The Wilds (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Day Three

♪ She stepped off the bus out into the city streets ♪ ♪ Just a small-town girl with her whole life ♪ Packed in a suitcase by her feet ♪ Bbut somehow the lights didn't shine ♪ As bright as they did ♪ On her mama's TV screen ♪ And the work seemed harder, days seemed longer ♪ Than she ever thought they'd ♪ [ICE CREAM SPLATS.]
Oh, shit.
I I'm so sorry.
Not a problem.
Are you the dudes that are gonna ask me, like, a whole bunch of questions? We are, indeed Those dudes.
Shit, I I'm really sorry, but you guys just came out of nowhere.
No apologies necessary.
Just good to see you're having fun.
Kind of earned it.
Aah! Please make it stop! Come here.
I got you.
♪ I used to think thunderstorms were, like, majestic.
That still your take? [THUNDER BOOMS.]
All right! Come on! Everybody, grab an end! Get under! ♪ [DOT.]
Leah, come on.
Grab an end! ♪ - [THUNDER RUMBLES.]
- Aah! - How's your ankle? - Better, I think.
It's just It's so itchy.
- My leg is kind of itchy, too.
- Yeah, mine too.
Sand fleas.
- Sand what? - Sand fleas! [DOT.]
Well, they're not really, like, fleas.
They're more like tiny little shrimp.
They're not lethal.
They're just annoying.
Once the rain stops, we can just go scrub them off, you know, before they get a chance to burrow.
Aah! Fuck my life! [ALL SHOUTING.]
♪ Sriracha mayonnaise.
Mm! Pretty good.
Growing up, we only had two kind of condiments in my house The red and the yellow, so, you know, this is grade A.
Look, the last thing that I want to do is sound patronizing, but I do feel compelled to remind you to chew.
So, this, uh, this this rainstorm, this was day three, then? Yep, and, you know, it kind of sunk in at that point that our food situation was for shit, just crap from the plane Tiny little sandwiches, lots of bags of nuts.
That must've been discouraging.
Yeah, morale was low.
Well, maybe not low, more like "hangry.
- Whoo! - Wow.
Can I get another one of those? And, if it's not too much trouble, some of those little blue crab Blue crab Sushi from Hinata drizzled in ponzu sauce, with just the lightest touch, just a kiss of wasabi.
I just want some Indian tacos, the way Mom makes them With black beans and velveeta.
Oh, I would destroy some velveeta right now.
Like, I would just house it straight from the packet.
I'm thinking cheesecake factory.
Four-cheese pasta, fresh brown bread.
Okay, the cheesecake factory is grotesque.
Grotesque? [FATIN.]
I'm just saying, the cheesecake factory is a mall restaurant for mall people.
No judgment.
What is a mall person? And why do you say it all derogatory like? Dottie, what is that? Wet wood gets us black smoke, gets us a signal fire.
Probably a good idea to keep it going during the day.
And, guys, you know, I was pretty slack on this yesterday, and it cost us.
We got to get real about shelter.
If we all, you know, pitch in, grab the materi Yes, lady in the leopard? That sounds really unappealing, and I'm exhausted, and there's rescue coming.
So, for those reasons, I'm out.
Just because you shot me down shark tank style doesn't make me any less annoyed.
We got to bounce before we get roped in this bullshit.
Yeah, no kidding.
Ready when you are.
All right.
Nora, you coming? Um, I I mean, if you want me to.
Yeah, why not? - Nora's a good swimmer.
You're both water babies.
Hey, where y'all going? [LEAH.]
We're swimming out to the wreckage, see if we can find anything useful.
All right, just real quick, what do you guys think about building a shelter? [RACHEL.]
Not interested in laying down roots! Au revoir! [TENSE MUSIC.]
♪ Dot, where are you going? If we're not building shelter, I'm at least gonna look for a cave or some kind of big rock that we can duck under Because believe it or not, the elements don't fuck around, and neither should we.
I'm sorry.
Let's, um, let's go back for a moment.
The three young women who were swimming towards the plane, what was their plan exactly? To hunt for the fuselage and maybe find some means of communication? Yep.
That's incredibly ambitious.
Yeah, well, that's Rachel for you.
Did it bother you, her approach? Are you kidding? I was fucking impressed.
That whole "shoot for the moon" thing Not exactly my M.
My vibe was more like One foot in front of the other.
So bet we're gonna be big news back home.
Guess so.
I really hope they don't use our yearbook photos, because mine have not been flattering.
And they'd have to use yours from freshman year, considering you've been "not pictured" two years in a row.
Strange thing to be keeping track of.
Well, I co-edit the yearbook, and the "not pictured" spaces are an eyesore, so, yes, I keep track.
Did you come along just to shame me for missing picture day? I came because of the buddy system, and I just think it's a shame that we don't know each other better, being from the same town and all.
We haven't really crossed paths since eighth-grade Spanish, have we? And before then, what? Youth soccer? Yeah, well, I guess our circles just don't overlap.
FYI, your dad was the best soccer coach.
I remember every time we'd win, he'd run onto the field and play air guitar, and we'd all just join in with him.
I heard, by the way, that he was, you know, sick.
We don't have to do this, you know.
I'm sorry, do what? Go all breakfast club on each other, peel back the layers.
As far as I'm concerned, you can go on thinking I'm the "not pictured" girl, and I can go on thinking about you not at all.
You think enough about me to talk trash about my boyfriend to a bunch of total strangers.
There it is! That's why you came.
Andrew's not a cheater, okay? And so sue me for wanting to know why you would want to spread such a vicious rumor, okay? It's not like I couldn't go around spreading rumors about you, what with that side hustle you got.
Okay, Shelby.
Yeah, you got me.
I sell drugs.
You know, I would have thought you knew, given that your boyfriend is one of my best customers.
You're just trying to get a rise out of me.
At school, most people run in packs.
I mean, that's just teen-movie bullshit 101.
But for those who go rogue, well, it ain't all that bad.
If you're rolling without a crowd, it means you're not on anyone's radar.
Being alone means being invisible ♪ Which has its advantages.
No recess ♪ No recess ♪ No recess ♪ No recess ♪ ♪ No recess ♪ What's up, Andrew? Look, it's not like you didn't know I was coming.
Whatever, just give me my shit.
There you go.
♪ Have fun, kids.
Now, if you run in a pack of one, people make all sorts of assumptions about you.
Andrew, stop! [DOT.]
They think deep down it bums you out, that you'd give anything to fit in, but maybe the truth is I just didn't have time for that shit.
Look alive, Dad.
You spoil me with all this fancy stuff, Dottie.
I feel like I need to eat this one with my pinkie up in the air.
Hey, check this out.
Montana Monica built her shelter first.
I bet you a fiver she wins the whole thing.
Yeah, right.
I'll take that action.
Easy money.
Mateo still here? Yeah, he's messing around in the kitchen.
Do not let that boy cook, okay? He does not know salt from sugar from his asshole.
You all right? Yep, aces.
I'm fine.
More for the collection.
- Thanks.
- Feel free to peace out.
I can finish up here.
Must've been a good day, then.
I see he got himself into the chair.
Well, actually, he threw up in the bed, and I had to strip it.
And I moved him to the chair in the meantime.
The nausea tablets should help.
Fucking better, for what it costs.
I thought the VA wasn't gonna cover these.
Yeah, well, sometimes they reverse their decision.
Not in my experience, but, okay.
So, I noticed the oxycodone is going pretty fast.
I thought he wasn't tolerating it.
Yeah, well, he seems to have adjusted.
Just Be careful.
What you're doing It's risky.
It's almost six, so time for you to clock the fuck out.
Keeping the old Above water [SCOFFS.]
That shit's not easy.
So you do what you got to do.
Visibility is good.
I can see a lot deeper than I thought.
Focus on the kick, Nora.
♪ Do either of you remember how you got to shore? No.
It's a total blackout.
I pulled you in.
You did? I mean, we weren't that far out, but, yeah.
Oh, fuck! - How's your BFF? - You mean Martha? She's over there sleeping off her pill bender.
That's rich.
Oh, no, did you guys have a domestic? I don't want to talk about it.
I could be bleeding, right? My guts spilling out into the streets, but if Shelby came along with a smile and some fucking muffins, then Martha would just walk right by me.
Oh, my God.
See, this is why I don't get tight with girls.
The drama, jealousy, the petty revenge schemes.
It's so cringey and small.
Martha's getting taken for a ride.
All Shelby wants to do is hang out with her long enough to put "saved a little res girl" on her college apps.
So, yeah, I'm not out here being petty.
I'm just trying to protect my best friend.
- Are you an Aries? - What? Who the fuck cares? God! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
You know, if you really knew Andrew, you wouldn't be questioning his character.
Yeah, he does a lot of BMX races for charity.
Are we really still on this? You know, I had high hopes for you out here.
You know, you came out swinging the other day with your whole, "let's find water.
Let's be resourceful.
" Now, here you are, getting twisted over some high-school bullshit.
You missed something while you were frickin' lecturing me.
♪ Hmm.
Well it's small.
But if it opens up on the inside, you know, it could work.
Hand me your penlight.
I'll take a look.
You sure? Mm-hmm.
What do you see? It's hard to say.
It's, like, pitch-black in here.
Wait, what is that? What is what? Wait, so Oh, my God, stop.
Something's got a hold of me.
Something's got a hold of me! - Help, help, help! - Got you! ♪ - [LAUGHING.]
- Oh, fuck you! I got ya, didn't I? By the way, it's useless in there.
Doesn't go deeper than a few feet.
That's not fucking funny.
Hey, if we can't have a laugh here Do you see me fucking laughing? Jesus Christ, you cunt.
Oh, my God, something just flew in my mouth.
It's called fucking Karma.
♪ Oh, Jesus, Shelby.
Are you kidding me? Where the hell are you going? ♪ You know what? Fine.
You want to run off, you're on your own.
Okay, Shelby? You're on your fucking own.
♪ [DOT.]
Hey, you're getting heavy, old man.
You need to stop eating, okay? It's deadweight.
It's okay, Dot.
I got this.
No, man, you don't.
Come on.
All right, easy.
- Oh, Jesus.
- There you go.
Come on.
It's over.
We did it.
Hard part's over.
- Jesus Christ, right? - You had an accident.
- It's nothing.
- It's not nothing.
That is fucking not nothing.
Dad, if you really think that I care, then you're an idiot.
I care.
I care that you have to do this for me.
I want you to get out, please.
If I go, then how are you I don't fucking know.
Just get out! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
♪ What made you decide not to go after her? I don't know.
I guess I just realized how tired I was.
That's not something I've been willing to admit to myself for a while.
Well, of course, you were tired.
A chaotic night, a long hike.
I mean, who wouldn't be tired after that? Right.
After all that.
Let us adore him ♪ [COUGHING.]
Oh, come let us adore him ♪ - Christ the lord ♪ - Ah.
Christ the lord ♪ Okay, can we officially call it? Call what? Our friend Mateo has got a little thing for you.
Oh, come on, really? He's here on Christmas Eve.
He brought mint Milanos.
You're the only person in the world that eats those things, and I know this place smells like a sick bay, but if you sniff real hard, I think you're gonna detect a hint of four-buck Cologne.
Respectfully, Dad, fuck off.
You think just 'cause I've wiped your ass, you're allowed to get all up in my business? [BOTH LAUGHING.]
Ready for a little Christmas? O holy night ♪ The stars are brightly shining ♪ It is the night ♪ Of our dear savior's birth ♪ ♪ Long lay the world ♪ Guns N' Roses, 2007.
I made you wear those industrial lawn mower earmuffs so you wouldn't burst your drums.
You looked ridiculous.
♪ That was a different time, huh? ♪ That's when I used to do shit for you.
A thrill of hope ♪ The weary world rejoices ♪ For yonder breaks ♪ A new and glorious morn ♪ Fall on ♪ Can I confess something to you? This is actually one of my favorite songs.
Not very metal of you.
Oh, night ♪ Okay.
Divine ♪ My turn.
It's not a puppy.
♪ Oh, night divine ♪ What is it? I signed you up for this.
It's a retreat.
It's all girls.
It's in Hawaii.
There's snorkeling.
There's there's swimming, the works.
Right, it's not till the summer, but I wanted to give it to you now.
How am I supposed to go away? [TIM.]
Come on.
I'm gonna be fine.
I got Mateo here.
- I'm not leaving you.
- No, I need this.
You have to let me give this to you.
Chains shall he break ♪ For the slave is our brother ♪ And in his name ♪ All oppression ♪ [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
You shouldn't be doing voluntary overtime on Christmas Eve.
And you shouldn't be doing laundry on Christmas Eve.
Fuck! Paid good money for a fucking lemon.
Lemon? [CHUCKLES.]
What? No, it's just sometimes you remind me of my abuelo.
He's always complaining about appliances.
Yeah, well, I'm glad to hear my life resembles that of a 65-year-old man's.
Well, actually, he rides ATVs on the weekends and plays in a Los Super Seven cover band.
Even he has more of a life than I do.
It's only gonna get worse, Dot.
Thanks for the pep talk.
You know, Merry Christmas to you, too.
No, I just mean You can't take this on all on your own.
Yeah, well, I don't have a choice.
He's my dad.
I've got this.
Well, maybe you do now because you're strong.
It's just I've seen it happen before, where someone lives so hard for someone else, they forget how to live for themselves.
There's nothing to even forget.
I mean, I haven't even really started.
Don't you want to? I can't.
I can't.
I just can't.
Dot, wait! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Dot! Dot! [SOBS.]
- Shelby? - [SHELBY.]
Dot, help! Shelby! Shelby! - [SHELBY.]
Dot! Dot, Dot! - Shelby, where are you? [SHELBY CRIES.]
Shelby! Shelby, I'm coming! ♪ - [WHIMPERS.]
It's a snake, it's a snake [WHIMPERS.]
It's a snake, it's a snake Don't move.
- Stay still, okay? ♪ [SHELBY SHOUTS.]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, get it.
Get it, get it, get it! [BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY.]
You piece of fucking reptile shit.
I was supposed to be in fucking Hawaii, the 50th fucking state, at an aromatherapy massage, not in this fucking hellscape trying not to die! ♪ Yeah.
The dam sort of just [IMITATES EXPLOSION.]
You think you know what you've got buried down there Under the surface, but you don't always.
♪ [DOT.]
And sometimes it can surprise the shit out of you.
♪ That's it.
That's the tail.
Fucking a.
But it's so deep.
How do we even get down there? You two man the raft.
♪ She doesn't like to waste time.
What was down there? It looked like a whole kitchen, maybe some, like, technical supplies and stuff, I don't know.
But I need one of you guys, more eyes, more hands.
I I can I can go.
No, you're too spent.
I'm not.
Rachel, I'm ready.
No, stop, okay? It's good.
I swear, Nora.
I'm not expecting you to fucking free dive in open water, okay? Besides, if you were the athlete in the family, what the hell would that make me? You ready to bring your A game? I mean, I'm ready to bring a game.
I have no idea what kind.
Take the deepest breath of your fucking life.
Follow my lead, okay? Ready? ♪ [BOTH GRUNTING.]
The black box! The fucking black box.
That's something, right? That's important? I mean, yeah, it sends out a GPS signal with the location.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
♪ [FATIN.]
"Carrie showed up in her long blue sundress, which floated around her like a cloud.
" Yes, the book is an absolute zero, but listen to what he wrote next to it.
"Dear Leah, I dreamt about you last night.
" A person only gets a handful of perfect dreams in one's life.
For me "This was one.
" Juicy, right? Wow.
He's super in love with her.
And here, he just wrote, "Shetland ponies forever.
" What does that mean? It's obviously an inside joke.
God, there is nothing grosser than couples and their inside jokes.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Do you want some solid relationship advice? - Uh-huh.
- Okay.
There's only three things that you have to remember Skip the handy, dry humping is underrated, and always carry a stash of Uqora.
- What Uqora? - It's for UITs.
Like, after you have a lot of sex.
Um, what about something more basic? You know, like How do I even get a guy to like me? Oh, that's easy.
You just stop paying attention to them, and then they just, like, appear out of nowhere.
So this guy washed up.
Is he good for anything? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Couldn't get the box.
It's stuck.
- Again! - I can't.
Yes, you can! Come on! - Oh, I - Come on! [INHALES DEEPLY.]
- Again, Leah, come on! - I can't.
♪ - Rachel - Again! Shut up, Nora.
We're going again.
Yes, you can! I've seen you dig deep.
- [LEAH.]
No, I really can't do it.
You can do it, come on! Let's go.
♪ Oh, uh, thanks.
Least I could do.
So This might not be the best time to ask for a favor, but Could you not tell anyone about - My teeth? - [CHUCKLES.]
Take it to the grave.
Even Andrew doesn't know.
No offense, but you should probably lighten up about it.
My fucking kingdom for a problem as big as some dentures.
It's not dentures.
It's just two of my Anyway In my mind, it feels like I it feels like this super-thin wall holding back all of this I don't know Ugliness.
He's cheating, isn't he? Don't know.
Just gossip, really.
But for what it's worth, I think you deserve better.
This one time, we were on a mission trip to Mexico, and we were watching the sunset together, and because the light was just right, the sun made this beautiful green flash just before it sunk below the horizon, and I was like [INHALES DEEPLY.]
"isn't that just the purest thing you ever saw?" What'd he say? "You're so random.
" And then tried to stick his hand up my shirt, so You ever seen that? Green flash at sunset? Oh, um, no.
I haven't had a whole lot of time for sunsets and shit.
Your dad.
He's gone, isn't he? - [KNOCK AT DOOR.]
- [DOT.]
- Hey.
He was right.
Montana Monica won.
Well, at least you don't have to pay him the five bucks.
Oh, shit, too dark? No.
Right on the money.
So You come over to make your big move? Figure I'm sad, vulnerable? - Dot, I I wasn't trying to - I'm kidding.
You do know how I feel about you, though.
That hasn't changed.
I have something for you.
Your dad gave this to me a few weeks ago.
He wanted you to have it.
What is it? [MATEO.]
Some contact for some woman he met with.
Apparently she can help you with CPS, maybe sidestep foster care.
Dot, he really wanted you to get in touch with her.
He actually made me promise that you would.
I think this is the one.
Echo! [ECHOING.]
Dentures! [BOTH LAUGHING.]
Butthole! [BOTH LAUGHING.]
♪ [TONI.]
Yeah, see, he doesn't really read as straight to me.
I mean, look at those abs.
Straight boys don't rock an eight-pack that hard.
Hmm, he could also be a straight gym-rat fuck boy, you know? All about his 'gram channel, sprays Acqua Di Gio on his balls, and he will always leave you on "read.
" Mm, Marcus here will break your fucking heart.
Marcus? Yeah, where did Marcus come from? It's a vibe.
I mean, it's kind of close to my name.
Honestly, I feel the chemistry.
Yeah? Yeah, Marty, get it.
We are back.
And we found a cave.
So, if rescue doesn't show in the next couple of hours, I suggest we get a move on.
Thank God! I cannot take another night with wet sand in my crack.
- Who is this? - [MARTHA.]
That's Marcus.
Toni found him.
I don't have a ton of experience, but doesn't that seem especially large? - Martha likes them hung.
Milestone eight, Leonard.
They reached milestone eight a full two weeks ahead of my projection.
They're just God, they're so brilliant, - I could scream.
So have you started playing favorites? Oh, come on.
That's not praxis.
- Okay, there is one.
- Hmm.
She's shrewd.
She's skeptical, almost to the point of paranoid.
Even though I'm sure she's gonna be a major pain in my ass, I am still drawn to her.
Is she already raising suspicions? A few, but you know what milestone eight entails.
I'm sure it'll kill any doubts.
Gretchen, Leonard, well, I isn't this a nice surprise? How are you two? Are we celebrating something? Oh, just decadence.
Look, uh, Gretchen, I wanted to apologize for the way things were handled last fall.
You should know that the decision was far from unanimous.
So many of us on the faculty are still rooting for you.
- Thank you.
- Truly.
That is very kind.
Well, you two enjoy your cocktail.
♪ - Cold comfort, I imagine.
- More like bullshit.
She cast the tie-breaking vote against me.
God, I can't wait for these timid-minded fucks to see what bold measures can do.
So what do we do with it? What are you looking at me for? I don't know dick about planes.
Two days ago was the first time I'd ever even been in one.
We should open it.
But it says right on the thing [LEAH.]
Martha, I know, but if we were to get inside, you might find the actual recording, like Like, the actual tape of what happened to us up there.
Don't we kind of already know what happened? [LEAH.]
Do we? Can somebody tell me, like, the full account? From the turbulence to the moment you woke up here? Besides, look at how big and loud the "do not open" is.
Part of me feels like it's telling us to do the opposite, like it's being ironic.
Fuck, no.
We're not opening it.
She's intense.
Yeah, you have no idea.
She almost fucking killed me out there.
Like a total psychopath.
You said there was maybe, like, a transmitter in here, beaming out our location? Yeah, it's called a beacon, I think.
It's, like, a nautical term? [SHELBY.]
Okay, but if they haven't found us yet, can't we assume that this beacon thing is busted? I mean, maybe if we just try "Do not open"! What part of that is unclear? What if we open and break a completely functional beacon? That would wipe us off the grid entirely.
Is that what you want? 'Cause if it's what you all want, you're fucking damaged.
There's a bulb inside, but it's out.
Okay, so that means it's definitely broken, right? If someone suggests opening it one more time, I swear to God.
What do you think, Dorothy? Okay, y'all, what we choose to do right now should not be in the hands of just one person.
Okay, not that Dottie couldn't handle it, but we shouldn't put that much responsibility on her.
So how did you resolve it? That was the first time we voted.
All those in favor, raise your hands.
All right, then.
Majority rules.
Holy shit.
Do you think that means it's working? I mean, I don't know, but we have to assume yes.
So it's on? Now they're gonna to find us? Yeah, boy! Fuck to the yes! ♪ [DOT.]
Wait a second.
I think this is it The recording from the flight.
♪ [BEEPS.]
This is November Delta 294.
Are we cleared for departure? [MAN.]
November Delta 294, you are [BEEPS, WHIRRING.]
294 out of range, engaging distress signal.
We've gone off course.
Mayday, mayday, may [BEEPS, WHIRRING.]
Lost thrust in both engines.
- We're off course - [BEEPS, WHIRRING.]
Cabin pressure is gone, Captain.
The girls are unconscious.
We got complete engine failure.
I'm gonna have to put this down in the water.
- Unlatch the exits.
Make sure the girls have flotation devices.
- [MAN.]
294, mayday, mayday, mayday! We've lost thrusts in both engines and are attempting a water landing.
Hold on for the attempt.
Oh, shit! Mayday, mayday, may - [STATIC HISSES.]
- [GASPS.]
♪ [BEEPS.]
We should've died.
♪ But we didn't.
We're alive.
♪ My mom once told me the three most stressful things in life are divorce, the death of someone close to you, and moving.
We're stranded in a wasteland.
There's been a death.
And we're moving.
If someone gets a divorce up in this piece, we should 100% throw ourselves in the ocean.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I started reading some of your man's book.
- Uh, t that's private.
- Private? It's published.
Yeah, I know, but, uh, there's Oh, the love notes.
I only skimmed.
Oh, but I had a thought.
So the book is about this super-pretty, totally inexperienced 22-year-old girl, right? I guess.
So that's kind of pervy, no? I mean, in the cradle-robbing sense? Like, between you and the book, I get the sense this guy likes recent vintage.
- Fuck off.
- Wha Sorry.
It was just a casual observation.
Figured you already thought about it.
Watch for it.
It won't disappoint.
♪ [TIM.]
Dot? Hey, Dottie, girl? - Yeah? - Come here.
♪ Where's Mateo? I sent him home.
It's only 3:30.
♪ This is the end of the tour, Dot.
What are you talking about? It's a fine spring day.
There's big, white clouds.
God, I would love to get on my bike and go down to Cass Lake, maybe do a little fishing.
Dad, you can't.
Yes, I can.
♪ But I'm gonna need your help.
♪ No.
♪ No, I'm not I'm not doing that.
You're not going fucking anywhere.
You could have one, maybe two more years.
♪ Listen, I didn't want to do this until I knew that you were gonna be safe.
- No.
- But I've seen to that.
I've seen to it.
♪ This has to be the end.
♪ [SOBS.]
♪ O holy night ♪ The stars are brightly shining ♪ - [GROANS.]
- Okay.
Of our dear savior's birth ♪ ♪ Long lay the world ♪ Hey.
In sin and error ♪ Dorothy Jane Campbell Till he appeared and the soul ♪ I have loved being your daddy.
♪ [SIGHS.]
Okay, I want you to listen to me.
The weary world rejoices ♪ One day that big, beautiful world out there is gonna come calling, but it's not gonna happen right away, and it's not gonna happen all at once.
♪ You have to answer.
Fall on your knees ♪ O hear ♪ The angel voices ♪ O night ♪ Divine ♪ [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
♪ Okay, so let me get this straight.
You're gonna pay me to go on this trip, and you're gonna keep those narcs down at Child Protective Services off my back, at least until I turn 18.
What's the catch? What makes you think there's a price tag? ♪ 'Cause nothing in this world is free.
I'm not that stupid.
Has it occurred to you, Dot, that maybe you've already paid? Maybe this is the universe finally giving back to someone who's given so much.
That's a real fun sentiment, but that's not how the world works.
So let's just get to it.
What do you want from me? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]

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