The Wilds (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Day Seven

♪ [SIGHS.]
♪ [YELLS.]
How, um How concerned are we that neither of them are back yet? 'Cause, personally, I'm at, like, a solid seven.
If you're wondering if I'm worried about Toni, just don't, okay.
She's not my business anymore.
Well, there's also Fatin.
She stole two cans of our water supply, so pretty sure she doesn't deserve a place in our thoughts and prayers.
We don't technically know it was her.
- Dude, it was definitely her.
- For sure.
Clues point to it being a high possibility.
It was so Fatin.
I mean, this basically sums up how much she cares about our welfare.
Uh, I'd like everyone to know that what I'm about to do is a loving homage.
Honestly, I resent being called basic, because would a basic bitch make out with Elon Musk - at a yacht party - [LAUGHTER.]
and inspire the designs for the new Tesla? Don't @ me.
Me? Me break a sweat? In Gucci? I don't think so.
I feel bad for laughing, but [CLEARS THROAT.]
I'm a Virgo-ass bitch with a Pisces effing moon, so y'all can suck it.
- I need to try.
I have insane HPV.
What? Too far? Everything all right, Dot? I lost the lighter.
You lost the fucking lighter? How are we supposed to keep the fire going? Yeah, keep the signal fire going.
Boil water, if we find any.
I know how bad this is for us, and I'm sorry, but if you're tempted to make me feel like shit, don't bother.
I'm doing a pretty good job of it on my own.
Look, we just got to keep a close eye on it, then, all right? Keep it burning, keep feeding it.
♪ Hey, you know, this shit would make some great fucking tinder for us.
Give it back.
Give it back.
Hey, stop.
Let her go, Leah.
Stop! And you had the audacity to call me a psycho.
Give it the fuck back.
- Hey! Hey! - Rachel.
♪ This is This is Fatin's, right? ♪ [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING.]
Here you go.
It's only ibuprofen.
Nothing too rock and roll.
Still haven't learned how to swallow a pill.
I gave up trying.
If you give up some fights, you're left with more strength to take on others.
What I actually need is some really, really spectacularly good news.
Well, we brought in the cargo undetected, minimal expense.
Not the kind of news you were hoping for, right? I just wish you were out there.
Yeah, you know, the timing just isn't great.
But, you know, look, we've got a solid team on the ground.
Just because we don't have eyes on her doesn't mean disaster.
She's probably on the western side, where we've had some camera outages.
And whose fault's that? [AUDREY.]
It's not all on him.
The high winds have rattled our tech.
He really shouldn't wear his hair pushed back like that.
His widow's peak's too severe.
- Here we go.
- What? You get petty when you're stressed.
Or maybe I'm just uncomfortable having someone who actively hates me working in my employ.
He doesn't hate you.
It's just, ever since the incident, he's been a bit protective of the subjects.
You good? But are you? I just thought, as someone who's become very invested in the welfare of our participants, you'd be pretty concerned about our rogue girl.
If I'm permitted to speak honestly Of course.
I don't know why we haven't sent someone in to find her.
Well, among other reasons, this is Fatin we're talking about.
She is not some wilting flower, my friend.
She is much steelier than you'd think.
♪ Hmm? [FATIN.]
Oh, I quit.
Did you hear me? Everybody I know is posting pics from Cabo Beach week, and I'm stuck in this hellhole practicing my pizzicato? [BOW CLATTERS.]
There's already three offers on the pacific heights house.
Time to call the other agents and let them know there's a bidding war.
Someone's putting their game face on.
Look powerful, feel powerful.
People can sense that, even over the phone.
Holy fuck.
Am I even here? We watch our language around your brothers.
Then listen to me.
All of this rehearsing is killing me.
I'm 17, and I'm already damaged goods.
I mean, look at my posture.
I'm gonna be Quasimodo by the end of senior year, and not from something cool like a D cup.
And she's going to mention her nails in three, two I mean, I wasn't going to, but since you brought it up, look at these sad-sack claws.
I am sorry you don't appreciate your gift.
One day you will.
Rana, you said it was important for the kids to be well-rounded.
Now, that won't happen if she's a shut-in.
She's hardly a shut-in.
All the same, a later curfew on the weekends won't destroy her shot at Juilliard.
You too.
All right, but only on Saturdays.
- One A.
- Eleven thirty.
And don't push it with me, young lady.
You know it's weird, right? Like, why would her shirt be all ragged and bloody? Well, maybe because Leah went apeshit on her, too, yesterday.
Okay, there was not that much blood, and I didn't tear her fucking pants.
Yeah, that's what got me worried.
You think something attacked her? Don't, Shelb.
Don't let her work you up.
This is probably just a distraction to make us forget all the shit you pulled on us.
Yeah, nah.
This isn't about me.
This is where I found it, lying here.
All right, look, if she'd been mauled by an animal, there wouldn't just be a single scrap, okay? There'd be, like a fucking crime scene.
Still [SIGHS.]
I don't see her voluntarily ripping her Givenchy.
So what do we do? We have to go find her.
I mean, she probably just wandered off to troll us or to masturbate with her stupid electric toothbrush, but we all know she can't survive the wilderness by herself.
She can't even survive a holiday inn.
I'm gonna stay back, keep eyes on the fire.
No way.
You're coming with us, Dot.
You're better at tracking than anybody, and plus, you, like You know your way around a snake.
- I can watch the fire.
- No, it's not just watching.
It's feeding it the right amount of kindle at the right time.
Bark and small twigs work best the thinner the better.
Avoid wet tinder, and the oxygen is key.
All right, we doing this? We'll probably hear her whining before we see her.
Keep an ear out for somebody bitching about their flat hair.
You know what? I don't know.
I always thought Fatin ran a little bit deeper than her whole Princess shtick.
Ever see her hands? Dude, calloused as fuck.
Whatever that girl was doing before she got here, she wasn't half-assing it.
Hey, yo ♪ What's happening? ♪ We gonna need the ladies front and center ♪ Let's go ♪ If you a bad chick, let me hear ya say, yeah ♪ Little booty, big booty don't care, yeah ♪ You got your own car or your own crib, yeah ♪ He steady callin', but you leave him on read ♪ - Just sway with it ♪ - Sway with it ♪ Kind of geeked up, sway with it ♪ You see him look, girl, sway with it, sway with it ♪ - Sway with it ♪ - Sway with it ♪ Met a dude named West, said he checking for the best ♪ Take a look around, I ain't nothing like the rest ♪ He about 6'2", and he like my attitude ♪ Doing all the sweet talk, but I ain't trying to get with you ♪ Now watch me back, back, back it up like a Chevy truck ♪ Nails done, furry slides got 'em riding up ♪ Big bamboos, baby has got 'em on lock ♪ All my girls gassing me, saying lie, like, what? ♪ If you a bad chick, let me hear you say yeah ♪ Little booty, big booty don't care, yeah ♪ You got your own car or your own crib, yeah ♪ He steady calling, but you leave him on read ♪ Just sway with it, sway with it ♪ Kind of geeked up, sway with it ♪ You see him look, girl, sway with it ♪ Sway with it, sway with it ♪ Homey looking like he kind of tired ♪ Baby, this ain't that kind of night ♪ [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
♪ Oh, shit.
Nails done, everything did ♪ Homey still trying to take me back to his crib ♪ Boy, bye! [LAUGHS.]
You thought? [SCREAMS.]
It's 12:47.
You promised your mother 11:30.
- [SIGHS.]
- I promised your mother.
That studio is like a bunker.
It totally warps your sense of time.
You were at rehearsal In that? [CLICKS TONGUE.]
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
But maybe If you approach the dragon woman gently, you could get me a little bit more leeway on my curfew, huh? - Fati, she's not gonna budge.
- On anything.
She'd handcuff me to that cello if she could.
She'd probably get off on it.
Fatin, she sees how good you are.
I know how intense it is, but that balls-to-the-wall drive she has has really paid off.
She pushes because she wants the same for you.
She's gonna push me till I break.
I don't think I've ever told you this, but your dadi and dada, they never gave me an inch.
If I was anything less than A-plus-plus, they'd threaten to send me to Tirich Mir.
A work camp in the Himalayas.
Oh, my God.
Did they mean it? Actually, I think they made it up.
Some people thrive under that kind of pressure, like your mom.
You're like your dad, kid.
- I hate to break it to you.
We need our outlets, our distractions.
We just need to keep them within reason.
An hour and a half past curfew is very hard to explain to your mom, and I don't want to have to lie to her, okay? Okay.
Where do you think you're going? My preferred outlet's just getting good.
I've got bids in on three different watch auctions.
That rare Rolex you like just called for bids.
You see, this is what I don't get.
You drop crazy amounts of cash, but how do you know that it's not some knockoff? You know I always check the provenance.
I believe it's what your generation calls, like, the receipts.
Ah! Dad, that's so cringey.
Never say that again, or I will, like, literally die.
♪ [GIRLS.]
Fatin! Fatin! Fatin! Fatin! Fatin! [LEAH.]
S-she's fine.
I mean, she has to be.
She's she's fine, right? We we still have a lot of ground to cover.
I mean, something will turn up.
In the meantime, if you want a little diversion, we could play couple rounds of would you rather.
- No.
- I don't want to play that.
Come on, we could all stand to get out of our heads, take the edge off.
I've got one.
For the record, I didn't come up with this.
I heard it from a girl on my team.
Would you rather eat nothing but plain yogurt for the rest of your life Like, not vanilla yogurt, like, I'm talking plain Or suck off your dad? - Fucking yogurt.
- What? - Yogurt, bro.
- Guys, please focus.
Fatin's been gone way too long for us to be dicking around.
We're just trying to stay sane here.
Yeah, I know that, but staying vigilant is more important at this point.
You know, this is like every single horror movie, ever.
A bunch of kids walking through the woods, and then as soon as somebody laughs or they get comfortable, something just starts picking them off one by one.
There she goes, amping up the drama - when we really don't need it.
Rachel, I'm not.
I'm just saying that we don't know what's out there.
Last night when I was roaming around, I did hear some kind of fucked-up animal shit Howling and screeching.
Did it sound like it came from something, like, this size or this size? - That one.
- Fuck.
All right, you need to calm down, and you all need to calm down.
You all do.
I'm out.
Yeah, you know, of course you're giving up.
You have no problem dragging people into your stunts, but as soon as it doesn't fit your agenda, you bail.
Dude, I wasn't going back.
I was just gonna fan out and increase the search area.
I didn't know that.
I'll go with.
You know, no lone soldiers and all that.
I'm not fucking crazy! I know screaming that did not help my case but I swear I'm not fucking crazy.
We have to keep looking.
Fatin! [GRETCHEN.]
She's not unstable, not in any clinical sense.
The agitation she's demonstrating is a stress response.
Leah spins until she's untethered.
Toni angers, of course, until she inevitably self-destructs.
Fatin, when she's cornered or hurt, disappears, which is what we are witnessing right now, and why we are holding off on any intervention.
Alex, could I bother you to go upstairs to the AV room and check the projector? I can't figure out why some of these images are so pixelated.
Not a problem.
I read the dossiers.
She's not following typical behavior pattern.
Fatin does not disappear when provoked.
How long did you practice today? One hour alone, two-hour ensemble.
Did you work on the Brahms? You know what? I'm gonna go inside.
I can't relax while you're giving me the third degree.
Grill the chicken, not your daughter.
- Hey, what time is it? Uh, it's 1:25.
Okay, almost time for final bids on that watch auction.
Hey, uh, can you grab my tablet? I don't want some ringer to get in there and snipe it out from under us.
Looks like you've still got three minutes left, so you're good.
- Keep your eye on it.
Okay, you're up.
Keep your eye on the target.
Great shot.
♪ [BOY.]
Any new bids? N no, nothing new.
Oh, it looks like tonight we're all winners! - [BOY.]
Yeah! - [LAUGHS.]
Take here, take a bite of this.
You're a goddess.
It's good, right? [SAMAD.]
It's amazing.
Hey, stop hitting each other.
Come on, guys.
- It's just a dick pic.
- Yeah, but that's your dad.
He sent skeezy pics of his junk to, like, dozens of these ratchet girls, and some of them he had clearly hooked up with in real life.
My point is, there's zero need for me to respect his privacy.
He put it out there first.
So your move was to share that photo with his entire contact list? No one's gonna know it was me.
I encrypted that shit to within an inch of its life, kept myself squeaky clean.
You know what I like about you? You never feel the need for lame-ass chatter.
But since we're here, you ever notice how Leah seriously bugs? Like, seriously, she's always, "my precious," over her boy's book.
Like, for real, lighten the hell up.
Kindred fucking spirits.
I just mean you're both trying to give each other the same damn advice.
Her crazy's a bit extra.
All right.
- Oh, shit.
- Fuck, Jesus.
- What? What is this? - You okay? What the what the fuck? It's taking me down.
Rachel, calm down.
- Dot, it's sucking me in.
- You don't got it.
What is happening? What is happening? ♪ Oh, no.
No, no.
No, no, no, no.
- No, Rachel! - I got it, I got it.
Fuck! I got it.
- I can do it.
- Rachel.
I fucking got it! Get off! Get off! - I got it! - Help! You're making it worse! I can do it! Okay, okay.
What do I do? What do I do? Fuck.
- Help me! Just stop! Please stop! Go around.
Grab my arm.
Rachel, grab my arm.
Don't go out, don't go out.
I can get out of here! I can get out of here! Shh, shh.
You got to stop fighting.
Listen to me.
You have to stop.
Okay? Shh.
Stop fighting.
You'll see.
Everything gets easier.
Just let go, - and let us help you, okay? - [WHIMPERING.]
♪ Let us help you, okay? [DOT.]
On three.
One, two, three.
♪ So, um, God knows I'm not a quitter, but at some point, this search party Yeah, she's right.
We should call it, you know, start out fresh again tomorrow.
We have to keep looking.
We can't stop looking.
The sun will be going down soon, Leah.
You really want us out here, stumbling around in the dark? We have to find her.
♪ Fatin! Fatin! Fatin! - Fatin! - Fatin.
Fatin! Fatin! Fatin! [SOBBING.]
Mom? I don't know I don't know what to do.
I don't I don't know what to do.
- Come on.
♪ I always thought you'd slay this color.
♪ I'm so sorry, Mom.
Fatin! Fatin! - Fatin! - Fatin! - Hey-oh.
- Fatin! - What's up? - Fatin? - Fatin.
- Oh, my God.
What the hell happened to you? Is that nail polish? Is this what you've been doing Painting your fucking gel tips? [DOT.]
We've been out of our skulls looking for you.
And all this time you've been treating yourself to a Goddamn mani-pedi.
Okay, are you done? Because I have something to show you.
♪ - [DOT.]
What? - [LEAH.]
What? Fatin.
Yeah! - Come on, guys, let's go! - Yeah! [LEAH.]
Is that what you went looking for? The water, I mean.
I don't know.
I was just trying to find something useful.
Good hustle Marking the path like you did.
Yeah, well, what good would the water have done us if we couldn't find it again? And you're the fucking broken record about how easy it is to get lost.
Yeah, and you know what? I have never been prouder.
♪ Stop.
Yeah, Fatin! [ALL CHEERING.]
Your mother lost three listings this week.
She won't be able to show her face at mosque.
Your own brothers are too embarrassed to go to school.
Not because of me.
Mama, look at me.
Why am I being punished when he did a skank tour of the entire east bay? Your father's and my private life is none of your concern.
So I'm the bad guy.
Not the fucking cheater.
You're too young to understand, but a marriage is more than just one indiscretion.
- It's a lifeti - One? He had, like, fif Your mother was right.
I coddled you too much.
You have no respect, for us, for family, for anything.
Fuck you! Fatin, you continue to dig your own grave.
Your attitude, your disregard for authority is out of control.
We've decided time away will reset your goals and give you some clarity.
What is that supposed to mean? It's a retreat for young women.
Hopefully you will learn some respect for something other than yourself.
Yeah, no.
I'm not into it.
I'm sorry, Fatin.
But it's happening.
You really think me singing "Kumbaya" in some girl-power circle jerk is gonna square us up? How'd you find out it was me? Throw some of Mom's money into hiring a PI? Say something.
For the life of me, I'll never comprehend why you did this.
I was your friend.
I understood you because we're so alike.
- We are nothing alike.
- We take what we want.
We resent being confined.
We want to enjoy life.
I don't hurt the people I love.
The hurt you just caused runs deeper than anything I did.
Don't you see that? You are a vile person.
Maybe Mom doesn't see that yet, but she will.
You're a danger to our family, and having you in this home isn't safe for any of us.
After the retreat, we're sending you to boarding school in Oregon, - strict, traditional Muslim.
So you can learn what's important.
- You can't be serious.
- Oh, this is no joke.
You brought this on yourself.
♪ What? Already calling dibs on my room? ♪ Come here.
♪ Wow.
Oh, yeah.
You like? I just got them done.
Feels good.
♪ [SIGHS.]
Come here.
♪ Yes, even made it to the fountain milestone, which saves us some headaches.
Water, everyone intact, reunited.
Care to celebrate? Thom, where does she keep the booze? I love this girl.
I'm 12 steps ahead of you.
Good man.
♪ I don't want that.
Throw it in my face.
What? Throw it in my face.
Come on, Alex, you need this.
No retribution, no reprisals, just release.
♪ Ah.
♪ - Feel better? - It didn't suck.
Now get over the contrarian attitude.
Get thorough, get correct, and don't ever undermine me again.
The mistakes that led to Jeanette's death were careless, and they can't all be laid at my feet.
- Speaking of which - [AUDREY.]
I guess it's time.
♪ All right.
Careful, it might still be hot.
Oh, bring on the third-degree burns.
I'm thirsty as hell.
You know what would be really great with this water? Some fucking food.
The hunger is real, bro.
After that talk today I'm not so concerned about going hungry.
I'm more concerned about something hungry finding us.
How long does it take for the water to boil? At least a minute.
Kill off all of the microbes and shit.
Well, how can we tell it's been a minute? I mean, I guess I could count.
One one-thousand, two one-thousand What should I be saying? One one-thousand or one Mississippi? I mean, I don't know which one's more accurate, so [FATIN.]
Hey, Martha.
Here, this will help.
Oh, my God, this is beautiful.
Seventy-eight thousand dollars, it better be.
0-Okay, I don't think I should be touching this.
Uh-uh, it's all good.
My shit is your shit.
Or it's all part of Dorothy's inventory, right? Hell, yeah, it is.
You know, you don't have to surrender - everything to the collective.
My luckiest pair.
Don't tell anyone.
- Fatin, I'm - Stop.
I want to go first.
I shouldn't have put your Jeff sitch on blast.
I was out of line.
It's not my place to talk shit about whatever it is you've got going on with him.
He's probably head over fucking heels.
And full disclosure I'm not sure I know shit about love.
- Can I go now? - You have the floor.
I was such a cunt to you yesterday.
I know.
Man, if I wasn't so personally victimized, - I would've been impressed.
I'm gonna try something right now, and I can't promise that it's gonna go okay.
♪ - [SIGHS.]
Well, now that that pathetic display is out of the way, let's go hydrate our faces off.
- Oh, my God.
- Thanks.
- Yep.
♪ Fire's low.
♪ You sure? ♪ Okay.
♪ Predators ain't no joke, man.
That was disturbingly on cue.
Yeah, and getting a hell of a lot closer every night.
Then why exactly are we traipsing around in the dark, making ourselves easy prey? This.
It's Jeanette's grave.
Or what's left of it, anyway.
Keeping her here was fine when we thought rescue was coming right away.
But it's been a week.
A shallow grave right near camp, it's going to attract company that we don't want.
♪ High time that we bury her deeper and somewhere a hell of a lot farther away.
Wait, so dig her back up? - Doesn't that feel a little - Sacrilegious? I don't know that we've got any other choice.
♪ Fuck it.
I'll start.
♪ Where the fuck is her body? Maybe we didn't dig deep enough.
No, we didn't bury her any deeper than this.
There's no way.
Then maybe this isn't the right spot.
No, it is.
I counted.
120 feet away from camp.
So, what, are we saying that she just, like, re-animated or something and walked off like a zombie? A resurrection? No, this is weird as hell.
Her body wouldn't just disappear.
Maybe she got taken out by the tide.
The marker was gone.
The ground's wet.
The elevation of the sand has shifted.
The tide could take a body out? [NORA.]
Tides can pull anything out.
Cars, entire houses.
The ocean is incredibly powerful.
♪ So Jeanette's just out there on the waves, floating alone.
Hey, it's kind of beautiful, though.
Mother nature holding her arms around Jeanette Carrying her away.
♪ Adios, J.
♪ Hey, you okay? Do you buy this whole tide thing? [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
Leah felt like there was something odd with the whole situation.
She could feel it in her bones.
She share that with anyone else? No, just me.
The others would've thought she'd gone mental.
- They already kind of did.
- [FABER.]
But you believed her.
You didn't think that she was making a big deal over nothing? I don't know.
Maybe it was because I was starting to like her.
But, yeah, I believed her.
♪ I'm gonna go back.
You should, too.
♪ Beep, beep.
Coming through.

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