The Wilds (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Day Twelve

1 Thom.
The bitch of it all is, you won't get to see what you started.
She was so young, wasn't she? She had her whole life ahead of her.
Oh, God.
Her whole fucking life.
- Oh, God.
- Gretch, Gretch.
- Hey.
- Just close the trunk.
- I'm so sorry.
- Close the fucking trunk! Ms.
Klein, is it? Hi, yeah.
I'm in charge of psychiatric intake.
How are we holding up this afternoon? Good, I think, though there's a flickering light in here, which has been very unpleasant.
Well, seems fine now.
I'm not hallucinating, by the way.
Guess I'd better watch what I say in here.
I'd hate you to throw the whole DSM at me.
So I understand you've been experiencing some excessive levels of anxiety.
Yes, work-related, mostly.
With some self-harming behaviors, I'm told.
Mind telling me when those began? Well, it was about four days ago when that sort of spiked, but they're very mild.
More of a nervous tick, really.
Okay, so I'm gonna Oh, time to hand over the contraband.
Phone, keys, belt.
I know the drill.
I know it very, very well, because of my work.
I've actually researched wards like this, so I'm very familiar as a professional.
When can I expect to see the doctor? I know I was triaged as low urgency, which I am, but I'd prefer not to be waiting around all day.
Oh, um, I'm sorry Ms.
Klein, but the doctor finished his rounds an hour ago.
What? He won't be back until tomorrow morning.
Excuse me? The calendar for the cafeteria.
- No.
What? - You lucked out.
Tonight is chicken à la king.
No, no, no, wait.
I need to talk.
Wait, wait, w Oh, fuck! Come in.
Hey, Leah.
Just wanted to stop by to see how you're doing.
I got you a few diversions here.
Word search, extreme sudoku, which extreme? Come on.
It's sudoku.
It's not skydiving.
May I? So I was looking over your chart.
It said that you've been on edge.
Erratic sleep patterns, mild agitation, and the like.
Yeah, I guess.
What's been troubling you? Well, the boredom's not great.
But it's mostly that nobody can answer any of my questions.
Well, glad I stopped by, then, because I am very in the know.
Try me.
Okay, well, we've been here for, like, two days now.
Shouldn't my parents be here by now? Well, they'll be en route soon.
We had to work with the state department to get their visas in order.
A lot of slow-moving cogs.
Too many details to worry about.
Would you like a mint? You are just like everybody else here.
I ask a question, and I get an answer or a non-answer, and then somebody gives me candy or food.
Like, I feel like I am a child asking about God or death.
Like, "don't don't tell her too much, and then distract her.
" Okay, well, that is not my intent, truly.
You know what? Let's just talk, okay? I'm free, you're free, and making sure that you're comfortable, that's kinda my whole gig here.
So why don't you ask me some new questions and I'll see if I can get better at answering them? - Can I have a mint? - Yes.
How was that answer? The others, when do I get to see them? Soon, I hope.
The quarantine order aside, we can't have you conferring during the investigation.
Keeping you separate, it helps the account be less muddled, more honest.
You really must miss them, huh? Yeah.
Maybe more than I thought I would.
Maybe like a a lot.
Maybe it was just the passing of time.
But at some point, we just sort of clicked.
It wasn't like we were friends or anything, but for the first time, we were an "us.
" We laid out rules.
We each had tasks.
It sounds lame, but it didn't feel that way.
The rules were fair and the and the tasks were shared, and we were each entitled to one rest day because it was brutal out there and we all just needed a chance to mellow to be alone with our thoughts.
Everyone except for me.
Ever since Jeanette's body went missing, everything about the island just felt off again.
Things got dark in my head.
Why doesn't Santa Claus have any children? Because he only comes once a year and it's not in your chimney.
What? I thought maybe you needed a dirty Christmas joke in your life.
I didn't know it, but I absolutely did.
I won't ask you what's on your mind.
People do that to me all the time because I'm quiet.
I don't love it, but if you ever do wanna talk, I'm around.
My grandpa always used to come up to me and say, uh, "penny for your thoughts.
" - That's horrifying.
- I know.
It's the creepiest, grossest way of asking somebody about their inner life.
If your head's getting crowded and you wanna, like, empty it, try this.
God, no.
I'm trying to feel less insane.
Journaling is not the way.
I always take one toxic thought and turn it into, like, 11,000 more.
Can I have a look? It's not too personal.
Just observations and thoughts.
This is amazing.
You could try it my way.
No, I can't draw.
No, like, detach.
No emotions, no hang-ups.
Just write what you see, what you hear, what you know.
It could be very zen.
So did you find that helpful, what she was suggesting? It was more strange than anything.
I mean, obviously I've kept diaries before but never like that.
Never without Feeling.
What was your usual approach? I mean, I would wring my fucking soul out.
I went to the woods because I wish to live deliberately, but I have a feeling that I'm gonna leave with salmonella.
I mean, I really don't trust Colby with those burgers.
He's a gazillionaire, you know.
His dad invented the technology behind Bluetooth.
I bet no one in his family's had to cook for themselves in, like, a decade, and yet we've anointed him grill master.
Yeah, definitely gonna pass on dinner.
You doing okay? Yeah.
Just not that hungry.
Thank you, by the way, for coming along.
I know this isn't really your scene.
It's not exactly yours either.
Yeah, I know.
I just I spend so much time talking shit about the people in our class, and then it hit me.
I don't actually hang out with them very much.
So have any of them surprised you yet? I don't know.
You know how everyone at our school kinda fronts like they're 25-year-olds from Brooklyn? Like, they listen to vinyl and carry around copies of Infinite Jest? I guess it's kinda cool to see them acting like stupid kids for once.
Honestly, sometimes I feel like I'm 100 years old.
Well, if you wanna, like, turn back the clock together, I think I know what might help.
What? Bottom shelf vodka.
What? I'm sorry I don't have anything fancier.
I'll take what I can get.
Wow, you've made zero progress in, like, 15 minutes.
Shut up.
It's stucking fuck.
Sorry, what? What'd you say again? Let me try.
No, no, no.
You Don't! No, you're not helping, Ian.
Be a part of the solution, Ian.
I got this.
- I got - You don't got this.
I'll do it.
I got it! - Ian, stop! - Hey-o! Hey, you have your own tent.
Just let me bask in my accomplishment for a sec.
Get your haircut off my pillow.
Oh, damn.
You've got a moonroof.
I do.
I do.
- Is this Is this okay? - Mm-hmm.
You sure? Yeah, it's just cold.
What? Oh, God, you're crying? Oh, fuck.
Fuck, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm just really fucked up right now.
Ab about, like, everything.
About everything or just him? I'm, like, a very nonviolent person, but I could fucking kill him for how he treated you.
Don't say that.
Why not? He's an asshole to you.
Don't say that.
You don't know him.
Um, yeah, I do.
Jeff Galanis is a giant prick who tried to shoot his shot with a high school student and then totally fucking trampled you.
Don't fucking say that.
Don't even say his fucking name! Where are you going? I don't know! Leah, stop! Leah, we're in the middle of fucking nowhere! Hey, party people! Who's ready to fucking feast? - Hey! - Hey! - Oh, shit! - Whoo! - Yes! - Yay! Come to mama.
Fucking protein.
Hell yeah.
You know, I can already feel my health meter coming back up to 100.
You true fucking geek.
Please tell me that wasn't a gaming reference.
Can't do that.
I know these are little animals and all, but they're so good, and I can't stop eating them.
What is wrong with me? You should give yourself a pass, like, for invertebrates.
- And starvation situations.
- Mm-hmm.
You're not eating any mussels, Shelby? - Mm, no, no, I'm good.
- Why not? Oh, I'm beyond allergic to shellfish.
I had a single popcorn shrimp at my cousin's birthday party.
My windpipe shut like a trap.
Well, you're missing out.
I mean, ideally these would be eaten with garlic butter and crispy fries on a terrace in Barcelona, but salut.
Fucking one-percenters.
Damn, Toni, you're plowing right through them.
Trying to stay on brand, you know? Well, I mean, okay, you gotta admit, all right, the shape of these things - Shape and texture.
- Yeah, right? I mean, you know, it's kinda like a Like a pussy! If you wanna know how to eat this soft, beautiful treasure, I can show you, and it does not take garlic butter.
All it takes is finesse.
Oh, yes! Lick the clit.
Damn, go off, girl! That is the most action any of us have gotten.
Go off, girl.
I've never wanted my phone so fucking badly.
Would you stop? Okay.
That was hilarious, and Shelby has no chill.
Excuse me.
I have chill.
I guess I just I don't see the humor in that sort of thing.
Hey, what do you mean, "that sort of thing"? You know.
Pornographic gestures.
I'm a Christian, all right? From a very Christian home, so I'm allowed to be a little skeeved out.
Get the cross out of your ass.
It's fun to be filthy.
I mean, that's not all that's going on here.
Don't bullshit me, Shelby.
'Cause the vibe that's coming off you right now, I've felt it a few too many times not to know what it is.
What are you saying, Toni? I'm saying that she can't stand that I'm gay, Marty.
That's what fucking skeeves her out.
That's not true.
Look, I'll be as honest as possible, because y'all deserve that.
I do believe that way of life is a sin.
I can't fucking believe this.
I'm sorry, but everything that I've ever known has taught me that.
Hey, look, there is no hate in my heart.
- I just feel sorry - Fuck you! What? Am I not allowed to have my own beliefs? Not those ones.
Need a hand? Now, I don't I don't wanna jinx it, but I've been getting this feeling, like, intuition-wise.
Rescue's gonna be here real soon.
Martha, what's wrong? You can't think the way you do.
Kinda knew this was coming.
Shelby, I'm serious.
You can't have a problem with someone over who they are and Over something that they can't even change.
Okay, so what? I can't fucking accept everybody.
But I do try to love them.
Every damn person, I try so hard, even when they don't make it easy.
I mean, look me in the eye, Martha, and tell me that I don't at least do that.
This whole thing just made me Hey, are you okay? Oh, lord! Let's get you somewhere you can lie down.
It's not over.
Hey, hey, you're all right.
It's probably It's probably just something you ate.
- Klein? - Yes? Phone call.
Two minutes max.
What's happened? Well, I didn't wanna worry you, uh, seeing as you're already dealing with I can hear you sweating, Tom.
Tell me what's wrong.
There's been a Code 215.
All but one have been affected.
Details, please.
Well, it looks like a food-borne pathogen.
Conditions vary, fair to critical.
I'm coming in.
I'll be there ASAP.
Okay, but, like, you prepared for this before you stepped away.
Audrey is ready, we are ready, and it's not like they're defenseless.
They have antibiotics and Halophen for the nausea.
I'm still coming in.
That was my husband.
Something urgent's come up at home.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to leave immediately.
Well, I'm sorry, ma'am, but we can't discharge without doctor approval.
Could we work on getting that happening? Oh, I'm afraid the doctor isn't available.
He's not here I know, I heard But this is a hospital.
There are six floors teeming with physicians, so That's not quite how we operate.
So change.
I desperately need to get home.
I have sick children.
I'm sorry, but you signed an intake that obligates us to hold you for 24 hours.
I don't give a fuck what I signed.
- Give me that phone.
- Are we doing okay here? Yes, we're fine.
I just need to call my ride so that I can leave.
We're a bit of an impasse here.
Impasse? There's no such thing amongst reasonable people.
Give me that phone! Get off me! Really? This is necessary? What? Fuck, no! What have you Oh, okay, okay.
Come on.
Come on, girl.
Help me out, girl.
Swallow, bitch.
You see what you made me do? You made me sound like a rapey frat bro.
My pants I had to leave them.
Yeah, fuck pants.
Is she Is she okay? Hey, you all right? Everything's a little Little wavy, but I think the worst is over.
You? Pretty shitty, but, you know, not too bad if we're grading on a curve.
Toni, man, she's on the fucking brink.
You got any idea where Shelby is? She was just over there with Nora and Rachel giving them water, but But now I don't I don't know.
It's like she keeps evaporating.
Okay, look.
Since neither of us is in a real bad way, let's divide and conquer.
Like, I'll go look after Toni.
Can you go get the black bag? You know, the pilot's bag? Yeah, all right, sure.
I hung it on the spiky tree.
There's, like, antibiotics inside, some meds to keep the nausea in check.
A couple of tablets, I think.
Can you do it? Thanks.
When I was four or five, I was convinced that there was a monster under my bed.
And my parents would ask me what it looked like, and I told them it had scales and horns and knives instead of fingers.
Like, I could see it so clearly.
And my parents, they would They'd just laugh and ruffle my hair and say that I had, like, a very active imagination.
Where did you think she was going? I didn't really know.
Well, you were aware enough to follow her.
You must have had some theories.
Well, they're so fucking ridiculous, I can't even say them out loud right now.
Hey, I am a non judgmental party.
Try me.
Okay, well, I thought she had found a phone and found a way to communicate with somebody not on the island.
Who do you mean? No clue.
See, it's it's ridiculous.
And that That is, like, the most rational one.
At one point, I thought she had a underground hideout and that she had hidden a gun that she was eventually gonna hunt us with.
Or maybe she had Jeanette's body.
Raving fucking lunatic, right? You know, that's what they called Copernicus when he said the earth revolved around the sun.
Not all wild notions are without merit.
Just saying.
But in all likelihood, she was probably just going to the pond for water, right? What I'm noticing, Leah, is that reasonable explanations don't seem to interest you.
You're a bright girl who lets her mind weave a wild story instead and that's the one you choose to go with, for better or for worse.
I imagine, more often, for worse.
Hey, have you seen Ian? - No, I haven't.
- But he's here today, right? Like, he has He has to be here.
Yeah, of course.
Do you know he has perfect attendance? That's pretty impressive for a kid who looks mildly deficient in most vitamins.
Hey, you coming to Ivy's cousin's party on Friday? It's gonna be a little public school, but it could be fun.
Think about it.
Can we talk? Based on context clues, I'm pretty sure you're not here to extend an olive branch.
I know it was you.
Excuse me? I've been really thinking about it, about all those things you said and all that anger in your voice, and it finally fucking made sense.
I know you sent him my birth certificate.
- I sent what to who? - My birth certificate to Jeff.
Please don't lie about it, Ian.
You're, like, embarrassingly bad at it.
Okay, you're off the fucking deep end right now.
What was your plan? To kill the one thing I cared about most so you could make your fucking move? What happened at the campground, that wasn't a fucking move.
That was me being me who fucking likes you, and as someone who fucking likes you, I won't hesitate to shit on your 30-something boyfriend to your face, but I'm sure as hell not gonna sabotage your relationship through whatever shady shit you're accusing me of right now.
- Call him.
- What? I want you to call him and tell him that it was you and that you're not gonna tell anybody else.
I'm sorry, Leah.
I I can't help you.
Everything's burning.
I skinned my asshole.
Can you believe that you ever made yourself do that? Not really.
Not right now.
I fucked up, Nora.
What do you mean? I found the mussels.
I brought them back.
You didn't know.
You couldn't have known.
I brought them back.
And I held them up like a fucking golden ticket.
And it felt good.
Felt like some kind of fucking win.
I did this.
Rachel, shut up.
It's all my fault.
And I'm sorry, Nora.
I'm really, really sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- Blame me.
Blame me, for fuck's sake.
I'm the reason we're here.
We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us ♪ No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us ♪ Birthdays was the worst days ♪ Now we sip champagne when we thirsty ♪ Where the fuck is Leah? No, no, no, no, no, no.
You thought that you had gotten them all? I don't know how I let it happen.
Well, I have some guesses.
Delirium, dehydration, gravity.
Honestly, I would encourage you to go easy on yourself.
Just chalk it up to tough luck.
But that wasn't your first unforced error, was it? What do you mean? Sorry if that sounded glib.
I'm a tennis fan.
Uh, what I meant was An unintentional misstep on your part that proved costly.
The phone call that night that you made to your friend.
Your emotions were running so high, if I recall, that you weren't able to make a plea for help.
You gonna throw my fuck-ups back in my face over and over? - What good does that do? - No, no, no, no.
That's not my intent at all.
I'm simply trying to identify a pattern here.
That's all.
Your mind, Leah, it's like a, um It's like a fog machine.
It creates all this obsessive energy, this obsessive suspicion, this obsessive grief, obsessive love, so much so that your judgment becomes clouded and ultimately, you make mistakes.
Oh, my God.
It smelled like dog food in there.
Lamest party ever.
Yeah, like a glorified playdate for D-listers.
What are you up to? Can I come over? I'm close.
Spit on your hand again.
Oh, God.
Do you have, like, a tissue or something? Uh, shit, yeah.
Yeah, sorry.
Um Never seen you at one of Ben's ragers before.
How come? Guess I'm not really a Ben's rager type of person.
You, uh you hanging with anyone? Uh, no.
Are you? Uh kinda.
I mean, just to be straight with you.
Yeah, no, I get it.
She's, uh she's in Tahoe this weekend, my girlfriend.
I, uh I don't know what you're doing tomorrow, but me and a couple of guys are going to the rail yard over in Oakland.
Gonna get lit, fuck around.
You should come.
Wanna get out of here? Yeah.
God, come on.
Where the fuck is the Goddamn Halophen? What the hell happened to this bag? It it's full of dirt.
Um, I don't know, but the, uh That stuff that you gave us, the antibiotic, that's gonna help, right? Yeah, they'll knock out the bacteria and they'll help most of us, but Toni and Martha, they need more.
Halophen will help them keep water down, and and I know we've got two.
Okay, halfway there.
Okay, take that over to them.
I'm gonna hunt the other one.
I have meds for you.
I have I have a med.
She's really bad.
Toni? Don't bother, Marty.
Sit up.
You gotta drink.
Dot? Dot! Dot! The other Halophen, it's fucking gone! Oh, lord.
She's in bad shape.
This'll help, but there's only one.
Come on, Dottie.
It's obvious who needs it most.
Martha, you good? Yeah, I'll take a Pepto.
I'll be good.
Okay, Toni, I'm gonna need you to take this.
- All right? - Get away from me.
Should Shelby really be on the front lines of this, - considering the shit that just went down? - I got this, a all right? If I put this in your hand, can you take it? Not gonna take shit from you.
It'll save your life, Toni.
You're taking the damn pill.
Fuck it, Shelby.
Just give it to me.
- I'll fucking do it.
- Shelby, give her the pill.
Give her the fucking pill! What are you waiting for? Jesus fucking Christ! Am I not allowed to help her? Swallow the fucking pill! She was too proud.
That's why she resisted the meds from Shelby.
Something like that.
It's a dangerous thing, having too much.
So is having none at all.
- See you tomorrow? - Cool.
A man in my shoes runs a light ♪ And all the papers lied tonight ♪ But falling over you ♪ Is the news of the day ♪ Angels fall like rain ♪ And love, love, love ♪ You can't give it away ♪ Inside you, the time moves ♪ And she don't fade ♪ The ghost in you ♪ She don't fade ♪♪ Hey.
What? Routine consciousness check.
Get the fuck away from me, fuck face.
Hey, uh, you remember when you said that you were never going to shit outdoors? How's that resolution holding up for you? So fucking broken.
Along with my colon.
And my dignity.
Always knew I'd get food poisoning or something one day.
Just thought it'd be the chicken nuggets at school.
Thanks for watching after me today.
Yeah, you're You're welcome.
Just don't even think about it.
Hey, you okay? Yeah.
I'm just sweaty.
I'm gonna go cool off.
You should stay hydrated.
Marty? - Marty? - Fuck.
Martha! Honey, I know you're awake.
You need anything? Can see if they have any of those chips you like.
You can't just stay like this.
- Leah.
- Mar, doctor wants a word.
I know this must be frightening, but physically her injuries have been minimal.
There's a broken rib and some bruising, but she's a very lucky girl.
She hasn't said a word.
That's quite normal after a shock.
I ca I can't reach her.
You know, for months now, she's been a ghost.
Every time I think she's getting better, it's fucking one step forward, two steps back.
Well, if you'd like, I can request a psych consult.
When I use the word "obsessive," I'm not criticizing.
I'm not wagging the finger.
It's just a piece of vocabulary meant to help you understand your nature.
You see how it applies to you, don't you? And do you also see how it could pose a threat? Okay.
Turn her over on her side.
- What's happening to her? - I don't know.
Pepto might have not been the right thing.
Okay, so what do we do now, Dottie? - I said I don't know.
- Okay, figure something out.
Yeah, well, if we had the other Halophen, then she could keep water down.
Why did you do it? Why did you give me the last one? - Toni - You wasted it on me.
- Toni, I didn't - Look at her! Okay, she is a good person, and she cares about people, and people care about her, and she has a whole family, and you threw me a lifeline.
- Toni, you were dying.
- Who cares? I don't matter! Fuck, I don't matter.
I don't fucking matter.
There there might be some more meds out there, maybe even the ones that she needs.
In in the forest, I might have dropped some.
I I was out there and, like, basically delirious, and I guess I dropped the bag, and every everything just Spilled.
Why didn't you tell any of us before? I'm sorry.
I'm so Wherever you dropped it, you need to take me there now, Leah.
Let us be very clear-eyed about this, okay? If you hadn't let your obsessive paranoia about Shelby get the better of you, then you wouldn't be carrying around the guilt that you are now, would you? I tried to make it right.
Maybe not straightaway, but I tried.
Yes, you tried.
Why are you being so brutal? I'm not sure what you mean.
Your accusations, the way you're looking at me.
How am I looking at you? I don't I don't know.
Like I'm some kind of fucking criminal.
Okay, okay, maybe that's the paranoia resurfacing.
Except now you're projecting it onto me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What did you say your job was? - To to protect us? - Yes.
- To make us feel safe? - Yes, that's the thrust of it.
Well, then why do I feel attacked? I tried to make it right.
I admitted what happened.
Yeah, but not the phone call.
That, you kept to yourself.
Why is that? I don't I don't know.
I I don't know, because I'm young and I'm stupid and I'm fucked up on love.
You expect me to be fucking perfect.
Okay, okay, okay.
- So - Sorry, what's happening? - Just calm down.
- I'm calm.
You're overwhelmed, okay? I'm not fucking overwhelmed! No! No! No! No, no! No, no! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Okay, okay, okay.
Honestly, I slept like a baby.
I guess it was a good idea after all to step away from things.
My professional life has been taking its toll lately.
I'm spearheading a new initiative at work.
There's been some resistance.
Red tape.
I've also lost someone.
Not too long ago.
Someone who helped me with my research every now and then.
She had enormous promise, this young woman.
I think about her often.
What she would have become.
I also have some rancor toward her for the inconvenience her passing has caused.
I realize that's an inappropriate reaction.
But still.
And then there's my duties as a mother which I don't take lightly.
It's not easy, you know, with teenagers.
They can be brilliant and foolish, gentle and cruel all at once.
It's a wild ride with them.
Not always one I'm glad to be on.
You're not being honest with me.
Well, there may be some semblance of truth to what you're saying, but I can't help but feel like it's buried beneath an artful layer of deception.
- Excuse me? - And that's too bad, because until you can be a little more straightforward with me, I'm afraid I can't help you, Ms.
Where do you get off on suggesting that I'm not being straightforward? Well, the Cadence of your voice.
It's too neat, sounds too rehearsed.
You're avoiding body language, and your eyes keep shifting to the right.
All clear signs of deceit.
And last but not least, good old-fashioned gut instinct.
God, I knew you'd be good when I vetted you, but I didn't think you would be this good.
- Excuse me? - You graduated summa cum laude from Johns Hopkins, did your postdocs at Yale, penned some groundbreaking articles on adolescent psychiatry before daring to posit some mildly controversial ideas, landing you here, languishing in a third-rate loony bin.
The new initiative I mentioned, I realized this past week that it needs someone like you with a fine mind and a gentle hand to guide vulnerable patients through the dark.
What are you getting at, Ms.
Klein? Come on, Daniel.
This job is an insult for a man of your talents.
I checked myself in here to meet you, and now I would like to offer you a new one.
So put in your notice and get your passport ready, because in two months' time, we're going to be doing real breakthrough work together.
Jesus, Dan.
That was virtuosic.
I'm glad you're pleased.
Pleased is a understatement.
Never seen someone so excited to watch a girl implode.
To extract an account like that with that much detail, it's an art the way you create a space for these women to talk.
Well, I've put in my 10,000 hours.
It's hardly an art.
I hope you understand the value of the data you just pulled.
We've seen them deal with regressive politics, cope with a health crisis Yes, thank you.
Thank you.
I'm I'm glad that you're pleased, but the real progress we made is with Leah and how she'll feel when she comes to.
And how's that? Guilty, Gretchen.
Well, of course.
That's always been a priority of ours.
No, no, top priority.
The more implicated these young girls feel about the tragedies that occurred over there, the less inclined they are to expose us.
You got that, don't you? Can I ask you both, do you ever think about your first heartbreak? Oh, yeah.
Shannon Abbott, 1997.
Hooked up with my best friend while I was at football camp.
Dan? All the time.
All the fucking time.
Honestly, I barely survived it.
Yeah, does a real number on you.
Coming through.

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