The Wilds (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Day Two

1 Age, 17 years.
Born in New York City.
Residence, long island.
Father James, mother Angela.
Both artists.
My parents Do they know about Nora? Just the broad strokes.
Which is basically all we know at this point.
You care to help us with the specifics? I'm older than her, you know.
Born 18 minutes before.
Older but never wiser.
You're gonna hear a lot of shit about how I acted, who I was trying to be, and how I was with her.
But That sister thing That twin thing it's like a foreign country.
You can only really understand if you're in it.
So, no.
I don't wanna talk about what happened to her.
But I do wanna tell you our story.
One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war.
- Pinned you! - You're too good.
Come on, let's go again.
One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war.
Might wanna declare a ceasefire, girls.
- Dessert's comin'.
- Tiramisu per la mamma.
E per le bambinas.
Per le bambine.
Your Italian's getting rusty, signore.
Dio mio.
Your mama She always-a give-a me the grief! How's it taste? Pretty good? Mmm.
Real good.
Bene, papa.
Gosh, she's a sponge for languages, isn't she? Completely.
Hey, speaking of which, you know what we haven't played in a while? Words in words? Words in words.
- Are you ready? - Mm-hmm.
Okay, all right.
Uh, first word is, um Tiramisu.
T-i-r-a m-i-s-u.
- All right, and go! - Mm S-t-a-r.
- Star.
- Yeah! Nora, all you.
Smart! And so she is, ladies and gentlemen.
And so she is! How 'bout Okay, wait for it.
Okay, now you're just showing off, all right? Rachel, give it a whirl! R-a-t-s, rats.
- Ah! - Yeah! - Beautiful, Rach.
- Bravo! All right, I got one.
Stir! S-t-i-r.
Trims, t-r-i-m-s.
Uh, arms, a-r-m-s.
- Alone.
- Trams Surrounded by people, but still alone.
That's how I felt waking up in that place.
Realizing it wasn't just a bad dream.
We were truly and actually fucked.
Some were lucky.
They had someone to hold on to.
I should have too, but I couldn't let go of the blame.
She'd gotten us involved.
She'd thrown my whole life off course.
She didn't feel like my sister anymore.
She felt like the roadblock to everything I wanted to be.
Hey, dude.
Rise and shine.
We're in hell.
What the What the fuck? I was sleeping.
Yeah, well, I thought you were dead, dick.
Six, seven People, we're missing a person.
It's Jeanette's.
I've made a decision.
I know it will be controversial.
Word came down from HQ.
No extraction.
We move forward as planned.
A girl is dead.
Not our job to moralize.
This needs to get to the field asap.
What's in it? Not our job to ask questions.
Land it at the drop point.
The other operative will know to retrieve it.
And remember to cut the motor within 500 feet.
It was in her pocket.
I heard it ringing, but it didn't seem real.
Not that anything does anymore.
So I followed the sound and I, um - I - You frisked a dead body.
But then when I finally dug it out of her pocket, it died in my hands.
The weirdest part is, this is her second phone.
The other one, we lost out in the water, but this This is an entirely different one.
One that worked and one that she chose not to tell us about.
Isn't there something, like, vaguely messed up about that? Like, not even vaguely.
Let me see it.
It is kind of a sketchy phone.
So what exactly are we trying to say here? - I don't know.
- I don't know.
I'm just wondering if the simplest explanation might be the right one.
So she had two phones.
It's not that crazy.
And she'd been knocked around so bad, she just She probably just forgot.
Jeannette wasn't just in shock, you know.
She was dying.
But, like, fuck her if she forgot! That could have been our only way out! Okay.
But why didn't you wake us up? I don't know.
You you don't know? You hear a phone, and instead of waking us up, you sit there and you contemplate what's fucking real and what's not so that by the time you get to the phone - Rachel, it was confusing.
- I'm not confused at all! You could have found it before it died, but you didn't, did you? No.
She's just afraid.
You did everything you could.
No, she's right.
I fucked up.
That's a tall order, tracking down a ringing phone in the middle of the night.
It seems likely that she did do everything in her power.
I know.
But at the time, all I saw was someone who hadn't fought for it.
A no-hustle, no-grit kinda girl.
I take it that's not your style.
I was all hustle.
Hustle and hard work.
That's how you make your dreams come true.
We grow up hearing that, don't we? That you don't have to be gifted or some kind of natural.
If you just put in the time, the effort, and the sweat, anything is possible.
I believed that because I had to.
Only to find out it was a stone-cold lie.
With some dreams, you can work yourself to the fucking bone and they're still gonna be there just out of reach.
Wait what do you mean? Are you cutting me from the team? No, no.
Let me clear.
I am not cutting you.
I am not taking you off the nationals roster, but when I am dead sure that one of my divers can no longer make progress, I make it a point to tell her, and I tell her as soon as I can because this is a brutal, draining, dead-end pursuit, and I don't want her devoting any more of her life to it than she has to.
Uh, I can I know I know that I've been in some kind of slump lately, but No, no, no, no, stop.
Look at them.
Kills me to admit it, but that is the kind of physique that succeeds in this sport, and they are short, compact bodies with itty-bitty pancake chests and some kind of freakish genetic ability to Pack on muscle and zero fat.
And that is That is just not you anymore.
Oh, God, how do I How do I put this better? You You got beautiful, kid.
Tall and real.
I can work harder.
- I can spend more time on the board, I can - No, Rachel, Rachel.
- Please! - Rachel.
I know this doesn't feel like it, but this is an opportunity.
Most people age out of the sport with no idea of who they are, but you get to start figuring that out now.
Right now.
You can ask the other girls.
They'll say I was stubborn, crazy.
Didn't know when to quit.
But when you find that thing that one thing that's all yours that finally makes you feel special that finally lets you catch some of that shine There she is, my little Athena.
That light that used to fall on others, it it now lands on you.
Smell like chlorine and excellence.
Hey, Raquel.
So good news.
I backed outta that design expo in Paris.
So I'll be here for your big nationals moment, cheering from the stands, fully embarrassing you.
But I thought that trip was like a big you and Nora thing.
I know you were looking forward to it.
Paris isn't going anywhere.
I wanna be there too.
All right, then.
Very cool.
You good, honey? Yeah, I'm just worn out.
Gonna go wash up.
Trust me when I say this.
When you've finally found that thing that makes you feel worth something you don't give it up without a fight.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, so I definitely feel like a piece of shit, and I'm sorry.
I'm over it.
I don't hold grudges.
I mean I hold one, and one is enough.
Best apology is a change in behavior.
Wait, so what do you want me to do with this? See if you can get it to inflate.
I haven't had any luck.
You're swimming out to the wreckage.
There's shit we need out there if we can find it.
Radio, flares.
You're still in, right? Fuckin' typical.
Okay, I feel like you can't say "typical" about someone that you've known for a day in like a really atypical situation.
Rachel, the water's insane.
You see those waves over there, how they're breaking sideways? That's a fucking riptide.
I surf.
You surf.
I took two lessons.
Have you ever lied to someone, like to a guy, maybe, and you tell them that you're into the smiths or that you surf, and then you try to legitimize the lie by listening to the smiths all weekend and signing up for a fucking surf lesson? No.
The water's a death wish.
Did my sister ask you to talk me down? No.
Why? For the record, I don't want to sit around either.
Watching the sky, feeling like a fuck-up.
Like a helpless, stupid fuck-up.
Then what do you wanna do? Jesus fucking Christ! You've gotta stop scaring me.
You need to not throw shit at unarmed brown people.
- Sorry.
- You know, for someone who gives off major softball player vibes, that was a super lame throw.
What's that? Uh what's left of the emergency slide, I think.
What are you doing with it? I don't know yet.
Maybe use it for shelter or warmth.
Someone's definitely coming to pick us up.
You get that, right? Did you just take a shit up there? I took a piss.
That's it.
And just so we're clear, I will not be doing that in the wild.
Hand to fucking God, I need indoor plumbing for that.
You got any more tissues in your bag? You don't want to drip-dry either? It's just good to have 'em on hand, you know? They make good tinder.
They can staunch a cut.
I gotta take a look at what we've salvaged so far, your suitcase included.
You know, step one in a scenario like this is know what the hell you're working with.
Are you from one of those creepy doomsday prep families and have a basement full of canned soup? I just watch a bunch of survival TV.
Survivor, obviously, uh, man versus wild.
Wild Alaska is solid.
Alone, naked and afraid.
How many of these are there? I don't get it.
I thought it was getting better.
It's a sprain; They're always worse the next day.
Ah, fuck, not this worse.
Toni, your Your face isn't helping.
What do you mean my face isn't helping? I mean you You look scared.
She doin' okay? You're You're gonna be just fine.
Swelling just means your body's on the job, all right? I got this, by the way.
She doesn't need like a ton of people crowding around her.
- Ow, Toni! - I was elevating it like you're fucking supposed to! Um, I think at this point it's better to immobilize than to elevate, so that's my bad, Martha.
I really should have splinted it yesterday.
I was just thinking you probably should have - splinted it yesterday.
- Just an FYI.
I was a candy striper at Amarillo General last year where I learned that the biggest obstacle to patient recovery Is infection.
And negative energy.
I'll let you think about that while I go get this one a drink, okay? All right, so you brought what, like 37 condoms? And your birth control pills.
Planned parenthood poster child over here.
I do my best.
Day 15.
We better be outta here by day 21.
I do not wanna be on my period in this hellhole.
Think anyone's got theirs now? Your sister was acting like it.
Fuck you.
Jesus, I was joking.
Hey! Look I am conducting an inventory.
Can you just not touch the stuff until everything's accounted for? I wanna know where we're at.
Relax, it's for Martha.
We're taking a walk.
And you're coming with us, Texas.
You've already been out there, - so you can lead the way.
- Lead the way to what now? That.
We gotta know what this place is.
Like the full view of it.
There's no way we're alone out here.
You know I'd be all in, but Martha It's fine.
You should go.
Well looks like I'm a yes, so I'll ju Hey, um Take this.
Tilt it up some.
Get it all the way up there.
It'll make for a pretty good signal.
Probably even better than a big-ass "help" sign.
That could really work? Yeah.
Well, it did on Face the Wild with Bear Grylls.
Hey, Rach It can't be easy watching someone drift away.
Especially if they're drifting into darkness.
Yesterday, we went left.
You know, we We hit some real nasty terrain, so I'm guessing this way's gonna be our best bet.
Ooh, stop that.
This thing's no joke.
All right, let's do this.
Let me come with you! - Not happening.
- But I - I can help you.
- You've helped enough.
No, Rach! Rach.
You know how bad I feel? I I, uh I wanna tear my skin off.
Real nice and dramatic, Nora.
Oh, wait, what's it called when someone is so dramatic that it makes you wanna fucking cringe? Melodramatic? Exactly.
Now get outta my face.
Oh Look at you.
Always standing in my fucking way.
God, your memory's, like Lethally selective.
You, um You didn't flush.
Oh, um, staff has to check it to make sure I didn't relapse.
Good times, right? Yeah, so we did vision boards.
Do you envision a golden retriever in your life? No.
Uh Yeah.
They made me put that up there.
The counselor said it was too sport-centric or some shit.
I'm not sick, though.
I'm just an athlete who knows what it fucking takes.
You ended up in the ER.
I was just dehydrated, okay? Nora, I don't belong here.
Help me.
Will you help me, please? I'll talk to Mom and Dad.
She could use a Vicodin or three right about now.
Hey, um, any chance this is some kind of icy hot knock-off? - Yeah, no, that's lube.
- Jesus.
What? I'm not one for essentials.
I'm more into recreationals.
Uh, hey, what's What are those pink things in the bottom of your Junk pile? Oh, my God, are those swag bags? What is swag? - Why would it be in a bag? - Swag.
It's like rah-rah promotional junk.
- Stupid and thirsty.
- This one has my name on it.
Cheap pink goggles.
Oh, and just when you thought it couldn't get any cringier, it's grandma's fucking golf hat.
You know, I actually kind of love it.
Oh, shit, it's my itinerary for the weekend.
Depending on what time of day it is, I'm either supposed to be at a pottery class - or swimming with dolphins.
- Honestly, I wouldn't be too torn up about that last one.
I've been swimming with dolphins like four times, and their tiny teeth are horrifying.
You seem a lot better than yesterday.
I mean, you were kinda like sliding into the abyss.
Yeah, well, I guess it fucked me up, you know? - The almost dying thing? - What Did your life go flashing before your eyes? Shit, it did.
And it bummed you out.
Let's just say I've had a shitty few years.
Hard fucking same.
All right, let's keep it moving.
I wanna get to the top before the sun goes down, see if we can flash a good signal.
If the context were different, like If we were on a field trip and somewhere in some parking lot a chain-smoking bus driver was waiting to take us home, I'd think this place was beautiful.
I'm telling you, God does not do ugly.
You thought much about college, Leah? Not really.
I've been Busy with other things.
What about you? Big college plans? I already committed to Stanford.
Their diving program is basically an Olympic pipeline.
Will your sister go with you? No! Why does everyone ask me that? Sheesh! It was just a question.
I'm like my mama ♪ Sometimes it's drama ♪ Forget the Karma ♪ Might hear me holla ♪ Reverse Madonna ♪ That's me, my bike's a - Hey.
- Hey.
I just came to bring you this.
You left it in the car.
And to wish you luck.
Not that you need it.
Since I did place a Wiccan hex on all the other divers.
Just a joke.
Are you Are you feeling Okay? Yeah.
Yeah, just nerves.
Good nerves.
You're all right, right? You're feeling like Healthy? Because you swore to me you'd Nora, yes, yes, I'm fine.
You seriously don't need to hover, okay? I just gotta get in the pocket, get the blood flowing, you know.
Give me my beats.
I'm good, Nora.
Come on! I'm gonna kill it.
I'm gonna smash it, I'm gonna kill it.
Gonna smash it, gonna kill it.
- I'm gonna smash it! Okay? - Yeah.
Just go out there and get Mom and Dad some good seats, all right? - I love you, Rach.
- I love you too.
All right, go.
Hurry up! Go, please.
This doesn't really seem worth it, Toni, like for either of us.
It will be, I swear.
Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis ♪ When I was dead broke, man, I couldn't picture this ♪ Fifty-inch screen, money-green leather sofa ♪ Got two rides, a limousine ♪ With a chauffeur ♪ Does that feel good? I don't know.
It's cold.
Yeah, that's the point.
Someone's coming for us, right? Yeah, duh! You see how many rich white girls there are on this island? Society will never let them perish.
You know, Shelby said her dad's probably in the white house by now just yelling at the president to come and find us.
Do you think we'll be famous after? Because Shelby said they'll give us a nickname like the unsinkable eight, and we'll go on talk shows You can't go two fucking seconds without bringing her up, can you? What? You know, she's dead-ass gonna drop you after this.
Like, don't expect her to invite you down to fucking Dallas.
Oh, shit, Marty, I'm s I'm so sorry.
You know I'm just so scared out of my fucking mind, I I know, I know.
Okay? Me too.
Birthdays was the worst days ♪ Now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay ♪ Ay ay ♪ I might I might need a little breather.
We're almost there.
I don't mean a full-on siesta, just a water break.
I don't want to make excuses for myself, but I did come out yesterday, and it wasn't the easiest.
- We're almost there.
- Yeah, well, almost there doesn't mean the same for you as it does for us, okay? We are Working with very different thresholds here.
That's racist.
What? No! No, I I only meant because because you're like a world-class athlete.
I Chill.
I'm kidding.
Watch out.
What do you think we'll see once we get up there? Uh I'm hoping for, like, a sandals resort maybe.
I'm takin' a break.
I said We're almost there! - Shit, the mirror! - Leah! Leah, no, no, no.
Stop! We don't need it.
I see it! - I can get it.
- Can you get it? - Yeah, I can see it - Leah, stop! Let it go! - It's right there - Can you get it? Aah! Get me up! Get me up, get me up! Get me up! Get me up! - I'm trying! Pull her up! - Get me up! So Your sister came after all.
Guess by then She realized that I don't always know what's best for myself.
Fuck! Fuck, we needed that! The mirror? Who the hell cares about a mirror? - Leah almost died.
- Rachel, I am so So sorry.
Don't feel like you need to apologize to her.
Don't look at me like that.
Don't look at me like you think I've lost my mind, like I'm some angry-ass girl losing her shit for no reason! I have every reason! My life is out there a million miles away, okay? Real life is out there, and I have no fucking clue why I'm the only one fighting to get it back! Is there nothing waiting for you? Do you not have a world that wants you back? What the fuck? Hello?! I guess fucking not! Diving next, Rachel Reid.
There's There's nothing.
There's nothing.
There's nothing, there's nothing, there's nothing.
There's Nothing.
Nothing, nothing.
Stay away from me, Nora.
I'm serious.
Stay the fuck away from me, Nora.
Stop, just don't Don't touch me! Don't stay the fuck away from me, Nora! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Aah! Just for context, what did you hope to see from the summit? Something, anything.
A dock, a house.
Some kinda sign that we weren't Alone.
But that didn't materialize.
Sorry, what? Well, you didn't find anything to suggest that you weren't alone.
I did and I didn't.
I did and I didn't.
We don't have eyes on the other four? They, um, they should pass by arbor cam 12 in just a sec.
Do you see how they've arranged themselves differently? It often means a shift in the geography of the relationship.
Did you note that, Susan? Of course.
Oh, God.
The dogs must have slept in the laundry last night.
Have I just been walking around like this all day? - Do you want the lint roller? - Yes! Oh, hell, I may as well just steer into the skid.
Oh, yes! Oh! The number of times just staring at these two faces has brought me back from the edge Muah.
How do they do it? Is it just that they're so simple when absolutely nothing else is? We're not just Thoughtlessly putting her death behind us.
We're moving forward so that what she gave amounts to something.
- Is that clear? - Hundred percent.
- Susan? - Yes, all clear.
Uh could you get on to base camp? I wanna check that the operative found the package.
Of course.
Come on! Gotta figure this was our pilot.
Now, sir, I don't have a great feeling about where you're at right now, but the shit you left behind will not be wasted.
Dottie, don't be morbid.
Uh, well, sorry, but this is a haul.
Pain pills, disinfectants Basically a whole medicine cabinet.
All right, down the hatch.
You, ma'am, are gonna be ship-shape in no time.
I've only ever had the store brand kind before.
She didn't buy them for you.
She had some dumb fucking luck.
Hey, um, give her one of these, maybe one and a half, but make sure - she takes it with food.
- What is it? Oxycodone.
Shelby, thank you so much.
How do you say "you're welcome" in Native American? In Ojibwe, it's miigwech.
That riptide's looking real good right about now.
Thanks by the way.
For trying to get the mirror.
I'm not like A Stanford-bound-wheaties-box- Olympic-level diver, but I do go after things.
If they're risky, impossible, stupid, or like an absolute recipe for disaster, I'll I'll go after it for sure.
So Stanford.
You were cut, Rachel.
It's not your real life anymore.
I don't know why you won't let it go.
But you do, Nora.
You do know why.
Q-a-t triple letter.
Is that a legal word? Yeah, look it up.
It's an Arabian shrub.
You okay, baby? We can play something different.
No, it's cool.
It's still tender? Kinda.
Every scar is a lesson, you know? What's that, um, Rumi quote? "The wound is the place light enters you.
" That's the one.
It means the smell in the air after it rains.
That's quite beautiful.
That's 85 points worth of beautiful.
Where you going? You're almost up.
Just gonna lie down.
Rachel? You remember my first invitational down in Jersey? We were 11.
I did the perfect inward pike.
I blew everyone out of the water.
Mom and Dad They fucking lost it.
Dad went on, kissing strangers, and mom screamed so hard, her nose bled.
She bled on my hair and didn't even realize.
Look, I know it wasn't easy for you always being in the bleachers and basically having your life hijacked by my thing, but But that day that was the first time they They've ever looked at me like that.
Like the way that they've always looked at Me.
The way they look at me.
You know, they're basically the only ones who Noticed me.
Yeah, well, I wanted that.
I still do.
So I'm gonna get back there, Nora.
I'm gonna be fucking great again.
And I need you to let me believe that.
The story of me and my sister is that I had her all wrong.
How do you mean? She was always up ahead, standing in front of me somehow.
And there I was thinking that she was just casting some kind of shadow that I had to get out from under.
But that wasn't the case.
It was protection.
She was throwing herself in front of the world for me.
This story, the two of you, you mind if I ask how it ends? I don't know.
Guess that's in your hands now.
It's true what they say, you know, that you can still feel things.
Messages from Old nerve endings, sensations from the past.
You know what I feel? It's her hand holding mine.

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