.
Once the Judge sees the gap in that tape, - the confession is history.
- It's not the gap.
Don't say "gap".
Don't think "gap".
It's about what happened during the "G" word.
Inducing a confession based on fabricated physical evidence is crossing the line.
But the envelope was empty.
The Detective told Anthony that there was a statement inside it.
But he never showed Anthony the statement.
- He's allowed to lie.
- The envelope was a fake.
They're not allowed to fake evidence.
- It wasn't a fake.
- It was a fake fake.
- There was nothing inside it.
- And that's your position A fake's no good, but a fake fake's okay? Because a fake fake's not a fake.
- What Judge did we draw? - The Gods have smiled upon us Amy Shapiro.
Amy Shapiro bleeding heart hack.
The interrogating Detective never directly indicated that the envelope contained a statement from the father.
- But he did brandish it while discussing the statement? - Yes.
That led to a 16-year-old boy to believe that his father, on his deathbed, - labeled him a murderer.
- Detective Razik is a decorated officer - of the New York City Police Department.
- He knows enough to turn off the camera - when he's breaking the law.
- An empty envelope is not evidence.
- This motion has no merit whatsoever.
- If it was that simple, Ms.
Peale, then we wouldn't need me, would we? I'll rule on the motion to exclude the confession tomorrow morning.
Thank you.
Have you ever considered that your client confessed because he's guilty? Have you ever considered that coercing a confession from a defenseless teen is not your finest hour? You know, the hearing's over.
You can stop making speeches.
- I have an offer.
- Uh-huh.
Your client pleads, two counts of manslaughter.
Concurrent sentences? Yes.
A gift, from me to you.
- Make it man two? - Oh, now that's just greedy.
Offer expires tomorrow morning when the Judge rules.
(light piano jazz playing) Did you hear from Brogan? Not a peep.
Explain to me something.
How did you catch this case? Because Razik didn't call you.
So shall we add "psychic" to the list of your many talents? - A police scanner? - Okay, I know.
It's kind of - Pathetic.
-Well, no, I prefer "vigilant".
There are 500 ADAs in Manhattan, of which you are probably in the top ten.
- You want to take over the caseload of the other 490? - That's not what I meant.
Then what did you mean? Exactly.
When this case is over, you vacation.
Why? If you have to ask (siren wailing) If you take the offer, you could be out in 12 years, maybe less.
Young enough to have a life.
And if you don't, you could go to prison forever.
(sighs deeply) I wish my Dad were here.
Look Listen, man, I don't know what your Dad would say, but (sighs) if you didn't do it, Anthony, I-I don't think you should say you did.
The offer is declined.
By you or your client? (door opens) It doesn't matter.
It's off the table.
Regarding the motion to exclude Mr.
Esposito's confession, this court finds the conduct of the NYPD in this matter to be highly questionable, but it's not rise to the level of fabrication of evidence.
The defense can still challenge the credibility of the confession at trial, but your motion is denied, Mr.
The confession stands.
(gavel bangs) I gave you a chance.
I could have guaranteed - he was out before he was 30, but I had to roll the dice.
- That Judge could've ruled either way.
- You can still discredit the confession at trial.
- Yeah.
You know what? I will.
By the time I'm done, that jury will think Anthony Esposito was water boarded, and then Anthony and I'll share a cab ride home, right? We'll spring for a limo.
Anthony's brother Mark called.
He wants you to meet him at the carousel in Central Park.
I need to talk to you guys.
Here? Yeah.
I-I didn't want anyone to see us.
I think we're okay.
(sighs) Look, my my brother's not gonna go to jail, is he? We're doing everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen.
No, I-I-I know.
I-I know you are, but he's a good kid.
Okay? I-I know he he draws weird stuff and he spends too much time in his room, but he's not a killer.
Well, what'd you need to talk to us about? What I just said.
Are You listening to me? (calliope music playing) Uh, forget it, okay? What is the point? (calliope music continues) And where was he when his parents were shot? Exactly.
What do you got? All righty.
Uh, I found one of Anthony's friends who will testify.
- against his friend? - I told him the trial would be like the Council of Justice in "Everquest".
I know how to relate to the teens.
(chuckles) (telephone rings) - Chad? - What? Where would you want to go on your next vacation? - Depends.
How much do I want to impress the girl? - Not that kind of vacation.
If you wanted to, you know, de-stress, unwind.
- Depends.
How much do I want to impress the girl? - Never mind.
(siren wailing) (Katie) So you and Anthony are friends, correct? Yeah.
Do you recognize this drawing? It was Anthony's.
Uh, he liked to draw.
It's actually the one thing he's really good at.
And the man and the woman being murdered, uh, in the drawing Do they resemble Anthony's parents? Maybe a little.
Maybe a lot.
Did you ever see Anthony fight with his parents? Uh, yeah.
Uh, this one time about, um, a military school thing? He said he'd kill himself before he'd let them send him.
You sure he said "kill himself"? Kill somebody.
Erik, can you describe what's happening in this drawing by Anthony? Uh, yeah Some dude's getting his throat slashed.
And who does that dude look like? Me.
It is it is me.
Did Anthony ever slash your throat? No.
Uh, I still got it.
(gallery chuckles) (Katie) Was the defendant's confession voluntary, Detective? - Absolutely.
- During the questioning, did you tell him - anything that wasn't true? - I told him his father had identified him as the shooter, which wasn't true.
That's a common interrogation technique.
- It's been approved by the Supreme Court.
- And how did you justify - using this technique against the defendant? - Because he had blood on his clothes, gunshot residue on his hands, and he was the only other person in the house when the shooting occurred.
So you believe Anthony's confession? - Of course.
- And you think he said what he said because it's true? Not because you'd been lying to him, keeping him awake, psychologically manipulating him all night long? - All that did was get him to tell the truth.
- Including this? (video fast-forwards) I got the gun.
I walked into the living room.
My Mom looked up from her book.
That's all part of the truth? - Yes.
- Really? Let's take a look at an earlier part of your interrogation.
(rewinds video) I don't know.
(Razik) Sure you do.
You walked into that room.
Your Dad was sitting there.
Your mom looked up from her book and Sounds like you told Anthony about his mom reading a book - before Anthony told you about it.
- The book was lying next to her body.
- It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened.
- Oh, so you found the book next to his mother's body and assumed she was reading? The defendant confirmed that in his confession.
Or Was he just parroting back what you had said to him? - He said it because it was true.
- Were you aware that Mrs.
Esposito couldn't read without her glasses and that her glasses were found after the murders in her bedroom, that she did not have them with her in the living room? This is Mrs.
Esposito's optometrist's report and the crime scene unit's inventory of the Espositos' brownstone.
- Were you aware of those facts, Detective Razik? - No, I wasn't.
So you leaped to an incorrect conclusion, You told it to Anthony like it was a fact, then he said those same words back to you, - even though they were not true.
- He shot his parents.
He said so.
But you said it first.
I respected Razik enough to leave him alone.
Look where it got me.
"Archaeological dig in Turkmenistan"? You said take a vacation.
"dig in the foothills of the Kopet dag mountains, site of an ancient plague of locusts.
I don't know.
- I was thinking more along the lines of Barbados.
- I don't like sand.
Jimmy's witness list a forensic expert, then Victor Esposito's partner, - and then some scuzzball from Brooklyn.
- Alternate suspects.
He's just throwing crap against the wall, hoping something will stick.
"Archaeological dig in Turkmenistan"? Good times.
Anthony, apparently, had gunshot residue on his hands the night his parents died.
How exactly do you test for that? With a UV light wand like this.
Please? Oh, you haven't shot anyone today.
Well, excellent demonstration, sir.
Let me congratulate you.
Thank you.
Actually, would you mind testing me again? Objection.
We we just saw it.
Bear with me, your Honor.
Wait a minute.
What just happened? I was at the gun range this morning.
You see, gunshot residue is transferable.
So Anthony's hand could have been contaminated by clothing, furniture, even officers at the scene? That's right.
Radell, do you believe that the Officers who found the defendant standing over his parents' bloodied bodies would have had any reason to shake his hand and congratulate him? - Um, no.
- Thank you.
I've known Anthony for years.
He may have some issues, but I'm sure he would never hurt his family.
- You were his father's business partner.
Is that correct? - Yes.
What did you and Victor Esposito argue about the night that he was murdered? I thought I was here to talk about Anthony.
But you did argue with Victor that night, did you not? - We had a discussion.
- And during that discussion, did he accuse you of embezzling funds from the company's business? - Why why would you think that? - Did you know that we found internet downloads in his home office about partners suing partners over embezzled funds cases, how-to guidelines? From the internet? Victor barely knew how to use a computer.
Then you tell us, please, what were you and Victor Esposito arguing about two hours before he was shot? This is crazy.
You're accusing me of killing Victor and Susan? (whispers) This guy is paying us, right? (whispers) Call Rhonda.
Tell her to cash his latest check now.
Vasquez, where do you currently reside? Rikers Island.
I'm doing six months on an assault beef, But I-I didn't do it.
On July 18th, did you march into a dry cleaning store - and tell Victor Esposito that you were gonna kill him? - No.
(chuckles) Would you like me to play the video from the store's security camera? I was just trying to scare him, man.
And no doubt you did, but did you kill - Victor Esposito and his wife susan? - No way.
No further questions.
(indistinct conversations) (mouths words) Is he talking to himself? Okay, the brother Mark, his girlfriend the one he says he was with the night of the murders No one can find her.
- Ooh.
This could get ugly.
- It's all in there.
(Mark) There's no way Anthony did this.
No way.
We've heard your Mom was pretty hard on him.
Is that true? Well, yeah, you know, I mean, she was kind of strict, but it was her nature.
So she was kind of strict with you, too? Yeah.
You know, I-I guess I guess you could say so.
So, Mark, I'm holding in my hands appointment slips from Dr.
Hynes of the Columbia Student Mental Health Center.
- Were you ever treated for - No! - Mr.
Brogan - Anthony, sit down.
Anthony - Don't! - Control your client.
- A brief recess, your Honor? - Go.
(Lena) Come on, it's okay.
Anthony, your brother has been treated for erratic and violent behavior.
- He didn't kill my parents.
- I don't care whether he did or not.
- All I care about is making that jury doubt that you did.
- Not like this.
- Anthony - No! He does have problems, okay? You accuse him of murder in front of everybody, - how is that gonna be for him? How much worse? - This is your life we are talking about.
Fine! And I'm telling you, leave my brother alone.
Well, maybe I should have gone to medical school.
When a surgeon goes to save a patient, - the patient doesn't yell, "don't do it".
- Unless the surgery would kill his brother.
Get out of my metaphor, A.
This is the first time this kid has acted like a human being - Protecting his brother? - Yeah, we need to let the jury see this side of him.
He's not exactly cute and cuddly.
He cracked once under pressure.
For all we know, he's gonna confess again, - this time in open court.
- Well, I appreciate the support, - But if we don't turn him into a human being, we lose.
- I'm not answering that.
It's a simple question did you hate your mother? - No.
- No? Your brother said she gave you a hard time.
- Your best friend said she gave you a hard time.
- I didn't hate her.
She was on your case 24/7.
She and your Dad signed on to send you to military school, you had one friend barely you spend all day in your room, drawing weird cartoons.
Shooting your parents? That was your version of a good idea, wasn't it? - Wasn't it? - Get out of my face, bitch! Okay.
Let's Just try it again.
When you came downstairs, what did you see? I wasn't sure.
Something on the floor.
And then I realized, it was my Mom, my Dad.
I froze, and then I called 911.
- Did you kill your parents, Anthony? - No.
Then why did you say you did? The Detective wouldn't let me go home.
He wouldn't let me sleep.
He kept asking me things that didn't make sense.
I would've said anything.
I would do anything to have my parents back.
Well, because that would mean - you wouldn't be on trial for murder, right? - No.
That's not what I meant.
Well, what does this mean, Anthony? Nothing.
It's just a comic.
A comic of your parents being shot? It's a fantasy.
You never heard of fantasy? Uh.
Yes, I have "Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory".
Um, how often did you fantasize about blowing your parents away? Never.
I don't know.
You don't know? You don't know how often you fantasized about killing your parents.
You don't know why you confessed - to their murder.
There seems to be an awful lot you don't know.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
- When you told Detective Razik you shot your parents, - you were telling the truth, weren't you? - No.
You hated them for trying to make you change.
They were going to force you out of your fantasy world and into the real world, and you were afraid you would not be able to make it there.
Isn't that the truth? Isn't that why your parents had to be stopped? Isn't that why you got your father's shotgun and executed your parents? Isn't that the truth, Anthony? Isn't it? (crying) I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
There's nothing complicated about this case.
Anthony Esposito was alone in the house with his parents when they were killed.
Clear physical evidence links him to the crime.
Because he had blood on his clothes, Gunshot residue on his hands.
Anybody could have walked into the house that night.
You're accusing me to killing Victor and Susan? He was an angry, moody teenager who was about to be sent to military school.
He said he'd kill himself before he'd let them send him.
At least two other people that we know of had reason to want Mr.
Esposito dead.
I was just trying to scare him, man.
And Anthony Esposito Confessed.
I did it.
I killed them.
After an unscrupulous Detective kept him awake all night and and messed with his head in every way imaginable.
It's a common interrogation technique.
Even if you were deprived of a few hours' sleep and somebody asked you a couple of trick questions, would you ever, ever confess to a murder you didn't commit? The question isn't whether you would confess to a murder you didn't commit.
It's whether a 16-year-old boy, reeling from discovering his parents' bloody bodies, subjected to a deceptive, all-night interrogation would.
- Will the defendant please rise? - Has the Jury reached a verdict? Yes, we have, your Honor.
We find the defendant, Anthony Esposito, Guilty.
(gallery murmuring) (indistinct conversations) Mm.
You satisfied? I am always satisfied when guilty people are convicted.
Still It's tough to watch a 16-year-old's life go down the tubes.
I know.
But it's his fault, Jimmy, not yours.
Leisure time? You? I hear Costa Rica's very nice.
Rain forest, good surf, best mojitos on the planet.
You say the word, I'll meet you there.
First round's on me.
Yeah, I was thinking The Hamptons next July.
Something like that.
Baby steps.
Can I buy you a chicken parm? I don't care, everyone's Looks yummy, but I gotta see about something.
(laughs) (indistinct conversations) (buzzer sounds, door opens) If there's anything I can do (door closes) Check in on my brother once in a while? Sure.
You know that stuff your father downloaded from the internet, about partners suing partners, that we found after you told me your father had been fighting with Paul? What about it? Paul told me your father didn't use a computer.
So after your little crying show, I checked to see when he downloaded that stuff.
It was the night he died After he was shot.
You did it, Anthony After you shot him.
Before you called 911, you decided you'd better try to frame someone else.
My mother was a bitch.
My father was a pussy.
You should've seen their faces.
(chuckles) Does this mean you won't handle my appeal? Corrections by Linus75