The Wilds (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Day Six

1 This is the black box you're familiar with, correct? Supposedly equipped with a GPS beacon.
Why does seeing that make you smile? I I don't mean to, it's just That thing was a cocktease.
Uh I'm wondering if you can expand on "cocktease"? Like, we were so hyped when we got it.
We thought that rescue would show up right away, but three days go by and nothing.
Just started to feel like a sick joke.
The weather in this place is spastic.
Like, how can it be this hot and this windy at the same time? It's like we're being blasted by a giant hairdryer.
Yeah, and then freezing our asses off in that cave at night.
Okay, dude, I get it.
The cave was a bust, and it was my idea, but didn't I pay the ultimate price? A bat took an actual shit in my actual mouth.
Yeah, you really gotta work - on sleeping with your mouth shut.
- Can't help it, man.
That's just how I breathe.
It just sucks that we're out here again with nothing over our heads.
Carnivores aren't the deadliest force in the wild, you know.
- Don't make me guess what is.
- Exposure.
Slow killer.
Where does thirst rank? 'Cause I'm blowing through my stash here.
Hard not to.
This reminds of that, like, Texas-in-July heat, you know? The kind that makes old people drop dead on their way to the mailbox and sane people sort of snap.
Case in point.
Leah, watch this, watch this.
Ready? - Doesn't even hurt.
- Whoa.
I don't even feel it.
Oh, you took your splint off? Yeah.
I feel like a brand-new woman.
I wonder if I'll actually say that and mean it one day.
I kind of hope not.
"A brand-new woman"? They only say that in old shampoo commercials.
Well, you get what I mean.
I want to be changed by something.
You don't think all this will do the trick? I'd rather be changed by something good.
Like love.
What's it like? Like, really being in love? Cool, so what did Fatin tell you? Nothing.
She read me some of the book, and the little notes inside.
Great, that's great, so, uh, any hot takes on what a creep he must have been and that I'm nothing but a teenage fetish object? No, like, I don't I don't I haven't even I thought the whole thing was super romantic.
It's misery, Martha, that's That's what love is.
Misery, doubt, and a shit-ton of self-loathing.
Fuck, I miss my socials.
Feels strange to say this, but I sort of don't.
Oh, come on.
The fans, the haters, the memes.
The thirst-traps.
It's all happening somewhere, but without us.
You know what my daddy always says when he thinks I'm looking at my phone too much? He says, "you'll never spot a rainbow if you're looking down.
" Uh, except that people are always posting rainbow pics on Instagram.
Can I get my soap? Time for a quick whore bath.
Excuse me, what is a whore bath? Just the pits, tits, and slits.
You're lowkey very edgy, aren't you? Wait, why do I feel like I'm being ganged up on Oh, what the hell is touching me? - Fuego.
- Takis! I need these in my mouth right now.
Oh, lord.
It's like a miracle.
Those are so much better than hot Cheetos.
- They're mine.
- I get to claim these.
All right, I'm not trying to start shit, but I bought those at the airport.
I put them in my carry-on.
No way, I bought them at a mini-mart in Richwood along with an orange fucking Gatorade like I always do.
She did, on our way to Fargo to catch our first plane.
Bam! Where's your witness? Hey, hey, hey, how about How about we just take a step back and get a good clear read of the situation.
The situation is that they're mine, and anybody who tries to take them is a colonizer.
Okay, just listen up for a sec.
We're all real sick of eating macadamia nuts, right? And here we have something that everybody wants with no surefire owner.
So I say that we look at these takis as a grand prize and we play for them.
- Can't we just eat them? - Yeah, seriously.
She's gone full youth group counselor on us.
- Play what? - Three words.
Shelter building contest.
- No way! - No.
We'll split into two teams, right, and whoever builds the best, most durable one wins.
I'm out.
How many times do I have to say it? I am not trying to make myself at home here.
I want to leave.
We won't survive without shelter, Rachel, and the universe has a wicked sense of humor.
Rescue will probably show up as soon as we finish.
"If you build it, they will come!" Come on.
"Field of dreams.
" It's like a brilliant film.
- Come on, Rach.
- Fuck it, I'll play.
All right, then, let's do this! Honestly, I think this is gonna be really fun.
That's a lot of controversy over a bag of chips.
They're not just chips.
They're takis.
If you'd ever had them, you'd get the drama.
- Have you had these things? - Of course.
They're incredible.
Then having to compete for them, that must have really gotten under your skin.
I'm pretty used to that shit.
Fighting for what's already ours is like a way of life where I'm from.
Plus, you know, I wasn't gonna get bugged out about a competition.
I knew my way around a game.
And finally, the team captain and starting point guard.
She hoops like a boss.
Best you don't cross.
Number 3, Toni Shalifoe! Ladies and gentlemen, those are our Hopewell Lake Firebirds, looking to continue their win streak against the Ravens.
So you better turn out this Friday night So I was made captain of one team and Dot captain of the other.
W wait, do you Do you guys actually care about this dumb game? The scope of our investigation is so broad at this point, we're eager for any and all accounts on your part.
What you think of as irrelevant might give us some valuable insight.
In other words, yes.
We do care about this dumb game.
I won the toss.
Toni chooses first.
So I picked with my heart.
Marty B, you know what's good.
Dot just picked a ringer.
Well, I want the W, so Rachel.
This is my fucking middle school PE nightmare.
I know, I wore a scoliosis brace from fourth to seventh grade, so this isn't not triggering.
Somehow we decided that the last person chosen got to pick next.
What was the idea behind that approach? "Well, it'll just mix things up more that way.
" - Don't you think? - Then I pick Shelby.
- Leah, how tall are you? - Uh, 5'9".
We're gonna need that height.
Squad up.
Yeah, Rachel would burn a family if she needed to.
Not something I could ever do, but honestly, respect.
- Join the fam, Nora.
- Is this a sympathy pick? - Probably.
- Of course not.
Hey, lotion.
- You're with us.
- Why? What? I don't even know what's going on.
Shelter building competition.
Come on.
We need you to make it look pretty.
The gameplay was simple: Build a shelter and do it by sunset.
The axe would be shared, and all other materials were finders keepers.
Not gonna lie, it was really shaping up to be quite the Battle Royale.
Warriors versus Visors.
Texan versus Texan.
Twin versus twin.
Some people are born with them, I guess.
But I chose mine.
Toni, I can't look.
It's too sad.
You're gonna have to do it.
Marty, it doesn't even look like a pig.
Just tell yourself it's like an alien baby or some kind of demon fetus.
I don't want to dissect any of those either.
And besides, I'll know it's a pig, in my heart.
It's chill.
I put him to bed.
How messed up is it that we get all these weapon checks and anti-cutting lectures and then boom, they just give us knives.
Hi, there.
Guys? Regan's gonna be joining us.
You just transferred in from pine Ridge - a few weeks ago, right? - Out of Red Lake.
Well, we don't have a spare specimen or a partner for you, so sit anywhere you like and, uh, snoop over somebody's shoulder.
Um, Mr.
Gentry, I'm sorry, but I can't, in good conscience, like, mutilate a pig.
It's against my religion as a vegetarian.
Martha, you were supposed to let me know of any moral conflicts last week.
Go to the library.
Regan, why don't you join Toni? Have fun.
You know, in history class, they made us watch a movie about the civil war.
Tons of blood and guts.
And then in gym class, they made me jump-rope even though I forgot my sports bra.
And now what, I have to disembowel a pig? So I guess the real question is, like, is high school just a series of tortures? Should we fight the power? We have knives.
Okay, getting this first is fucking huge.
Now we can get out there and get the best raw materials before they do.
- Okay, pump the brakes a sec.
- Okay, no brakes, man.
We got the axe.
We've gotta move.
Shouldn't we just take a quick five to talk about what we're actually building? Marty and me know what's up.
You know, we can just do it how we do, right? Like a framed hut, wigwam-style.
We learned it at that heritage workshop.
Those are super complicated, Toni, which you might have known if you hadn't slept through that entire workshop.
Listen, I'm not saying that we have to have it all figured out, but a few concrete plans couldn't hurt.
Why do you always have to take the wheel? And shouldn't you be letting Jesus do that? What do you know about building shit anyway? Hate to burst your bubble, but I have worked on 11 different habitat for Humanity Projects.
Okay, Marty.
Let's hit the woods.
What the hell's wrong? Let's go! What's wrong is that she doesn't want to go running off without the slightest idea what the endgame is.
You gonna let her speak for you now? - Toni, that's not - Okay, whatever.
Make all the plans that you want.
I'm gonna go and do the work.
Guess I'm doing this alone! - Shit.
Turmoil over there.
- Isn't that good for us? If you've seen any group challenge on any reality TV show ever, you'd know that it's the hot mess team that always pulls out the win.
So, that's why I've got a game plan.
Cool, let's do it.
You don't even want to hear it first? Look, I'm cool following your lead on this.
This shit is not in my wheelhouse.
And I don't think it's in Leah's.
Yeah, no, extremely not.
And I'd bet my life that it's not in Fatin's.
Where is she anyway? - What'd I miss? - Where were you? Relax, I was contributing.
Got us our fifth man here.
- He's a total fucking visor.
- All right.
Well, if we want to win those takis, then we gotta focus.
What we're gonna do comes straight out of Daniel T.
's playbook.
Second runner-up, "Alone in the Outback," season 8.
You see those pieces of driftwood over there? If we stand them up like this, find the right log as the spine, and then some brush for the roof, then we've got ourselves a winning a-frame.
Let's go get it.
Why are you just sitting there? Oh, you meant, like, everybody? I guess you could just chill here.
No, she can't do something, like, not constructive.
Well, then, we'll go get the log from the cave.
And, Fatin, you could gather some fronds for the roof.
You got it.
Is that constructive enough for you? So you were out there all alone? Yeah, sometimes, alone is safer.
That's not the conventional wisdom.
Yeah, but when you're by yourself, you can only hurt yourself.
I'd call that safer.
I, um, really imagined myself looking all slick rolling up on you like this.
Then I was like, oh, wait.
I drive a old woodie beater twice my age.
I like it, actually.
Is it yours? Grandma's.
She's been blind for years.
And they finally took her license away last month.
You, uh, you want a ride home? Yeah, just here is good.
So you, um, live here with your mom? Foster fam.
Mom's on that, like, rehab-rinse-repeat program.
Do you know anything about that shit? Hmm.
Both my brothers.
Oh, I love this song.
Grandma left two things in this car, her cheap-ass perfume stench and this tape with her fave old-people jams, which, honestly, kind of slap.
Hold me each evening at your side ♪ Tell me you love me for a million years ♪ And if it don't work out ♪ Then if it don't work out ♪ Then you can tell me good-bye ♪ Pretty good, right? I mean, clearly not enough saxophone in the mix, but still.
Yeah, no, it's great.
I guess I should go.
What the fuck? You fucking shit! That's somebody's fucking property! Go! Sorry, my foster parents just let their kids like wild out.
It's such a fucking mess in there.
So were you bummed your sister didn't pick you? At first, maybe, but not so much now.
It's nice to see her laugh.
She stopped doing that back home.
That is really big of you.
Which is more than I can say for some people.
God, did you see how pissy Toni got just because Martha picked someone who's actually helpful? I don't know what her problem with me is.
You, uh, you seem pretty angry.
Oh, no.
I don't do anger.
Hey, the lord expects us to be instruments of love.
If I ever do feel the aggro coming on, well, my mom found me the perfect outlet.
The theater.
Let me ask you.
Are you familiar with "Death of a Salesman"? Sure, it's kind of a classic.
Well, I haven't exactly read the whole play, but there's this monologue in it.
Um I looked at the pen, and I said to myself, "What the hell am I grabbing this for?" Why am I trying to become what I don't want to be? What am I doing in an office, making a contemptuous, begging fool out of myself, when all I want is out there, waiting for me, "The minute I say I know who I am?" - That was an avant-garde take.
- So powerful, right? The way Biff gives it to his boss.
Oh, he's not talking to his boss.
He's telling his father that he doesn't want to live for him anymore, that he wants his own authentic life.
If he's disrespecting a parent, then Then that makes me like Biff a whole lot less.
Guess I'll just have to find a different monologue to work on.
I'm back.
Check it.
This is how our frame happens.
We just stick these in the ground and arch them a bunch in a row like a ribcage.
Toni, that's not what we're doing.
Uh, yeah.
We decided that a lean-to would be a little easier.
So I just straight-up wasted my time? Whose fucking idea was this? Was it yours? Hey, we all decided this as a team.
Can you please just go with it? It always happens, doesn't it? People change on you.
What you had with them goes sour.
Shit explodes.
So the billion-dollar question is You know, how are we such idiots? We keep doing the sad, stupid thing of Letting people in.
I love you.
I love you too.
And thinking that this time, just this time Maybe it won't fall apart.
I just blew, like, a whole paycheck.
Fuck you.
I'm worth it.
Wait a minute, whose shampoo are you using? This doesn't smell like mine or Mom's.
Are you using Dad's Head & Shoulders? - Do you have the flakes? - Oh, shit.
Is that what it's for? We're partying over here if you want to join.
Hey, what's the rush? Just keep going.
They're not worth it.
I hate this busted car.
- Yeah, he's walking over.
- It's not like I'm not trying.
- You need a little help there? - I'm good.
- Come on.
- Get the fuck away from her.
Just leave us alone.
What's going on over here? I said get the fuck away from her.
- I fucking mean it! - Toni.
Just feeling sociable, you know? Just trying to make a new friend.
You could get in on it.
- Fuck off! - Toni.
Whatever, fucking dyke.
Toni, it's fine.
They're not worth it.
Toni, stop! - I'm gonna kick your ass! - Whoa! Fucking psycho bitch! Get the - Toni, let's go! - I'm gonna kill you! Get the fuck off me! Let me go! - Ow! Fuck.
- Let's go.
Fucking assholes! Come on, come on, come on! - Whoo! - Fucking dumb bitches! Oh, shit.
Did I do that to you? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You know, I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but we could really use Fatin right about now.
If we lose this because of her ass, I'm gonna be pissed.
I do not do losing.
Fatin! - You rang? - Where were you? - Was preventing gingivitis.
- The hell? You had a toothbrush in your bag? So what? It's not like anyone would want to share it with me.
Well, my inventory was supposed to be comprehensive, man.
And honestly, I'm not above sharing.
My teeth are fuzzy at this point.
We're slaving away out here, and you're off worrying about fucking dental hygiene? I just spent 25 minutes finding fucking fronds for you guys.
Excuse me if I want to take 30 minutes to myself.
Dude, those numbers don't add up.
Fuck this shit.
Where you going, Fatin? Oh, are you off to scour the island for some random guy to fuck, since that seems to be the entirety of your personality? Ah! So this isn't about the fucking fort.
It's about Jeffrey, isn't it? Yeah.
I fuck a lot of guys because I find it extremely fun and because I'm not delusional about it.
Like, if I was gonna go to pound town with some 30-year-old, it's because I know he has a fetish for teenage pussy.
I would never be such an idiot to think he was actually into me.
- You're fucking helping.
- Jesus.
Ow! You're fucking hurting me.
Leah, you don't have to do that.
Let go of me! What the fuck is wrong with you? You fucking cut me! - Get the fuck out of here! - You guys, stop! Don't ever put your hands on me again.
Or what? You cunt.
That is some serious Virginia Woolf type shit.
I don't even know what that means.
It means that bitch is crazy.
She said you were the psychopath in the group.
Were any of you alarmed by Leah's behavior? Maybe, I don't know.
Well, it sounds to me like it was a pretty unsettling loss of control.
" Adults love to throw that word around.
You know, always telling us to use it, not to lose it, to get ourselves under it.
Like it's the easiest thing in the world.
What are you thinking right now? I just don't know why you couldn't just let them walk away.
- I want to fuckin' kill 'em.
- Toni, they're gone.
Can we just let it be over? Look, I could take a deep breath or a walk around the Goddamn block.
Every ignorant shit who's ever told you to get yourself under control should just try being young and scared with your heart on the line.
Control's not easy.
Control's a fucking fantasy.
Hot as Hades today.
Every religion has their version of hell.
The Greeks had Hades.
Islam has Jahannam.
Southern baptists have the fire and brimstone kind.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is hell, having to listen to you lecture.
Maybe it is.
Hell is where the lord sends us to try and teach us something.
I know he's trying to teach me Patience.
I do bug you.
I knew it.
I just don't understand why you run so hot all the time.
Martha said it's not just about me.
You've always been this way.
That first day why haven't you told anyone about how I smacked you with the branch? - Because it was an accident.
- We both know that it wasn't.
So what are you waiting for? I'm waiting to get off this island so that I never have to think about you ever again.
I bet you think about all the different ways that you could get back at me.
If you had the guts.
You got a lot of people here thinking you're all rainbows and unicorn shit.
But I see you.
That all you got? I have the strength for lots more, but I'm not gonna waste it on you.
You're not worth it.
You know who clings to religion? People who like to tell themselves a nice story about who they are 'cause deep down, they're hiding some pretty fucked up shit.
Like, is this a break, or I don't know.
I don't fucking get it.
My mom says that you're like birch bark.
One little match, and you catch fire, just like that.
It's what I love most about you.
But it's also the thing I don't really know how to handle.
You know, I think Joanna Gaines would definitely approve of this.
Yeah? It's like shiplap for the floor.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm dying for those takis, but it's also just nice to be creating a gorgeous space for ourselves, you know? Wait, what's shiplap again? Only Joanna's favorite design element.
You'll see it when you come down to Texas.
We'll make a special trip to Waco.
- Are you serious? - That would be so much fun.
Oh, my God, and just the two of us? Fuck.
- Let me help you with that.
- No, I got it.
- No, I don't think - Nora, I said that I got it! - Yeah, I just know that - Okay, I got it, okay? Okay, I'm s I'm sorry.
I said that I fucking had it! I'm sorry.
I I just wanted to help.
Okay, you need to take it down a notch.
- Marty, I didn't - Don't.
Why can't you ever just walk away? Or run, even, you know? And not make your shit everyone else's problem? You ruin things.
You destroy things, and you break things! And I'm done picking up the pieces for you.
You're exhausting.
Well, it's humble, but it's home.
That's all right.
We didn't win.
Who cares? We're all in this clusterfuck together.
Not as good as I thought they'd be.
All I taste is dry.
Hey, mind if I have some? And I'll be careful not to make any sudden movements, you know? You might be pretty jumpy sitting next to a psychopath.
Does anyone have any spare drinks they could loan me? I just tapped out.
Dude, we're all running low.
You're supposed to manage your own rations.
How did you get so thirsty? It's not like you were exerting yourself.
It could be the sodium bicarbonate.
You know what, I'm sick of hearing this shit.
Let me ask you something, all of you.
Whose hypoallergenic pajamas were shredded to bind together logs? And whose sweaters are keeping you ingrates from freezing? Some people provide goods.
Some provide services.
I'm a goods provider, therefore I get a pass - That is such bullshit! - On the services.
You're a goods provider because you had the stupid good fortune to find your fucking bag.
You need to get your fucking talons out of my back, girl.
For your own health.
Can I please just have someone's drink? - A sip? - We vote.
Anyone who wants to give up a drink they carefully saved for somebody who did jack shit all day, raise your hand.
Oh, my God.
You know what? I'm out of here.
- Should we go after her? - No.
Fuck her.
Leah's doing beautifully.
She's generous with her cohort, eager to participate in group activities, even making a few friends.
We call these pro-social behaviors, and they're an incredibly good sign.
Oh, God.
That's so good to hear.
Leah's never been much of a joiner, so, yeah, that's that's great.
Well, it's early days, but I'm seeing so many other signifiers of emotional wellness.
Initiative, self-care, curiosity.
The winter was so hard.
And then with her accident, she withdrew so much.
Your daughter is stepping back from a very dark precipice.
And she only stands to improve from here.
This is not just therapy in the wild.
The Montana campus is designed to nourish your daughter on a very holistic level.
The Leah that you're gonna be reunited with at the end of the summer will be very much herself but also a whole new woman.
We're almost out of time.
Do you have any other questions? Actually, Leah's friend Ian dropped by.
Oh, yeah.
He was just wondering where she was and why she wasn't responding to his texts.
They've sort of been on the outs, those two.
But at some point, she must have told him she was only going away for a weekend.
Sounds like he has a crush.
I'd tell him the truth as we discussed, that you were worried about Leah and sent her to a therapeutic summer camp to help her heal.
Yes, right.
I guess sometimes, um, I sometimes I feel guilty that we lied to her.
You did that to save her.
Don't forget that.
Well, we'll talk in two weeks.
Of course, I'm here if you need anything.
- Yeah, us too.
- Thank you.
Patch me into the research on Subject 6.
Already done.
How did you find me? Regan called me.
She was worried about you.
God, she's even cool and decent after dumping my ass.
What a bitch.
A monster.
I fucked up, Marty.
I really fucked up.
I know you lost your someone.
But you still have your person.
Jesus, fucking cheeseball.
Where'd you read that, Inspo Instagram? Mm-hmm.
Where are you staying tonight? You're looking at it.
You're coming home with me.
Marty, you really don't have to.
All your shit's coming with me.
Don't you think you should too? Now there's really only two house rules.
Keep the back gate closed for the dogs.
And no running away on me.
You promise?
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