The Wilds (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Day Twenty-Three

1 As you know, we have one participant who is fully briefed, an adult, which gives us legal cover as she supervises our younger subjects.
As for the other operative, she functions more as a failsafe, someone who can reach out in an emergency.
Blame me, for fuck's sake.
I'm the reason we're here.
It's fine, Nora.
If I throw this one away, another one's just gonna show up.
Leah! Leah, look at me.
- Just let me go! - You'll drown! Leah! Hey.
You're awake.
Um, barely.
I'm a slow starter.
Sorry, that was like some fucking weird Chewbacca yawn.
Hey, you doing okay? I'm real good.
It's okay if you're not, you know.
If you're a little iffy, I get it.
Oh, God, stop.
Oh, my God.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Okay, you just got into the tornado-drill position.
I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and That you're not fully okay.
I'm sorry.
I guess I'm just Not ready to to talk about it just yet.
And not because I didn't 'cause I did like it.
Shelby, it's cool.
Uh So I was thinking we should probably get our story straight about where we were last night.
Not that I'm ashamed, 'cause I'm n-o-t not.
Whatever you want to say, I'll co-sign.
Lord, you're, like, beyond calm right now.
If I'm being honest, it's a It's a little unnerving.
Why, 'cause normally my vibe's going apeshit? Yeah, I guess I'm having an off day.
Come on, let's grab a bunch of these and get back.
Thinking we're their only hope for a little sustenance.
I'm not sure how stoked Martha would be to know that you're using her cupcake bra as an animal death cannon.
Fuck! No real danger of that.
My aim's still for shit.
Let me try.
Holy shit.
Oh, shit.
Martha! Jesus, are you hurt? What happened? Where are the others? I I can't I can't carry it.
What? MVP, Martha.
For real.
This must be what cavewomen felt like when their men came home with meat.
Like, I am legit hot for you right now.
Well, how about you keep that in your pants and help me with this? Okay.
Oh, wait.
Get a better grip down here.
Get it.
- Yep, got it.
- You got it? - Okay.
- You killed it.
Good one.
Couldn't resist.
Are you sure you're holding up okay? Okay.
How long have I been out? A while.
Where is everybody? Not far, I don't think.
I have this vague sort of memory of, like, losing my mind and then running into the water to try to find it.
Oh, and there were benzos.
That's pretty accurate.
Did you get stuck having to look after me? I volunteered.
I hope I didn't do anything embarrassing, like drool or fart.
I've been told after many drunk sleepovers that I tend to be sort of a slob under the influence.
You were very ladylike.
You did, um you did go for an Ambien walkabout.
What? You're kidding.
I found you in the woods petting some moss.
I walked you back.
Uh Thanks.
Seriously, thank you.
Is there water? I'm, like, really thirsty.
Keep resting.
- I'll go get it.
- Thank you.
That's good news.
Gretchen should know.
It'll put her at ease.
Oh, wait.
She's not finished.
Questions are the lifeblood of the sciences.
When you get to college, whether it be at this fine university or elsewhere, please do not waltz into any science course thinking you know the answers.
It is the act of raising questions that moves our work forward.
So what are the most provocative questions facing us in the sciences today? What still keeps us up at night dreaming, puzzling? The creation of the cosmos? Like, was it the big bang or something else? Yes, that's a biggie.
In the front? The origins of life on earth.
I mean, there are theories, Miller's primordial ooze, for example, but we still don't know categorically.
Yes, it's still a mystery.
No one else? How about one of you lovely fools who think the back rows are an invisibility cloak? Okay.
How about the gentleman in the unseasonably warm jacket? Uh, I guess If I were a cloud, which kind would I be? I know that's not Um I sort of answered more personally, but See, I'm going into environmental science, and, well, I sort of I just I think about clouds a lot.
And have you decided? Which type of cloud you are? Um, I think I'm leaning towards nimbostratus because I tend to lie low, and I can get dark.
And I precipitate a lot.
Not cry.
I I don't mean cry.
I just meant sweat.
An out-of-the-box response, to be sure, but it's always great to personalize science.
Now, let's talk assignment schedule.
Every week you'll be expected to write a one-page response to the reading for that week.
We'll have quizzes periodically but never without notice.
Pop quizzes are a gimmick used by lazy professors to play "Got Ya" with their students.
We seem to be moving in the same direction at the same velocity.
I guess so.
Unless one of us stops to pretend to tie their shoe, then well, then, we may be, like Doomed to talk to each other.
Neither of us have laces.
Doomed it is.
So do you want to be a science major? I don't know.
I just sort of picked my classes at random.
So you just opened the course catalogue and went Kind of.
I don't know what I want to study yet.
Uh, well, summer session's good for that, for "finding yourself.
" Is that why you're here? Uh, the opposite, actually.
I'm gonna be a freshman here in the fall.
My parents thought this would give me a head start on the whole, um "Making friends" thing.
I like your coat.
Yeah, i it's all right.
- Can I ask - Yeah? if you sweat a lot Then why am I wearing a French naval peacoat in July? It's the thing I feel best in.
I guess I wore it to keep the first-day nerves in check.
So it's not even a coat, really.
It's basically a-a weighted blanket.
A very chic weighted blanket.
PSA From me to you So the world is sort of, like, here and I'm sort of, like Here in terms of character and ambient vibe.
Well, you seem very intuitive, so I'm sure you picked up on that, but I just I simply needed to say it out loud, just in case.
I'm Quinn.
This feels very nice.
And at the same time, I want to run away as fast as I can.
You coming? Is this even a good idea? I don't think it's a bad one.
Well, it's not gonna It's not gonna change us, right? I don't know.
Probably not.
I'm gonna be very bad, Nora.
This will be disappointing.
I think the first time is supposed to be disappointing.
One, two, three! It's literally a bloody shank All fugly and veiny and dripping.
Yet it's the most beautiful thing I've seen in my entire life.
Smells so fucking good.
Hey, Nora? Where's your journal? I think I I think I left it somewhere.
Like, on on the bluff or something? Why? I know you've been keeping track of the dates.
Has to be close to the fourth of July, right? It's June 29th.
Yeah, I was just thinking it must be close to the 4th Here we are, having a barbecue.
It's like if you squint your eyes and you forget 95% of our reality, it's almost like you can convince yourself everything's normal.
Oh! Here I thought we'd be saving the day.
Looks like we've been upstaged.
Where were you guys? Well do you have a good chunk of time? 'Cause that is a long story which starts with this serious wrong turn into the glade Yeah, we got lost and, you know, thought it'd be safer to camp out than hike back in the dark.
Marty, is that the goat? Hey, uh, big-game hunter, I'm not even sure I'm doing this right.
Oh, God, no.
You got it all wrong.
You got to get the guts out first.
So are you okay? I know you're never too psyched to be in the buddy system alone with Shelby.
She's all right, you know.
More importantly, are you okay? Hey, Martha.
How'd it feel? - How'd what feel? - You know Taking down that goat.
Well, come on.
It's been a minute since I had a W like that.
Give me the details.
Let me live vicariously.
I don't know, Rachel.
I'm not too sure you get it.
I don't really get it.
Um, well, that's sir Isaac Newton.
The dude that took the apple to the head Actually, he merely saw the apple fall to the ground.
Just a little fun fact.
Yeah, that That was fun.
Uh, sorry.
Please, have a seat.
There you are.
You were great today, Rachel, at the meet.
Uh Quinn said so, too.
Yes, you were like a A a plummeting Baryshnikov.
Um, uh Like ballet in the air.
It's not Not my worst.
I do think I could've done better It's brave.
I mean, to hurl yourself off a plank over and over in a sport where so few make it to the top.
You know, I read somewhere that the odds of making it to the Olympics are, like, 0.
Rachel, can I offer you an adult beverage? Yes.
I'm not gonna be in the pool tomorrow, so why not? All right.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Here you go.
Not exactly Dom Pérignon, but, uh, what's lacking in luxury, I'll make up for in showmanship.
Uh, okay.
Okay, this is happening.
Here you go.
I like the sound of it.
I see, tiny bumps in the surface of the candy cause the CO2 in the hard seltzer to unbond and rebond, creating bigger, more volatile bubbles, thus fizzing over, and, uh, well, the colors, that's just the dyes being released, the red No.
3s, the yellow No.
I spewed way too much esoteric information, didn't I? Kind of my tragic flaw.
I'm sure that's gonna go over well among the brothers at theta kappa theta next year.
- Wait, you're rushing a frat? - I know.
Pretty off-brand for me, but Well, my dad was in that one, and he's always going on about the robust social life it provides.
I'm gonna get the shit kicked out of me ♪ But I can't help people pleasing dear old ♪ Dad ♪ Uh, oh, yikes.
I made a mess.
Um You know, I'm So I'm gonna go I'm gonna get a paper towel from the bathroom.
Uh, you guys good? Rachel, you need anything? From the bathroom? Right.
Probably not.
Um, okay.
So Yeah.
I like him.
You have to give me more than that.
He's interesting.
He knows a lot of shit about a lot of shit.
He's great.
Rachel? Mm-hmm? Just tell me the truth.
Isn't he a little weird? And I'm not? No, but, like, you're a quirky-weird.
He's he's, like, a weird-weird.
And it's not the science or the accordion or whatever.
It's, like He can't make eye contact with me, and he just kind of talks over me.
He's nervous.
Yeah, I don't know.
Maybe he's just Different.
It's great that your sister's meet fell on the last weekend.
It's nice to have someone to head home with.
Now, uh, coming up on your left is the center for global studies.
Now, this university is very committed to an international perspective.
I mean, just ask me.
I'm from Florida.
But over a hundred nationalities Should we join 'em? I'd rather not.
I I get nervous watching the guides walk backwards.
Oh, well, in this case, don't be Because I'm very competent at it.
What are you doing? I'm taking you on a tour A very niche, very personal one.
A tour of our summer.
We were here at this lovely bust of John Adams when we discovered our mutual fondness for Prince.
And we were here, ladies and gentlemen, when I let you pop one of my back pimples.
And we probably should've been a little more discreet about that.
And we're walking.
Uh, we were sitting right there late July when we realized neither one of us could roll our tongues.
And we were Right here, right now when I asked you if, like Even though summer session's over, maybe you and I don't have to be.
Well, I guess to put a fine point on it, this is essentially a proposal of The girlfriend-boyfriend nature.
Quinn, I'm not so sure Well, hey, you don't have to answer now.
You can just, you know, go home and sleep on it.
It's not that.
Pro and con it and then say yes.
You're always talking over people.
Did you know that? I don't know.
Like, with How busy you're gonna be next year and the distance I'm just not so sure it's a great idea.
Did I m miss something? Your sister, she didn't she didn't like me.
That's not the whole story.
Well, help me understand.
We have this thing, you and me, this sort of Incredible, ineffable thing, and then your uncultured, self-obsessed fitness freak sister comes to town and then - Take that back.
- Why? Was I off on how I described her? Was any word of that false? It doesn't matter.
You don't get to talk about her like that.
Um uh Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
She obviously trashed me, and now Did you even try to defend me? You just listened to her opinion, and And you swallowed it whole Because it matters more to you than your own.
That's not Not true.
There was so much I wanted to see and do and talk about with you.
Quinn Hey, where are you going? Just the bathroom.
Are you okay? Yeah, I it's not some five-alarm E.
Coli thing.
I think she's just adjusting to not being empty anymore.
I'll be back soon.
- Hey, Nor.
- Mm? Have you seen my headlamp? - Um No.
- Shit.
I need to get a run in.
Uh, it's almost ten.
So? I mean, it's pitch-dark out, and I thought we were gonna work on your Virginia Woolf essay together? Nora, if you want to help me, help me find my fucking headlamp.
Shit! Don't be mad.
What the fucking fuck, Nora? What the What what is this? Who made this? You you led me here, didn't you? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You need to tell me what you know.
Leah, all you need to know Everything.
I need to know everything.
is that I'm not gonna hurt you and that you're safe.
Wait, wait, Nora, Nora.
Nora, Nora, Nora, Nora! No, no! Nora! Nora! You have to come and get her.
Gretchen, wait.
You're about to tell me something Goddamn awful.
Another dispatch from our girl on the ground.
She wants number four removed.
Murphy's fucking law.
I know.
- Are you on your way up top? - Yes.
Supervision is my watchword this time round.
That's how we avoid any predicaments.
Agreed, but for the one we're in now, we need a response plan.
Keep in mind that the rollout for phase two has absorbed all available watercraft.
Eta on when that'll change? Three hours maybe.
- Leah's contained.
- She is.
Then we wait.
Three hours, max.
Tell her that we're monitoring the situation closely.
Nora deserves to know that we're here for her.
Inmate you're here to see? Klein.
Devon Klein.
You're not on his list.
Uh Did you apply for pre-approval? Yesterday.
You either got denied or still processing.
Sign in, take a seat, and I'll look into it.
You're going to be here for a long time.
Everything moves at a glacial pace in the system.
Oh, well, I guess I'll wait a little bit.
You groupies, you're so adorably persistent.
I'm sorry.
You're not the first fresh face to waltz in here, dying to bat your eyelashes at him for ten minutes to boost your reputation for sexy danger, telling all your friends that, yeah, you went to see the bad boy in jail.
Such a tired look.
I'm not a groupie.
Then why do you want to see my son? He He killed my friend.
So this is a vindictive visit.
You're here to ream him out, let him know that you'll be laughing your ass off while the jailhouse alphas make him their bitch.
I just I just wanted to show him the life he took, because it was kind of, um a beautiful one.
I'm sure it was.
What's your name? Nora.
The truth is, Nora, neither of us are likely to see him today.
You because of bureaucratic sloth and me for the age-old reason that moms are always shut out of their kids' rooms Because he's seriously pissed at me.
Do you like pancakes? Would you call it a romance, what the two of you had? No.
I don't think I would call it anything.
Naming it would make it small.
It was sort of infinite.
- Hmm.
- It's kind of excruciating for me to be around most people.
You have acute social anxiety Common condition, tragically over-stigmatized.
But with him, it was easy.
He never felt like a stranger, even when I didn't know him.
I'm sorry.
Those probably should've been the first words I used.
I'm so sorry, Nora.
Oh, fuck.
He was a good kid, Devon.
He really was.
And I tried so hard with him.
I'd read him Adrienne Rich poems when I tucked him in at night.
I'd sit him down, and we would have Long dialogues about consent and respect and body positivity.
I took him to the fucking women's march.
Hearing myself out loud, I can see that it was inevitable.
Every child runs from parental influence.
In his case, straight into the arms of Theta fucking Kappa Theta and their toxic male bullshit.
You can't do that.
Do what? Blame the frat and not him.
God, no.
He is totally responsible.
That's why I made him plead guilty.
But the prison sentence I wasn't expecting.
I don't know what I Devon is not built for a place like that.
You know, when Devon was rushing that frat in his freshman year, he called me one night, sobbing like a tiny baby, after being locked in the trunk of a car.
He was victimized by that "dog eat dog," "piss on the weak" culture they peddled, but when it was his turn to dole it out, apparently he jumped at the chance.
So, no, Nora.
I'm not saying he isn't to blame.
But the patriarchy and its institutions sure aren't innocent.
Their allure is still so strong and not getting any less so.
Even a sweet-hearted kid can get caught up in the perpetual churn.
It's bad, isn't it? How powerful that all is.
Yes, it is For now.
But we can create change, if we have the fucking guts.
I want you to ask yourself, Nora, "am I thriving?" And your sister.
Is she thriving? Are my fellow young women thriving? Thriving in this culture created by men? Aren't we all suffering Pushing ourselves to perfection Taking on too much Losing ourselves to things that cannot be and then breaking at the seams? Imagine stepping away from it all, breaking free, logging off.
Imagine spending a few months in an environment where societal pressures are eliminated, replaced only by the simple responsibilities of breathing, surviving, and becoming more truly yourself.
And at the same time, creating a world that men don't control.
A world of our very own.
Tell me, Nora How does that sound? I feel like I need air.
I need I feel I feel like I can't breathe.
Um, let me get the nurse.
No, now, now.
I need I need I need air.
Whoa, whoa.
Hold on, hold on.
Breathe, breathe.
I'm sor I'm sorry.
No, no, no, don't apologize for having a panic attack.
All right, come on, let's get you to the med station.
No, no, it's It smells so antiseptic down there.
I just Is there any world, any world at all in which I could Maybe go outside? Like, outside-outside? I'm literally begging you.
It's strange here.
Like, we're locked in.
It's cramped.
It's perpetually dark.
Yeah, I hear you.
This place sort of feels like it was designed by vampires, huh? Hey, look, if you're still feeling iffy, I can have my partner come by and see you No, I don't I don't want to talk to him.
I don't need a therapy moment.
I just want normalcy.
Like, all I want is a nice, boring, normal conversation.
Ah, you want boring? Doesn't get more boring than forcing people to look at pics of their kids.
That's my, uh, daughter when she made the school team.
Come on.
Take a look at it.
Yeah? Wow.
Yeah, she looks like you.
It must be hard not seeing her because of your job.
Yeah, 'cause of the job.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on.
I'm s sorry.
It's just What exactly were you planning on doing just then? I was going to the maps app.
Try to find out where we are in the world.
I'm sorry.
It's just the The low information, the not knowing.
I'm just tired of feeling lost.
I'm sorry.
We're on a small landmass in the Pacific, about 150 miles east from where you were stranded, roughly 800 miles west of Cusco.
You mean we're near We're near Peru? Leah, look.
I know it's tough living on limited info, but it won't last much longer.
Look, hand to God, it won't.
Meantime, that part of you that needs to know things, you might want to turn down the dial on it.
Not 'cause I don't want you to be curious 'Cause I want you to stay sane.
Think you can swing it? Not really.
Come on.
I'll try.
There you go.
- There you go.
- No, it's fine.
No, no, no, it's all yours.
Worst-case scenario, I can just use my own tie.
God knows I got enough of 'em.
See you around, all right? Agent young Thank you.
The answers, they're coming.
I promise.
Nora! Someone help me.
Leah okay? Yeah, she I think she needed some space.
You sure? Yeah.
She said she wanted to be alone.
All right.
Not feeling great about taking her off the watch list, but fuck it.
Can't babysit her forever.
Especially not you.
You've had a smooth lifetime of keeping one crazy person in check.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I used to love those things.
I used to always ask it if I was gonna marry Tony Romo.
Yeah, this is a true testament to the depths of my boredom.
Shall we give it a whirl? Are we in the actual Bermuda triangle? "Obviously, you dipshit.
" I mean, I made the thing, so You want to give it a try? Do you have any burning questions for the oracle? Do I have to say the question out loud? Ideally, but if you want to be a mysterious bitch about it, then fine.
"I don't fucking know.
" Well, that wasn't fun.
The whole point of these things is they're supposed to give you the answer, right? Jesus.
I mean You know, if you're so worried about how she's feeling, maybe you should go ask her yourself.
I know sexual tension when I see it.
But don't worry.
I don't know why I'm so sick over it.
He was old, you know, and I looked at his teeth after 'cause that's how you can tell.
Nine years old maybe.
He just wouldn't stop following me.
Like, he wouldn't leave me alone.
And I got this feeling like he wanted me to do it, almost like he was asking me.
But I don't know.
Maybe I'm just telling myself that so I don't feel as guilty.
Or he wanted you to live.
He was willing to go and move on Because he knew you deserved a chance at a real life.
So don't blow it.
Nora, I'm so glad you came.
I ordered for both of us.
You hungry? I want to tell you what I want.
I I want to help my sister.
It feels so good to be full.
Don't Don't let me forget that I said that.
Like, when we get back or whatever.
I don't want to be afraid anymore.
So does this not matter to you? What? You're this Fiery, passionate person.
And then last night happens, and you're just so damn calm.
I guess I guess I just got to thinking that maybe that's be Because it didn't matter to you.
Nah, Shelby.
It's 'cause I trust you.
What the hell did I do to earn that? You saved my life.
Okay, but what if it all blows up? What if what if what if we end up making each other freaking miserable, you know? What if I hurt you? I've hurt people before Very badly.
I What if our plane crashes, and what if we nosedive into the ocean and, you know, end up stranded, and what if we wind up lost and starving? All of that already happened.
The worst has already fucking happened.
I don't think I've got it in me to get that scared about something that could be good.
I don't want to be afraid to be in love or to love who I want Freely, fully, without reservation.
I want to find my people, whoever they are.
I want to find my strength.
I want to make a life where we're not always doing and trying and fighting.
Where are you going? The water.
You know the whole "wait after you eat" thing is a myth, right? Of course I know that.
I want a life where we can just be.
Just gonna go out there and float, Nor.
Just float.
Nora, I can promise you all those things and so much more.
And my sister? Can she come, too? If I say yes, will you? Nora! What the fuck is happening? Don't fucking move.
Shark! Rachel! Rachel! Rachel! Rachel! Shit.
They're saying it's a code purple.
Thank fucking Christ.
What's happening to her? She's in anaphylactic shock.
Her throat is closing up.
What the fuck?
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