The Wilds (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Day Fifteen

♪ Welcome, Miss Blackburn.
Sit anywhere you'd like.
♪ Can I get you anything to drink? Um, no.
I'm good.
♪ It reclines.
For your comfort.
♪ Nah, nah ♪ Oh, no ♪ See you walking round like it's a funeral ♪ Not so serious, girl, why those feet cold? ♪ We just getting started, don't you tiptoe ♪ Tiptoe ♪ Ah, waste time with a masterpiece ♪ Don't waste time with a masterpiece, huh ♪ You should be rolling with me ♪ You should be rolling with me ♪ Ah ♪ You're a real-life fantasy ♪ You're a real-life fantasy, huh ♪ But you're moving so carefully ♪ Let's start living dangerously ♪ Talk to me, baby ♪ I'm going blind ♪ From this sweet, sweet craving, whoa ♪ Let's lose our minds and go crazy, crazy ♪ Ah, ya, ya, ya, ya, I keep on hoping ♪ We'll eat cake by the ocean, uh ♪ Walk for me, baby ♪ I'll be Diddy, you'll be Naomi, whoa ♪ Let's lose our minds and go crazy, crazy ♪ ah, ya, ya, ya, ya, I keep on hoping ♪ We'll eat cake by the ocean, uh ♪♪ Jeanette? Am I, like Am I dead? [EERIE MUSIC.]
Martha! [GIGGLES.]
I'm so happy you're here.
There is something super important I wanted to tell you.
What is it? [SCREAMS.]
- [TONI.]
Martha! - [COUGHS.]
What's happening? [FATIN.]
Tide came in like a fucking beast, swallowed up the whole camp.
Martha, come here.
Let me help.
I've got her.
I've got her.
Why is there so much water? I've got you.
Come on.
- Goddamn tidal surge.
- Fuck! Fuck! Fucking ocean took all my shit! [COUGHS.]
Let it go.
Come on.
Come on! Fatin, not important.
Let it go.
Let it go! Rachel, help! I'm being pulled out! Where are you going? I can't hold on! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Ladies and gentlemen, the tide is finally turning.
Thanks to your investment, we're closer than ever to ending the old paradigm and realizing our collective dreams for the future.
Fire, water [SIGHS.]
"The tide is turning.
" Is that too cute? - Too expected? - [THOM.]
Not at all.
I mean, you know, when an idiom works, work it.
It's cheap.
Let's get back into it.
Fire, water, shelter: These are just a few of the milestones our subjects have reached thus far.
As you know, we began this project with a humble theory and just a whisper of hope that it would be borne out.
But the images you see before you and nearly every bit of data collected till now indicate that this study will deliver the outcome we've all been dreaming of.
Our independently minded subjects are starting to cohere, to share their thoughts and their fears, as they work toward solving the challenges they face together.
- [SIGHS.]
- She looks tired.
She should be.
She's been working her ass off for the last three days trying to make up for her Westboro Baptist moment, as if that'll get her uncanceled.
♪ Your obsession with Shelby is out of control.
I mean, I know you have your theories.
Maybe she knows something.
Maybe she's behind this or whatever, but ♪ you gotta ease up.
♪ No, yeah, I know.
♪ I've been so stupid.
I was actually just thinking, like If Shelby was behind this ♪ that would mean she volunteered for this nightmare.
Who the fuck would do that? ♪ Exactly.
That's it.
Pull up stakes.
We're fucking moving.
Again? [DOT.]
Take a real good look at this camp.
It's not a refurb job.
It is fucking totaled.
But I thought you said the cave was a bust.
No, not the cave.
We move to gold cliff beach around the bend.
Doesn't seem like the tide's bitch, so, you know, maybe this Tsunami horseshit won't hit us again.
It's not as windy there either.
Yeah, which will come in handy, seeing as we no longer have a fucking fire to keep us warm.
I hadn't thought of that.
Who was on fire duty last night? Okay, technically, it was my turn, but Shelby practically begged me to sub her in, so who was I to deprive her of that pleasure? Look, I know that Shelby has been trying so hard to get back in our good graces, but some of you have been a little bit too quick to take advantage of that.
Yeah, sorry not sorry.
Who cares? She's a bigot.
I'm gonna ask a question, and it may not be helpful.
Okay, good.
Yeah, definitely do that.
Why did this catch us so off guard? I mean, haven't you been keeping track of the tide? What are you saying, Nora should've seen this coming? No, Rachel, that's not what I'm saying if you listen to me at all.
That's exactly what you're saying.
What I'm saying is that Why are we pointing fingers? This wasn't anybody's fault.
It's true.
It was bigger than a normal tide.
Maybe from a storm or an offshore earthquake.
It happened so fast, we all acted irrationally, like Fatin, who jumped into a rip current to save her toothbrush.
What? It's the only thing keeping me human.
Or Rachel, who left me for fucking dead.
I went to get the black box because it's our lifeline outta here.
- Don't come at me for that.
- Well, I'm your sister.
Guys, please.
Okay, well, blame game aside, I think it's safe to say that we can blame the dead fire on our problematic Jesus freak.
Look what washed up.
Oh, my God! It's my bag! - [MARTHA LAUGHS.]
- Marty.
Okay, she finds two new bags? How weird is that? Thought we were dialing back on the cray.
I am.
It's just It's hard with her.
All right, well, that's one down.
Who does this belong to? - [GIRL.]
- [GIRL.]
Two? Two.
Number two.
Next? Which of the three is the same length as the line on the left? Um I guess two? [TEACHER.]
Next? What do you think? [AUSTRALIAN ACCENT.]
Um I think you're all embarrassing yourselves.
Mate, it's clearly number three.
My fucking cat could tell it's number three, and he's half blind.
The world thinks our gender is weak, and your move is to reinforce that by following the crowd like a bunch of fucking sheep.
You have to do better.
And I know you're not here Look at that one.
A teenage girl who knows her own mind.
Except she's a grad student who's supposed to be encouraging conformity by giving the wrong answer.
She's a confederate? A confederate who just blew up the study.
Well, at least in spectacular fashion.
♪ Dr.
West, I had no idea that would happen.
Well, that's data for 11 subjects out the window.
But you know I'm good.
You know I'm normally a killer in there.
And valuable lab hours also out the window.
I'm sorry.
It's just that it pained me to keep my mouth shut, to see so many girls with zero mind of their own hostages to the will of the crowd, I mean, I just fucking went off.
Well, if it's any consolation, the boys haven't fared much better.
They're all hormones and no backbone.
Yeah, it is a little.
Uh, my apologies.
I should've introduced you.
This is Linh Bach, third-year doctoral student.
Linh, this is Professor Gretchen Klein.
I know who you are.
Of course you do.
I forget my profile is A little higher these days.
When do they decide if you're getting the boot? - Linh.
- Two weeks.
Good luck.
Anyway, sorry.
I have to run, but it was a pleasure to finally meet you.
You too.
- [DOT.]
It's definitely her bag.
Didn't expect this from Jeanette.
Punk fucking rock.
Uno! [DOT.]
Okay, Martha, I like Uno.
We all like Uno, but if you throw a party over one more nonessential item in that bag of yours, I swear to God [FATIN.]
Yeah, the two-in-one shampoo/conditioner was a true low point.
What's wrong with it? It smells like pears.
It's a two-step process.
Shampoo, then conditioner.
All right, let's see what else she's got.
Oh, my God, guys, she has a fucking lighter.
Jeanette is a fucking miracle! [TONI.]
Man, I mean, like, I took her for a straight edge, but it turns out she drinks, she smokes.
She brought, like, 20 benzos to a weekend getaway.
Jeanette was actually living that Amy Winehouse life? I'm shook.
To Amy or Jeanette? Both.
Good find, Shelby.
I mean, this is huge.
I just got lucky, really.
Hey, um, birthday girl, you know, if you're so psyched about getting your Hedgehogs? [GIGGLES.]
hedgehogs back, then don't you think there's somebody you could thank? Yeah.
Shelby, thank you so much.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Doesn't anyone else find this, like, utterly and completely unbelievable that Shelby just, like, found this bag? Leah.
It's like a Deus Ex Machina.
It's like a what? It is, like, this perfect little thing that somehow has everything that we need, and I I find it really fucking creepy that you found this just like you did before.
So, like, what are you saying exactly? I don't know.
I don't know.
♪ I think something pretty fucked is going on here, and I think somebody knows all about it.
We plan to intervene as minimally as possible.
After all, we want their behaviors to be self-motivated, organic, and untainted by the observer effect.
Oh, God.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I hate stilettos.
Yet another mechanism of oppression.
This is what the patriarchy wants, to turn us into tall, slow geishas with fallen arches and fucking sciatica! Well, can I ask, then, just for my own edification, why why do you wear them? Because my legs look good in them.
Self-motivated behavior Right.
Of course, safety is a priority.
So inconspicuous overtures have been made.
Here you see a medical reinforcement bag delivered by our team on day two.
Beyond that, it is up to the ocean to decide what comes ashore.
Seriously? Water purification tablets? There's enough protein bars to last us forever.
There's warm clothes.
There's more meds.
Why the fuck would Jeanette bring this shit to a casual retreat in Hawaii? Who gave you this bag, and what the fuck do you know? Leah, settle down.
I I just want everybody to think about this for, like, two seconds.
Think about what Shelby has done.
She has found not one but two magical, lifesaving bags.
She is persistently optimistic, almost as if she knows that we are not in actual danger.
She uses icebreaker after icebreaker to pump us for information like some sort of slumber party spy, and not to mention, she didn't eat any of the fucking mussels.
I said I was allergic.
♪ Hey, what the hell? Give me the lighter back! Tell us who you're working for.
Just tell us what you know.
Jesus Christ, Leah! She's not Jason Bourne, okay? I I've seen her rap on the morning fucking announcements! Leah, what are you doing? Nora, it's fine, really.
If I throw this one out, another one's just gonna pop up.
Right, Shelby? Don't you fucking dare.
Leah! Get a grip, please.
Where are you going, Shelby? Where do you sneak off to every morning and every night, and what the fuck is happening on this island? You're hiding something.
I fucking know it.
Okay, yes.
Maybe I am! Happy? This is it.
The big secret.
I'm a freak who wears my teeth on a piece of plastic, and I'm not sneaking off as part of some dirty scheme! All right, I've been cleaning this thing as privately as possible like I've done since I was 11 years old.
♪ Does that sorta answer your questions? Or if not, I could give you a better look.
♪ All right, then.
Guess y'all know everything now.
♪ I'm a fake bitch with dentures.
Just one more reason to hate me.
Not that you needed any more.
Nice job.
♪ [LINH.]
Care for another? Sure.
♪ It's on the house.
♪ Any chance you remember me? ♪ The conformity study saboteur.
The one and only.
Since fellowships pay like crap.
I'm curious.
When you ask people for their ID, how often do they say, "I oughta be carding you"? Oh, my God, all the time.
♪ Americans love to drink when they're feeling miserable, don't they? That's a big difference between here and Australia.
When do Australians like to drink? All the fucking time.
♪ Linh, right? Mm-hmm.
When you're bright and passionate and forward-thinking, maybe even a bit of a firebrand, do you ever dream of putting the ivory tower in the rearview mirror and doing something real for a change? ♪ All the fucking time.
I've been working on something big.
I can't really say much more, except that there will be a role for you if you're open to it and that things'll accelerate now since my days have suddenly freed up.
They're fucking idiots for letting you go.
Yes, well, ashes make the Phoenix.
There's something I've been wanting to ask you for a very long time.
I mean, since I first read one of your books and then immediately tore through all the others.
You've read all my monographs? - Oh, fuck.
- Well, yeah.
I might've been trying really hard to play it cool when Leonard introduced us.
Um, yeah, but the truth is, I Stan.
- Aw.
So what's this burning question? Do you hate men? No.
Not at all.
In fact, I've loved some of them very deeply, and I still love a few to this day.
Well, I only ask because of your work.
I mean, it's all about women and their power.
Yes, but not over men.
Just us getting and keeping our own.
I hate them.
I was drugged.
What? House party.
Last year of high school.
Woke up in this fucking bedroom and had no memory of the night before.
The next day at school, people were staring at me.
Sneering and pointing.
It turns out there was a video that got posted of these two guys just laughing their fucking asses off while they groped me.
As hard as I try, I, like, will never forget the way I look in that clip.
Every muscle slack, eyes rolling back like a fucking corpse, just totally oblivious to the violence.
I'm so sorry.
Did you go to the police? Mm-hmm.
Not that it amounted to much.
I would've had to testify.
And everyone just wanted it to go away.
The school, my friends, even my fucking parents.
And that's why you confronted the girls in the study.
I guess I just wanted them to be braver than me.
Linh, you survived.
That's pretty fucking brave.
♪ Is this what I hope it is? I'm all in.
As you know, we have one participant who has been fully briefed and is firmly under our control.
She's the "confederate," as we say in the field, our woman on the inside.
Now, she's also an adult, which gives us legal cover, as she supervises our younger subjects.
As for the other operative, she functions more as a failsafe, someone with wilderness skills who can reach out in an emergency.
And she's an actual peer, so she will blend seamlessly into the social fabric.
All right.
Hoo! Yeah, well, it's not exactly the promise land, but it's as good as we're gonna get.
And look, comes pre-furnished.
All right.
So how do we do this? Should we start a fire, make a plan for shelter? Why are you asking me? 'Cause we always ask you.
All right.
You're an athlete.
What's it called when somebody trains so hard that they just sort of, like, flatline? Burnout? Bingo.
I'm done.
Wait, are you for real right now? Dot, you're the one that relocated us.
Now you're just checking out? Yeah.
Well, I'm nobody's guiding light.
Not even my own.
Lighter's yours.
♪ Wait.
Who are we missing? ♪ Just getting a jump on the firewood situation.
I only came here to get some space.
I'm not, like, up to anything.
Hey, I never took you for a special ops rat.
That's Leah's shit.
You just think I'm an asshole.
You say your prayers with that mouth? Do you ever play pranks, those fangs of yours? You know, take 'em out, put 'em on top of your brother's lasagne when he's not looking? No.
You should think about it.
It'd be a dope signature move.
You know, my My issues with Well, whatever Like, with who you are I don't hate you, Toni.
You get that, right? Yeah.
You actually do, though.
I saw your face when shit got a little too gay for you.
You fucking shuddered.
I'm sorry, that's hate.
Least you could do is own it.
Let me help.
Toni, Shelby, Martha, Rachel, Nora, Leah, Fatin, Dot.
Hey, is Dot the other confederate? She looks like the rugged, dependable type.
Gretchen made it super clear neither of you can know who the other one is 'cause if you're caught acknowledging each other, you could expose everything.
Come on, Thom-O.
How 'bout a hint? Honestly, if you think I'd break Gretchen's trust just like that, you're so wrong.
I'd rather fucking die.
You've been with us a month.
Give me a break.
I'm building your socials, by the way.
Did you wanna review some biographical details? Sure.
Let's see.
So I just turned 17.
I was born on February 14th, 2003.
A Valentine's baby.
- I grew up in San Francisco.
The only child of Yen and Minh Dao.
They own a restaurant in Bayview and they make me work as a prep cook whenever they get slammed.
♪ [THOM.]
New haircut.
Not bad.
Moving on.
A list of things that I'm into: In-N-Out burgers, mango tango bubble tea, Disneyland, and - [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
- Timothée "Chala-met.
" "Chala-may.
" Is that how you pronounce it? Yeah, the T's silent.
So I think I'm also a big fan of The Following.
Can you write it down? Thanks.
Sanrio, my Hydro flask, The Office Uh, the American version Greta Thunberg, and, obviously, my dogs, Coco and Jax.
♪ She let you borrow her pugs for that shoot? Mm-hmm.
I thought you were a cat person.
Of course I am.
Cats are a thinking person's pet.
My alter ego, on the other hand, loves her some idiot canines.
Speaking of, have you thought of a name for her yet? It might help inspire ideas for her handles.
I'm sorta thinking Evangeline.
- Evangeline? - Yeah.
Where did that come from? I don't fucking know.
It was just a bad instinct that I talked myself out of.
Jeanette is much better, don't you think? - Absolutely.
Nice edit.
I mean, oh, my God, building her playlist has been the worst part.
I mean, every trending song has the same stupid sugarcoated beats, like shooting Pixy Stix into your fucking veins.
Well, I do like P!Nk.
Right? - I snuck her on there.
- Aw.
A little gem in a sea of shit! I was afraid I wouldn't find someone like you, that the right person would elude me and it would all fall apart.
Should I ask for more money? No.
- I'm just glad our paths met.
We crossed paths twice.
First on campus and then right here.
Quite the coincidence.
Except the second time wasn't.
No, it wasn't.
So I'm obviously your favorite.
Oh, God, no contest.
- Shh.
Should we toast to Linh's last night being Linh? I mean, I was just telling Gretchen that I will miss my own taste in music.
In fact, this might be my last chance to take a walk on the wild side.
Oh, she's doing it.
- [MAN.]
All right, coming up next is Linh.
- Uh-uh.
- [LINH.]
Come on.
- No, no.
Don't sing.
- Come on! - I don't sing, I don't dance.
Everyone give her a round of applause.
Holly came from Miami, Fla ♪ Hitchhiked her way across the USA ♪ - [LAUGHS.]
- Gretch, get the fuck up here.
It's my last hurrah! She says, "hey, baby ♪" Take a walk on the wild side" ♪ It's the least I can do.
Candy came from out on the island ♪ In the back room, she was everybody's darling ♪ Ooh.
Oh, she never lost her head ♪ Even when she was giving head ♪ She said, "hey, babe" ♪ [BOTH.]
"Take a walk on the wild side" ♪ I says, "hey, baby" ♪ [BOTH.]
"Take a walk on the wild side" ♪ And the colored girls go doo, doo-doo ♪ [LOU.]
Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo ♪ Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo ♪ Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo ♪ - Doo-doo-doo ♪ - [SINGERS.]
Doo, doo-doo ♪ Doo-doo, doo-doo-doo ♪ Doo, doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo doo ♪♪ Hey, everybody, circle up.
Let's talk about transitions of power.
In patriarchal societies, these are typically marked by violence.
Resources are lost, blood is shed, often on a grand scale.
In contrast, we expect our subjects to discover a peaceful, female-driven model of governance.
The mantle of leadership will be passed as needed and entirely without conflict.
Yo, Martha.
You should go over there, cut up that driftwood, make a roof for a new shelter.
Oh, boy.
Whoa, I just had the worst déjà vu of my gym teacher throwing a pinnie at me for the flag football unit, and I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told her: I'm not playing.
Yes, you are.
You're gonna hit up the woods, look for food, and fill that bag with whatever you can find.
Leah! Since you're so interested in the bags that roll up in here, you can take over inventory.
And, Nor, you're with me.
We can go track down some dry kindling.
I'm inviting you to come along with me.
Isn't that, like, your wet dream? To be by my side, watching over me and babysitting me? [SCOFFS.]
And a very smart use of your time, by the way.
What what's wrong with you people? Quit being such fucking pussies.
Yeah, I love a bitchy dom, but you're really not reading the room.
Welcome to Rachel.
World-class self-abuser turning that abuse on us, expecting us to work as psychotically hard as she does.
I'm not abusing anybody.
Then how do you describe what you're doing now? I'm just dealing out some tough love.
Your favorite.
Because it worked so well for you.
You should You should tell them.
Tell them your success story.
- Stop.
- Or if you don't wanna do it, I could.
Nora, don't.
There is no Stanford.
No career.
No big Olympic future.
Just A sad liar who got cut from the team, who's just pretending to herself and everyone else that it's not over.
You know what, Nor? Maybe instead of getting twisted over shit in my life, you should try and get one of your fucking own! [TENSE MUSIC.]
♪ It's genetic, by the way, the When my baby teeth fell out, the the other ones just never came in, in case you were wondering.
I wasn't.
Yeah, I'm not fishing for sympathy.
But it hasn't not been hard.
Okay, Becky, maybe don't talk to me about hard.
Nobody believes me when I say this, but I do have actual problems, like, way more than you can imagine.
All right, great.
Let's hear 'em.
Do you have any idea what it's like to have to be pitch-perfect every second? To be watched like a hawk for the slightest bit of weight gain or the tiniest wobble in my heel or or if my hem is just a centimeter off regulation or I say the wrong thing about international politics? Well, then God help me.
So you're complaining about being judged when you literally signed up for that.
I know.
I I know, but But I'm not just talking about pageant stuff.
It feels like everywhere I go, somebody's asking me to, like to meet some kind of expectation.
It's a lot is all.
The pressure.
Yeah, well, my dad's been a no-show since day one, and my mom's in and out of rehab like it's the fucking white castle.
So nobody expects shit from me.
Doesn't feel great either.
Do you know how many field trips I've had to bail on 'cause no one's been there to sign my permission slip? You know, and I don't give a fuck about going to the planetarium, you know.
It just would've been nice to have someone there to say that I could.
Yeah, but, like, you don't But what? Shelby, you know, if you're trying to out-sad me, it's a losing fucking battle.
But you're free.
Don't you see that? You don't have to answer to anybody.
And neither do you! Not right now, anyway.
I mean, you're on a deserted island a million miles away from whatever bullshit expectations that you left behind.
You know, you're free here, Shelby, and if you're not taking advantage of that, then I don't know what the fuck to tell you.
♪ Shelby! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Shelby, wait! Stop! ♪ [GRUNTS.]
Nora! Fuck you, Nora! Do you think we should, like, intervene? Not yet.
Let's see where things go.
Nora! Fuck you! [GRUNTING.]
Do you know what actually kills you? How much you need me.
Is that what you think? I bail you out of hospitals.
I hold back your hair when you won't swallow your fucking dinner! Fuck you, Nora.
Say it.
You need me.
You need me.
You need me! Nora, that's fucking bullshit! Okay? That's just a lie you tell your own damn self 'cause it gives you some kind of purpose.
It gives you an excuse not to become your own fucking person! Fuck you! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
♪ Okay, I really think we need to do something.
Don't get involved.
When me and my sisters fight, it's to the death.
That was a knee to the tit, ladies and gentlemen, but wait, Rachel's not down and out yet.
She retaliates - Rachel! - With a heel to the twat! Shit! [LAUGHS.]
The drama is poppin'.
The stakes are high.
Where will it end? Who will come out on top? Stop it.
You're both acting like shitty five-year-olds.
- I'll kill you! [RACHEL SCREAMS.]
I'll kill you! One fucking job.
Oh, what the hell, Dorothy? Oh, come on.
Like I meant to do that.
Yeah, right.
You've all been giving me shit about my toothbrush since the jump.
This was obviously a targeted attack.
You better hope it still works.
It's gonna work.
- [SIGHS.]
It's dying! I've never related so much to a toothbrush.
Dot, look what you fucking did! Come on, don't put that on me.
It was on its last legs.
And guess what, Fatin.
If you put in the same amount of work of, I don't know, just moving your arm a Goddamn little, you'll still get the same Goddamn job done.
♪ [GASPS.]
- Truth serum? - [LAUGHS.]
For disinfecting cuts and scrapes.
But hey, if it helps them open up a little, why not? However hard you think this is gonna be, count on it being much, much harder.
I understand.
I'm not sure you do.
You've endured traumas of your own.
When the shadows of those traumas are reawakened out there, you can and will be triggered.
You told me that you wanna do something real, and I believe you.
But you've been working in sanitized spaces on a theoretical level for a long time.
Gretch, you can trust me.
I just want you to prepare yourself for how brutal real can be.
♪ Give it up, Nora.
I've got you fucking pinned.
Ow! Fuck! [SCREAMS.]
Here, why don't we walk this off? - Let me help you - Walk what off? I'm fine.
Jesus, that stung! ♪ - [RACHEL GRUNTS.]
- [TONI.]
Wait, wait! [RACHEL.]
Get off me, Nora! [GRUNTS.]
What the fuck? Stop! Stop! Just everybody, stop! This right here, this ain't happening.
If we go out, and I'm not so sure that we won't, it's not gonna be at each other's throats, because there is zero fucking dignity in that.
What do you mean, "go out"? I've been thinking.
First few days of this, we were on every paper, every channel, news vans in front of your houses, sticking microphones in front of your moms and your dads and your dogs.
A couple more days go by and maybe it's only the local news.
A few more days and Country A invades country B.
Elijah Wood dies, Sasha Obama rips a bong, and then we're no longer in the conversation.
The world's moved on.
♪ And I mean, maybe we've got some diehards out there, people who love you enough to keep making noise and pounding the pavement, but it's been It's been 15 days and searches don't last forever, not without leads and not without cash.
We are stuck here.
The least we could do is not kill each other, 'cause trust me, this place can take care of that just fine on its own.
♪ Jeanette might've been the lucky one.
The one who went out quick.
Welcome aboard.
Hi! Ooh, quick question.
Will there be an outlet at my seat? Because my phone's at, like, 12%.
There will be.
Okay, cool.
Aloha! Heading to Hawaii, and the energy is fire! [GASPS.]
Oh, my God, look how baller this plane is! [GASPS.]
Hi! I'm Jeanette.
Welcome, girl.
I'm Shelby.
I don't know why I just said welcome.
- It's not my plane.
I love your bangs, by the way.
Aw, thanks.
I love your blank forehead.
I'm Jeanette.
Okay, how stoked are you for this trip? Do you think they'll give us drinks in coconuts? 'Cause that is so on my bucket list.
Honestly, the plane could do a nosedive into the ocean, and I wouldn't give a flying fuck.
Boat three.
Be careful.
Uh, they're on boat two.
Nice and easy.
Trains are running on time.
Of course.
You're a pro.
How you feeling? If I tell you, do you promise not to repeat it? Come on.
Like Napoleon With a cunt.
Ready to go? Need to travel you back.
Oh, f ♪ What's wrong? ♪ I can't do this.
- What do you mean? - I can't do this! They didn't fucking ask for this! Linh, wait! [GRUNTS, SCREAMS.]
♪ [GASPS.]
Linh, give me your hand.
Oh, fuck.
Fuck, I'm sorry.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I think so.
Are you sure? [GRETCHEN.]
Alpha to Alex, heading stateside now.
Just wanted to confirm all okay on your end.
Alex to Alpha, there's actually There's actually been an incident.
No, shh.
Sorry, you're breaking up.
Linh, I need to report this.
Linh, we can go back and re-strategize.
- We can - I'm fine, I swear.
I'm back.
It brought me to my senses.
I'm okay.
Call it in.
False alarm, Alpha.
Well, if she's still with you, can you tell her how brave she is? [LAUGHS.]
♪ Linh, what are you doing? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I'm ready.
Can't we just take a second to I'm ready.
Okay? What are you waiting for? [SCOFFS.]
♪ Go.
Go, go.
It's true what we're doing involves substantial risk, but every game-changing endeavor does, and that is what we're after here, radical game change.
At the end of 12 weeks, we will have seen gynotopia in action and have proof that it is women and not men who have a natural gift for creating harmonious and capable communities and that the reins of power should finally be shifted into their hands.
If we endeavor [SCOFFS.]
Fuck it.
Fuck it.
To hell with ceremony, to hell with the script, to hell with male domination that has turned this planet into a war-torn, money-hungry fireball.
You know why you're here.
You know why you supported us.
Because ten years from now, you don't wanna be watching the apocalypse wishing that you'd had the courage to do something insane in the name of fucking progress! [LAUGHS.]
Thank you.
Did you like that faux scripted-unscripted show of emotion? [THOM.]
Masterful touch.
Um, and then you'll open it up to questions, right? Oh.
Is there anything you think I should be prepared for? I I did sort of wonder how you might respond if they ask you about Linh.
I'll tell them that she's giving it her all out there and we're very proud.
♪ Here.
Boiled and cooled if you're thirsty.
I'm fine.
Change your mind ♪ All right, well, now it's just too fucking quiet.
♪ Hey, uh, this might be the apocalypse talking, but aren't you gonna suggest some "Never would I rather" shit? ♪ [RACHEL.]
We're really gonna die here.
Does anybody else hear that? Hear what? [PLANE ENGINE HUMMING.]
Hey! A plane! [ALL SHOUTING.]
♪ Help! Oh, my God! [DOT.]
Hey! [FATIN.]
Hey! [DOT.]
Wait, he sees us! [ALL SCREAMING.]
He fucking sees us! - Yes! Yes! - Yes! [ALL SCREAMING.]
It's the end of you ♪ ♪ Only God knows when the beast was feeding ♪ Taking from our mouths when we ain't eating ♪ Only God knows ♪ Only God knows ♪ Shedding more blood than we are bleeding ♪ Shedding more blood than we are bleeding ♪ Only God knows when the beast is eating ♪ Taking from our mouths when we ain't eating ♪ Shedding more blood than we are bleeding ♪ - Only God knows ♪ - Anything I do ♪ - Only God knows ♪ - Anything I do ♪ - Only God knows ♪ - Anything I do ♪ God knows things we believe in ♪ God knows it's time for the peace and ♪ God knows kids in the street ♪ With their eyes on the leaders ♪ Anything I do ♪ Only God knows, only, only God knows ♪ Only God knows, only God knows ♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ Only God knows where your wife is sleeping ♪ Only God knows what the preacher's preaching ♪ Only God knows that the people are cheating ♪ Only God knows you don't need him ♪ Only God knows ♪ - Anything I do ♪ - Only God knows ♪ - Only God knows ♪ - Anything I do ♪ - Only God knows ♪ - Anything I do ♪ - Only God knows ♪ - Anything I do ♪ - Only God knows ♪ - Anything I do ♪ Only, only God knows ♪ Only God knows, only God knows ♪ Cheating ♪ Begging, stealing ♪ Hustling ♪ What I can afford ♪ Breathing ♪ Love and needing ♪ Reasons ♪ To go overboard ♪ Anything I do ♪ [GIRL.]
Coming through.

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