The Wilds (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Day Twenty-Two

♪ ♪ Do I need to monitor your screen time, young man? No, just, uh, I like to keep an eye on them.
Hope that's okay.
It's not voyeurism if it's research.
Unless it is voyeurism.
Your hands weren't in your pockets when I walked in, were they? Jesus Christ, Gretchen, no.
- Bad joke.
- It's a sick joke.
Are you getting a bit stir-crazy? It happens.
You know, there was a study out of Oxford about the ramifications of isola How much longer? We're still gathering data.
It'll take as long as it needs.
When are we gonna let them hang out together? They're in the total darkness here, Gretchen.
The least we can do is give them a fucking handrail.
I really thought you'd be a value-add.
That's why I pay you what I do.
That's why I peeled you off the gin-soaked pleather sofa you were dying on and deigned to bring you in.
You, sitting there, daydreaming about playing the protective big brother, working yourself up into a lather over their well-being You honestly think that's adding value for me? You know, this box was going to be my afternoon.
Maybe I'll kick it to you.
If you have any interest in proving to me your worth, you'll find us a way out of this one.
♪ "No one came for us.
" - "Days here: 22.
" - [NORA.]
Days here: 22.
Days since the plane flew over: Six.
Days without food: Two.
No one's cried for a while.
No one even seems that afraid anymore.
Not because we're strong or brave.
Because when you're this starving, you can't feel anything else.
Hunger is a force of nature, and it's taking out the best of us.
I let us eat all of the food.
Such a fucking idiot.
Still, it's been healing for some.
Don't talk about my friend like that, all right? You keep being nasty to her, and I'll have to take you.
Some people remember who they are in a crisis.
Bar fight, 2015.
You should have seen the other guy.
But there are others who return to their darkest places.
Maybe he's in on it.
That fucking pilot.
What kind of a person sees an island full of lost girls and doesn't send help? Leah, what would he be in on? I don't know.
Take it easy, all right? We're gonna be okay.
And then there's Martha the pure, who has too much blind faith to lose hope.
There's no way that he didn't call it in.
People love to help out, you know? It's probably just taking a minute.
I wanna see the world how she does.
I think we all do.
Starships were meant to fly ♪ Hands up and touch the sky ♪ Can't stop 'cause we're so high ♪ Let's do this one more time, oh ♪ - Look, Mom, look! - [SONG CONTINUES ON RADIO.]
I'm a thousand million feet in the air! [BERNICE CHUCKLES.]
I don't think anyone's ever jumped as high as me! Ever, ever! One last time ♪ - Can't stop ♪ - [MUSIC SLOWS, STOPS.]
Martha! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Remember our fourth-grade teacher? Mrs.
Burgum? Weird lady.
- Yeah.
She was kind of a tree-hugging nut bird.
Used that natural deodorant that did not work.
She smelled like wet mulch.
I was just thinking about how she used to take us on those walks behind the school.
You know, pointing out dandelions and going on and on about how you can make a salad out of backyard weeds.
Think we can find any of that shit out there? Maybe.
- Food run? - Food run.
Hey, you, um You know who's pretty good out there? Knows her way around? Yeah.
Maybe I should ask her to come.
Yeah, I know.
I'm not, like, cool with her, but at this point in this place, grudges are kind of childish.
I'm so proud of you, Toni.
She's taking it to the 40.
The 30.
The 20.
She could go all the way! Dr.
Ted, not sure the football stuff's gonna land with her.
What are you into, again? Softball? I told you a hundred times.
Oh, yeah.
You fly-fish! I dance! Dance.
It was on the tip of my tongue, I swear.
Ready, steady? There she is.
She's making the moves.
Okay, now, Martha.
You tell me: What's your number one favorite dance? The jingle.
- [DR.
All right, Martha.
We are gonna heal you up and get you back out there.
From here on out, you and I are a jingle dancing team [DRUMMERS VOCALIZING.]
And whenever you dance, you're gonna remember our time together and know you are capable of anything.
Awesome job, everybody.
Footwork looks really good.
Got an extra special announcement.
Wanted everybody to know that at the Anishinaabe powwow, little Miss Martha's not gonna be dancing with the teens anymore.
This bad bitch is gonna be competing in the adult jingle! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
It's not a big deal.
I mean, I'm probably gonna get last.
I'm so tired.
You didn't tell me you were dancing in the big leagues.
What? Are you gonna come watch? I thought the whole thing was too res for you.
Yeah, it is.
Holy shit.
They heard that in Canada.
Whenever I have pop in the afternoon before dance, I always get the burps.
Hey, Ms.
Martha, honey, can you come here? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
♪ I need to talk to you somewhere private, okay? It's about Dr.
He's been accused of abusing little girls but right now with you, honey, all the DA wants to do is talk.
They're gonna want me to say the worst, ugliest things about him.
He was only ever nice to me.
But there are seven or eight other girls who can't say the same thing.
- If Dr.
Wolchak - Dr.
If he did to you what he did to them - They're liars.
- Honey, why would they lie? I don't know.
Maybe because they didn't get better.
'Cause they didn't work as hard as me, and now they're mad.
Sometimes growing up and seeing things as they really are is Hard.
Brutal, even, but you can't pretend those things never happened.
I just want to go home now.
For someone like Martha, dangers would always come from the outside.
For Leah, it's different.
With her, the threats come from within.
I wouldn't do that.
The over-tweezed brow is a tough look.
You're going dark on me again.
This is the worst it's been.
What is? That feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Yeah, we all have that.
It's called gut-wrenching hunger.
You know what I mean.
It's like that f that feeling that itchy fucking feeling that this place is, like, touched.
I know I Hang onto things, but Fatin, if I can't let go of something, it usually means that I shouldn't.
♪ When I was seven, I had this suicidal goldfish and we had to put mesh over the top of its bowl so it wouldn't jump out.
And this one day we went to my grandmother's house in Marin.
And on the way there, I became obsessed that we had forgotten the mesh.
And the dread was, like Insane.
It's all I talked about The mesh, the fish, and I started crying so much that my parents finally took me home.
- And? - The fish was fine.
The mesh was on.
But There was a gas leak in the basement where the dog slept.
My dad found him unconscious.
He was okay in the end because we found him when we did.
It's like there's there's just a reason that I let my mind run away with me sometimes because it's usually about There's something important.
And I'm feeling that right now.
♪ I hear you.
♪ Though I'm not 100% certain that you should let a childhood coincidence validate every bad chill you get.
Really? I'm on rock-fucking-bottom and you fucking dismiss me? - Leah, that's not what I meant.
- Fuck off! Leah! Is she okay? This isn't working.
Please come help me.
No, I'm good right here.
Rachel Why won't you come in the water? Is something wrong? Just a little weak.
That's all.
We all are.
♪ [GASPS.]
The fuck was that? [PANTS.]
Come on.
Let's go for a walk.
How bad is it? Not bad.
I mean, looks like you get your hair cut at a salon staffed by toddlers, but not bad.
Guys, I don't see any berries left.
Yeah, looks like we cashed 'em.
Hey, y'all.
This is a find.
What the hell is that? It looks like milk duds.
Don't eat 'em.
It's scat.
You know, manure? Scat's what we call it in the hunting community.
What hunting community? Just, like, the general one.
And you're a part of that community? Yeah, a little.
Hey, can we talk about what this means? I mean, are we about to get mauled by whatever dropped these fucking milk duds? It's not a carnivore.
They're too round and dry.
I'm guessing some small four-legged guy.
What are you doing? [SHELBY.]
Just getting ready in case we cross paths with it.
Goat, deer, or whatever it is.
If it gets away it's a week's worth of food we're letting run off.
I thought we were foraging.
When did animal murder get put on the table? Martha I'm sorry.
I know you're sensitive, but it's really not murder.
At this point it's more like self-defense.
Self-defense from a from a goat? She means from fucking starvation.
By the way, she's right.
Are you seriously taking her side? Marty, it's not about sides.
I don't want any part of this.
♪ [DOT.]
She needs to sit her ass down.
We all do.
I mean, if we're not putting any fuel into our tanks, the smartest move is to just do nothing.
So basically I'm a role model now.
♪ Leah.
How about you take five? You know, get off your feet for a sec? Nobody's gonna make you.
It just Looks like you might need a breather.
Honestly, we are playing the mental game now.
We're not just living and dying by what we eat.
♪ Stuff kicking around in our heads Counts just as much.
♪ [TONI.]
Looks nice.
What? Your dress.
Yeah, thanks.
How many little bells are you gonna put on it total? Three hundred and sixty five.
One for every day of the year.
Don't walk by any big magnets while you're wearing it.
Why would I walk by a big magnet? It's a dumb joke.
Never mind.
So there's people looking into your case.
You didn't even talk to them.
It's not my case.
Why should I? I mean, even if nothing happened to you, it's still pretty fucked up what happened to the others.
I mean, you never know.
You could have some info to help lock him up.
Yeah, well, I just didn't wanna sit there listening to everyone badmouth him.
Marty, I know you only wanna see the good in people, which, you know, is real annoying and real cool at the same time, but with this, I don't know.
It just sort of feels like denial.
Just because I don't go around creating all sorts of aggro drama all the time doesn't mean I live in a fantasy land.
Okay, how did this become about me? You want me to be in a battle, like everyone's against me and only bad shit happens, but I don't wanna see the world like that.
Except you're not.
Yeah, actually.
I'm not sorry.
So you're a night owl like me.
Yeah, sometimes.
You do know you don't have to do your own sheets, right? You're too nice, Bernice.
Yeah, they're actually not mine, though.
Martha's? She said she spilled some juice on it or something, but I'm not sure if I believe her.
She wet the bed.
Uh, yeah, I probably shouldn't be telling you this.
She'd be pretty embarrassed, I think.
It's not like it's something she's ever done before.
♪ Dr.
Ted said the, uh, bed-wetting was related to her injury.
But come to think of it, I never understood why it only started after she was getting better.
I can't believe we let that sick fuck into her life.
♪ She, uh [SNIFFLING.]
She just always sees everything so positive, you know? Everyone's good and nice and full of sunshine.
And here I was telling myself, "that's 'cause you raised her good.
" 'Cause we protected her.
But all this time it was just a fantasy world she created because her reality was too painful.
- Hey.
You're not scared of me, are you? [GOAT BLEATING.]
Well, you're right.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
But they will if you don't get out of here.
So go.
Go! Go! Go on! ♪ [SIGHS.]
You can't be serious.
This is crazy.
Borderline insane.
Dragging us up this damn hill as if we have energy to spare.
It has to happen here.
What has to happen here? The truce.
Truce? I I didn't know we were fighting.
Not between you and me.
Between you and that.
You're afraid of it now.
The water.
The water.
That was Jeanette's way out.
We act like it's this barrier, this This limit that we can't cross, but that's actually the exit.
Hey, stop.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Leah, look at me.
- We swim until we're saved.
- No.
No, no.
Leah! Look at me.
You'll drown.
- Leah, look at me.
- Dot, let me go! [DOT.]
Leah! No! [FATIN.]
Fuck! ♪ [SHRIEKING.]
Stop! No! Leah! I, uh I I have to pee.
Oh, uh, I'll just Yeah.
It's not happening.
Performance anxiety.
I can walk farther away.
Or, you know, you could sing.
I'm gonna pop some tags ♪ Only got $20 in my pocket ♪ Macklemore? Where did that come from? First thing that came to my head.
It's random.
I like it.
I, I, I'm hunting, looking for a come up ♪ This is frickin' awesome ♪ You know what? The first time that song was playing on the radio, I thought they were saying, "pop some caps.
" No way.
I thought the same thing.
Are you just saying that to make me feel better? When would I ever do that? True.
Yeah, I didn't know until I got sent to the principal's office for singing a song about armed robbery.
Did you hear that? Yeah.
It could be our mark.
Water, I'm just I'm out on it, all right? And it's been out on me for a while.
All it ever did was make me sick.
No, that's not true! Well, come on! Isn't this what you want? For me to hang it up? For me to forget the whole fucking diving game? No.
I don't know.
I don't want you to forget you.
Fuck that.
What's that even mean? Dive.
♪ What? Just dive, Rachel.
I scouted it.
It's deep enough.
♪ What are you waiting for? ♪ I can't.
- Just fucking jump, Rachel.
- I said I can't! - [FATIN.]
Leah! - [DOT.]
Leah! - [FATIN.]
Leah! - [DOT.]
Come back! - No! - Oh, God.
- [DOT.]
Leah! - [FATIN.]
Leah! [FATIN.]
Leah! Leah, get out! [SIGHS.]
Where is she going? [RACHEL.]
To fucking drown to death.
♪ Shit.
♪ [NORA.]
She was drowning.
Sinking under the terrible weight of it all.
♪ Maybe because she was losing her mind Or maybe because she was starting to see things all too clearly.
Theodore Wolchak was arrested while trying to flee the country after being accused of 13 counts of child endangerment and nine counts of sexual assault.
The DA's office has a strong case but few witnesses are willing to testify.
The DA is hoping more brave victims will come forward.
- Hey.
What's wrong? [CRYING.]
Come here.
He's a monster.
Go, please! Martha, you found it! Run! [TONI.]
What the hell, Marty? [SHELBY.]
I'll go track it down.
♪ What the fuck, Marty? That was survival right there.
- We needed that.
- We can find fruit or fish.
We don't need my goat.
God, why are you doing this? [ASSISTANT DA.]
Thank you for doing this, Ms.
It's not lost on us how difficult this must be.
I wanna remind you that this is a sworn grand jury testimony and state for the record that Miss Blackburn has already taken an oath.
Now, Martha, in the interest of being as efficient and direct as possible, I'm gonna begin with a rather confronting question.
I want you to take all the time you need in responding.
We'll move at your pace, okay? Okay.
Martha, from March 16th, 2012 to January 22nd, 2013, you were a patient of Theodore Wolchak, senior physical therapist at reform and restore pt clinic, incorporated.
Is that correct? Yes.
And at any point during that period, did Mr.
Wolchak engage you in any contact that might be considered sexual in nature? ♪ Again, just take your time.
Why would you protect him? Protect yourself, Martha.
Protect us.
We'll be okay.
We can forage.
Bullshit! Okay, you can't keep living in this fairy-dust world where bad shit never happens You know, everything's gonna turn out in the end.
That's not how I think.
Death, Marty, okay? Fucking death is coming for us and you can't just pretend it away.
You don't think I know that? Well, it doesn't fucking seem like it.
We're gonna die out here! [ALL BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I'm I'm g I'm going back out.
Don't - No.
- Don't stop me! Yeah, like hell you are.
Give her that shit to help calm her down.
Are we sure this is necessary? We literally have no other option.
- Vote? - Just do it! [GASPING.]
Just let me run point.
- Let me go back! - [FATIN.]
- No.
I Fatin ♪ I I want my mom.
♪ I know.
Me too.
Do you think Martha's gonna be okay? [TONI.]
I don't know.
Maybe, maybe not.
This place, like, makes you face your demons or something and it turns out your demons are really fucking ugly.
No, I didn't mean I didn't mean yours.
I just meant, like, everybody's.
I know.
- No fucking way.
- Oh, my God.
- [TONI.]
Lychees! - [SHELBY.]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
♪ Oh, my God.
This is the best thing ever.
Mmm, if we end up hurling after this, it'll still be worth it.
What? What's funny? You have a you've just got a [CHUCKLES.]
♪ Are you sure? ♪ I'm sure.
♪ Hey, I'm gonna go get your number.
And remember, okay? You've gotta keep the form tight, all right? Even when you think they're not watching.
They don't cut you as much slack as they do in the teens.
You're gonna crush it, queen.
They just keep ringing in my ears, her lies Told to the damn court.
I guess they don't feel like lies to her.
♪ Oh, the stuff she refuses to see.
♪ [TED.]
And whenever you dance, you're gonna remember our time together.
♪ And know you are capable of anything.
♪ Bernice, you know where Martha went? She's not getting ready? She was but then she disappeared on me.
♪ Oh.
And? I couldn't find much.
I know you're looking for a creative solution so the family can't sue, but I think it might be one of these issues that, uh, an extremely uncreative move is in order.
- So throw money at it.
- Yeah.
Nothing? Not a speeding ticket or a false insurance claim? Wasn't Martha involved in a criminal case? I know that was part of her history.
It's one of the reasons I chose her.
Well, I don't know what kinda leverage this can get you with the family but, um, she did perjure herself.
Minnesota state court.
Well, that's something.
I'm sorry if I was a little harsh this morning.
I don't want you to feel underappreciated.
It's important to me that you know how vital you are to this.
And that you're happy.
I am.
♪ ♪ [NORA.]
You guys promised me no one would question this.
The going without food can't last.
It's putting everyone on edge.
And Leah.
She put herself at risk, my sister at risk.
She's dangerous.
She's unstable, and I'm afraid No.
She might do something to hurt Holy fucking shit.
And you have Stop talking, Nora.
Stop talking! [NORA.]
She's dangerous.
She I can't be here.
She might hurt someone.
- You.
It was It was you.
You have something to do with this.
You know why we're here.
You're dreaming, Leah.
You're just dreaming.
You don't know what you're doing.
I do.
Come with me.
You're not safe out here.

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