The Wilds (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Day Sixteen

1 Here they are, the brave young women whose tale of struggle and survival has gripped the nation.
The unsinkable eight, as we have come to know them.
Ladies, you must have dreamed of coming home for so long.
Now that you're here, what do you wanna do most? Honestly, smoke about a hundred cigs, you know? Like, really rip through a carton or two.
How about the rest of you? I don't know; Maybe hit up the OG for a never-ending pasta bowl and just I don't know Get back to our real lives.
I'd like to read the Odyssey again, rather than, like, live it.
Leah, what about you? Oh, um, I just wanna reconnect with certain people People who may have been worried and-or felt like we had unfinished business.
And if that person is watching right now, I just wanna say that I did not not miss you every day.
My turn, Brooke, and I've got a nice, straight answer for you.
I'm going to fuck the rowdiest guy with the biggest dick as soon as I fucking can.
I don't think you can say that on live TV.
Okay, make it more media-friendly.
I am going to fornicate with the healthiest penis I can find ASAP.
All right, I wanna change my answer.
You remember that guy that I was telling you about? Nurse Mateo Caliente? I'm 100% going to jump him as soon as I see him.
Atta girl.
While we're workshopping our responses, you wanna work on that emo shit show of yours? Was it maybe not that great? Leah.
You are going to be trending.
Romeos from all over the world are gonna be blowing up your DMs.
Um, do you think Romeos will be in my DMs too? Martha, angel, your DMs will be overflowing.
All right, then.
We're going home, bitches! - Yes! - Yeah! Yeah, yeah! We're coming for you! We're going, we're going we're going ♪ - We're going ♪ - Come on.
- Come on, Leah.
- We're going ♪ Get your booty out, we're going ♪ There's men around, we're going ♪♪ I see you copied my look, in a G-man suit and tie.
Thought you was sticking with the friendly and approachable sweater thing.
No, not with this one.
We'll get more out of her if we both strike an authoritative tone.
Just so you know, it's no picnic.
Most of the time, I just just wanna give 'em a goddamn hug.
You've read the nurse's report on her, heard how all over the place she's been? There have been some dissociative tendencies, yes.
So how do you know what's best for drawing her out when we don't even know which "her" we're gonna get? Hi, there.
So, um, according to the others, you were the resident optimist.
Oh, that's sweet.
Though, I'm sure that's not how they put it.
No, no, not exactly.
What was that one expression? "Shelby's a Pollyanna mall girl who probably shits confetti.
" Fatin.
Bless her heart.
Yeah, but once you thought rescue was imminent, that, uh, enthusiasm flatlined.
Do you care to explain why? Adrenaline had been pumping for so long, you know, as soon as I knew I could relax, I just sort of crashed.
Only so long before you run out of stamina.
How am I sweatiest person in here? Do I have, like, a glandular problem? It's called "being out of shape.
" Oh.
You know what? Becca, you did not just shake your head at me like a wet dog.
We're not all you, bitch.
Some of us have fugly labradoodle hair, and I gotta make use of it somehow.
All right.
One, two, three all rise.
"Your body is a temple of the holy spirit; Glorify God, therefore, within your body.
" 1 Corinthians 6.
All right.
Let the spirit lift us.
Show some devotion here.
Ramp up the resistance a little bit.
Do a half turn, maybe a full turn.
Feel like the lord's got your back.
I'm talking to you, too, over here.
Your dad is a sadist.
Come on.
Jesus lifted that boulder for you.
Lift those buns up off those seats.
Take "thigh" wheel.
Oh, the corniest puns ever.
Frickin' daddy's girl.
Can I get an amen? Jesus fucking Christ.
I need this like I need a pickax to the skull.
What can I do to help? Call Audrey.
Have her send Alex to the island.
To do what? I I do not trust him, Gretchen.
He he's disrespectful.
Well, like it or not, he knows the terrain better than anyone.
If that pilot calls in a report, Alex can be in position, ready to extract the subjects before an official rescue team shows up.
So worst-case scenario, we are the rescue team? Exactly.
That means initiating phase two sooner than intended, but that's better than the whole study collapsing.
But if we could locate the pilot, we could avoid all this meshugas.
- We just need the - Tail number? Yeah, we managed to blow up an image of it.
- Uh, we got it.
- Okay.
Call that contact I gave you.
Read him that number.
He'll know how to make this whole thing go away.
We're on it.
Focus on your meeting.
I'd cancel in a heartbeat, but I can't make this pilot problem go away and keep the lights on without an influx of cash.
I'll inhale a salad, beg for money, and be back at headquarters by 2:00.
It's showtime.
- Gretchen! - Oh, hello, Alice.
So glad you could come.
I'm surprised you answer your own door.
I like to keep people on their toes.
- Please.
- Oh.
I hope it's okay that we're having lunch here.
I just think it's so much more intimate.
That and I stole the chef de cuisine from the French laundry, so the food is divine.
Sounds wonderful.
Hope you're hungry.
I personally helped design the eight-course tasting menu for today.
Eight courses.
Should give you plenty of time to tell me how you're spending my money.
Thank you, Dmitri.
The chef has prepared a seared scallop with cranberry glaçage as your amuse-bouche.
That doesn't count as one of the courses, does it? Mm-mm.
So you're saying we can eat everything? Hell yeah.
Major closeout sale! Everything must go! Chaser, my darling? The ration queen lets loose.
I'm into it.
We were robbed of our island vacay.
Here's our chance to take one day of it back, maybe live a little.
- Thanks.
- Hey, the hell, Martha? - You've got candy? - Hey, where'd you get those? Side pocket of Jeanette's bag.
Am I in trouble? I thought everything must go.
No, Martha, these These aren't candy.
They're edibles.
Well, I know they're edible; I just ate them.
No, no, like like THC.
Martha, they're marijuana bears.
Oh, man! These are potent.
I had a foot once, and I couldn't feel my feet for, like, 24 hours.
I didn't know I had them.
So What would happen if someone accidentally ate three? Oh, Martha, you're gonna be tripping motherfucking balls, dude.
And she won't be alone.
- Fuck it.
- I'm in too.
Solidarity, baby.
I'll have one.
All right, I'm gonna go take a piss before it happens involuntarily.
So - Thank you.
- She meant pee her pants.
Father, I ask of you your guidance and grace.
So Martha just ate enough weed to tranquilize a buffalo In case you were wondering what you're missing.
Pretty crazy.
I'm not big on fishing through other people's business, just as, like, a personal policy, but unfortunately, I can't say the same about everyone on this beach.
If you sit here like you are, they're gonna come at you with questions.
So maybe you should think about joining the fiesta.
And plus, you know, you're not a bad hang.
God, in your wisdom, give me faith to be what you intended.
And God, in your wisdom, give us faith to be what you intended.
Father, we ask for your guidance and your grace in the face of temptation, and we hope that you are here in this room with us today to show Kyle the way.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Thanks, Mom.
You're glowing this morning, you know that? Are you putting something new on your face or is that just you? Well, Becs and I did Korean sheet masks last night.
I think it's so sweet how you two are still thick as thieves, especially after some of her ups and downs the past few years.
I thought you might sort of just, you know, drift apart after she transferred to north Christian.
How we doing, people? Morning, Daddy.
Everybody's Saturday going good? How 'bout you? Too big for a kiss? Did it all go okay in there? Working through it.
Spent some time up in Plano, up that place I told you about.
Saturday, in the park ♪ Think it was the fourth of July ♪ It's not July.
It's November, Daddy.
People dancing ♪ People laughing, man selling ice cream ♪ Singing Italian songs ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
When'd we start eating this sugary crap? Everybody is another ♪ Can you dig it? ♪ Yes, I can.
Looking pretty nice out there, huh? Clear skies, good temp Mm-hmm.
Spence, you and Mel go put on your ATV kits.
Let's go four-wheeling, huh? - Yes! - Huh? Yes! Slowly, walk now.
Hey, you're invited, too, you know.
You know you're my number one wing-woman.
Yeah, maybe.
But I was actually wondering if I could like, if I could real quick talk to you about - Shelby.
- I know.
But I looked into the implants, and if I start the process now, I could have permanent teeth for the winter pageant circuit And maybe even the first one next month.
It's a "no," kiddo, and it's not 'cause your mom and I don't want you to be happy.
I mean, the oral surgeon was crystal-clear.
If you got artificials drilled in before you're done growing, there could be irreversible damage and not to mention the pain of it, Shelby.
I mean, the pain would be unbearable.
All right.
God made you this way, and God only does beautiful.
People dancing ♪ People laughing ♪♪ Marcus? Marcus? He's gone, Martha.
He moved away.
Well, where did he move to? Right there.
Yeah, that's where he is.
I'm so fucking blissed out.
Not even from the gummies, just from the thought that in 48 hours, I can have an orgasm.
So you haven't, like, self-induced? No.
I can't do it with my hands, actually.
I have this weird cello-vibrato PTSD.
It's a whole thing.
So your electric toothbrush hasn't seen any action? I mean, we've all just assumed.
I might be a horny bitch, but I'm not gonna scrub my teeth and my labia with the same brush.
Who has got off here? Ow, that I, mean Can I ask Where do you all even go to do it? Yeah yeah.
Where do you go? Where are the pleasure nests? What I like to do is just take Martha's suitcase open it up and just get inside it.
Yeah! What's everybody talking about? Orgasms.
Yeah, I I do it, too, with the with, uh, the bath jets at our home jacuzzi.
I might be a a virgin, but I'm not just some prude.
Love me an orgasm.
Wow, I mean, just when thought this place couldn't surprise me anymore, turns out Shelby likes to fuck her Whirlpool.
Yes, I do.
So let's cheers to our orgasms.
Jesus, she's trashed.
That's a little bit my bad.
You know, I'm gonna deny this till the day I die, but I'm gonna miss the shit out of you guys.
And if you're ever in L.
, you got a place to crash.
You're not moving back to the Bay? Yeah no.
No, I got this whole life mapped out.
I'm gonna go to L.
and cash in this heinous watch, get an apartment at 1600 Vine, where all the influencers live.
No idea what any of that means, but if you're looking for a roommate - I might be interested.
- Dorothy.
Are you offering to be my live-in muscle? Yes.
Obviously, yes.
People are gonna assume we're lovers, because, let's face it, those cargo shorts still scream "gay.
" It's not our uniform, you know.
We've all got our own different swag.
I know.
I'm just saying, people are gonna talk, and I'm gonna like it.
Hey, campers.
I b what what do you say that I do what I do best and suggest some fucking games? Whoo! - To the water! - Yeah! Get in the water! Lunatic! What is going on? - It feels good.
- Up, up.
Up, up.
Yeah! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! All right, you're up.
Let's figure out what Shelby thinks.
All right.
- Shelby! - Wow.
Look, if you're not fighting, at least place your bets! Vegas has me and Rach at 20 to 1.
Odds on favorite.
Let's let's show them how we do it.
- Yep.
- They're ready to win.
- Get on.
- All right.
Ohh! You know what? We should probably do this in deeper water.
Ready? God, you're bleeding.
Where? Right there.
It's me.
Uh I'm sorry.
I'm I'm just gonna Uh-oh.
Shark Week for Rachel.
Not to presume anything about your circumstances, but often times, alcohol is used as a numbing agent, a way to anesthetize oneself from feelings that are too painful or too frightening.
Or we were just excited to get off that Godforsaken island and felt like getting loose.
Sirs, I was and am over the goddamn moon about getting back to a little civilization.
This is what a woman wants ♪ What is happening? Watch and learn, my friend.
I can't believe you have your own glove.
Hate on the glove all you like.
It gives me that edge.
Late for a date, that's fine ♪ But he'd better be on time I probably should have invited Andrew.
Yeah, he loves bowling.
He has a ball like you, but his is clear with a skull in it, which is kind of creepy.
Hey, is that isn't that your stepbrother, Brian? He looks different.
Change my mind ♪ He went full holy roller.
A million times ♪ As if tucking in his shirt and slapping a Jesus fish on his car is gonna change who he is deep down.
Fucking asshole.
Hey, hey, hey.
Becca, Becca.
Stop, stop, stop.
What is going on? There's something Something I never told you about me and him.
Like, three years ago, when he was living at home with us I had this dumb crush on him.
Not that he even noticed me much 'cause I was just this loser, little kid.
Then one day, for whatever reason I don't know I was just sort of on his radar.
He started coming to my room, and we'd kiss.
And I felt so cute and badass and lucky.
Then he started wanting more, and I I didn't want him to stop liking me, so I gave him a blow job.
More than once, like, a lot more than once.
And then he went to college, didn't say good-bye, didn't really talk to me again.
Did he Did that have anything to do with My trip to the dark side? Maybe a little.
I had no idea seeing him would rile me like this.
Becs Why haven't you told me this before? I don't know.
'Cause we said we wouldn't do any of that stuff, and you've been so good keeping your promise to God.
I guess I just thought you'd judge me.
Becs You were, what, 13 And he was 19? He knew better.
He took advantage of you.
Look at him now.
Any chance you know what his car looks like? I can't believe they just gave you these.
Sometimes all it takes is just asking real nice.
Oh, my God.
Are we really doing this? He's got it coming.
- Okay.
- Where should I put him? Up top, where everyone will get a good look at him.
All right, come on.
All right, now let's not go too crazy.
You said it, Shelb.
"He's got it coming.
" Becca? Becca, what are you doing? That's not funny.
No, that's not funny.
That could really ruin the engine.
Please Oh, crap.
Someone's coming.
Hide, hide, hide, hide.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
What are you, um what are you doing over here? Just collecting some sand.
I kind of felt like I should take a part of this place back with me.
Not sure why.
Well, that makes two of us.
Zero clue why you'd want any souvenir from this Godforsaken place.
What do you want, Shelby? What do you mean, what do I want? Okay, you avoid me all day, and now you're hovering.
I can't really figure out what you're doing apart from getting hammered, so you probably should just tell me.
What I want is to know exactly what you and Martha were talking about.
Um, well, she's ripped out of her skull right now, so food or maybe the cloud that she thought looked like her uncle.
You you told her, didn't you? You told her about about the whole - Did you tell her? - No! Fuck, I would never.
Okay, 'cause you're that ashamed? Okay.
No, you are obviously the one with the shame.
Okay? I'm not gonna lecture you on how or why or how fast you should figure things out for yourself, but you know, all your hateful church shit is not gonna help you figure out who you a I know exactly who I am.
I cannot wait to get home and get back to her.
Okay, and this is talent look number two.
Ooh, gorge, for sure, but also, how is it different from the last one? That one was butter-yellow.
- Oh.
- And this one has a sweetheart neckline, which adds some flair, and plus, it makes "the girls" look better.
Oh, God, "the girls"? You are a cornball.
What song did you decide to go with? Day by day ♪ Day by day ♪ Oh, dear lord ♪ Three things I pray ♪ To see thee more clearly ♪ Love thee more dearly ♪ Follow thee more nearly ♪ Day by day ♪ Nice! - The song I suggested.
- Mm-hmm.
Those judges are gonna eat it up.
They're even churchier than we are.
You think any more dance moves? Shelb, don't sweat it.
You got it locked up, and you know it.
You could probably fart into the mic and still take home the crown.
Hey, you might even be able to win - the douchebag goatee.
- Oh, my God! Stop! I think you'll look real nice with a flavor saver! - Shelby - Hey, supper's up.
Becca if you, uh you're sticking around, we'll set another place for you.
Oh, sure.
Thanks, Mr.
Are we coming? - Yeah.
- Definitely.
Hold on a second.
You're not gonna eat Mama's meatballs in that, are you? Oh, right, yeah.
Thanks, Dad, uh You've got marker on ya.
You need to be more careful.
You know, in some cultures, a woman's at the height of her spiritual power when she gets her period.
Do you feel your spirit transcending? I did when that gummy was hitting.
Now, not so much.
You know I haven't had it in three years? And not just because of my fucked up shit with food, but because Coach had me on nuvaring nonstop so I would never be sidelined.
So that all of this could just be a machine.
And now I It's just a body.
You're right, you know about that part of my life.
I think it might be time to call it.
Which means fuck if I know what I'm going home to.
Rach, you have a whole life out there You just don't know what it looks like yet.
One thing I will say about that place is, it was kind of like hitting the "pause" button.
You know, you could step back and get a really good look at your life from all those miles away.
Could really help a girl get some perspective, you know, especially if she was feeling a little unsettled in her own skin.
Girls like Rachel, hmm? Right, like Rachel.
After you said something, you pressed her? And Becca admitted to something did happen, which I'm sure is just as concerning for you as it is for us.
We don't know all the details, not that we need to know 'em.
It's unacceptable, no matter what.
Daddy Daddy, please, can can you just talk to me? Look, I don't know what her parents told you.
Daddy, can you just look at me? I mean, I'm right here! Daddy Can you can you just say something? I know a lot of people might look at me like some kind of hillbilly, backwards Bible-thumping Texan.
I don't know.
Or some Evangelical who just uses his religion to preach hate.
- I don't I don't hate anyone.
- I I know.
And I pray for everyone.
Even if they don't deserve it And can't be saved, I still pray.
Daddy I am not like that.
Yeah, Becca, she she tried to kiss me.
Like, it came out of nowhere.
I would never do something like that.
I know what I walked in on.
Yes, me stopping it, holding my ground.
Yeah, that's what you saw.
All that time you spent together, all the sleepovers I swear.
I swear.
I I put my hand on the Bible.
Nothing like that has ever happened before, ever, and it won't happen ever again.
Remember Remember that Bible group we had? Remember that? Kyle always struggles with that way of being.
He is in so much pain, Shelby.
And if this is the life that he chooses, he's gonna be all alone.
There ain't gonna be a place for him here.
Your mom and I, we don't That is the last thing we want for you.
I don't want you to be alone.
I don't want you to be alone.
Hey! Wait.
Um, well, we had, um Do you need to get that? Will I still get the money I'm begging for if I do? Of course.
I was just tormenting you because, well, I can.
Must be nice to control other people's lives.
Money really does buy everything.
Including your ability to control the lives of nine young women.
Which we are doing to bring about revolutionary change.
Nothing matters more than this project, and I will zealously protect it always.
Most people think zealotry a negative.
Well, those people have never had a cause worth fighting for.
So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to leave and focus on what matters.
Enjoy the soufflé.
God, Alex is incompetent! Maybe it's all the hair products seeping into his brain folds.
I have planned for everything, and yet This is nothing you could have anticipated.
The odds of one of the girls lying down in the forest and then looking up in in the exact tree that Alex was hiding in should have been Zero.
I know, but odds don't seem to be in our favor these days.
Maybe maybe it's not a big deal.
Subject number five was just eyewitness to another living, breathing person, and you don't think she's gonna make anything of it? You don't think she is headed straight back to the beach to fill everybody else in? Guys! You guys! Guess what I just saw! Holy shit! I just saw Marcus, and he's alive! Okay.
You're just saying that he, like, fucking Pinocchio'd? Yes.
Uh-huh, okay.
That's exactly what I'm saying.
He he turned into a real boy.
I don't know.
I mean, he kind of looks the same to me.
- What? - No, but he was different.
Marcus, baby.
- I missed you.
- Oh.
I don't understand.
He was in a tree.
He was up there.
Okay, but wait, if he got swept out, how the hell did he end up - Leah - Here? We're mellow.
We're leaving.
We're taking him back with us, right? Yeah, you know? No man left behind.
Yeah, you're coming with us.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
I told you he was here - Oh.
- But that's not him.
You're right.
Ooh! - This mannequin - Be gentle with him.
Sounds like he became pretty special to the group.
He was what we all needed, I guess, a sort of a companion that didn't add to the drama.
He would just sit there quietly while we unloaded on him our hopes, our dreams, our fears, and he never judged, never did anything to disappoint.
That's it's not like that with real people.
We have a knack for truly failing each other.
I I told you to stop contacting me.
- What if my parents saw you? - Look, I just want to explain.
Why? Why? Why? Why did you tell your parents? I didn't mean to.
Your dad called them first, and I I just thought maybe you told them already.
Look, all I said is, "we were just kidding around.
" Or you wanted this.
You wanted my life to be as fucked up as yours is.
Well, I don't know what you mean.
You know, all I've ever been is nice to you.
You know, even when you lost it and everyone turned on you.
I know.
I know.
You've been my best friend.
I'm not your friend.
Okay? I feel sorry for you.
I I pity you.
You know, the shit that you pulled with Brian, you know, you probably came onto him, probably forced him to be with you.
You know that's not true.
And I was 13.
When you told me, I was disgusted, and I know that everyone else will be too.
Shelby Look, I know you've been, like, "sick" mentally, and that's why What? What, when they 5150'd me? Is that what you're gonna say? I just mean that that maybe Maybe on top of all your other issues, you're, like, overly sexual or something.
Shelby you kissed me.
Shut up.
Shut up! It's okay.
I know you're going through stuff.
I see you and I will never judge you.
Stay the fuck away from me.
He's cold.
Well, million-dollar question is Who gets to keep him? Leah gets my vote, help make the transition from Jeff to whoever's next.
We could just pass him around Like the Stanley Cup, like how they do all over the USA.
You know, like, USA! USA! Oh, Shelby, you you love America so much.
USA! USA! Do you think she's okay? Hey.
I thought you might want this.
There might be a photo-op frenzy when rescue gets here.
- Here, let me help you.
- No, I got it.
Are you sure? Because it's in really deep.
- Yep, yep.
- Okay, it's stuck.
I just It's stuck.
- It's just stuck.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
Just chill.
We'll get it out.
- We'll get it out.
- Can you get it out? Can you get it out? Just let me help you.
I can take it Oh, no, no, no! It's all ruined.
It's ruined, it's ruined, it's ruined, it's ruined, it's ruined! What are you talking about? - It's all ruined.
- No, it's not.
Shelby! Shelby! No! No! Shelby, it's not worth it.
It's not worth it.
I don't fucking want it! I don't fucking want it.
I don't want it.
- Aww.
- That is so cute.
My boyfriend bought me flowers last night.
Hey, do you have any vaseline, by chance, for these guys? And that was Miss Dallas.
Look what happened.
- Thank you.
- Can't be, right? Shit, I think it is.
You know who's friends with her? Up next, everyone welcome Miss Austin! What? Shelby, I'm so, so sorry.
It's just so awful.
And now everyone welcome Miss El Paso County! Okay, can someone tell me what's going on already? It's Becca Gilroy.
Apparently, her mom found her in her car.
The ambulance came, but it was too late.
She was still alive when they got to the hospital, but she didn't make it.
Whoo! And now, performing in the talent round, the contestant from Fort Travis, Shelby Goodkind! Shelby, don't be shy now.
Shelby Goodkind! I don't know.
Day by day ♪ Day by day ♪ Oh, dear, lord ♪ Three things I pray ♪ To see thee more clearly ♪ Love thee more dearly ♪ Follow thee more nearly ♪ Day by day ♪ Day by day ♪ Day by day ♪ Oh, dear, lord ♪ Three things I pray ♪ To see thee more clearly ♪ Love thee more dearly ♪ Follow thee more nearly ♪ Day by day ♪ Get ready.
Coming hot.
I'm gonna have a little myself.
Oh, look at you, Captain Paleo, having dessert, - living dangerously.
- Yeah.
I ought to let loose, seeing as how we're celebrating.
Your sister brought home the hardware again.
I thought hardware was, like, tools and nails and stuff.
It's an expression, honey.
What's up, Shelbs? Something happen? No, I'm, uh I'm all good.
I'm just tired.
You know, Shelbs, I've been thinking about it, and you're right.
That flipper's a problem.
And like any flaw, uh, if you have the means to take care of it, you should.
Let's get you those permanents, huh? Dave, the doctor told us we should wait till she's 18 to make sure she stopped growing.
He went over and over how dangerous and painful it would be for her.
He could not have been clearer.
Well, Jill, if it can be fixed Pain's worth it.
Right, Shelbs? Yeah, yeah.
We'll do it over summer break, get it taken care of once and for all.
Hmm? Thanks, Daddy.
Let's just say I had very different plans for the summer than where I ended up.
It would seem, according to some intel that we've gathered, that this day was a turning point of sorts Because after that, everything started to deteriorate.
Would you agree with that statement? The unfortunate incidents we're looking into started to occur shortly thereafter.
That's why we're asking.
Shelby I'm done talking.
We still have two hours left and a lot of ground to cover.
You think I give a shit? I'm done.
All right, look, let's just wrap this up.
No, we're not setting that precedent, agent young.
Look how desperate you are for me to spill, and I know things that you would die to find out, things that would blow your fucking mind, but I'm not saying a word until you let me see her.
Well, the quarantine order's still in place, and we're not in the business of bargaining, so moving on.
I'm not saying a word Until you let me see her.
You're asking to see Toni, right? Not her.
So everybody thought I went insane yesterday, and you were like, "hold my beer.
" Sorry, I didn't just come to crack cringey meme jokes.
Uh I, um I wanted to apologize For all that and tell you as somebody who's already gone pretty much off the rails You should try to go easy on yourself.
I know we can't blame it all on where we are, but this place, this situation it makes you go crazy.
For 16 days, actual death has been hanging over our heads And, yet, the only thing I seem to give a shit about is love.
Total fucking psychosis, right? Isn't that what we're all afraid of that we won't be loved that we'll be all alone? Leah.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Train wrecks unite.
I may never eat again.
That woman is a sadist.
I'll never schedule lunch with her again.
She can have coffee.
Where do we stand? You'll be happy to know Alex's presence didn't derail things.
Apparently, Martha was under the influence of THC at the time she ran into him, thought he was that mannequin come to life.
but he's more dangerous to me as a disgruntled ex-employee.
He felt really bad, if that makes you feel any better.
No, it doesn't.
Now what about the plane? The money's been wired, so this rogue pilot ought have been dealt with.
Your contact said everything's been handled, and your hands are clean.
What? Tom, what? Out with it.
No, we're happy everything's been dealt with, it's just, um Did you have the pilot killed? What? I'm sorry.
Who do you think I am? I hired a hacker to change the GPS of the plane so that if our guy suddenly wakes up with a do-gooder sense of responsibility, his coordinates would lead authorities to a lovely little island with a sweet beachfront hotel that makes killer Mai Tais.
You honestly think I would have the pilot killed? No, I I didn't.
I'm a researcher, not a murderer.
Now listen.
We'll need to keep a close eye on the girls.
This non-rescue may really change the dynamics.
Of course.
This experiment is like having a kid.
The moment you think you understand what you're dealing with, it changes again.
Beep, beep! Coming through.

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