The Wilds (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Day One

1 [FABER.]
Early this morning, we made contact with your parents.
We'll travel them here as quickly as possible.
And the quarantine order will be lifted soon, not just for you but for all the victims, at which point, you'll be free to see each other.
♪ Just to be clear, our primary goal is to conduct an investigation.
There's a lot of haze surrounding your circumstances that we just want to clarify.
♪ And I cannot stress this enough, but This is just a conversation.
That's all.
This is my colleague, uh, agent young.
He's gonna be running point on this.
He's the investigator in charge.
Brass tacks guy, if you will.
But me, um I'm here for you, Leah, to make sure you feel safe.
As a trauma specialist, that is my sole and sacred duty.
You thirsty? Would you like Would you like something to drink? Uh, let's see.
Didn't know what you'd like, so we got a bit of a grab bag here.
Is anything calling your name? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
♪ I used to drink these all the time.
Good, great.
That's great.
Don't hesitate to ask for seconds Or thirds or Anything at all, really.
After all you've been through, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible.
What have the others told you? Nothing, as of yet.
You're the first one we've brought in.
So then you don't know what I've been through, do you? You're just assuming trauma.
You're just assuming it was a living hell.
Okay, Leah, no one is assuming anything.
Sorry, look, I don't I don't mean to say that what happened wasn't traumatic.
Obviously, it was traumatic.
To end up where we did, in the middle of nowhere, completely cut off from the lives we left behind.
♪ That brings us to the real question, doesn't it? What was so fucking great about the lives we left behind? [CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG: "DEADLY VALENTINE".]
Because here's what I remember of all that.
♪ I remember not being enough.
I remember wanting to be more.
♪ I remember the dark moods, the violent moods, moods that nobody had any Patience for.
And then there was the brutal social scene, which some girls could just glide through like they belonged everywhere.
♪ And there you were, just trying to belong somewhere.
♪ I remember the ridiculous expectations they had for us.
Like We were supposed to be these golden gods 24-7.
♪ Locked.
♪ [LEAH.]
I remember the responsibilities, heavy burdens meant for adults forced on us before our time.
♪ Responsibilities that made you think "Yeah, this is definitely fucking with my healthy development right now.
" ♪ And don't get me started on the impossible problem of sex.
♪ If you were terrified of it, which you had every reason to be, you'd be deemed a frigid chastity bitch.
♪ But if you were somehow unafraid, like if it was just naturally your thing ♪ Then God help you.
♪ The world is a dangerous place for a sexually evolved girl.
♪ And on top of all that, there was this new feeling, - this sick, ugly feeling - [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
of wanting to love and to be loved back ♪ which never ends well.
♪ So if we're talking about what happened out there then yeah, there was trauma.
But being a teenage girl in normal-ass America [UNSETTLING MUSIC.]
that was the real living hell.
♪ Hello? Anybody! [SOBBING.]
♪ [YOUNG.]
Tell us what you know about the dawn of Eve.
Dear, I mean, you just would not believe [LEAH.]
The retreat was my mother's idea.
She thought it would be, like, therapeutic.
Did you have a chance to look through the activities? [LEAH.]
But maybe they were just scared of me.
My dad had started looking at me like I was radioactive.
Private plane, honey, direct to the big island.
If that doesn't boost you out of your funk, I don't know what will.
Please don't refer to my emotional devastation as a "funk.
" Leah, I know you're recovering from some kind of breakup, and I know you're not wild about this trip, but your father and I, we're kind of at a loss for how we can help.
We're really trying here, Leah.
♪ Hey! Hey.
Are you all right? - Hey.
What are you saying? If you are wrong ♪ P!Nk, is that your ringtone? All my underdogs ♪ Hey, hey, hey, stay stay with me.
♪ [LEAH.]
That was her name, I found out later, and she was the only one who'd come alone.
The rest of us came in pairs.
There was Toni and Martha, best friends from Minnesota; The Texans, Dot and Shelby; There was Rachel from New York and her sister, Nora; And Fatin, of all people, from my school.
But like I said, none of this sunk in until later.
Not faces, not names, not the ridiculous welcome video.
Right now, hundreds of girls just like yourselves aboard charters just like this one are en route to our retreat in Kona, Hawaii, for a long weekend of female-centric learning and growth.
The dawn of Eve literally waits for no man.
I was somewhere else, trying to disappear into those pages, where it all began.
Do you know there is a vegan drum circle on the south lawn? I mean, seriously? Be a vegan, or be someone who does drum circles, not both.
Everyone is just too fucking interesting around here.
I've got, like, interesting fatigue.
Is that why you hang out with me? I'm so bland, it gives you a chance to recharge? I get it.
My hair is all one color.
I'm a virgin that still drinks dairy milk.
Shit, I really am boring.
Actually, by being the most normcore person here, you've low-key turned the tables.
You've become the freakiest freak of all.
Well, either you or Fatin, the true basic bitch.
Why does she even go here? [IAN.]
You seriously don't know? Fatin is a cello virtuoso.
She's, like, a shoo-in at Juilliard.
You don't have to read that book, you know.
Wolfe only assigned it 'cause Galanis used to go here.
It's shameless alumni promotion.
God, have you read chapter six yet? A 12-page description of the wallpaper in a waiting room.
Yeah, but I I think the waiting room was, like, a metaphor, though, for how stuck she felt.
Tell him yourself.
He's coming next week.
Some kind of school-wide literary event.
♪ So in the interest of bringing us all together, I'd like to propose a little icebreaker.
Ooh, like never have I ever? Uh, that game's a little much.
I know.
So, here's how it works.
One person says something they've never done, and if you have done it, you have to drink alcohol.
Uh, that game's a little intense, like, for people who don't know each other real well, so how about we just pair off, powwow with your partner for a sec, and then afterwards, you can introduce her to the rest of us? - This white girl said "powwow.
" - So? So it's not her word.
You should be triggered.
I'm not, though.
Why am I always fighting your battles for you? I don't know.
Because you like fighting? [SHELBY.]
Okay, shh.
Guess I'll have to play matchmaker.
You can come with me.
Right about here, okay.
And it looks like we'll need one little group of three.
Or you can just sit this one out.
All right.
And you are? - Martha.
- Martha, it's a pleasure.
Okay, so let me tell you a bit about me.
Okay, I do real, right? I do family.
I do Jesus.
I do pageants.
And I'm doing this conference to offset the pageants.
Some colleges might see them as retrograde when it comes to female empowerment.
Has anyone ever told you you have the most drop-dead gorgeous eyes? Hey, I've got a question about your shirt.
I've got a few questions about your cargo pants.
Yeah, well, I'm not a lesbian.
Sorry to disappoint.
I just like storage.
- Mm.
- But I see shirts like yours everywhere.
Shirts that have, like, a lot of attitude.
So what's your question, then? I guess just, why are they a thing? Um, because they're super cute and super hilarious? [DOT.]
I just think it's kind of funny, you wearing that to a feminist retreat, because your shirt is literally telling women, get out of your face.
I don't even get feminism.
I get called a girly girl like it's a bad thing? So I'm double the amount of girl, and somehow that's not feminist.
It's ridiculous.
Oh, thank you so much.
This looks delicious.
Thanks, dude.
So you play basketball? Yeah, I used to.
I got cut from the team for unsportsmanlike conduct.
This bitch from another team kept fouling me, so I pissed in my hand and I threw it at her.
- Were you good? - [TONI.]
Hell yeah.
I was a beast on the court.
People who waste their talent get on my nerves.
If I missed even one meet based off of some foolishness on my part, I'd never forgive myself.
- What are you doing? - [RACHEL.]
I have an app that turns my phone into a digital scale.
Also, I have two pugs, coco and Jax.
They're from the same litter, but they're, like, so different.
So what kind of music do you listen to? I don't really know.
Everything, I guess.
You know what's funny? I always say I'm into rap and hip-hop, but the other day, I was going through my Spotify history, and guess who I listen to most.
It was like a wake-up call for me.
Honestly, we should all be checking our play count.
You can't hide from your play count, and my play count says I like P!Nk.
- Who do you keep looking at? - My sister.
So have you been listening to me at all? You're from San Francisco, you hate being homeschooled, you work at your family's restaurant, you collect erasers, you have two pugs named coco and Jax, and you're existentially prepared to admit that you like P!Nk.
No, boys aren't really into me.
At least none that you know of.
Oh, I've got a pretty good lay of the land.
It's just none, period.
Well, all you need is one good one.
Andrew, oh, he is such a keeper.
For our anniversary, he bought me an actual star.
Like, in the sky.
And he named it after me.
Uh, Shelby, sorry, I I think you have cake in your teeth.
Would you excuse me? Thanks.
It's hard to talk about this part.
Of course.
That must have been terrifying.
It was embarrassing.
The thought did cross my mind, you know, this could be my final moment alive.
How do you think I spent it? I didn't reach out for comfort.
I didn't cry.
I didn't shut everything out.
I didn't, like, carpe diem or anything.
I didn't indulge.
I took no measures to protect myself.
I didn't pray for my mortal soul.
Here's what I did: I sat in my fucking love puddle and thought about a guy.
The world knows him as the 2013 national book award winner, but to me, he'll only ever be the little shit who sat at the back of my class making paper clip chains and ignoring every word I said.
- Please welcome Jeffrey Galanis.
I should say, uh, in hindsight that the the paper clip chains that she's referring to probably had more artistic merit than, uh, anything else I was turning in in her class.
Anyway, I thought that, uh, we would start with a reading.
"Carrie's wish was simple: For something to finally happen to her, something that would add color to the bland desert of her life.
"And that's what it was.
" Hey, Ian.
I'm supposed to take Jeff back to his hotel after, but I am up to my goddamn eyeballs in AP prep.
Can you give him a lift? Wait, like, Jeffrey, Jeff? [WOLFE.]
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I would, but my brother I'll do it.
Oh, God, thanks.
You're a lifesaver.
Oh um If you were bleeding internally, your heart rate would be, like, shot.
I think you're just a little roughed up.
Hey, hey, look.
We're gonna be okay.
We're gonna be okay.
All right, help me out with the timeline here.
Um, about how long had you been out there at that point? - I don't know.
- [YOUNG.]
Two, three hours? I'm just trying to pin down when the crash occurred.
I honestly don't know.
From the crash till when you spotted the shoreline, you can't give me a ballpark estimate? Look, I don't mean to be difficult.
Just, that part at the beginning It's all a blur.
And not just for me.
After the plane went down, we all had this blank in our memories.
Even the ones that came to on the island.
Martha! Marty! ♪ Marty! You gotta get up and move around, all right? You're in shock.
They made me come.
I'm not supposed to be here.
Who, like, your parents? Well, if it makes you feel any better, they're probably feeling pretty shitty right now.
Like, crushing guilt.
Hey, you win.
Well, kind of.
Not really.
♪ You got a little bit of ♪ [NORA.]
- Are you okay? Is this helping? Because if it is, I I won't stop you.
You think I'm doing this shit on purpose? - No.
- Because it could be motion sickness.
Or the fact that we just woke up in a fucking nightmare, right, Nora? - I was just asking, Rachel.
- No, you weren't.
You were treating me like a child like you always do.
I mean, that's why we're here, right? - That's not true.
That's not true.
- Yes, it is! You got it in your head that you need to protect me, and now we're here! When you ran your mouth off to mom and dad, what did you tell them, Nora? Nora, what did you say? Just that I was worried about you and maybe you needed a break.
Great! Great fucking break, right? ♪ Motherfucker! - God.
Shelby! ♪ Shelby! ♪ [SCREAMING.]
My my ankle.
♪ It's bad.
It's bad, isn't it? Uh, no.
It just needs a little TLC, okay? ♪ [LEAH.]
Sometimes you collide with a person and you get this feeling that they might become important to you.
Maybe it's from a look or an act of kindness.
♪ Or maybe you just like the way your world feels when they're in it.
♪ I'm really sorry, by the way, if, uh, this is way out of your way.
I would have called an Uber or a Lyft or whatever.
I just, um I am a person who has chosen not to own a smartphone.
That's, like, a whole thing? Okay, a couple a few years ago, I I lost my iPhone, and so I had to revert to this old flip phone, and then, I don't know, I started to kind of like the the Luddite image that I was projecting with it so much that I just kind of stuck with it, and, you know Uh, yes, it is, admittedly, an affectation.
Um So do you want to listen to music? Uh, yeah, you, uh There's an aux cord in the In the glove compartment.
Oh, shit, CDs.
Oh, God, don't.
Those are really old.
I There's no reflection of who I am.
No, no, it's no No judgment from me, trust me.
And I'm dying to know what's on awesome summer mix.
- I didn't name that.
And P!Nk.
Oh, my God, I love P!Nk.
Like, I I feel like she's got, like, this amazing anarchic quality to her.
Yeah, she's kind of eternal.
Your hotel's just right up here.
Man, that was fast.
♪ Hey, I don't know if you're hungry, but, um If you haven't eaten, we could get some food.
♪ Help! Hey! I see you! We see you! Hey! Hey! Hey! I got her.
Is there anybody else out there? - Think, did you see anybody? - I didn't.
- I didn't see anybody.
- Toni! ♪ Martha! ♪ Toni! ♪ - That's the last time you ghost on me.
- I'm okay.
I'm fine, seriously.
Shelby's been Shelby's been amazing.
What the fuck are you wearing? [DOT.]
She's not breathing! - [DOT.]
She's not breathing.
Those compressions are way too fast.
You're pumping, like, double time.
There's no such thing as too fast, only too slow.
Actually, compressions can be too fast - if they're not deep enough.
- Dude, slow down! Ease up, Dottie.
You're going way too fast.
Okay, hell, if you're all such experts, somebody else tap in.
Okay, yeah, you just have to go Who knows CPR? ♪ [YOUNG.]
So it turned out, everyone had a working knowledge of CPR? [LEAH.]
It's weird, isn't it? That every single one of us knew how? Is that important for your, um For your purposes or whatever? Honestly, it could be.
Anything could be relevant at this point.
Which is why it's crucial that you give us this full-picture account.
Of the flight, of the others, and what you were doing on that plane to begin with.
♪ Well, I feel like I should be asking you about your book.
- No.
- I have to write an essay on it, so - I'd love your help.
Let me first ask you, uh, what what'd you think of it? I loved it.
I really did.
But at the end, like, it got a little weird.
Like, it got a little sentimental, I think.
- I'm really sorry.
- Yeah, sure.
- No, that's - I didn't mean to say that.
Yeah, no, it's That's okay.
Um the truth is, like, sometimes, at a certain point, it feels like it's, like, impossible to get honest feedback out of anybody, so, uh, I appreciate it, thank you.
It's very kind of you.
This is fun.
We should do this again sometime.
If that's not, like, totally unwelcome or whatever.
♪ Can you even enter contacts into this thing, or is it just for selling drugs? - Oh, you're being funny! - Yeah, I don't - Oh, sorry, it was a joke! - How do you even work this thing? I'm gonna let you behind the curtain a little bit.
If a girl really likes someone, she won't put their name in her phone.
- Your crush is, like, sacred.
You can't just file him in your contacts between your cousin and your chem lab partner.
That would make him common.
- So you learn his number - [CELL PHONE BUZZES.]
every contour of every digit.
You carve those little hieroglyphs on your heart.
♪ - So you basically sleepwalk - [CELL PHONE BUZZES.]
through the rest of your life, waiting for dispatches from that magic number.
And then there's the pivotal text.
It will probably come around midnight, and it will change everything.
♪ Mm.
♪ - You're awake! - Yeah, hi.
You're you made it.
Yeah, I did.
♪ I'm sorry.
You have nothing to be sorry for.
No, you don't understand.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, does anyone have a phone? Don't you think we would have said something if we did? I'm not even sure how many bars we'd get out here.
I'm just trying to think of lifelines, all right? They're gonna find us, but we can't be stupid.
We should make a big-ass help sign, like in that movie 28 days later What do you think happened to the flight attendant guy? We should be looking through suitcases, finding phones.
- We can't just - Listen, listen, listen, y'all.
It's the 21st century, okay? They will find us, but in the meantime, we gotta keep track of our resources.
Eight cokes.
Right now, that's all we got to drink, just eight of these.
Okay, but don't worry, 'cause if God brought us to it, God will bring us through it.
You know, the whole "Jesus saves" thing isn't, like, literal.
He's not gonna jetpack down and pull us out of here.
No, Toni.
Okay, the lord saves those who save themselves, which is why I'm gonna take a look in the woods, see if there's some fresh water.
- Maybe you should come with.
- Hard pass.
Shelby, here.
If you're really going, you gotta take these.
You're so generous.
You know what? Maybe I will go.
Make sure Christ doesn't lead your ass into a fucking sinkhole.
What the hell, dot? [DOT.]
I'm sorry.
Look, I was saving her ass, okay? It got real wet.
You honestly think sand will dry it out? [NORA.]
I read an article on the Internet about alternatives to rice in a bag.
Sand was mentioned.
Yeah, well, good enough for me.
Keep your ears peeled.
You'll hear moving water before you see it.
How come you know all this? [SHELBY.]
This may surprise you, but I'm not just some delicate indoor Princess, okay? I go hunting with my dad all the time.
So you do one hard-core thing? That doesn't mean you're not mostly an indoor Princess.
How many pillows do you have on your bed? Bet you've got one of those mega beds with, like, 50 pillows.
And your maid, Lupe, she's gotta keep taking them off and putting them back on and it's making her want to off herself, am I right? You know I'm right.
Yeah, well, I've also shot down a ten-point buck, snapped his neck to finish the job, and butchered him in the field all by myself.
God built us to contain multitudes, Toni.
Now can you turn around? 'Cause I have to pee.
Plug your ears.
Plug your ears, or I'll have to sing.
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet ♪ And a light unto my path ♪♪ Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
It didn't happen consciously, but I was finally starting to notice the others.
Like Martha, how every creature meant something to her.
Or Nora, how she always knew when you were looking at her and how her smile could mean a million different things.
The veil of obsession was lifting.
The world I had narrowed down to one was starting to repopulate.
"There's no better place to grow into yourself.
" What does "grow into yourself" even mean? It sounds gross, like an ingrown hair.
♪ I didn't think it'd be so chilly.
I know.
I'm not sure we're anywhere near Hawaii.
Hey, this is yours, right? [LEAH.]
But just like that, the veil fell again.
And he was all there was.
♪ - Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Can I come in? - Oh, yep, yeah.
This is so nice.
Yeah, it's It's not bad.
You have three outlets over there.
Yeah, I asked for one more, and they - [LAUGHS.]
- They said no.
Happy belated birthday.
Thank you.
I've lost all of my pride ♪ [LEAH.]
Every girl has a vision for how she wants to lose it.
I've been to paradise ♪ And out the other side ♪ With no one to guide me ♪ Torn apart ♪ Will you sign one for me? Some dream about prom night.
Oh, come on.
I'll do you one better.
I'll annotate it for you.
With a nice enough boyfriend, maybe a bed covered in Rose petals.
"Dear Leah.
" [LEAH.]
I'm not sure what I imagined before him.
I guess I thought it would be just like the rest of my life, just sort of Unremarkable.
Maybe at a party or on an old couch in somebody's damp basement, lots of condom-fumbling and apologies.
♪ If you had told me it would happen the way it did ♪ I would've told you to get the fuck out.
My pale blue star ♪ My rainbow, how good it is ♪ I like watching you do ordinary things.
Makes you seem more real.
Strike me with your lightning ♪ Bring me down and bury me with ashes ♪ You are, right? Like, not you.
Like, this is Real? [SINGER.]
I won't hurt you ♪ [JEFFREY.]
Are you You're asking about my feelings? Or ♪ Yes.
Oh, my God, yes.
That makes 16.
Why do you think we're only finding diets? Anything with real sugar would sink, sugar being heavier than water.
How long can the nine of us survive on 16 cokes? Depends on the weather, how hot it gets.
A week and a half, maybe.
- You're smart, huh? - I just read a lot.
Books, man.
Can't get into them.
Try having an elite athlete as your sibling.
You do a lot of sitting.
On planes, in gyms, in the stands.
Reading will happen.
But, like, your phone's right there.
And TV? TV's so good.
You know what? They said, like, graphic novels would be, like, the gateway drug to books, and, like, I tried them.
Apart from the pictures, they were pretty shit.
Ah, shit! I stubbed my fucking toe! [GRUNTS.]
♪ Yeah, of course it's hers that would show up.
♪ It was heavy as shit.
♪ I bet we'll get rich once they find us.
Suing for damages or whatever.
Not that your ass needs the money.
Keep listening for water.
I'm so sick of looking at your fucking ponytail.
I feel like it thinks it's better than me.
Then how about you go in front? Fine.
Lord, in your mercy, Grant us water so that we may drink.
Lord, in your mercy Weren't you just telling me to shut up and listen? It's different.
When you pray, God opens your senses.
God's such a joke.
Don't you know he's just a brainwashing tool designed to enslave the masses? Even if he were just a brainwashing tool, don't you ever think maybe your brain could use a good Scrub? Fuck off.
Lord, in your mercy, Grant us water so that we may drink.
Lord, in your mercy, Grant us [SCREAMS.]
Fuck, fuck, Shelby! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
♪ Shit, I swear, I didn't mean to It's all right.
♪ - Hey - Go ahead and go on back.
I will too, but you should get a head start.
I'd really rather walk alone.
♪ Look, we found more diet coke, of course, because, you know, sugar sinks, and then pants for you so that your legs aren't cold.
Thank you.
Not a bad haul but not great either.
But wait, there's more! Huh? You get a mini, and you get a mini, and you get a mini.
Hey, you guys partying without me? [MARTHA.]
You're back.
Find any water? No.
Where's Shelby? - [TONI.]
Uh, I - Shelby.
Yeah, she's right there.
- Your head.
- Oh, it's fine.
Ran smack into a tree, if you can believe.
Very silly of me.
Hey! Hey, the phone's working! It's working! Oh, my God.
Listen, we have to be strategic.
We only have one bar and almost zero battery life left.
Every second counts.
May I just say, I am ready to make the call, okay? My aunt is a 911 operator, and I No, 911 is out.
It doesn't work in every country, and we don't even know where we are, so if we're closer to, like, Japan, 911 is useless.
Japan's emergency number is 119.
Look, we only have to get in contact with one person, so I want you all to have someone in mind, make sure you know their number, and make sure they love you enough that they're waiting by the phone right now.
Okay? [LEAH.]
Of course, there's only one number I knew by heart.
I had to tell my parents you were an Uber.
What are you doing here? I thought the San Jose reading didn't end UN Are you okay? September 5th.
September 5th is your is your birthday, when you turn 17 - How did - Oh, fuck! Okay, somebody somebody sent me a copy of your birth certificate via certified mail, and that means that somebody knows.
- Wait, what? - Or somebody's watching, or And that's, like, some other level of You gotta You have to get out of the car.
Just give me a second.
Just let me Just get out of the car.
Leah, you have to - Just let me explain.
- Leah, you gotta get out of the car.
You lied to me.
You're a child, and you lied to me.
You're not calling mom and dad? They're in Morocco.
They probably don't even know yet.
I'm calling coach.
- No, not Not her.
- Nora, give me the phone! - I'm calling dad's cell.
- Stop, they're not gonna answer.
- They're out of the country, Nora! - You just can't call coach! - Give me the phone! Nor - You can't call her! [LINE BEEPING.]
Great job.
- Did did you dial it right? - Of course I did! Do you mind? If I know Dave and Jobeth Goodkind, they're pacing holes in the carpet right now.
Well, that's That's just strange.
Uh, let me real quick try my boyfriend.
Don't bother.
Andrew's probably dick deep in Christa Findlay by now.
♪ Go, Marty.
It didn't work.
You wanna try? It's your phone.
- No, I'm good.
- Here.
As much as I hate the idea of calling those assholes [GIRLS TALKING AT ONCE.]
Why didn't your mom pick up? Hey, are you all right? I'm sorry.
Ripples on a blank ♪ Shore ♪ It's ringing.
Reckoner ♪ [LINE BEEPING.]
Guys! Fuck! It's dead.
She's she's dead.
Dedicated ♪ To all ♪ Human ♪ All ♪ Human ♪ Beings ♪♪ [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
♪ I don't get why we have to bury her.
They're gonna come for us soon.
Then we'll have to dig her right back up.
It's only temporary.
Just to keep the animals away.
♪ Shouldn't somebody say a few words? Sounds like you're volunteering.
Well, I am an ordained youth minister.
♪ Lord, thank you for the gift of Jeanette.
We didn't know her real well, but she had a really bright spirit, and because she was made in your image, we can be sure that she was beautiful.
♪ - Amen.
♪ Right, right ♪ Turn off the lights ♪ We're gonna lose our minds tonight ♪ What's the dealio? ♪ I think she liked P!Nk.
Yeah, she did.
Party crasher ♪ Panty snatcher ♪ [ALL.]
Call me up if you a gangsta ♪ Don't get fancy ♪ Just get dancy ♪ Why so serious? ♪ So raise your glass if you are wrong ♪ In all the right ways ♪ All my underdogs ♪ We will never be, never be ♪ Anything but loud ♪ And nitty-gritty ♪ Dirty little freaks ♪ [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
♪ I'm gonna swim out to the plane tomorrow.
See if I can find anything.
Might be a radio or callbox or something.
I'll come with you.
How's your stuff so dry? My parents bought me this Watertight $1,000 suitcase for this trip.
They thought it would, like, sweeten the deal.
Thank you.
Hey, let me get one.
This is my rock bottom.
So Would it be crazy if I suggested a little Icebreaker? Never have I ever.
Feels right.
All right.
Only if you go first.
None of those bullshit lightweight answers.
- Give us the real.
- Fine.
Never have I ever had vaginal penetrative intercourse.
So that's why your boyfriend's a cheat? [SHELBY.]
He's not a cheat.
Glad I'm not the only one.
I would've felt so stupid.
Get out of here.
It takes guts to save yourself, you know that? [DOT.]
All right.
Never have I ever Had a threesome.
With two guys, not two girls.
On my period.
- I mean, I'm not a freak.
All right, I got one.
Never have I ever Thrown my own piss at someone.
Hmm? Drink up, Toni.
With pride, motherfuckers.
♪ So Who'd you fuck? I mean, I always thought you were some weird art prude, but I saw you drink.
I know you've had sex.
So who was it? ♪ - Him.
- Damn.
I had no idea you were such a bad bitch! Well, in your defense, we've never really talked before, so True story.
♪ So was it hot? Yeah.
Yeah, but maybe in, like, a burning building kind of way.
Like, it's probably really good I got out.
That's poetic.
Well, at least your first-time guy's face is on the back of a book.
My first time was with a fucking grocery bagger at Smart & Final.
♪ God, I loved him.
I loved him! [FABER.]
You seem tired.
We can be done for the day.
The doctors really need you to rest.
♪ The burning building.
I'm sorry? [LEAH.]
The burning building.
I hadn't made it out.
I wasn't even close.
There's, uh there's something I I haven't Told anyone this before.
That night, in the dark, I was the only one who heard it.
A ringing.
Buried where no one had thought to look.
♪ I didn't know why she had kept it from us.
♪ I thought I had evolved, that the day had somehow made me stronger, just a little.
Just enough.
What a fucking delusion.
Hello? Jeff.
Leah? Are you calling me from an unknown number so that I'll pick up? Because if you are, that's really fucked up.
That is really That is really You have to stop calling me.
Don't text me.
Do you understand that? I don't want to talk to you anymore.
It's over.
I'm sor [YOUNG.]
So you never told the others you made outside contact that night.
What would I have said? That I was too strung out at the sound of his voice to send up an SOS? Did he did he reach out? After the news broke, did he did he call anyone to say he'd heard from me? The authorities fielded a lot of calls from a lot of worried parties.
Did he care enough to do anything? [SOMBER MUSIC.]
Anything? Anything at all? Leah, how about you take a deep breath? Answer my question! It is the only one I have! It is I just want to know if he tried for me.
♪ Pathetic, I know.
I expected more from me too.
♪ Remember this when you see the others.
♪ When you try to figure us out.
♪ There is no "crazy.
" There's only "damage.
" ♪ And when you go looking for what caused it, don't waste your time on that island.
♪ It'll get you fucking nowhere.
♪ I've been trying to reach you.
♪ Which one? Jeanette.
♪ Can we even proceed? I mean, without her assistance on the ground We have another operative.
Have you located her? - Yeah.
- She's still intact? - Yeah, she's fine.
- Tell me exactly what happened.
We're still piecing it together.
It looks like there was some mishandling by the transition team.
- And you cut her phone? - Of course.
And you're absolutely sure she's dead.
This was about three hours ago.
♪ [ALL.]
We will never be, never be ♪ Anything but loud ♪ And nitty-gritty ♪ Dirty little freaks ♪ Won't you come on and, come on and ♪ Raise your glass ♪ [BONES UK.]
What a waste of a pretty face ♪ What a waste, that face, that face, what a waste ♪ What a waste of a pretty face ♪ That face, what a waste, that face, that face ♪ What a waste of a pretty face ♪ What a waste, that face, that face, what a waste ♪ What a waste of a pretty face ♪ That face, what a waste, that face, that face ♪ Will you want me when I'm old and dead? ♪ ♪ What a waste of a pretty face ♪ What a waste, that face, that face, what a waste ♪ What a waste of a pretty face ♪ That face, what a waste, that face, that face ♪ Living like this is not easy ♪ Don't do what I should ♪ ♪ I'm too cheap for you to own me ♪ No one ever could ♪ Will you want me when I'm old and dead? ♪ What a waste of a pretty face ♪ What a waste, that face, that face, what a waste ♪ What a waste of a pretty face ♪ That face, what a waste, that face, that face ♪ ♪ All the clever ones are lonely ♪ Funny ones are dead ♪ Uh, uh ♪ Won't wear white and don't do dinner ♪ Try a bitch instead ♪ Woof ♪ Will you want me when I'm old and dead? ♪ What a waste of a pretty face ♪ What a waste, that face, that face, what a waste ♪♪
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