The Winter King (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[UNKNOWN] Dumnonia has a new heir.
Persuade your uncle to come
to Mordred's Naming ceremony.
He won't travel for days
to honor a puking baby.
[ARTHUR] Bring him here.
- [BEDWIN] Is it true?
- [ARTHUR] I've learned that
powerful men are more
useful alive than dead.
King Gorfydd, I'm glad you came.
I'm sorry you won't shake my hand.
Well, you're a bastard.
You must be used to that.
You will pledge to the Edling King,
or I will take everything from you.
You're with child from Gundleus.
I cannot bear his child.
[MERLIN] That's for the Gods to decide.
- [MAN] Nimue!
- [OWAIN] Cadwys has a dispute
with some local miners. We're
going to help him resolve it.
We'll be in and out, Derfel.
No fuss, no bloodshed.
Shh! Shh! Nice and quiet for me.
we should have never gone
to that mine, all right?
It was a mistake,
and no one's sorrier that
it happened than I am.
But only the weak live in
the shadow of regret, son.
Of what might have been.
Yes, my Lord.
It's a pity that dog
started barking, and
People had to die.
A great pity.
[OWAIN] But it's a burden
our death oaths compel us
to bear together, is it not?
And there's honor in that, no?
Honor and advancement,
for one who would be a warlord
in the fullness of time.
Go on.
Thank you, my Lord.
What of Merlin?
Will he conduct
Mordred's Naming ceremony?
- Read the augur?
- Well, I sent word to Avalon.
He hasn't answered?
I'll press him.
The man to be sacrificed
is a thief and a murderer,
but he has made his peace with the Gods.
We could just read
the blood of a dead man
rather than a dying one.
Well, where is the sacrifice
in cutting open a corpse?
The spectacle, you mean.
It's the way of things, Arthur.
[ARTHUR] It was once the way of things
to put babes to the sword
who cried past midnight.
Eh up, lad.
Is that the sound of Dumnonia's
coffers being replenished?
Clerks say we need it.
All I can say is we took
five-score the gold from Cadwys
than Uther ever managed. Five-score.
- Five-score?
- Why not?
- Bastard was five years late.
Listen, no word of a lie,
every town, every single tribe,
our haul was boosted by this warlord
in waiting, weren't it, Raince?
He helped us double our haul, Arthur.
Are these tales true?
I learned from a master.
There you go.
I hope he paid you to say that.
How are you, Derfel?
Very good, my Lord.
Aye, he's good, he's good.
Speaking of tales, I hear your
plan worked after all that.
Gorfydd walks among us, even
if no one can tell me why.
For now.
- We should
- [OWAIN] I hear he had some choice words
for you and all.
Very fruity.
And yet somehow
you silenced him, in front of everyone.
Between now and the Naming ceremony,
we must keep our guests busy.
Oh, aye? Entertained and
out of trouble, is it?
We banish all thought of politics.
Leave it to me. I know just the thing.
Bit of fishing in the
Menis River, I think.
Bring out the boys and the men.
No frills, no horses,
just shafts and spears
and the smack of cold water.
How's that sound?
[ARTHUR] It's good to have you back.
Right then.
Come on then, boys. [CLAPS]
This humiliation of my nephew
serves no purpose
and breaches your pact.
It serves a great purpose
He is a rapist and a murderer.
And our pact was clear.
I would spare his life, nothing more.
But I will see him reunited with Ladwys.
Nice of you to join us.
Brushes and brooms inside.
Can we expect you at Mordred's Naming?
Will you preside?
No, you cannot expect me at the Naming.
The Tribe Kings will be there.
Your absence, it
- it sends a message.
- It can't be helped.
Where's Nimue?
Following her own path.
What does that mean?
Where is she, Merlin?
I hope my absence does send a message.
You will preside over
Mordred's Naming ceremony
and perform the sacrifice.
You are a druid in all but name.
I suggest you go and get ready.
[MORGAN] Tell me she's
not in any danger.
Go. Make your preparations.
I will worry about Nimue.
Your father took me hunting once.
I was a younger man,
and he was in his prime.
- Where was your father?
- Oh, he stayed behind
with the others. It was after
the first Saxon incursion.
The kings gathered and talked for days.
King Cerdic sought a truce,
but only if the Saxons
could keep the land they'd taken.
No one wanted war
and everyone had a plan to avert it.
My father grew restless.
Violently impatient
would be nearer the mark.
We rowed all day, just the two of us,
past Avalon, up the Wydren Hills.
And we talked. Well,
he talked, I listened.
He said my father didn't
understand the Saxon.
Nor did the Tribe Kings.
He seized my shoulder, and he
looked me dead in the
eye, and he said
"They don't want our gold.
They don't want peace."
"They don't want our princesses."
"They want our land."
"And they'll never stop,
till we drive them into the sea."
That knowledge was his burden.
Now it's yours.
The Saxons are massing in earnest.
They're coming for us.
[GORFYDD] For all his
talk, Uther did more
to help that enemy than any man alive.
No one made the case for union
more passionately or persuasively,
but then he went out of his way
to demean the isle's other great power.
A strange way to unite the tribes.
That might explain my
intemperance on my arrival.
Was that an apology?
A warning.
If you want to build trust
between Dumnonia and Powys,
it requires deeds, not words.
Releasing my nephew Gundleus
would be a first step on that path.
You gave yourself away the other night.
Gundleus is a wild dog
but you hold his leash.
Do you think I told him to kill Norwenna
and burn down Avalon?
Do you deny it?
I told him to burn down Caer Cadarn.
He's a Saxon spy.
He's been watching us since we arrived.
Ask him his name and his business.
- He says he's not permitted to tell us.
[ARTHUR] Not permitted?
Let me have a go.
What are you doing here?
You tell me, or so help
me, I'll beat the living
oh, hello. What's this?
Don't smile at me. Don't smile at me.
What is this? Oh, does that sting a bit?
Bit sore, is it? Yeah? So
It's a map.
It charts the southern regions,
- in great detail.
- This is arable land.
- What's he doing with this?
- What is your interest
in our farms and produce?
[ARTHUR] Did King Cerdic send you?
What about King Aelle?
- [OWAIN] Oh, yeah.
That name meant something, didn't it?
You're one of Aelle's men.
Aelle! Aelle!
What did he say?
He said, "Aelle, Aelle
He will kill you all
eat you alive
raze your crops, burn your young."
This is a new stripe of Saxon, this
this Aelle.
Leader of men.
Guess they weren't joking.
What do you know of this King Aelle?
Ah, not much. Only that
he's new to these isles
and he's eager to make his mark.
By the looks of it, that work's begun.
I wonder what King
Cerdic will say to that.
Every army needs new blood.
The Saxons are no different.
[GORFYDD] But they are
different, aren't they?
Just like Uther said.
I spoke to Anna. Her
brother can build us a home.
He needs materials, Derfel.
All I have is Owain's gold.
One piece will be enough
for him to make a start.
Buy the wood.
I don't know that I want to.
Innocent people died that night, Lunete.
And every time I walk through the door,
I'll think of them.
Yes, for a time.
And then you'll forget.
I don't want to just forget them.
You don't get it.
There's blood on these.
[LUNETE] If you don't keep them,
Owain will be slighted.
And I'll no longer be his man.
What Owain said is true.
You can't change the past.
Only learn from it.
Down there, my lord.
Can I help you, sir?
I am Prince Tristan of Kernow
and seek an audience with the
representatives of Dumnonia.
Very good.
Of Kernow?
[TRISTAN] Of Kernow.
You stay here. Stay here.
Prince Tristan.
You've come for
Mordred's Naming tomorrow
and were doubtless delayed.
Who speaks for Dumnonia, Bishop?
[BEDWIN] As a sworn
protector, I may speak as well
as any on behalf of King Mordred.
THEN HEAR THIS: there will be blood
between my kingdom and yours
unless I receive justice.
Well, forgive me, Lord Prince,
but this justice you
Spit it out, boy.
Say what you have to say.
A group of my father's people
came to Dumnonia, at Uther's request,
to work in the mines and live
in peace with their neighbors.
But last week
some of those neighbors
came into their mine
and gave them sword and slaughter.
A family dead.
Their sarhaed will be the
value of their lives
plus the life of the man
who ordered them killed.
Or else?
Or else we will come with
our own swords and shields
to take the price ourselves.
Please show our guest
some courtesy, please
[OWAIN] Alright, alright,
you heard the Bishop.
Enough, enough. Shut up.
See, now, I heard it
were the Blackshield Irish
who attacked the moor.
Well, then they flew
across country to do it
no man saw them pass, and they stole
not so much as an egg in Dumnonia.
That's 'cause they fear Dumnonia, see,
but not [SUCKS TEETH]
alas, Kernow.
[ARTHUR] Do you know of any tribe
other than the Blackshield
who might've attacked your people?
- Ask him.
- One more word out of you, boy,
and I'll beat you into your grave.
Or better still, ask the
witness I have outside.
Into you grave, your
lying son of a bitch!
- If any man draws blood,
he is my enemy.
Bring your witness.
[MAN LAUGHS] A child!
[SIGHS] He's brought
a little girl with him.
- [MAN] That's a young
- This is embarrassing, Arthur.
[TRISTAN] Sarlinna ferch Edain.
My father was killed,
my mother was killed,
my brothers were killed,
my uncles were killed,
and I saw it done.
Wasn't the raid at night-time, Sarlinna?
How could you see?
[SARLINNA] Moon was almost full.
How did you survive the night?
[SARLINNA] I hid, Lord, under a pelt.
[WHISPERING] You did well.
But did you see the man
who killed your family?
I saw him, Lord.
He wore a string of warrior rings.
I see what this is.
This is you know what,
you should be ashamed
of yourself, you should.
Coming in here, bringing a child in.
You should be ashamed.
On my oath, she lies.
Where I come from, children who don't
tell the truth are
usually thrashed soundly.
- I'm sorry.
- [BEDWIN] A child's word
carries no weight in
law. A child is not among
the tongued ones but Lord Owain is.
I believe this child.
You let your priest prattle,
but it's you, they say
who is making Dumnonia anew.
They exaggerate.
Well, on this showing
I prefer the old one.
Your father was ruthless
but he was fair. Honest.
The day after tomorrow, I will
come for Dumnonia's answer.
[OWAIN] You can have it now, son.
If that answer denies Kernow justice,
I will challenge you myself, Lord Owain.
You're on.
[OWAIN] Them dirty little
Kernow miners are as greedy
as they are dishonest!
Do not pay them sarhaed,
- Arthur, do you understand me?
- You think this is about money?
Of course it is. They're
trying their luck!
They haven't asked for settlement.
Well, that comes next, don't
it? They can't exactly go
and ask the Blackshield
Irish for it, can they?
They do well enough from the mine.
Oh, aye, they bloody do.
Quite why Uther ever
granted such a pact,
- that I will never know.
- Because he valued
their skill, and he saw an opportunity.
Oh, yeah, to give away our tin?!
For mutual benefit.
- Uther never gave anything away.
- Let me tell you.
When you was gone all them years
You were the only
advocate with my father.
Advocate? I was the only
one who'd speak your name.
You think Bedwin pled your case?
Your sister? No, mm-mm.
Just me.
Oh yeah, Uther would
scream like a scolded dog.
"Say that bastard's name again,
and you'll join him in banishment!"
I didn't care.
'Cause you were my friend,
and he wronged you, Pendragon or no.
I owe you a debt.
Your loyalty and your trust is enough.
I did not set foot in that mine.
You have my word.
I had to do it.
You could've killed yourself.
I've defied the Gods.
Mandrake, for the fever.
Belladonna for the pain.
Now we've both defied them.
Coltsfoot steeped in mead.
To calm your cough.
You would cure me and kill me?
I would see you healthy,
to greet the Gods.
And in full voice when you slit me open.
You won't die in vain.
Your blood will reveal the
path of the Edling King.
Will it be quick?
But you have done it before?
The sacrifice?
A hunt, a feast another feast.
Can't recall the last
time I had so much fun.
I'm glad.
So, Owain denies the charge?
Lays the blame with Oengus Mac Airem
and the Blackshield Irish?
Owain and others.
I know Oengus of old.
Please, share your thoughts.
[LAUGHING] The Blackshield Irish
are worse than they say
and as bad as they come.
They'll kill you for
the teeth in your head
and the breath in your lungs.
And your nephew Gundleus wouldn't?
[LAUGHING] They have much in common,
I agree, their land is small and arid,
compelling them to roam abroad.
I've never heard plunder
described so poetically.
Ah, says the scion of the
isle's bountiful state.
We have a long-held pact
with the Blackshield Irish
not to raid our borders and our towns.
Right now, Oengus is
on the Hibernian Coast.
Why would he risk life
and limb crossing Dumnonia
in the dead of night,
to raid a tin mine?
When was the last time you saw Oengus?
Two, three years ago.
Mm. Long time.
Perhaps he's changed his routine.
[NIMUE] Sulis will punish me.
If not Sulis,
Rosmerta, the goddess of fertility.
I can't say, Nimue.
The Gods will not be
denied, much less defied.
How many times have you told me that?
I don't care.
I'm free.
I would not see them
vent their anger on you.
The Gods are not without mercy.
And I have one small cause for hope.
They led me here.
When you wear the crown or affect to,
it's your friends who truly test you,
not your enemies.
If your pride allows,
I can instruct you here and there.
A very kind offer,
but I have no desire to wear the crown.
I am doing what must be done.
No more.
Guarding the throne for Mordred.
The question is, what are
you going to do about it?
Will you put all that fine
talk of truth and justice
into practice, or was that just poetry?
The Naming ceremony.
Gundleus has a right to be there.
A right?
Without him, there'd be no ceremony.
Mercy is the midwife of progress,
but invite him to the Naming ceremony
of the child he tried to kill?
He is my nephew.
To disrespect him
is to disrespect me.
If Gundleus causes you to
feel the taint of association,
don't blame me.
I suggest a shorter leash.
- My Lord.
- Derfel says you're a clever bastard.
Clever and meticulous.
The collection to end all collections.
We did well.
Better than well at Cadwys' hall.
May I see that tally stick?
Yes, my Lord.
Ahh Cadwys, Cadwys
Coin and gold only
account for half your haul.
How did the old rascal pay for the rest?
The total was adjusted down.
Mm so it was.
Made quite a mess of
this one, didn't you?
Anyone can make a mistake,
but making it over and over
seems neither clever nor meticulous.
Cadwys promised more than he delivered.
- And you fell for that?
- Only a close inventory
of the hall revealed his
true deception in the light,
and so I adjusted the tally accordingly.
That explains it.
Very good.
[MORGAN] By the alignment
of the Royal Chapel
where Belenus anointed
his human child Beli Mawr,
ancestor of all Dumnonia's kings
the Naming may proceed.
Blessings upon this good isle.
May all who dream be punished for it.
King Mordred,
may the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you.
May the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.
- Amen.
- [ALL] Amen.
There is one last ritual to perform.
[WHISPERING] Thus I invoke
you that you may aid me.
Thus I invoke you
that you may aid me.
Thus I invoke you
that you may aid me.
This man is a thief,
a killer
and a friend to no one.
But the Gods will mark his
sacrifice with their mercy.
You have made your peace
with the Gods, have you not?
Dumnonia and the Gods
will bless you for your sacrifice.
This pattern of blood shows
King Mordred
will have a long life.
He will be a leader of battle,
and he will know victory!
What did you see?
If I told you, would you believe me?
Of course.
You believe in my gifts, then?
The mark of augury?
The tenets of prophecy?
Do you believe?
King Mordred will have a long life.
He'll be a leader of battle,
and he will know great victory.
The Saxon will fear and dread his name.
Arthur Tristan's
refused our settlement.
He's coming to fight Owain.
What shall we do, double it?
Tristan cannot be bought.
Then Owain will kill him.
What do you think a
warrior's job is, Derfel?
To fight battles, Lord.
To fight battles on behalf to those
who cannot fight for themselves.
I learnt that in Brittany.
Our task is to leave Mordred
with a rich and a peaceful kingdom.
But to do that, we must first have
a good and a just kingdom.
We cannot have peace if
we break our treaties,
and the treaty that
let the men of Kernow
mine our tin was a good treaty.
- My Lord
- Let's assume
Tristan's little girl
was telling the truth.
What then?
If he could not be talked
out of fighting Lord Owain
he will lose.
Even the Gods would find it hard
to make him beat down Owain's sword.
But is that fair?
We would lose, too.
In order to have peace
and all the good
things that follow it
I believe I must be Tristan's champion.
I'm not sure who else will do it.
But there is one thing
that you can do for me.
A man going into battle must know that
his cause is right.
Perhaps the Irish
did carry their shields
across the land unseen.
The Gods will support you
my Lord.
Thank you, Derfel.
[MEN] Summer is a-comin' in ♪
- Loudly sing cuckoo ♪
Summer is a-comin' in ♪
Loudly sing cuckoo ♪
Ah, there you are. I
thought we lost you.
You You should be
singing this and all.
You know the words to
this one better than I do.
Sing cuckoo ♪
Sing cuckoo ♪
- What was her name?
- Who?
The goldsmith's daughter,
who taught us our songs?
Oh, yes, yes no, shut up.
I yeah, uh
- Aislinn.
She would scold you
for starting the chorus too early.
Scold me? She'd rap my knuckles
- till they was red raw!
[LAUGHING] I liked her.
You're not even singing it!
[BEDWIN] My Lord, you are respected.
If you'll allow more
time for a settlement.
You call this a settlement.
I call it a bribe.
Either way, I don't accept it.
Oh, this one.
You got something you
wanna say to me, lad?
By my sword, I maintain that
you caused the people of Kernow harm
and must face me in a duel.
Do you accept my challenge?
I most certainly do, aye.
But Lord Owain has sworn his innocence!
His word is enough, my Lord!
[ARTHUR] In a court of words, yes.
But there is also the court of swords,
And by my sword,
I say
Owain did our cousins of Kernow harm
and must pay the price.
This ain't your quarrel,
Arthur, do you understand?
- This is not your quarrel.
- [TRISTAN] He's right.
I appreciate the offer,
but this is Kernow's.
I'm going to represent you, Tristan.
My mind is settled.
Now you listen to me, young man,
and you listen up good.
Tax collecting's a messy business, yeah?
Sometimes people cut up
rough, they lose their heads,
and you have to show
'em who's in charge.
Uther understood that.
The Saxons are at our gate,
and you want to waste
time with this shit?
My sword maintains
your guilt in the matter
between Kernow and Dumnonia.
[OWAIN] All right, you know what?
I'm going to bed. And when I wake up
I hope all this just proves a dream.
[ARTHUR] You are a coward.
A murderer.
And a liar.
Oh, dear.
Then it seems your death
will grace my dream.
[OWAIN] Was that strip
of rust once a sword?
[DERFEL] Take mine, my Lord.
You will follow him to the
Otherworld, oath-breaker!
On my oath, you broke none!
Thank you, Derfel, but
this blade is sufficient.
Owain, my Lords, I urge
you both now to reconsider,
to reflect on your friendship,
your history
your joint commitment
to protect King Mordred!
Arthur, please!
Do you both submit judgment
to the court of swords?
- Yes.
- That's a yes, Bishop.
Then God bless you
and God give truth the victory.
Summer is a-comin' in ♪
Loudly sing cuckoo ♪
Come on, Owain!
Come on!
[MAN] Back, Owain!
[RAINCE] That's it, Owain!
[RAINCE] Come on, Owain!
It's not too late to change your mind!
[RAINCE] Go on, Owain, kill him! Go on!
All right, too late!
[RAINCE] Owain!
- Hag take you!
Come on, Owain, come on!
[OWAIN] This wasn't your quarrel!
This wasn't your quarrel!
It didn't have to be this way!
I loved you, boy!
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