The Wilds (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Day 30 / 1

I know this is delicate, but we do need your account of what happened that day.
Rachel! We couldn't see them, you know? We could hear them.
If I'm being honest, I can still hear them.
Rachel! Nora! Nora! It could have lasted a second.
Or maybe an hour.
I don't know.
But then she was just Nora.
Nora! Gone.
She was gone.
It was Dot who saw her first.
Rachel! You're bleeding.
Where are you bleeding? I lost her.
Some of us froze.
But some of us just sort of knew what to do.
I'm gonna have to cauterize it.
Hold her down.
Some of us took it harder than others, who let the whole thing shatter them.
No! The pit was here! Nora put me here! There are no upsides.
And I don't think there ever will be.
But what I will say for all of us Is that it tied us together.
Into, like, I don't know something more than we were.
Yeah, after that happened, we became, like There's no other way to say it.
We became a family.
It was how fast it all happened.
That's what's hard to believe that idea that only three weeks before, we we didn't know each other at all.
There was awkwardness, distance a lot of glances politeness.
We were cautious, with our walls up, just strangers heading in a new direction with no fucking idea what was coming.
Cake anyone? Passageways intro video, take uno.
I'm Josh Herbert, and I am super stoked about this retreat.
Oh, nice.
Rosa comin' hot with my meds.
Saw the activity list for this retreat.
As I was saying, I am super stoked.
Like, almost as stoked as I was about magic camp.
I run a sub-50 400, and I deadlift three times my body weight.
So, if you think I'm gonna be challenged by some stand-up-paddleboarding bullshit, you can fuck right off.
I've prepared a statement.
I'm going on this retreat against my will.
I'm making this video because it's mandatory, and I will now offer a short list of things I'd rather do than go on this trip.
Still deliberating, but I might wear this on day one.
Walk over thumbtacks Sort of my litmus test.
You know, it's like, if you don't know these legends, I I just won't to engage with you.
get strep throat I forgot what I'm supposed to say.
Bo, i-it's just three words to describe yourself.
Um lick the slide at the McDonald's PlayPlace I mow lawns.
The boy does not know how to sell himself.
Here, let me show you how it's done.
Hold that.
Three words I don't know.
The name's Scotty Simms coming to you live from the shit-ass corner of the 8-5-0, but not for long, friends, 'cause I'm a savvy and and motivated entrepreneur with some big ideas for the fashion and skin-care industries.
Scotty, that's more than three words.
Three words that encapsulate me are simply "man of taste.
" Boring white guy.
I mean that literally as well.
I collect rare whiskeys on the DL.
Oh, I barely have to even hide this stuff 'cause Mom's fuckin' clueless.
Beautiful mouthfeel.
I am Rafael Garcia Raf for short.
Most people call me Raf.
Um yeah, I don't I don't know.
I guess I'm just excited to meet everybody.
Um, never been to Hawaii before.
Actually never been on a plane before, so I'm a little nervous about that.
Things that I'll miss Come in! You're smiling.
That's a nice development.
I was just admiring our beloved control group.
"Beloved"? Not what I expected you to call them.
34 days, Daniel.
They lasted 34 days, while the women lasted the full 50, so And, God, all that begging for money and tap-dancing like a fucking monkey for my investors, that was all worthwhile.
The boys were the perfect failures we needed, so how could I not belove them? Yeah, well, we're gonna start processing them now.
Just stopped by to let you know.
You holding up, Dean? You look fraught.
I don't do fraught.
Complicated feelings is, uh, more Dan's thing.
Well, I know this has been a trial, but I'm asking for one last push from both of you.
There is no question they imploded.
Once we find out how we wear the crown.
Go break 'em open, gentlemen.
Oh, if you can, start with this little angel.
I want to know how he fell.
I don't really know what you guys want from me.
Well, just your version of what happened.
Why don't we take those off? They're an "abundance of caution" measure anyway.
Because of what I did? Yes, Rafael.
It's Raf.
I go by Raf.
Well, Raf, why don't you take us through that first day? I remember not knowing names.
Never been very good at it.
Maybe it's 'cause everybody is so bad with mine.
But, yeah, that, uh that first day, I just sort of knew the basics.
There was the two best friends from Florida Josh, whose name I only knew from school, the smart one with the fancy clothes, the lax-bro, the emo kid with the glasses, and his stepbrother Seth, whose name, for some reason, just stuck with me.
And, of course, the tracksuit kid who really hated his mom.
Good one, Mother.
Great idea.
How about how about we we ship me off to some wilderness fucking circle jerk? "Maybe it'll be fun," she said.
Yeah, "Maybe you'll learn something.
" Okay, sure.
Maybe I'll learn what it's like to almost basically drown.
Maybe I'll learn what it's like to get a metric shit-ton of water up my fuckin' nose! Or maybe I'll learn what it's like to absolutely and extremely hate you, you fucking dick-tit! Oh, jeez, fuck! God.
I'm I'm sorry.
I just I just I can't pretend that that shit wasn't funny.
"Dick-tit!" Hey, you doing okay? No.
Henry, come on.
Not now.
What? We're either lost, dead, or raptured.
None of us are okay.
I'll rephrase.
Are you doing okay, considering? Why are you doing that? Doing what? Crying.
It's fine, actually.
It's healthy, really.
And I think it should be more normalized as a behavior.
Jesus fucking Christ.
Who came with this kid? Is he always like this? I I don't really know.
We're in different friend groups.
Hi, Rafe.
Look, we've been sitting on our asses for too long.
Let's quit fuckin' crying and do something.
Uh, hey, man.
W what's your name, again? He'll tell you it's Kirin, but we all know he's a natural-born Chad.
Don't start, Taylor.
Don't even start.
Okay, uh, some history there.
Uh, look, Kirin, why don't we just let Josh be Josh for a sec? We've all been dropped into this, like, live-action fever dream.
We should probably normalize having any reaction that we want.
Like, if you want to call your mom a dick-tit, then go for it.
I did need to.
She fuckin' sucks.
God damn it, people.
Can we please stop talking and just move? And go where? To go look for shit.
Deserted islands don't even exist.
We fuckin' found 'em all.
Yeah, see that's true.
All these islands been snapped up by rich dudes with, like, Illuminati money.
All right, everybody up! Why did I just do what he told me to do? It's that captain daddy voice.
You just can't fight it.
I mean, look at me, I've loathed him since middle school, and my ass got up.
Look, obviously, rescue's coming, but if there's some sick hotel around the corner and we're too lazy to go find it, we're gonna feel like total dicks.
So I think we split up, head in separate directions.
Just send someone back when you find something.
Everyone from here over, you're one group.
I mean I mean from here over.
The others, you're with me.
Let's go.
It's still happening.
It's like a tractor beam.
So, hey, you, uh, doing okay? You bouncing back? Way back, yeah.
I always get a cry high.
Oh, good.
So, look, as much as I hate taking advice from a triple-didge.
A what? Oh, sorry, it's just this thing that I say.
You know, when someone has a triple-digit SAT score, it Thank you for laughing.
Um Look, I know it's smug and it's mean, but the point is, he's not wrong.
If we stay sitting here with our thoughts, it's just gonna break us.
Let's get moving, and we'll be out of this place in no time.
One week.
It's been one week.
I don't know.
It just doesn't feel right.
There's all this heaviness without her.
And Rachel it's like all she knows is hurt right now.
But meanwhile I'm over here with you just like Like what? I want to hear you describe it.
Like I'm floating, like I'm weak.
But I like it.
Like I'm high on every drug they warned us about in those middle-school assemblies Okay, stop, you're hitting my sap limit.
- You asked me to.
- I know.
I'm just giving you a hard time.
And by the way I'm really happy, too.
The guilt of it all.
What are we supposed to do with that? Have you talked to your friend God about it? Actually, I haven't been doing a whole lot of that lately prayin'.
What do you think He'd say? To be grateful for the good.
It's there to help us survive the rest.
It pisses me off so much to say this, you know.
Like, it'll never not piss me off to say this to a fucking pageant champion.
Like, it makes me feel like captain fucking obvious.
You are so beautiful.
Why am I not getting stronger? All I do is lift shit.
And I basically eat paleo.
Maybe it'll hit you all at once, and, like, your muscles will come bursting out of your shirt like the Hulk.
So the elements have, like, actually curdled your brain, haven't they? - Here's good? - Yeah.
Final touch.
Ah! Okay.
Hey! I know that this didn't do shit for us last time, but we can't move inland without leaving proof of life behind.
So, between this and the signal fire, we should be good.
What does SOS mean, again? I feel like I should know this, but I'm drawing a blank.
You know who would have known? Which, uh, reminds me, it's my turn to check in.
Cool if I sit? It's just, um, time for a new wrap, so What if I started beatboxing? You know, like R-A-P? What if I was the kind of asshole who thought that would be a good joke? But you know I'll never do that to you, right? No Patch Adams bullshit.
Which, um also means being straight with you.
Seven days out, there shouldn't be this much swelling.
And, uh, being on this beach, you know, it's not doing it any favors um, all the sand getting in there.
We're moving today, Rachel.
And I-I'm gonna need you to come with us.
Her stuff, too.
It's all That stays.
It has to stay in case she comes back.
Martha you've been holding out on me, girl.
I was consolidating some of our shit, and I found this at the bottom of your suitcase.
This is literature.
I mean, I've only perused, but it's already better than Jeff's soggy diaper of a book.
It's got short sentences, a few bedroom scenes for the spank bank, if she'll ever go there again.
It's a beach read.
Got a true fucking beach read on our hands, and we're leaving the goddamn beach.
Forgot I had it.
You okay? Can I ask you a question? Have you have you noticed any new vibes between some of the people here? Mm, are you referring to the clinically depressive vibes at our three o'clock? Because I think Rachel's got a good reason No, I don't mean bad vibes.
I mean more like shiny vibes like, between two people who might be more than friends.
Shelby and Toni.
Oh, my God, are you just now finding out about this? That's been live for, like, a week now.
- A-a week? - Oh, no.
Did you catch them boning in the woods? God, I should've known.
I've been looking for them to help me pack.
Hmm, I can usually smell an orgasm a mile away.
I wonder if I have a sinus thing.
What? Nothing.
It's just Wood for the signal fire like you asked.
No, It's perfect conceptually.
It's just, I thought you would get more of it.
You've been gone for, like, an hour.
You, like, my shift supervisor now? Do you have, like, a clock on me? Hey.
What do you care how I spend my time? Because I miss you among other fucking things.
I'm right here.
I haven't gone anywhere.
I know you're still looking for it.
I can't not, Fatin.
That pit, it's it's my only way of knowing that I am not, like, truly and completely Leah, it's a mirage.
Where are you going? I'm not It's not that.
I thought I'd try again.
Make a less pathetic attempt at the firewood, try to save some face If I can.
Scared? No, no.
Boy, I don't even know.
It comes in waves, the insanity of all this, making me seasick.
I have some Dramamine back in my suitcase, if you need it.
You're an angel, but I wasn't being literal.
I meant, like, spiritually.
Yeah, unfortunately, the wilderness just doesn't really agree with me, you know? Like, it's not a very empowering environment for me, personally.
And bless Mother Nature, but she is just not my muse.
You know, Frost and Tennyson and Keats she's their bitch.
Like everything else, the white man has laid claim to her.
Ugh, I know.
And I am I'm so sorry.
Are you a poet? Fuck a duck! Oh, Lord, that bitch is.
I bet his toe's broken.
Have you ever broken a bone? I broke my arm in fourth grade, and I didn't have many friends then, so I forged a whole lot of signatures on there.
My therapist says it's a foundational wound.
Damn it! I know I should feel bad for him.
But the empathy well is bone-dry.
By the way, it's Raf, right? I've heard a couple people say Raff or Rafe.
- It's Raf, yeah.
- Yeah.
But but whatever, really.
I-I hear all versions all the time.
Yeah, yeah.
Raf, though.
Good good solid name.
Ah, ah, damn it! Take five! Oh, uh, he's Yeah, okay.
Let's go.
I need to take five.
I know it's just a toe.
And if I were with the other guys right now, that steak-head triple-didge would be calling me a pussy.
You used triple-didge.
Yeah, it's good.
It's catchy.
You got anything in your medicine cabinet for this? Oh, my God.
I have everything for this.
Are you on Team Ibuprofen or Team Acetaminophen? Uh, both.
Yeah, man.
I mean, look, if you want to head back, you can.
Nobody needs to be a hero.
Are you serious? I mean, I'd only be slowing you guys down.
Yeah, totally.
Your call.
Thanks, guys, seriously.
All right.
Hey, guys.
Good luck.
I'm really not sure about this new spot.
I mean, I don't even like trees.
People think that they're peaceful and spiritual.
But you know what I call them? Fucking old.
Remind me again why we're leaving the beach, because right now this feels insane.
Come on, now, we'll be out of the sun, out of the wind, warmer at night.
And away from where we lost her.
It'll be good for all of us.
Uh uh, hey, Marty, I've got a sick setup for us right over here.
You all right? Mm-hmm.
You're just thinking about Nora or No.
Okay, well, then what's the deal? Hey, I figure we've been crashing together for years and haven't killed each other yet.
Come on, take a load off.
Actually, I was thinking I should bunk alone.
Um, I'm a hot sleeper, and the space is so tight, I just, I don't want to sweat you out.
So I should just sleep over there.
- Okay.
- Um But feel free to give my spot to someone else, though like, maybe Shelby.
So you know? You know, I was gonna tell you.
I just didn't find the time, and I Toni, it's it's okay.
You're cool with it? God damn it.
Do do you guys know what happened to the axe? I put it in that pile of stuff that Leah was supposed to bring.
She was supposed to be back hours ago.
You know, I haven't seen her.
You think she's okay? Yeah.
She just doesn't know when to fucking quit.
Yeah, I'd like to humbly suggest that we go back.
This is obviously a wasteland.
We'll find something, all right? Not before we lose daylight.
Why do you keep doing that thing with your fingers? Gauge how long till sunset.
Every finger is 15 minutes.
What are you? Some kind of Boy Scout? Yes.
Well, I-I quit in ninth grade.
I ended up wanting something different for myself aesthetically.
No shit.
Look, I-I don't love agreeing with fuckin' Testosterone Jones over here, but, um, I do think we'll find something.
I mean, it's like I was saying, we're probably about to roll up on some sick Architect's Digest type house, you know, owned by some billionaire or something.
Yeah, let's hope not.
What are you talking about, Damien? His name's Henry, I think.
It's fine, Bo, I think your friend was just drawing a parallel between me and the Antichrist boy from the Omen.
But to answer your question, yeah, I've got zero desire to stumble upon the home of a wealthy recluse.
Why not? 'Cause they'll kill us for sure.
Think about every rich guy who's ever lived in a secluded place.
General Zaroff in The Most Dangerous Game, Poe Dameron in Ex Machina, Dracula.
You know, killing trespassers is their whole deal.
The fuck? D-Dracula is not a billionaire.
He's undead.
If you adjust for inflation, he actually is.
But, look, anyway, my point remains.
You know, money and isolation have turned them all into bloodthirsty eccentrics.
All right, man, as an eventual billionaire, I object to you roasting us, okay? We got some good guys going on.
Uh, Melinda Gates, Daddy Warbucks.
Oh, Mr.
Peanut, he's a fucking gentleman.
I mean, he's always tipping that cap.
Yeah, but is Mr.
Peanut a billionaire, or is it just that he has a monocle? Oh, my God.
Can you all just put a fucking lip on it and start actually looking out for shit? It's lid.
Put a lid on it.
Whatever! Let's just go back, then, losers.
After I take a piss, though.
I got to pee, too.
Thanks, man.
Thanks for the privacy.
Extremely cool of you.
Question is it sore when you piss? No.
Must have got bruised at some point.
Or maybe I was just out in the water too long, and now I got, like, saltwater dick.
Oh, no.
Yeah, saltwater dick is basically a death sentence.
You being serious? No.
Saltwater dick is not real.
Life is, though.
Life is what? A death sentence.
What? I don't have anything to dry it with.
Come on, man, you got to get over that.
You the only clown in the world I know that can't just shake it or leave it.
All right, let me see what I got.
Here, try that, Publix receipt.
Okay, well, now what do I do with it? Oh, my gosh.
Just just leave it! Let posterity know that my mama sent me out for fucking cat food and light bulbs! Hey.
Did you drop this granola bar? Oh, shit, um I forgot I had this on me.
Listen, you know, this bar and any other food that we might have, let's just keep it on the hush-hush for right now.
- But - No, I know.
We're gonna get airlifted out this bitch in no time, but just in case we don't, we got to start looking out for us.
I mean, look at those trust-fund kids.
You think they know how to manage resources? Nah.
We got to save some for us.
You should hold on to it.
Please don't.
Sorry, I was, um just on automatic.
Collecting everything I see for the new camp.
I'm, um I'm with you, by the way as in I'm not sure that we should be moving.
It's like we're accepting that this is our life now, that home isn't out there.
It's something that we have to make here.
Why are we so stuck on this concept of acceptance? Isn't acceptance just another word for fucking giving up? I don't want to give up, Rachel.
Maybe this doesn't help, but I want you to know that I think about her.
I think about her every day.
Like, was it her idea to come? Do you remember how she heard about it? Was it at school or your parents, or or did somebody else get involved? I don't understand - why you're asking me this.
- Just try, Rachel.
Try to remember how she found out about it and why she came here.
She she was afraid.
And how did she learn about it? She she was afraid that I that I was gonna die, and then she But how did she hear about the retreat? And that's why, all right? Think, Rachel, think! That's why.
That's why, okay? She wanted this for me.
She was trying to save me from myself, and now she's gone, and it's my fault.
She's gone now, and it's it's my fault.
Okay, but but but how did she bring you here, Rachel? She's gone, and it's my fault! Rachel, you have to remember.
She's gone! It's my fault, okay? Rachel, Rachel.
You have to tell me.
Rachel, Rachel, please.
Are you happy? She's gone, and it's my fault! Is that what you wanted to know? She's gone, and it is my fault! Okay.
What the hell was that? I I needed to find out what she knew.
You have a girl hanging on by an absolute fucking thread, and your move is to go in and slice it? What is wrong with you? You take your delusions, and you take your theories, and you fucking bury them, now! And if you ever take them within 100 feet of Rachel again, I'll fucking kill you.
Some realities are too hard to let in too scary too ugly, too big.
Like, when we first got there, no one wanted to admit how terrified we all were.
None of that really sunk in until Not, uh, not a massive success as recon missions go.
We'll find something.
Maybe the others already did.
They're back.
What the fuck? Holy shit.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
How did you figure that happened? We didn't know.
You know, we figured he went to take a piss, slipped on a rock and got swept out and, uh Got swept out and ? I don't know, but it haunts me like a lot of things that happened on that island.
I don't get how it even happened.
The tide was vicious.
He must have got hit by a breaker and gotten attacked by something.
Shit, man.
Nature doesn't play.
So what are we gonna do with him? We can't leave him here.
Every carnivore on this island will come for him and then us.
We could do a Navy funeral like some of my dad's friends in the service.
I mean, at sea.
Absolutely not.
With the thing that ate him, bro? - Fuck, no.
- No, no, guys, guys.
I-I think Bo is right.
That's fucking insane.
If we if we weigh him down and we keep him close, then we stay safe.
Osama bin Laden was buried at sea.
God, who even cares right now? Okay, so who's pallbearing this affair? Because if there's something out there that can literally deface a bitch I think I'm a no.
I'll do it.
I can't do it alone.
Raf, you okay to wingman? Y-yeah.
Uh, yes.
He picked me.
I don't know why.
But he picked me.
He picked me to walk into the dark with him.
And I liked it.
It's, uh It's warmer at the new camp.
Nice atmosphere, too.
Martha saged it.
That being said, I'm not actually here to evict you.
You need to stay, you stay.
I had a school counselor give me a pamphlet on the so-called five stages of grief denial, bargaining, so on and such.
Real dumb.
I used that pamphlet to move a spider out of my house.
And then I threw that shit in the trash.
There is no way that there's only five.
You lose someone, and every new second feels like a brand-new circle of hell.
So I'm thinking however many seconds in your lifetime that they're gone, that's how many.
Just a billion little bullshit stages.
So I'm not gonna rush you.
It's not up to me how much time you need.
I just hope that you're cool with company because I'm not letting you stay out here alone.
So you got any good games we could play, you know, pass the time a little? Miss Mary Mack.
Not familiar.
Wait, isn't that, like, a like, a clapping game? You're jerking me around.
A little fun at my own expense.
I'm gonna tell you what this is right here.
I'm not moving on.
There is no leveling out of this feeling.
I'm just I'm just tired.
And as nice as you're being, I don't want you to watch over me like that.
That was always her gig.
And I'm just not ready to fill that position yet.
You comin'? This is an upgrade, right? Like, I know it is in just about every way, but something feels off.
I know.
It's like we changed our white-noise machine from ocean sounds to woodsy ambience.
I'm not quite vibing with it.
I think it's just different, is all.
I know what it is.
Oh, God.
I almost forgot.
It's that we're missing someone.
Hey, there he is.
Welcome home, Marcus.
Oh, my Lord! That was close.
I'm so sorry, baby.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
We're all gonna be okay.
Here's fucking hoping.
What's what's her name? Sorry? I've I've seen those bracelets before.
If it's hooked, that means you're taken, right? Yeah.
I-it's dumb, I know.
It's like a wedding ring for stupid kids.
I think it's kind of dope.
I actually think you do, too.
Here, some warm-up gear.
Um, a sweatshirt and a beer coat.
Well, it's not a beer, but you get the idea.
It washed up on the from the wreck, I guess.
This belongs to Josh Herbert.
His mother loves him.
More like his housekeeper.
Guess I should tell Marisol I actually belong to Josh now.
So it's Marisol.
I have a girlfriend, too.
Man, I told her I'd send her a postcard, but it's got to be more of a message-in-a-bottle situation.
Hey, um real check-in.
You doing okay? You ask people that a lot.
I know.
I know.
It's kind of my thing.
Julia says that I'm like a kindergarten teacher in Northern California.
No, no, I mean, I actually think it's cool.
So are you? Not really.
You? No.
But in the back of my mind, I'm counting on the whole "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
" I'm not.
You're not what? Stronger.
But you have changed.
I imagine you'd concede that.
How? Well, you're not a little good, quiet Catholic kid from Tijuana.
I mean, not not saying that, uh, you're no longer that, but just saying that there are differences.
What I hate is that you can't control it what you turn into.
We all started wanting to be things strong loved safe powerful included seen to be with someone, to be like someone.
We wanted to be all that.
We wanted to be men.
But the truth is some of us were becoming monsters.
Not into it? I don't really drink much.
Well, you could pour one out.
For DJ.
I mean, we're basically hypothermic on his account.
But, hey, a nice gesture.
Here we go.
For DJ.
Was it as miserable as you thought it'd be? Answer me when I ask you a question.
Fine, sure.
It was infinitely more miserable than I ever could have imagined.
And I cannot believe you willingly put me through it.
Well, such is the wages of sin, Devon.
Fuck you.
I-I cannot believe your ingratitude.
After what you did and the strings I pulled What part of "fuck you" wasn't clear, Mom? You know what? I royally fucked up.
I'm a shitty kid.
I am.
Who doesn't know enough about the world or myself not to ruin things every once in a while.
And I live with that every day.
A person is dead 'cause of what I did.
But you, you're this whole entire adult destroying the lives of these kids.
And it's not an accident.
You planned this.
You enjoy it.
I might be a fuck-up, but you're a fuckin' psychopath.
Thanks for being such a team player today.
We'll be calling you back in at some point.
Maybe as soon as tomorrow, so be prepared for that.
Take care.
Don't scream.
Beep, beep, coming through!
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