The Whole Truth (2010) s01e05 Episode Script

When Cougars Attack

let's drop yeah come on Ow! Whoa! Careful, sweetheart.
"sweetheart"? Good morning, counselor.
You're looking good.
Nice butt-huggers, jimbo.
You getting ready for your GQ fashion shoot? You'd be the first in line for an autographed copy.
Level 4? What are you, 70? all right, thank you very much.
I'm warming up.
Explains the chicken legs.
will you do it like that? and when she touches like this will you touch her right back? Isn't that your old friend there? Because for the second time in three years, Fashion designer Madeline Landon Is suspected of murdering a younger lover.
I haven't seen her since You got her acquitted of killing boy toy number one? Because she didn't do it.
What, did you wear those shorts today in case she called? No, just for you.
Yeah, I just heard.
you're 20 years too old for her.
will you move her like that? come on, shake, shake, shake, shake, a-shake it Are you not hearing me, hector? We lost a model last night, as in dead, deceased.
Capisce? Jimmy.
I'm so glad you're here.
Are you all right? How could I be? Did you talk to the police? A little bit, after I called 9-1-1.
I found him out here, just like the last time.
It's the same nightmare over and over.
They're giving us till Tuesday for the proofs.
Javier, please.
I'll deal with it.
Just tell me what happed, Madeline.
We had a party for the launch of the spring line.
There were a lot of people going in and out, Uh, all over.
And, uh, I went to sleep at 1:00.
I woke up an hour later, and he wasn't there so I came out to look for him.
And He was fl-- Floating in the pool.
I tried c.
, But I couldn't save him.
Excuse me.
One hour.
the d.
Issued an arrest warrant, But they're gonna let me bring you in.
Ryan Orton, Was a 23 year old from sandusky, ohio.
We'll remind the world that you're a single mother Who once depended on food stamps.
And in a jealous rage, assaulted a young man Who trusted her with his dream Of becoming a professional model.
A dream he achieved under your guidance.
We have witnesses who tell us He was ending their romantic relationship.
She was charged With killing another young lover three years ago.
A charge for which you were acquitted.
Looks like the d.
's office alerted the media.
did you really do it? Jimmy! Jimmy! How does it feel, Defending the killer cougar again? Hey, check the constitution, edie.
She's not a killer unless the jury says so.
Can the d.
's office win this time? We believe the facts are gonna speak for themselves.
no fur! No fur! smooth move, counselor.
Come on, Jimmy, you know you love the press.
What can I say? It's in my blood.
No fur! No fur! No fur! no fur! No fur! You were saying? No fur! No fur! The m.
Reports that Ryan Orton drowned, And he had a prominent contusion on the back of his head.
You missed a spot.
Where? Well, everywhere.
So she brained him, and he fell in the pool.
judge let her out on bail.
Maybe he liked her legs.
Forensics? C.
Collected pieces of the shattered vase.
No blood or hair on 'em-- they were in chlorinated water-- But Madeline Landon's fingerprints were on 'em.
That's good.
Tox screen on the victim? Negative for drugs or alcohol.
Well, that'll make it harder For Jimmy to argue accidental drowning.
Witnesses say that the fight began When Ryan's ex-girlfriend showed up at the p.
Well, jealousy equals motive.
Come to mama.
Make that papa.
I know.
I'm taking the case.
Why? I prosecuted Ms.
Landon The last time she killed a playmate.
You lost, right? Sorry.
You're right.
I lost, and a murderer went free, And that is not gonna happen again.
But I think that maybe a female prosecutor Might have a better shot.
I know the defendant, I know the crime, I know Jimmy Brogan's moves.
No surprises this time.
His smoke and mirrors will not work.
Is this a good time? Kathryn? "new york's 20 hottest lawyers"? A feature in the "manhattanite" magazine.
You are one of them.
That's huge.
It's also moronic and undignified and sexist.
And a personal favor to the district attorney.
He's tired of seeing only defense attorneys In there every year.
He thinks this will be great recruitment.
Well, then tell him to pose in the stupid magazine.
You do not want to see that man in heels.
Chad, let's go.
We have to crush Jimmy Brogan.
The victim's ex-girlfriend is here.
And you--go home.
Take a shower.
I told him I was coming to bring him home.
We went together Off and on since high school.
Brenda, I know this is difficult.
But are you sure That Ryan wanted to be brought home? Yes.
He almost came back last year, Before he got involved with her.
"her" being Madeline Landon? She said she was gonna make him a star.
She was just using him.
He didn't even want to be a model, really.
He just didn't want to go into the appliances business With his father.
That's understandable.
He started calling me again.
I came to new york.
I went straight to that party.
Ryan told me where it was.
Madeline saw us talking.
She got really mad.
She told me to leave.
What did Ryan say? He said he was coming home with me, That he wanted a normal life.
And Madeline got hysterical.
so Ryan told me to leave.
He said he'd handle her And that he'd see me in the morning.
The vase was on that lEdge there, And the flowers got dumped out on the deck there.
Where did the se end up? Uh, everywhere.
Pieces on the deck, pieces in the pool.
She do it the same way last time? No, last time, she smothered the victim, Then she rolled him in the pool.
But she walked? A close case.
That's too bad.
Well, I'm sure you'll do a better job than the last guy.
Ryan was straight, Which qualified him to be Madeline's flavor of the month.
He got the love and the cover of the catalog.
While the rest of us just stood around Looking pretty in the background.
Ryan's dead.
I think you can give that a rest.
I thought we were going with the yellow.
You decided.
Your mother likes these.
I am going to call her.
He's got some pretty big shoes to fill.
Were either of you at the party when Ryan's ex showed up? Total catfight.
Madeline wanted her to clear out.
Did you hear what she said? It was kind of late.
By then, things were a little blurry.
I passed out on the chaise lounge.
If I could borrow that body for a week, There's a few women I definitely could close on.
You can borrow my body anytime you like.
I need a cupcake.
Are you sure you can afford the extra calories? I mean, for the photo shoot.
Mm, I'm not doing that.
Yes, you are.
You know, I heard that you might draw judge feldman.
She bags at least two court interns every summer.
Yes, I know.
She and Madeline Landon Probably share a room at the annual cougar convention.
Oh, yeah, which reminds me-- How's your musician boyfriend doing? Almost 30 And not dead at the bottom of a swimming pool.
Another tragic accident.
Look, you couldn't make it homicide last time.
Prepare to fail again.
Injustice never rules forever.
" Oh, Katie throws out egghead quotes all the time.
I still kick her ass.
I'm standing right here.
"quote" is a verb.
So is "lose.
" See you at the office.
All this testosterone is killing my appetite.
Tell me about it.
So I hear you're one of the "20 hottest lawyers.
" Um, more like 19 self-promoting narcissists And one way out of place a.
18 self-promoting narcissists, please.
I consider myself more way of a fashion pragmatist.
18 self-promoting narcissists, you're doing it, too? It's all part of the game.
Come on.
You never wore a short skirt To win a motion from a troglodyte judge? No.
So I'm hitting a sample sale tomorrow if you're interested.
I don't-- I don't really do shopping.
It's the perfect time to start.
38th and 5th, on the corner.
Bring your plastic.
Another slow day on the assignment desk, maria? Family size.
Must be a big favor.
Oh, what, can't an old friend stop by and say "hi"? Judge feldman Served on a charitable board with Madeline Landon.
I think it best she not serve that case.
And I think I should be 3 inches taller, but life is a bitch.
What do you need? Your a.
S--they're playing hardball on plea bargains, Hence the ugly logjam you see before you.
I could talk to some people.
Well, you do that.
And we wouldn't want To put judge feldman in an awkward position.
perish the thought.
You judge-shopping? Feldman had a conflict.
What, she and the defendant live in the same hemisphere? Jimmy could demand an investigation.
Let him bring it on.
"let him bring it on"? Edge, this is not about you and Jimmy.
No, it isn't.
3 years ago, Madeline Landon killed a 22-year-old kid Because he wanted to break up with her, And she got away with it Because I failed to win a conviction.
And now she has killed a kid for the exact same reason.
She killed him.
You didn't.
Well, let me put it this way.
I am going to see to it That she never gets to kill anyone else.
And if that means defeating Jimmy Brogan Speak of the devil, eh? Here you go.
For the next time you go judge-shopping.
Did you want something? Not me.
I'm a giver.
Little surprise for you in the bag.
It's not too late to drop the case.
It might look better on your record than losing twice.
No fur! No fur! you were saying? Hey.
You're, uh, on the news.
lawyers in the killer cougar case Ohh! Were pelted with paint by a crazed activist.
"killer cougar.
" A 45-year-old woman dating a younger man Is an automatic suspect, But a 45-year-old man dating a younger woman--hardly noticed.
It's not that Madeline Landon's boyfriends are young.
It's that they die young, brother.
No, the first one got drunk and drowned, Alejo.
His blood alcohol was 0.
So why was she charged with murder? Edge argued that he passed out drunk And that Madeline suffocated him before tossing him in the pool.
There were marks around his mouth Characteristic of suffocating.
Or by aggressive attempts at c.
, Which Madeline performed.
So it's like this case.
The contusion on the victim's head Could have been caused by Madeline swinging a vase Or by Ryan Orton stumbling and--and cracking his head On the side of the pool.
The tox screen was negative for drugs and alcohol.
So he's clumsy.
A clumsy runway model? Nobody said he was any good.
Look, call up craig prentice, our expert pathologist, And have him reexamine Ryan's body And give us a scenario of his death That doesn't include Madeline Landon.
And find that ex-girlfriend of his, The one that Madeline supposedly had a fight with.
What? Let's just be careful this time.
Careful about what? Nothing.
Let's get to work.
would you like a drink? Oh, I'm working.
Single malt, one cube.
Look, we're gonna be hearing a lot about this fight That you supposedly had with Ryan And--and his ex-girlfriend, brenda styles? One-way fight.
She called me a bitch, a slut, and a whore, And I asked her to leave.
You didn't threaten her or Ryan? No.
My son was there.
He can tell you.
Well, he's on our witness list.
Anyway, why would I? The girl left.
And Ryan wasn't going to leave me for miss ohio state fair.
That's not what he wanted.
What did he want? He wanted to be a star, and I could make him one.
He was using me, and I knew it.
But he liked me.
I liked him.
I'm past expecting prince charming to show up, No strings attached.
I'm fine with a low-maintenance relationship.
Remember? Let's just think about how we're gonna win this case.
I'm hitting a sample sale tomorrow, if you're interested.
I don't really do shopping so well.
It's a perfect time to start.
38th and 5th.
Bring your plastic.
I got this.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, you're still here.
I'll see you at the office.
The "hot 20.
" Boy, if the yale women's law society could see you now-- You're just jealous because you never made the lukewarm 1,000.
Look, I know wardrobe's an issue and money might be tight, And I know how much you like these butt-huggers.
Here you go.
For you.
You found her? All right, I'm on my way.
All right, so don't forget-- make love to the camera.
no, I don't Look I don't have to talk to you.
All right, look, brenda, I know you're upset.
Everyone is very sorry about what happened to Ryan.
She isn't--that woman.
she had him so confused.
Back home, he never drank more than two beers.
He liked to see the world fresh and clear.
And then he comes here, and he starts being with her And drinking and taking drugs.
And I know about you.
You're the one who got her off The last time she killed somebody.
So if it wasn't for you, Ryan would be alive.
How do you live with yourself? Emotional girl.
I wonder how she'd have reacted at the party If Ryan told h to get back on the bus to sandusky.
Maybe conk him on the head with a vase.
Worth checking out.
Something on your mind? What she said about Madeline.
The first murder she was accused of-- Has that ever crossed your mind? Oh, et tu, Alejo? Not guilty.
Now brenda just said Ryan was taking drugs.
The m.
's tox screen came up clean.
Have our pathologist run his own tox screen-- Super-deluxe model.
All right.
It's not too late to drop the case.
It might look better on your record than losing twice.
You wanna have dinner? I see you've been taking your overconfidence pills again.
My expert's report on Ryan Orton's body.
The night he died, he was chock-full of nadolol.
That's a prescription muscle relaxant That the beautiful pe use to calm their jangled nerves.
So Ryan was calm When your client clobbered him with a vase? Or he was so stoned that he tripped, knocked over the vase, Smacked his head on the deck, and rolled into the pool.
The amount of drugs in his system, That's about the only thing he could have done.
Your move, counselor.
How does your postmortem Miss the presence of a pharmaceutical drug? Nadolol requires a special workup.
The standard screen for a drowning victim Is for narcotics and alcohol.
Well, this isn't really a standard drowning victim.
You remember what happened last time.
Defense counsel turned our homicide into an accident.
Madeline Landon-- she walked free.
Let me tell you something.
Craig prentice? He's a whore.
Okay? He'd tell you michael jackson Died of a head cold if you paid him.
The defense is paying him.
Look, okay, your victim took some pills, Got whacked in the head, and drowned.
Or somebody slipped him the stuff To make his job easier.
I don't know.
Either way, it's a homicide.
What do you think? It's lovely.
It's Madeline Landon.
Oh, for god sake.
What else? You should try this on.
How are you getting along with the client? You know, I kind of feel sorry for her.
Although, she does work The damsel-in-distress thing pretty hard.
Well, Jimmy doesn't seem to mind.
So what's up with you two? I mean If you don't mind me asking.
You know, I Sense Um Energy.
Energy? No energy.
You know, we're-- we're friends.
Did he say something? No.
I mean Wow.
That looks so great on you.
Excuse me.
People vs.
Molineux? Just a little light reading.
Great minds.
what do you think? That's very pretty.
People vs.
Molineux allows the admission Of similar past bad acts into evidence at trial.
The circumstances of the death Of the defendant's previous lover establishes a pattern-- Jealousy as a motivation, death by drowning-- Ms.
Landon was acquitted in the case.
To bring it into evidence would prejudice the jury And be grossly unfair.
People vs.
Sharp stresses that the evidence currently charged Should be the only evidence considered, Barring extraordinary circumstances.
Two young men in the defendant's employ--both of them her lovers, Both of them having threatened to leave her-- Not proved.
Absolutely not proved.
Both of them drowned in the exact same pool.
Now if that is not a pattern It is a similarity.
I'll grant you that.
But it does not rise to the level of a unique signature, And we must give weight to Ms.
Landon's previous acquittal.
The death of the first young man Cannot be mentioned at this trial.
Thank you.
What the hell are you smiling at? Oh, we lost.
Okay, bummer.
But prepare to be happy.
I've been through the records of Landon couture.
Did you know that the florist bill comes to 2 grand a month? Chad.
So for the past four years, The company has been purchasing nadolol Under the category "refreshments and catering.
" And you wanted to fire him.
And the prescription is in Madeline Landon's name.
Oh, but I must.
I did.
What? Want to fire you.
thought so.
Going down.
Actually You are.
All right.
Let's go.
Out of here, everyone.
Out, out, out.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
What is it? You have a prescription For the drug that helped kill your boyfriend? What? Nadolol.
Does that sound familiar? Oh.
Yeah, uh, the models call them smoothers.
It helps prevent anxiety on the runway, And Ryan used to pop them like candy.
It's Standard, uh, industry practice.
Well, it stops being standard industry practice When said pills end up inside a corpse Floating in your penthouse pool! I'm sorry, but if you gave Ryan those pills, The prosecution's gonna claim that you did it To make him easier to kill.
I never killed Ryan.
Why don't you check out that old girlfriend of his? 'cause when they broke up in ohio, she was stalking him, And he had to get a court order! He told me that! Oh, okay.
Well, that's good to know.
Yeah! And I never killed anyone! All I do is make high-priced dresses and date sometimes! That's all I do! You don't think I'm guilty, do you? The next time I order a super-deluxe tox screen, Run it on me.
Edge's case was so weak Until I handed him a smoking gun.
With Madeline's prints all over it.
So we argue Ryan took the stuff recreationally.
We paint him as a party boy.
Who took too many drugs, stumbled, and drowned.
Madeline drugged Ryan so he couldn't fight back When she smacked him with the vase.
Note to self--don't break up with Madeline Landon, Especially near a pool.
Ryan accidentally overdosed, Then he bumped his head Then he bled And he didn't get up in the morning.
Even if Ryan was attacked, it wasn't by Madeline.
It was brenda styles, his stalker ex-girlfriend.
Even if Ryan took e drug himself, we argue that It just left him more vulnerable to Madeline's attack.
Ryan Orton was an innocent kid Victimized by a predatory older woman.
Ryan Orton was a predatory kid Taking advantage of an older woman.
Ready, counselor? After you.
The hematoma on the victim's skull was the type of injury That's caused by being struck by a heavy object.
I show you people's exhibit 14-- Shards of broken vase from Madeline Landon's swimming pool.
Now in your expert opinion, Could this vase Have caused the injury to Ryan Orton's skull? Absolutely.
Could the judge's gavel Have caused that injury to Ryan Orton's skull? I-if swung hard enough, I suppose so, yeah.
What if I-I ripped the railing off the witness box And swung that at Mr.
Orton's skull? Well, no gavels or witness boxes were found In the adjacent swimming pool.
But the concrete lip of the pool was there, wasn't it? Yeah, but it didn't leap up and strike Mr.
There's no way a falling 200-pound man Could have struck that and caused that injury? It's highly unlikely.
But not impossible.
Impossible? No.
Ryan and I met in our tenth grade english class.
We did a term paper together on "lord of the flies.
" We were gonna get married.
But weren't you once cited in ohio For stalking him? That was just a misunderstanding.
Ryan withdrew the complaint the next day.
When did you become aware Of his relationship with Madeline Landon? A few months ago.
The city confused Ryan, and she took advantage.
But at the party that night, He told her that he was coming back home with me.
How did Ms.
Landon react? She got hysterical.
I was scared.
Ryan told me to leave.
I never even got to say good-bye.
So Ryan was confused? Yes.
When he was having sex with Ms.
Landon, He thought, what, he was bird-watching on staten island? No.
And when she gave him modeling jobs, He thought he was working on a railroad? I don't know what you're talking about.
Was she taking advantage of him Or was he taking advantage of her? Ryan wouldn't do that.
No? But you just said that Ryan told you to leave that party.
Just so he could clear things up with her.
Well, it sounds like he was clearing things up with you.
He didn't want her.
He wanted me.
She's old enough To be his mother.
It's wrong! It's just wrong! The people call javier Landon.
Landon isn't on the prosecution's witness list.
This information just came to us, your honor, And he is on the defense's witness list, So Mr.
Brogan should be prepared for cross-examination.
Objection's overruled.
The people may proceed.
Mother's always dated younger men.
Every season, She Seemed to connect wi one of the models.
And did these Younger men Get preferential treatment over the other models? Not necessarily.
Mother usually picked one who was talented.
How talented was Ryan Orton? He had potential.
Potential? And yet He landed the cover of the Landon couture catalog.
Who made the selection? My mother.
Did you see your mother fight with Ryan Orton The night of the party? She's my mother.
I shouldn't have to answer this.
Your honor? Mr.
Landon, you will answer the question Or be held in contempt.
What did she say? She can be very emotional.
She'd had a few drinks.
I'm not-- What Did she say? "if you ever see that bitch again" "I'll kill you.
" hey.
Where the hell did that come from? I'm sorry, but it was the truth.
All right, guys, easy.
Boy, he just threw you under a bus.
Well, you know, it's a complicated relationship.
He wants to be in the family business, And he doesn't have the eye, and he--he feels overlooked.
So he lied about what you said? Mm, no.
I said it.
I lost my temper.
Well, for god sakes, Madeline, Is there anything else you haven't old me? No.
Well Your client was questioned in the death of a young man in '98.
This makes three.
All those boyfriends the same age as her son-- Gotta be some issues there, right? Buy you a paper? I demand a mistrial.
If I was losing as badly as you are, I'd demand one, too.
After you excluded any mention of my client's previous arrest, He leaked prejudicial information About her presumed role In some ancient third crime, a matter for which She was briefly questioned, never prosecuted, never charged.
Any reporter with a decent search engine Could have found that information.
The information was never published, Which means it came from a police file.
So go after the police.
Edgecomb, do you deny this leak came from you? I have never communicated in any way With the reporter who wrote that story.
that's not a denial.
And I'm not inclined to launch an inquisition.
I've already instructed the jury Not to read news about the trial, And I will repeat that warning today.
Which will only alert them That there's something to read.
As for you, Mr.
Edgecomb, If any another suspect material shows up in the press, You will be held in contempt.
Your honor.
Nadolol works by relaxing blood vessels And slowing the heart rate.
In large quantities, It can slow heart rate all the way to zero.
Well, how much of the drug did you find in Ryan Orton's body? 10 milligrams per milliliter, Enough to render him unconscious.
And if he were standing up, could it make him fall? Like a rock.
We've heard testimony that Mr.
Orton's head injury Was caused by being struck by a heavy object.
Highly doubtful.
If he was struck forcefully, I'd expect to see a contrecoup injury, where the brain is Bounced forward into the skull.
His brain injury is in the rear, Suggesting he fell and hit his head.
For your testimony here today, You are charging the defense $5,000.
Is that correct? Yes.
I have no further questions.
I think I gotta put Madeline on the stand.
Is this too much? Way.
I mean, the men in the jury are looking sympathetic.
Number six looks like he's ready to propose.
But the women wanna lynch her.
Madeline is a good person.
They just need to see it.
She needs to be careful what she says, So Edge can't open up her past on cross.
So I'll prep her within an inch of her life.
How are you two getting along? On the straight and narrow.
Scout's honor.
What is it? Horrible, eh, Edge leaking that o case to the press? Yeah, no comment.
Is it too late to leave? Just think of it this way-- some young girl Will be out there, and she might read the magazine And be inspired to go to law school one day.
Or jump out a window.
Nina Kincaid made the "hot 20"? She makes every year.
Her husband owns the magazine.
So much for justice.
Meritocracy is dead.
Ready to vogue? Oh, god.
oh come on, boy whoa oh oh you got caught oh oh oh oh, my god come on, man whoa oh oh oh oh oh over it come on, boy, you got caught oh oh oh oh, my god So the important thing is To not make any general statements about your past-- You know, prior relationships, Uh, what a peaceable soul you've always been.
I understand.
You know, you need to be friendly but not coming on, Strong but--but not cold, Just a successful woman isolated by her success, Looking for love In all the wrong places.
I didn't mean that.
It's all right Jimmy.
I read the papers.
in clawing my way to the top, I sacrificed my son, my relationships.
I'm a monster.
Nobody thinks you're a monster.
Jimmy, my own son doesn't care if he hangs me.
Am I gonna die in prison? No.
You're not.
It's gonna be okay.
Did Jimmy redo this place again? Is that a pool table? I'll just grab my bag, and then drinks are on me.
Nothing happened.
You were making out with our client? Technically, she kissed me.
In front of the prosecution! Look, it wasn't my idea to bring Kathryn Peale here In the middle of the night.
So this is my fault? No.
I'm sorry.
Damn it, Jimmy! You promised me that this wasn't gonna happen again.
Again? I had a small Dalliance with Madeline three years ago.
Did you dally her while actively representing her? Of course not.
It was several weeks later.
Oh, perfect.
Can we crucify me later? Right now we got a case to win.
You cannot--cannot put Madeline on the stand.
If Kathryn tells Edge what she saw, And Edges brings it up during cross It'll confirm Madeline's image As a predatory sexpot that sleeps with anything that moves.
That would be me? Apparently.
Okay, this is only a problem if Kathryn tells Edge.
Lena, what'd she say last night? Not a word.
She just ran out.
I thought she saw a rat.
Is your next witness ready, Mr.
Brogan? The defense calls Madeline Landon.
I knew my relationship with Ryan couldn't last.
But I felt good with him.
We both liked horror movies And Willie nelson.
I was very fond of him.
Did you ever see him use drugs? Yes.
Uh, he took these pills called smoothers, All the time.
He said they mellowed him out.
I tried to get him to stop, but, uh He was 23.
With all due respect, ms, Landon, why did you date a 23 year old? There aren't a lot of single men in my age range, And on my job, I'm surrounded by young men.
How did you feel When Ryan Orton told you He was going back to ohio with his girlfriend? He never said that.
That was a lie.
And your son-- was he lying, too, When he said that you threatened Ryan Orton's life? He was exaggerating.
I'm sorry to say, but my son has problems.
Our relationship has problems.
Ryan Orton Gave you sex.
You made him a top model, right? I was fond of him, and he was fond of me.
You say you date younger men Because that's whom you meet every day.
Are we therefore to conclude That you sleep with whomever crosses your path? Objection! Overruled.
Of course not.
I mean, if the feeling strikes you, Do you not just have sex With the nearest Useful man Regardless of any impropriety? No.
So you don't see anything wrong with dating An employee Whom you then promote? Not if the relationship is based on genuine affection.
Genuine affection.
All right.
Then let's talk again about the night And the events that surround Ryan Orton's death.
"what is the quality of your intent?" Justice thurgood marshall-- he posed this question.
He believed that people's true intentions-- They always come out in the end.
Madeline Landon Is a sexual predator.
The city confused Ryan, and she took advantage.
When Ryan Orton Told her that he was leaving her, According to her own son, she threatened Ryan's life.
"if you ever see that bitch again" "I'll kill you.
" Ms.
Landon was alone with the victim.
Her fingerprints were on the smashed vase.
The wound at the back of Mr.
Orton's head Was the type of injury That caused by being struck by a heavy object.
This is Ryan Orton.
He did not get to see his 24th birthday.
Give him justice.
The prosecution hasn't even proved this is a homicide, Let alone that my client is a murderer.
I mean, the victim had taken A substantial amount of illegal drugs.
Enough to render him unconscious.
Now some of you may not like Madeline Landon's romantic choices, But that is not the issue here before you.
Edgecomb quoted justice marshall.
"what is the quality of your intent?" Excellent question.
Your intent must not be to judge my client's lifestyle, But to judge whether the prosecution Has proved her guilty of this crime.
If you do, you will find her not guilty.
Just answer me one question.
All right.
You gonna keep little Brogan in your pants from now on? Yeah, for sure.
Verdict's in.
will the defendant please rise? Mr.
Foreman, have you reached a verdict? We have, your honor.
On the charge of murder in the second degree, We find the defendant, Madeline Landon Guilty.
Kathrine What you said about me and Jimmy I did.
I wanted to beat him.
Well, so his client couldn't kill anybody else, right? Right.
The new Landon couture catalog-- Madeline supervised it while she was out on bail.
so? I know this guy.
I interviewed him at Madeline's penthouse.
You didn't tell him? You didn't tell Edge that you saw me with Madeline? You were immature, irresponsible, and unethical, But I decided that if your client was Going to be convicted, it should be for murder, Not for making out with her stupid lawyer.
Hey, you're letting me off easy.
Well, somebody has to protect your reputation Even if you don't care about it, and besides, we won.
And those would be? Nothing.
Oh, proofs.
Jimmy, it's nothing.
Look at that.
"new york's 20 hottest lawyers.
" Give it to me.
Come on! I like it.
No, seriously, Katie, you look good.
I didn't even look at it yet.
Look at it yet.
No, seriously.
Showing some leg.
And I like it.
You're making love to the camera, like I said.
Shh! show me that pose.
I like it.
You're gay.
No kidding.
You're on the cover of the catalog, And you're gay.
You keep mentioning that.
Are you thinking of switching teams? Madeline always put her boyfriends on the cover.
They traded sex for fame.
What did you trade? How do you know I'm not just good? You told me you passed out in a chair at the party.
Maybe you saw something.
Maybe you told Madeline you wouldn't tell If she Helped you out.
I just want to know.
The case is over.
We won.
Yeah I saw Madeline bean Ryan with the vase.
We pulled him out of the pool, but he was gone.
Madeline said if I kept my mouth shut, She'd make it worth my while.
Seriously? You kept quiet about a murder To advance your career as a male model? And you thought I was just another pretty face.