The Wilds (2020) s02e08 Episode Script


1 Thank you.
All right, I think I got one more in me.
It's for two souls that I knew and loved in another life who brought me out of the dark.
And fuck my dumb ass for losing both of them.
Operator, number, please ♪ It's been so many years ♪ Will she remember my old voice ♪ While I fight the tears? ♪ Hello, hello, there, is this Martha? ♪ This is your old friend ♪ Meet me out for coffee ♪ Where we'll talk about it all ♪ And those were days of roses ♪ Poetry and prose, and Martha all I had was you ♪ And all you had was me ♪ There was no tomorrows ♪ We packed away our sorrows ♪ And we saved them for a rainy day ♪ I guess that our being together ♪ Was never meant to be ♪ But, Martha, Martha ♪ I love you, can't you see? ♪ And there was no tomorrows ♪ We packed away our sorrows ♪ And we saved them for a rainy day ♪ Thank you.
Thank you.
Thanks, all.
You were astonishing out there.
What do you want? Oh, God.
So little, Shelby.
Next to nothing in the grand scheme of things.
All I want is for you to choose.
Choose, choose, choose She said the pit was up here? Yeah, it's, uh I think it's through those bushes.
The dirt here is different.
It's darker, like like maybe it came from somewhere else.
Holy shit, you're right.
Random but related question you're like really good at escape rooms, aren't you? I'm fucking incredible at escape rooms.
Give me the journal.
Jeez, I'm sort of regretting this.
What? Giving you the red pill.
I didn't know you'd go all-in so fast.
But you know me.
So maybe you did.
Oh, my God.
The river, the falls.
The marsh, the springs.
It's a motherfucking map.
Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis ♪ When I was dead broke, man, I couldn't picture this ♪ 50-inch screen, money-green leather sofa ♪ Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur ♪ Oh, sorry.
I know that's your song.
No, it's cool.
You sing it better than I do.
We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us ♪ No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us ♪ Birthdays was the worst days ♪ Now we sip champagne when we're thirst-ay-ay ♪ I want to try again.
Taking her in the water.
I'll help.
If you want.
That'd be great.
- I'm really fucking sorr - Toni.
Once, after my dad got really sick, this cashier at Taco Bell gave my mild sauces when I specifically asked for hot.
And I lost it on her.
Just got all up in her face and called her a load of jizz that her mom would have been better off swallowing.
Holy shit.
And she was, like, 70 years old.
What? So I get it is all.
How do I get her to come back? Couldn't tell you.
But if you want some potentially useless advice from someone who didn't win the fight that you're in.
I'd tell you to do what you want to do right now.
What I want to do? It is a long, hard haul, and you have to help you, too.
So what do you need? I need to scream my fucking lungs out.
Then do it.
For real? Did you hear that? Still not a great idea.
Why would you not want me to go back? I'm gonna have to take issue with the entire premise of that question.
I'm a projection of your psyche, Leah.
- Fucking - let me go.
Be honest with yourself.
There's a part of you, a not-small part, that doesn't want to go back there.
It's a dead-end place.
It's a dead-end place where no one believes me.
Maybe it's better I just stay here, where it all started where I can pretend that the island never happened.
God, it's almost funny after all that to realize I should have just stayed where I was in the first place.
You do know how that would have ended.
Yeah, but it would've been on my own terms.
Just, like alone stupid in love.
Then stay here forever.
Okay, so right now we're about here Mm.
which means we're not too far from this.
Whatever the fuck that is.
Come on.
Uh, so, um kind of a wild-card idea, especially coming from me, but maybe we should pray.
For what? So that we can find whatever it is that we're looking for out here, because if I'm being real, it's feeling pretty impossible.
Sorry, Fatin, hard pass.
Maybe I will.
Maybe you'll what? Maybe I'll brush off my moldy maktab skills and pray up.
I only remember one, so no fucking encores.
What the hell is that? Holy shit.
Wait, are you gonna climb up? How else am I gonna get to it? Be careful.
Ugh! Fuck! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
- I'm gonna get back up there.
- No, just-just hold on a sec.
- I don't want to.
- Shelby, you're fucking hurt.
- I'm fine! - No, stop.
- We need to stop.
- I can't.
I can't.
If this has any chance of getting us out and making up for what I It's for her because I never won't love her.
Ditto, bitch.
Different her.
Same sort of idea.
I can still hear them.
Yeah, the voices you love.
I think they carry more than others.
I remember.
Maybe it was 2013.
I wrote in my diary that I would, like, die for you.
It felt so true then.
But obviously it wasn't.
But I would for them.
I need to go back.
I need to go back now! What are you gonna do for them? I don't know.
What are you honestly gonna do for them? You're a child.
You're a child.
You're a child.
Why the fuck do people keep calling me that? You're a child, Leah.
I am not a lovesick child! I know you're not.
But if others want to believe that you let them and you use it.
So what is it? Some kind of a antenna-type thing? I guess.
- Oh, careful.
- Fuck.
This is such fucking horseshit.
All that for another fucking question mark? There's batteries.
New enough to keep it going something.
Which means we're not alone here.
Hey, uh, can I ask a favor? Can it maybe be me who tells them? Just between the hair and the knee, I'm not shining super bright right now.
Maybe you should take your teeth out, too.
- Go for broke.
- Very funny.
I get it.
It's just I don't think we should tell anybody yet.
Are you serious? - This is a big deal, Shelby.
- Uh Especially for Rachel.
We should take a sec and process everything before we go and fucking turn their worlds upside down.
Handle it with care.
At least we're in this together.
You know, red pill, party of two.
Leah did this shit alone completely and totally alone.
That is what is giving me fucking life right now.
What? Someday soon being able to tell her she was right.
I had a thought just now.
What if she's, like, faking it? Yeah, like she really just said, "I need a break from these fuckers, I'm out.
" Honestly, I'd have so much respect.
No kidding! I mean, the commitment? That would be killer.
Okay, Meryl.
Come on.
Jig is up.
Hello? Oh, shit.
Are are you all right? I'm fine, I'm fine.
I just, um had a little run-in with a tree.
- Is she, um - Think she's okay.
Or she will be.
Um, head count's off.
She's right there.
Holy shit, what happ Don't.
I honestly don't want to talk about it.
Well, sit down.
Take a load off.
What? Why are you looking at me like that? You're just You're the strongest fucking person I know.
Um My bad.
I'm sitting down with you now.
My dad used to be obsessed with Volkswagens.
That's all he drove.
Then one day he found out that the Volkswagen corporation cheated on their greenhouse-emissions numbers.
I found him crying in his Jetta.
And he was like, "I just don't get how Volkswagen could've done this.
" I'll admit, that was a weird story.
Just I guess it's just my way of saying I know how hard it is when it turns out someone or something isn't what you thought they were.
Seth always gave the best presents.
He really thought about the person he was getting the gift for.
He made coffee for my mom every morning before she left for work and made me laugh a ton.
You know, I'd bite the side of my mouth so I wouldn't, but doesn't mean I didn't want to.
You're not stupid for thinking he was great 'cause a lot of him really is.
You can't deny what he did on this island or before it.
But just don't feel stupid.
I'm definitely not going to.
Hey, boss.
So what's next? Water run? Big-game hunt? Run me through the playbook.
Why are you asking me? 'Cause you're the guy, you know? The guy who knows what to do.
I'm not, J.
Everything went to shit on my watch.
I'm not.
Hey, I'm a little surprised he ain't stepping up to bark orders at us.
Talking about Jocko Malfoy over there.
Yeah, I know who you were talking about.
You like that? Jocko Malfoy? I got others.
Ken Doll McDickhead.
Karen O'Gutternuts.
Ooh, ooh, poor man's Macklemore Scotty.
Thank you, Bo, for your civility.
Anyways, it's a shock, isn't it? I mean, the fucking power vacuum all because Kirin finally learned to check his bro-dog swagger.
Fuck if I don't miss it.
How about some Fris? Not interested.
Are you sure? I'm sure.
Take that as a soft "no.
" Hey, Florida.
You down for a pickup game? What is a pickup game, by the way? Did I use that right? Guys.
Guys! I know.
I know.
I have to show you something.
I found it here, like, an hour ago.
Shut your mouth, fucker.
Nobody wants to hear from you.
Where the hell did it come from? Sorry, do you want me to talk or not? Fuck, I don't know.
Well, I guess it drifted in.
I seriously doubt it was manned, by the looks of it.
Yo, it's got gas in it! Let's see if it'll run.
There's no way it's gonna work.
Like, it has to be cursed if he's the one who found it.
He has the reverse Midas touch.
Everything he touches turns to sh All right.
Guess that's my cue.
W-what are you doing? Getting it ready.
Head out, find rescue.
Are you joking right now? Yeah, yeah, you're just, like, peaceing out into the great blue fucking nowhere? Yeah, that is legitimately unhinged, even for you.
Is it? We're out of radar here.
But ten, 20 miles out? Things might be different.
And if anybody should be trying to get there, it's me.
I know.
I suck, and I'm a piece of shit.
But, like, with this, maybe maybe I can help.
You'll die alone out there.
Do you care? Yes, I do.
Yeah, sorry, shit-heel, but you're not going out solo.
And not 'cause I don't give a flying fuck about your health.
I just don't trust you to do the right thing.
Kirin, do you think if I run into the Coast Guard, I'm not gonna mention you guys? I'm not the fucking devil.
Yeah, but if nobody finds us, then nobody has to know what you did.
- I'm coming with you.
- Wait, what? Okay, the logic of taking this sketchy fucking gondola out onto the high seas, when we have no idea where we are is already super iffy, so I'm not sure if we're setting up our best chances by sending such a How do I put this? Such a historically volatile duo.
I mean, I don't want to turn down an extra pair of hands.
But sailing one-on-one with someone who wants my head on a stake is kind of not my favorite idea.
Maybe y'all need a third.
Like like, someone to keep the peace.
Maybe Raf.
You don't have to, Raf.
If you don't feel like playing babysitter to this little fuck.
I'm in.
I'm in.
I'll do it.
So So As always fuck you.
Fuck you, too, Kirin.
It's on you, Fun Size.
What the hell does that mean? You got a witch-boy, a couple of fucking marshmallows, and a blowhard theater kid on your hands.
Look after them, all right? Not a hugger.
Got it.
I have three things to tell you.
Follow the sun.
Don't drink the seawater.
And trust your instincts.
Thanks, man.
Kirin, we got a pretty strong tailwind here.
Might want to cut the motor and just ride it.
I'm serious, dude.
We got to be smart about gas.
Zip it, fucktard.
Nobody wants to hear about your three cents.
I got to be able to talk out here, man.
I-I'm not your fucking prisoner.
Kirin, he's not wrong.
About the gas.
Don't backslide on me.
The bromance is over.
You don't have to be his little bitch anymore.
I-I'm not.
That's He's just right.
We're gonna run into something, right? Like, a ship or whatever? This wasn't, like This wasn't, like, fucking stupid, was it? Shit.
Kirin, dude, you need a drink.
You're either sun-stroked or seasick or both.
Hey, you know, we're gonna be all right.
Any moment now we're gonna hit a cargo lane.
Probably get picked up by some Chinese container ship.
End up eating dim sum and getting free iPhones.
Show me the way to go home ♪ I'm tired, and I want to go to bed ♪ And I had a little drink about an hour ago ♪ And it went straight to my head ♪ You know the reference? - It's it's Jaws.
- Yep, ah - It's kind of a classic - Will you fucking stop? Kirin, I'm just trying to lighten the mood You're back on your bullshit is what you're doing.
Trying to get an in with your dumb jokes and your old-fucking-movie shit.
Well, I'm not fucking having it.
Not now! - 'Cause we're fucked out here! - Okay, Kirin.
Just calm down, okay? We'll we'll turn on the motor for a sec.
We'll cool off, get some momentum, okay? Okay.
Come on, let's go.
You asshole! You fucked us! - God damn it! - Kirin, it's okay.
It's not okay! Okay, Kirin, calm calm down.
Calm down.
Don't you fucking touch me! - Aah! - Stop! God! Aah! Kirin! Kirin! Kirin! - What the hell are you doing? - We're leaving him.
What? - You saw him.
He's a mess.
- Hey! He's fucking lost it.
He's fucking snapped.
That's a dangerous person in this situation.
What the fuck are you doing? Wait! Raf, you listening? Grab the oar.
When he gets close, hit him.
He's a ticking fucking time bomb, you know that.
Come on.
Raf? Do it, Raf.
Raf, hit him.
Raf, do it.
Do it, Raf.
Fucking hit him! Aah! Raf! Stop it! Raf, stop! There's a boat! There's a boat.
Come in.
How are we doing? All set, I think.
You ready to walk through the next steps? Well, first things first, as they say.
I'd like you to bring me Leah.
It's you.
You know, in retrospect, I feel kind of guilty I stuck you guys in here.
Come on, let's go somewhere more comfortable.
I'd offer you a drink, but I imagine you'd prefer to get down to business.
Strawberry daiquiri.
Or she could shake it up with an outrageous ask, assert a little dominance.
See, that right there is why I brought you in first, because you think, you strategize, and you surprise.
You really are brilliant, Leah.
I'm ready now.
I'm ready for you to tell me what this is.
You know, I thought a lot about how to approach this with you.
On the one hand, I could give you the grand narrative, tell you that you are the vanguard of a revolution, that you were chosen for an experimental initiative that will change the world.
That wouldn't be a very personal appeal, would it? - So then what's your angle? - The best angle of all, Leah.
The truth.
Objectively and without exception, the last 50-plus days has turned you and your cohort into healthier, more powerful, more fully realized human beings.
You're stronger now, all of you.
And you most of all.
- Is she stronger? - Hell, yeah.
You know what I love? We already have a shorthand.
I don't have to tell you she's fine because you already know, because you've known for a long time.
Make your fucking case for Martha.
Take a look.
Get over here.
This'll take a while to process, Leah.
But soon you'll realize what this experience did for you, and what remails will be gratitude.
Fuck you.
Oh, did you hear that, that conviction in your voice? Tell me you had that kind of fire six weeks ago.
Look at this photo.
This was you.
Not even a girl, a puddle over some forgettable man.
So weak at the knees that you could barely function.
And not even the first phase woke you up.
You were still love-fool when you landed right here in this building.
Was I? Look at you now.
Making demands, working the system, knowing your own mind, giving more than a little attitude and being so savvy that you almost, almost got my number.
How do you know I didn't? So much fucking moxie! I am so excited to be working together.
It's you and me, Leah, from here on out.
Go ahead, make me even prouder.
I don't need it.
I mean, the damage, it's already sort of done.
It's for you.
Obviously, it's for you.
It's your phone.
It can wait.
I don't know.
I think I should just leave you to it.
Seriously, people don't leave voice mails anymore.
It's better if you just pick up.
Big things from here on out just like you said.
So I'm gonna go.
Rest up.
I love the suit.
Yeah? I am not a child! I know you're not, but if others want to believe that, you use it.
Answer my question! It is the only one I have! No! No! No! No! No! I called the tip line earlier.
They asked me to come in.
Fatin! I have no fucking idea what's happening right now.
But I feel like you do.
Do you also maybe know who they are? Kirin and Henry if I had to guess.
How the fuck do you know our names? Doesn't matter.
Did you hear that? When shadows fall ♪ And trees whisper day is ending ♪ My thoughts are ever wending home ♪ I like it.
Whatever the fuck she says, do not trust her.
Welcome to the revolution.
This is where the bleak present becomes the bright future.
Look around at your remarkable partners.
You are the promise of a new world.
And now we begin.
What the hell is this? Where is she? We have to find her.
Now, right fucking now.
Where she goes, we go.
Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is going on right now? Like, are we really gonna follow that girl? 'Cause she seems pretty fucking touched to me.
We should.
We can trust her.
Where the fuck is she? Devon, come here.
Did you get what you needed? To hurt me the way that you did? Did you feel how you needed to feel? You can say yes.
Mom, I'm sorry.
I know you are.
Mom, I'm really, really sorry.
Oh, it's okay.
We forgive you.
We don't forget, but we forgive.
Get on the plane, honey.
Okay, you know what happens now.
I don't.
You fucked me over, Dean.
I'm not even sure how, but you fucked me.
The fact that you pulled it off only proves to me how valuable you are, which only makes this harder.
This is your ride and your pink slip.
Oh, relax, it's not gonna drive you off a pier.
You're headed to your apartment, where your daughter's waiting.
I stacked a few decks so that she can be in your life again.
It's all conditional, of course.
So, if that sad, bleeding-heart conscience of yours starts waking you up at night, asking you to stir a pot or blow a whistle, take an Ambien and stay the fuck out of my business, because all my gifts come with receipts, Dean.
Everything can be taken back.
What'll happen to them? Again with this curiosity from you.
You need to start caring a lot less about levels of this operation that do not concern you.
Come on, Gretchen.
He's on the fucking lam with us.
He took a sucker punch to the face.
We can let him in, even if it's just a little.
Show goes on, Alex.
We'll be running things very, very remotely, but the show does go on.
God, that feels good to say.
So that means phase three is happening.
It's just taking on a different shape.
A whole new control group has sprung up without me having to lift a finger.
You're gonna fail, fail up, I guess.
But how? I mean, we took everything out, the bugs, the surveillance.
Oh, God, know me better, you fuck.
You really think I would have fled if I didn't have people on the inside? Reach out, touch faith ♪ Faith ♪ You're own personal Jesus ♪ No! Feeling unknown, and all you're all alone ♪ Flesh and bone by the telephone ♪ Lift up the receiver, I'll make you a believer ♪ I will deliver, you know I'm a forgiver ♪ Reach out, touch faith ♪ Your own personal Jesus ♪ Reach out, touch faith ♪ Reach out, touch faith ♪ Reach out, touch faith ♪ Reach out, touch faith ♪ Reach out, touch faith ♪ Reach out, touch faith ♪ Reach out, touch faith ♪ Reach out, touch faith ♪ Beep, beep, coming through!
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