The Whole Truth (2010) s01e06 Episode Script


how can it hurt, Kathryn? Just meet him.
He's in insurance or something, uh, divorced.
He seems very nice.
And whose son is this exactly? Judy and David Armpath.
You remember them.
Oh, wait.
The Armpits? Kathryn.
What? When we were kids, we called them the Armpits Because David had that terrible-- It's a glandular issue, Kathryn.
Yeah, and probably genetic And a good reason not to go on a blind date with his son.
Coffee, Kathryn.
Just coffee.
Oh, mom.
I know that you mean well, But these--the setups, they don't ever really work out.
Your father promised them.
What are we supposed to tell them? Well, that I can't because I'm seeing someone.
You're seeing someone? Yeah.
Who's that, the old boyfriend from law school? Katherine, are you there? Well, yeah.
Not really.
Well, maybe.
I'm thinking about it.
I don't know.
I just-- I have to give her a reason Katherine? Or she's gonna set me up with Armpit jr.
Say "hi" to your mom for me.
Oh, my god, you know, I know she's trying.
It's just-- I-I can't--I want to--she just-- she just makes me so Katherine, are you there? Ugh! Speaking of women who "ugh!" Katherine? We indicted the wife in the Concolino murder case.
Thank you.
Katherine? Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hello? Are you there? What's his name? What does he do? You know what? I'll tell you all about it later, but I just-- I have to go right now.
I-I have to go to court Where I get to do the interrogating.
They indicted Stephanie Concolino? Yeah.
Apparently, there's a little-known theory In law enforcement that says that if a dentist is killed In his own chair, the wife has to be the killer.
Have they taken her into custody? No.
Lady Kathryn is being so kind As to let us surrender her.
Jimmy, your kids are trying to staple each other.
I'm gonna staple your head to All right.
Boys! no, no! You better run! get back here! All right, justin, mitchell, stop! Now! Nice to see you've managed to keep them alive Ah.
Well On your watch.
Alejo! Come here.
It's been forever.
Too long, danni.
And you must be lena, the new Associate.
Lena, this is danni.
Jimmy's ex and mother to these hellions.
all right, spanky, alfalfa, come here.
Give me some love.
All right, you boys be good to your mom.
Okay, dad.
Danni, I'd love to stay and chat, But I gotta get to work.
Where have I heard that before, huh? Am I allowed to take a toothbrush? Of course you can, Stephanie.
Do they have shampoo? Yeah.
What happens with my wallet? I think probably leave anything valuable here.
Brogan, this is This is all so bizarre.
I mean, what What in the world makes them think I killed Charles? We haven't seen their evidence yet, but you said The detectives were talking to you, asking questions About your divorce, uh, possible infidelities? But there wasn't any-- not by him, not by me.
We just--we weren't right for each other, you know, I I was ready to start a family, And he wasn't.
Anyway, I was at the movies that night.
You--you saw the ticket stub, the receipt on my credit card.
Ask the concession stand guy with the nose ring.
We'll try to find someone who remembers seeing you.
This is what I get for going to the movies alone? Since Charles and I separated, I hate to be here by myself, Just Thinking about My life About him.
Now he's dead.
When you're ready, we sh-should get going.
Bad case, Peale.
You're like a trained bird, Jimmy.
"bad case.
Wrong suspect.
Bad case.
Wrong suspect.
" The marriage was a complete mess.
He was cheating on her.
docket number 1-0-8-6-3.
People vs.
Stephanie Concolino.
You're wrong, katie.
No affairs.
Zero, zilch, nada.
Murderer! you killed my Charles! Your Charles? Charles Concolino was my fiance! No affairs? Captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
Charles Concolino was my fiance! No affairs? You got her remanded? Yep, go to jail.
Do not pass "go.
" She'll stay there if we convict her.
What do you got? Okay, friends of Charles and Stephanie Say that the divorce was initially civil Then turned bitter just before the murder.
Charles' attorney said that Stephanie had been fine With the split but suddenly was demanding a bigger settlement.
Probably right around the time she found out About the new wife-to-be.
Do you have to get that? no.
Wrong number.
Wrong number named "mom"? Keep going.
Okay, so we know that Stephanie went to Charles' dental office Twice the day he died-- once at 3:00 p.
And then again at 8:15, just before the murder.
Well, she claims she was at the theater at 8:15.
The video suggests otherwise.
A surveillance camera in Charles' building Clearly shows Stephanie when she was there at 3:00.
at 8:15, it was raining, So what we get is the back of a raincoat and hat.
Still, this woman is the same size and build as Stephanie, And most importantly, to access the elevators after hours, She had to use her own personal Electronic key card, Found in Stephanie's purse.
So although we don't have a face The key card means it's her.
She confronts her husband at the office.
There's an altercation.
He ends up dead, his throat slashed By a 150-millimeter hook and probe, Which is now missing from the office.
And she didn't even have the compassion to use novocaine.
How did I do? A? A-minus? B? A-plus.
Put you in some herringbone, Give you a pipe, you're a regular sherlock holmes.
I'll take the disc over to police evidence And have 'em cut it for trial.
The surprise fiancee from the arraignment is here.
the game is afoot! that's sherlock holmes.
You don't get me.
so how long were you and Charles together? Mm, look, I just came here Because the police said It might help convict that monster wife of his.
I'm not really comfortable talking about my private life.
Oh, okay.
Who's that? Uh, that's our bureau chief.
The fiancee? Uh, yes.
Terrence edgecomb, this is beatrice Katz.
Call me Bitsie, please.
I am sorry for your loss.
And I'm sorry for my outburst at the arraignment.
It's just See, Charles and I met at the red cross.
I was planning a charity gala, And he was organizing one of his humanitarian trips-- To haiti, free dental work.
If there's Anything I can do to help, Anything you want to know Uh, you know what, Mr.
Edgecomb? I think I've got some calls I need to return.
Excuse me.
Bitsie Katz, Who might now be engaged to edge, will testify That Charles was afraid of his wife's violent temper.
Did you check her alibi to cover our bases? yeah, she was in Miami With her twin sister christy.
Bitsie and christy? I kid you not.
Now we just have to show that Stephanie Concolino knew About the other women in her husband's life.
His dental hygienist might know.
She worked for Charles for years, but after the murder, She went down to guatemala to take care of her mom.
Since she's back, she's been dodging calls.
Where is she now? Same office.
He shared a space with three other dentists.
Well, you should talk to her.
Make an appointment.
I hate the dentist.
Well, you're not actually going to see the dentist.
Well, why don't you make an appointment And not actually go see the dentist? Fine.
You made an appointment But don't want to get your teeth cleaned? Not today.
I'm from the district attorney's office.
I don't want to be involved.
I know you were close with both of the concolinos.
That's why I can't.
Why you can't what? Mrs.
Concolino's a good lady.
You know, if you heard anything or saw anything, I can subpoena you.
I could force you to testify.
Okay, did Mrs.
Concolino ever talk to you About her husband seeing other women? No.
No, but But what? When she came in that day of the murder, There was a fight.
Chad, tell edge that Stephanie and Charles had a fight On the afternoon of the m-- Kathryn Elizabeth Peale.
You tracked me down at the dentist? Well, I left a message that I'd be in the city, and when I didn't hear back, tina told me where I could find you.
I'm just glad you're taking care of your teeth.
Mm? Actually, I'm working.
Oh, guess who's here-- Your friend from law school-- Jimmy Brogan.
Kathryn Elizabeth Peale.
He just got a big break on a case, And he thinks he's gonna win.
Oh, really? Mr.
Brogan, the hygienist can see you now.
Well, thank you.
So good to see you, Bernadette.
Oh, you, too.
So I hear you have a new boyfriend? I can't wait to meet him.
Charles Concolino was my fiance! Who was that woman? You're telling me you don't know? About someone claiming to be my husband's fiancee? I-I-I told you, there was no infidelity.
Are you sure? Because the State just got a big fat clue there was.
You're telling me that you and Charles Didn't have any problems? We had a fight that afternoon.
I told you.
About your dog.
yeah, that's why I went to see him.
Suddenly he-- he wanted custody of Clyde.
He didn't even like Clyde.
Okay, so no other women? Ask my friends, Pilar and Joan.
I tell them everything.
They've been with me through it all-- Through the divorce, through the arrest.
Ask them.
We've all been close since college, Theta sisters at penn.
We'll plan to stop by and walk Clyde every day And pick up Stephanie's mail.
Her gym membership And cable bill-- I mean, do we cancel these? No.
The idea that she killed Charles--it's--it's ridiculous.
They just fell out of love.
She wasn't mad.
She isn't insane.
The weekend they decided to separate, They came to my birthday party together.
Well, this fiancee, Bitsie Katz-- Did Stephanie ever mention her? No.
And we talked every day, Especially Stephanie and Pilar.
What else can we be doing? Well, Pilar, visit her in jail, Uh, keep her spirits up, uh, be ready to testify.
The client's two best friends never heard of Bitsie Katz.
or to protect their best friend, They're saying they didn't.
Well, Mr.
Sunshine, what else do you have? Bitsie Katz won't talk to us because we're defending "the monster" that killed "her Charles.
" Stephanie's D.
Was found at the crime scene.
Come on.
She visited her husband's office thousands of times.
His friend said that it got pretty nasty towards the end.
Well, her friends say it was all sweetness and light.
Charles' divorce lawyer said She suddenly wanted more of everything.
You're gonna believe a lawyer? And she swiped her key card at Charles' office Right before the murder.
It was a forgery, computer malfunction.
Just look into the reliability of the system.
Our investigators are checking that out.
Joy is on her way over now.
So that leaves us the video of a faceless woman in a raincoat.
hasn't delivered it yet.
What, are you saying, in the United States of America, A government official would withhold evidence? I'll check it out.
Thank you.
Hey, Jimmy.
I, uh, I really loved meeting your ex-wife this morning.
Play nice.
No, we really hit it off.
We made a dinner date for tomorrow night.
I think she and I could really become friends.
What do you want? Second seat.
Direct on three witnesses, cross on two.
All right, second seat, direct on one.
I do cross.
It's my thing.
Rhonda, Call the former Mrs.
Brogan and send my regrets for dinner.
You're paying me by the hour, people, and I'm ready to report.
What'd you find out, Joy? Building's security system-- Stephanie Concolino has been using her key card To get in after hours, a couple of times a week, Right up until the murder.
Even after they filed for divorce? Uh-huh.
No one wants that much face time With their about-to-be ex.
Ask Jimmy.
I plead the fifth.
So we're thinking what, a bug in the system? I'm trying to pin down the manager, But he's always on break.
Must be a smoker.
All right.
I'll check him out.
And something else-- there was a scuffle Before Charles went down-- overturned tables, equipment.
The autopsy shows that Charles had a clean tox And the pectoral muscles to fill a double "d.
" Stephanie chews two grapes and calls it a meal.
So there's no way she overpowered him.
Why? Because she's small or because she's a woman? Both.
It takes more than a woman scorned To surprise us menfolk.
whoa! All right.
And you're dead.
Remind me not to forget your birthday.
He's got a shot And goal! Goal! sorry.
The manager around? Nope.
Tell him to give me a call? Thanks.
Hey! You the lawyer for Dr.
Concolino's wife? That I am.
Listen What if a tenant asked a security guard To help him get a few special friends in From time to time? Everybody likes friends.
No problem there.
Come here.
What if the guard made key cards for those friends And then that tenant ended up dead? Would that guard be in trouble? Well, not if he had a good lawyer protecting him, He wouldn't.
These friends ladies, by any chance? Yeah.
They came by after hours to, uh Get their cavities filled.
More than one lady? Lots.
It was a new key card every other week.
I had to keep a supply.
You got one of 'em handy? Use the panel by the elevator.
"Stephanie Concolino"? They're all in his wife's name.
All of 'em? Am I gonna be in trouble? Nah, nobody is.
Jimmy Brogan? From Yale? Bernadette! Oh-ho-ho! Kathryn's mom.
W-what are you doing at the dentist's office? Well, I'm here to see Kathryn.
Kathryn's here? Interviewing some hygienist on a case, And then we're having lunch.
Apparently, she has a new boyfriend.
New boyfriend? Dental hygienist? Bernadette, we have so much catching up to do.
Oh! If the State's theory is, she who used the key card Killed the dentist, then we need to find every woman Who had one of those magic Stephanie Concolino cards Before lady Peale manages to discover This business with the multiple key cards, Which, by the way, was the only good thing To come out of my mother's ambush.
Once she told me Jimmy was badgering the guard, I was all over him, like--like Dr.
Concolino on a gum abscess? what kind of idiot Gives all his girlfriends key cards in his wife's name? An idiot with a hell of a libido.
And a tricked-out dental chair.
How many women are there? No one knows.
So we have to track down all the mistresses And nail down their alibis, Because every woman Jimmy finds is suddenly going to be Alternate suspects uno, dos, tres Diez.
Affairs don't end well.
It's the law of the jungle.
So we need to find a few who had motive to kill that Randy dentist.
As long as they're the same shape and size as Stephanie.
So they can be the woman on this video we've heard so much about.
The guard said Charles' girlfriends would make fake appointments to signal that they were coming, so Subpoena Dr.
Concolino's appointment records For the past year and then Interview every patient with a pulse and a plunging neckline To determine whether they've been Drilled? What, I'm the only one Who can't make a sexualized dental joke? Just get the appointment list.
Look who's in town.
She's allegedly here To help out with my cousin's baby shower, But she just keeps hanging around, Hoping to bump into my new boyfriend.
Who doesn't actually exist? Maybe we can get an actor to play him.
I walked out on that movie.
(instrumental version Of Barry Manilow's "Mandy" playing) Ah.
The bella to my edward.
The "twilight" movies? I've seen all three.
That explains a lot.
Just because we're on opposite sides doesn't mean That we couldn't-- I don't know what's worse-- your taste in movies Or this Barry Manilow music.
Ah, "mandy.
" you just missed "copacabana.
" Someone here is obsessed.
He's the greatest performer of the 20th century.
Except for engelbert.
You the two getting the patient lists? Thank you.
Your name was in Dr.
Concolino's appointment book fairly often, And we're wondering if your relationship was, Um, more than professional? Charles? I'd rather not introduce negative energy today.
Negative energy? Were you aware that Dr.
Concolino was murdered? bastard had it coming.
Wanted to keep things casual.
I gave him the best damn weeks of my life.
just wait till Jimmy finds her.
no worries.
She's too tall to be the woman in the video.
um, did Dr.
Concolino's wife Know about your affair? Wifey was totally clueless.
Charles even took me to one of his dental conventions.
Dental conventions? Omaha was much more romantic than I'd imagined.
So where were you the night Charles was killed? Atlanta.
Nail products seminar.
The whole shop went.
Even from my position in third seat, That's a solid alibi.
Enough with the third seat.
Lena had me over a barrel.
Hey, I can threaten to have dinner with danni, too.
We're actually friends.
Danni and I have reached sort of a-a delicate balance, So I would like to keep the firewall Between work and ex-marriage, if you don't mind.
Okay, just so we're clear-- it's blackmail over seniority? Moving on.
Who's next? Excuse me, ma'am, you were in doctor-- Chad.
Sorry to bother you.
I knew Charles had other women, But I hoped he'd see me as more than a fling.
But there was no way, as long as she was in the picture.
You mean his wife? Not his wife.
Someone else he'd been seeing on the side for years.
Someone he was serious about.
We found 11 women Charles had affairs with.
Most have alibis or they're the wrong size.
Almost all mentioned Someone Charles was really serious about.
Mistress X.
Should we assume it's Bitsie Katz? Well, she has a ring, but she's also got an alibi.
Did you see the size of that thing? Jimmy? I mean, how is it possible Stephanie didn't know about any of this? Oh, you'd be surprised what you can hide from your wife.
You're speaking from personal experience? You're second seat.
You're not arbiter of my sins.
Look, we need to figure out if any of these women match The mysterious trench coat lady in the lobby.
Which we could do, but the d.
Sent over all the evidence, Except for The DVD.
Anyone wanna guess Why they haven't sent over the DVD? You lost the DVD? I didn't lose the DVD.
The police who were editing the DVD lost the DVD.
Well, that doesn't change the fact that the DVD is lost.
Can you please schedule me some time at the gun range today? I wanna shoot something.
And whatever that is, I don't want it.
Oh, suck it up.
Oh, it's a motion from Jimmy To exclude any mention of the DVD.
The DVD exists, your honor.
We have witnesses Who've seen it and can describe the woman.
The best evidence is the DVD itself.
Any secondhand description is hearsay.
People talking about some nonexistent-- it exists.
It was part of the police report, the evidence log.
It was the basis for the arrest warrant.
It-it--it's just been misplaced.
Well, then you have no problem, Ms.
Peale, As long as you find it before the trial.
The trial that starts tomorrow morning? Call out your troops.
Search the city.
My ruling is no tape-y, no talky.
The defense will paint a portrait Of a husband and wife amicably parting ways.
Do not fall for it.
This case is about a marriage gone horribly wrong Like many marriages do.
Yes, there were affairs, But Stephanie Concolino was totally in the dark about them.
She was completely deceived By a man who was secretive and manipulative and Once she discovered her husband's infidelities, She went to his office And stabbed him in his own dental chair.
No one had a stronger motive to kill Charles Concolino.
Unless you count the 11 other women Who had key cards registered in his wife's name.
The State has one thing right-- Charles Concolino was killed in a jealous rage-- But not by his wife.
Concolino came in While Dr.
Concolino was with a patient, So they went into his private office.
That's when the Yelling started.
I couldn't hear the words, But I heard, um, a smash against the wall.
Later, I saw that it was one of his dental awards, A big one.
And what happened next? Mrs.
Concolino left.
And, um, what was your Your impression of Mrs.
Concolino's demeanor? I had never seen her so angry.
During your affair with Dr.
Concolino, Did you become aware he was seeing other women? It was pretty hard not to.
We were practically bumping into each other in the hallway.
And to the best of your knowledge, did his wife know about these affairs? I don't know how she couldn't have been.
But you don't know that she was aware, do you? No.
I never met the woman.
You know, I don't know what's worse for Stephanie-- Being charged with murder Or having to sit there and listen to all these lies.
There were other girlfriends.
Yeah, but this top secret Mistress number one Makes Charles sound like the king of siam.
Well, all that matters Is that Stephanie didn't know about any of it.
Well, she would have told me.
We talked about everything, No matter how sensitive or uncomfortable.
Like sisters.
And, yes, I'm ready to testify.
Charles wanted to be an oral surgeon When he was younger, But Stephanie wanted him to start practicing right away So he could make money.
Their relationship was completely dysfunctional.
He was Just so happy to be free of her.
So you and Charles were engaged? Last may.
He took me to central park on my birthday, And popped the question Down on one knee.
Then he took me to tiffany's, and we picked out this ring.
what'd she say? down on one knee.
Did he talk about his wife? He warned me to stay away from his wife.
He said she had a violent temper.
He had no idea what she might do if she found out.
You're about to be so happy you made me second seat.
Getting proposed to on your birthday, Ms.
Katz, That must have been a wonderful surprise.
I called my parents right after.
They sang me "happy birthday," and I told them the news.
That was may 11th? Would it surprise you to know that Charles Concolino Was at a dental convention in omaha With another girlfriend on may 11th? Oh, that can't be right.
Charles Concolino's hotel reservation And a sworn statement.
Well, maybe it wasn't exactly my birthday, But he did get me this ring.
From tiffany's, you said? Yes.
May I? That's a pretty old-fashioned setting.
If we take this ring to tiffany's, will they verify That they sold it this year? I don't know.
I think so.
Katz, Dr.
Concolino's records show That you made 14 appointments with him in the last year.
But unlike his girlfriends, your dental appointments Were actually just dental appointments, weren't they? No.
You have that wrong.
I saw Charles all the time.
Not for sex, for root canals.
We were getting to know each other.
You weren't his Mistress, were you? You were his stalker.
Everything you testified to here today was a lie, wasn't it? No, it wasn't a lie.
We were meant to be together.
He just hadn't realized it yet.
Not too shabby.
Thank you.
Okay, so if Bitsie Katz ain't Mistress X, Then Mistress X is still out there.
and a mighty fine Alternate suspect indeed.
we checked Bitsie's story.
She was a patient.
She had intimate details of Charles' life.
Yeah, and that Barry Manilow- obsessed receptionist Said she was there all the time.
Well, the line between freak and fiancee can be very thin.
But she has an alibi, right? Yes, she was in Miami with her sister.
Real sister, real Miami.
I checked.
Can you give me one minute? Yeah.
I thought we were meeting later.
I don't know why I don't do this more, come see you work.
This room-- it's so majestic.
You've never mentioned it.
I guess I See it every day.
Kathryn, You have always been so private, Even as a little girl.
And with all this distance between us-- It's almost 100 miles.
It's only 100 miles.
And your schedule, which is-- well, who knows how you do it? I just don't know much about your life, So I'm left to guess And worry Which is why I push.
I know.
I'm fine.
Are you? I see a little of what this job is, What it must take out of a person, out of you.
And I Just think that you would be happier If you had someone there at the end of the day.
Well, about that, um-- Hey.
Clerk has a question for you.
I'll be right back.
I could kiss you.
Are we sure this fruitcake Bitsie was in Miami? Unfortunately, yes.
And the other 11? All got pushed aside to make room for the mystery woman.
Ergo None of them is the mystery woman.
I know I'm the low man on the totem pole in this trial Ugh.
But even we underlings can contribute.
Charles Concolino-- His dental conventions-- he flew, right? My husband has a friend at the t.
Who took a peek At the flight manifest to see who else was on those flights, What woman was on more than one of 'em and Mistress X? It doesn't say "Mistress X.
" No, it says "Pilar Shirazee.
" boom.
Stephanie's best friend? Yeah.
"closer than sisters.
" Ain't life a bitch? Pilar? yeah.
That's-- that's just not possible.
But it's true.
All these other women and now my--my My husband and my best friend? I mean, from what we can tell, it was serious.
Stephanie, you think it's possible That Pilar killed him because of the other affairs? I don't know what to think anymore.
We shore up Stephanie's defense, then we point to Mistress X, Then we expose Pilar Shirazee on the stand.
Her husband and her best friend lying to her face-- How could they do that? 'cause getting caught sucks.
Trust me.
When you turn out to not be the person you hoped you were, You fight like Hell to not let the ones you love find out, But you rarely get away with it.
Give--give me a minute? Hey, danni.
What's up? How come you never change the scoreboard? I like a little consistency.
Mitchell forgot his jersey.
The game's Sunday at 5:00, right? Yeah.
Promise me you're not gonna yell at the ref this time.
Well, unless he makes a bad call Wait.
H-hold on a second.
Look I'm sorry.
I I don't care if you yell at some stupid referee.
All that I did, uh, the affairs and I know you are.
No, really.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't the affairs that did us in, Jimmy.
We were already broken.
You know, it was your 80-hour work weeks, It was building this.
You wanted this.
need me to stick around? Uh, danni, I gotta Work.
I know.
In the course of your work At the movie theater concession stand, Did you come to know Stephanie Concolino? Yeah, a regular regular.
Medium popcorn, no butter, diet soda.
Plus, I remember all the hot ones.
Do you remember Seeing her at the theater on the night in question? Yeah, she just ordered the diet soda.
It was weird.
Isn't it possible that she just ordered a diet soda On some other night? Nah.
That was the night some kid threw up in the men's room, And I had to clean it up.
I remember that.
And Mrs.
Concolino seemed kind of off.
Off? How so? Well, I handed her the popcorn.
I had it ready for her, You know, and she didn't even say "thank you," Just walked away.
And when I came out Of the men's room later, she was hanging out near there, And the ladies' room is at the other end of the hall.
Most of the ladies Dr.
Concolino did his thing with Would come and go.
He was only really concerned about one in particular.
And was this particular woman his wife Stephanie? No.
This was a special friend.
I never saw her, but a couple of times she was with him During office hours, and he sent down word to keep the others away.
What were you supposed to do if another girlfriend showed up When this "special friend" was with him? Tell her he'd gone, tell her the--the elevator was broken.
If I had to, ring the fire alarm.
Stephanie volunteers at an animal shelter.
The idea that she could hurt anyone doesn't make sense.
In her many conversations with you, Did she ever express feelings of anger Or resentment toward her husband? No.
They were going through a divorce, But they both knew it was for the best.
And you knew it was for the best because You were having an affair with Charles, right? What? Isn't that why they're getting a divorce, So Charles can be with you? Only, you and Charles forgot to tell that to Stephanie.
That's ridiculous.
Oh, so it was just a coincidence that you sat next to Charles When he flew to San Francisco for a convention six months ago? Objection, your honor.
Relevance? It's coming, your honor.
I'll allow, subject to connection.
That was a coincidence.
I was visiting a friend.
I was surprised to see Charles on the plane.
Oh, and were you surprised to see him On your flight to Las Vegas three months before that? That Was just a friendly weekend.
Charles knew I like to gamble, and Stephanie doesn't.
And six months before that, flying to Honolulu? Steph, I-I'm sorry.
We just fell in love.
You fell in love with Charles? Yes.
Well, how did you feel When you discovered that he had 11 other girlfriends? What? No.
Why are you doing this? Where were you the night Charles Concolino--the man you loved, Who had 11 other girlfriends-- was killed? You think I killed Charles? Did you? No.
I was at home.
I went to bed early.
You see anyone that night? Talk to anyone that night? No.
Well, why should we believe her? You've been lying to your best friend for years.
Stephanie I didn't Sorry I'm late.
I tried to call-- There's no cell coverage in here.
Okay, I spent the day getting everything I could On Pilar Shirazee-- credit card statements, Phone records, figure out what her deal We're going to see a Sandra Bullock movie? This is where Stephanie Concolino Says she was the night of the murder.
So? She could've slipped out five minutes later, Then killed her husband.
Right, but before she did, She was hanging out down here by the men's room.
Why? Does anybody even use these anymore? Maybe if they have no cell coverage.
Did Pilar make or receive any calls that night? On the stand, she said she didn't talk to anyone.
Big liar.
She received a phone call to her cell phone An hour before the murder.
It lasted nine minutes.
What number was it from? I guess I did get a call.
I-I didn't remember.
It was a memory lapse? You sure about that? You sure you didn't deliberately lie About receiving a call from your friend? I don't know who it was from.
Well, the records show that that call was made From a pay phone in the lobby of the theater Where the defendant claims to have been that night.
Did you have any other friends at that theater that night? Stephanie called all the time.
We talked every day.
But you don't remember this call, Made when your friend was acting "kind of off," An hour before her husband was murdered.
Counsel's testifying.
Why did she call you, Ms.
Shirazee? I told you.
I don't remember the call.
Was she calling to tell you She'd discovered her husband's multiple affairs? No.
Was she angry? No.
Did she tell you she was gonna kill her husband? Objection.
Shirazee, are you lying about that call To cover for your friend? A friend you feel so guilty about betraying, You don't want to tell us about her rage against her husband.
Rage that caused her to storm out of that theater And go over to his dental offices and pick up-- objection! That--that's not right.
That's not it.
Your honor? Withdrawn.
Jury still out? Yep.
Probably flipping coins by now.
Heads, it's Stephanie.
Tails, it's Pilar.
Thank you for the vote of confidence.
Chad Why don't you have a girlfriend? I mean, one girlfriend.
I like my freedom.
Freedom's pretty good.
Anybody looking for a DVD? Oh, what? Mm.
Cops found it under a filing cabinet.
I told you it wasn't my fault.
Could be Stephanie.
Could be Pilar.
And your mother called.
You're not going to eat? No, I-I'm waiting for a verdict.
I'm too nervous.
Does this new boyfriend of yours ever wait for the jury With you? Okay, I know I'm too private.
And I will tell you, yes, it would be nice To have someone there at the end of the day, Especially my days.
But Yeah, I-I-I-I don't-- I don't want just Any somebody.
I like my life.
I love my work.
It thrills me, what I do, how I spend my days.
Do you-- do you understand that? There is no boyfriend, is there? Uh, um Sorry I'm late, hon.
Bernadette, I am sorry.
We--we should've told you, but katie and I have been trying To keep it quiet, given her job and all.
Can you excuse us for a second? What are you doing? Trying to make your mom a little less worried about you.
Is that so bad? Hmm? And the verdict is in.
Foreman, has the jury reached a verdict? we have, your honor.
On the charge of murder in the second degree, We find the defendant, Stephanie Concolino Guilty.
ladies and gentlemen, The State thanks you for your service.
You are dismissed, and we are adjourned.
I, uh Talked to your lawyer.
He's going to appeal.
He thinks you have a good chance.
You know what my best chance is? Telling the truth In exchange for a lighter sentence.
I'll deny it.
Which might work, if I didn't have the murder weapon.
I watched you get rid of that.
You watched me get rid of a silver pen.
I held on to the hook and probe as insurance.
You grabbed it first, so your D.
Is all over it.
What good is it to drag us both down? Don't even.
I kept quiet so we could both get off.
But if you think I'm going down alone for a crime we committed together I was fine with Charles sleeping with sluts.
We were getting divorced anyway.
But you We weren't that serious.
My best friend.
I'm waiting for you at the movies like an idiot.
I call to find out where you are, And I hear that damn Barry Manilow music.
I loved the look on your face When I told you about the others.
You went after Charles before I finished my sentence.
Stephanie Prison'll be fun, Just like being back in the sorority house.